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Grant Paulsen on David Lettermanthis is great pulse reporting from Super,Bowl 36 in Doorly say game

Grant Paulsen

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Grant Paulsen on David Letterman

this is great pulse reporting from Super,Bowl 36 in Doorly say game showcases the,New England Patriots and the state rule,Israel let's take a look around,you played a 24-hour born they were,helmets back then what's the most,important thing that these two teams,will have to do to accessible well I,think most important the playoffs is the,natural intersections of turnovers,what's the second most important thing I,would say when you get to the 20-yard,line,don't do like a lot of teams in a film,kick field goals beyond my type of give,you guys were not beat up when you loo,like you I've never met Donald what's,the eleventh most importantly what is,this make sure that you have a good,breakfast,come on I made Soo yung my Fargo crew,unless you can school to be out here,Super Bowl can you help me with my,algebra will work daddy so up here you,gonna get there today,can you say Paglia bill is exactly what,angle of attack we will actually open,tag will be FN boota boota boota boota,- okay there's an hour's he'd be,stronger,Oh,what guys from all the phone commercials,Dylan here personal message Jeanine,start well the wooden does the,seventh-grade dance of me,this is normally the part of the feet,playing here we are the champion,Oh,Wow,it's an electrifying atmosphere a lot of,fun sensational game and uh and a,finitary came through in the clutch like,he has all you long that people were,really nice to you Oh everyone was great,I enjoyed the experience I did it was,amazing sensation I think you mention me,in your home I do,oh boy thank you for the rest

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Another Grant Paulsen Debate

Another Grant Paulsen Debate

i recently,last night finished breaking bad season,one and i have one ironic questions to,add,okay,all right,so,okay,so,so okay,so oh okay,so so,also um,what i want to start with oh yes so what,i want to start with is when they're,detectives off or whatever,and they're discussing like the missing,uh material from the lab right,and they're like oh so it couldn't have,been a breaking someone wouldn't have to,have a clue,yeah,so at random while this is happening and,walt is turning on as well not much,especially or whatever,he describes skyler playing random,especially with no one to see this,um he's,what are you like under the table like,well,he's not nobody's gonna look up to the, table so you can do with that,that was the addition of that,hold up hold up,if if you see that,i'm not sure what you're referring to,what are you dude if i see someone,across the table and the like arm is,moving over and over and somebody next,to them is reacting i'm gonna be like,what is this what is going on,i don't know what you're doing,okay i'll explain i remember i know what,scenes he's talking about so great,remember this so this is after hank has,been at the school and you check through,like the,science lab right,and then they are at the school board,with the like the head like what's like,the head person at the school right,and she's talking about like the stuff,that was taken away from the room where,no when hank and ball are going through,the i the inventory or whatever it's,just yes,yes but i'm talking about the scene,after that afterwards with the school,board like when all the teachers all in,the room talking with the like the like,the head person at the school this isn't,so this is no longer episode six then so,i don't know why you brought that up i,said the finale i said the finale is,what i'm talking about i'm pretty sure,it's the opening scene right,why did you mention hank investigating,involves the inventory that's episode,six no no,we're talking about here we go,that's the context of why i was talking,about it like what happened in episode,seven i was like yeah so they're looking,into that i think that's what's this,that was the context,okay now okay so now i know where you're,talking about so continue,right why would he do that,why would he do what,wait are you talking about what he does,to skyler,yeah,people have easily seen that because he,doesn't care,he doesn't care if he gets caught,not really,the whole the whole point with because,he's he starts initiating sex with her,that's the,let me let me rephrase let me rephrase,so he said he didn't get it,you said he didn't care that's not true,no he doesn't care if that he sees if,someone sees him like fondling his wife,that's why does he stop then why does he,stop,because someone doesn't someone ask for,him or something,yeah but he yeah he stops immediately,trying to not get themed also i guess he,just wanted i thought it was because,they asked him a question,yeah no it's not a reason for some,reason he didn't say anything,what are you doing what are you getting,at so what i'm saying right what i'm,saying right,yeah,yeah,yeah it's stupid,it's stupid of her to accept it too why,would you want people to please there's,a reason it's not under the table,there's like something there's like an,unspoken implication there and he,doesn't want anyone to see it,no he just doesn't care about doing it,in the meeting but once someone asks him,a question he's gonna answer,you know,what do you think he is,doesn't that indicate that he does care,people clear it,no the point that i was making was that,he uh,ever since he got diagnosed with cancer,he's kind of stopped giving a ,because he doesn't have very long to,live so he's willing to do,more like bold and like daring but he's,an idiot,this is,dude i literally just gave you the,character reason that has been very well,done nobody's,to be fair later on they do go did you,go out in the car and have sex in the,car so right,they shouldn't be scoring on me,they should,seriously saying it's a problem because,he decides to make his wife horny yeah,that's stupid yeah,a good reason why he couldn't have done,it later dude i literally just told him,exactly why is this character for him,no it's not it's not though,it's character assassination yeah,do you have actual criticisms yeah i,have another one,okay,in episode six in episode six when he,drops the thing,you're cutting out of the head at him,then this is not that thing,oh,yeah,um what was he,what if that killed him,what's he gonna do then,what's it sort of,well it was a contained explosion that,wasn't deadly,and also really,it it sort of seemed like it though,didn't kill anyone it should have been,dude,the whole basis of explosives is that,their chemical reactions what,we still talk about a new hope no no no,no,no what,you made a weird distinction,i'm talking yeah the thing that he threw,on the ground that's what we're talking,about right you said that wasn't an,explosion that was a ch

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Grant Paulsen vs Thom Loverro

Grant Paulsen vs Thom Loverro

tom was on cha-cha yes he was in studio,to the game after the game after game,Institute okay I got you,Tom what'd I do wrong exactly what did,you do what I mean what are we talking,about what did you do wrong my point is,that you guys don't have all the,information you don't have all no,problem with that I shouldn't have,talked to dusty enough no I don't have,all the information no I didn't say that,what I said was I wouldn't have if it,was me I wouldn't have raided dusty in a,press conference you know I give you,credit for going over there and bringing,it up at a press conference by the way I,don't feel that Grant debated him grant,actually could have followed up I think,a little more viciously when dusty,essentially filibustered and didn't,answer the question about moving,everybody up in the order because with,dusty did is he just moved on and,basically said well when Trey Turner and,Jayson Werth come back then you're gonna,have one right one two that and again,dusty might be old school where he wants,his best hitter which was Bryce Harper,someone argue Murph but Harper is having,an unbelievable year he's probably their,best hitter they would he would rather,have him in the three all right it,became about you is that right I don't,think it did no I don't think it did,well I think yes I think you're in,denial if you don't think it became,about you I think it did shouldn't be,asking for you you told me that he told,you that who should be hitting second I,answered the question I said you can,move it I would hit anything don't,second okay who would protect Murphy why,don't you move him he's asking me a,question you've been in press,conferences a lot that's not that,abnormal by the way Oh Mike Shanahan,would do that in every press conference,when someone would question anything,that he did he would come right back at,you and try to essentially put you in,your place and he welcomed that dialogue,I understand that and the answer is I'm,not the manager I'm asking you which is,essentially what I said I said and I,quote I know if you actually heard the,clip it doesn't,I said to him at that time you're the,manager you're smarter than me I'm,asking for you to coach me up and give,me information on that I said those work,okay again but I mean we're talking,about your performance right now at the,press conference in part the story has,become about you guys I didn't ask for,that and I don't think I did anything to,warrant that I don't know why it has,yeah I don't think it's become that way,in baseball circles had what what's,baseball circles what does that mean,well Jeff Passan a national writer today,was talking about this he didn't mention,me FB Santangelo on the broadcast last,night was talking about this he did,mentioning Dan Steinberg who critiques,the media in town is the only guy I've,seen that's written my name anywhere,other than the guy who writes stories,about how the media covers things the,telecast the radio I don't think,anybody's mentioned my name necessarily,our radio station is I work there I,guess I mean I don't think that anyone,else seems to really care what whether,or not my name came up or not I but,again I actually think you are largely,correct on this the press conference was,not the best place to do that I think I,was put in a bad situation but the idea,that I should have done something,differently I'll disagree with you on so,I should have gone to the press,conference asked him a question I,already knew the answer to which was are,you thinking about moving in here and,don't up his answer was who should I hit,second and then I should have just said,well that's a few Duffy and that would,have somehow benefited anybody I don't,know why I would have done that well I,don't know how this benefited anybody at,this point except except maybe you,they're going back and forth it's it's a,good radio debate it benefited us,because I like the bio inside certainly,I'll just defend grant in this way so,grant did say when he we had him on the,show yesterday he did say that he tried,to go through correct me if I'm wrong,guys he tried to go through Matt's PR to,get over on one with with dusty,explained they're not gonna give him,that access rusty so the only way to get,his question in there was to go to the,press is only yes,and III don't think grant realizes that,that it's the bitterness that like dusty,had and then I guess what tom is having,is that grant grants questioning kind of,came off as condescending towards the,manager of a team new it has a number,one offense in the MLB true but I will,defend grant with he really wasn't,inserting himself in the story now we in,the radio have fun bringing it up like I,disagree with Tom laverra's went that,grant was making it all about him grant,went there and asked a question that,dusty says well what would you do so you,answered mmm-hmm that's what I would,have said answer to he's not making,about him there was a now you know if,you want to make some like meta argument

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The Grant Paulsen Debate

The Grant Paulsen Debate

we just finished watching the season,finale of breaking bad season one i,think overall we're giving the show like,uh so far like a three or four out of,ten at best,all right so so bootnick you found the,first thing that just made this all just,crumble so you start yeah yes yes so,okay i remember the gas mask that was, out in the desert right,when they were in the van the gas was,the d.a fines i would not get any,fingerprints on vote or jesse on that,gas mask,i'm pretty sure they cover that,i might have to go back,i don't,yeah i'm pretty sure they checked,i don't remember if it's,not anything hold on i don't remember if,it's in season one or two,but i'm pretty sure they check for,prince and they it's too late,uh i guess,what would you call it like,it's not,identifiable so they can't identify,uh their prince because there was like,too much all over it or,something i can't remember if that's in,season one or two though that might be,the two,the gasps all right,we're gonna move to the next point then,so what's up,all right so hank is character,assassinated,so you know that scene where he's,talking to walter jr in his car and he,calls over the street hooker yeah and,you think he's like encouraging walter,to like talk to her in a way what if why,would he do that as a as a man of the,law why would he even consider doing,that,he's literally just doing it,that's it,yeah but that's still kind of out of,character yeah it's really who he is and,his stance on you know his power,why why why,because he's literally just doing this,because he was asked to buy marina,that's not a good enough reason,what it's like,to jump off a cliff because someone,asked you to yeah,how is it character assassination,explain why it was a character literally,if it does it go against his morals also,uh walter pinkman jesse pinkman is,an idiot,walter,i mean that's kind of the point he is no,no no no he's extra stupid so you know,how he dissolves the body with acid in,his bathroom,yeah,how did he not know that's how that's,how acid works and it would burn through,the floor considering how powerful it is,establishes how he's literally a ,also he never listened to it,you think you even know acid works,though,yeah he's got to be brain dead,stupid that's just common knowledge yeah,it's a huge problem,i don't,if that's the whole basis of the,character at least for these at least no,first no so grant this is not defensible,shut up,why would why would why would walt,walter uh willing why would walter like,have a gun out in an open area where the,ambulance is coming why would he do that,yeah,well he didn't like it's like you're,trying to get yourself caught,yeah are you talking about episode one,episode one at the end of episode one,yeah yeah yeah he looks like an idiot,well he doesn't know it's an ambulance,he thinks it's,coming near him though so he would,assume it's something or something was,he deaf now,wouldn't his,thing be to hide or you,because they're different,no that's not a good defense though,that's still stupid yeah dude that's,really stupid when you're watching why,doesn't you wear a wig do you just know,the difference between oh that's the,ambulance oh that's yeah,that's common,yeah yes,a giant piece of glass missing from the,plate when you threw it out oh yeah yeah,yeah yeah yeah,it literally did,no we didn't he didn't notice until he,dug it out of the trash again,he,dug it out because he was suspicious and,then he,knocked out the board,he didn't notice it immediately though,he's brain dead he's stupid that was,stupid are you are you kidding,me no this is a shitty show,this is a shitty character right here,this is stupid,how are we what are you talking,did you notice how big,yes it is,what are you talking about characters,being the characters are stupid,when he's supposed to be intelligent,remember the scene in loki where uh,sylvia escaped the tva and uh one of,them just stood there and watched her,get away on the temp pad,i kind of purged loki from my mind,yeah,he's insanely stupid for this,are you talking about are you still,talking about the plate,yeah because it's stupid,you said why didn't he do anything about,it he literally did he chokes the guy to,death he did something after he noticed,it he could have killed him any time,before then crazy could have killed him,any time before and he wouldn't have,known no he no he couldn't is he closed,he could if he could what do you mean,when,why,because walter was still keeping his,distance at that point to the point,where he wouldn't be able to kill him or,reach him,oh,get the weed from and i was hiding it,from his parents where'd he get that bro,yeah i don't this show never says where,he got them exactly so that's the,problem,is they don't explain that that's a,problem that's it's a plot,hole okay,why would why would walter risk civilian,casualties when he blew up when he tried,to blow up tuko's office why would he do,that yeah,that's character assassination,it's it's actually not it's yes

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Grant Paulsen On What He Has Heard Regarding The Washington Nationals Offseason

Grant Paulsen On What He Has Heard Regarding The Washington Nationals Offseason

on today's show I have a very special,guest Grant Paulson from 106.7 The Fan,also the afternoon Drive host of the,Grant and Danny show that I produce it's,a little weird but guess what we're,going to talk Nationals baseball and,we're gonna talk it all right after this,you are locked on Nationals your daily,Washington Nationals podcast part of the,locked on podcast Network your team,every day,good morning,foreign,locked on Nationals your first listen,every day as we are free and available,wherever you get your podcast I've had a,ton of fun doing this show taking pie,passion for Nationals baseball in the,podcast Forum here with the locked on,podcast Network and now I bring in Grant,Paulson from 106.7 The Fan host of the,Grant and Danny show from 2 to 6 30 p.m,Eastern Standard Time you can listen on,the Odyssey app or truly wherever you,find a radio Grant what's going on,what's up buddy how are you I'm doing,well man let's just pretend we weren't,in the same room like two minutes ago,and just pretend that we haven't talked,all day and we're just getting into this,Nat stuff all right I'm in on that I've,not seen you in so long it's great to,see you on this yeah it is great there's,so many buildings away from me so many,buildings down so many buildings and,like 100 feet from me they'll never know,all right so actually I was talking,about this um on last week's show and I,was talking about Josiah gray in key,bear Ruiz and I think this 2023 season,with them is kind of like a hey this is,your gonna be your second full year,going into the pros,you're gonna have to make something up,here you're gonna have to come in and,produce and start to show something,because last year between the both of,them you did see it some flashes from,Josiah gray you saw it from Ruiz,especially behind the plate in my mind,but I'm going into this here thinking,like hey like it's time to go like it's,time to start have things click and have,things start to progress what do you,think about that I totally agree with,you yeah I think last year was perfectly,fine from a developmental standpoint to,kind of you know you're on a bad team,it's hard to play well as a young guy on,a bad team and to kind of you're getting,your feet wet you're going through the,grind of six months of a marathon for,the first time but yeah there is an,element of after a couple Seasons I,think you kind of get a good feel for,what somebody is so I don't want to say,it's necessarily Now or Never time but,look specifically Graves is 25 years old,and Ruiz is not far behind him at 24.,yeah I think it is time now as you pile,submittings up to start to show develop,equipment and growth and if nothing else,maturation and Improvement right I mean,over the course of the year I was kind,of disappointed at times and you know,this I'm very high on Josiah but like,the the April to September growth wasn't,necessarily what I was hoping for you,know the the full season's worth of,um evaluating didn't lead you to believe,that like he was turning huge Corners,right and sometimes it's hard to,literally improve all year but I do,think year over year you want to see,like last year as an example he gave up,way too many home runs his ex-slug was,24th percentile his walk percentage was,17 percentile as Chase rate was 26,percentile his Barrel percentage was six,percentile like those numbers all have,to improve you got to be in the strike,zone more you can't walk people you got,to make them earn it you got to be in,the zone so that you can get some chases,with he's got too good a slider too good,a curveball to not be you know top half,the league at least in Chase rate and he,should be in the 75th or so percentile,let alone 26 so I,have High Hopes but yeah it's a big year,for both of those guys I totally agree,with you yeah now you know I was kind of,talking about this and I was also trying,to like,think about well who will be taking that,next step because between the two of,them I truly think that key bear Ruiz,right now has kind of been the more,impact player especially when you,consider that gray led the entire big,leagues in home runs given up he led the,the national league in walks given up so,I mean this is someone who he's got the,stuff and as you said in a podcast about,a month ago you believe in stuff as I do,as well and he has the stuff but I also,think kibera wheeze kind of has that Sky,High ceiling that we kind of sleep on,almost I don't know,yeah so a couple things I mean on Gray,like well the reason I haven't given up,is is legitimate stuff to your point,like it it looks the part he's an,athlete who teaches delivery feels his,position he he was you know he's a,recent non-full-time pitcher oh by the,way right I mean people I think sleep on,Lemoyne College which is in Syracuse and,kind of his background is that of a guy,that's still compared to his peers at,his age kind of in his infancy in terms,of being a full-time pitcher so I think,that there can be later growth sometimes,in that re

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Grant Paulsen vs Dusty Baker

Grant Paulsen vs Dusty Baker

it's not that common that a guy was top,5 and o-p-s like anthony rendon hits as,low as he does do you still think about,moving him up at all are you cakes with,the littles this on the show it's grants,like Dusty's an idiot why is it bread,dough and hitting in the two hole little,video shoot action I heard brownie that,went a little bit wrong I don't know who,that person there aren't a bunch of,littles but it's kind of that shy,deferential voice they're respectful I,guess he's being respectful from a,lineup construction standpoint it's not,that common that a guy whose top 5 and,o-p-s like Anthony Rendon hits as low as,he does do you still think about it all,up at all are you content now where,should you move to well you could move,everybody up a slot if you want it to do,you believe in the philosophy that your,best hitter should hit the highest in,the order to get the most out bats yeah,maybe not but I would say he's a better,hitter than one more Defoe or Chris,Heisey below those guys it's second most,nights yeah but see the thing about it,is I bet him second last year he's been,so productive behind you know who's,gonna hit behind mark Murph well it,could still be Rendon if you moved,everybody up one spot but I'm asking you,you know more about baseball than I do,I'm kind I want you to coach me up,philosophically do you believe in over,the course of a season maybe 30 at-bats,different every spot down if you move,around doing up to second he might be,able to impact your club 50 more times,is that one lineup then getting more in,here and oh well hitting by Murphy is,because there it you know Murphy's over,the last couple years has been our best,hitter he's I give great credit at this,point he's full doggy and right there,one is it's protecting Murph right but,grant brings up a good point which dusty,never responded to is if you move them,all up in the order so instead of having,you know Bryce Zim Murph,Rondon three through six,have them all two through five well that,would require the southern Harper's -,yes,I'd rather have Harper hit three most,teams best hitters are hitting three,understood is their best different,strategy and the strategy would result,in weren't that's what grant and Danny,focus on and also that often times the,worst hitters back I definitely would,have pulled the Philip Seymour in here,Walker would have done it I said I would,have looked the grant and said the,lineup card is mine brands been doing,this since he was a kid cuz he's a bit,of a you know he's a prodigy he was on,Letterman Show he's been doing this kid,how on the comfort level were you,comfortable because you know what's,funny is all the peanut gallery which is,around you they all kind of laughed when,dusty he said oh whatever you can make,up a lot of right now but they may agree,with you but it just becomes,uncomfortable so they mostly the other,media is carrying dusty an epic water is,that because they see them see them,every day I've been on a beach where I'm,around the coach every day you have a,relationship with someone right now,here's the thing,I am very cognizant because I was on the,Redskins beat of when someone just comes,in who's not one of the click right and,the kind of sniping behind the back and,like that that guy wants to make the,press conference he's and so I a few,things I need to do to be respectful my,number one agenda over there was to be,respectful I asked just for a little bit,of behind the scenes here that's why you,did that little respectful voice,absolutely yeah don't get the respect I,could have said dusty you don't,understand line up construction out of,the room no probably not but I would,have been viewed as a jerk yeah I don't,want that I don't want to be viewed as a,jerk here's the thing dust they're very,soft-spoken yes sir go ahead the thing I,wanted to accomplish was first of all I,did not want to dominate the press,conference in any way if I'm on the,Redskins beat and I'm one of the guys,that lost 70 hours a week I can make,that press conference mind cuz I got to,get something done Chelsea James's press,conference Jorge Castillo's press,conference mark Zukerman press,conference today they are on that beat,sure I waited about five minutes into,the thing and I was there now the other,thing you guys need to know is,I asked many times the PR staff among,other people can I get five minutes with,dusty to talk about this mm-hmm we,talked about it on the air every day we,got thousands of listeners who were,talking about this can I just talk to,dusty to get his own understanding and,their point is dusty doesn't need to,give you five minutes on this and I said,I agree with that they said if you want,to talk to dusty he does a press,conference every day so to me that,doesn't make sense because for someone,to come challenge him publicly hey I'm,not gonna get a good answer which I,didn't really think I did I thought we,had a better conversation and I thought,we would to be completely honest with,you it was

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Grant Paulsen On The Future Of The Washington Nationals

Grant Paulsen On The Future Of The Washington Nationals

welcome in to another edition of locked,on Nationals I'm your host Ryan Clary,and thank you guys for making walked on,Nationals your first listen every day we,are free and available wherever you get,your podcast and so on today's show I,have a special guest with me Grant,Paulson from 106.7 The Fan and we're,going to get in all of the Nationals,headlines going into this off season and,have some of his thoughts on the Juan,Soto trade return right after this,you are locked on Nationals your daily,Washington Nationals podcast part of the,locked on podcast Network your team,every day,and so we bring in Grant Paulson from,the Grant and Danny show on 106.7 The,Fan Grant what's going on man how we,doing Ryan what's up thank you for,having me on I appreciate it pump for,you to be on uh locked on doing your own,show video that's pretty cool thank you,man and you know if people don't know,I'm actually the producer for the grant,and Danny show over on 106.7 The Fan so,uh Grant and I talk to each other pretty,regularly every day we see each other,and I'm sure that doesn't get old for,you grant does it no never we also eat a,lot of Subs together yes um that's,Cornucopia we like to discuss Nats,baseball and eat Subs those are two of,our Hobbies exactly and so actually I,kind of want to get started with this,and back in April I don't even know if,you'd remember this we were kind of,taking around the possibility of a Juan,Soto trade and obviously that's been the,biggest headline this off season or,really this whole MLB season in general,to where you have Aaron judge he's,hitting home run records for breaking,Robert maris's record and all that but,Juan Soto trading him is kind of,something that we've never really seen,before we've never really seen someone,like him get traded at such a young age,and so going back to that in April when,we were talking about this it was kind,of hard to imagine a team to even that,would want to bring up all these,prospects and ship them away for this,guy so kind of how did this come into,fruition with the Nationals and and,where is this leading to,yeah I mean I remember when we first,were talking about it and this was like,you said a couple weeks into the season,when we knew the gnats weren't going to,be particularly good,if you couldn't trade one Soto excuse me,if you couldn't sign one Soto you might,have to consider trading them we try to,just figure out is it even possible for,them to get a return good enough to,justify moving this guy because there,was a while where I didn't think that,those,uh circles would overlap in a Venn,diagram right like what you would have,to get back for one Soto a team being,willing to give that much up I kind of,thought it was just too narrow of a lane,to kind of walk it wasn't going to work,you weren't going to be able to land,that plane but if you remember I think,the team we jokingly said at the time,were like what about the Orioles you,know they got all these you got Gunner,Henderson and Hadley rutchman and Gunner,uh and Grayson Rodriguez who go through,their whole Litany of prospects the,problem with that obviously and people,listening to locked on Nationals knows,this already uh that that those two,teams have never made a trade they're,the only two teams that then you know,that haven't made a trade the gnats and,the Orioles do not make trades period,the mass and dispute the organizations,don't really like each other so but we,were just kind of joking about what it,would take and it was hard to find a,trade partner uh obviously ultimately it,was the Padres that separated themselves,I think the Dodgers were serious I think,there were some other teams including,the Cardinals that were really,interested even though you know they,weren't were willing to foot the bill,the same way that San Diego and La were,from what I always gathered but what,happened was and you'll remember the,report that came out during the All-Star,break I was actually sitting in my hotel,about to go to the Futures game over the,weekend in Los Angeles during the break,and the story dropped I don't remember,it was passing a rosenthaler who had it,I think it was Rosenthal yeah,the gnats had offered Soto the massive,contract that they did and he had turned,it down and that they were now seriously,going to consider shopping him and at,that moment it got real man because I,think what happened was and having now,talked since then to people on every,side of this thing I believe the,Nationals all along assumed that they,could get a deal in place with Soto when,they made that offer it became really,clear not only that that wasn't going to,be accepted but that no offer was going,to be accepted and I think they came to,a reality and maybe Scott Boris would,say this wasn't the case if you talk to,him but their decision was made based on,they believed that Juan Soto was,eventually going to free agency that,there was nothing realistic and I'm not,saying cheap I just mean there was no,deal other than somet

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Kirby on Sports Exclusive - Grant Paulsen

Kirby on Sports Exclusive - Grant Paulsen

all right,welcome back to another kirby on sports,exclusive,exclusively on the kirby on sports,podcast,youtube page i believe for the first,time,we have dan dempsky our co-host and lead,contributor,joining us for this interview dan it's,uh glad to see you,once again for an exclusive interview,welcome,well thank you for the warm welcome i'm,happy to be here man,it's kind of it's kind of a bummer i,missed out before but i'm i'm happy to,catch this one so,absolutely i'm glad to have you dan and,our special guest today,this gentleman has a long resume he is,the host of granddanyon1067 the fan,he covers the caps part-time for nbc,sports washington,he was a former play-by-play guy for,the afl team the washington valor,he covered play-by-play for the dc,defenders,he does radio for mlb radio the man does,it all,and on top of that he just got,called maybe a month and a half ago to,do,a couple gnats games on madison the one,the only the legendary grand paulson,joins us right now grant we appreciate,the time sir how are you today,fellas what's going on how are you josh,and dan what's up uh not,too much sir we appreciate you we,appreciate you taking,the the time to do this first and,foremost so,uh the first question i have i mean get,back into the swing of things it must,feel,nice getting back in studio after this,long pandemic,and um everybody was working from home,essentially recording from home the,shows and whatnot so,um what's it like being back in studio,what,did you like it better staying at home,recording your radio show or,did you like it better in studio yeah,that's a good question,i think there are benefits to both i'll,say first i think it was great for the,industry,that we found out what we can do and i,guess in some ways what we can't do but,you know more importantly that you can,do shows on the move that you can,take the technology and the electronics,with you now and do shows,from your basement as i date or from,your laundry room as danny my co-host,did or,you know wherever you need to be i think,some of us this year when we go on,little vacations,you know maybe we'll go to the beach a,few days longer but actually,uh do shows from the beach for those,extra days or what have you so,i think the technology is there and it,was good for our industry to see that,we can get by and that by and large it's,not going to ruin the listening,experience for people,uh having said that i'm thrilled to be,back in studio you know i was lucky,because i have two young kids of a,two-year-old daughter,and a six-month-old son and being around,them and my wife,and day in and day out more than i ever,really have been before,was a blessing and was a really cool,wonderful thing at that age where,they're,doing all these neat things for the,first time and i got to be there,having said that it can be a little bit,distracting you know it is a little bit,different trying to because anybody can,relate,like work from home because when you got,a little kid they don't,understand that you're at work they see,you at home and they think you're at,home this isn't work time so,getting back in studio has been,refreshing uh to kind of recharge the,batteries be able to look danny in the,eye,pick up on things he likes and energies,that he has,um just being you know on mic uh i think,it sounds a little bit better naturally,and then the energy is a little bit more,authentic so,there's there's definitely benefits i'm,happy to be back,uh but it was cool to have the,experience to do it from home,um a year was as long as i needed though,for now let's let's get back in the,studio and rock and roll,yeah i mean the crazy thing is just,looking at,the amount of networks,having to adapt to change such as,calling games from your basement,essentially you saw,um you saw kevin harland do it from his,basement to nba,on tnt just one name that popped in the,uh front of my head but i mean,uh adapting during this change i mean,i think it just goes to show god forbid,if something like this were to happen,again,networks have a plan to,keep people engaged in sporting events,but god forbid we never have to get,through this again,right now i think you're on to something,josh i think that's true i think you,know there is a better plan now,and we saw again like what worked and,and i think by default what didn't,i would say this like my hope as someone,in this industry and you guys as people,breaking into this business,i'm sure can relate and you still want,companies to do things the right way,so while it was really cool that turner,sports or,espn or anybody else was able to set,these elite broadcasters up to broadcast,from their living room,and they were so good at it that they,were able to pull it off you know,locally we get spoiled because,um joe beninetti calling caps games is,calling,games from the bethesda studios not,traveling to the arena,and you would never know it because he's,so good at it charlie slows dave jagler,every night calling that's games on the,fan,on 106.

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