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Cuomo: Twitter must die | CUOMOthe fate of the Thunderdome of this,Reckoning social media specifical


Updated on Jan 27,2023

Cuomo: Twitter must die | CUOMO

the fate of the Thunderdome of this,Reckoning social media specifically,Twitter,my take,Twitter Must Die,its current form is much more hurtful,than helpful unless you're a fringe,political player looking for cash flow,then you find a home,Elon Musk didn't start this fire,but he's a good accelerant so far,the place either has to change,to somewhere where decency has its place,I'm not talking about thought police,there can still be plenty of room to let,your ideas and your freak flag fly,it's not a government Outlet it's a,private business it can have rules and,it needs them,we know these companies can do a hell of,a lot better with their algorithms we,know they can catch things that aren't,true that are decidedly hateful that are,misleading we know why because you and I,will have a conversation on email or on,social media and all sudden we start to,get ads better relevant to what we were,talking about I wonder how that happened,we get all these opportunities to buy,things randomly pop-ups why because they,know we need their technology to work,for us in ways that don't just help them,sell things and if Twitter won't do it I,really hope somebody else is going to,launch an alternative and soon because I,can't wait to join it,it is no coincidence that while politics,is debated almost exclusively with,insights instead with insults instead I,wish it were insights we debate on,social media with almost exclusively,insults instead of insights but on the,floor of Congress can you do that hell,no,you are not allowed to direct comments,to a specific member that are negative,or ad hominems attacks of the person,can't do it,I hope that we can all see now why why,they have that rule and have had it for,a very long time if you allow people to,be nasty that's what they're going to be,most often and it will all but silence,rational debate,and that's what you want,that's what the midterms show that's,what this unease with people getting,canceled and not being allowed to say,things and not being given a platform,and all these sidebar conversations we,have now about oh I don't know why,people feel this way about this but I,don't want to say anything,It's Not Who We Are,I know what the majority wants you know,what the majority wants,Congress,platforms,not extreme left or right extreme,reasonableness that is the moment we are,in,that is a political and cultural,Declaration of Independence,d-e-n-t-s you free agents and I am here,for it and I can't wait to see where it,goes hey thank you for watching please,go to, and you can find news,Nation on your television provider and,don't forget to click the red subscribe,button down below then you will get more,of news Nations,fact-driven coverage

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Watch: Cuomo Slams Trump After Critical Tweets On Coronavirus Response | NBC News

Watch: Cuomo Slams Trump After Critical Tweets On Coronavirus Response | NBC News

it looks like the president is also,watching this press conference he,tweeted 13 minutes ago quote Governor,Cuomo should spend more time doing and,less time complaining get out there and,get the job done stop talking we built,you thousands of hospital beds that you,didn't need or use gave large numbers of,ventilators that you should have had and,helped you with testing that you should,be doing it goes on a little bit more so,wondering if you could respond to that,and then also the question about the,overwhelmed ICU let's respond to the,president first of all if he's sitting,home watching TV maybe he should get up,and go to work right,second the let's keep emotion and,politics out of this and personal ego if,we can because this is about the people,and it's about our job and let's try to,focus on that I have said repeatedly,that when we were fighting for the,additional capacity for a hospital,system that the president moved very,quickly and I applauded him for it,and he brought the Army Corps of,Engineers and he brought them up to,build the jabot since the capacity 2500,beds,he's wrong that it has been used about,800 people have gone through Javits to,dismiss 800 people is disrespectful but,we didn't use 2500 beds because we,didn't reach the capacity when he says,well we built it we didn't need it it,sounds like suggestion is well it was,request by the state that wasn't valid,if he didn't really believe 2500 beds,was necessary I don't believe the,federal government would have helped,build 2500 beds and the the number came,from a projection from him him say he,should read the reports he issues the,White House coronavirus task,force had enormous projected in the,millions of people the CDC which is the,president projected in the millions of,people so the projections were high,they were the president's projections so,for him to say to anyone,well you relied on projections and the,projections were wrong there your,projections mr. president so what we,foolish for relying on your projections,mr. president the only thing he's doing,let's be honest well it's up to the,states to do reopen by the way was,always up up to the States,what are you going to grant me what the,Constitution gave me before you were,born,it's called the 10th amendment I didn't,need the president in the United States,to tell me that I'm governor and I,didn't need the President of the United,States to tell me the powers of a state,people did that,Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson,James Madison they are the ones who gave,me the power and I don't need the,president United States to read the,Constitution for me maybe he should have,read the Constitution before he said he,had the power to open the states where,he did a very graceful 180 and many,people allowed him to do the graceful,180 hey NBC News viewers thanks for,checking out our YouTube channel,subscribe by clicking on that button,down here and click on any of the videos,over here to watch the latest interviews,show highlights and digital exclusives,thanks for watching

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No real ‘smoking gun’ in release of Twitter docs, radio host says | CUOMO

No real ‘smoking gun’ in release of Twitter docs, radio host says | CUOMO

if Twitter does something to suppress,any form of speech that's not a,violation of the First Amendment because,Twitter's not the government now that,may be you say oh you're splitting it to,Matt taibi says the following okay he's,the guy who got the thing he's the guy,that Elon Musk wanted to do this right,for all the long-winded machinations and,internal memos the government was not,behind the suppression of the hunter,laptop story,taibi wrote quote although several,sources recalled hearing about a general,warning from federal law enforcement,that summer about possible foreign hacks,there is no evidence that I've seen of,any government involvement in the laptop,story,now look here's a little just proof of,the obvious when only one side of the,game is excited about something beware,okay because that means it is about the,game and playing to Advantage it does,seem though that the right is now on to,its own version of what it used to,dismiss as Russia Russia Russia,remember the former president saying,that well now looks like they have their,own version of this right Hunter Hunter,and they're going to be going after,Biden for nefarious business interest in,dealings with the wrong people yes no,irony that's what the Democrats did with,Trump now will they have as much there,there or not I think we're going to see,now I have a question uh about this it,has a suggestion to me and it's why I'm,talking to you about Twitter because I,was not impressed by the threat uh good,work for taibi,um but it didn't prove anything to me,let's bring in someone who is much more,impressed talk show hosts 660 a.m the,answer Mark Davis good to see you I hope,the family is well I told you I'd have,you on we are doing great Chris you did,indeed you made good on the Promises I,knew you would it's great to be with you,well the first I hope of many so what,was your takeaway about what you read,what is your concern what do you want to,know now,your setup was was quite good in terms,of a lot of this being a function of,being in the eye of the beholder uh the,left Democrats Liberals are instantly,dismissive of this for some,conservatives the hunter laptop has been,catnip for a long time so there's a,great deal of enthusiasm of rubbing the,hands together in anticipated Glee that,maybe this will now yield something it,hasn't yet there's nothing about the,Matt tahibi thread that necessarily,presents that Smoking Gun but there's a,guy who is about to be very present in,the news in the new Republican Congress,and his name is James Comer he's the,oversight chairman from Kentucky and he,says they're going to be asking a lot of,questions I look forward to the answers,I don't anticipate in advance what those,answers will be the monologue was going,really well uh for me until we got to I,don't know if you intended this a bit of,a myth of equivalency with Russia Russia,Russia something for which there was,never any basis for this there might be,I don't know that there is but I don't,know that there's not,well here's my feeling if you're talking,about the dossier I understand if you're,talking about meetings that were taken,and contacts that were made that any,astute political operative knows that,they shouldn't have done,that was the shame on the Trump uh you,know Trump and Co they took meetings,they shouldn't have taken they work,sources they shouldn't have take it they,shouldn't have worked and they listened,to people about offers they should not,have been engaging in now is that enough,for a federal investigation or Congress,that that's for you to decide but it,wasn't that there was nothing I have two,takeaways my first one is this,is there proof that Dorsey seem partial,uh Jack Dorsey the former head of uh,Twitter to the left yeah yeah,and is that worth everybody saying see,how bad it is it's a private company,was Dorsey more in the basket for the,left than musk seems to be in trying to,help the fortunes of the right it seems,like a wash and and that's their right,as the owners they can make their,business about whatever they want to,make right,you're you're correct about that but,there's I have a small there you go,again moment a small one with the myth,of equivalency but Jack Dorsey and the,people who were supposedly policing,content uh and Twitter were indeed,left-leaning and sought to forward their,own ideology while suppressing others,Elon Musk is no conservative he is kind,of a free speech let everybody in more,the merrier absolutist because he also,knows that attracts more attention to,him which is the thing that Elon Musk,cares the most about it's an interesting,thing that when Elon Musk removes the,muzzle from conservatives and ends the,days of Twitter as a protection racket,for the left everybody presumes that he,is he's like some Maven of the right or,some Republican activist he's nothing of,a Kind hey thank you for watching please,go to, and you can find news,Nation on your television provider and,Don

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Gov. Cuomo HUMILIATES Trump after Trump targets him on Twitter

Gov. Cuomo HUMILIATES Trump after Trump targets him on Twitter

flyer de president is alsof watching,this performance,piet wiede die mensen bouwen oh hai,julia en lifetime complaining,grounder heb de job die stap ging die,ghoul in duizenden handelbare,de een kind beter you escape large,numbers wat ben meters de eerste de,tamagotchi met casting,de eerste video heen ik was al een hoop,ik morgen zo worden door standen en,altijd heel het bestaan tussen,first wolfie's new motion tbv,briesje knapenkoor erger,de pers een duizend mannen helpen om,testing kies er al hebben huis hij zei,de moeder xiumin niet helpen witte,is testing kiest atlanta huis hij doen,met hun wapen casting is toegankelijk,heden het is te hard,hij nu toe kan verkeren in het toegang,patt riley nu de helden hij geen doen,international supply chain,immers de zee waller hij deelnam jana,was de tang en af hoe je hebt pickproces,naar over,zojuist randje van het jaar was 15 van,de us navy op kanker maar eens naar de,over hoe je van l'amore doel en namelijk,een echte pleasure or just ik denk je,vooruitgang en doing anything jas en de,mijn broer par56 het liever mijn steden,oké en dan by the way gcs of duizenden,bla is hij sluit dit hij creëert morgens,groep mensen in een nieuwe vorm edge en,ik gewoon inge diend naaiers t,daarom hamburgers in mijn moeder moest,punt en moest mijn keertje namelijk,fishing in connecticut,ik was er op dat ze een dag voor de 5,sterren,het squease en dan spider-man helpt,testing testing is to mark the teams,during,met specialist wallace abten steeds te,doen drie over beide miljoen sowieso,achter de steeds sportieve wie moet ik,gasten trition game liepen voor je,longen,het schot het centrum en we hadden niet,de persoon dingen juist steeds de tel,midden raam naar binnen en naar in,liefde personeel je huis steeds het,helpt mee aan de powers,besteed piepen dit bed avond winter,hamilton thomas jefferson james mijn,haar dus in,wij hadden ones who came in de power en,om niet de persoon je naar de states to,je de constitution vorming mee begeren,vooruit ik houd solution voor gies zij,de jihad de power de opende steeds,militair very great for nee die and many,people on laudem te durven prijs voor oh,nee die bought a zoo,china 6 is natuurlijk anders moet je,therapy diddlina,yesterday version of juiste rijk en nou,is natuurlijk af in de stoel job oké,aankopen en jerry en je door monica,podcasting which is een nationaal,probleem en replicates dus een haast en,you create hoe het merk was supplies,picons fimo was een ready for my miele,de staat paar goede show staat paar,en consumenten leiders voor de nation,taboe just a prior to your projections,de fed projections zijn een moet niet,double de haspel karkassen die ook dus,nation dit is manier om mes werd in,italië for new york,dit is nieuw ik heb nu een duke,emotioneel mercy hebt en de president,inclusief een in de evolution finger,pointing trieste rij charger profiel,uprising ze,minnesota michigan en virginia in her,together supporters in de file,lifesaving star wars,gerardo banen in guidance hen leren etui,een mooi,beklimmingen 17.000 people die de,unnecessarily andrew en goblins papier,die alle werden de 30 ampères handling,of this pandemic is onder elite double,bed,broers cursus is in de gautam boedha was,een speciale stoep en concerne,april ik super soldaat met new yorkers,arwen's ethiek misdaden insult lying,down a en b volgens bezig met marges de,crunchy is defecte leader ernaast time,zoals service en rising from pierre maar,provisioning jezelf begint te gaan wordt,in de 1e 7% approval leiding gaven,boetes en ten behoeve hier nou ik zou ik,zwaaide tegen swipen komen bij basically,caliente wingrave vol deadshot 30e bij,zijn wens meters dat new york gewoon dit,niet door use the window binnen sales en,tweede de upgrade to a profound adecco,group team en paragliding,google glass iemand een poliep duizend,beste lezers,we geven me small fractie dead onder hen,was plannen steeds het had hem in style,dat in over mensenlevens koos er geen,idee was based and projections van,france 5 lokale mijn in promo's request,was vol er was een week is op de nummer,us because i doel is een twitch trump,maar ook goed met een saai de de vertex,hand is not working responsibilities for,testing aan jullie individueel steeds is,bioland dangerous to be clear de federal,government facilitering warm skill,testing like a stunning and relational,vc weert is eraf fabr iets is jaar goede,beet hard is de farrow cobham en heeft,narsingh health check die berm in mijn,stad de ghibli werk en people's even een,feestelijk rise dus je dat we farrell,tekst als je dood you bonting,just why is there and national pandemic,en dat is dat we testing,laten we 9 testing de kanji dat biedt de,bar rusland gilly en satori je dit naar,binnen by the pictures are concerned and,be defined to work day bieden met,testing,dat is the answer daar is de solution,and soda de rand ja die stap rode gebied,testing and europe and testing month ago,wanneer de commerciële wereld begin,viewing je met zo'n heel appara

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‘Really scary’ what’s happening at Twitter, ex-employee says | CUOMO

‘Really scary’ what’s happening at Twitter, ex-employee says | CUOMO

so what is really happening here we have,someone who dealt with content,moderation at Twitter like doxing okay,her name is Melissa Engel and she joins,us now live from San Francisco told you,I'd have you back,thanks Chris happy to be here uh first,happy holy days if I don't get to speak,to you before you and the family,thank you now as you understood it,would these journalists qualify for,Content moderation on the basis of,doxing,yeah absolutely Twitter had a,long-standing policy against the doxing,this included the sharing of personal,information,documents uh medical records as well as,contact information like you said what,we think of classically as doxing is,sharing of personal location information,really only applies to musk and a few,billionaires this also it's almost,ridiculous think about how this all,started with the uh one person's Twitter,account elonjet which tracked the,location of his personal Jet and it led,to Keith olberman being banned from,Twitter it's almost absurd but you don't,believe that the journalists who were,suspended were doxing him absolutely not,they were referring to this account only,he's got around that he came into a,Twitter spaces last night and spoke,about this he said if you there it's,called ban evasion they're hosting to,him they're posting a link to it so it's,it's a band evasion instead of just,posting the actual account what do you,think about what he's doing to the,standards at your own place your old,place yeah absolutely it's really scary,you had me on uh last week and I,predicted that there was going to be an,increase in hate speech and abuse but I,never predicted that this domain uh it,would just become a domain of one person,we all the Twitter old Twitter process,was incredibly deliberative one of the,things you can see in the Twitter files,which have been released is how agonized,we were over each and every decision we,were making and now it's down to one,person which inevitably leads to,something like this,I think that you guys were confused,about your principles uh and I you know,I can't criticize your role in it per se,because you know you had different roles,at different times but I think what,comes out in the files is standard was,inconsistent uh and it was a struggle,I'll give you that it's a developing,platform it's completely unregulated,um but I think he had a principles,problem and he points that out if that's,what he wants the Twitter files to be,yeah Twitter was a messy place but I,don't know how he thinks it's any better,now do you believe he has a recipe for,success,I don't and I'm happy to own up to all,the mistakes we made it's a difficult,process we definitely made some lots and,lots of mistakes but,um he definitely is not headed in the,right direction he's not regulating,extremism in fact many if he's so,concerned about public safety and doxing,many of the accounts he's let back on,when he purchased were banned because,they doxed in the first place right now,that's what they were paid for some of,the righty Fringe are coming up and,saying ah stop going after Twitter at,least he told you right away that you,were suspended I was blacklisted and no,one ever even told me were any of these,guys uh you know all these conservative,Fringe guys who really kind of blow up,on on the internet and sites like,Twitter were they ever blacklisted,yeah there's an interesting thing which,went on at Twitter,um where we uh tried to mitigate some of,the harmful effects of free speech by uh,not allowing uh people who had violated,our terms of service we we did ban them,from showing up to Twitter at large,although they could still be seen by,their followers right so they call that,shadow Banning and you said it had a,slippery slope in terms of what the,standard was it was part of the struggle,but my beef with you guys was you also,use those guys when you would find,provocative content that was what we now,call click bait very often they would be,adjacent that's why I never got the beef,from people on the right Fringe I mean,they seem to explode on social media,yeah it's right it is a true uh,amplifies extremism an amplifies outrage,that's what one of the things it does in,a study in 2021 proved just that,demonstrated that it was amplifying,right-wing voices because they were,oftentimes the most extreme I agree with,you that it was a problem that we never,successfully solved uh but I would many,sites have not why do you believe he's,letting,um Fringe conservatives back on at the,same time he's going after journalists,is it is it as obvious as it seems that,he's playing to a side to kind of,balance out that he thought you guys,were playing to the other side before,yeah I definitely uh feel it's an,attempt to drive engagement on the site,hey thank you for watching please go to,, and you can find news,Nation on your television provider and,don't forget to click the red subscribe,button down below then you will get more,of news Nations,f

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New Yorker angry at Governor Cuomo! + Twitter lies, Boulder suspect NOT White

New Yorker angry at Governor Cuomo! + Twitter lies, Boulder suspect NOT White

this is the normal swap,i'm holding up here now this was the,actual swab,that was being used to fit up that,double barrel shotgun that you have,mounted,on the front of your pretty face,well that was the governor of new york,andrew cuomo being teased by his brother,chris cuomo on his show on cnn it may,have been funny,10 months ago but no one's laughing now,today,the 63 year old governor stands accused,of sexual harassment,messing up new york's coveted response,and letting his family,jump the queue for the coronavirus test,should he stay or should he go,we'll hear from our guests in new york,in just a moment also on the program,prince harry's got a new job,cleaning up misinformation on the,internet so what's he going to do about,twitter,the governor of new york not so long ago,people were talking about him as a,potential presidential candidate,someone who could take on trump at the,polls now it's all about if and when he,should resign,here's why first cuomo has been accused,by several women of sexually harassing,them,one of his accusers his former assistant,charlotte bennett,said she believed the governor was,trying to start a sexual relationship,with her,what made you think that he was trying,to sleep with you without explicitly,saying it,he he implied,to me that i was old enough for him and,he was lonely,i acted in a way that made,people feel uncomfortable,it was unintentional and i,truly and deeply apologize for it,apologize yes but not step down he's now,facing two,investigations one led by new york's,state attorney general,leticia james and an impeachment,investigation in the state assembly,if the investigation confirms the claims,of the women,should he resign yes i think he probably,ended up being prosecuted too,then there's his handling of the,pandemic which some have called,disastrous new york has the highest,death toll of any state other than,california,and cuomo is said to be partly to blame,because early on in the pandemic he,ordered that all,new york state nursing homes accept new,residents,even if they had tested positive for the,coronavirus,at least 15 000 people have died in new,york nursing homes,this governor is nothing but weak,because he will,not take any accountability and he,blames everybody else,except the man that signed that,executive order to become a positive,patients into nursing homes,for 46 days straight there was never a,directive,that said we will send covet positive,people,back to nursing homes the directive,which was,modeled on the federal directive said,you cannot discriminate,and then just last week it was reported,in the washington post and the new york,times,that cuomo's administration had arranged,for his family,including his brother cnn anchor chris,cuomo to have a coronavirus test before,everybody else just as the virus was,hitting new york,the governor mentioned his brother in,his press conference last year,but didn't mention the special treatment,this,virus is the great equalizer my brother,chris,is positive for coronavirus found out,this morning,and his brother chris cuomo didn't,mention the special treatment either,while he was presenting his show in,quarantine down in his basement,the governor made frequent guest,appearances i love you very much,thank you for coming on the show thank,you for keeping my spirits up,and thank you for what you're doing for,this thing,oh i'd like to say it was my pleasure,but it wasn't,why come on,we'll talk later have a good show,well let's bring in our guest now and,vinnie varghese is a manhattan-based,lawyer who's been writing about mr,cuomo's impeachment investigation,and jennifer harrison is the founder of,victims rights new york,she recently lost two elderly relatives,in nursing homes and thinks andrew cuomo,is partly responsible for that um,jennifer harrison i'd like to start with,you i know,that your animosity towards the governor,goes back even further than this why,don't you take us through it why do you,feel,that you know the level of animosity,towards him that you do,my boyfriend and his best friend were,both murdered in 2005,um by three brothers one of them was out,on parole,already in new york and it was extremely,hard to even violate him,after he had clear violations and,infractions,ever since then i've been a crime,victims advocate and have been,a tenacious fighter against cuomo's,progressive,criminal justice reforms that are,endangering public safety getting,children like devel gardner and ashawn,davis murdered on,our streets somebody actually was just,released who murdered his,own mother and is the man responsible,for attacking the asian woman,on the streets of new york the other day,and,more recently as i said you've lost two,elderly relatives in the care homes and,you put the blame squarely at governor,cuomo's door why,yes so my step grandmother theresa,hagemeier and her sister josephine,rochelle,who were long island's home front,sisters aunt joe,was long island's josie the riveter and,actually put the bolts in the

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Shellenberger on ‘Twitter Files’: Investigation needed | CUOMO

Shellenberger on ‘Twitter Files’: Investigation needed | CUOMO

the latest edition of the Twitter files,number seven alleges the FBI and,intelligence Community were behind an,organized effort to influence Twitter,and other platforms specifically to,discredit the hunter Biden laptop story,joining us now is its curator,independent journalist Michael,schellenberger thanks for joining us,Good To Be With You Chris,uh so what's the headline here uh do you,believe I don't understand the why why,do you think the FBI and the,intelligence Community cared about this,story,well I I can't say exactly what,anybody's motivations are I mean I think,there was certainly some anti-trump,sentiment a desire to see body get,elected among a lot of folks but I can't,say what I can say is that there does,appear to be a very important pattern,here where both existing FBI agents,outside of Twitter pressuring Twitter,and former FBI officials including the,former general counsel the former deputy,chief of staff of the FBI we're at,Twitter pushing Twitter to censor the,hunter bite in a laptop story which of,course we now know to be a hundred,percent accurate that ran in the New,York Post in October 14 2020 you know,what's so amazing is how many FBI folks,were in Twitter but once we had these,internal emails the internal slack,messages the the direct messages inside,the company you can see that there was a,concerted effort in particular by the,former general counsel of the FBI to,really kill off the story really,claiming falsely that it was a result of,Russian disinformation when of course,Twitter or maybe not of course it people,should know Twitter itself was,discovering very small amounts of any,Russian efforts on its platform in other,words there just wasn't very much,Russian activity spy activity at all,going on uh in the year 2020.,but doesn't the why,haunt you I mean especially look the FBI,was being run by Chris Ray during a lot,of this right which everybody loved when,Trump put him in in there,doesn't that part haunt you like why,were they doing it isn't that the the,whole point yeah,yeah absolutely I mean look Chris I,think this is why we need a,congressional investigation I really,think it needs to be bipartisan I mean,another Congressional investigation,another Congressional investigation,is going to happen for sure the FBI is,of such importance it's the most,important police organization in the,country it's the organization we turn to,to root out corruption in police forces,to root out corruption across Society so,if there is politicization within the,FBI aimed at a particular goal in this,case to suppress and really spread,misinformation around an important piece,of evidence which has to do with the,Biden family's business dealings that's,a real problem I mean we have had in the,in the past of course we've had a pretty,ugly history and I do think that that is,why if it's not going to be the Congress,then it's going to need to be a special,prosecutor somebody to root out Rogue,agents or to root out any kind of,concerted or organized efforts among,existing FBI employees or former FBI,staff,um let's talk about you for a second uh,full disclosure I like Michael,schellenberger uh he helps me shape my,understanding on a lot of topics that,matter I look forward to having him on,this show on a regular basis I was,worried for you when you got involved in,this,um I was worried about you being seen as,being,um you know working for musk and taking,just what he wanted you to have uh and,putting it out and putting it out in,this kind of hard to digest tweet stream,which is not your way you're a very,clear and concise writer your sub stack,is great,um were you worried about getting,involved how did you get involved,uh not at all I mean I got involved uh,through my friend Barry Weiss she,invited me in you know my the only,things I've ever written about Elon Musk,have been very critical I criticized him,in my book I actually criticized him,almost 10 years ago I'm just not really,uh intimidated in those kind of,circumstances and when we got in there,we had free reign at the any of the,files that we wanted emails and direct,messages and and so I took my time I had,one article out uh about a week ago this,one we've been working on for almost two,weeks really gave us a chance to get to,the bottom of it I think people once,they look at the documents themselves,they'll see that we really had pretty,free reign of the place now there's a,lot of things that we weren't able to,get our hands on that are just for a,variety of reasons out of our control,that's why you do need an investigation,of this so but I do think that people,read the my tweets today and it is going,to be an article tomorrow they'll see,that we got some very important,interesting information that hasn't been,out there yet showing the extent to,which in particular the former general,counsel of the FBI was pushing to censor,this laptop within Twitter and it,appears to be in concert with other,actors coming from FBI or ad FBI so yeah,there's a lot o

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Governor Cuomo Calls on President Trump to Apologize for Tweet Disparaging Buffalo Protester

Governor Cuomo Calls on President Trump to Apologize for Tweet Disparaging Buffalo Protester

President Trump did a tweet today that,surprises me even after all the tweets,he has done you read his tweets do you,get to a point where you say well,nothing could surprise me I've seen it,all and then you get surprised again you,get shocked again you get disgusted,again President of the United States,supposed to be a responsible position,and a responsible person he tweeted,today that the protester in Buffalo who,was hurt by the Buffalo police was on a,video that went viral mr. Gogi no 75,year old gentleman who was out,protesting and is knocked to the ground,by police he's in the hospital in,Buffalo he was in intensive care he's no,longer in intensive care but he's still,hospitalized I spoke to him the day he,was brought in to the hospital,president tweets that this man may have,been a member of antifa and that he fell,harder than he was pushed could be a,setup it's all made up it's all,fabricated,there's no fact to any of it he accuses,this man of being associated with antifa,nope no proof whatsoever no fact just an,assertion he fell harder than he was,pushed in the video you see him pushed,and you see a 75 year old man fall,backwards and hit his head on the,pavement what does that even mean,fell harder than he was pushed what do,you think it was it was staged you think,the blood coming out of his head was,staged is,what you're saying you saw his head hit,the pavement you see blood on the,pavement maybe he fell harder than he,was pushed how reckless how,irresponsible I mean how crude I mean if,there was ever a reprehensible dumb,comment and from the President of the,United States at this moment of anger,anguish and anger what does he do pours,gasoline on the fire if there was ever,if he ever feels a moment of decency he,should apologize for that tweet because,it is wholly unacceptable not a piece of,proof totally personally disparaging and,in a moment where the man is still in,the hospital show some decency show some,humanity show some fairness you're the,President of the United States

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