glenn youngkin twitter

Glenn Youngkin's EPIC Twitter Failglen younkin decided to have a bit of a,not necessarily him himsel


Updated on Jan 27,2023

Glenn Youngkin's EPIC Twitter Fail

glen younkin decided to have a bit of a,not necessarily him himself but lisa's,campaign had a back and forth with 17,year old who decided to expose a bit of,the history about the background of the,governor's mansion there and how,historian is kind of being nudged out,for whatever reasons we may not know but,he did post this his name is ethan lynn,the historian test with teaching about,slavery at the virginia governor's,mansion just resigned,after finding the younkins converting,her classroom into a family room and,emptied her office shameful so he,pointed it out and again like i was,pointing out we're not sure the,circumstances of why she got nudged out,but she was upset about it and she's,trying to figure are they trying to not,let me continue teaching about what's,happened here considering we're hearing,all this talk about no more critical,race theory whichever schools are,teaching that,and what they're,decision what critical race theory is is,that history,normal history of what happened and if,had anything to do with oppressing,anyone we don't want to teach that so uh,in response to that team yonkin put out,this tweet,here's a picture of ethan with a man,that had a blackface splash kkk photo in,his yearbook can you believe it can't,listen to this guy stating facts or,retweeting a simple thing that happened,to the story and in the mansion so as,soon as that tweet was deleted younkin,then backtracked and decided to give the,normal,what some people called an apology glenn,younkin said on saturday night an,unauthorized tweet came from a campaign,account i regret that this happened and,it shouldn't have i have addressed it,with my team we must continue to work to,bring virginians together,there's so much more that unites us than,divides us uh can you give us some,specifics glenn because you keep talking,in these normal political political,speak but there's no details what's,uniting us that divides us besides you,talking about which parents you're,supporting and which parents you're,going to be uh speaking for,starts with you i i just love the idea,of i'm not racist you're racist it's,it's that's kind of uh,an amazing retort there and you know as,it pertains to teaching the the the,history of of of slavery,um,i i like it's it's hard to understand,why people are so averse to this right,like,i don't understand why we can't go yeah,our you know our ancestors made some,mistakes we're no longer making those,mistakes we've learned from them and,we're doing way better than that people,people mess up they f up all the time,we're doing much better in this country,now um,because we've learned from these,mistakes and i don't i don't understand,why,if you don't think of your ancestors as,perfect angels,that you can't you know feel good about,yourself in your history it's so weird,it's very weird i've said it before like,if your father was an abusive person you,could admit that and be a better person,it's okay,and by the way they keep putting us up,he was standing next to,a guy who was dressed in clan outfit and,blackface that ain't my father it's not,my uncle,yeah northam did some stuff back then,he's gone now what does it have to do,with me,like there's a weird connection to your,political like heroes that you have to,embody them you can vote for someone and,you find out something about them you,don't like and acknowledge it it's so,weird how that works you can't,acknowledge that someone that you voted,for did horrible things why not and,acknowledge it move on maybe don't,support them anymore whatever reason but,it doesn't have to be a pushback to,eliminate you from your own,responsibility

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We have to get costs down by cutting taxes: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin

We have to get costs down by cutting taxes: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin

initially since you were a big shot at,carlisle what's going on with with elon,musk what do you think is happening here,and what would you think he would get,financing do you think he's serious do,you think there's a need for an open,forum that isn't um,evident right now or self-evident on on,twitter at this point,well good morning and thank you for,having me and uh i'm waking up to the,news this morning on the on elon musk's,offer just like all of you are,and i just believe that this is another,step of of competition,and at the end of the day the,competition for ideas is why america is,great,and we'll have to see how this unfolds,but i do think this reflects the fact,that innovators like elon musk can shake,things up,and and i think we're seeing it all over,that that as folks bring new ideas and,raise capital and and uh direct that,capital towards uh competing uh we're,seeing things really move and tell you,joe this this is what's happening across,uh virginia right now and across the,country as we see companies making big,moves and i think it's really exciting,to see this kind of uh innovation and,capital put to work,we uh,we we watched your election closely and,obviously and virginia keeps ranking,very high on our cnbc,best state to do business obviously but,a lot of of what was evident in in the,race that that you have eventually,prevailed,were culture wars and i think twitter,plays into,the culture wars as well and and the,whole notion that uh you know that one,side or another side is,uh is more or less,there's a bias an inherent bias in the,people running twitter on who gets to,say things and who doesn't and it just,seems like it's all part of of the the,state of the country that win right now,that you certainly,could speak to uh based on on what what,you ran on,uh in virginia successfully,well i think it's time for common sense,to to be reintroduced to to the discord,and i think what we saw last november,was a state that had,elected democrats consistently for a,while wake up and and recognize that it,was time to reintroduce common sense and,so,empowering parents to to make decisions,with regard to their kids education and,by the way funding law enforcement and,supporting them as we see rising crime,and in a state like virginia where we,had been 42nd in the nation in job,recovery coming out of the pandemic and,we'd seen taxes going up and regulations,going up we're not a chance to have a,chance to bring taxes down and cut,regulations fund education empower,parents and fund law enforcement and,what we've seen right now particularly,as we head through our march numbers is,continued strength in our government,receipts and we had a strong march and,in fact what that what that underpins is,we're seeing now some green shoots on,job recovery in virginia that's really,exciting we're going to have a big,surplus,and that gives us that gives us the,funds to cut taxes and invest in,education law enforcement and mental,health and i think this is the common,sense approach that virginians were,looking for when they elected us which,is let's get the cost of living down,we're seeing inflation run away uh from,us right now at eight and a half percent,over the last over the last year rising,grocery prices rising gas prices rising,utility bills and we got to get to work,to get costs down and the and the,near-term opportunity for us is to cut,taxes and in virginia we have the,ability to do that and that's why we're,working so hard with our legislature to,get that done right now,shepard smith here thanks for watching,cnbc on youtube

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Official Republican Account Brutally Drags Minor On Twitter While Dems Stay Silent

Official Republican Account Brutally Drags Minor On Twitter While Dems Stay Silent

atrios made this point he did a post,today about this story about glenn,younkin there was a kid 17 year old kid,high school student,in uh virginia,who,who posted on twitter,this kid ethan lin,retweeted a report from the richmond,public radio station,just retweeted,a report,from the public radio station suggesting,that yunkan might be scrapping efforts,pursued under two previous governors,northam and democrat terry mcauliffe to,highlight the history of enslaved people,at the governor's executive mansion,and apparently um,the the report contained an error lynn,noted this on twitter's hour later when,the the the uh the corrections,17 year old high school student noted,the correction,but before that exactly but before then,team yunkin,which is the official twitter account,for younkin's campaign i just want you,to imagine,if like,i don't know pic like,if aoc,aoc did this after covington catholic,yeah,yeah but never mind that like somebody,who's completely not even in the news,like,for you know team pelosi or team,clinton or team whomever doesn't matter,they attacked this kid posting a photo,of the teen with northam taken at a,democratic fundraiser in october here's,a picture of ethan with a man that had,blackface kkk photo in his yearbook tv,uncle tweeted,pairing the october photo with a racist,picture from northam in 1984,um,responding to this 17 year old kid on,twitter now,if,if it was team aoc that did this,to a random,republican teenager who retweeted a,report from let's say public radio or or,fox or wherever,this would be the news of the day,you would not be able to put twitter on,you would not be able to put instagram,on you would not be able to turn on the,tv where you would not hear about this,tucker would be on location tucker would,be on location the kids picture would be,would be you know,i mean the tucker would be there,defending them he and kyle written house,would be doing like a joint venture at a,turning points usa speaking together,holding hands in the air there would be,a multi-million dollar gofundme to sue,you know and to charge and lawsuits and,and,i it is perfectly well not perfectly but,it is,certainly understandable for people to,say,the democrats aren't incompetent they,secretly don't want any of their agenda,to pass,et cetera et cetera,i i i can understand that i think it's i,think it's wrong it's misguided and it's,silly but i can understand how someone,say that but this is evidence,of,failing to take advantage of,of of the moment i mean,this,there should be,you know some of these outside,expenditure groups somebody you know,like there should be a concerted effort,to take a piece out of younkin right now,from this,attacking teenagers like this is what,you do you don't just wait,two years four years until the election,comes you start to take a piece out of,this guy right now,that's just politics,and,so in that respect you know,they're bad at it they're bad at it both,in terms of that and they're bad at it,and saying like,you know i mean,george bush donald trump they when,george bush sent out 300 bucks one time,yeah in 2000,three was it,some type of tax rebate maybe it was,2006 or i can't remember,it was a note from george bush in in,your check,and,this is,the democrats,passed a bill,that gave parents 300 per kid,for the better part of the the the year,and then they just walked away and never,talked about it again how about the fact,i mean,there's a,fairly direct comparison here glenn,younkin's son who's also 17 tried to,vote what was it twice twice for his,father yes if we're going to scold,teenage boys with a official campaign,messaging and glenn younking was like,how could the media do this and he went,on an all-out tour to basically say why,are you attacking my son and have we,heard,anything i shouldn't say that have we,heard anything from the democratic party,yep yeah no,and that's how you make the media like,in the way that you were responding to,the caller,the the the media is not gonna take up,an issue,for the democrats unless they push it,and republicans are experts at that and,democrats are terrible at it terrible,yeah,i think people like the media is all,owned by capitalists too like i think,people shouldn't expect like them to,just be on the side of social justice,just because that's the right thing to,do i don't know how much

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Watch CNN Host's Face When Glenn Youngkin Corrects His Misleading Lie | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Watch CNN Host's Face When Glenn Youngkin Corrects His Misleading Lie | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

you must push Back Against the Machine,however you can do it in your own life,and especially if you're a politician or,a pundit you must not give the machine,What It Wants You must call out the,nonsense so here's a really nice moment,from over the weekend uh Glenn Younkin,who is the governor of Virginia and as,you guys know he was not going to be the,governor of Virginia when polls came out,only a few weeks before he was losing he,was not going to win and then he started,going after the woke stuff and he,started making sure that kids were going,to be protected in school and they,weren't going to pull all this trans,nonsense and all of that and then he,ended up winning well he was on Jake,tapper's show over the weekend and you,can watch how Jake tries to get him I,mean just heavy-handed nonsense and,Glenn Younkin comes back with how about,some of that uh sanity is he playing,because he just released it this week at,Scales back Virginia's wind and solar,energy emphasis instead focuses on,nuclear power economic competition but I,wonder if the events in your first year,as Governor the more and intense,hurricanes which scientists say they're,more intense because of climate change,the war in Ukraine and this week's OPEC,decision making the insecurity of where,we get our fuel from uh highlighted,doesn't that suggest that you should be,that we should be leaning into more,green energy not less well to be clear,what I what I've called for is an all of,the above and in fact it's not reducing,an emphasis on Renewables wind and solar,it's correcting an error that was made,in the previous administration's energy,plan which was to exclude everything,else and so we need to yes move forward,with wind and solar we need to move,forward with carbon capture and natural,gas we need to move forward with nuclear,and one of the things that I believe is,that we have a great opportunity in,Virginia to lead the nation in the,development of small modular reactors in,nuclear in order to provide base load,power that's clean and reliable and,affordable and this is why Common Sense,has to come back into this equation,which is we we can't evacuate one of our,strengths which is the fact that we,innovate in America we can in fact find,a way that natural gas can continue to,be a huge part of our overall power,stack we can innovate across nuclear and,we can Embrace Renewables like wind and,solar but we're going to have to adopt,all of them in order to get where we,want to be which is reliable affordable,and a clean power stack,ain't it great when people who know what,they're talking about and have thought,the issues through actually State their,case clearly sure we can do some of the,green stuff we can do some wind stuff we,can do some water stuff we can do some,nuclear stuff there's other things that,we have to do we can't ignore fossil,fuels let's do these things in tandem,Jake who unfortunately you know he's a,Democrat he's just a Democrat act that,is pretending to be a journalist so he,mentions all this and shouldn't we be,green it doesn't mean any shouldn't we,be green it would be nice a weird Kermit,the Frog let's be green and then Junkin,just comes in and says uh well actually,uh there's a lot of ways to skin a cat,and we're not going to destroy the,economy in the name of you know the,green new deal so I just thought that,was a really nice moment and I think,what's going to happen is more and more,people are going to realize that they,will have a Breaking Point with all of,this and perhaps the ultimate,realization of that will be hopefully a,giant red wave when it comes to the,midterms we we shall see

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FBI slams 'conspiracy theorists' in scathing response to 'Twitter Files'

FBI slams 'conspiracy theorists' in scathing response to 'Twitter Files'

FBI finally responding to the explosive,Twitter files and Elon Musk exposing the,collusion The Bureau claims they did not,send Twitter any quote Specific,Instructions or details regarding the,hunter Biden laptop story and that quote,it is unfortunate that conspiracy,theorists and others are feeding the,American public misinformation with the,sole purpose of attempting to discredit,the agency joining me right now is the,former Chief counsel at the Republican,National Committee Jill Holtzman Vogel,Jill thanks very much for being here,we know that the FBI paid Twitter 3.4,million dollars and now FBI officials,are not denying that they say yeah we we,did pay uh Twitter but we're calling it,a reimbursement for quote reasonable,costs and expenses associated with their,response to a legal process and they're,also confirming that Twitter is not the,only company they paid so they must have,paid all the social media companies to,um,censor the Biden laptop story and the,evidence on it that showed influence,peddling your thoughts,well I think as this all starts to,emerge it really shocks the conscience,of most people and for those of us who,have followed this story as an election,law matter and as this was brought as a,complaint to the Federal Election,Commission,um alleging that this was an in-kind,contribution and now this is all coming,out on the sort of flip side of this as,the Louisiana and Missouri Attorneys,General are coming at this from the sort,of First Amendment side it's all,starting to really come out and come,together and so for the public is now,seeing this for the first time I think,most people are astounded to learn that,the FBI was engaged in such a cozy,relationship with a media company and,sort of bullying them the way this is,all now been exposed in this back and,forth in these transcripts that have,been released and also in the,information that Elon Musk has released,clearly showing that they were highly,engaged in an effort to support address,this information and to not only just,engage with them and back and forth but,then to pay the company and so I think,for most people who were maybe a little,cynical about this it's all right out,there now and I think it's just uh been,a stunning Revelation well I mean what,happens they interfered in an election,right I mean that's what this is we've,got we've got emails from the FBI,um saying these are the accounts that,need to be uh censored and then Twitter,people come back and say handled right,taken well I that's it I mean that's the,part where it's just as stunning because,I read that transcript and they come,back and it's literally as if they're,taking the direction directly from the,FBI got it handled done and they're,coming back and specifically saying we,need you to take this down in response,to a request related to Hunter Biden and,you know showing something sexual,related to him on Twitter and so the,fact that the federal government can go,to a media company and engage in this,level of censorship is shocking and I,think this is going to set in motion a,series of events and I think they're,going to be significant legal,consequences and I think that states,Attorneys General like Louisiana and,like Missouri aren't going to stop I,think this is just I think the beginning,of uh you know sort of the tip of the,iceberg and as we have a very rare,opportunity here where you have an,executive who's willing to engage in a,level of transparency that is fairly,impressive I mean the fact that Elon,Musk is willing to put this information,out there at the same time that you know,folks engaged in on the state side and,law enforcement are willing to move,forward on their own is pretty,impressive so I think it's almost The,Perfect Storm we're going to get a lot,of information that we would have,otherwise never seen never,it's Degan McDowell to know there is,some wiggle room in how the FBI did,respond to Fox News the FBI did not say,they didn't provide any information,whatsoever to Twitter about Hunter Biden,number one and also what is of interest,is uh in the revelations from Michael,schellenberger in the Twitter file dump,there were 10 documents that FBI special,agent Elvis Chan sent to then head of,site Integrity y'all raw through the,teleporter which is a one-way,Communications channel from the FBI to,Twitter and the FBI told Fox News that,the 10 documents in question,had nothing to do with Hunter they said,eight of them were Farm line actor,related to were providing Twitter,contacts at the FBI election command,post for Twitter are to use if they saw,questionable posts like possible,election fraud well this is going to all,be uncovered by likely at the oversight,committee once Congressman James Comer,takes over the oversight committee this,will be a certain Focus hopefully the,American people will get to hear Elvis,Chan who the FBI annual Roth at Twitter,or formerly of Twitter sit in front of,the American people and answer these,specific questions about what was

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Interview: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin on 2022 election results

Interview: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin on 2022 election results

I just want to go over some election,results with you this morning um you're,the guy we want to hear from with it but,just first,um with election nights most the results,are in obviously and what do they mean,for the Republican party in terms of,power you've supported Jen kiggins and,Canada's across the country like Carrie,Lake and Brian Kemp so what do you think,uh with the results last night in that,sense well there's still some votes to,be be counted in in some races and so,we'll we'll you know withhold assessment,of those but broadly speaking I was,really pleased uh to see Jen kiggins win,and of course the race is in the seventh,and the 10th were gonna be Titan and,tough races and uh Jennifer waxton and,Abigail spanberger ran good races we had,we had really really strong candidates,and I think that's what the election,should be about is putting up strong,candidates and letting the voters speak,um I I think that we're going to end up,with divided government in Washington,and uh and we've had divided government,in Virginia and we've delivered and I,think it's time for for elected leaders,to put the campaign behind now and go to,work in order to bring people together,and deliver results that's what voters,are expressing is a strong desire for,results and recognizing that folks are,hurting there's concerns real concerns,around the kitchen table and it's time,to get to work to to address those,that's the big lesson that I learned,last year was on November the 3rd we,went to work to deliver four Virginians,we have divided government in Virginia,and we were able to do exactly that and,I think it's now everybody else's turn,to deliver for the folks that that,elected them,perfect and so along the same lines you,might have a little more kind of,focusing on Virginia itself because,you've said many times the path to the,House Majority runs through Virginia and,so what's your response you know,kickin's Victory is great but we also,have the losses of yesley Vega and hung,so what do you think about that for,Virginia state,well we we in order for Republicans to,take control in the house we needed to,flip seats and that's exactly what we,felt would happen uh in the second uh,and Jen kiggins ran a super campaign and,voters turned out and really expressed A,View to make a change there and as I,said I Abigail spanberger and and,congresswoman wexson ran strong races uh,they were tough races and I think that,the road to the majority continues to,run through Virginia I think the second,is going to be a critically important,seat in order to add to that path to the,majority and that will end that will end,up with divided government in in,Washington and as I said that means it's,incumbent on everybody to go to work to,get things done that's what voters want,that's what they expressed in Virginia,last year and I think that's what they,expect out of their elected leaders,perfect and just lastly we're seeing,several news reports saying former,president Trump is set to launch a 2024,presidential campaign in the coming,weeks and would you support him do you,think there needs to be more Republican,candidates next to him what are your,thoughts on that possibility,well let me begin with uh the former,president's gonna going to do whatever,the former president decides to do I,continue to be very focused on Virginia,and the being the best Governor I can be,and these the final toll from the,election yesterday hasn't even been,fully tabulated yet and I just encourage,everybody to keep their focus on what's,happening right now on November the 9th,we've got a we've got to finalize a,number of Elections uh and we've got to,decide what uh what the final majorities,look like in in Washington and this is,where everybody's focus should be we're,working hard in Virginia to get ready,for our next legislative session which,starts in January we've got a big agenda,and it's time to do the work and it's,time to get to work for the people and,that's where I think everybody's Focus,needs to be right now,perfect that's all I had for you but any,points you wanted to make or comments,you wanted to make that involved,election night just want to give you the,chance before we're done,well finally I I was very pleased with,the way that the Virginia election,system worked um everybody who who uh,needed to vote and and was allowed to,vote had a chance to vote I think the,election process was tabulated quickly,and fairly it was a lot of work,um it was you know some tough challenges,with some old systems along the way but,but just uh I want to congratulate our,election process and all the people that,make it work,perfect well that's all Governor I,appreciate your time and I hope you have,a great day thank you

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Virginia Governor's Race: Glenn Youngkin victory speech

Virginia Governor's Race: Glenn Youngkin victory speech

in this office in the state,let's take a listen at what he has to,say,it's a very excited crowd even after,being there for hours and hours and,hours and hours of course glenn younkin,was a businessman and you heard his wife,suzanne say,she came he came to her and said he,wanted to go into public service that,was back in 2020 he was a little-known,political figure,but people certainly know his name now,glenn younkin,taking the stage,addressing his supporters,they've been there for many many,many hours of course,now glenn younkin created some healthy,distance between him and former,president trump and he's going to talk a,bit,right now,wow,thank you,wow,amazing,righty virginia we won this thing,how much fun,how much fun first of all,first of all thank you all for waiting,waiting a few minutes longer than we,thought to breakfast will be served,shortly,amazing,ah,well first,let me thank suzanne,let me thank suzanne just,i have said many many times,that the lord knew what he was doing,because i need her a lot more than she,needs me,when i told you,when i told you on that fateful friday,afternoon,that a conviction had come over my heart,to go serve virginians,you did respond you responded with grace,you surpri you responded with support,you responded with unconditional love,thank you,thank you,i also have to thank my amazing kids,because i'm not sure that they were all,on board at the beginning,so guys i want to thank you grant and,john thomas john thank you over in,dublin,i love you guys,i love you guys,and i want to thank my beloved,commonwealth of virginia,my,fellow virginians,we stand here this morning,at this defining moment,a defining moment that yes,started with two people on a walk,and a defining moment that is now,millions of virginians walking together,walking together sharing dreams and,hopes,just like the ones that have always been,planted on my own heart,dreams and hopes for virginia that soars,of virginia that never settles,a virginia where the virginia promise,comes alive,for everyone that calls,this virginia home,together,together,we will change the trajectory of this,commonwealth,and friends we are going to start that,transformation on,day,one,there is no,time to waste,our kids can't wait we work in real,people time not government time,and so on day one we're going to work,we're going to restore excellence in our,schools,we will invest the largest education,budget in the history of the,commonwealth,we're going to invest in teachers new,facilities special education we're going,to introduce choice within our public,school system,how about that choice within the public,school system,we're going to start with 2020 charter,schools and we are going to make a down,payment and close the gap on giving,parents an opportunity to select where,their kids go to school friends,we're gonna embrace our parents not,ignore them,we're gonna press forward with a,curriculum that,includes listening to parents input a,curriculum that allows our children to,run as fast as they can,teaching them,how to think,enabling their dreams to soar,friends we are going to re-establish,excellence in our schools,we are fighting for parents and students,and teachers in our schools,friends we will reduce our cost of,living on day one we will declare the,largest tax refund in the history of,virginia,we're gonna eliminate the grocery tax,suspend the most recent hike in the gas,tax,double everybody's standard deduction,and we are going to cut taxes on the,retirement income of our veterans,oh,all in we're gonna save virginia,families fifteen hundred dollars year,one,we are going to keep our communities,safe,we're gonna comprehensively fund law,enforcement because they stand up for us,and we are gonna stand up for them,higher salaries better equipment,more training,programs like unity in the community to,work to build trust between law,enforcement and those they protect and,serve we're going to protect qualified,immunity invest in our behavioral health,system,and finally we will replace the entire,parole board on day one,and on day one we're gonna jump start,our jobs and reinvigorate this economy,so it lifts up all virginians,we're gonna get this economy moving,again growing hundred thousand new jobs,fostering ten thousand startup,businesses friends virginia will be open,for business,it's time for virginia to be the place,where everyone wants to live,not leave,a place where the relentless pursuit for,a better life,for prosperity is not burdened or,blocked by self-interested politicians,who are more focused on their futures,than those they were elected to serve,over a hundred thousand miles on the,campaign trail,i heard stories that were unique and,powerful,but the reality is the challenge of,overcoming a culture where the state,overwhelms self-empowerment is all too,common,for too long we've expect we've been,expected to shelve our dreams to shelve,our hope,to settle for low expectations we will,not be a commonwealth of low,expectations will

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Kewsong Lee and Glenn Youngkin on Teamwork at the Top | Bloomberg Invest Summit

Kewsong Lee and Glenn Youngkin on Teamwork at the Top | Bloomberg Invest Summit

please welcome to the stage the Carlisle,co-ceos cue song Lee and Glenn yankin,and bloomberg's Jason Kelly alright,hello again,so I think this audience is now a little,better caffeinated than they were this,morning Anna that seemed more rousing,that was good not I'm not making any,judgments it's cuz the caps won last,night and everybody's excited right you,know I brought this notebook out but for,those of you who were here last night,and saw David Rubenstein I'm very,reluctant to open it because you know he,never takes notes it was very it felt,very judgmental,to be honest with you witty it was like,you know I never have notes I just ask,questions because I want to keep eye,contact so I'm gonna keep eye contact,the whole time,welcome so what's the state of the world,for an investor right now for an,investor sitting at carlow queue in a,couple words I think what's interesting,is we've been through a period of time,which has been really a wonderful time,to really invest the real economy was,growing a lot of central bank liquidity,low volatility rates were low and it has,shown up in our performance our,performance has been terrific and I,think recently obviously everybody knows,some volatility has been introduced,geopolitics trade tensions a whole host,of issues and I don't look at the,volatility as an increase in volatility,I think we have to understand that there,was an absence of volatility over the,past five or six years and now that the,volatility is back I think a little bit,healthy because it it allows us to avoid,complacency but let's be clear,valuations are high the real economy is,still pretty strong um it is very,difficult to find great deals but we,have a great platform with which to do,that and the emphasis now for investing,I think moving forward is not,necessarily to buy things low to sell,high but to find those great companies,where we can,really add value changed the business,plan make real fundamental business,improvements to capture a private equity,returns going forward valuations are,high you and net seller and net buyer,Glen you know we've actually been you,know pretty stable over the course of,the last five years consistently selling,mm-hmm so we've had five consecutive,years of exiting over twenty five,billion dollars of portfolio value I'm,over that time period twenty five total,twenty five billions now each year each,year each year and so we really haven't,had peaks and troughs from an investment,standpoint our investment rate has,actually increased a bit and it was just,under twenty two billion over the last,twelve months but that really is,bringing on some of the new strategies,and you and I are pretty enthusiastic,about in the credit business and the,real assets business and so the overall,investment pace has been maintained and,I think it's because of what Q said the,key here is not putting up the sale and,just going it's finding assets companies,real estate properties energy properties,that you can do stuff with to create,value because if you're just gonna put,the sale up you're not gonna be happy,right I mean the role of private equity,really has changed and we're no longer,private equity investors these are broad,platforms and it's the role of private,capital in the economy that's really,growing,mm-hmm and the value add that we can,bring to companies whether it's in real,estate or in debt or in equity is just,enormous right and that's the way we,drive returns and so I think in the,future and and you know all these,statistics the the number of public,companies have gone down by fifty,percent over the past twenty years,number of IPOs that are happening now,are dramatically reduced it's just the,role of what private capital does for,companies and in the economy has just,grown and I think will continue to grow,over time we spent some time together,obviously on the interview that is,featured on the cover of Bloomberg,Markets magazine is available on,newsstands now please check it out,shameless but one of,things that you guys talked about that,really struck me in that interview was,this notion of where we are in the cycle,and essentially not getting out too,early not being that the risk of being,overcautious Glen talk more about that,how do you guard against that well first,of all when we now have enough data over,the last 20 years in private capital to,actually see the private capital,performance through what was the worst,downturn we've all experienced in the,great financial crisis and we all look,back at that and the big mistake that,anyone made was actually trying to time,the private capital markets because if,you wait you're gonna miss the,opportunity to invest and stay,consistently invested and the second,reality is that 60 to 70 percent of the,value that's created in private capital,backed investments comes from operating,performance and so that hesitancy to,invest because we think prices are high,right now really in fact causes folks to,have a gap mm-hm and as a result have,h

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