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Everything inside Elon Musk's 2nd ‘Twitter Files’ EXPLAINEDso Elon Musk has released the second set,

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Everything inside Elon Musk's 2nd ‘Twitter Files’ EXPLAINED

so Elon Musk has released the second set,of Twitter files now there is a caveat,to that and I'll give it to you here in,just a second but uh game to Barry Weiss,and Barry Weiss uh formerly with the New,York Times and not a conservative,um but not somebody who is crazy either,uh decided to,um you know she she was given the files,and she outlined it pretty well on,Twitter one new Twitter files,investigation reveals that teams of,Twitter employees built blacklists,prevented to save disfavored tweets from,trending and actively limited the,visibility of entire accounts or even,trending topics all in secret without,informing users so in other words,everything that we said that was going,on was going on Twitter once had a,mission to give everyone the power to,create and share ideas and information,instantly without barriers along the way,barriers nevertheless were erected three,take for example Stanford's Dr Jay I,can't pronounce his name who argued,what is,itacharya who argued that covet,lockdowns would harm children Twitter,secretly placed him on a trans blacklist,which prevented his tweets from trending,four or she's posting the screenshots of,this like you can see on his account it,says Trends Blacklist like they have,these little recent abuse strike strike,count and then Trends Blacklist this is,something that denied doing over and,over and over again they not only denied,it the media covered up for it but this,as the media is now telling us is old,news oh this is old I guess in a way or,consider the popular right-wing talk,show host Don danbo bongino who at one,point was slapped with a search,Blacklist so you couldn't search him,Twitter set the account of conservative,activists Charlie Kirk to do not amplify,and again all the screenshots are there,Twitter denied that it does such things,in 2018,uh Twitter's head of legal policy and,trust and the head of product said we,don't Shadow ban and we certainly don't,Shadow ban based on political viewpoints,or ideology looks like they were lying,what many people call Shadow Banning,Twitter Executives employee call,visibility filtering,not orwellian at all no,um think about visibility filtering,Barry rice white writes as a way for us,to suppress what people see to different,levels it's a very powerful tool this is,one senior Twitter Twitter employee,VF refers to Twitter's control over,visibility it used VF to block searches,of individual users to limit the scope,of a particular tweet's discoverability,to block select users posts from ever,appearing on trending page and from,inclusion in hashtag searches,all without the user's knowledge we,control visibility quite a bit and we,control the amplification of your,content quite a bit and normal people do,not know how much we do when Twitter,engineer told us,the group that decided whether to limit,the reach of certain users was the,Strategic response team or the global,escalation team,uh they often often handled up to 200,cases a day but there existed a level,Beyond official ticketing beyond the,rank and file moderators following the,company's policy on paper and that is,the site Integrity policy and policy,escalation support,this secret group head of legal policy,and trust and Global head of trust and,safety subsequent CEOs Jack Dorsey and,parag uh whatever his name is and others,uh Barry Weiss said this is the biggest,most politically sensitive decisions,that were made think higher follower,account controversial another Twitter,employee told us these uh for these,there would be no ticketing or anything,so they did not want the rest of the,company even knowing they were doing,this they wanted this to be kind of,their own little Pathway to censorship,and let's just remember when Jack got on,to Hannity and he was like we don't do,any of this,to be fair to Jack himself,some of these files are showing that he,wasn't even consulted on this stuff like,they were other other levels of,employees doing it it wasn't necessarily,going to him yeah he seems to be an Elon,Musk supporter by the way yeah I know he,does so I I know he is and Elon supports,uh yeah this would be it's it seems to,me the culture was the big problem this,is what I said about,um Zuckerberg Zuckerberg is either,completely out of the loop and has no,idea what's happening in his own company,or he's a fantastic liar and I I'm not,sure what it is I mean I don't think,he's a fantastic liar,um but uh uh I I'm not sure it's like,Jack I'm not sure if he really knows,what's going on in his own company,if you believe the Jack story,um the account,um let's see here where was I think,you're in 16. one of the accounts that,Rose to this level of scrutiny of was,Libs of tick tock an account that was on,the trends Blacklist and it was,designated as do not take action on user,without consulting with the higher group,the account uh now boasts over 1.4,million followers was subject to six,suspensions in 2022 alone or 20 yeah,2022 alone each time they were blocked,from posting for as

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THIS is what the Twitter censorship story is REALLY about

THIS is what the Twitter censorship story is REALLY about

I don't even know where to start on the,Twitter thing,um,the I mean what bothers you the most,that Twitter and the Democrats lied,about censorship that the government was,involved with Twitter and censorship,that Michelle Obama,pressured Twitter to ban Trump that the,media is completely silent New York,Times Washington Post one story in the,last week there have been several,updates that have happened and nothing,on the Sunday shows except Fox how about,the FBI and CDC using a back Channel,with uh Twitter or the internal,documents that show only one Twitter,employee was Raising serious Free Speech,concerns and identified as a junior,staffer yeah by the way okay so there,are three things here that uh they,should lawyer up about first,uh it looks like the material uh may,have been intentionally hidden or,destroyed despite inquiries from,Congress remember,Congressman said Twitter don't destroy,anything because we're coming for an,investigation so it looks like some of,the evidence has been destroyed that's,not going to go well for people plus,they,um they lied under oath over and over,and over again,this is this is a free speech fight for,the public and most people are debating,whether Twitter is bad or good,um,this is about the federal government,being involved,neck deep in censorship to me I think so,too because it's interesting you read,the back and forth there is one employee,it's like hey guys I don't know if we,should like ban a leader of the Free,World maybe this is a bad idea there is,one employee doing that one one,I mean legitimately one single employee,a junior level staffer it's a slack,message,just it's a comical there's nobody there,going like hey guys like don't you see,how this is going to be seen by half the,country he says this might be an,unpopular opinion but one-off ad hoc,decisions like this that don't appear,rooted in policy or in my opinion a,slippery slope and reflect an,alternatively equal dictatorial problem,um he said this now appears to be Fiat,by an online platform CEO with a global,present that can gatekeep speech for the,entire world that seems honest the,unsustainable,it's very nice way of saying the very,obvious thing what's wrong with you yeah,so it's interesting because first of all,you mentioned the CEO and I don't know,if Jack counts at that point because he,went back and forth on that role but I,will say it does seem that Jack was out,of these conversations often it doesn't,seem like he was the center pushing,point for a lot of this stuff and uh he,was I mean in this one he was on,vacation phoning into meetings they say,so we'll see how that plays out if we,get as we get more information but he,doesn't seem to be the the center the,center uh,power the the gravity of all of this,he's not he seems to be occasionally,involved but not necessarily involved in,the day-to-day this guy yoel Roth is the,guy who seems to be the guy who really,is behind a lot of this and they have a,lot of his messages what I find,interesting though is you go through,them and there is a lot of conversation,from Twitter employees,saying things like look our policies,don't allow us to do this there's no,justification for doing these things,because of our policies yes so how do we,craft you're supposed to stop there,you're not supposed to go to the center,but they go on and they say so how do we,craft a path around the policies how do,we justify this through the policy so in,other words we all love the Constitution,but there are things we have to do right,sometimes there's things we have to do,and that seems to be the constant,refrain in these messages they all,agreed obviously that Donald Trump was,bad and then he needed to be removed,immediately and conservatives were,dangerous and all of this but they,didn't do a lot about that in this,period as far as Banning if they,couldn't come up with a way to justify,the policies around January 6 that all,seemed to change like they just,abandoned this completely and just,started because blanket justifying,things how they felt because of how they,felt and how they felt is important,because I think it's,you could say it's how they felt because,they felt Donald Trump was a danger to,the country that uh the the right was,was a a horrible uh group of people that,were doing terrible things and I think,that's that's true like I think that,that part of this story part,but the other thing they felt was,massive pressure from federal government,employees Michelle Michelle Obama uh,major people in the press that are,supposed to be neutral,all of these all of the pressure came in,a lot of these people are friends,they felt massive outside pressure to,come up with a way to justify this,policy or not and so they executed it,does that mean that they are innocent,here no not at all I mean it doesn't,change how you should feel about Twitter,but it should I think put the focus of,the American people and their attention,span which is limited,to the the people in the federal,govern

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Elon Musk joins Twitter in mocking Alyssa Milano's latest political stunt

Elon Musk joins Twitter in mocking Alyssa Milano's latest political stunt

good liberal actress and activist Alyssa,Milano getting a bit of a history lesson,after she thought she pulled one over on,new Twitter CEO Elon Musk Milano tweeted,that she traded in her Tesla for a,Volkswagen electric adding I'm not sure,how advertisers can buy space on Twitter,publicly traded companies products being,pushed in alignment with white with hate,and white supremacy doesn't seem to be a,winning business model but users were,quick to point out,Volkswagen's dicey passed more than one,sharing that the company started out as,a state-owned Enterprise in Nazi Germany,musk's response well he responded with,the crying laughing emoji so he does not,seem to mind what Alyssa Milano did,Emily one person tweeted imagine,thinking that you're woke and owning,Elon Musk by trading your American-made,car for one literally founded by Nazis,yeah I think it's I I agree with Elon,Musk in in tweeting response,because once again Alyssa Milano is over,sharing and calling it after activism,right she was the first person and I,quote her directly to call Elon a genius,she said I love you he was one of four,she would choose for her dinner party,she said I am in awe of you she was,literally his greatest fan before hating,him became like the newest kombucha so,just like her wearing the crochet mask,and telling everyone to hashtag wear a,mask I see this as one more literally,one more just performative piece of,activism and the reality as well is that,you know don't hate the player hate the,game so if you're concerned about,advertising on Twitter then you have to,be concerned about the 255 million,dollars advertisers have poured in while,it was the biggest censorship machine,censorship machine on the planet until,now right you can't just cherry pick,what is doing who is doing what wrong at,one time you have to be even Steven I,guess unless you're yeah no and Todd,what about saving the planet so there's,this morning console tweet and it talked,about how,um since Elon Musk took over Twitter uh,Tesla favorability among Democrats is,around down 20 percentage points since,last month and up around four points,among Republicans so electric vehicles,for Democrats so last month how quickly,times have changed in one of my favorite,holiday movies elf that many of you will,be watching now if you haven't already,there's a line when Will Ferrell goes,into that coffee shop and goes,congratulations you did it world's best,cup of coffee so to the Democrats I'll,say congratulations you did it you saved,the planet no need for an electric car,anymore ditch those Teslas everything's,good oh and also Elon Musk just took,over uh Twitter and you hate Elon Musk,this is so disingenuous by the Democrats,but why would you expect anything else,at this point you have to be crystal,clear as to what is going on here,Democrats and the left far left seem to,want this world of censorship this world,of lockdowns this world of if there's an,opinion that differs from theirs they,want to shut it down and instead of,engage with it that's exactly what,they're saying they're so scared that,their opinions are not going to be,defensible because in many cases they're,not so it puts them in a position where,we're just going to shut it down and,what does Elon Musk do Elon Musk upsets,that he upsets that Orthodoxy and it,really is throwing him into a tizzy yeah,no Todd I think you bring up a good,point and Harris Elon Musk isn't saying,that Twitter is going to be a,free-for-all he says there is going to,be rules it's not going to be automatic,censorship of ideas that you don't like,and then you have Senator Ed Markey,saying musk's plan is a danger to Public,Health and may require Congressional,intervention ah but they've been thirsty,for that all along with him taking over,they would love to step in on a,privately owned company now they didn't,have any words to say with the,ayatollah's account which has a blue,check by it or it used to I haven't,checked it lately they didn't have any,problems with that I mean come on look,at what's happening in Iran totally so,but now that Elon Elon Musk owns this,company suddenly there's a lot of intro,interest on one side of the aisle from,Congress look,I just want everybody to know the,history here German labor front founded,it's a company that was run by the Nazis,and Hitler at the time,founded Volkswagen okay that's where it,started,and later realizing perhaps that that,wasn't a great title they called it the,people's company I don't know if that,undoes it but those are the origins yeah,right and if you're going to go out and,buy something and be so woke and and so,judgmental about everybody else wouldn't,you have done your homework on what,you're buying especially if you are in,fact,and then also tweet about it which is a,company that Elon Musk owns what are you,doing Mercedes,um I'm really curious what you think,about how this changes politics moving,forward and possibly the 2024 president,presidential election now that there is,goin

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Glenn: 1 reason Elon Musk’s "Twitter Files" are DISTURBING

Glenn: 1 reason Elon Musk’s "Twitter Files" are DISTURBING

let's talk a little bit about Twitter,did you go over,the expose that was done this weekend on,Twitter Matt from Matt taibi the uh the,journalist yeah Elon Musk basically,seemed to give him a cachet of some sort,of,uh a bunch of emails about whatever the,Democrats were doing around the hunter,Biden laptop uh or era right before the,2020 election and he was going to go,through it and kind of see what was,there it was interesting that he didn't,you know musk wasn't trying to do it,himself he was giving it to who he saw,as a responsible journalist to go,through it boy okay okay that's the,second time you've said that word and I,just can't you know you said journalists,and then respected journalists the guy,is a blogger I know because I've read it,in the New York Times I've read it in,Politico I've I've read it and heard it,from NBC D and MSNBC CNN,ABC News he's a blogger I I heard it,from the Rolling Stone wait they should,know because he worked for them to Nick,yeah well he was uh he was a,contributing Editor to the Rolling Stone,and took down some major uh some major,uh uh things but I I mean does that make,you a journalist and now he's not so,even Rolling Stone is saying now he's a,blogger he's a blogger okay he's a,blogger I assume they'd say the same,about Barry Weiss who was you know one,of the big points over at the New York,Times she's a sub stack blocker right,that is what they're trying to do here I,guess to push this off uh to me don't,you think it's changed I think,journalist is actually less credible,than blogger I mean especially a sub,stack blogger I I mean oh that you mean,like Glenn Greenwald and Barry Weiss and,uh taibi yeah I I think I'm I think I'm,gonna run in that pack not the others,well I mean you know you listen to Barry,Weiss talk about her departure from The,New York Times and she you know talks,about how there's all sorts of pressures,within the organization to not say what,people believed and right you know they,went after people who questioned The,Narrative the wrong way over and over,and over again so you think when you're,free to do whatever you want to do,you're at least going to be honest about,it right you're going to come out and,say the things that you believe and I,think you got that a little bit from the,initial Twitter files release which kind,of did a little bit of both sidesism you,know it was kind of saying well there,was some stuff on both sides and there,was some good Democrats and and all this,but generally speaking what is what it,pointed to was a real effort by the,Biden campaign as we suspected to go,after narratives they thought did not,serve them and part of that was the,hunter Biden laptop but part of the,reason why I'm not like all over this so,far is because I don't think we have the,real picture yet I think we have a only,a small slice you know I I think that,the these documents were turned over to,a couple of journalists who have not had,or bloggers who have not had the time,to fully go through them and give us you,know a a moment by moment look as to who,did what and how they did it and it's,going to take time I think for that to,sort of marinate and go through the,system here from 40 000 feet here's what,we discovered,um Elon Musk released some of this,inside information,um and some of the documents that showed,that a couple of things one the FBI was,meeting with them monthly and that as it,got close to the election they were,meeting with them weekly that is,troublesome uh again not something that,we didn't know but it is something that,was called a conspiracy theory for a,long time,um that they were taking the hunter,Biden story and they were getting advice,from the FBI and the people inside of,Twitter were the ones that were,um torpedoing it with the advice from,the Biden campaign well that's what we,found so it's not new to any,conservative however it is new to the,press and it is new to the press this is,why this is a big deal,you're not gonna fee in my opinion,you're not gonna feel like,whoa wow look at that Smoking Gun,because we've been talking about it,we've known this was going on the whole,world has known this was going on and,what they found was the the right will,get some things you know on their side,as well,but the disturbing part to me was it,comes through,personal contacts so it is truly,would you call it nepotism you know you,gotta know somebody and if you knew,somebody in Twitter you could get the,world changed and so you had people,reaching out to their friends in Twitter,reaching out to their former co-workers,maybe at the White House and saying hey,look this is a problem can you take care,of it yep I got it I'll take care of it,for you yeah and of course in implicit,in that is that ninety percent of the,people who worked at Twitter were,liberal so all of their friends were,liberal so all most of the stuff that,got edited was uh stuff that liberals,wanted to be edited and so it was not,fair as they pointed out it was not,balanced it'

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Glenn Beck: 'I made more mistakes than most' - BBC Newsnight

Glenn Beck: 'I made more mistakes than most' - BBC Newsnight

well I had such a such a low bar for him,that it's it's you know it's hard to be,disappointed I think he's you know doing,fine for what he was you know saying he,was going to do I'm glad he's not,getting done some of the stuff that he,wanted to do I'm gravely concerned about,his attack on the press his constant,relentless attack on the press even,though part of me feels good that,they're getting their head handed to,them in some regard but this isn't going,to go anywhere except bad places the,divide is getting worse and worse in,America and I don't think it's based on,anything that resembles facts or,principles why do you think he appeals,to the public where they gullible are,they stupid why did they vote for him I,think you can relate to it with brexit I,think people are tired of feeling though,they are being pushed around feeling as,though somebody else that is,disconnected from them is telling them,what to do they're tired of the the,playing by the rules and then having the,bank's win having the the the people in,Washington or in London who you know are,corrupt yet they seem to get away with,it I think people are just tired of that,do you think Trump or other populist,take marine lepen,in France do you think they are creating,the anger among the public or are they,reflecting an anger to speak about,Donald Trump I think he recognized the,anger and is playing into the anger and,then magnifying it where where a truly,great leader sees anger and then says,let's channel this into something,positive and move in a different,direction instead we're seeing people,channel it into,even more anger and populism and,nationalism which as Europe knows has a,very bad record Glenn let's talk about,you because you're sitting here you're,sounding like a very measured guy and,you've got your criticisms of Trump and,those who would seek to divide you're,one of them I mean where have you been,for the last twenty years you've been,doing exactly that stuff you've been,making comments about Mexicans you said,Mexico's a country being overtaken by,lawbreakers from bottom to the top,you've written a book called it is about,Islam I mean what do you feel some guilt,if I went back in time and knew what I,know now I would do it differently,knowing what I knew then I didn't,understand it and I think that what's,happening in at least in America with,the press is they don't understand it,either and and this is why I keep saying,to people like Samantha bee and others,here in America Stephen Colbert is stop,stop you are doing what I did you're,assuming that half of the country is you,know either stupid or they're going to,if I make it funny they're going to get,it and they're going to come along no,you are dividing the country so right,now the left has switched places in,America and the media doesn't understand,it we are all involved whether we're on,Facebook or we're on a national,broadcast we're all making this same,mistake to one degree or another and I,unfortunately made more mistakes than,most I mean one thing coming in your,career is negativism because you,basically hated quite a few presidents I,mean you hated Obama now you're hating,you're hating Trump I mean if I didn't,like I didn't like George Bush either um,you're a defender of the Constitution,yeah I as you you know and indeed Obama,was a constitutionally elected,presidents and yet you do spend your,whole time pulling them down well okay,first of all I am a political,commentator in America so that's kind of,my job unfortunately that's what people,pay to hear me talk about beyond that,I you know I I'm not calling for them to,be toppled or anything,I respect the office of the president I,respect what each of them are doing,I just feel what each of them are doing,is an affront to Liberty and an honor,Glenn Beck thanks so much nice talking,thank you,Thanks thank you

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JFK Files: What we're learning from newly released Kennedy assassination records

JFK Files: What we're learning from newly released Kennedy assassination records

all right now this is fascinating the,National Archives has released more than,13 000 files related to the,assassination of President John F,Kennedy Kennedy was shot and killed in,Dallas Texas while riding in his,motorcade in 1963. an investigation,concluded he was murdered by former,Marine Lee Harvey Oswald who had lived,in the former Soviet Union CBS News,senior White House and political,correspondent Ed O'Keefe has more on,what the documents say,what really happened that day it was the,1991 release of the movie JFK by,director Oliver Stone that revived,conspiracy theories and prompted a new,law ordering the classified documents,related to the Kennedy assassination be,released by October 2017. but then,president Donald Trump pushed back the,release date citing National Security,concerns and President Biden gave,agencies until yesterday to release most,of the rest President Biden believes all,information related to President,Kennedy's assassination should be,released to the greatest extent possible,the release includes a document,detailing how the CIA intercepted in,October 1963 phone call suspected,Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald made,while in Mexico City to the Soviet,Embassy just weeks before that fateful,day in Dallas in broken Russian Oswald,asks an embassy employee if there's,anything new about his application for a,visa to the USSR the CIA says it's not,released more than and 95 percent of its,JFK documents but Jefferson Morley leads,a group suing the Biden Administration,to get the rest this is our history this,isn't the cia's history this is the,history that belongs to the American,people and the law could not be clearer,about the need for full disclosure now,and the CI is still dragging its feet,and Ed is at the White House to talk,some more about this Ed uh well we did,this story on CBS mornings as part of,what to watch I got so many tweets from,people who wanted me to reference that,you because you showed a clip of JFK in,your piece back and to the left back and,to the left,but let's talk about these documents is,there anything that is going to be,revealing for the public those uh folks,who have not followed the trials and,tribulations of getting these things out,to the public eye is there going to be,anything surprising in there,not necessarily the the basic premise of,what happened that day or what is,believed to have happened that day has,not changed based on the release of what,the documents uh show us that were,released yesterday at least what there's,concern about among the groups suing and,others that have been concerned about,the lack of transparency from the CIA,especially is that they're still,covering up something or someone who may,have known more about Lee Harvey Oswald,in the months leading up to the,assassination then the agency wants to,admit part of what they explained in,their statement yesterday after the,release is that there are some sources,and methods which is a phrase we hear a,lot about when it comes to intelligence,agencies concerned about showing too,much of their work sources and methods,to date to the 1990s and so you're in,essence still within uh you know a,sphere of time where you don't want to,be revealing that information because,those people are still alive or it's,just too recent and there could be some,kind of Retribution because of those,that were involved in it but otherwise,most of it's here and and I you know,myself about 10 other people in the DC,beer we're scouring these things,yesterday looking to see what kind of,information is there perhaps the most,interesting is what we mentioned in the,piece just more details about a visit,that Oswald had made to Mexico in the,weeks leading up to the assassination as,he was apparently attempting to try to,get back to the USSR turns out the U.S,was tapping phones into the Soviet,Embassy in Mexico City the Mexican,president was aware of this as well and,it was his office that tipped off the,CAA that Oswald had been making calls,into the Soviet Embassy the day after,the assassination which prompted Federal,authorities to go down to Mexico talk to,them with the Mexican authorities about,what had gone on and see if anybody down,there knew anything more so just an,example of the leads that were that were,followed in the wake of the,assassination to try to figure out who,he was and whether he was acting alone,as the Warren Commission eventually,concluded or was part of some broader,conspiracy and it also helps explain why,the suspicion why the conspiracy theory,since there were these threads at the,time but for younger viewers who may not,be aware I mean they this incident was,seismic it captivated the country the,assassination of a particularly popular,and charismatic president that some,would argue change the direction of the,United States and as such,um the world to your point Ed you know,methods sensitive methods may have been,revealed in some of these documents and,so thousands of records are still being,kept Und

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Glenn Beck: "Video Games Are Dangerous"...Here We Go

Glenn Beck: "Video Games Are Dangerous"...Here We Go

this video is brought to you by bit box,and he has game cases there is no better,way to protect store and show off your,NES game collection only available at,Stone Age gamer dot-com / bit box skip,it up up and up so Glenn Beck decided on,his show to talk about how there was,four suicides in the UK and it just so,happened they all played coal of Duty,and of course he turns this into a ,show talking about the dangers of video,games,it's a train wreck just watch,for yourself dear God the thing that I,want to talk to you here is the,conversation that we're not having and,the conversation that we're not having,as a culture is the role of the Internet,and the busyness of our lives and these,video games in particular coroner has,expressed great concern over the violent,video game Call of Duty after four,teenagers who regularly played went to,kill themselves John Pollard claims the,certificate a teen game which includes,graphic scenes of soldiers killing each,other had featured in several inquest he,had presided over this is an England his,corner a warning came after a hearing in,the death of a school boy William,Menzies who was always playing the game,that's in quotation marks recording a,suicide verdict at Williams inquest mr.,Pollard said I have to say and this is,after three or four inquests into deaths,of teens the Call of Duty game seems to,be figuring in recent activity just,before death and it concerns me greatly,oh my god four people committed suicide,and they were teenagers and they just so,happened to be playing call of duty,which is one of the biggest franchises,of video game history that millions upon,millions of people play oh my god what a,coincidence it has to be call of duty,are you kidding are you kidding that's,like me saying oh rich shot it like say,I committed suicide in an hour before I,had a salad with croutons on it every,when people being like oh you know in,the corner going rich had a salad with,croutons I bet that as well put him over,the edge and decided for him to swallow,a bullet he did it's not a coincidence,they're teenage kids and they play video,games and,play call of duty which is like 90% of,the demographic and on top if it Glenn,millions upon millions of people play,call of duty and you're taking four,people that decided to commit suicide,that just so happened to play the game,and say up kool duties dangerous its,violent which on top of it two whole of,Duty is a kitten compared to other,first-person shooters I mean for,Christ's sake play the first fear the,the violence in the blood and the gore,in that game will destroy any Call of,Duty it'll make call of duty seem like,it should be rated E for Everyone,he continues though and it gets much,worse,take a look don't forget that remember,the massacre in Norway um where 77,people were killed,do you remember what he said no he was,trained to kill the call of duty and,other video games so Anders Breivik,was trained to kill dozens upon dozens,of people with call of duty an,arcade-style unrealistic shooter that,allows you to auto it auto aims for you,on your targets okay has no realistic,recoil with the guns,there's nothing realistic about call of,duty,that's how Anders Brevik was trained to,kill on that massacre now I will give,Glen back one thing unders Brevik did,say that he was trained to kill with,call of duty but let's not go by the,words of a sociopath and let's go by the,actual video game there is no game out,there not battlefield not other,first-person shooters that can actually,or lease consumer games that can,actually train you to kill this is not a,substitute for a real gun,this will does not show you how to hold,a gun how to handle a gun how to handle,the recoil how to aim down the sights,and actually aim at somebody or,something this can't do that,this cannot teach you to kill with a gun,okay I just stopped I'm so tired of,hearing that videogames can train people,to kill or makes them killers or it,makes them sociopaths but he continues,and it keeps getting worse,isn't it interesting that we immediately,had the gun talk here in America that we,talked about the guns nobody talked,about the 70 77 people that were killed,by a guy who said I was trained to kill,by playing these video games there it is,again,there it is again I've told you time and,time again video games are the scapegoat,because people who suck NRA dick don't,want new regulations on firearms and,Glenn Beck is so deep in the NRA his,pocket it's not even funny he did the,keynote speech last year for them he is,he's another one too and he knows that,people passed Mike my generation was the,first generation to grow up OK with,video games so we understand them people,a generation or two ahead of me or older,than me I mean to say they don't,understand them they're no they're not,familiar with video games and he is,feeding misinformation to them purposely,okay he goes on there's something else I,don't have in here where he's talking to,his son and he's like son video

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Twitter Libs Go INSANE Over SCOTUS Ruling | @Glenn Beck

Twitter Libs Go INSANE Over SCOTUS Ruling | @Glenn Beck

uh marianne williamson says home,people will die because of this,and to be very clear now listen to this,argument to be very clear they're not,doing this to protect the second,amendment they're doing it to protect,the primacy of property rights,well,gosh that's a good reason to do it too i,guess,ha,i didn't even think of the property,right part but uh thanks for pointing,that out marianne,uh neil katyal says it's going to be,very weird if supreme court ends a,constitutional right to obtain an,abortion next week saying it should be,left to the states to decide right after,it imposed a constitutional right to,conceal and carry firearms saying it,cannot be left to the states to decide,neil,here's what you're missing dude,one is actually in the constitution,it's called the second amendment,that tells the federal government and,the states exactly what they can and,cannot do,what government,cannot do,there is no right to abortion i show it,to me,show it to me,when you can show it to me i will change,my argument,that when it's not in the i'll talk,slowly for you neil,when it's not in the constitution,then there's this part of the,constitution in the bill of rights it's,it's just look for the number 10,okay and that says anything that's not,specifically in the constitution,that goes then to the states,yeah look at you you're gonna read,something neil uh,jill flippa,said says the kind of people who,desperately want to carry concealed,weapons in public,is based on a generalized ins uh,interest in self-defense are precisely,the kind of paranoid insecure violence,fetishizing people who should not be,able to carry a concealed weapon in,public okay so,let me get this right,if you want to carry one,you're the kind that shouldn't carry one,so in other words when mart ass is right,jill my gosh my whole world is changing,thank you for this now i understand when,martin luther king went in and said to,the state officials hey i need to have a,concealed carry permit,he's exactly the kind of guy,you democrats didn't want to carry a gun,yes,chill,thank you for that enlightenment david,hogg says you're entitled to your,opinion but not your own facts,and like your own facts you aren't,entitled to your own history,that is exactly what the supreme court,decision is it's a reversal of 200 plus,years of jurisprudence that will get,americans killed,david,david,have you read a book,have you come on have you read a book do,you know anything at all about,name three founders can you do it i mean,right now think go,can't do it david,200 year,hour into the only times the only times,in our history,and you wouldn't know this because you,bury all the left buries the democratic,history the only time that we have any,kind of history where we're taking guns,away from people,is when the government is afraid of,those people,when the government gets really really,racist okay,that's why the indians,yeah that's why,they're living on in on reservations now,because we took away their guns,yeah,yeah that's why,after the civil war and before the civil,war,slaves,could not have guns,why,because they might defend themselves,and then after they were freed,oh my gosh the democrats freaked out,those freed slaves,who will have a way to protect,themselves,and,they got it done through all kinds of,laws kind of like what you're doing now,thank you david for writing in your,special,march for our lives blue checkmark said,yesterday,the court's decision is dangerous and,deadly,the unfairly nominated blatantly,partisan justices put the second,amendment over our lives,no i i,may i quote the princess bride,i do not think those words mean what you,think they mean okay second amendment is,there to protect our lives,to protect our property and to protect,our freedom,just want to throw that one out,the blood of american people who die,from needless gun violence will be on,their corrupt hands,okay,uh,ali said,let's have a bunch of black brown and,muslim folks carry large guns in,predominantly white neighborhoods,i know the second amendment advocates,will say that's great and encourage it,because american history proves,otherwise,we might get gun control but we'd also,get a lot of chalk outlines,mr ali,you are so funny,see what you failed to recognize is that,all of the people that you say are,racist aren't racist there are racists,in this country,a lot of them seem to come from the left,you know,like the socialist clan members or the,socialist um nazi members you see what,they both have in common there yeah,democratic party anyway um mr ali,if someone wants to carry a gun and,they're a muslim i have absolutely no,problem you're black you're brown you're,white your pink your polka dot you have,covid and you're not wearing a mask or,you don't have covid and you're wearing,20 masks and you want to carry a gun i'm,totally fine with that now,if you get a bunch of people and again i,don't care what color they are,marching down my neighborhood with large,guns,yeah i am going to call t

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