girl gets head chopped off tiktok video twitter

TikTok Girl Head Chopped Off, Mayengg03 Shares Video of Another Woman Being Decapitatedso i want to

Kelvn Kold

Updated on Jan 22,2023

TikTok Girl Head Chopped Off, Mayengg03 Shares Video of Another Woman Being Decapitated

so i want to talk about this uh,tick-tock girl getting her head cut off,so,it turns out that it's not,actually the girl whose account it is,who got her head cut off,um the young lady who owns the account,posted she shared another video of,another woman,getting her head cut off to her account,so it's not actually her a lot of people,on social media,is saying that it's her and r.i.p to,her and you know who the girl whose,accountant is you know they think that,it's her,it's that young lady who died who owns,the tick tock account but it's not her,she even went on went on her tick tock,and uh,posted like a uh a text saying hey it's,not me,it's someone else i just shared it to my,uh my account,and um you know she's just getting a lot,of uh,traffic to her uh page um,but you know every everyone is is saying,that it's her you know it's crazy how,i mean people don't even didn't even go,to her to her account and check,you know i i think i i'm not sure when,she posted that uh,rebuttal she did um but uh,you know she had to post it she had to,post that,in the midst of getting all this traffic,to her site,but she told everyone that you know it's,not her,but people didn't even go to you know,people are still,they still have their videos up saying,that it's her r.i.p,tour she was such a good girl because,apparently i guess she posts like,dance videos all on on her tic toc,she deleted most of her videos and uh,she just has,you know that text on there saying that,it's not her that who got,her head cut off um she just shared the,video,um but it's crazy how people,really really is is crazy but this is,how the world is,people really want something bad to,happen to you you know i'm saying like i,don't know why people are like that,you know they they really,i don't know you know it's so easy to,accept,something terrible happening to someone,it's crazy you know what i'm saying this,is,it's insane people just want something,terrible to happen to people you know,what i mean,i mean they these people on tick tock i,mean they're keeping their,their videos up you know saying rrp to,the girl i think her name is like,mayan g what is it man,gg03 or something like that you know,i'll put it in the uh i put a name in,the,uh title of this video but,it's just crazy to me that uh people,just want something terrible that they,just love they feed off something,they feed off the news of uh something,terrible happening to someone,you know what i mean and and a lot of it,is to get attention you know what i'm,saying uh,i just want to bring awareness and truth,to it with this video,so you know um that's all i wanted to,talk about really

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Sara James Sings "As It Was" by Harry Styles | AGT: All-Stars 2023

Sara James Sings "As It Was" by Harry Styles | AGT: All-Stars 2023

Sarah James season 17 Superstar Sophie,come on,America's always been like a dream and,that's why I came here my name is Sarah,where are you from Sarah I'm from Poland,are you,so you know I wasn't expecting anything,literally anything,that's so crazy,the minute she started singing it was,like she's gonna get my golden buzzer,it's a great thing but that puts an,awful lot of pressure on her tonight,when I heard this beautiful worst first,time and I was like okay I have to make,it better I'm gonna do better now I'm,gonna be better and better you've just,given yourself a shot after that I'm,telling you,I was so close only one of you is,staying in the competition,horse,even though I didn't win,I came back to Poland and the Press was,waiting for me,James of Poland is living the dream,Talent Sarah James has reached 8 million,Spotify plays right now I'm performing,in Polo and hopefully All-Star is going,to give me the opportunity to travel,over the world,that will be my dream that's my dream,actually,wow that's your golden buzzer I know,that's an All-Star Sarah hi you're back,yeah I am I love this how are you I'm,good I'm I'm really excited thank you,just remind me how are you I'm pretty,you are gutsy I gotta hand it to you oh,my god thank you you didn't win the show,last year you got close how are you,gonna win this time because you don't,like losing I know that about oh my God,so I just think I I'm a little bit more,mature and maybe this time you could,actually win it yeah I want to really I,really want to win this show and I just,want to be a first agency person who's,gonna win the Grammy okay well good luck,thank you so much,three,holding me back,Prophet is holding me back,seems you can,place and I'm the one who will stay,oh,in this world,no it's not the same as it was,foreign,foreign,Jesus,foreign,all right,it's gonna take me okay okay,Howie you know I remember the first time,we saw you you sang an Elton John song,and now you're singing uh Harry Styles,hit you're able to take those iconic,sounds and make it your own it's up to,the super fans but that could be a,winning performance,for you for coming back I love your,style my daughter who just turned 13 is,a huge fan of yours I'm almost 50 and,I'm a huge fan of yours I think you're,fantastic thank you so much,foreign,the hard thing is as an artist today,you've got to be able to tell your fans,the labels and particularly the writers,this is who I am,and the truth is,that's what you just did with that,record genuinely,I think this performance I do believe,you've just given yourself that break,Sarah I really do,thank you sir,thank you so much,thank you,that was absolutely amazing there are,very few people that are unique and,original it always sounds like her and I,like watching her perform yeah I am so,so excited I just maybe I don't look,like it but my whole body is burning she,reminds me of um Camila Cabell you know,when I yeah whatever,she had she just had something special,and she stuck out from her group

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TERRIFIER 2 "Please Don't" Clip | Exclusive (2022)

TERRIFIER 2 "Please Don't" Clip | Exclusive (2022)

laughs,stay back,stay away from me,no please please,so did you figure out what you're,dressing up as tomorrow he wants to,dress up as a real guy who murdered nine,people last year oh you're not doing,that,it's just a costume,you think that guy's still out there,what's up with you and this clown all of,a sudden you're like obsessed they never,found his body what if he decides to,come back here,I wouldn't worry about it wait a minute,aren't you that guy from the costume,shop sir what are you doing it wasn't me,it was covered in blood on his shirt and,his hands when he got here,I'm telling you it was him finally right,down to the little black dot on the tip,of his nose,you're really weird you know that I,believe him about what something really,bad is gonna happen tonight no I know,when Jonathan's lying okay I could hear,it in his voice some things something's,wrong look we're gonna have fun,stress-free environment yep speaking of,surprises kids we have a very special,guest with us today all the way from,Miles County please welcome art the,Clown,thank you,hahaha,all right,foreign

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12 Years Old & Tortured To Death Over In Game Currency

12 Years Old & Tortured To Death Over In Game Currency

hey kids do you like violence,do you want to watch me react and talk,about videos that contain extreme,amounts of violence,then hit subscribe today and also look,in my description for my patreon discord,tick tock and twatter,and you can connect with me there and,well as for the patreon i'm actually,about to make a third tier where i,go over certain videos on censored,because,youtube doesn't like certain things on,there or even discussion of certain,topics so,we could really look at some weird stuff,this is literally the most graphic story,and probably the most disturbing one,i've covered so far,so if you're into that sort of horrible,stuff and or you're just morbidly,curious,please seriously hit subscribe and uh,just trigger warning here,it's gonna get bad just an fyi um,patrons also get exclusive discord,access and things like that too there's,a bunch of perks so go ahead and look,for that,but um yeah let's look at some,bad let's look at some bad so this is,daniel petry,he was just 16 years old when he was,playing the mmorpg,tibia yes like the bone,it's a free like mmorpg just like rage,shadow legends,just in case you didn't know rage shadow,legends of the top grossing,turn-based rpg strategy game of two,thought not connected,i'm not no so daniel patrick lives in,brazil,and in 2007 he actually changed criminal,history in the country,forever when he was playing tibia online,with his neighbor and i guess,friend gabriel who was 12 years old,at the time,like i said they played an online game,called tibia together,and i guess that's when they were,arguing online,and gabriel conned uh daniel out of 20,000,tibia coins it's a lot of leg bones,to and i guess at some point,this obviously pissed off daniel so how,did this,nerd raging call of duty fan react well,as,one could only assume gabriel was floss,dancing in his living room,that is when daniel marched over to his,house because they lived next to each,other,and kicked in the front door and gabriel,was,alone at the time he was left alone by i,guess his older brother or something,so he was home alone mid-floss dance,when uh,daniel came in and smacked the v-bucks,out of them and i guess i mean that,would be a really bad case of bullying,but this is where the story gets really,dark so just a fair warning,this is where it's about to go from zero,to a hundred,right now daniel took gabriel to,the bedroom and raped him on the bed,violently so violently in fact that the,bed was soaked in blood,yup gets worse gabriel obviously,screamed and cried,and this only made petrie act more cruel,oh yeah so as gabriel threatened to call,9-1-1,or report him to the police or what have,you daniel decided to grab some,electrical wire,like an extension cord and strangle,gabriel with it,okay so when he lost consciousness,daniel thought well i have an idea as,gabriel lost consciousness,daniel decided to dabble in creative,arts and went to the garage to retrieve,a hacksaw,hungry it gets worse it keeps getting,worse,he came back and began to cut into,gabriel and not by like,going for a kill to like you know cut,off his head or something no that's not,going where you expect,he started cutting off his legs his legs,he started with the left leg first off,why the hell is,like what is why is this kid so sadistic,like what makes you do this,like what kind of up like do,you do at home what does he do other,than this,his his parents said he was quiet polite,and reserved i don't buy that i know,this boy breaks controllers over call of,duty,uh what else did he do feed firecrackers,the birds eat a baby,like this gets bad real fast it's,already really bad,gabriel regained consciousness and like,at least two out of ten,of every person would do he began he,just began to scream in agony,as his leg was being sawn off,at this point daniel was probably midway,through his,femur and on,ironically the tibia bone he stopped,screaming after the left leg was,amputated,and well that's because of loss of blood,and shock,and for some reason daniel decided to,continue and went for the right leg,must have been the poor boy's ocd or,something an autopsy show that gabriel,was still alive,for that whole thing he died of pain and,blood loss,and was conscious for up to five minutes,after both his legs were severed from,his body,yeah guess what the story's not over,pictures i saw of the body were in front,of like possibly like a back door,entryway with,wires coming from like a window above,still wrapped around the upper torso,and by the way i saw the pictures before,i got to read the story,don't look this one up it's bad i guess,he apparently tried to hide the body in,the attic but wasn't just physically,strong enough what so at some point,that's how he got,the wires up there i guess he was trying,to hang the body to show it off or,something,i i really don't know this is really, up this is over getting,scammed out of some like v bucks,basically like this is terrifying,i used to be a microsoft point scammer,back when,water war

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Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

(upbeat music),♪ Astro, yeah ♪,♪ Sun is down, freezin' cold ♪,♪ That's how we already know winter's here ♪,♪ My dawg would prolly do it for a Louis belt ♪,♪ That's just all he know, he don't know nothin' else ♪,♪ I tried to show 'em, yeah ♪,♪ I tried to show 'em ♪,♪ Yeah, yeah ♪,♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪,♪ Gone on you with the pick and roll ♪,♪ Young LaFlame, he in sicko mode ♪,♪ Made this here with all the ice on in the booth ♪,♪ At the gate outside, when they pull up, they get me loose ♪,♪ Yeah, Jump Out boys, that's Nike boys, hoppin' out coupes ♪,♪ This shit way too big, when we pull up give me the loot ♪,♪ Gimme the loot ♪,♪ Was off the Remy, had a Papoose ♪,♪ Had to hit my old town to duck the news ♪,♪ Two-four hour lockdown, we made no moves ♪,♪ Now it's 4 AM and I'm back up poppin' with the crew ♪,♪ I just landed in, Chase B mixes pop like Jamba Juice ♪,♪ Different colored chains ♪,♪ Think my jeweler really sellin' fruits ♪,♪ And they chokin', man ♪,♪ Know the crackers wish it was a noose ♪,♪ Someone said ♪,♪ To win the retreat, we all in too deep ♪,♪ Playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak ♪,♪ To win the retreat, we all in too deep ♪,♪ Playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak ♪,♪ This shit way too formal, y'all know I don't follow suit ♪,♪ Stacey Dash, most of these girls ain't got a clue ♪,♪ All of these hoes I made off records I produced ♪,♪ I might take all my exes and put 'em all in a group ♪,♪ Hit my eses, I need the bootch ♪,♪ 'Bout to turn this function to Bonnaroo ♪,♪ Told her, hop in, you comin' too ♪,♪ In the 305, bitches treat me like I'm Uncle Luke ♪,♪ Don't stop, pop that pussy ♪,♪ Had to slop the top off, it's just a roof ♪,♪ She said, where we goin' I said, the moon ♪,♪ We ain't even make it to the room ♪,♪ She thought it was the ocean, it's just the pool ♪,♪ Now I got her open, it's just the Goose ♪,♪ Who put this shit together, I'm the glue ♪,♪ Someone said, shorty FaceTimed me out the blue ♪,♪ Someone said, playin' for keeps ♪,♪ Someone said, motherfuck what someone said ♪,♪ Don't play us for weak ♪,(intense music),(bouncy music),♪ Yeah ♪,♪ Astro ♪,♪ Yeah, yeah ♪,♪ She's in love with who I am ♪,♪ Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance ♪,♪ Now I hit the FBO with duffles in my hands ♪,♪ I did half a Xan, 13 hours 'til I land ♪,♪ Had me out like a light, ay, yeah ♪,♪ Like a light, ay, yeah ♪,♪ Like a light, ay ♪,♪ Slept through the flight, ay ♪,♪ Knocked for the night, ay, 767, man ♪,♪ This shit got double bedroom, man ♪,♪ I still got scores to settle, man ♪,♪ I crept down the block, made a right ♪,♪ Cut the lights, paid the price ♪,♪ Niggas think it's sweet, it's on sight ♪,♪ Nothin' nice, baguettes in my ice ♪,♪ Jesus Christ, checks over stripes ♪,♪ That's what I like, that's what we like ♪,♪ Lost my respect, you not a threat ♪,♪ When I shoot my shot, that shit wetty like I'm Sheck ♪,♪ See the shots that I took, wet like I'm Book ♪,♪ Wet like I'm Lizzie, I be spinnin' Valley ♪,♪ Circle blocks 'til I'm dizzy ♪,♪ Like where is he ♪,♪ No one seen him ♪,♪ I'm tryna clean 'em ♪,♪ She's in love with who I am ♪,♪ Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance ♪,♪ Now I hit the FBO with duffles in my hands ♪,♪ I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land ♪,♪ Had me out like a light, like a light ♪,♪ Like a light, like a light ♪,♪ Like a light, like a light ♪,♪ Like a light ♪,♪ Yeah, passed the dawgs a celly ♪,♪ Sendin' texts, ain't sendin' kites, yeah ♪,♪ He said, keep that on lock ♪,♪ I said, you know this shit, it's stife, yeah ♪,♪ It's absolute, I'm back reboot ♪,♪ LaFerrari to Jamba Juice, yeah ♪,♪ We back on the road, they jumpin' off, no parachute, yeah ♪,♪ Shawty in the back ♪,♪ She said she workin' on her glutes, yeah ♪,♪ Ain't by the book, yeah ♪,♪ This how it look, yeah ♪,♪ 'Bout a check, yeah ♪,♪ Just check the foots, yeah ♪,♪ Pass this to my daughter, I'ma show her what it took ♪,♪ Baby mama cover Forbes got these other bitches shook, yeah ♪,♪ Yeah ♪

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TikTok Mom PUNISHES HER KID for Clout...

TikTok Mom PUNISHES HER KID for Clout...

y'all this just pissed me off it's more,important to be pretty and educated more,important to be a follow Bounty than a,leader right I'm not a parent who likes,who likes physical discipline,come here you're gonna learn today girl,no physical discipline whoa no not me,I told you being cute ain't if you,have no education I told you stop,disobeying me I told you to listen and,do as you're supposed to I told you to,do good in school I told you to do your,daily routine and you yet to even do any,of it and you thought you were,disobeying me today and I was not coming,to cut this hair off you're sadly,mistaken because you thought being,pretty was so much better than being,educated or looking for your mom right,whoa what happened I gotta pause for a,second oh my God this is like Ultra,cringe dog what the is going on,right now what is going on yo,you know,yo no way bro and then she got her,looking like,yeah,now she looking like the um with some,Birds Angry Birds you like Angry Bird,right now bro stop stop stop stop stop,stop no look at her bro,yo man y'all gotta learn when to like,chill out for a second she embarrassed,and shame your daughter as punishment,are you out of your mind is this like,it's not gonna get worse like she's,definitely not gonna like no this is at,least two years worth of bullying that's,gonna happen it's gonna get worse yeah,it's gonna get worse yeah and it's on,the internet forever dawg so anytime she,gets okay it's all back and forth,be like this right here right,yo I can't buy look man sometimes it's,like there's so many ways to parent but,it's one of the worst ones right here,because there's Ways to Discipline them,where they can learn a lesson but like,people I think sometimes people just do,extreme just for likes and Views,it's just because they think that's,what's gonna work but you know there's,so much studies on what's effective when,it comes to disciplining your children,and stuff like that to not look at any,one of those and decide instead to,embarrass her by like cutting,all her hair off and I mean I don't I,can't really tell if she had extensions,like that but that looked like it took a, long ass time to grow no for,sure like two three years to grow and so,now she's like it's done this is it this,is what you look like now also I can't,take it serious because they have the um,Tick Tock filter on where they get,no this is wow to also just upload this,on on Tick Tock is also just just crazy,wild you know I love you right,right you know what I'm doing right now,how many times have I spoken to yourself,how many times have your teachers called,me,how many times have you got handed in,homework a few times how many times have,you not listened how many times have I,told you when you're grounded not to sue,you certain things and you're still,doing them a lot of times right A lot of,times right and I've been speaking to,you about this for how long,are you so today when I did what I did,by cutting off your hair you understand,why I did it right yeah and you're,learning from it right yeah what did you,learn I learned not to disrespect you,and to listen to you and also and to do,my homework because school comes first,right well this is not productive at all,like you just she's saying whatever you,want to say or what the are you,what are you doing right now none of,this is she's just saying what you want,to say that's all she's saying right now,she's not really learning anything also,you allowing it to like build up for,over a year time and then it was like,enough is enough so I just had a dog I'm,gonna come here with the scissors and,just start going to town on your head I,wonder what she does if like she's still,not handling that's what I'm saying like,with it this doesn't really teach her,anything why did you wait a year so,beating my ass is definitely better than,cutting all my hair off just to be clear,especially if my hair is that long oh,yeah but I'd rather take one temporary,ass beating then cut my hair off for a,fact for fact for fat man for fact but,she said but she's saying she got to,tear it down though she got to really,tear her down give her a new identity,you going to school looking too pretty,yeah you think you hot huh man so,I'm gonna tear you down to pay Peg or,two yeah and have you look like this for,the remainder of the year and answering,next year in fact let's shop at Old Navy,yes let's get you some new clothes,you're gonna like Eve that's what you're,gonna look like short finger waves next,year that's what you're gonna have in,your head yo this is crazy also like I,don't know I don't like telling people,how to discipline their kids but like,this for like adults who apparently are,just not like internet Savvy this is not,constructive at all bro she is just,saying whatever she needs to say so she,can wrap this portion of her life up and,then internalize it so then 20 years,later when you're at the uh what's it,called the the old folks home and then,you're complaining she's go

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Agust D '대취타' MV

Agust D '대취타' MV

Daechwita Daechwita play it loud Daechwita,Glitter glitter look at my crown glitter,Remember remember days gone by remember,We so fly we so fly private jet we so fly,Yeah uh, born a slave but now a king,Berserk tiger Gwanghae flow,Born in a ditch but rise up a dragon,That’s the way I live,Sorry but don’t worry,I got lots to lose,Shove the past into a rice chest,I’m about to dine on what I know is mine,Shut up, yeah, you calling me a pup, yeah,I was born a tiger I ain’t no weak pill-popper like you,Pathetic fucks putting on a talent show,Not gonna lie what a shitshow,I got no pretensions just kill ‘em all,Ain't no exceptions I watch you fall,Flexing I got none,I don’t need one,Who’s the king who’s the boss,You all know my name,All shit-talk they got no game,Off with their heads,Daechwita Daechwita play it loud Daechwita,Daechwita Daechwita,Daechwita Daechwita play it loud Daechwita,Hit this town then cut and run in a jet,This country’s too small to hold me in yet,Woo, who says time is money,My time is worth more than that,Tic tok, got a stick up your ass,I’m about to spit in your face,Revenues keep going up-up-up-up-up-up and up,Everyday, Bang PD keeps dancing on-on-on-on-on-on and on,I’m so thankful I’m a genius,That’s your excuse for popping pills, cry me a river you just got no skills,I got everything I wanted, what more’ll make me feel contented,I wanted clothes clothes, then money money, then goal goal now what’s next,Yeah what’s next, here comes my reality check there’s nowhere higher,I only looked up and now I want to look down and put my feet on the ground,I’m a king I’m a boss,Remember my name,All shit-talk they got no game,Off with their heads,I’m a king I’m a boss,You all know my name,All shit-talk they got no game,Off with their heads,Daechwita Daechwita play it loud Daechwita,Daechwita Daechwita,Daechwita Daechwita play it loud Daechwita

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Ben Shapiro BLOWS UP the Glass Onion: Movie Review

Ben Shapiro BLOWS UP the Glass Onion: Movie Review

alrighty folks so in case you missed it,over vacation I critiqued Glass Onion,the new Knives Out mystery on Twitter,and it blew up the world without very,angry at me because I think it's a,stupid stupid movie,stupidly plotted it is filled with,stupid characters and stupid writing and,Ryan Johnson's a stupid stupid man get,to all that in just a moment first this,video is sponsored by friends over at,expressvpn,okay let me explain how stupid this,movie is this movie is unbelievably,stupid like s-t-o-o-p-i-d stupid the the,primary reason why this movie is stupid,is because Benoit Blanc who is played by,Daniel Craig is supposed to be the,world's greatest detective Google said,you were the world's greatest detective,if you are making a movie about the,world's greatest detective presumably,you need the world's greatest detective,in order to solve a complex crime this,entire mystery is predicated on the idea,that the crime in in question is idiotic,so dumb it's brilliant no which,completely robs the story of any meaning,it is poorly constructed the characters,make no sense their motivations make no,sense as we will see Ryan Johnson,actually creates a series of get out of,jail free cards for himself to escape,the fact that his writing is terrible,but this movie makes no sense so let's,start with the premise of the film,the premise of the film is that Miles,Braun is basically Elon musk's greatest,played by Edward Norton and is Elon Musk,he can run space companies and he runs a,social media company and a news company,and all the rest of this sort of stuff,founder of the ubiquitous Tech Giant,Alpha which now has dozens of companies,from alpha Cosmos Alpha Car Alpha shop,and he has all these Hangers On and all,these Hangers On he's essentially paying,them to be his friends they like to call,themselves The disrupters miles Braun,has called all of his friends to this,island to do a murder mystery game try,to solve the murder mystery if you can,and Benoit Blanc has been accidentally,invited in order to solve this murder,mystery I've got the pre-definite,detective in the world at my murder,mystery party that is so legit and you,sort of think that maybe Edward Norton,actually will be murdered maybe that's,what this is going to be about no that's,wrong,the first 75 minutes of this movie are,just a lie now there's a difference,between a red herring and a mystery,which is where you put a piece of,evidence that seems to lead in One,Direction but actually is relevant,across the island I've hidden clues some,may be helpful some may misdirect that's,for you to determine there's never seen,that and what Ryan Johnson does here,which he just tells you a completely,irrelevant piece of Storytelling for 70,minutes completely irrelevant when I say,he lies to the audience of course all,murder mysteries hide some aspects of,the truth from the audience but they,don't outright lie to the audience about,the subject of the mystery itself for no,apparent reason so typically speaking,there are a few points of view that a,movie can take one is sort of the God's,eye point of view where you are seeing,everything that is happening and where,the director has to have some sort of,excuse not to give you a bit of,information so that would be say the,sting and certain crucial pieces of,information one conversation is withheld,for the sake of the mystery then you,have movies that are from a particular,character point of view so when the,twist happens it's because the character,didn't know a thing that the character,probably should have known that'd be the,Sixth Sense where the entire movie is,really from Bruce Willis's point of view,which is why he doesn't know that he's,dead,if you haven't seen this anyway then you,have movies like this which are sort of,God's eye point of view but sort of not,they're from blog's point of view but,they're from Helen's point of view but,information is randomly withheld,including the entire plot of the film,because as it turns out the entire plot,of the film is not about the murder,mystery on the island the entire plot of,the film is about a character we did not,even know existed,for the first 70 minutes of the film,Mouse Brawn is in an ongoing lawsuit,with Andy she is the co-founder of the,company Andy started Alpha with Miles 10,years ago in just a tour of one legal,move cut her out completely right he,wins she has evidence that she is the,co-founder of the company and this is,the only piece of extraneous evidence,ever and this sloppily written napkin,with the idea for the company so based,on the napkin idea Andy and Miles,created athlete it blows up they bring,everyone along for the ride she emails,that to everybody miles Brawn kills her,because she's foolish enough to email,him and everybody else a picture of this,envelope that has the napkin that's,supposed to decode the whole thing the,person who you think is Andy Andy is,dead and it's Andy's twin who's been,investigating all of this and Benoit,Blanc has been invited

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