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NY Giants Rumors: Mike Kafka & Wink Martindale Leaving To Be Head Coaches?foreign,Sports I'm your ho

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

NY Giants Rumors: Mike Kafka & Wink Martindale Leaving To Be Head Coaches?

foreign,Sports I'm your host Marshall Green as,always the playoffs are here and the,Giants are in game this Sunday 4 30 p.m,eastern time we're going to be live on,the channel make sure you subscribe we,have a loaded show today we're going to,break down Mike Kafka is he leaving the,New York football Giants to go be the,head coach for the Carolina Panthers,there's some rumors about that we'll,talk about that and could also the,Giants defensive coordinator Don Wink,Martindale be leaving to be a head coach,in Rappaport has been tweeting about,that once again this off season we'll,break down those rumors we're also going,to touch quickly on the Minnesota,Vikings injury news because I think it's,noteworthy with the Giants playing them,and some of their players that are hurt,could drastically change the game plan,for big blue so we'll talk about that,Kafka Wink Martindale injury news for,the Vikings but first make sure you guys,are subscribed to the channel sub for,playoff dubs if you want the Giants to,and the Minnesota Vikings season this,Sunday all you got to do is go down,right now hit that big red button,because I'm not saying that if you don't,sub We're not gonna win but I'm not not,saying it so if you want the Giants to,beat the Vikings in the playoffs come,this weekend I want you to go down right,now and hit that big red subscribe,button let's start with the news of the,day for big blue and that surrounds Mike,Kafka the latest rumors are that the,Carolina Panthers have requested to,interview Mike Kafka to be their next,head coach in the season of 2023. I,thought they had a really good,turnaround this year,after they fired their head coach and,brought Steve Wilkes in they did a,really good job they were competitive I,feel like that should be their head,coach but you got to have a search and I,think Mike Kafka is a guy that a lot of,teams whether it's this year or next,year look at played in the NFL turned,around to Giants offense we'll show you,those stats in a second he's a young guy,he's got new ideas and he coached a guy,like Patrick Mahomes losing Mike Kafka,would absolutely suck we'll show you why,I believe that and the stats show that,but this Giants offense is pretty much,the same roster wise as they were back,in 2021 when,um Jason Garrett and Freddie kitchens,were calling to play after Garrett got,canned Midway through the season but I,think the biggest reason that this would,suck is because this would be Daniel,Jones's obviously you'd have to replace,Mike Kafka that guy offensive,coordinator X would be the fifth OC for,Daniel Jones in his young NFL career,he's lacked stability on the offensive,line he's lacked stability at the wide,receiver position at the head coach,position in an offensive coordinator and,if the Giants were to lose Kafka to the,Carolina Panthers or whatever team it,might be one of the five job openings,that would be a killer for Daniel Jones,in this offense because what Kafka did,when he came over and took over this,Giants offense I don't think we can say,enough good things about it look at what,the Giants were back in 2021 when Jason,Garrett was their offensive coordinator,they were 31st in points per game 31st,in yards per game 24th in rushing yards,per game 31st in passing yardage but but,it's the last one that I think is the,biggest,indicator of the difference between,Kafka and Garrett under Garrett the,Giants scored touchdowns just 44 of the,time in the Red Zone which ranks dead,last in the National Football League,with Mike Kafka with Daniel Jones the,same offensive line worse weapons they,were seventh they upped their percentage,from 44.7 to 63.2 percent of the time,they score touchdowns that's the direct,indicator of a good play caller and,putting guys in position to succeed they,were 15th in points per game up from,31st 18th in yards per game up from 31st,fourth in rushing yards per game up from,24th and up from 31st to 27th in passing,yards per game Mike Kafka has done an,excellent job and it would suck to see,him go so maybe this is or maybe it's,not some of the last games we get to see,Mike Kafka as the offensive coordinator,for the New York football Giants if it,is I want to show our guy some love type,Kafka his last name in the comments,section if you don't want him to leave,and you want to stay with the Giants as,their offensive coordinator he wasn't,Perfect by any means but I think he got,the absolute most out of the talent that,He had this year show him some love in,the comments type Kafka because we need,him back back,we'll get to Don Wink Martindale and the,Vikings injury news here in a second but,first I want to give a big shout out to,our proud Sportsbook partner bet us go,to pet make sure you use,that promo code chat125 for 125 to,positive bonus put 100 bucks into your,account get 125 bet back bet on the,Giants they're dogs they're gonna beat,the Vikings shout out to bet us because,we've got your game go to,promo code chat125. l

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Herd Hierarchy: Giants leap in, Jaguars climb up Colin's Top 10 of Wild Card Round | NFL | THE HERD

Herd Hierarchy: Giants leap in, Jaguars climb up Colin's Top 10 of Wild Card Round | NFL | THE HERD

here we go heard hierarchy lots to,discuss here we go,number 10 buy an inch over the Steelers,the Minnesota Vikings their defense is,gross and I think they're going to lose,to the New York Giants but they're on a,seven game uh no they're not they they,oh whoops I got the wrong thing here uh,only team to win 13 plus games with a,negative Point differential defense is,awful but they've had eight game-winning,drives that's a thing it is important I,just don't trust this team I think the,Vikings are gonna face the well-rested,Giants and it's going to be very um,uncomfortable up front by the way the,Giants have gotten some pretty good,protection for Daniel Jones who's now,running the football so I'll put the,Vikings in by an inch over the Steelers,at number 10. number nine but I think,the well-rested Giants beat the Vikings,eight four and one in one possession,games and what Brian dayball's done has,elected to use Daniel Jones legs as well,as his arm turned Daniel Jones only the,13th player in league history to have 3,000 plus passing yards and 700 plus,rushing yards they've got a very good,pass rush I think it will unravel to,some degree Kirk Cousins I have the,Giants one spot ahead and I love their,coach over the Vikings at nine number,eight chargers at eight I don't know if,I like them if Mike Williams doesn't,play their rushing defense like the,Vikings is an issue Herbert can often be,sitting on the sidelines watching a game,because they can't get the ball back but,Justin Herbert through three seasons,with a lot of coaching question marks,has the most passing yards and most,total touchdowns by any player in league,history they don't have an identity what,they have is a remarkable Talent at,quarterback I worry about them against,Jacksonville if Mike Williams isn't,around number seven the Cowboys great,individual players I'm not sure they,have a unit that's great the only team,though to rank top five in scoring,offense and scoring defense and again,they've got individual stars for the,Cowboys five losses it should be noted,have been on the road so when they're,forced to be uncomfortable they don't,play great Dax had an interception seven,straight games with at least one plus,interception it worries me and the,reason that's happening is because when,they can't run the ball effectively 4.55,yards of carry they rely on Dak to throw,over 35 36 times and his career record,plummets they have a formula to win,Cowboys at seven number six I really,like the Jaguars I've liked them a lot,for a while second most points off,turnovers in the league for a young team,they take advantage of things given to,them Trevor Lawrence since week nine,leads the NFL in passer rating thrown a,fight five-game winning streak let's be,honest about this team they're not going,to win the Super Bowl but they're kind,of a year ahead of schedule they won,their division we thought this was the,Colts division or the Titans division,here they come so a loose team with a,gunslinger at quarterback a Super Bowl,winning coach they get a playoff game at,home against the Chargers who are a,little banged up Jacksonville at number,six number five if Lane Johnson was,playing at right tackle I'd have them,higher but I'll put Philadelphia at five,for now I do worry Jalen hurts banged up,Lane Johnson banged up uh Josh sweat,banged up in the d-line they've just got,a lot of injuries they didn't have any,and what is happening now this team in,the last nine games has turned it over,16 times you remember the first eight,games they never turned it over so now,they're turning it over and now they're,beat up they're not the same team they,were in mid-october but out of respect,because I do think they have assembled a,lot of talent second most Talent Rich,team in the NFC after the Niners I put,them in five number four I put Buffalo,at four again what concerns me Brian,dabel leaves and Josh Allen is back to,making too many mistakes he had this,team had 27 giveaways this year only the,Colts and the Texans had more and they,were awful at quarterback and Josh Allen,had 19 giveaways in five Red Zone,interceptions so we saw what Brian dable,did to elevate Daniel Jones I think Josh,Allen misses him in the Red Zone he's,making too many mistakes the margins are,tight in the playoffs and I think a Red,Zone mistake WIll undo this team in uh,January or early February number three,the Niners a rookie quarterbacks never,let a team,to a Super Bowl appearance in NFL,history that's what it says here,so I mean they're the most talented team,um 10-game winning streak number one,scoring offense since Brock Purdy took,over they lead in point differential I,think he's I don't know if he's a,starter he's he's playing well now I,don't know exactly what he is here's,what I know every unit has a pro Boulder,every single unit not the Chiefs can't,say that the bills can't say that the,Bengals can't say that this team is,Talent stacked and Debo Samuel right,he's been arresting getting healthy,the

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Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

I find it so fascinating how often,people just film their own crimes or,post on Twitter about illegal activities,that they're doing and then it,eventually comes back to haunt them,where they lose their job or get,arrested it's just wild that so often,people have this complete lack of,self-control and inability to stop,themselves from saying or doing dumb,stupid things on Twitter like posting,cringe on Twitter has cost more jobs,than the invention of machines and today,I want to go over a disturbing new case,of gross this was something that,went viral a few days ago but I've only,just now caught up on it it's really,gross and I actually think that this is,a deeper onion than most people realize,I think that this was all a manufactured,marketing campaign conducted by a,Shameless degenerate in order to get,only fan subscribers so let's take it,from the top I'm sure if you were on,Twitter a few days ago you saw this post,floating around this little bit of,eyeball poison was getting Dunked On by,everyone around the globe and if people,weren't on it they were, themselves out of just pure,repulsion so the post is talking about,how they're coming out as trans canine,and talking about how they've been with,six dogs so they celebrate dogs,and they double down on this triple down,on it and have made it their entire,brand identity now like this is now,their online presence is being the dog, and they're very open about it,talking about it and trying to make it,like some kind of powerful movement,about why dogs is a great thing,obviously I'm on the side of Common,Sense here animals can't consent to,having sex thus you're not even having,sex with the animals you're raping them,you're a dog Raper it's called,bestiality and it's a crime it's illegal,it's not something to be celebrated or,encouraged now I think the person behind,this knows it and was making this as a,giant post that would hopefully gather a,lot of hoopla and put eyes on their uh,their content because even prior to this,post they were dropping nude photos lewd,photos and just talking like about,trying to monetize their sexual content,and then after this post got so much,steam they made a statement saying that,this had cost them their job they now no,longer have a way of making money so in,desperation they're saying it and,starting and only fans when I'm pretty,sure that was the entire plan from the,get-go and by having so many eyes on,them from all of this this Spotlight,that was shining there they immediately,got a giant head start like they're way,over 150 000 followers at this point and,I'm pretty sure that this was their,intention from the get-go they'd chose,something that they knew most people,would have a problem with no one likes,to see animals being abused and no one,likes to hear about animals being used,as like sexual objects or sexual props,for people in their content it's like,that is beyond weird so they are,probably aware that by making that post,it get would have gathered a lot of,steam which it did and then they,immediately went around with this,narrative that they were fired there's,no way of knowing 100 for sure if they,were fired I take all of that with a,grain of salt and even the way they talk,about it like in that post they're,saying they're going to sue everyone,that got them fired that just seems like,a troll that legitimately just seems,like a weak low effort troll statement,at the end there there is evidence to,suggest they may have actually lost,their job from this but even still I,don't think it's 100 confirmed as of,this moment like it just to me feels,like this was all part of the plan and,you can also even see them like lean,into it if you go back a couple days,before this blew up they made this post,about how only fans models are the devil,you know this is terrible stuff look,what kind of example are you setting for,children you Godless heathens and then,only days later turning around and,dropping one of their own only fans is,disgusting and you're going to hell for,it as they're signing up for an account,I could be wrong this all could be done,genuinely and wasn't meant as a,marketing play for only fans subscribers,but to me that's just really what it,feels like it feels like someone that is,very aware of what they're doing and,trying to capitalize off outrage and,being the villain I've said this a,million times but on Twitter since,everyone has unlimited access to every,unhinged thought and person imaginable,across the globe you will always find,people that agree with you no matter how,outrageous the belief you will always,find supporters and that's exactly,what's happened here they now do have,legitimate supporters backing them and,the dog stuff from other equally,deranged animal it's pathetic,sad and it's just really depressing that,this is actually succeeding for them,financially now if I'm correct and this,is all just revolting marketing for,their only fans it doesn't make any of,this justifiable excusable and it,doesn't

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Elon Musk Installing Cry Rooms For Twitter Staff As RUTHLESS New Head Of Trust & Safety Hired

Elon Musk Installing Cry Rooms For Twitter Staff As RUTHLESS New Head Of Trust & Safety Hired

what's going on everyone Jeremy here,from the quartering and uh some new,interesting bits of information coming,out of including up some perhaps some,impending cry rooms for Twitter staff on,top of new layoffs and,former Twitter staff whining that they,weren't paid enough in their Severance,packages now maybe they are owed more,contractually and you know it would be,to me it seems odd that you would pay,less than what you said you would pay,but you know especially given being Elon,in the Press but uh it's been an,interesting Little Wave mini wave of,news Twitter employee laid off after,Elon Musk takeover,received Severance payments today that,fall short of expectations,well we don't want we don't want that I,mean we don't want people to not get,paid uh for doing nothing even more,following following further delays this,week some Twitter employees finally,received their official Severance,agreements on Saturday after months of,anticipation according to multiple,sources by the way for the past several,months they've been getting paid in full,to not show up for work,um however the compensation is much less,than what they may have X many expected,and the emails are landing in Spam,folders,after Elon Musk assume control the,social media Giant in late October,about three-fourths of the company staff,of 7 500 were let go on a series of cuts,musk tweeted that those effective would,see it would receive three months,Severance compensation previous Twitter,leadership pledge to offer at least two,worth of severance as well as prorated,performance business extended Visa,support money for Health Care,continuation which is usually like Cobra,and the cash value of equity that would,vest within three months however,the agreement sent out today uh provide,laid off employees in the United States,with one month of base pay of severance,those that go in November have been kept,on the payroll and have been paid their,regular salaries for the previous 60,days,so I want to be clear,these people have already received two,months full pay,two months of pay for it and have not,had to show up for work paid in full,for the last two months then they get a,severance,for a additional 30 days so that would,be 90 days severance uh,now,due to requirements of the federal,warrant act which meant its companies to,give a 60-day notice before Mass laughs,although those workers have been barred,from the company's internal System since,November they were formerly let go,January 4th in accordance with the law,what's more employees will not be,receiving their pro-rated performance,bonuses according to Twitter's Severance,material viewed by Fortune some,employees received Cobra which is money,for Health Care continuation a source,said it's not Cobra is not money Cobra,is the program and it's very expensive,I mean I expected him to F us he did an,impacted employee wrote to Fortune this,is about one-third of what he,contractually owes us based on the,purchase agreement I always love when uh,the the but this person spends a lot of,time on Reddit,although employees were given two months,pay during non-working period to comply,with the federal warrant act a lawyer,for two class action lawsuits against,Twitter claimed that such money could,not be included in the actual Severance,paid to employees that's ridiculous of,course it would be,not all impacted employees receive their,agreements multiple sources whole,Fortune the Agreements are being sent,out by a third party provider called the,CPT group and Louisville HR Services,it's not yet clear as to why some have,received their agreements well they sent,out these emails that of course went to,Spam folders,you know like of course,the website has you know an FAQ page,stating that the impacted employees can,anticipate payment within 45 days of,their signed agreement a downloadable an,additional faq's documents confirms that,employees will not be receiving,performance-based payouts or their,bonuses which were set to be paid out in,March and they will be no negotiation of,the agreement or the severance amount,listed,ice cold,now many of these people by the way were,people that willingly walked off the job,right remember they all posted those,Tick Tock videos about how stunning and,brave they were to to be getting to to,be self-selecting to not work there,anymore,well,on top of that Twitter makes more cuts,to Online safety teams,tour has made more cuts through stress,and safety team in charge of,international content moderation as well,as a unit overseeing hate speech and,harassment,well good I mean you know,I don't I don't really understand why,there's good,with musk of the helm Twitter has,suffered a public relations crisis,featuring firings resignations tumbling,revenues you don't know anything how,they know anything about their revenue,reluctant advertisers and lawsuits over,unpaid bills,the latest rental Cuts affected a dozen,people at Twitter's Dublin and Singapore,offices who requested anonymity uh among,them

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Why Are Tech Giants Twitter, Meta, Amazon Firing Employees? Musk | Zuckerberg | Layoffs | Explained

Why Are Tech Giants Twitter, Meta, Amazon Firing Employees? Musk | Zuckerberg | Layoffs | Explained

foreign,have joined the massive lay of spree,around the world while each company has,given their own reasons for the layoffs,the major question is how severe this,issue is going to be and how further it,would go this is,and today I will explain the impact of,this ongoing job cutting Saga,let's begin with Twitter,the platform now owned by Elon Musk had,fired about 4400 employees of its 5500,contract employees this happened after,Twitter fired more than 3 300 full-time,employees just a few days after Mass,takeover,some Twitter contract employees were,also from India apparently the company,has fired the entire marketing and,Communications team in the country,it has said the platform has fired 180,out of what 230 workers in India's,marketing Communications and other,departments Twitter reportedly had to,let the workforce go without giving any,advance notice to the full-time,employees but that was not the case with,meta So Meta the parent company of,Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp,apparently fired nearly 11,000 people last week and informed the,employees Through official email,up to 100 Indians estimated 1000,employees mostly software engineers and,other Tech professionals have been,impacted by mata's decision,after the layoff talks started on social,media,Twitter's new boss mask said I have too,much work on my plate and showed almost,zero empathy to the employees but in the,same time the old horse in the social,media race Mark Zuckerberg took a,different approach so he said to his,staff that I want to take accountability,for these decisions and for how we got,here and I know this is tough for,everyone and I am especially sorry for,those impacted,however apart from meta and Twitter Walt,Disney Amazon they have also joined this,layoff spree it was said that Amazon,could fire as many as 10 000 employees,starting as soon as this week employees,all around the world including in India,would be affected because of this sudden,Decisions by the companies,it is also claim that almost all these,companies are loss making and since they,have not reached the sustainable levels,while funding is dried down it it was an,eventuality,but,another perspective and from another,perspective experts also believe that,unlike how musk dealt with this layoff,situation it is important for companies,to talk to the employees and make them,understand that these decisions were,taken keeping the businesses growth in,mind,so unlike how musk is dealing with this,situation currently it would be ideal,for any of these companies to take a,more empathic approach as such decisions,like the layoffs will be affecting all,those employees financially as well as,mentally,some also believe that many,organizations will follow these tapes in,the near future and because of that,employees need to look at the,re-skilling themselves to stay relevant,in the market,however,reports by the center Center for,monitoring Indian economy shows a bright,version amid all these Tech layoffs so,according to the report this year during,September and October in India over 8.5,million salary jobs were added bringing,the total number of salaried workers in,the country to 85 8 into 86 million the,report also stated that additions were,mostly in urban areas and were higher,than pre-pandemic levels more for more,such updates and explainers keep,watching first posts and subscribe to,our YouTube channel

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Nên mua xe đạp đua của Giant hay Twitter? | 0964.005.166

Nên mua xe đạp đua của Giant hay Twitter? | 0964.005.166

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Twitter, Meta: Tech 'bloodbath' continues as tech giants on firing spree | Latest News | WION

Twitter, Meta: Tech 'bloodbath' continues as tech giants on firing spree | Latest News | WION

now 2022 has been a rocky ride for,working professionals the once thriving,Silicon Valley seems to have hit a rough,patch massive layoff drives from Tech,giants like Twitter and now meta have,caught thousands of employees off guard,now the question arises are Tech Giants,really Recession Proof as they claim to,be or are the current market trends,going to get the best of them Mark,Zuckerberg announced dismissing 11,000 of his employees who represent 13 of,its Workforce and that too through cold,emails as the news of job Cuts hit,employees were caught in a wave of,anxiety some say they were up till seven,in the morning anticipating bad news in,their email inboxes many ex-employes,lamented on social media how they were,laid off through an email they called,Zuckerberg's move quote-unquote inhumane,and heartbreaking however admitted that,he got it wrong and took accountability,of his bad decisions that led to culling,a significant portion of the workforce,but this is not new for meta employees,as several have been hanging by a threat,for months now,back in July metta's head of engineering,instructive managers to identify and,weed out their lowest performing,employees more than a month ago Metta,said that it would stop making new,offers to job candidates now it plans to,continue the job freeze through March,Zuckerberg seems to be following the,footsteps of new Twitter CEO as one of,his first actions as Chief twit Elon,Musk brutally fired half of Twitter's,Workforce and locked them out of their,business accounts Reports say that,hundreds of layoffs are underway at,Salesforce the ride hailing app Lift and,financial services platform Stripe have,also Cuts their Workforce computer giant,Microsoft laid off nearly a thousand,employees just in October,Tech joints have been known as,recession-proof bastions of economic,power for years the companies have grown,rapidly and hired at lightning speeds,Facebook alone expanded its staff by 28,in the last one year but despite of job,of job Cuts spell a tumultuous new,period in Silicon Valley quarterly,earnings reports show that even most,powerful corporate houses are feeling,the impact of inflation and Rising,interest rates several companies blame,harsh market conditions for the mass,layoffs soaring inflation due to the,Ukraine war and supply chain issued,triggered by the pandemic are also on,the list,the market trends have not only,motivated job cards but they have also,made it more challenging for Tech,startups to raise new funding meta has,been struggling since its rebranding and,continued investment in the metaverse,since the major Rebrand in October the,company's stock price has fallen by,around 70 percent this has wiped,billions from Zuckerberg's net worth,however meta chief,has faith and it has not faltered he,continues to hunt for his immersive,internet white whale which seems to be,biting his employees in the back

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Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files' Are a Giant Nothing Burger

Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files' Are a Giant Nothing Burger

I think we've seen uh quite a bit that's,useful it's not really the Smoking Gun,we'd hope for I feel that Elon Musk has,held back some material,you just heard from a columnist over at,the New York Post her name is Miranda,Devine and she flat out says that the,so-called Twitter files meaning the,information that Elon Musk leaked or,gave to Matt taibi who then put together,a lengthy Twitter thread,ended up really being a big nothing,Burger certainly not the Smoking Gun,that the right wing was hoping for,however regardless of that I do think,it's important to talk about the,ramifications of relying on a private,company private Corporation to make,these decisions about what content is,and is not allowed on their platform,because if Twitter truly is considered,or thought of as the Public Square well,I think there should be a lot more,transparency in regard to what is and is,not censored however the notion that the,government got involved in censoring,content on Twitter meaning the Biden,Administration got involved in censoring,content on Twitter uh is unfounded as if,as the story stands today Matt taibi,says there's more to come who knows what,he's going to report moving forward or,more importantly what he's going to,Tweet moving forward but for now let's,give you a summary of what's happening,and what this all means let's start with,the context and and what this is really,about for the right wing it centers on,the New York Post and the hunter Biden,laptop story that was published just,weeks prior to the 2020 election taking,place,so in October of 2020 again before Biden,was elected just weeks before election,day the post published a salacious story,about the contents of Hunter Biden's,laptop the information came to them via,Rudy Giuliani the personal attorney to,then president Donald Trump in the form,of a hard drive with information taken,from the computer said to be left at a,Delaware computer store,now uh the right wing has really latched,on to the hunter Biden laptop story,they're obsessive about it now that the,Republican party has taken control of,the house they have made it abundantly,clear that that is what they're going to,spend most of their time doing just,investigating the hunter Biden laptop,story meaning if you are frustrated with,how your life is today the instability,uh the precariousness of your work life,uh the lack of wages necessary to keep,up with inflation uh Republicans plan to,do nothing about that because they're,far more obsessed with what kind of sex,Hunter Biden was getting involved in and,how much cocaine he did so let me,continue though now at the time that,that story broke uh the laptop story was,met with skepticism I think for obvious,reasons right number one,it's Rudy Giuliani of all people who's,coming to the public with this,information and Rudy Giuliani,I think needless to say has got some,issues some credibility issues including,consistently claiming that the election,was stolen from Donald Trump,consistently claiming that he has,evidence to prove it and consistently,failing to provide a shred of evidence,that the election was in fact stolen,from Donald Trump so credibility issues,there so I you can understand the,skepticism he also refused to share the,source material uh with news outlets so,The credibility issues the the lack of,source material,it was easy to dismiss that story but,the information coming out of the laptop,story has since been verified as,legitimate so what's fair is fair and we,should be clear about that now Outlets,chose not to aggregate the post report,and followed warnings from former U.S,intelligence officials former U.S,intelligence officials that's an,important key word here who signed a,letter saying that the Hunter data had,all the markings of a Russian,disinformation campaign now the reason,why I say former U.S intelligence uh is,important is because if it's current U.S,intelligence that's badgering Twitter or,other social media platforms to censor,certain content well a case could be,made that the government's getting,involved in in censoring speech and that,does run into some potential uh issues,with the Constitution the First,Amendment but so far we haven't seen,anything to prove that but let's,continue so Twitter did get involved,first the platform suspended the Twitter,account of the post,it also deleted and suspended anyone who,shared the story Twitter eventually,reversed that decision and reactivated,the New York Post Twitter account along,with countless others banned from,sharing the hunter Biden story now,Kaylee mcineny who at the time was the,White House Press Secretary was also,suspended from Twitter and so that led,to a lot of backlash and to be quite,honest the hunter Biden laptop story,that was censored by Twitter got a lot,in my opinion a lot more attention as a,result of it being censored from the,platform now then Twitter's CEO Jack,Dorsey admitted during Congressional,testimony that they had made a mistake,and they had if they co

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