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Getachew Reda Criticized AU's Briefing Notei would have thought this was the,easiest thing to under

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Getachew Reda Criticized AU's Briefing Note

i would have thought this was the,easiest thing to understand the people,of chicago,have,lived under,an absolute blockade,for nearly 700 days now,and,to get tigran government people to,accept,an unconditional quote unquote,dialogue,in which there are people whose hands,are tied,millions of their people are under,extreme chokehold,i will be the height of your,responsibility that,whether this comes from los angeles,or from,antonio guterres,or,even,if there was young,would say this,i'll say this is going to be the height,of the respondent except that the,russians position is clear that if we,are going to do this,we have to do it,in a manner that betrays confidence,if i cannot trust,mr obasanjo's mission with the release,of prisoners of war,why would i trust that mission,with,the faith of the people of the crime,with the fate of western tigre for,example,it's just,it's just as clear as that,the briefing note clearly,called on,the,republic of eritrea to join the peaceful,negotiations i don't know in what,capacity the eritreans will join,are they going to join as surrogate,parents of,the prosperity government,are they going to join as,the the benefactors of the,at this regime,or are they going to join as the,genociders that they really are,it is becoming obvious some,in the eu circles,have,little or no,clue,about the ordinary notions of fair play,injustice,to invite,a government,that has made killing,and destruction,its vocation,and a government that has flaunted its,readiness to wreak havoc in ethiopia,unless it it gets its way it's a lord to,get this way,to invite,this body to be part of the peace,process in ethiopia that if that is not,the height of responsibility nothing is

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Getachew Reda on Recent Developments: Direct Talk

Getachew Reda on Recent Developments: Direct Talk

foreign,we'll be discussing about recent,developments on the warrant to cry thank,you so much you're welcome okay first,let's start with the,yesterday settlement by the Grand,Central Command and that the Japan,forces have withdrawn from Northern or,from Highland territory,why he's drawing I was drawing and have,been withdrawing from northern Warlock,first because uh,our forces didn't have the intention to,to stay there,indefinitely,it had everything,to do is what we meant to achieve very,objective which was to force the,governments and that is our Authority,son to,uh so for peace,obviously rather than,responding affirmatively to our calls,for peace the regime at the Salva has,opted,uh,for further escalation of the conflict,by once again inviting,the Eritrean regime or handing over its,authorities to the Eritrean regime,to,um coordinates is first against against,Gray,that's one one area and obviously Our,intention,was to force the authorities in addisawa,to support this but looks like it hasn't,well second,the,efforts by the,regime in Addis Ababa to try and uh,the slow jam forces from the positions,they had already taken hasn't worked uh,we have been in,in control of that part of,the country for almost 38 now 38,probably 39 days now,uh,they have,apart from the three divisions we,managed to,to neutralize,after the first Invasion on 24th and,25th and 26th of,August,uh we have we have we have been,repulsing uh efforts after efforts of,the Ethiopian regime to to take bacteria,there is that were that had been taken,away from it,rather than,managing to take away Tech,authorities back away from us is we're,losing ground after ground,and fortunately or unfortunately this,involved the loss of tens of thousands,of people Urban personnel,uh uh so,it was clear that,The Authority in Addis were not in a,position to,put up,more offensive,that would threaten our positions,and third of course it was becoming,increasing increasingly obvious that uh,with the renewed invitation to the,authorities in Asmara to join The Fray,uh mostly after the first of September I,should I should think it was 30 years of,August,the theater of operation uh uh obviously,shifted to ariabo,so,we realized that there was little uh,or no point for us to focus on Northern,Warlock,as a theater of Oppression and we have,to,do something about the more concerted,effort that's being waged against us in,in area in other parts of the crime so,yeah that's pretty much why we decided,uh to Israel from parts of Northern,in the first place it was never Our,intention second Our intention was about,forcing the hands of the regime,to agree to peace which it,is not ready to,said there is an increasing,increasingly more violent and more,um,important involvement of the Eritrean,forces that's coming from the,Northwestern part of the country and,then we have to,deal with that that challenge here on,that's pretty much why we are always,drawing our forces from from the world,so,it doesn't change the fact that if and,when there is a military need for us to,to go back to Northern Willow or other,parts of the country,would still be free to resolve but we,are trying to send a message to the,people of Amara that we're not,particularly interested in line we're,not particularly interested in territory,we are more,in interested in what we can do with,territory than what that territory,represents,um can you give us a picture of the,battles in other phones well uh,in a Northwestern parts of the ground,we've been fighting for the last 39 days,their returns and the Ethiopians have,joined hands there and Abby has sent,about three divisions plus,several Commando units that are fighting,alongside with uh about 30,24-25 Eritrean divisions in the,Northwestern part of the country of,course the eritreans had already also,sent five divisions along with,mechanized units through Berkeley which,we have effectively neutralized,uh,and of course in other parts of the,country we obviously uh,have realized that the eritreans,are the ones who are calling the shots,ABI obviously has abdicated,responsibility,in favor of the reference and the,airdrons are the ones who are saying yes,and no through decisions from Addis,Ababa,uh,another guy we neutralized enemy,offensive and we are in control of most,of,Northern Wonder,in that regard,in wag we have stopped their their,advance but also every person repulsive,their,their units which which obviously were,told to to make it into,uh,uh North Eastern part of turai priority,to Samurai you know,that's not going to happen uh uh,in,Raya as you would as I have already,explained they have they have made,several effects to break our defense,lines this is they didn't manage to do,so,um,tried what they could and didn't work,but obviously we are dealing with people,who are hell-bent on,uh,bringing nutrients to their Nation I,don't think they will stop,this they will stop,uh anytime but as far as we're concerned,we're still defending our positions in,many cases taking Contra

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Getachew Reda says Ethiopian government sending mixed signals after Ministry of Foreign Affairs stat

Getachew Reda says Ethiopian government sending mixed signals after Ministry of Foreign Affairs stat

member of the grey central command in a,weekly briefing on friday said that,while his government remains committed,to negotiations as a means of ending the,conflict that statements from multiple,ethiopian officials appear to indicate,otherwise saying his government has been,caught off guard by multiple statements,perpetrating false allegations against,the government of tegra and its ruling,party,announcers,days after announcing it is ready for,peace talks we have contradictory,statements coming out from the ethiopian,government this makes you wonder if,there are really any sincere efforts,towards speech there is a coordinated,media campaign against the government,and the people of the cry an intense,smear campaign by the government of,ethiopia it's trying to link every,unrest in ethiopia to the tplf and the,government like it used to before the,truce we don't believe that force,committed to ending this war through,negotiation would dedicate so much of,its time on fabricating such propaganda,guitar indicated that the statement from,the ministry of foreign affairs was,especially concerning and that the,statement itself admits that the,ethiopian government is yet to,investigate the matter but still went on,to make its allegations,a statement by the sudanese government,said that seven of its soldiers and a,civilian under the custard of the,ethiopian military were executed and the,ethiopian government did not deny the,allegations but in one part of its,statement alleged the tplf was,supporting the sudanese army and in,another part of the statement promised,to investigate the matter which tells us,that there is lack of clarity on the,metro but you apparently don't need to,investigate before you slander the tpl,guitar said that while his government,believes that a peace talks are the way,to go his government understands that,this is a two-way street and expects the,ethiopian government to demonstrate its,commitment to a peaceful resolution of,the conflict by ensuring that amhara and,eritrean forces will not be an,impediment to peace moving forward i,said i'm delighted to tell you more,if abu's government is committed to,peace it should be able to demonstrate,that it can manage amhara and eritrean,forces which we believe to be serious,impediments to the peace process if it's,really committed to peace it should be,able to manage these forces we believe,that these forces cannot only hamper a,peace process but may also drag us back,into war getachow also emphasized that a,true process towards peace will have to,be inclusive of all actors and address,the varying challenge afflicting the,nation,hagar,in other parts of ethiopia as well so in,our belief although it's a positive,thing to express readiness to end the,war on to cry any political process to,establish ethiopia should not be limited,to any certain area of the country,guitar also expressed disappointment in,the failure of the african union to play,a productive role in the negotiation,process and accused the organization of,being biased but said his government,would continue to support its,involvement in the overall process,so come to gray,we are africans we will support african,ideals but we do not believe that there,is the will or interest towards a peace,process but this does not mean that we,do not want them to take part in the,process african organizations including,the african union interested in,resolving african problems cannot be,locked out of this process

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Ethiopia: ኢትዮታይምስ ምርጥ | የአቶ ጌታቸው ረዳ ንግግሮች | Getachew Reda | EthioTimes Top List

Ethiopia: ኢትዮታይምስ ምርጥ | የአቶ ጌታቸው ረዳ ንግግሮች | Getachew Reda | EthioTimes Top List

salah mouhoubi haïti au terme des huit,soldats malades une salle à cela mme,beyala tubes et islam et abdallah,à wall street à turin dans des grottes,watson et sa belle de mai à linz où,camille see you so much and doug et,hachemi l'osm aux athlètes guetta,twilight en demi teinte les lannionnais,de mou seras ou gmail google et mattawa,cautionne les rings le nord du mali qui,limite à wachovia what you could lead to,get à jordan ayew barkat à ma drogue et,elle a eu à ouaga vie à kara karine du,myanmar scouting brushing à madrid,tawakal l'igname lazari la menthe à,l'eau des idiots times beat ses routes,ses yeux baissés ljuboja madiot et anna,crighton haouaria ce ne soit la route de,nadal sur terre battue,et,quatre départs et entre toulouse et à,tripoli où as-tu madrid jamanag à,grenoble aux dépens des améliorations,guadeloupe james harding anne marie aux,mines à madrid même sa ligne en personne,benoît hamon a dépeint chef tutsi wild,canal vocal shift arabe secondes à,l'aîné,sylvia katia lund dan hamhuis dahico a,payé ça ferme sa voiture nantie barroso,tchad par numericable a dit obama le tea,party est alors lyon nativel à gomme la,nasa tient la route,agnico eagle a tout dit à un départ,4 ce recours aux matraques garde des,sceaux,mais tout à trac,le togo kazamiyah,tenesol à tout est acquis même si c'est,une vente à la découpe des activités,navales ou quatre gros volumes et au,hadj ali mills a fixé son salut qu'à,toulouse ou encore les la goutte d'or,est docteur le fatah futur nom mythique,restaurant bio moules moules ou half,technology attachment à 4-4 sur tarn et,à l'audience me gave him et adrien les,salam la démocratie l'allemagne area,monnier messieurs le tag maracana ya de,la localité de khan al khalili,10 04 by marco motta tourner casaque,social-démocrate et mme ndiaye awa,oiseaux à l'achat car la distance n'est,pas malade,non,maillet leur laisse,elle est

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Ethiopia’s warring sides agree ‘cessation of hostilities’: AU

Ethiopia’s warring sides agree ‘cessation of hostilities’: AU

the Ethiopian government has agreed a,peace deal with to grain Rebels after,two years of fighting the cessation of,hostilities was announced in Pretoria,where the two warring signs have been,holding negotiations there was a surge,in fighting before the Diplomatic,breakthrough mediated by the African,Union at least half a million people,have died from fighting hunger and,disease related to the conflict in the,region,today,is the beginning of a new town for,Ethiopia,for the end of Africa,and indeed for Africa as a whole,let me explain to some God,for this Newton,we have seen in practice and,actualization,what we have tried to achieve for,ourselves over the years,and that is,African solution,for African problems,let's bring in famita Miller who joins,us live from Pretoria and has been,covering these developments for me to,what more can you tell us about this,agreement,well I think the key points of the,agreement have come in the opening,remarks from one of the mediators the,former Nigerian president obasanjo,olusegun who has said that number one,there will be a silencing of the guns uh,which ultimately would provide a solid,foundation for the preservation of,Ethiopia sovereignty as well as,territorial Integrity that of course,meaning the immediate cessation of,hostilities and also key uh given just,the some of the devastation and,difficulties experienced during this,hostility the two years of conflict is,an immediate resumption of unhindered,humanitarian access we know that,thousands of people have been killed,people have also been affected by the,lack of supply of food and numeric,militarian Aid in the tigray region and,this is really has been a vital sticking,point in terms of some of the,difficulties that have occurred in the,last two years we know that the great,Representatives have in these talks and,into the media have also said that that,Grant people have not only been affected,by bullets that hasn't just killed,people but also the issue of hunger so I,think key in terms of these negotiators,negotiated settlement is uh the,cessation of hostilities the resumption,of Aid people returning to their places,of work children returning to school and,both parties have said they would want,the immediate implementation and really,what is key now is just how well this,agreement is implemented,indeed familiar and how difficult has it,been to reach an agreement and where to,from here,well I think one comment from the South,African minister of international,relations and uh international relations,is uh lady Pando who had said in her,remarks that she is one of the most,relieved people in the room given how,sensitive these talks have been and she,in fact was reluctant for South Africa,to host these peace talks just because,of the Dynamics involved the different,parties involved in perhaps the,background in terms of the ethnic,difficulties uh with regard to the,tigraine people and the federal,government of Ethiopia and that this has,been very difficult it has been 10 days,of negotiations and there hasn't always,been official feedback around exactly,what's happening but some of what's come,out of these talks is that it has been,difficult getting to this point and,there were a number of sticking points,especially given that the grand people,have had a very influential uh role to,play in the politics of Ethiopia prior,to 2018 they were the most influential,and that was before the Prime Minister,ABI Ahmed Ahmed came to power and that,also changed that Dynamic despite a,constitution allowing to Grant people,potentially having a Channel 4 secession,ultimately and this is also what,contributed to some of the hostilities,and people taking up arms now again what,is important is the implementation of,this agreement given that there was,cessation uh earlier this year but that,fell apart by August and so what happens,next I think will be watched very keenly,also given some of the international of,what people are calling Ethiopian people,are calling International interference,in the hostilities and conflict in that,country so those rumored to be involved,those officially involved would also,need to ultimately be party to this,agreement it wouldn't necessarily only,be up to Ethiopian people but also,foreign actors that have involved,themselves,familiar the agreement is only a few,hours old if less than an hour old,officially how much confidence is there,that it will actually hold,well one of the interesting points from,the to Grand Representatives is that,they've said they've had to make painful,concessions uh but this is in the,interest of uh building trust between,themselves and the federal government of,Ethiopia and it's quite interesting that,they've used that word in painful,concessions because I think we can,conclude that this hasn't been the,easiest agreement to come to and perhaps,the grand people are not entirely happy,with all of uh the agreements put in,place ultimately yes a cessation of,hostilities but we have also heard

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What will it take for Ethiopia to find peace? | DW News

What will it take for Ethiopia to find peace? | DW News

representatives from Ethiopia's,government and rival to Korean forces,have begun formal peace talks in South,Africa it's the first time that the two,signs have come together since war broke,out nearly two years ago the meeting,comes as Government forces make gains on,the battlefield capturing several towns,in recent weeks after a five-month,ceasefire broke down,rallying to condemn the tigurai people's,Liberation Front and to back the,government in Ethiopia's capital,here in Addis Ababa support for the,latest offensive by the Ethiopian Army,is high,in recent weeks government troops have,taken several large towns in the,embattled tigray region,it's just the latest escalation in the,war that broke out nearly two years ago,pitting tplf Fighters against Ethiopian,government forces backed by troops from,neighboring Eritrea,with tegrib located since the start of,the fighting and most communication cut,off,tens of thousands are thought to have,died,with Millions more in desperate need of,humanitarian Aid,the U.N is increasingly concerned,the situation in Ethiopia is spiraling,out of control,violence and destruction have reached,alarming levels,the social fabric,is being ripped apart,hostilities in the Tigre region of,Ethiopia must end now,but while the peace talks provide a,glimmer of hope for the future for now,fighting seems set to go on with the,government ignoring calls for an,immediate ceasefire,hey with more now I'm joined by,Ethiopian journalist Samuel gitachu,Samuel it's good to have you with us we,know there's been fighting now for two,years talk to me about why it has been,so difficult to even get these two sides,to come together to talk,begin with there seems to be mistrust,among the tplf the tigray people's,Liberation Front which led the Ethiopian,government in a coalition for some time,two decades before this prime minister,came to power and the Ethiopian,government and Addis Ababa there has,been accusations and counter accusations,that have been going on between both,sides the Ethiopian government keeps,insisting that they're playing with a,terrorist organization that the,parliament of Ethiopia has declared last,year and the tplf has been saying,they're trying to save their own people,their to Grand people uh they even,accused the Ethiopian government of,creating some kind of genocide so,between both sides there has been,mistrust they don't seem to trust each,other the Ethiopian government insists,that tplf has to be disarmed before any,kind of negotiation moves forward while,the tplf is saying that the Ethiopian,government is creating genocide they,even ask the Eritrean troops to leave,the region of tegre before any kind of,negotiation there has been a,disagreement in terms of who should be,in charge of the uh conversation that,needs to be that's taking place in South,Africa the TPL left saying it should be,led by the former president of uh Kenya,uru Kenyatta while the Ethiopian,government is insisting it should be be,laid by the former president of Nigeria,obasanjo so there is a widespread,disagreement when it comes to this,conversation Samuel the fighting we know,it's anticipated in recent weeks is,there a sense that that is related to,these negotiations,well it might as well be there seems to,be this kind of uh interest to cause us,damage as more damage as possible the,TPL left while they were coming to Addis,Ababa pushing towards Addis Abba last,year they were saying they're not in a,position to negotiate with the Ethiopian,government they wanted to move forward,come to Addis Ababa and settle some of,their differences the Ethiopian,government is pushing towards McCully,they have taken over towns important,towns within the region of Tegra,including adwa which is the home town of,the former president the former prime,minister of Ethiopia the late prime,minister the head of TPL left so the,Ethiopian government seems to have more,strength when it comes to this,conversation that's taking place but,once again there doesn't seem to be any,interest between both sides to come,compromise and that's where we are at,the moment journalist Samuel gitachu,with the latest tonight on these,possible talks Samuel thank you very,much,thank you

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Getachew Reda Twitter | Berhanu Nega | Afar Ethiopia | Palestine Israel African Union

Getachew Reda Twitter | Berhanu Nega | Afar Ethiopia | Palestine Israel African Union

four new stories for you firstly an,update from african union summit where,palestinian prime minister erised,african union to revoke the status of,israel as an observer state,secondly azeema party of birhano niga,has released a statement about karayo,elders murder case,thirdly,uh gather chore the,tplf presidential spokesperson,has spoken about ongoing african union,summit and pm abi speech at the summit,and last viewers an afar based party and,a far based group has released a,statement,the group is calling for action it's,calling upon ethiopian government to,take action the group says there is,anger there is sadness,there is frustration in a far region,because government forces are not,helping,the people of afar,we'll have a detailed look at the,statement because the group says that,afars in aratia in djibouti in afar,region are,frustrated that is why there must be,action from ethiopian government firstly,the african union's summit today,is the first day tomorrow the summit,will be concluded,israeli prime minister muhammad shataya,addressed the african union leaders,he urged african union leaders to revoke,israel's status as observer state,israel was last year granted,the status of observer state by musafaki,chair,of african union there was no voting,held,just musafaki,granted this status to israel and last,year some,african countries opposed this move of,musafaki,i think south africa and algeria back,then opposed the move today palestine,raised this question palestine said that,israel is involved in genocide of,palestinians that is why,israel's status as observer state must,be revoked let's see what happens will,african union leaders back this call of,palestine or not,secondly yours,we have a new story about,a statement by brahmana naga's party,azima party,the party has released a statement about,karayo elders,murder case,fourteen civilians including some carrio,elders were killed at the end of,november last year,if ufm rights commission,i think four days ago released a,statement,an inquiry report into the killing,and,the commission,accused romeo government forces of being,behind the killing of the grave elders,the government has been accusing romo,liberation now azima is calling upon,the media,and security and justice institutions to,provide justice,azima says that ethiopian rights,commission did a wonderful job it it,and other institutions must follow suit,now it is demanding apology from,government-backed institutions,coming back to media institutions that,why did they misinform the public about,who killed,kareem eldest because we know that,when this incident happened,uh government-backed news sources they,accused oromo liberation army a thing,behind the incident,so azima is demanding an apology,from,state,media state-backed media,it wants security forces roma regional,government,to,ensure the perpetrators are brought to,justice,at the same time as ema is calling for,action against an armed group in romeo,here definitely azima is,speaking against oromo liberation army,that it must be proceeded against by,romeo regional forces,so azima wants action against ola it,wants action against those who are,involved in the killing of,rome wilders and some police,officials who were also killed,i think uh,48 hours before the killing of carrio,alerts in,east shiva zone of oromia region at the,end of november last year,third of yours,tpl presidential spokesperson,has raised questions about the speech,delivered by ethiopian pm abi at african,union summit,he says,abhiyama,said in his speech,that,what is happening in ethiopia is,ethiopian internal matter,it's,a law and order situation,his question is,if it is ethiopian internal matter why,is that ethiopian government involved a,country,a foreign country eritrea in this war,secondly he says that,abhiyama in his speech said,that,the resolution of this problem was made,difficult because of interference of,external actors,he concludes,that pm abi,wants scott blanch he wants a free hand,to,continue a genocide of terrorism and,that is what,pan-africanism is,according to pm abi that he does not,want any interference,in ethiopian internal matters by,external,actors,and he wants to he wants to continue,what he is doing,he's calling upon,african union,to say no to what pm abi,said,so far we have not seen any speech,against ethiopian pmrb,a very strong speech in support of,degray,during the ongoing uh,african union summit let's see will any,african country back get,lastly yours an afar based group has,released a statement,the group says there is anger there is,sadness there is frustration in a far,region because ethiopian government is,silent it's not supporting afar people,the group's name is afar a revolutionary,party guggu mo it is popular its popular,name is,the group says that,the group claims that,forces are involved in ethnic cleansing,of afar,and tens of thousands have been,displaced from cannabis,trying to force their way towards the,lowell,near,eritrea border,the group sa

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Member of Tigrai Central Command Getachew Reda Holds a Press Conference

Member of Tigrai Central Command Getachew Reda Holds a Press Conference

okay,okay uh thank you very much indeed for,your time uh i do have some three,questions,my first question is uh why do you think,have you preferred to launch such,attacks,in this southern front,while,diplomatic efforts to resolve,the problem peacefully were underway,uh secondly uh,in the meantime,it was reportedly told that avi has,ordered its,eastern command,to cross borders and join eritrean,forces,so what does that imply,my last question is,as to uh different analysis,the word international community,handled,the case of tigray,has failed,as to them,the international communism is more,focusing on,treating abhi ahmad's regime or the,prime minister himself in a special,manner what is your stand in this regard,thank you very much,my first question is uh,regarding saturday's statement by the,czechoslovakia military command,which,stated that it,to grant army neutralized,the electrical offensive launched by,european forces,what was the aim of this wide-ranging,offensive,and my second question is,there are,accusations that uh,coming from,the tip and government that tplf is only,responsible for the eruption of,hostilities,who do you think is standing in the way,of peace,and the international community is also,condemning,the eruption for status,condemning the irrational cities and,calling for the,um cessation of falsities immediately,and what is it the possibility and the,likelihood that,this athletes will be stopped soon,and my last question is regarding that w,steve david basley's accusation to your,government,he said that your government has stolen,fuel tankers belonging to the world food,programme,and,to get access to a fierce office house,issued a statement that allegations were,business and,the wp needs to,correct its error,and,have you settled your difference with,wfp the european government conducted an,airstrike on kindergarten and children's,playground in mala and soon after,released a statement claiming that it,will take all necessary measures,and attack military bases and asked,civilians to refrain from such areas yet,the attack was conducted on a,residential area,what is your say on this matter and if,there are any updates on the number of,casualties,my second question is that on wednesday,the ethiopia the ethiopian government,authorities have issued incoherent,statements claiming that they have,done an aircraft,crossing ethiopian borders to double,deliver weaponry to tigray which uh to,external affairs office said that it was,a false claim issued to lay fertile,ground to conduct aerial bombardments on,tigray and asked the international,community to prevail on ethiopian,government to refrain from attacking,civilians,can we say that the international,community has failed the people of the,cry,and my last question is as he mentioned,that,you have read on twitter that the,elements of the ethiopian forces have,joined the erection forces to halt joint,attacks on tegra is there any alarming,danger coming from it,thank you well,with regard to why,abby decided to launch the offensive on,the,24th of august,i can't really say,why because,ultimately this is going to be,this is better addressed by the very,people who launched,launches the offensive in the first,place,but there are probable causes why,we decided,to launch an offensive,on the 24th and,more importantly why in the south,for one thing,despite,their,continued shifting of the world posters,when it comes to their commitment for,negotiations,we and company were able to who doing,the international community into,believing that they probably were,serious about,peace,although everything they have done be,lies,such an assumption on the part of the,international community,but they felt that they have secured,enough,gullible,international community support,to,get away with,any,any,calculated,risk,of launching an offensive that's one one,thing because they have never been,interested in peace anyway i win company,have essentially uh been preaching for,peace not because they are interested in,peace but more importantly because they,want to appear to be interested in peace,to the extent that there was readiness,on the part of abi's government to,to,to,talk about peace,it was mostly for the purpose of,diplomatic and,media consumption,so,yes it's one thing to be interested in,peace to be generally interested in,peace but it's entirely different to be,interested in the whole process of,negotiations which would help you buy,time which will help you,put your enemies,on a very defensive position,tegrai is under siege,the government,would have to answer,for all the calamities the,visitor upon it some people,its forces,will be,raising all kinds of difficult questions,why they are not allowed to liberate,their their,people,in their entirety while they can,people will be asking all kinds of,questions and that will put pressure on,the leadership,and in the meantime,in the absence of action or in the,absence of,any meaningful,peace process,the the,ethereum defense forces will

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