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Gerry Callahan Has No Problem with Gerry Americathe four five color is the Easy Talk,English part in

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Gerry Callahan Has No Problem with Gerry America

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EPISODE 678: Disruption with Gerry Callahan

EPISODE 678: Disruption with Gerry Callahan

works for me all right we are connected,he is here Newsmax is Jerry Callahan,signed in the big bigs and this is um,congratulations Jerry how many TV hits,have you done in news max like 75 many,although I I was getting ready for a hit,today that's what we call it in business,getting ready for my hit sitting here,and I got bumped for the uh speakers,vote,uh they blew out the whole show and just,did nothing but the speakers vote which,is too bad because they were going to,have me on to talk about people who are,burning their uh their Crocs I don't,know if you saw the story where uh Crocs,is sponsoring drag queen story hours and,other grooming events so uh people uh,concerned parents were setting their,Crocs on fire and I support those people,I I will never wear Crocs in support of,that group and uh especially yellow ones,I'm never gonna Wear Yellow Crocs never,again,I you know the the problem is is that,everybody is supporting track Queen's,Story Hour it's going to be tough to,find anything yeah there's no company,that you can use it's not for having,adult men wears can be outfits to read,books little kids which is odd an odd,thing I did not have that on my bingo,card but you know there you go I had my,I had my 2023 predictions all listed and,I that got bumped for me today on my,show but the engineering uh by the by,the obviously the injury the tragedy and,the uh Monday Night Football game but,one of them is in 2023 it's going to be,the year of the transfold we're all,going to uh wake up to this insanity and,I give all the credit in the world to,Matt Walsh and yeah and Chris Ruffo but,I don't know about you guys but there,was just a moment last year when I was I,don't know I was watching probably,reading you know Matt Walsh's book or,reading Loops of tick tock and I just,said how did we miss this they've been,doing this for a few years now you know,these dragged and we used to just,chuckle about it I looked it up last,year there were dozens of drag queen,story hours in Boston Public Libraries,all scheduled 10 a.m 11 A.M all designed,to bring kids in and they were freaked,out you know they were men who were,mocking women making caricatures of,women dressing provocatively dressing uh,yeah uh and uh and and and grooming,children and somehow we just looked at,it and laughed for the last few years,and the people in the state like it they,think it's great they're all bringing,their kids to it and think it's awesome,so I don't know like how we reconcile,that but it's you know yeah the town,next door to us had a had a school dance,with 14 year olds there and they invited,a drag performer to the dance I mean I,don't know it's kind of and also the uh,you know the transit the the trans mob I,think finally is being confronted yeah,and I I salute these people man like uh,billboard Chris the guy who goes around,to the various clinics that mutilate,children with his billboard and has,conversations he's doing God's work,because I don't I mean I'm here in,Boston I never realized what was,happening at Boston Children's they were,doing this to children they were doing,double mastectomies to 14 year old girls,I think if more people learn about it,hear the facts they're going to be yeah,horrified I think they're the the their,days of doing this without any uh,resistance without any opposition are,over I think that's a good thing that's,going to happen in 2023. I kind of feel,like it was a we talk about these people,acting like rumors I kind of feel like,the American culture was was groomed,into slowly,um you know step-by-step acceptance it,was okay Bruce Jenner is looking kind of,uh feminine Bruce Jenner's making it,official he wants to be a woman now,um Bruce Jenner is no longer Bruce,Jenner and then it had then it was you,can't just be okay with what Bruce,Jenner is doing you better love what,Bruce Jenner is doing and then it was,you can't ever say the name Bruce Jenner,or else you're killing somebody and then,it was Off to the Races it was once they,started making rules and people abided,by them because if not there would be,suicides everywhere they said here we go,just rush in Rush In And they they,filled the void and now I think people,just got to snap out of it because,there's no you got these parents I mean,you say it was slowly voiced it on,America step by step but it wasn't even,that slow like Obama was elected in 2008,saying like traditional definition of,marriage and now we're like drag queens,with the toddlers is a great great thing,like it's it's actually kind of nuts how,fast it happened and uh and and lopping,the breast off a healthy young girl or,and I I think there's someone's very,graphic and and disturbing you see I was,I tweeted out uh a thing today about the,the surgery you know we take all the,flesh off of a kid's um,and form a penis yes,right it's barbaric yeah and I think,that's a winning issue for uh,Republicans because I mean people in the,obviously in The Fringe they support,they call it what are they ca

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NEWSMAX launching The Gerry Callahan podcast

NEWSMAX launching The Gerry Callahan podcast

latest podcast to join the Newsmax team,is the Jerry Callahan show and host,Jerry Callahan joins us now to talk,about the latest stories of the week and,Jerry if I hit play on your new podcast,what am I going to hear,you're going to hear me react to the the,big story of the day the big scandals of,the day it's basically every day every,morning,we go for about an hour we react to uh,what's happening in the world it's,topical it's newsy I'm you know a News,Junkie and I'll uh I will give you my,opinion on what's going on a lot of,scandals these days as you know rob a,lot of scandals and uh we're there for,them the hardest part is going to be,picking which is the worst I want to get,your opinion on this,um you know for the second year in a row,President Biden left Christ out of the,Christmas speech that he gave at the,National Christmas tree lighting,ceremony take a listen to this,and we look to the sky,to a lone star shining brighter than all,the rest,guiding us to the birth of a child a,child Christians believed to be the son,of God,miraculously now here Among Us on Earth,bringing hope love and peace,so he's a self-described devout,practicing Catholic and he can't even,say the word Christ or and the Lone Star,apparently is now something new for,North Star which of course would have a,reference to Jesus too this has to be on,your list of I got to talk about right,on my podcast yeah yes it drives me nuts,it's kind of an annual thing every,Christmas we pretend our presidents a,devout Catholic he doesn't just say it,the media says it about him but I got,news for you it's there's no such thing,as a devout Catholic who believes in,partial birth abortion or due date,abortion and it's just amazing listening,to him occasionally pretend to be a,Catholic while arresting people who are,singing or praying outside abortion,clinics and doing nothing about attacks,on churches and uh and crisis pregnancy,centers it's just this is such hypocrisy,nobody's buying it you could you could,just tell listening there Rob that he's,just he's just going through the motions,he doesn't mean it I wonder why eight,Catholics or Christians are those in,office who are religious why they're so,timid and afraid to be who they are and,you know to have religion in the Public,Square where it's absolutely permitted,by the way right it's it's incredible I,mean we see it all the time you remember,Clinton going to church carrying his,Bible you know when I think it was like,a cover of a Bible you know on top of uh,a Hustler magazine,but but they all do it they all go,through it but I find I just find Joe,Biden to be the most hypocritical and I,find the media to be laughable when they,call them a devout Catholic when I mean,look at the budget look at the big,Omnibus budget bill money in there to to,for for abortion or whatever,Reproductive Rights in places that they,think are uh dangering the climate so,they're going to push abortion in in Far,Away lands that should devote Catholic,for you it's it's just I can't imagine,being one of those people locked up or,arrested and listening to him on on this,holiday and watching him pretend to be,devout well maybe he'll go to Father,Corn Pop for confession,um ask you know you ask these guys to be,honest and it's very hard for them to do,do so and in this Omnibus Omnibus Bill,which was just you know an enormous,amount of money at a time when we can't,afford it and it's going to make the,biggest problem inflation worse,who do you blame more the Democrats for,doing what I guess they kind of normally,do or the Republicans Who provided the,air cover and the votes to get it done,I blame the Republicans I mean I I,cannot believe 18 of them went out along,with this I think if you took a poll,right now the least popular politician,in America would be Mitch McConnell by,far but I tell you which really what,really hurt was seeing Tom Cotton's name,on that list I mean I like him I liked,him I should say I respected him I read,his book and I looked at him as a,potential presidential candidate no more,I cannot believe that man went along,with this with this pork barrel Bill,full of goodies I mean you you've gone,over them everyone's seen them Tom,Cotton went along with Millions for,LBGTQ museums and and gender uh programs,in Pakistan I don't know how any,self-respecting uh fiscal conservative,could could sign on to that it just it,blows my mind he just kiss you know kiss,your reputation goodbye Tom because,there's people like me we have no,respect for you anymore all right Jerry,I know you're going add some more stuff,to talk about on your next podcast I,appreciate it yeah and don't forget to,tune in to the Jerry Callahan show on,Newsmax radio head to listen,for more information,none of that twisting the truth no,talking downtown don't tell me how to,think don't tell me how to don't tell me,how to think I trust Newsmax Newsmax,they don't tell me how to think they let,me decide Newsmax real news for real,people

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Hunter Biden's Book is a Flop

Hunter Biden's Book is a Flop

here's some other numbers i found,interesting over the weekend,hunter biden's new book called beautiful,things,which he has promoted to mixed results,in my opinion,uh uh he he was on a show,i was on a podcast i think a daily beast,podcast over the weekend or,early late last week and they asked they,actually asked about you know the,deals with china and the ukraine and he,just lies and says i don't know what,you're talking about,it sold 10 638 copies in the first week,that's dreadful with the uh,with the publicity he got and the power,behind him,he's number 12 on the publishers weekly,he's number four in the new york times,which is,obviously not real new york times is,trying to help old hunter but it ain't,working,his book is already a total disaster,by comparison i think the uh what's your,name on fox shannon bream she has a book,out about the woman of the bible,does that sound like a little limited,audience women of the bible should tell,stories about women,who are in the bible and what they did,that sold like,40 000 copies to 10 000 for hunter biden,he's getting smoked by the women,of the bible the problem you have if,you're hunter biden is,everyone knows you're a liar everyone so,if you're going to get a book and it's,going to be about drugs and cheating and,you know,banging your sister-in-law and all that,don't you have to be,you have to have the people have to have,the sense that you're telling the truth,that you're coming clean that you're,just opening up your life for them to,see,and the voyeurs out there will will like,to take a look,but if you're an addict in a just a,total degenerate you have to convince,people first that you're going to be,honest that this is a,you know redemption story and no one,believes him ever i don't even believe,that he's clean when you look at him,these appearances does he look like he's,okay,he doesn't to me man he looks as screwed,up as ever,don't you think it's just kind of a,racket anyway because so he got what two,million dollars,yes i think it's a money laundering,school that's what i mean so he so,his name in the timing and what went on,in the election if you're the publisher,you're saying to yourself okay well,worst case scenario we can sell it to,the stupid bookstores in every airport,right so that,they get a wholesale price they can make,their two million dollars from his but,you know like it won't say,real copy it's never to sell a real copy,but the stupid airport bookshops and,barnes noble's going to put it front,center just kind of his name and the,timing,so they'll make their 2 million bucks,back it's like everything else involving,the bidens it's it's a money,making scheme and nobody thinks it's on,the level,and there's another there's a couple,other books there's a movie,being made about hunter called my son,hunter,that won't get any publicity but that'll,be interesting and then there's a book,by the,new york post uh editor miranda devine,uh which has a great cover photo of a,hunter with a cigarette in his mouth,um it's called the laptop from hell and,it's all about stuff on the laptop,that will be an interesting read a much,better read,i think than i just picture hunter's,book as being,you know you know it's a scheme you know,that he's not doing it for any,you know righteous reasons you know he's,just trying to make money just trying to,you know tell the guys,just get through it that's all get,through it you know it's full of full of,lies i can't imagine actually,plunking down 25 30 bucks or even,ordering on amazon and thinking you're,going to get any,truth out of it

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Maxine Waters Calls for Violence in Minneapolis

Maxine Waters Calls for Violence in Minneapolis

it is going to be a,a scene in minneapolis today let's put,it that way,there will be closing statements they,can go as long as they want the,prosecution in the defense,and then it goes to the jury which is,half white this is every time you,mention the jury you gotta mention how,how what the races are half white and,half black or mixed race,so half of someone i'm not sure we can,blame the racial makeup of the jury,if uh chauvin doesn't get convicted now,people are talking about a potential,acquittal,that's not going to happen in my,estimation i've followed it pretty,closely,there are two possible two possibilities,he gets convicted i would never dismiss,that because,jurors are human and they are afraid and,they've been threatened,and will get to maxine waters they've,been doxxed,they know what's happening outside they,were not sequestered,they're in a courtroom a courthouse and,they,it's surrounded by fence and concrete,barriers and razor wire,and protesters and al sharpton and,maxine waters the jurors know what's at,stake,and i it'll be a shame if they base,their vote their decision on,the mob if the mob makes,uh makes them convict on all counts just,to avoid,violence or to admit it's going to be,violence no matter what but to minimize,it that would be a shame,that would be a crime and and it'll be,on the head of the,the judge and anybody else who said,we shouldn't move it and we shouldn't,sequester the jury it's insane and those,i assume are,our potential uh appeal points because,have you ever seen a trial where it,belongs somewhere else more than this,trial i mean they're literal it's like,that uh time to kill in uh in,the john grisham book in movie which was,damn good movie with uh,samuel jackson and a bunch of other,people chris cooper,um the the mob is waiting,and they're demanding demanding,yeah and they're making all the,adjustments there in minneapolis like,they know what's coming,so it's like like if you're sending kids,to remote learning,like you're you're that's a good point,there what is it later this week,is it not today i think it starts,wednesday because that's like that's,wednesday,kids who haven't been in school much in,the past year,again are going to be kept at home,because of potential violence we know,they canceled a uh,a red sox and twins game last week for,potential violence because of the,the dante right shooting but this this,is different,if you follow the trial there's no way,that he should be convicted,or will be i don't think convicted on,all counts one of the counts i was just,going over the,the charges again and one of them just,seems ridiculous that,uh is it third degree murder yeah that,that uh,he would be convicted of that like um,if you look at the definition the,explanation of the three counts,the third degree murder they initially,dropped it and said no we can't make,this case,it was they were ordered by a judge,yeah uh an appeal on appeal,uh they were ordered to re-instate the,third degree,murder which the state initially,prosecution said,we can't do this this doesn't apply but,they made him do it anyway,a third degree murder requires,prosecutors to prove that someone caused,the death of another quote,by perpetrating an act imminently,dangerous to others,and evincing a depraved mind,without regard for human life um,you had to prove that chauvin and i,realized that this is fine with,whatever maxine waters and uh,whoever else uh and al sharpton but you,gotta prove he had a depraved mind,i'm not sure how you do that i think,there's gonna there's gonna,you're not gonna get a unanimous verdict,on,that so there you go there's three,counts one of them is either a hung jury,or acquittal right there,that's all it takes that's all it's,going to take there is a,sitting congress person outside two,nights ago outside of the courthouse in,cal,in minnesota she's from california she,doesn't live in her district she lives,in a six million dollar mansion,nearby but maxine waters one,the the probably the craziest member of,of congress was there demanding,a guilty verdict and saying that they we,need,confrontations essentially calling for,violence,now i seem to recall not that long ago,a president of the united states was,impeached because he allegedly called,for violence,uh of course he did no such thing he,said go peacefully and patriotically,protest the,uh down at the capitol they didn't,listen they got,a little violent but and that led to the,impeachment and by the way,the banning of the president from all,social media platforms,as far as i could see other than,marjorie taylor green no one is really,calling for drastic action against,maxine waters they just dismiss her as a,a crazy liberal and b you know just,yeah i'm not you know a liberal and a,nut and they just ah that's her that's,mad max,going off but listen to it do we have,maxine waters ready to go this is her,outside in,the city which in which business owners,and taxpayers and,good citizens are praying for a minimum,prank for yo

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Jury Deliberates in Chauvin Trial

Jury Deliberates in Chauvin Trial

we're looking live at the bronco chase i,believe that is uh derek chovin in the,uh white bronco he,says he's got a gun in his mouth he's,going to pull the trigger if they get,any closer but uh,why do i think we're heading toward some,kind of bronco,chase here uh shannon let me tell you,why this case is historic why i watched,a lot of it yesterday i commented on,on twitter when you know got a lot of,blow back from some people because i,think the defense defense,did a better job than the prosecution in,the uh,closing statements even though it was,too long,always too long i mean these guys don't,they know they didn't know that people,can't pay attention for two and a half,three hours,to one guy don't they see enough movies,don't they read grisham novels,supposed to keep it tight but i declared,the defense,the winner in the closing statements,shattuck but they aren't going to win in,the end,unfortunately this is going to be an,historic occasion a national,trial where the jury um,is completely affected influenced by the,mob,the mob is going to make this call,you heard analysts talking about,evidence yesterday breaking down the,facts and the testimony,none of it matters the reason the judge,called out uh maxine waters is because,he knows,he knows that mob outside led by her and,by al sharpton and we'll get to him the,most obnoxious tweet in the history of,twitter al sharpton yesterday but the,reason,the judge called her out is because he,knows it's a factor he knows his,jury is now sequestered is sitting there,going,i can't vote to acquit on anything,i can't even i mean if you give me a,count i'm voting to convict because i,live in this community this is,jury by mob this is verdict by mob and,it should scare everybody,right and you say now sequestered right,but not sequestered over the weekend,where they were allowed to go home,to see the riots in the streets and,there's one of the jurors,lives in brooklyn center so while maxine,waters is there stirring up the crowd,absolutely we would need guilty on,everything or else we have to get more,confrontational,they're seeing this stuff you'd be crazy,to vote not guilty on anything,here's the real uh to me the real,notable thing here,is they're going to vote to acquit,my prediction is they're going to have,two convictions and one hung jury,and then the prosecution because they,never should have brought the case,for a third degree uh as a third degree,murder,yeah uh they never should have brought,that case they dropped that the judge,originally dropped the court,reinstated it so they know they don't,have a good case so i'm gonna,i'm gonna give them this i'm gonna give,the defense this they're gonna be a hung,jury on that count the other two,are going they're going to vote to,convict and if they,if they don't i mean just on that,they'll be rioting just on that that,they don't convict,well consider what maxine waters,did to earn the wrath of the judge and,by the way be the number one topic on,every cable news show in the,in the world all day all night she,called for the jury to convict,derek chauvin of a charge he's not even,facing,she want demanded they convict him of,first degree murder,it's not even a thing you know i mean he,wasn't premeditated even,even the biggest critic or uh chopin,hater and the,fan of the prosecution has to admit that,they're not going to put them away,it's for life which is not good enough,for mad max,only some people are are even reporting,that that maxine,waters auntie maxine sorry cherry she's,an auntie maxine if you,listen to yamiche alcindor um right,uh you know yeah no the people aren't,even reporting that in,in wide scale that she came up with a um,a charge it's not even there of course,then people won't hear it because it,doesn't exist,yeah they have set the table i think no,matter what there are there are problems,i mean you know here's the big biggest,problem tommy,is you and me i mean i'm i'm not going,to blame the,jury i don't think the jury is basing,this vote,this verdict on the evidence entirely,certainly not,all 12 or all 14 of the jurors aren't,going to,base it on the evidence some of them are,going to base it on the mob,and i don't blame them i mean they,essentially already know,where they live you the new york times,was was uh,doxing them attempting the dachshund we,know a lot of people have doxxed,the uh uh the juror who's from brooklyn,center,um so they're they're and if they don't,do what the mob wants,i mean it's the next day antifa black,lives matter,outside their houses their families are,in danger here,this is this this judge is you know,screwed this whole thing up from the,beginning because there's never been a,case that cried,out for a venue change like this one i,honestly think you get a different,verdict if it's in,idaho or rhode island than if it's in,minneapolis they,see they know what will happen not just,to their neighborhood but to their house,to their home to their family to their,cars,and they don't want to ta

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Gerry Callahan Tries To Launch His New Podcast With Musical Producer "Doo-doo-doo" Dave Cullinane

Gerry Callahan Tries To Launch His New Podcast With Musical Producer "Doo-doo-doo" Dave Cullinane

so now he's sitting here with Dave,Cullinane like he must be thinking,please God let some radio station anyone,call me I'll take a job doing anything,anything incense what is that sand while,he's thinking that I could be more,comfortable but so Commodus y'all gonna,do is make I'm a singing that but he did,try to us that's sure with that dec,promotion correct you know like how am I,gonna play this fast and loose you know,just make some sounds pretty easy sure,you know it's funny as a guy I can't,believe a comfortable I am in the,situation let me show you in oh no worry,show for you just comfortable easygoing,guy who's having no trouble here behind,the computer okay I can't believe a,comma is the disaster at all boy it's,like it's like I can't log into this or,play any sound or anything I am not,terribly nervous that you didn't we,can't find sure surprised how,comfortable I am in this situation oh,you're not well let me make it easy for,you was it saying,we didn't know but decided I haven't,decided what we're calling the you,know the Callahan podcast to the,Callahan show or whatever yeah boy,so again I am NOT I am brain assigning,zero blame to Jerry on this whole thing,I know you're right I listen to it once,I got started they do have they do have,a decent Jerry's podcast is gonna be,great he's looking for feedback,he was a I don't know we're gonna call,the psych Jerry Lynn show and Dave goes,yeah yeah I mean that's what I'm saying,Curious George podcast is gonna be great,I had no problem Jerry's great,at this that's not gonna be a big issue,at all once he gets going to be,fantastic but he's getting no help from,is but he's literally saying right there,if you're going and listening they kick,it around a little bit yeah yeah yeah oh,he's gonna carry a jury you may be,concerned right now that I'm gonna,answer for the podcast but how about,this am i loving you with my son,easygoing guy start to show at the city,he's a great thing I've ever heard my,life when you tweet this out we need to,rip it but just play that little clip go,back to this side say you please I want,the only day that is so I have been hold,on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold,on I have been in rooms where I've made,people that uncomfortable like he's so,nervous I I you know we love Conan we,love we love comment I actually feel bad,for him there too it's Jerry's like I,mean Jerry doesn't make things he's like,me in the sense that I'm not making it,easier for you if you're uncomfortable,yeah like Jerry's not like hey Jerry,would never be like hey you know what,man like we're in this together you're,doing a great job,good luck with everything and I trust,your vision yeah that's not gonna happen,so call means but that sound was going,through my mind every day for the first,month I was on the show what should go,through mind every day,vocalize to do that is the that,basically is the soundtrack for you know,almost a discomfort or unease and,whenever days but that is that is the,soundtrack of it right there get ready,where is it due to do the deer if Jerry,they drop them with calling they've gone,okay sorry sorry there was a moment like,you know right these parties being,illegally recorded by the way I couldn't,have done it in a more obvious way I was,like hey see this see this computer here,that's running and is plugged into the,board don't touch this okay some very,sensitive things have seen makers case,legally right now and the record I like,that get it out there oh god yeah this,funny calling you this funny man,I don't hear that I am fascinated to see,what Jerry word for the year the colony,and Jerry dynamic once that podcast gets,rolling mmm cuz exciting cuz Dave's not,interested in this Terry talks about no,hear your davon Barry Armstrong show,Debbie like saying did you ever like,just say a bunch of words that don't,make any sense look at objects in the,room just say them in the order money,show ya the financial exchange the,infomercial on WR what did Dave do for,that he was Barry Armstrong's producer,Yeah right,well he left under like when Kim left,bury his co-host was Kim and then the,producer and his co-host let blew up the,show RKO but why does everybody hate,Cullinane why this call name leave like,Howie people hate them right yeah sales,just I don't know here with my whole,thing with I'm the only way ever ,brought this guy he's selling for you I,can understand the only guy who ever,gave a second chance,yeah hey true and he called you do ,and he hates me yeah without me he'd be,nowhere but the only reason I was,bringing a bury arm swing Cullinan has,experienced kind of shuckin and jivin,with an older crotchety male I think,Jerry Callahan I don't know Barry that,well it's a little different of an,animal to Barry Armstrong a little bit,yeah very on the guy way here in the,bathroom at like 10:00 a.m. yeah,probably,okay he's not it's a little different,yeah it's what's an infomercial he's,trying to get he's trying to get old,people to call an

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Nerves in Minneapolis Following Maxine Waters Calls for Violence

Nerves in Minneapolis Following Maxine Waters Calls for Violence

that's just a preview of coming,attractions if the,mob doesn't get its way and normally i'd,say,you know the that they should whatever,would go through account by count could,quit on this and convict on that and,maybe hung jury on that,they're all going to be scared they all,have to be nervous and who could blame,them,it'd be wild though if someone comes out,a juror comes out after the fact,says you know we were going to vote to,quit but,we didn't want to take any chances i,like my home i like my kids and my,family i can't take any chances,i mean moderately comparable was last,week with the dante wright shooting they,fired the city manager and the city,council people,admitted he had a like clean record,great guy,they were just fearful of backlash so,they voted fired him for saying,she deserves due process yeah in america,that a defendant deserves due process,and they fired him and they fired cop,the chief of police,got forced out he didn't get fired but i,think he gets squeezed out because he,said,it was a riot and the media yelled at,him there was a riot,and he said they threw bricks at us they,threw frozen cans of,a pop at us of course it was a riot and,the media just,were all up and armed because he used,the wrong terminology that's how nuts,this has gotten but i want to play,even though you probably already heard,it i want to play maxine juarez because,it is remarkable how dumb she is,because i don't think she even realizes,she's,demanding a guilty verdict from a jury,that's out i mean you might say let's,hope for a guilty verdict,but this is america an elected official,doesn't go there,demand that the child know the jury vote,her way but let's hear maxine and i hope,this includes her demand that they,convict him on,a charge on something he's not even,charged with armed reform,and so yes i would like to see,the bill in congress pass on police,reform,but i know that the right wing the,racist,are opposed to it and i don't know,what's going to happen to it,but i know this we've got to stay in the,street,and we've got to we've got to demand,justice as a black man despite all of,the efforts,i feel like nothing changes and george,ford is waking so many people up,yet nothing has happened just you know,despite the rhetoric like what,what needs to happen that's different,this year yeah,we're looking for a guilty verdict and,we're looking to see if,all of the talk that took place and has,been taking place,after they struck what happened to,george floyd,if nothing does not happen then we know,that we've got to not only stay in the,street,but we've got to fight for justice but i,am very hopeful,and i hope that we're going to get,a verdict that to say guilty guilty,guilty,and if we don't we cannot go away and,not just manslaughter right i mean,oh no not bachelor no no no this is this,is guilty,for murder i don't know whether it's in,the first degree but as far as i'm,concerned is supposed to be discovering,what happens if we do not get what you,just told what should the people do,what's your protesters on the street,i didn't hear you what happens what,should protesters do,well we gotta stay on the street uh and,we've got to get more,active we've got to get more,confrontational,we've got to make sure that they they,know that we need,business what do you think about this,curfew tonight,we got to get more confrontational this,is insane,because people i mean business is going,to be destroyed we know that,fires everything it's going to be,sickening hell last night they destroyed,a popeye's fried chicken and uh,in portland so that's showing the man,you know the show,a fast food place you know in the inner,city was that the anti-fascists,jerry yeah right that's true they're,they're trying to stop,fascists popeyes fried chicken i guess,is fascist i like that,with the maxine waters thing right there,the member of the credentialed media,saying as a black man,this happens it never seems to change,what's going to happen now,well it is amazing they're surrounded by,microphones a woman,who is what is she 80 um,who uh is calling for violence and and,her,leadership again is not denouncing her,here's what should be happening today,and i know it's,not she's 82 should be 83 this summer,obviously crazy and angry and,exciting violence and and,demanding the best part demanding on the,way to,minneapolis from the airport demanded a,police escort,and pr and security from the police and,then got to minnesota got to minneapolis,and demanded they defund the police

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