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Genshin Twitter is Canceroh boy another day another controversial,topic to make fun of welcome back,


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Genshin Twitter is Cancer

oh boy another day another controversial,topic to make fun of welcome back,gentlemen uh wait what 30 of my viewers,are women,uh welcome ladies gentlemen and uh,venti maines we've spoken about a good,amount of topics on this channel so far,fandoms prima gem cults,and of course gentian youtubers and,they've all had great feedback i've had,a great run on youtube and i'm very,grateful to every single one of you but,i think this video's topic,might end my short-lived career whenever,you speak about a sensitive or heated,subject it's the equivalent of walking,on a minefield so if that's the case,with regular heated subjects speaking,about genji and twitter is like walking,on the mother of all minefields in front,of guantanamo bay with 50 snipers,pointing a laser at you with all that,being said,let's do it anyway why not what's the,worst that could happen that's why you,subscribe to me right you want to see,this don't you you want to make fun of,everything don't you let's go maybe but,first,let's start with a very simple question,what is twitter twitter is a truly,wonderful app every person who uses it,just can't stop raving about how it's,filled with positive attitude how it,improves their mental health and how,they've never been happier,oh,what oh that's oh that's actually how,they feel after they uninstall it oh my,my bad sorry,long story short it's an app that people,use to vent out all their hatred and use,each other as punching bags in echo,chambers built out of styrofoam now look,gentian twitter is just like any other,crazy twitter fandom it has new,controversial drama an average of every,24 hours there's always something to be,mad about and people tweeting are,usually miserable and you can feel it,and of course since i make the best life,decisions i mean come on i'm a ginshin,player i thought it would be the perfect,time to make a video on ginge and,twitter while all hell is breaking loose,so what the hell is happening some,people are saying this controversy is,almost as big as the one that happened,during genji's anniversary event when,hoyovers decided you know what there's,no need to really reward our players for,one year right well it's really simple,but also really complicated it might,ruin your mood because of how stupid it,is but let's take a look anyway so as,you all might know already gentian,impact's 3.0 update promises to bring an,entirely new region called sumeru with a,crap ton of content a few weeks ago the,3.0 beta tester applications finally,opened up and all the leakers were,rejoicing finally we're going to get,some new content in this content drought,now were they exaggerated,no literally from the first hour this,beta came out we knew everything,characters the map all the content,that's going to come in by the way one,thing to keep in mind is that to even,apply like when you get accepted to the,beta you have to give them a picture of,your id,most likely a passport and you have to,sign an nda that legally binds you to,hoyoverse like you understand that right,so why are people pissed are you gonna,tell me are you gonna keep baiting me,and teasing me like this come on moojin,okay okay chill yo hey hey hey hey buddy,hey i'm on your side okay but i mean,seriously right like what do you think,is it because people are being spoiled,content that they don't want to see,until it comes out in the game is it,because hoyovers are starting to pursue,people legally because they have their,id and private information,no actually good guesses but no it's,it's it's about skin color uh,yeah skin color probably think you go,mujin you're kidding there's controversy,about skin color what do you mean this,is like an anime gotcha game who gives a, right well buddy go to hashtag,sumero on twitter and you will find,something interesting you'll think no,this isn't gentian impact this must be a,game called ethno wars now look i want,to make this clear i'm not going to show,the characters in this video not just,because it risks having hoyovers come at,me open up my hole so wide that they'll,start eating cereal out of it but,because i also don't want to spoil it,for people who aren't spoiling,themselves but just know the whole thing,started when seven characters from,sumero got leaked and only one of them,had some sort of a tan skin tone while,everyone else was pale so now you have,everyone on twitter complaining about,them being too pale even though they,weren't even meant to see the characters,until a few updates later now look there,are some funny memes let's go through,them real quick before we see the real,degeneracy that makes all gentian,players look so bad okay okay dude all,right man okay,okay,all right dude okay,all right you that's pretty funny i'm,not gonna lie,okay,all right look i'll admit it there are,some really funny memes that came out of,this but unfortunately it does have to,be ruined by some individuals that make,us look bad no no no not this no not,no not this listen he has a child body,pillow what

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Genshin Twitter is an Abomination (Keeps getting worse)

Genshin Twitter is an Abomination (Keeps getting worse)

3.0 is finally out the update we've all,been waiting for look at all this,content i can't wait to get through all,of it i can't wait to explore and enjoy,this game again i can't wait to,huh,you already finished it what the ,you already know what this is you know,what you clicked on twitter's acting up,again and we're here to yoink the front,seat so that we can witness pure organic,grass-fed vegan gluten-free cringe baby,wait what's this,new character reveals wow,let me act chalked just give me a second,i need to act shocked because i,definitely didn't see this character,leak months ago oh and neither did i see,this one oh my god i i can't contain my,excitement and then we have oh,wow i actually had no idea this,character existed,she actually wasn't leaked candace,candace huh,candace really,candice dick fit your,my my deepest apologies,please don't kill me yep that's the one,canvas,the newest character inspired by yugioh,the card game anime show that's so,awesome man let's see what people think,of her using her hashtag on twitter it,was at this moment,that moojin,objectively and unequivocally up,uh guys,guys what's going on guys hey,guys,what's going on,guys why does she keep getting darker i,don't understand oh i'll tell you what's,going on buddy welcome to the screening,of the movie ethno wars 2 uprising guys,are you come on are we gonna do this,every time a sumero character gets,revealed really huh okay so long story,short the absolutely normal and,non-concerning twitter population,finally discovered something called,the continent of africa,they then found a random twitter thread,of someone talking about a country,nation history called nubia in which,there was an ancient female warrior,called kandake there uh by the way,kondake isn't actually referring to a,person it's a title the same as king or,emperor but let's just ignore that okay,let's think and wear the whole thing,according to them,candace is inspired by her so she either,needs to be darker skinned or horrible,need to just delete the game close their,doors and cancel themselves out of,existence okay,but really hold on a second okay how,dare you,call holy verse racist they are very,diverse and inclusive they made albedo,blacker than minecraft obsidian during,the christmas event show me one game,that has a character with this much,melanin all white can this dick fit in,your mouth i hate this game, just please stop playing,if i have to see get you to get i'm,hanging myself and it's your fault go on,guys what are we waiting for huh,let's go down the rabbit hole,genjin is disgusting and the,community stay enabling that ,there's no way people have enough,candace knowing full well she's supposed,to be dark skinned,i was happy to see a tanned character,finally but then found out that she was,based on a dark-skinned black woman,it's upsetting,wait i don't i don't get it that was so,badly worded are you saying that you,don't like her because she's not black,enough or because she's based on someone,black,damn man i love this character and was,looking forward to playing them but then,i realized they were based off of,someone with a different skin color wow,dude now i can't enjoy them anymore i,judge characters based on their skin,tone i can't help it,why are you why are you looking at me,like that what did i say bro al haytham,is so hot but unfortunately i can't,enjoy him anymore i just found out he,has the same name as a historical,islamic arabic figure that looks old in,all his portraits so unless he's changed,to be at least 70 years old and have,wrinkles while also reading the quran,and all his idol animations i just can't,enjoy him based on his age and religion,life sucks doesn't it so you yes you the,viewer are probably wondering first how,do i nuke the planet second how the hell,do you explain this backwards logic well,thankfully this person can explain it,all the racism why sumero only has a few,positive points and how all arguments,against him are meaningless because he's,right and you're clearly wrong they also,mentioned it's concise okay cool let's,give it a shot hey yo hey yo hey yo,no no no no no no no no this can't be it,this is not about a video game character,no way this has to be a social,experiment and everything he wrote will,go into a super advanced phd,dissertation on human behavior and,twitter circles regarding asian media no,no no i refuse to believe this was all,written for the purpose of a liar skin,color on a video game character no no no,no,all right guys i'm back from uh intense,therapy at the asylum so let's let's,check the uh the actual arguments used,to defend these viewpoints it's just,fiction it's not based on real world,cultures innozuma storyline is literally,a copy of real world history but pop off,you know what man i'm sorry but i have,to side with twitter on this one yes yes,i know my viewers will be disappointed,but unfortunately i have to put my foot,down and fight for the people because i,completely agree with this stat

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These Twitter Artists Fixed Genshin Impact Characters By Making Them Black (but like, who asked??)

These Twitter Artists Fixed Genshin Impact Characters By Making Them Black (but like, who asked??)

today we're going to talk about fixing,art in the getting impact community and,how some twitter artists are fixing new,characters that were just announced,saying things like looky here we fixed,your character and made them better by,darkening the skin so you don't have to,because apparently there's a lack of,black or dark skinned playable,characters in ganshin impact and it's a,big problem in the genji impact fandom,on twitter also shout out to hiro hey i,originally watched his video talking,about this and it inspired me to make,this one cheers brother now it brings me,great discomfort saying this but fixing,art has loki become a recurring theme,with people within and outside of the,art community on twitter and not just,against an impact fandom from people who,started fixing art because they,genuinely thought they were making an,impact on the art community and standing,up for justice against fatphobia to,people who just see an image they don't,like and claim it doesn't fit with how,they see the world through a morally,accurate scope where representation is,the only thing that matters when it,comes to arts or even just creating,characters and ocs and since clearly,they have nothing else to do with their,time they just take matters into their,own hands and just fix any drawing that,doesn't scream woke or isn't black,enough,hey how's it going and welcome back to,the channel today's topic is going to be,covering the controversial characters in,the ganshin impact community and i have,heard about kenshin impact but i just,never have,played the game at all although i follow,a lot of artists on twitter that make,fan out of some of the characters from,the game and they all just look really,really nice so anyways go grab your,favorite drink of choice subscribe to,the channel for all the new people,watching if you want to support the,channel even further you can become a,member and join our small growing,community you can just do both if you're,feeling lucky yes i want you to do both,i want you to subscribe and i want you,to join the channel and become a member,yes join the channel and become a member,thank you very much right now,so some weeks ago hoyoverse announced a,new character for their game against in,impact for anyone who has never heard of,genshin impact and has no idea what it,is genji and impact is an open world rpg,game published by mihoyo which recently,rebounded itself to royal verse the game,is set in a fantasy world called tevat,and players can choose between multiple,characters to explore earn rewards for,completing tasks level up their,character find treasures and battle it,out with mini bosses at different points,in the game the game has seven nations,which are supposedly based off of real,countries but i'm not sure how accurate,that is so for any of you who played the,game or just know more about the lore of,the game please do us a favor and,explain it to us in the comments in,detail if i make any mistake in the,video so apparently they posted a new,character on their twitter which is what,they do for their characters whenever,they make a new set of playable,characters for a new update they just,announce it on twitter and share the,design of the characters right there on,twitter so fans of the game can just get,hyped and excited to play as these new,characters in the game and from,everything i have noticed the game,actually has a really huge fan base and,a very active community on twitter,discord and literally every other social,media platform and as usual after they,announced the new characters also fans,were excited about this announcement and,couldn't wait to play as the characters,others were just excited about how the,art looked and complimented the,characters the costumes and just talked,about how good the art has always been,but after scrolling through a lot of the,comments a common complaint i kept,seeing was but why is she so pale why,can't we never have darker toned,characters and this is literally what we,receive when waiting for our,representation gentian should pay more,attention to where each character spends,most time in if it's in desert then it,makes more sense for the characters to,be tanner i hope that kenshin creates,more of a variety when it comes to skin,tones and pay more attention to their,environment so quite a number of people,were calling out the creators of genting,impact for neglecting darker skinned,characters and mostly having all their,characters predominantly light-skinned,or,pale and apparently their major gripe is,the character is supposed to be part of,the sumeru nation which according to the,law but their design is based off of the,middle east and some parts of south,asian culture with some influences from,ancient egypt india persia and,mesopotamia now these were mostly,speculations and were never truly,confirmed by the developers of the game,but usually in games movies cartoons and,anime you can immediately tell what,culture a character or location is based,of

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If Genshin Impact Characters Had Twitter

If Genshin Impact Characters Had Twitter

hi i'm back i would like to apologize,for the slow uploads i've been really,busy with school lately so i barely have,time to make videos anyway enough,stalling i hope you enjoy this short,video and without further ado if jenshin,impact characters had twitter,at twitter please verify me,in your dreams,imagine not being verified lol,mean,imagine having an ugly witch and an,annoying brat as your colleagues,couldn't be me who are you calling ugly,brat,i never mentioned your name i mean if,you say so,you're the brat,says the short one lol,happy new year,do you not know how to crop,what do cultivated plants have to do,with new year wishes,that's not what i meant,crop noun plural noun crops a cultivated,plant that is grown on a large scale,commercially especially a cereal fruit,or vegetable,bra,subscribe to my youtube channel for,quality roblox content link in bio,lmao you have a roblox channel i'm,wheezing,that wasn't me tuser used my account,sure thing buddy,at lumen at ether please subscribe there,is cooking mama content too,i'm dead at user stop,my phone screen is cracked how do i fix,it,let me take a look take a picture of,your phone screen,how do i do that,pymon knows just press your lock button,and your volume down button at the same,time,okay thanks at zomli i tweeted a photo,it looks totally fine there are no,cracks i think it's fixed,fine there are clearly cracks on it do,you need to get your eyesight checked i,am genuinely concerned for you,brah that's not how it works,at diona i'm free today i just got some,new bombs that albedo need sean and i,made do you want to bomb don winery,later,um let's go to starfell lake and test,those bombs on the fish instead shall we,i thought you wanted to destroy,monstat's wine industry and i figured,that we could start by bombing don,winery because it has wine in its name,fishing it is,sometimes i wanna commit die,omg same bestie i can introduce you too,to a therapist meet me at chingshare,village at 3 p.m tomorrow,i've always wondered what does the blue,tick beside my name mean,at twitter how is a child verified and,i'm not,must be karma for the what prank,fight me at kyujo sara or should i say,at kyujo chicken,leave me alone before i get a,restraining order,tomorrow 5 pm outside konda village,zara blocked me what did i even do,spammed her 73 times on twitter,dm her over 1000 messages,screamed her name and chased after her,demanding for a fight every time you see,her,and what's wrong with that,new year's special our funeral services,will have a 20 discount from the 1st to,15th of january plan and organize your,funerals now,sounds like a good offer time to commit,that,can i join bra stop

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Genshin Twitter did NOT expect Nahida's VA reveal...

Genshin Twitter did NOT expect Nahida's VA reveal...

two weeks ago you may remember a segment,i ran talking about backlash kusanali,got from parts of gentian twitter where,people were complaining about her chalk,white skin oh it's just so offensive and,also basically saying that hoyoverse is,a racist map company gotta be careful,how i phrased that here on youtube then,of course just the backlash sumaru has,been getting overall from a bunch of,bigoted people on genji and twitter,making prejudicial statements about the,characters and such like a bunch of them,literally called these characters,arguably prejudicial slurs like snow,roaches point is lots of bigots across,social media have been making very,prejudicial remarks towards these,characters because of the color of their,skin and very bizarre how they accuse,hoyo versus being some terrible racist,company yet they continue to willingly,support them as i said before it's one,thing if you dislike the gameplay for x,reason and you still want to sport the,game and see it become better it's,different if you actually think the,company is like some racist map company,though why would you support that ah,that's right because twitter cops like,them are some of the fakest people in,the world anyways intro aside let's get,to today's news and i think you're gonna,enjoy this if you like segments like,this please consider liking and,subscribing for more every day i present,to you kimberly who is officially going,to be the english dub voice for kusanali,najida ingention impact and this is,particularly interesting because,unfortunately like we've already covered,there's a lot of bigots on social media,that like to play identity politics and,well if you take a look at kimberly's,bio she is a black voice actor so just,take a moment and let that sink in this,character and her va and what do you,think the bigoted part of genji twitter,thinks about this news so sorry you,couldn't have voiced someone melanated,even when the character design should,have been so i'm happy for you but i'm,sure you know what more can be done in,this space please be a small voice for,representation in games for us so tired,of being heard but not seen you could,see some pushback that person got in a,comment right here as well as their,response right below it everyone repeat,after me just because the characters,hate is deserved does not mean we hate,on the voice artist yeah i agree don't,hate the va it's still really weird to,hate this character just because of her,skin color though that's literally what,a racist person would do this is so,embarrassing why would you post this and,you got a good comment right here,basically calling that person out for,being a freaking bigot the amount of,hate i'm finding in this post is,disgusting it's literally a character in,a game stop treating genjin like it's,real life still a big dub for the va,it's certainly amusing seeing genji and,twitter react to this news anyways,congrats to kimberly i think she'll do a,good job i've only heard her work as,naga toro however i did like it speaking,of which when she was cast as nagatoro,there was a thread showing these tweets,that kimberly received and one which,included the n-word as well that,obviously i'm not gonna show and about,an hour after this happened someone made,a thread hating on me for not covering,it like an hour is enough for me to know,about the situation record edit upload,etc plus i wasn't even home at the time,so when i got home and i saw the hate,thread on me for not covering something,that i didn't even know occurred it only,made me not want to cover that and,what's really crazy is i saw twitter,cops literally getting more upset at me,for not covering this than they were,about the hate tweets that she got so i,made this tweet expecting it to upset,the twitter cops even more since i was,calling out their overtly fake activism,and sure enough they did get upset at,that how ridiculous is that though,hating on me for not covering something,an hour after it happened anyways seemed,like a good time to mention that,shenanigans so thanks for tuning in let,me know what you think in the comments,and i'll see you there as well as in the,next segment

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Genshin Twitter more like...

Genshin Twitter more like...

the genjen impact fandom is an alluring,mysterious and sometimes downright crazy,place to be a part of and let me tell,you what besties when it comes to,twitter versus youtube we know who is,coming out on top when it comes to those,being more sensible it is a hundred,percent gonna be youtube because twitter,stays wild in but hey before we get,started if you do like this kind of,video i hope you stick around the,channel hit the like and hit the,subscribe button leave a comment i play,game slash upload daily so it'd be super,cool to have you hang around the channel,anyways let's get into it,so first off i want to talk about is,fast master's tweet which is in regards,to dory that's right a little bit of,that content creator gossip baby it's,not really gossip at this point it's,just flat out just a tweet that has,literally forty five thousand likes at,the time that i recorded this it's,comparing screenshots of genjen impact's,official tweet for dory and the official,uploads comment sections for her,character demo on their channel and oh,my god the comparison is wild,oh,see how,cringe and,toxic the twitter comments are versus,just the happy cutesy youtube comments,that we know and love it was wild it's,like y'all got caught in 4k violin,it was,i just thought it was a little bit of,fun to take a look at here so bam here,it is on the screen,speaking of which i have a twitter now,it's alicia xlife vt,as in feedtuber at the end if you want,to tag me and stuff for the hot tea and,gossip,i'm all about it besties also really,cool shallow fan art because you know me,i'd be a sim pee,anyways two parts two we are going to,talk about in a little bit of an older,tweet but,it's actually about otsu's tweet asian,guy stream otsu is awoke ass mo ,i'ma be real with you his takes that i,usually read all the way through because,they're pretty long and extensive when,he has one are pretty damn decent,and though there's times where i differ,from them i always love the way he,articulates it but this one is where i,don't know if i fully agree,so,i would like to bring it up with you,guys and start a conversation obviously,with being respectful in the comments i,do not want anybody saying anything,negative about the people that i talk,about in my videos,i think it's up i wouldn't want,anyone to speak negatively about me,especially in comments so please just,pay them the same courtesy we're not,here to be toxic we're here to have a,conversation so,we've got something not nice to say,about the people i mentioned you can, off huh huh,anyways disclaimer is over now we're on,to the main meet so as you can see here,author's tweet is about candace and this,is something i've covered a little bit,about on my channel but let me go,further in i'm very much on the fence,when it comes to the situation i want to,explain the thought process as well as,both sides to this argument for those of,you who are confused on what the hell is,going on first we shall begin with,otsu's tweet it says here it's cool if,you like her design but it would all it,would also be cooler if you acknowledge,the reference and why many people find,it offensive i'm not crucifying you for,enjoying a character,but,being understanding of why proper,representation in media you love matters,would be nice as somebody who,is clearly of darker skin even though,i'm using a vtuber model right now,i really enjoy seeing representation of,myself in games i get excited for it it,makes me really happy do i care about,how pigmented the skin is not so much,i'm happy to see diversity and,saying a character's not black enough,just feels cringe to me and i've said,that previously as well but this is a,thought i had while recording but maybe,pause for a second to think about it and,then hit record again,and that's this kind of dark intrusive,thought that i never really talked about,before in my previous videos what if,they're not making darker skinned,playable characters because they think,it won't sell as well because they have,npcs who are darker that's really dope,and they even have a dark-skinned,playable character in hong kai star rail,for newest game coming out his name is,arlen but they haven't done it for,tension in my optimistic brain my brain,is saying do you know what we have a,while until we get more characters for,sumaru eventually they're probably going,to add a darker skinned character,in my opinion though we cannot truly,know their intents,right so this is me speaking straight,out of my ass for this part,just me assumption making an ass out of,you and me,i'm saying,is,wouldn't the perfect way to test,engage your audience's response be to,put dark-skinned npcs into your game,see how people take to them then roll,out for your main characters especially,for a country that the game originates,from that has barely any black,representation homie they let this afro,rock and honkai star rail they clearly,don't got black people in china because,otherwise who the would let that,light up go loo

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Genshin Twitter is NOT happy with this Art...

Genshin Twitter is NOT happy with this Art...

all right guys yesterday i ran a segment,talking about gentian impact and artists,on twitter getting backlash for,quote-unquote racist orientalist designs,or something of the sort in that video,it was almost 10 minutes long and i,thoroughly explained not just the topic,but also my opinion you know somewhat,thoroughly i could definitely explain it,even more thoroughly but the point is,compared to my usual like two to three,minute long segment that one was,certainly more in depth and what i'm,getting at is in this video though we've,had a similar that we have a similar,topic here excuse me i don't want to,rehash everything i said in yesterday's,videos that would be extremely redundant,for people that saw it and for myself,too like i literally don't want to,repeat everything i said yesterday i,think you can understand hope you can,although if you missed that segment i,want to check it out link in the,description for you keep it nice and,simple and here's today's topic thank,you for the tag once again hi lol always,appreciate you says 91 000 people like,this post and i'm assuming 100 000 plus,people eventually to be liking it as the,post grows 15 000 people retweeted the,post and also liked it only 1 000 people,hated this post that just means there's,nothing wrong with the post and that,normal people are fine with it so wait,are you telling me that the angry people,is really just a small and loud group,well that can't be they're supposed to,speak for everyone i'm gonna point out,that i'm being sarcastic there some,people just never get my sarcasm maybe,it's my fault maybe my sarcasm is too,dry i don't know so we have this artist,pc crow i will also have their ad in the,description if you want to check out,their art here in the video or more of,their art on their profile as you'll get,a better you know be able to see this,better on your own i'm only going to,show so much of this art you can get the,point though so if you saw yesterday's,segment i think you'll already be able,to predict why people are upset with,this i mean i kind of alluded to it,already in this video let's take a look,i see also tagged by candy thank you for,the tag and nv2 thank you for the tag as,well looks like juniper's not so happy,about that though says it's embarrassing,to tag me personally i think it's,embarrassing for juniper to get pressed,over such trivial things that's how they,want to live their life though go for it,and so here's why one percent of the,people engaging with this tweet or so,are offended at the art as mentioned,it's pretty similar to the stuff we,talked about yesterday returning to high,lol they make another interesting point,here essentially talking about how,cultures including their own are too,strict and oppressive to them especially,as a gay man who wants to feel sexy and,stuff like that and to be clear i'm not,saying that high lol is or is not,egyptian i'm not too familiar with this,term i believe this can be used as a,somewhat broad term though so i'm just,kind of making a generalization right,now so what do you do when two sides of,the same culture are saying vastly,different things one side says something,is offensive and the other side says,it's not offensive furthermore what if,the people saying it's not offensive are,the majority then should everyone bow,down to the offended side just because,well i think these sort of things should,be handled on a more case-by-case basis,if i know for example one egyptian,person who doesn't care about what,twitter cops care about then maybe i,would tag them in art by pc crow the,artist featured in this video however if,i know a different egyptian person who,doesn't like that sort of art obviously,i'm not going to tag them there this is,a very rudimentary example however i,think the point is clear enough overall,i think there are more net benefits to,respecting people as individuals as,opposed to sticking them all in the same,label and dictating how they should all,think and act and it's important i make,this clear i'm specifically talking,about groups and treating people like,this in the context of for example art,on twitter that may offend some people,and not offend others i'm not saying,this applies to every group for example,there are obviously like crazy extremist,groups out there that just want to make,people suffer what i'm saying does not,apply in those situations and i will,also say this what i'm saying may not,apply at all because once again this is,just my opinion and maybe it has no,relevance to anything which is totally,possible i will also say this my opinion,tends to change fairly often as i,acquire new knowledge and information,and hear different sides and,perspectives on things in closing let's,return to the issue people out with pc,crow's art,and an interesting comment made by coco,goat that says so i bet you're fine with,the sexualization of japanese shrine,maidens the shogun and the chinese,female deputy in sexy body suits right,it's an interesting poi

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Genshin Twitter gets OWNED!!

Genshin Twitter gets OWNED!!

imagine getting ratioed this hard in,public oh my God the embarrassment,well there are haters for the new,character already but this time the,genjun impact Community is not having it,no more they say you want to run a,crusade against our waifus no no no no,Layla a new character that just got,announced today alongside of nahida is,announced for the new Banner uh well the,one to take place for patch 3.2 and,people were already upset about it but,this time this time,rather than everyone uniting to be upset,we saw people clap back in a super Petty,fashion and I live for it so let's jump,over and take a look so here we have the,golden Comet,I'm typing that's it that seals the deal,I've been playing Genji for two years,and and all my time of playing I've,never seen an anniversary it's bad,I've had enough of it until you add a,proper POC representation I'm taking my,skills to Tower of fantasy where they,know how to run a game,oh my God the irony,the irony of this one you're racist as,high as if you're saying that the,brown people are invalid because they're,not the type of brown people you want,that's cringe honestly so weird of you,second part right wait listen if you,want to have darker skin tones of the,games like that that's cool I'm not,gonna tickle your opinion from you but,saying that there's no proper,POC representation,homie,homie bad look bad look also the fact,that you mentioned Tower of fantasy as,the game that you want to run off to,Tower of fantasy with one of the,sketchiest companies ever,developing that game,what,what representation are you looking for,over in Tower fantasy that's the real,question what is happening,you wild for real okay okay now we get,to the fun part now we get to the real,fun part the replies into comments cause,my God it got ratioed,the comments are mostly like cool cool,like good for you,um okay bye,it's so good but here comes my personal,favorite so true ratio Lord has walked,into the room and it's this one they,literally copied what they wrote put it,in quotation marks and put a nerd Emoji,that's it that's it hitting 940 likes on,that ish it is beautiful,so yeah just a little bit of light fun,going on this morning uh,because we all knew that Genji would,have some sort of drama going on as soon,as they announced new characters but,just to see it kind of get clapped back,at is really satisfying for Twitter,anyways I'm Gonna Catch You guys later I,actually have a flight to catch I'm,heading home I've actually been away for,the past few weeks uh but yeah I should,be heading home today slash tomorrow and,I'll be back with more context,make sure to stick around the channel,for when I pull for Cena because I'm,gonna be pulling for him and Candace as,well as playing the our Conquest on,stream here on YouTube so yeah alrighty,I'll catch you guys later bye bye

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