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The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (Official Video)(soothing music),♪ And all I am is a man ♪,♪ I w

The Neighbourhood

Updated on Jan 31,2023

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (Official Video)

(soothing music),♪ And all I am is a man ♪,♪ I want the world in my hands ♪,♪ I hate the beach but I stand ♪,♪ In California with my toes in the sand ♪,♪ Use the sleeves of my sweater ♪,♪ Let's have an adventure ♪,♪ Head in the clouds, but my gravity's centered ♪,♪ Touch my neck and I'll touch yours ♪,♪ You in those little high-waisted shorts, oh ♪,♪ She knows what I think about ♪,♪ And what I think about ♪,♪ One love, two mouths ♪,♪ One love, one house ♪,♪ No shirt, no blouse ♪,♪ Just us, you find out ♪,♪ Nothing that I wouldn't wanna tell you about, no ♪,♪ 'Cause it's too cold ♪,♪ For you here and now ♪,♪ So let me hold ♪,♪ Both your hands in the holes of my sweater ♪,♪ And if I may just take your breath away ♪,♪ I don't mind if there's not much to say ♪,♪ Sometimes the silence guides our minds ♪,♪ So move to a place so far away ♪,♪ The goosebumps start to raise ♪,♪ The minute that my left hand meets your waist ♪,♪ And then I watch your face ♪,♪ Put my finger on your tongue ♪,♪ 'Cause you love to taste, yeah ♪,♪ These hearts adore ♪,♪ Everyone the other beats hardest for ♪,♪ Inside this place is warm ♪,♪ Outside it starts to pour ♪,♪ Coming down ♪,♪ One love, two mouths ♪,♪ One love, one house ♪,♪ No shirt, no blouse ♪,♪ Just us, you find out ♪,♪ Nothing that I wouldn't wanna tell you about, no, no, no ♪,♪ 'Cause it's too cold ♪,♪ For you here and now ♪,♪ So let me hold ♪,♪ Both your hands in the holes of my sweater ♪,♪ 'Cause it's too cold ♪,♪ For you here and now ♪,♪ So let me hold ♪,♪ Both your hands in the holes of my sweater, whoa ♪,♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa ♪,♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa ♪,♪ Whoa, whoa ♪,♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa ♪,♪ Whoa, whoa ♪,♪ 'Cause it's too cold ♪,♪ For you here and now ♪,♪ So let me hold ♪,♪ Both your hands in the holes of my sweater ♪,♪ It's too cold ♪,♪ For you here and now ♪,♪ Let me hold ♪,♪ Both your hands in the holes of my sweater ♪,♪ And it's too cold ♪,♪ It's too cold ♪,♪ The holes of my sweater ♪

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So, Twitter Thinks TikTok is Ruining Art

So, Twitter Thinks TikTok is Ruining Art

hi welcome or welcome back to my channel,my name is Shania but I use a pen name,shansper hero on YouTube who really,cares that doesn't matter I need to tell,you something one here's my Halloween,costume,made it myself I'm baby doll from the,movie Sucker Punch,um a movie about community and,friendship and nothing bad at all,happens Oscar Isaac's in it,but he's playing a horrible person,BTW I filmed the entire process of,sewing this and I'll be up on my second,Channel come November don't ask me what,day number two there is a growing,Darkness within me I hate to sound,dramatic but I think I'm losing,passion in my work I can't tell if it's,just because I'm depressed or if my own,standards are starting to drain me but,my job is starting to feel like an,actual job it feels like I'm clocking,into a nine to five every Monday and I,want to fight my supervisor in the,parking lot after my lunch break I'm,generally known for like long elaborate,and hopefully highly produced videos but,I can't take it anymore and the,algorithm says it's going to drag me out,back and shoot me if I don't post more,than once a month I'm gonna try,something a little different I'm going,to try posting bi-monthly and the first,video of the month will be my usual,poetic chaos costume set designs the,whole shebang the second video of the,month will be me and my two brain cells,fighting for our lives I'm going to,scale back on the theatrics and research,for these and treat them more like an,ordinary commentary video hopefully this,alteration will help spark joy in my job,again and I can continue making engaging,content for you,what why are we not talking about Tick,Tock yet oh Well I I thought I was just,talking about something that you have a,46 audience retention rate for this,video if you don't touch the chains in,the next five seconds we're nuking you,the channel and the dog I don't have a,dog we'll find one,so the streets are saying Tick Tock is,ruining the media industry,for those that don't know Tick Tock is a,video sharing platform that originally,started with a 15 second recording limit,it features all sorts of wacky things,from serial killer thirst traps to,videos of dudes with 401ks grinding on,their beanbag chairs what would you do,if I was your server and after you,ordered your food we made eye contact,and I asked you slowly,is there anything else I could get you,lucky for me none of that shows up on my,for you page because I'm normal and also,the app was originally released to the,Chinese market in 2016 under the name,doyan and didn't hit International,markets until 2017 and 18 especially,since then it's been accused of 18 war,crimes 14 acts of treason poisoning the,water supply burning the crops and,delivering a plague upon our houses,no but are we just gonna wait around,until he does the first big critique is,the potential of tick-tock addiction,seeing as how a majority of its,demographic open the app daily and spend,upwards of one hour and 30 minutes on it,per session which sounds pretty vanilla,but on average Tick Tock users open the,app 17 times across the span of a day so,Tick Tock has tried to combat this,problem by essentially rolling out,curfews for their younger audiences and,implementing reminders throughout the,app for its users to take a break from,scrolling but be for real even,if these precautions did help which I,doubt they would there's also the other,34 crimes tarnishing tick tock's image,misinformation is a really big critique,which is scary considering a rising,number of Youth rely on Tick-Tock for,news and current events and the app is,constantly brought up in conversations,of appropriation as black content and,friends are taken over by non-black,people who get all of the credit while,black content creators are allegedly,suppressed on the platform,oh and it was also threatened with,banishment by the former president of,the United States unless a very American,company brought it out,and there was that silly little,Revelation by their internal documents,that Tick Tock allegedly suppresses,content by people they deem too ugly,too poor to abnormally shaped,or people that are gay disabled or,wrinkled for some reason,it's like the boardroom is already full,of homophobia and ableism and someone in,the back of the room's like you know,what,despite all of this the app is doing,extremely well Drew Harwell describes,tiktok as one of the most prominent,disgust distrusted technically,sophisticated and geopolitically,complicated juggernauts on the internet,in 2019 it was named the seventh most,downloaded app of the 2010s and was,downloaded more than Facebook YouTube,and Instagram in 2018 and 2019. as of,October 2020 it boasts 20 billion mobile,downloads globally and 130 million,downloads in the United States alone,this has garnered it four billion,dollars in ad revenue for the year 2021,and it was visited more times than,Google during the same year Tick Tock is,definitely giving social media a run for,its money when you outp

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Beloved TikTok Couple At The Center Of A Murder Investigation | TSR Investigates

Beloved TikTok Couple At The Center Of A Murder Investigation | TSR Investigates

a tick-tock couple wrapped up in a,murder investigation john is okay i am,okay you guys i'm okay police say they,shot and killed a 28 year old man what,they say linked them to the crime and,what police are telling us about a,possible motive,i'm justin carter this is tsr,investigates,the shooting happened august 1st in the,small town of rossville georgia with a,population of 4 000 it's a part of,walker county it's right on the,tennessee border now the sheriff steve,wilson says that they received a 9-1-1,call about shots fired at a residence,and they found 28 year old dakota,bradshaw clinging to his life he was,rushed to the hospital where he later,died now the georgia bureau of,investigations would later secure a,murder warrant and sheriff wilson says,that witnesses started sharing their,accounts of what happened and that's,what ultimately led,to their first arrest,so for the past couple days in the media,i've been seeing like,a lot of things about john and,y'all are concerned about john is he,okay has he harmed someone like has he,did anything to someone no he has not,done anything to,no one this is 23 year old influencer,eric dodds in his final tick tock on,august 16th,15 days after the shooting he was giving,an update to his 800 000 plus followers,on the arrest of his boyfriend and,fellow tick-tocker jonte collier who he,calls john,collier had been arrested on august 8th,y'all know john john will not harm a,soul he's the most free spirited caring,person that i know just one day after,the post dodds would also be arrested,early on we began working,witnesses,of people who live in the community and,we were able to develop leads within,about,eight to 12 hours that,put us on a,track that,ultimately led to,the arrest of two individuals,23 year-old john kay kevon collier and,23-year-old eric dodds of huntsville,alabama the walker county sheriff spoke,to us by phone telling us that multiple,witnesses came forward describing two,distinct vehicles speeding off shortly,after the incident witness statements,led us to be looking for,two different vehicles one was a red,pickup truck and one was a,dodge,charger challenger,and,and as it turns out,those vehicles have been connected to,collier and dodge,those vehicles also eminently displayed,in their photos on social media a dodge,ram matching the description of the red,pickup truck scene and other selfies,inside of a dark colored sports car,believed to be a dodge challenger the,investigation is not over by any means,it is still active and ongoing sheriff,wilson says that the victim dakota,bradshaw was standing in front of a,window of a home when he was shot the,suspects according to police were parked,in the driveway and the shooter got into,a red pickup truck sheriff wilson says,that it is still unclear who exactly,pulled the trigger but in a news release,the georgia bureau of investigation says,that they executed a search warrant over,100 miles away in huntsville alabama,where they made their arrests police say,they don't know why the suspects drove,about an hour and a half away and they,have not revealed a motive,enj is okay and we'll be back together,and back posting very soon the victim's,family and friends have been active on,social media his mother tracy bankston,wrote on facebook quote that this is a,pain that no mother should ever have to,go through dakota i'm not sure why this,happened son but baby boy i promise you,there is no stopping your mom till every,one of these people that are involved,pay for what they have done to you you,know i love you baby with all my heart,i'm broken without you but i will fight,with all my might till justice is done,police say that they are aware of dodds,and collier's online presence and are,pushing for people who know anything at,all about this case to come forward for,tsr investigates i'm justin carter,hello roommates and thank you for,watching our youtube channel do you want,more tsr investigates be sure to,subscribe and check us out at,

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The 14-Year-Old TikTok Murderer: Claire Miller

The 14-Year-Old TikTok Murderer: Claire Miller

hello hello hello everyone it seems like,since the last time i covered a tick,tock murderer on this channel more,horrible things on tick tock have,happened since then which valve is my,reason for staying off that godforsaken,app for now at least,sometimes i'm tempted to get on it,sometimes and shout out to yet another,wonderful member of our discord server,for suggesting today's case if you want,to join us for some fun unsolved network,holiday shenanigans the link to the,servers down below today i continue our,exploration into the question of whether,or not the worst monsters are no longer,hiding in the dark but here in the light,of the technology beaming right,into our faces,let's begin,today we are looking at the case of,claire miller a 14 year old pennsylvania,freshman who gained 11 000 followers on,her tick tock after stabbing her older,sister to death and uploading spine,chilling videos on the platform,immediately after the incident,this is the story of the miller family,and one february night that changed,their lives forever mark and marie,miller resided in mannheim township in,lancaster pennsylvania with their,daughters 14 year old claire and 19 year,old helen they lived comfortably in,their 2500 square foot home and the,millers invested in raising their,daughters with the best intentions,including sending claire to lancaster,country day school a costly pennsylvania,private school and helen receiving her,education through the mannheim township,school district the sisters appeared to,lead pleasant lives and have a healthy,bond while in middle school claire had,played field hockey and was on the,school activities committee and helped,take care of her older sister helen who,had cerebral palsy and relied on a,wheelchair claire would accompany her,sister to doctors appointments and would,reportedly stay alongside her through,difficult times the incident within the,seemingly ordinary nuclear family left,the community wondering what in the,world led to such a dark turn of events,the night of february 21 2021 seemed,like any other night helen went to bed,as usual and their parents went to sleep,claire however had different plans,around 1am she grabbed the knife entered,her sister's room and stabbed helen,multiple times claire then covered,helen's face with a pillow after,brutally attacking her sister claire,called the police around 108 am she was,described as sounding hysterical,confessing that she had killed her,sister claire then went outside into the,snow to wait for the police and wipe off,the blood the police arrived five,minutes later at 1 13 am where they were,greeted by the 14 year old waving them,over her hands pants and the surrounding,snow were covered in blood claire,directed the police to her sister's,bedroom telling them repeatedly i,stabbed my sister the police found helen,lying on her back her bed covered in,blood and a pillow covering her face,when the police removed the pillow they,found a large pool of blood on helen's,chest her arms by her face and as,described in affidavit a large knife in,helen's neck just above her chest police,chief tom rudzinski is quoted saying i,don't know that i have ever been a part,of something that is quite as sad as,this how could something so tragic have,happened seemingly out of the blue what,were claire's motives at the time of the,murder claire was the co-president of,her 9th grade class and was active on,tick tock under the username at spirits,and such consulting which had amassed a,falling of about 21 000,she would post videos of anime and video,games she enjoyed which appeared to have,sinister themes according to the daily,mail clare had posted a video containing,screenshots from the japanese video game,danganropa in which high school students,are manipulated into murdering each,other by a beast called monokuma another,video highlighted the korean comic,killing stalking in which a mentally ill,boy is abused and raped by his uncle,claire also posted a video where she,claims still holding out for mello a,character from the japanese manga death,note a story of a high school student,who discovers a supernatural notebook,that gives him the power to kill anyone,he wants one of claire's videos also,briefly showed her father and helen in,the background a selfie video posted,before the incident consisted of claire,rolling her eyes and text above that,said my dad has to stop opening the,conversation with this is just like the,gay bar in japan though claire seemed to,have some dark interests it never,appeared to be more than teenage angst,but then a video on claire's tick tock,highlighted a bloody glove in the snow,and panned over to a bloody giraffe,stuffed animal mark and marie woke when,the police arrived at their home,emergency services tried to revive helen,but to no avail at 4 13 am she was,pronounced dead the coroner's report,stated multiple stab wounds as helen's,cause of death police gathered dna,samples a stuffed rabbit toy nine knives,and a white board

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Tucker: This is an intimidation campaign against 'Libs of TikTok'

Tucker: This is an intimidation campaign against 'Libs of TikTok'

good evening and welcome to Tucker,Carlson tonight last year unbeknownst to,pretty much nobody a woman in Brooklyn,started a Twitter account that was,comprised almost solely of videos of,liberals talking about themselves,so the concept was very simple find,interesting tape that had already been,uploaded to the Internet by the people,who made it and then repost that tape,there was no editing of it no special,effects there was very little editorial,content the idea was to let activist,types describe in their own words what,they believe unfiltered,the owner created it called that account,Libs of tick tock Libs of tick tock now,has more followers than the entire,population of the state of Wyoming lives,of tick tock's audience dwarfs the,nightly viewership on CNN,so it was quite Successful by definition,the question is why and here's why it,turns out that as repellent as academic,lifestyle liberalism may seem to you as,an observer the reality of it as,described by the people who actually,believe this stuff is even worse than,you ever imagined it's really beyond,belief both idiotic and disgusting it's,like watching someone eat roadkill you,feel nauseous but you can't turn away,so lives of tick tock found all kinds of,tape on the internet but they found a,bunch of selfie Style videos from the,publicly available social media accounts,of teachers they didn't Snoop they just,pulled people had already posted here's,some of what they found,us and I'm a preschool teacher recently,we started wearing pronouns,the kids get to pick,to pick pronoun pin everything,every single day and we had some that,changed up so I'm a non-binary preschool,teacher and my kids know I'm non-binary,they know I'm not a girl or a boy I use,they them pronouns in the classroom we,work on it not all the kids get it,that's okay and I go by mixed gray in,the classroom not miss or Mr Man y'all,thought me teaching the children about,me being Polly was crazy but not only,that but they also know that I'm gender,fluid I'm gonna give you my explanation,about what it means to be transgender as,well so when babies are born the doctor,looks at them and they make a guess,about whether the baby is a boy or a,girl it's as young as three and four are,actually aware of their gender identity,even if they don't have the language for,it say that pre-k through third grade,are not ready for such topics is,actually internalized homophobia and,transphobia,so those are the people in charge of,tending to your small children's Minds,while you're at work now maybe you agree,with the views you just heard maybe you,think that doctors just guess at the sex,of newborns maybe you don't agree it,almost doesn't matter either way you,have a right as a parent to know what,these people are teaching to your,children,and yet before lives of tick tock there,was not an easy way to find out what,they were teaching I take the teacher's,word for it,well it turns out there are an awful lot,of videos like this out there Libs of,tick tock found a lot of them here for,example is the scene at one private,school in Washington DC,that's right now,okay so let's say you're paying 45 000 a,year to send your kids to some overrated,mediocre private school in the District,of Columbia you think everything's fine,you pull up lives of tick tock and you,find out what's actually happening in,your kids classroom what's wrong with,that,this is journalism no news organization,in America has done more to reveal the,reality within American schools than,Libs of tick tock we heard a number of,their videos on the show we are grateful,for their reporting it was far more,straightforward than anything you're,going to find in the New York Times or,the Washington Post because it wasn't,accompanied by a lot of blow feeding,they just showed you the tape and you,could decide that's journalism here's,another piece of tape that lives of tick,tock Unearthed that amazed and horrified,us this is a teacher screaming at a,student for refusing to wear a mask,you're playing are you playing no I'm,not all of us I will call the police,I'm serious,yeah,are you serious yeah I am serious man I,haven't had enough of it I knew you were,going to take off your mask the moment I,turned the corner,so enjoy Bia,that's an instant school suspension,where you have to sit and run with the,military guy all day,because you're a piece,I'm gonna call the police he screeches,because the kid has the mask beneath his,nose,now again maybe you're okay with your,kids being taught by emotionally,incontinent Nut Cases like that maybe,you're not but you probably ought to,know either way so you can see why Libs,of tick tock quickly became so very,popular you didn't have to Wade through,some long editorial to find out what was,actually happening you could see the raw,video and again you could assess it for,yourself,millions of parents are grateful for,that so is Christina Pusha who's the,press secretary for the governor of,Florida Ron DeSantis it was partly in,res

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the boys tiktok (YOU LAUGH YOU TWEET)

the boys tiktok (YOU LAUGH YOU TWEET)

welcome back to another boys video today,we are reacting to tick tocks and,whoever laughs has to tweet not this, again,me it is a series that we've done before,that you guys have loved not me,have you been training for this i,watched every adam sandler movie back to,back i've been on a diet for two months,nothing brings me joy,can we also list the rule that if we are,watching a tick tock and commentating on,it if you laugh at all during that,entire period it's counted it doesn't,matter if it's after the tick tock if,it's during the tick tock just don't,laugh i'm going to be a,stone wall this whole video you cannot,laugh from now first tick tock here we,go,puppy,s i can't tell if he's looking at,where you looking little man,that is one of the dogs juicy strangled,this morning his eyes almost popped out,dude look at him if you sleep at josh's,house this is the first thing you see,when you wake up dude that's literally,you he gave me like eight a josh laughed,josh i heard that i've heard that all,right,meet yourself baby josh hasn't had it,easy these last few times that he's had,to tweet compared to everyone else he's,had to tweet some pretty light,compared to,especially compared to me yeah,especially exactly keep in mind though,if you go hard on him right now he's,he's got to you next time he's,going to bunker down if we go too hard,what are we going to make him tweet,everybody think let's think of an idea,it's gotta be good oh dude we should,make him tweet about his taxes dude,imagine having a one million dollar tax,bill hashtag,i feel like taxes is just that's not i,think we need to go in a different,direction because that's just people see,that and be like okay there's this cute,picture of josh with his feet up in the,air that he posted like five years ago,it's like you look at the picture and,you're like it just screams submissive,and breathable what if we made him make,a legit sounding tweet about starting,only fans,decided it's times to actually launch,and only fans who's ready yeah that's,yeah that's bang i screenshotted this,like weeks ago,so we have to get the wording for this,perfectly okay over the last few weeks,i've come to realize how submissive and,breathable i am that's right yes,are you ready big boy you shouldn't have,laughed two minutes into the recording,well i couldn't help but do that ,cracks me up you see a little picture,juicy scent yeah we want you to slide,that into your tweet we thought long and,hard josh because you're tough not to,crack you put it all out there on the,internet you don't give a listen i,don't know if this idea will hurt you at,all but i know for a fact it will have,long lasting implications it's not so,much a roast or like making you,embarrass yourself this is just funny in,our opinion all right josh are you ready,yeah over the last few weeks i've come,to realize how submissive and breathable,i actually am,come on man,ride a baby write it i can't just have,it the last few hours does that have to,be no no you're lucky we didn't put,months is that it no,stay tuned for the only fans launch no,you hashtag dub daddy,i can't wait till you hit stream on,facebook in the comments just like,when's the only fence launch what's the,only thing it looks like i actually took,the photo for this as well,yeah,and as usual everyone watching we cannot,delete the tweets so when this video,comes out you'll be able to go back and,see the tweets are still there,disabled rocket league,use the boost the boost,i was waiting for molly to burst out,laughing for that disabled tick-tock,okay,dad looked like it hurt dude the,door even closed all the way that sound,that he makes at the end it's every time,juicy comes into chat dude,oh i'm fine dude next tick tock the,dancing dingo,he's really good at dancing,this isn't even funny,how does he move like that,holy f that was the hardest thing i've,ever had to be go through dude why you,thought that was funnier than indian,josh getting out of his lambo and,squashing his fingers this is beans is,what it says right there okay that one,brought me back down a little bit,and just coughed and fun,cowgirl brap dirty cow careful this is,the kind of tick tock that makes,narrator crack up dude,hey,holy wait just play that again,bro look at this,my boy just turned all the kinetic,energy into a flip,kill a man killed my wife,all right,you get it because she's a man i'ma just,roll over your toes,it's over hot wheels i have the high,ground she can't get up the stairs he,walked up one stair and said it's over,hot wheels eye of the high ground,what the is this he's learning how,to do tick tock bro oh and your dad,facetimes you,bonehead russians dude are the funniest,thing to make that's a good one that's a,good tick tock,what that dog doing what the dog doing,we are trying so hard boys yep,that was what the that felt like a,personal attack from you dose,is that a dog,oh molly left molly,i just heard,yourself baby boy,so what are we thinking i hit women,yes,let's just

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Gay Nephew Of GOP Representative: 'Gay Marriage Is No Reason To Cry'

Gay Nephew Of GOP Representative: 'Gay Marriage Is No Reason To Cry'

The Landmark respect for Marriage Act is,on its way to President Biden's desk,after the house Advanced the bill 39,Republicans joined all Democrats in,supporting the measure which provides,Federal protections for same-sex and,interracial marriages marriages whose,security is now under threat from the,Supreme Court in his opinion ending a,woman's right to choose Justice Clarence,Thomas said that the right to same-sex,marriage and even same-sex relationships,should be Revisited that's well out of,step with most of uh what Americans,think on the precipice of 2023 Wisconsin,senator Tammy Baldwin who was the first,openly gay member of the United States,Senate who introduced the bill in the,upper chamber attributed its bipartisan,support to the visibility of the lgbtq,community,I think about,as someone who's been long a part of the,lgbtq community about how progress is,made and so much of it has to do with,visibility and people knowing us and,knowing our families knowing,which replaces myth and stereotype if,you will okay so hold that thought for a,second so many people knowing us knowing,us and knowing us are knowing our,families and that replaces myth and,stereotype okay hold that for a second,yesterday 169 Republicans like 36 of,their Republican colleagues in the,Senate voted against those families,including the Republican congresswoman,Vicki Hartzler of Missouri who made,headlines for crying on the house floor,but she doesn't have an excuse of not,knowing these families or the lgbtq,community because a gay person is part,of her own close family here's her,nephew Andrew in a video that went viral,today,today a United States congresswoman my,Aunt Vicki started crying because gay,people like me can get married I hope,and pray,that my colleagues,will find the courage,to join me,in opposing,this misguided and this dangerous bill,so despite coming out to my aunt this,past February I guess she's still just,as much as a homophobe,be clear obergefell is not in danger but,people and institutions of Faith are,Aunt Vicki that's not right institutions,of Faith Like religious universities are,not being silenced they're being,empowered by the US government to,discriminate against tens of thousands,of lgbtq students because of religious,exemptions but they still receive,federal funding the Bill's implications,submit to our ideology or be silenced,it's more like you want the power to,force your religious beliefs on to,everyone else and because you don't have,that power you feel like you're being,silenced,but you're not you're just gonna have to,learn to coexist with all of us,and I'm sure it's not that hard,certainly doesn't make it look that hard,Andrew Hartzler is the nephew of the,Republican congresswoman Vicki Hartzler,Andrew good to see you thank you for uh,for posting that video how do you feel,watching that I mean you you got a big,smile on your face and you made a really,good argument about it it's not going to,be that hard for us all to live together,but how how does that make you feel that,that was your aunt,yeah I mean honestly I wish I could say,that I was surprised when I saw my,aunt's display on the house floor,yesterday but I wasn't she actually has,a long history of targeted attacks,towards the queer community and from her,speech what really stood out to me was,her mere disregard for the power of her,words I think like so often leaders or,people like in positions of leadership,they neglect to realize how much power,their words truly have and that those,words have consequences so unfortunately,for my Aunt Vicki she belongs to this,class of politicians that have like,twisted and weaponized their own faith,and used it to Target the queer,Community by Framing them as a threat to,their religion and this has real life,consequences where these words there are,extremists in our society and people who,take things to the extreme which will,result in what we saw in Colorado or,real life instances of violence,um I also thought it was super,interesting that she only invoked,religious freedom when it was used to,take away the freedom of someone outside,of her religion when that's that's not,what my definition of freedom of,religion is,um and it would have made sense to me if,she was crying as a result of someone,having violence enacted on them but,gay marriage is no reason to cry,okay marriage is no reason to cry you,actually come from a religious,background you actually had a religious,education,um tell me about that you you come from,a religious family but your parents were,were supportive of who you are so you've,got some some schisms in your family,yeah,um I come from a deeply conservative,background my my parents I wouldn't say,they were very supportive of who I was,um,they,um when I came out at the age of 14 I,was sent to conversion therapy and then,I like saw a conversion therapist off,and on until the end of high school and,then I went to Oral Roberts University,where my parents thought that I would be,safe for many

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the boys tiktok (YOU LAUGH YOU TWEET)

the boys tiktok (YOU LAUGH YOU TWEET)

welcome to another boys video we're all,thrilled to be here as you can see,happy in 2021 oh yeah happy 2021,the year the boys get a diamond play,button,that might be a bit too sorry we're,doing another tick tock,video we're watching tick tock yeah,let's get it let's get,this time there's the catch boys so,basically if i laugh then all you boys,get to decide what i tweet a bit of a,punishment,there is no limit on what we can tweet,we asked you,comments send us really funny tick tocks,but you probably,stopped like usually doing this first,tick tock here we go,i'm gonna find a joint in my neck,whoa oh my god,oh my god,that's just it no one's ever ready how,are we going to ruin molly's career that,was a genuine mistake,nobody is ever ready for the next,snapper 9000. all right i'll definitely,definitely i can't eat,all right so what are we thinking we,should make him say i'm a big,fat we should make him admit it,i'm trying to ignore that and be more,creative but i really feel like it's the,logical choice,but boys that's not news everybody knows,that yeah but for him to admit it is,there any other suggestions right now,i can't think of any you know what i,think that's a good start because,honestly molly's gonna fold again and we,make him say okay,i admit i'm a big fan yes,that is perfect you're so poetic and,your suggestions for tweets yes yes,gracias gracias all right let's do this,pay attention america this is how,democracy is supposed to be,muted you ready i can see just laughing,so i'm not feeling very,good about this all right here's your,tweet okay,okay dot dot dot,i admit it no,dot dot i,am uncaps lock yes,a big fat,i think you know the rest,why dude i'm not laughing again hit the,button,hit the tweet button molly you know the,rules you signed up,okay all right god i am not,i'm all giggly now dude god damn it go,out of the next tweet,ready boy,ready boy that dog blew,that dog did fly juicy yeah gabby's that,sweet,set yay got,maybe his tweets should be i regret,proposing,to gabby no,i like don't tell gabby the rings fake,lol okay i like,i'll do that too hashtag citizenship,citizenship why not throw it in there,eddie oh boy let me remind you annie,that you laughed we have put our,noggins together haven't we boys the,tweet that you were gonna tweet,is nobody tell at gabby got games but,the ring is fake hashtag citizenship,but i was the one that laughed not gabby,why are we going after her,can we just go over the fact that yeah,during the break uh eddie proposed,to is now fiance yes yes congratulations,eddie,yes one of the boys i propose watch her,watch her storm in the room and smack,him in his big nose,tweet a sent the tweet is sent nobody,tell gabby but the ring is fake,at gabby,is fake sorry boys on to the next video,next video boys eddie what the ,are you serious yeah you did,no that was the boys it was the boys i'm,sorry,i had nothing to do with it i had no,clue boys boys,you guys you guys to go damn it yeah,that was a bit insensitive,ready eddie eddie all right welcome,ready i think eddie's gonna save his,marriage so we might oh he's back,eddie did you save your marriage did you,marriage okay,um i hope so does molly play the next,video,all right next video next video ready no,laughing from now the colonel,with the center sandwich in colonel,something you have a white beard with,white and thai he sells sandwich and he,sell,mashed potatoes and colonial sandwich,something,corn or sandwich something that's,exactly what molly has in mind when he's,saying,eddie do a skit okay next one um black,baby yoda no that's not,oh he's both true dude you drew at the,same time man,okay that's not counted that's not,counted all right no,no yes it does there's one way to do,this,replay the tick tock black baby yoda,did you like it that was george juicy,that was john,yeah that was,this is gonna be a good one maybe we,should have him like praise other,youtubers for having more subscribers,than him face a baby,dude backstory for the audience as well,every time josh is with laser beam,especially since josh got number seven,in youtube rewind and,laser beam got nine he walks up to land,he goes oh how you going number nine i,thought they only left sevens and above,on this party,okay it definitely has to be something,with that the elizabeth you may be,number nine but you're my number one,but you're number one but you're number,one in my heart you should,you should just say dear laser beam you,may be number nine but you're number one,in my heart okay,i love you okay god he's gonna be so mad,oh you're going to love this one i just,want to say sorry in advance josh,okay i moved all of my money into shell,companies,are you ready for this tweet josh it,starts off with dear,laser beam yeah tag,you may be number nine but you're number,one in my heart,in my heart comma i love you king oh you,did i just trot the cheeky uh official,youtube blog that shows me a full two,places above laser beam on the us,creators list i just want to see his,r

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