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Cum Town - Gay actor Michael Douglas Compilationis that what happened to the game yeah,they trick hi

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Cum Town - Gay actor Michael Douglas Compilation

is that what happened to the game yeah,they trick him into killing himself and,then he's like,they're like gotcha and he's like wow,thanks,thanks you guys that's crazy yeah who,plays his brother michael douglas,sean penn sean penn that's right,it's a game connie they're playing a,game with you,that's a good michael i'm gay,are you telling me that i'm gay,is he sure they treat him into killing,himself,it's a connie they're trying to make me,suck their dick,but the movie ends with him on his knees,sucking some guy's ,is this what you want this isn't part of,the game michael,this is how your game ends because i'll,do it,he's just sucking off a homeless guy,yeah and then he takes off it's a,prosthetic ,but he rubbed his real on it so it,tastes like ,one thing i want it's to suck for,my 42nd birthday,yeah what is it it's like that was the,age my dad died when he came out of the,closet,he was struggling with things ever since,michael douglas is tricky,tricky yeah cause he just sounds like a,guy no you were doing it good,just now i was doing what,what was i doing you're doing michael,douglas is this,it yeah it's good okay,that sucks dude if anyone ever,plays mind games with me i'll ,i'll take a hatchet to their i've been,playing my game since you not dude,it's a 12-month project you just go to, and use promo code,come town to receive 20 off your order,and if you don't like the underwear,you can suck my michael douglas or,you could also,michael douglas here,hey this is michael douglas and i'm here,for,this is officially michael douglas the,actual actor,wow guest on come town this is not an,impersonation,it's the real michael douglas and,michael was just telling me off mike,ever since i got his wife better,than him catherine,yeah ever since catherine left me for,some guy who doesn't have mouth cancer,i knew i was going to need new underwear,and so i went use promo code come down,and i received 20 off my order,and the ones you didn't like michael you,just i thought i shoved them in,catherine's ,then they didn't even ask for him back,and they didn't know you could put him,right in that that called these,tv ridden positions and who wouldn't ask,for those back,i would ask for them initially i thought,i got dick cancer from wearing mac,welding underwear and i'm told that,that's not,true i am now endorsing them,mac weldon definitely does,don't like the underwear you can keep it,no questions asked that's right put it,in catherine's data zone just i'm,gay,i'm gay hi i'm michael douglas and i'm a,gay actor,hi i'm gay actor michael douglas here,for,live aid,hi i'm i'm gay actor john hamm,no wait i can't do johnny i am happy,about them and i'm gay,who's that that's javier bardem,yeah i'm gay don't put it in your pocket,where it becomes just another used,condom,it is you know today is trendo,today is the day you become gay,i now am are about them,flip it flip my card call it,well how can i call it if i don't know,what i'm calling,you're calling whether or not you're gay,i'm not gay yes you are,but i haven't even called it yet you,look shut up i do the mind game,don't call me out man how do you do,woody harrelson what's she,is he something yeah he's got a little,sh yeah,listen this guy anton shigure is gay,wait what harrison was in that movie,yeah he was he was he was the,cop yeah the ones i got um,um i i think i got it i don't need to i,can avoid it oh wait no no tommy lee,jones is the cop,who's woody what do you play woody is,the other bounty hunter the other bounty,hunter yeah yeah okay does he get got,and llewellyn is in bed and he's like i,think i can avoid this gum oh,right he gets hired by the collision you,don't understand this,yeah who's that company that hires him i,don't know man,i'm trying to figure out the impressions,just so i can say i'm gay as woody,harrelson,who gives a what happens in the,movie it's a good movie no i'm trying to,i don't know i have never tried a woody,harrelson approach okay,just do it i'm gay what are you,like a what are you some kind of gay guy,i can't i can't do it now because you've,interrupted me so many times i'm sorry,if you're interested you can't do it,because you probably,don't want to apologize no it's like you,just don't understand the ,process in terms of doing impressions,what process dude it's a delicate,process you have to like really,have empathy for the character tell me,about the process,what's your process look dude i looked,i'm the only one of us that's a,professional actor,okay that's not true these guys are,called gay and make fun of i like,i have empathy for you you have respect,professional respect,i'm a professional actor too hi i'm gay,actor,i'm gay this is gay actor michael,douglas,um let's see what are some other actors,we can call gay,um,hey i'm gay actor stephen dorf,steven dorf gay actor i'm gay how gay,like a ,yeah that's joe pesci so uh what am i,like uh some kind of,some kind of queer that's not i don't,even know i can't remember what

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Gay Porn Star Reacts to HIS OWN Porn

Gay Porn Star Reacts to HIS OWN Porn

hey guys I'm do baby I'm here with porn,star and eco Nova what's up guys,and one thing that I absolutely hate,doing cannot do is watch youtube videos,of myself I can only imagine what that,would be like to watch myself have sex,on camera with someone else for sure,something else so that's what we're,gonna do with you,we're gonna watch some videos that we,filmed with you for hemorrhoids TV and,you're gonna react to them in today's,video is sponsored by Adam male comm so,more about that in a second are you,ready I'm so ready let's get started yes,so this is called underwear play party,what are you really setting fries how,this opens I go first,oh there's younger he's almost like,being back there again yeah it was such,a fun project it was felt like we were a,part of like a family and yeah I love,that like the intensity in his eyes in,that moment that was that was so cool I,think what I love about this video too,is that it's showing so many different,bodies that's right you know that was,the focus in the shoot - yeah we all,have like but busted or not we've all,dropped offices like muscular guys you,know if you see that over and over and,over again it starts to give you the,impression that like those are the only,bodies that are worth desiring and we're,touching and this you can see so many,diverse men experiencing pleasure and,sexual ecstasy it helps you realize that,pleasure is our birthright someone's,like different journeys that would take,it to the same place like we were from,different places different states and,physically we are totally different but,we were there in that moment become one,moment in time can you recognize,people's dicks yeah please do is that,Jeff I mean I think was just it was yes,yeah Kirk was there any dick left on,sucked no did you come in this video I,did somebody came on me and then I can't,I think that's how it went so now is a,really good time for me to mention the,today's video is sponsored by Adam, if you go to Adam male comm,forward slash wavy you can save up to,50% off almost any one item and get free,shipping on orders $20 or more in the US,so Adam male comm has a almost limitless,selection of dildos and butt plugs and,masturbation scenes and you know whether,or not you have access to a buddy,or a partner you do have access to,pleasure and you can experience that and,you can explore your sexuality using,these toys and 50% off is an amazing,deal so check it out Adam male comm /yv,does in the deep end defense if you guys,like made it this like set up like that,you rented to Airbnb for that weekend we,had a conversation before this we were,like we're gonna do this and that and,this is how it's gonna go,I quite like it wow you guys are good,actors but I think better at sex to me,this is so accentual and slow and lovely,like you had three hours I think to have,something like that yet it was a long,time yeah the flavor that I think we're,used to seeing and porn is the like wham,straight to business,jackhammer yep like how hard can I ,you how deep can I go destroy my ,and there's a time and a place for that,there is a time in a place this was,totally the opposite,yeah it was in the other side of that,spectrum this is the kind of sex I want,to have well I'm putting in a special,request he's feeling like your whole,body like it's not just focused on your,deck or your ass like okay we know it,like the genitals feel good but like we,have 45 miles of like nerves going,through their bodies and like a trillion,nerve endings yes there's a body to,discover before you get to that party,and you are being discovered hi I'm in,this car honey hundred percent so now,you're even moved from the,yep to the ladder that was one of my,favorite parts of the video he was hot,like at that point we were like craving,each other I guess did you forget about,the camera at all I can tell doing this,part that is specific I did forget about,it but I mean Matthew he's got such a,sensual energy we're both like,mesmerized yeah I wish I was there,we're both like mesmerized yeah like,stop the cameras still rolling is this,like this is this is the first video we,filmed which is where he orgy yeah where,you guys were blindfolded and we were,just meeting - I think yeah my wishes no,this is an icebreaker,this was the icebreaker we're like let's,throw you in a room naked,ah that was in - there's bodies I can,almost feel what I was feeling at the,moment I kind of thought what were,filming this is like Oh Nico's going,home Nico's gonna have to leave because,my mind I had to take a break what was,so intense about it me truly was the,first video is filming yeah um with guys,that I didn't know mm-hmm,doing things that I haven't done and,blindfolded I feel like at the beginning,I was getting really into it because,he's super hot I mean you're yeah you're,with these other dudes and you're just,like filling each other in these pool,bodies but at some point I kind of got,out of that state yeah and when you,asked her what

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Gay Kiss Challenge - Dutch Edition (pre COVID)

Gay Kiss Challenge - Dutch Edition (pre COVID)

你想亲我吗?,呃~~~不想,就像兄弟之间来一啵~~~,我一点都不基!,我不基!,舌吻?,让孩子们瞧一瞧,真的吗?我一句话就把你搞定了嘛?,欢迎来到荷兰的马斯特里赫特,现在有小雨,但是阻挡不了狂欢节的热情!,去年德国科隆狂欢节上,我亲了20个野男人~~~,只花了不到半个小时时间,很多人觉得这并不难,科隆是开放的国际大都市,今天我们来到荷兰的一个小村,再来挑战一次,你们的老公已经一年没亲男人了,今天要开荤了,我要在半小时内亲20个男人。抓紧时间!~,-你要不要来一啵? - 嗯。,- 走起? -不,我不想。,你要不要什么特殊的氛围?,雨天阻碍了你的想法嘛?,你明白我的问题吗?,是的,太冷了。,-天太冷所以不能亲嘴嘛? - 是的。,那什么让你感到温暖?,酒精...啤酒!,普通的吻或者法国舌吻:你想要哪一个?,- 你想要什么。 - 真的?,法式舌吻算两分,你想更浪漫一点吗?,好的,来一个法式舌吻吧,太浪漫了,走起!,这个是高手~我都湿了!,你想不想亲我一下?,- 不! - 不?为什么不呢?,对不起,本宫名花有主~~~,好吧,你走高端名媛范嘛?,对,本宫超矜持,你很随便嘛?,对!,真可惜!,你从哪里来?你的口音听起来不是本地人,- 你觉得是哪里? - 我不知道。,- 西班牙。 - 啊,西班牙!,噢,可爱的西班牙仔!,-你想不想亲我一下? - 嗯,求之不得~~~,嘴对嘴?,舌吻?,嗯,必须的!,可以了!我嘴肿了~~~,玩得开心!,你够不够Men?敢不敢亲我?,我不Men,她不Men,亲一下脸可以嘛?,可以,来一个,你来亲我,而不是我亲你,好吧,我来了!,小脸很软哦~,他居然没有反应,我要找下一个男人了,你想亲我一下嘛?,你的挑战奖励是什么?,嗯~在YouTube上一炮而红,你奶奶会因此而自豪,少骗人~~~,是谁在干扰你?你有女朋友吗?,-我有 -好吧,她在吗?-不,那等于没有~~,在荷兰挑战比我想象的要困难~~~,-你想不想亲我一下? -当然想!,-深吻还是蜻蜓点水?-必须来一个深吻,-其他人呢?-是的,我们巴西人就是这样豪放,正合我意,蜻蜓点水都不算吻~交换唾液才是!,-真爽! -正宗巴西人,-真正的吻 -来自纯种巴西人,是的,我都能感觉到你的口腔温度,我们再来一次,-我们是德国和巴西的友谊大使,你是德国人吗,-我是德国人 -不错,不错,不错,-我找到感觉了,-你想不要亲我一下? -可以 -好的,谢谢!,你们的活真好,我都不敢相信,-一个个都是高手 -好吧,小菜一碟,-非常感谢,玩的开心 -好的,你也是,你们整体都戴着口罩,现在可以来亲一个嘛?,可以,我们说亲就亲,是的,我们不怕细菌,我们被保护了,我们说亲就亲!,美极了!,但是,你们想不想亲我一下,因为我正在做挑战?,-容我想一想 -好的,谁先来?让我们浪漫起来,-真棒!Q弹的嘴,你们是一对嘛 -对,我们在撒狗粮,好吧,我喜欢Q弹的嘴唇,-我们是一对 -你们真是太基了,好吧。,-真棒,玩的开心 -谢谢,-你好! -你好! -你想不想亲我一下?,-可以,没问题,-好吧,嘴对嘴? -可以 -在嘴上?,-没问题 -真的? -是的,-好吧,走起 -好的,你感觉如何?我觉得就是一个一般的吻,-对,普通的吻 -好吧,我的意思是尽你所能吗?,-这就是你的水平嘛 -我还能做更多,你想不想试试,好的,当然。,法式舌吻一次算2分,所以~~,哦,法式舌吻是另一回事,你懂的~~~,-你要一个法式舌吻吗?是的,我想要,-来吧,宝贝 -好的,-你太被动了,但算是一个吻吧 -好吧-太感谢了,-你有一双漂亮的大眼睛 -谢谢 -没人告诉你,对吗?,-你不是荷兰人,对吗? -我来自加拿大。,加拿大,是这样,现在我在街上收集各种男人的吻,然后呢?,-你想不想亲我一下? -啥?-简单的亲一下?,哦,我整个人都不好了~~~,就是兄弟之间的吻,我不基~~~,你是基友的梦中情人,一个很性感的牛仔造型,还会上传YMCA视频的那种!!!,去找那个小伙子,(自由),-自由,自由吗? -自由,自由!,-自由多种多样,对吧?自由的思想,自由的性取向 -当然。,-这就是自由 -你的性取向是什么?-我是异性恋,-真的吗? -他在说谎!,-你想不想在YouTube视频里面亲我? -YouTube?,我已经喝了太多人的口水,我不想再喝了,不,对不起,这比我想的要难,荷兰怎么了?,-什么样的吻? -深吻,-蜻蜓点水,-找他们 -你喜欢哪一种,你想亲我的嘴嘛?,-啥? -你想亲我的嘴嘛?,我在做YouTube基吻大挑战?,啊,不,抱歉,啊,加油!一点都不难,为孩子们做。,给孩子们做个榜样,真的,一句话就打动你了吗?“给孩子们做个榜样”,太神奇了!,-挑战? -是的。,一个挑战,你不用了解它,帮我完成就可以了,不,不,不,不,不,好吧,你怎样才能被说服?警察女士?,我怎样才能说服你?,你可以马上逮捕我,我不认为,我认为你无法说服我,但是我想完成挑战,我只需要一些男人的吻,-然后呢 -所以你有能力帮助完成老百姓的心愿,-好的,什么样的吻? -嘴对嘴 -简单的那种,亲一个男人会让你看起来更Men,你懂的~~~,-就是亲一下 -好吧,太棒了,玩得开心!,-很有趣,不是吗?-是的,很有趣,-你想要亲我嘛? -是的。,棒极了!,荷兰人,哦!,-更多的荷兰人!嗨,你也想亲我吗?,-什么? -你也想亲我吗?,好吧,我没时间了。最后一个,我猜。,我的真命天子应该就这桥上等我,嘿,伙计们。没多少时间了,我急需一个吻,-不要问,直接做 -只是在嘴上亲一下?,-是的,来吧。 -为了什么?,-亲完我就告诉你 -我只想知道原因,-因为我们穿着狂欢节服装嘛? -不完全是 -但是已经很多人想亲我了,所以我想你应该去找其他人,为什么不呢?只要几秒钟,我不想再去找其他人,我不会亲你的,我需要完成这个挑战 -你得帮我 -或者他,-我想可以,他嘴唇更可爱,不是嘛? -好吧,来吧,-不会超过25秒 -一个25秒的吻?,不,我没时间再去找另一个人了,-所以你想看着我输掉挑战嘛? -只要一个吻? -是的,搞定!,一不小心~~~我又完成挑战了,好吧,好吧,好吧,我做到了,但是我得说,比去年科隆更基情,还有一些法式舌吻,总体而言,我还不累,所以,明年可能就在你的城市!

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Trying CUM Chocolate Cake! - Gay Recipe

Trying CUM Chocolate Cake! - Gay Recipe

hey guys I'm Davey wavey and we just,uploaded a amuro's TV erotic video that,culminates in a bunch of guys,ejaculating into s'mores and then eating,them and it really got me thinking that,there's probably actually a lot of semen,based recipes on the internet and it,turns out in fact there are so I found,this one recipe from a book I think it's,called like natural harvest and there's,a YouTube video with a peanut butter,chocolate semen dessert which I'm going,to make here for you today and then I'm,going to try it pray for me and let's,get started so the first part of the,recipe is breaking up the peanut butter,cookies I was tempted to do like a,higher quality chocolate but I really,don't want to with this recipe so,we're just doing we're going for the,Reese's Reese's peanut butter cups so,those are all nicely crumpled and then,you're going to stick in the microwave,for about a minute until it's all melted,so while it's in the microwave I do want,to mention that we are offering a,special $99 one-year subscription for,Heroes TV which is a forty five percent,discount if you want to see the comics,mores video and so many others it's all,there we upload a new video every week,and all the videos are created with a,team of sex coaches and experts to help,you have the best sex of your life,I think that 2019 should be the year of,great sex for you and the people in your,life so if you've been thinking about,getting membership now is the best time,to do it open link down below and let's,get back to the recipe all right,so blend that all together like so and,we're gonna add some vanilla custard or,pudding into it mix that and a little,bit of heavy whipping cream wanna blend,until a smooth as possible I'm just,picking it up at this way so this recipe,calls for either fresh or frozen the,semen which is convenient because frozen,semen actually like if you want to get,any significant quantity it's going to,take several sessions so my semen here,is locally sourced it doesn't say how,much semen to use oh so I'm just gonna,put in like,oh it's almost like chunky like her or,something I just need a moment okay,maybe a little bit more cinnamon all,right so we're gonna set that aside for,now next up we're gonna take some graham,cracker cookies or whatever your,favorite cookie is and we're gonna make,like a base for the for the dessert oops,making a mess here wonderfully to get,like a Food Network show out of this,whole thing simply cement with Davey,wavey Simon ology the art of cooking,would come this is making two servings,so we're gonna do it to both here and,the recipe calls for melted butter to be,drizzled over the base so you do that,okay,yeah okay really pat it down see how,nice that looks beautiful right all,right so now we are going to add our,chocolate semen concoction,I'm gonna do a full amount I think that,this is truly a great dessert idea if,you're on a date with someone you want,to do something special maybe for,Valentine's Day even you should probably,tell them that there's semen in it,before you serve it I think if the guy,made me a semen dessert,I would I would quite frankly know that,I've met my soul mate so the last step,is to put some whipped cream on top this,is almost like frat house cooking maybe,fraternity ex cooking now look at that a,lovely dessert a lovely semen comic,dessert all right so we have our,finished product here and now it is up,to me to taste test this recipe I mean,it's not like I've never tasted calm,before it's just different when it's,like not coming fresh out of the tap,right when it's like not bottled the,source but put into a dessert that,you're about to eat all right here we go,here's a nice nice,three-two-one,it's come here than I thought it was,gonna be,the first thing that hits you is to come,and then and then like the hints of,peanut butter and graham cracker and,chocolate come after that whole yo the,aftertaste you can kind of feel it it's,like just kind of coats the back of your,throat and I feel like every time I'm,taking a breath like it just like,everything just smells like calm that,tasted significantly more coming than I,anticipated,I just thought all the other ingredients,we're gonna kind of like kind of mask,the calm and this still definitely taste,like cough it tastes like flavor and,cough I'm having an introspective moment,right now I'm just kind of reflecting on,the decisions that I've made in life,that have brought me to this point,anyway Bon Appetit I encourage you to,try it for yourself maybe you'll enjoy,it thank you so much for watching and as,always more to come cont come see you,more to come

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oh my god it's another real Latino oh my,god oh my god let's go hi I'm Lydia Hall,I'm 25 I'm from State hi I'm JJ I'm 25,and today I don't really feel like doing,anything except you,I do you Thanks,I'm flattered missing out missing out,hi I'm Josh on 26 and if you use code,tinder,you'll get trim set up a discount off on,side McClay we don't know just use,tinder use coat in Doha Dream Center say,no I messed it up is 524 I could do you,for 90 minutes on a cold wet rainy night,and stoke anywhere else but Stoke come,on No I'm Simon I'm 26,smile if you want to have sex with me hi,I'm Toby I'm 25 and I'm stoked to meet,you yeah I'm how are you I'm 22 and I,should warn you I've just recovered from,crippling tonsillitis and it's still,contagious get away from me hi my name,is Vic I'm 24 and I can afford to,stockpile bread in the event of a No,Deal Brack sir what does got nothing to,do a nice dinner it's not really what,I'd go for in my first meetings what you,don't like to eat I became the peak I am,24 and I'm from Yorkshire I'm Howie I'm,22 I wrote your part I'm nice your hair,is quite nice and you seem like good fun,so if I give you this Rose will you,finger my bum,I mean the Rose is so sentimental where,did you pick this from I only get one,not the whole thing if you think my bum,I'd have to see it first after you know,the bum I've got to know what I'm,letting myself in for thank you,remind me of your name again Harry Harry,where you from Harry how BIG's your bum,yeah it's got potential to be honest so,I I'm not a massive fan of fingering so,Fred it's there so no I'm Simon I'm 26,and my uncle says I'm a great kisser,very nice how old your uncle hi I'm Toby,I'm 26 and swipe left for seven years,bad luck how tall you 5 8 5 8 are you,sure I like you the 7 years bad looking,why what comes out like what everything,every I'm not in control I don't make,the rules,neither do I so yeah I'll take you hello,hey Nathan I'm 24 was that an earthquake,or did I just rock your world I'm gonna,press Start and we're gonna try again,see if you press Start you have to play,with my joystick yeah I can I put you in,the mid bracket where's that the back of,the line,my name's Vic I'm 24 and that's the,bearded guy behind me up the,discount code I just want to let you,know you can use the code tinder to get,20% off sideman clothing merch it's a,marketing thing I've got to get that,bread always do you want to take me out,like what's going on here yeah sure we,can actually use the profit from the,discount code thank you on a lovely day,so you're using me to promote yourself,that was happy tell you what take this,rose okay give it back to Paul sorry I,kept my baby and join him you go Paul,what hi I'm Josh I'm 26 I love bad, my problem you're such a, ho big penis Paul's got big bomb,David's all cause a good kisser David oh,yeah no no no wait go back a line may be,really rough sex with you,that's why I want to do an honest hair,pulling and all sorts let's do that,titties okay my name's Abigail I'm five,foot three and I'm fabulous I'm,JJ I'm 26 I got you these flowers thanks,JJ I like you yes,hi my name is Gina I'm 20 and I'm from,Bekins field I'm Simon,I'm 26 my girlfriend tells me size,doesn't matter I wish she didn't have a,penis oh okay I'm gonna say no yeah hi,I'm Ethan I'm 24 and don't mind him drip,too hard no hi I'm Toby I'm 26 and I,like to help out my friends in my spare,time,oh that's really nice yeah my name is,Vic I'm 24 and I'm a very successful,rapper come on like hear some rap is,that okay they say there's a first time,for everything so tell me daddy what the,hell were you thinking dropping lies,about a minecraft pig do you really,think that was a dig okay I'm quite,impressed so yeah hello I'm Harry I'm 22,if I land this bottle flip will you,swipe right I mean it's the slider than,the sauce okay 26 now I'm all right so,it's that so that's a no,now you're right,hi I'm Joshua I'm 26 and my hair's,really going gray so you like older men,I'm your guy you seem really sweet so,yes why me crops and all sorts work,great effort but you know just not my,thing,I'm Jay Sexton I'm 27 and I'm from,Islington hello I'm Ethan,I'm 24 my cat died can i play with your,I don't have a cat so though I was,talking about you,hi I'm Toby I'm 26 and I was recently,declared the second fastest entertainer,in the world that means I'm used to come,in second that was a good one right I'm,24 and I'm banking on your standards,being a lot shorter than mine you are,quite short sorry,hi I'm Josh I'm 26,swipe left if you poke the brakes I love,it I'm Simon I'm 26 and I know what,you're thinking he's good-looking but,can he ride a unicycle,thank you what are you wearing penis my,dick is massive thank you you look very,nice,I'm very impressed can I sit on your,chest hello I'm Kate I'm from London hi,I'm Josh I'm 26 and I know how to defeat,the Ender Dragon 24 I'm just happy to be,here yes I'm Simon I'm 26 and in my,spare time I like to pretend to be a pig,I'm into cro

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Male Porn Star On Secrets Of The Adult Industry | Minutes With | @LADbible

Male Porn Star On Secrets Of The Adult Industry | Minutes With | @LADbible

you know sometimes i'll have a,photographer who's literally,six inches away from my balls and i can,feel his breath on my balls as he's,taking the photos,and you know he's just trying to do his,job i'm just trying to do mine so but if,you can work with someone who you're,cool with,um it makes that scenario a lot easier,for everyone,so i used to work on a building site,that was great,i went to germany for the world cup and,a few friends saw my one day and uh,just sort of made a joke you know that i,should really be doing something that,and,not working on a building site and it,just sparked an idea you know that,someone somewhere was a porn star and,maybe,i could give it a go um so i started,just going to a few like swinging clubs,and things like that just to,sort of see if i had the confidence or,the ability to have sex in front of,strangers,i ended up meeting a guy there who paid,me to have sex with his wife,he obviously saw in my face i was amazed,by it and he said i'll give you 150,euros every time you do that and i,just literally was like let's let's go,again um,it was at 18 yeah i was 18 so i could,just keep going so,so how did you go from that experience,of to actually entering the,industry there was a lot of leg work i,had to sort of you know,prove myself if you were you know,working for a lot of smaller companies,to be able to get an opportunity to work,for a bigger company and,after you sort of worked with the bigger,companies he was able to get a series or,like five scene deal or something and,yeah basically just had to work through,the ranks and uh keep working for the,better companies until i sort of got to,an established part where i am now,talk me through a porn shoot from call,time to rap,what happens so generally on a porn,shoot,everyone will arrive on set we will have,all been,pre-tested for sdi tests and stuff like,that before anyone enters set,once everyone's paperwork's signed off,we're signing the girl we have a full,legal disclaimer and paperwork and,everything that we have to run through,once all that's gone through we'll put,the go into makeup from there we'll,usually then run into the acting where,we go for all the dialogue of the script,and sort of get everything out of the,way up until the sex,at that point we'll break uh prep for,sex where the guys,and girls go and clean themselves and,have some lunch whatever they need to do,before sex,uh and then generally we'll rattle out,the scene uh do sex stills first then,sex video afterwards,the sex stills basically are the photos,of the scene but they definitely help,the performers,just find the flow so rather than just,calling action and two people have got,to go at it,we kind of use the stills to maybe guide,the direction of the scene so we know,what position is going to flow to next,position and,what positions are comfortable or,uncomfortable for certain performers so,the stills definitely help is like a,sort of guideline to the scene uh then,we shoot the outro,and that's pretty much it after that,point there's a little bit more,paperwork at the end,um but that's that's pretty much our day,not as glamorous as everyone might,perceive it to be,certainly not what everyone perceives,yeah most people's perception of porn is,is like a giant orgy or just like a huge,gang bang and just,everyone goes there and has sex and the,cameraman gets involved and after that,he has a go and it couldn't be further,away from the truth,a lot of people might think it's,glamorous and stuff but it it doesn't,always end that way you know sometimes,i'll have a photographer,who's literally six inches away from my,balls and i can feel his breath on my,balls as he's taking the photos,and you know he's just trying to do his,job i'm just trying to do mine so but if,you can work with someone who you're,cool with,um it makes that scenario a lot easier,for everyone,i just feel like it's like it's almost,amazing to have,enough confidence to sleep with someone,in front of like 10 crew members,it's extremely easy to have sex in front,of people,uh it's more in your head to be fair,it's one of them if you,if you're able just to be in the moment,enjoy what you're doing,it doesn't matter what's around you you,know if you have sex in a hotel room you,don't like all the pitchers and stuff on,the wall it's just they're just,around you you know when you're in the,moment the crew are just,they're just paintings on the wall,there's like a fascination about the,adult industry and,do you think it's fair the way that the,media represents the industry,i personally don't think the porn,industry gets portrayed in a very good,light,most documentaries are looking for the,negative story,no one wants to hear how great the porn,star's life is um,my life personally is amazing and,everything,that's amazing about it has come through,adult um,it's changed my life i've been able to,buy homes and look after my family of,course there's,there's some bad eggs but generally most,speaking i've,only dealt

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I Got 10 Hours Of Transgender Facial Surgery | Get Real | Refinery29

I Got 10 Hours Of Transgender Facial Surgery | Get Real | Refinery29

我认为自己是有色种族变性女,我正在改变自己外在的一切,使其与内在的自我相匹配,(变得真实: 面部女性化) 我必须努力做真正的自己,我感觉自己有变性强迫症,每当我照镜子,不知道为什么我看到的都是以前的自己,尽管我过去的朋友都说很难记得以前的我,说看到的也不是原来的我,想象一下, 每天早上醒来都在自己的身体中感到不安,对着镜子 却看不到你内心真正的自己,进行面部女性化对于我来说非常重要,因为现在我的面部构造,可以与内心真正的自己相匹配,我选择的奥本医生是一个矫形手术医生,今天是你重大的日子 对吧,今天确实是重大的日子,用你自己的话讲 我们今天要为你做些什么,我们把额头放低,下巴和鼻子要和上下两端平衡,因为我不想在鼻子上搞一个大工程,现在最美好的事情是我们得到了一个空间,在这个空间里 每个人可以在一个范围内操作,其中一个极端是完全女性,另一个极端是完全男性,你可以在这两个极端中间的范围选择,我对跨性女经历的定义是,生活在一个模仿顺性别人的自我表达的现实中,我想让我的身体看起来完全像女性 ,因为这是我看到的 感受到的,但这仅仅是我自己,所以你早晚还是要有一个阴道,是的,好的,这是一场十个小时的手术,就像我跟你说的 我的原则是保证安全,我知道你还年轻 你可以一次性把所有的都做完,如果这个过程中我们感觉需要终止手术 ,我们就会终止,再加上你还年轻 你也不着急把所有的都做完,所以我们会从上到下做手术,好的,对我来说 我即将看到的会很吓人,我能不能认出自己 我能不能对结果满意,是不是我想要的结果,我觉得我得到的不仅仅是一个新的外表,更是新的信心,还有对自我新的定义,在手术之后 我可以重新介绍真正的自己,我的恢复过程跟我预想中的完全不一样,我以为会是 “第七天了 我看到淤青,但我没什么事“之类的,这期间有太多的磕磕绊绊了,我的身体经历无数创伤,到第七天的时候 我想倒退回以前,我想停止 我经历了这么多改变,尽管我的身体受得了,心理上和生理上承受的压力很大,但如今 回头看过去,我还会毫不犹豫做出同样的选择,感觉真爽,这一组手术改变了我,它改变了我看自己 定义自己的方式 ,它改变了我向这个世界介绍自己的方式,我现在处于一种 我知道这不是我的终点的阶段,我们还有最后一个手术,就是最后一步 奥本医生会帮我得到我的阴道,我正在定义自己 我是谁 我是什么,我的女性表达是属于我自己的,用不着你来告诉我怎么做自己

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Pablo and Rodrigo [gay film - subtitles]

Pablo and Rodrigo [gay film - subtitles]

嘿愛...,你好嗎?,是的,你呢?,我想你...,今天你會有一個驚喜...,停下來...,我討厭這種神秘感……,開始緊張了...,你答應過要保持冷靜!,我有退出危機...,對你禁慾!,但是真的很傻...,但是之後...,幾點鐘在哪裡?,午飯後我們就可以見面了...,我會在這裡加熱食物,我們會再見的...,那時關門了。,準備你...,因為?,因為今天我有一個很大的火 ,我要親吻你的嘴很多......,今天會火...,到後來,延遲...,我很期待見到你...,我在洗碗,你信嗎?,一個偉大的管家...,我喜歡!,上鉤了……,還有我的婆婆,你好嗎?,有點鬆散的我會說...,你以為我是奴隸...,她好無聊……,我的意思是,她有點,我們可以說...,異國情調!,看看你是怎麼說我媽媽的...,她很奇怪?,這是。,有缺陷嗎?,有...,但內心深處,他是個好人!,在後台。,內心深處,隱藏得很好……,這是怎麼回事?,現在她喜歡你...,總是問...,我想看看她會不會喜歡我帶 你和我一起住!,多麼令人愉快...,我喜歡這個主意...,嚴肅的?,我以為你永遠不會...,顯然我想!,想像一下?,你會擁有一整天...,我喜歡它...,我們現在可以開始了嗎?,為什麼不?,這裡沒有人,所以,處於危險之中, 總是更好……,- 我很期待見到你。,- 哦,我也是。,他知道...,當我和你在一起時, 一切似乎都呈現出更多的色彩。,看...,你的一份聲明 更有價值,對吧?,- 你知道我的想法嗎?,- 哪個?,我們應該在一起。,Você não acha não, Rodrigo, que já passou da hora de a gente namorar?,Você não quer, não é?,Não, não é isso.,Eu...,Estou confuso.,As questões familiares tem me deixado bem chateado.,Assumir um relacionamento agora me deixaria mais pressionado.,- Não dá...,- Relaxa, eu entendi.,Como eu vou te explicar isso?,É porque...,Na real, real mesmo,,eu não tenho a mínima vontade de me relacionar com alguém que tem,pendências familiares para serem resolvidas, sabe?,Essa coisa de você ter,que escolher entre mim e sua família, isso é tudo muito chato.,Você está sendo egoísta.,Você acha que eu gosto de sentir isso?,Eu estou sendo egoísta?,Cara, qual é o problema?,Você fala que quer, fala que está afim, mas não quer assumir?,- 出來有什麼問題,羅德里戈?,- 我很困惑。,- 明白這一點需要花費你嗎?,- 不,它沒有,不。,連我都已經明白了。,讓我們像這樣結合...,當你 真的準備好了...,少一點迷茫,,我們談談。,可以嗎?,多好吃啊……,你和我在一起,工作得很好……,這個鏈接瘋了……,我以前從未有過這種感覺...,看看你有一個男朋友...,嗯,我有點嫉妒那裡...,但這是真的……,有沒有更多的經歷...,但你不一樣...,你把我喚醒到更動物的東西...,我喜歡。,我喜歡你那樣說話...,我也感覺到你周圍的顫抖...,對我來說,它還有另一個名字……,巴勃羅,我已經開始緊張了……,讓我們更享受它,好嗎?,如果人們出現在這裡?,到目前為止沒有人到達,連冷水都沒有...,如果你願意,我們可以再去...,很高興你穿上衣服,否則我會再次抓住你!,你已經餓了嗎?,我們可以吃漢堡...,吃個冰淇淋...,它以前如何?,你在看我的臉...,嫁給我吧?,什麼?像這樣?,嫁給我吧!,讓我們把這份愛活得更近……,我厭倦了等待週末見到你,但這真是太好了……我想 這需要更長的時間!,因為我們的 關係,我們吵了這麼多...,我知道我們打了很多架,但這 都是因為我們是如此不同,我們過著不同的生活...,你有更好的家庭結構,更好的支持……我沒有這些!,我不得不隱藏很多...,好的!但重要的是我們彼此相愛。,現在……你媽媽……,她會讓你和我一起住嗎?,她不必...,這已經是事實了……,哇……你這麼說話……沒有辦法不接受!,什麼時候?,讓我們一起決定...,重要的是,我希望我們一起建設 美好的未來……,和你一起生活真是太好了。,我們最好走,因為事情正在 升溫……,否則我們今天不會離開這裡...,你有沒有想過我們住在一起?,客廳裡、廚房裡、浴室裡、 臥室裡……,我今天發現我們有點變態 ...,你不這麼認為嗎?,我想是的,但我喜歡它。,我們也有這樣的日子……,很好,我們的關係已經成熟 到我們更關心的地步了,你要去哪裡,在過去我們曾經因為我們的父母而打架,不接受,住在一起會不會涼快 一點?,它最終會發生在一些夫妻身上,但不是 全部。,秘訣永遠是更新、試驗、 成為合作夥伴……,做幾件事,你知道嗎?,我們已經這樣做了一段時間 ,結果非常好......,真相。,我們就像青少年一樣戰鬥 和談論關係。,但...,我得告訴你一件事:我 很高興你沒有放棄我……,你不需要感謝我... 你是個討厭鬼,你知道嗎?,但是我喜歡的無聊...,為了我們在一起,我付出了很多努力,我 每天都會戰鬥。,有你這樣的伴侶真是太好了。,誰知道我媽媽會支持我們...,她甚至問起你。,媽媽,聽我說。,這根本不是你想的那樣。,怎麼跟我想的不一樣?,這就是我所看到的。,你認為我是個白痴嗎,羅德里戈?,你在廣場上和那個孩子親熱。,我創造你是為了什麼?,讓你當著大家的面接吻 ?,等等,媽媽。,也不是這樣。,我對這整個情況感到難過。,我看起來怎麼樣?,快樂的?,你要我出去對著 我兒子的四風大喊...,為了!,請停下!,我每天都因為知道自己是 這樣而受苦。,很難假裝我喜歡女孩 來取悅你,只是......,所以我看著第一個出現 在街上的人。,- 我寧願死也不知道。,- 但你一直都知道。,他們說媽媽總是知道的。,我不知道現在會怎樣。,我哪裡做錯了?,哪一部分?,它告訴我。,你沒有做錯什麼。,都是我的錯。,但我不能了。,我喜歡巴勃羅,我不知道我要做什麼了 。,要我為你鼓掌嗎?,你想讓我支持你 和另一個男人的關係嗎?,幫我個忙,羅德里戈。,想知道?,我勒個去?,看那個...,你不尊重我。,我是你媽媽。,你可以十歲,二十歲,三十歲……,如果你不尊重我,我會坐你的手。,這正是我們所需要的,不是嗎,媽媽?,打我...,想知道?,我會過自己的生活。,我希望你不要後悔 你現在對我說的話。,離開這裡,離開。,請。,請別打擾我。,你終於到了,羅德里戈。,最近怎麼樣?,- 抱歉耽擱了,巴勃羅。,我不酷。,但是發生了什麼?,你媽媽說什麼了?,她變成了動物。,它根本不接受。,但你至少為她承擔了一切, 對吧?,一開始我否認了,但是...,然後我把一切都說了。,- 我說過的...,- 你說什麼,羅德里戈?,巴勃羅...,我們不能再呆下去了。,我不知道如何應對所有這些 家庭壓力。,你是什​​麼意思傢伙?,你剛剛說你為 你媽媽接管了一切。,你現在會退縮嗎?,而已?,我喜歡你你喜歡我嗎。,聽著,我知道我是個懦夫,我知道 我在取消自己,,但我不能了,伙計。,- 我希望你原諒我。,- 我不會原諒你的。,你瘋了?,我現在可以支持你了。,我還不如留在你身邊。,我們可以一起面對這一切,但 你總是喜歡退後一步。,- 求你了,保羅。,我在受罪。,- 我也很痛苦。,我很痛苦。,你不知道。,但是我對你已經沒有耐心了。,聽這裡...,如果我離開,我將永遠不會回來。,你在聽我說嗎?,我成功地馴服了這隻母狗!,不要那樣說話!尊重我的母親!,準備好!我割傷了!,你也不必這樣說話……,我不是在說你媽媽!,當然!,因為我的媽媽很棒,很了不起...,我不能對你說同樣的話。,燉!,為了!,我愛你。我也愛你,我們永遠在一起。,直到最後。

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