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SE ESPÍAN PARA HACER CRUISING GAYquieres conocer qué es lo que sucede,afuera de la estación del metr


Updated on Jan 14,2023


quieres conocer qué es lo que sucede,afuera de la estación del metro Centro,Médico por favor quédate en este video,te lo voy a contar toditito,Primero quiero ubicarlos,estamos exactamente afuera de la,estación de el metro Centro Médico,al salir de la estación de Centro Médico,vamos a encontrar,ese hotel que vemos ahí al fondo y,enseguida de ese hotel vamos a encontrar,a un costado unos wc y una farma y un,local donde ponen uñas,cuando veamos eso nos vamos a dirigir a,los wc,está muy fácil de llegar la verdad no es,nada complicado como ustedes podrán ver,es solamente salir de la estación del,metro Centro Médico Buscar ese hotel al,ladito de ese hotel están los wc y,entramos y como ustedes podrán ver,la entrada pues es bastante discreta no,hay nadie que te reciba y a veces los,locales como ustedes podrán ver cierran,temprano Ahí eran ya las nueve de la,noche,y ya estaba todo cerrado como ustedes,podrán observar no hay nada de gente y,los baños están total por los wc están,total mente solos el costo es de 8 pesos,entramos,y nos vamos a encontrar con dos puertas,unas de damas y otras de Caballeros,antes de continuar te pido de favor que,revises la descripción de este vídeo,Pues ahí van a estar mis redes sociales,y la forma de entrar a los grupos de,WhatsApp y obviamente por favor,suscríbete a este canal,vamos a tomar lo que tengamos que tomar,de papel si es que ocupamos y nos vamos,a meter,Pues bueno Estos son unos retretes,comunes en corrientes nada más entramos,a cualquiera de ellos son dos nada más,Y pues quiero que chequen por favor la,forma en la que,suceden las cosas ahí vean como ese ahí,podemos ver el pie Cómo se está asomando,para ver si pues el de al lado,pues necesita algo no necesita papel o,necesita,no sé alguna servilleta cosas así no y,entonces pues el muy amablemente,se asoma para ver si necesitamos algo,como lo que acaban de ver ustedes ahí,entonces pues nosotros ya ya veremos no,hay que sí que necesito esto y necesito,el otro y pues ya ahí te ahí nos da todo,lo que necesitamos como ustedes podrán,Ver los baños pues son total totalmente,solos no hay nada No hay nadie no son,muy frecuentados Entonces es el lugar,ideal para tener alguna actividad vean,como entran,se agachan para ver que veo show para,ver qué onda,y ahí como ese como como la persona que,vieron que entró y nada más agachó y se,fue luego luego la verdad Ahí sí no,entendí Por qué hizo eso ven cómo se,sigue asomando el otro chico muy,amablemente para ver si no necesitábamos,algo ahí está y como ustedes podrán ver,pues no está haciendo nada tiene ahora,sí que tiene Pues los pantalones bien no,los tiene,como para como para hacer sus,necesidades o sea los tiene bien,solamente está sentado llegó y se sentó,y ya ni siquiera se quitó nada vean como,él insiste el piensa en ese momento él,piensa que necesitamos algo y es por eso,que está ahí viendo a ver que,necesitamos,como ustedes podrán ver entró una,persona,una personita ahí pero ese sí venía lo,que venía aguas aquí porque si hay,personas que nada más van a hacer lo que,tengan que hacer y se van eh vean como,el chavo pues se levantó no se subió,nada,no se subió nada simplemente pues estaba,sentado ahí y,les decía aguas porque si entran,personas que nada más entran,a pues hacer lo que tengan que hacer eh,No necesariamente todos,todos van a buscar algo de encuentro no,no no no Aguas ahí tienen que ser muy,Audaces en ver qué personas si entra,para tener alguna actividad o cual de,plano no y nada más viene a lo que viene,vean ahí se quedó un chingo de tiempo,se quedó como unos que le echo yo unos,cinco minutos Así nada más ahí pues que,es que lavándose las manos pero bueno y,Cuando entró alguien más pues ya es,cuando empezó otra vez en movimiento,vean como esta persona que entra pues,hace hace la misma,pues la misma forma de,de operar Se podría decir la misma forma,nada más llega como que le baja ahí para,hacerlo en la pero vean como no,se bajó nada y luego luego se sentó Esa,es la forma de operar ahí para,pues para encontrar algo no Y ahorita,vamos a ver cómo se empieza el también,muy amablemente Nos salió también el,chavo muy amablemente él se asoma para,ver si no necesitamos algo vean,ahí le tuve que adelantar porque se,aventó un chingo de tiempo pero vean,Cómo se está también,asomando para ver si necesitamos algo,hay que tener mucha paciencia Eh la neta,cuando no encuentras algo así rápido hay,que tener mucha paciencia vean,Cómo se asoman muy amablemente para ver,si no necesitamos algo y otra vez le,tuve que adelantar un chingo porque les,digo es mucha paciencia y no siempre no,siempre hay veces que sí encuentras,actividad luego luego te das cuenta y,sientes y sientes que hay actividad pero,no siempre Bueno ahí estuvo como 7,minutos más Ahí parado en el espejo como,que lavándose las manos,hasta que salió y en cuanto salió ese,que estaba ahí parado salió este que,estaba ahí a un lado,Pues igual el mismo modo se prende y el,güey estaba Este sí es hecho como 10,minutos eh vean como ahí le tu

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Hallie Jackson NOW - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

Hallie Jackson NOW - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

so very very soon we are going to hear,from the so-called Three Amigos,President Biden and his two North,American counterparts the leaders of,Mexico and Canada and this really,important Summit Happening Now focusing,on the economy on immigration on drugs,the leaders are going to stand side by,side we'll talk about what we expect to,hear at a news conference that you will,watch live right here in just a couple,of minutes plus we are live in,California a state in crisis but,historic rain putting basically the,entire State under a flood watch this,storm is turning deadly we'll show you,some of the images we're seeing of,rescue crews working around the clock,and that search for a missing little boy,we're also doing a deep dive on death,the new steps by the White House to try,to help people out with student loans,with experts telling us we're heading,into a credit card crisis plus a really,popular hair product designed for black,black women selling out because white,women are buying it up the conversation,it's triggering now about co-opting,beauty rituals in tonight's original and,how the Golden Globes are fighting to,get your attention back after years of,controversy what we expect to see in,tonight's Big Show later on in this show,hey I'm Halle it's good to be with you,and listen at some point this hour we,expect to hear from the so-called Three,Amigos President Biden alongside the,leaders of Mexico and Canada at a really,important Summit in Mexico City this is,the shot it is rather grainy so it goes,when the cell service is questionable,with so many world leaders in in one,place in Mexico City,this is it the running behind schedule,but as soon as they walk up to those,podiums there to those lecterns we will,break in and bring it to you alive so,let's look at what's at stake right why,this matters so much let's talk about,the key topics of conversation from the,perspective of the U.S you've got the,countries looking to boost semiconductor,production if you're like oh my God why,who so what right this is all about,China trade they want to boost this kind,of production so they can stop relying,so much on China they want to look at,some new ways to help the environment on,the climate crisis they want to work on,immigration on drug trafficking and,plans for future pandemics also take a,look you're about to see the three of,them at the so-called family photo the,first time we've seen all three of these,leaders together on this trip and this,is a look from a little earlier inside a,different meeting actually the meeting,we're waiting for them to wrap up now so,they met they're talking they're talking,a lot and after they leave this meeting,they'll come out and they'll tell us,what they're talking about until now,everything's been one on one like little,breakout groups you could call it we've,seen the president with amlo as Mexicans,call their president accident or today,President Biden with the Canadian Prime,Minister Justin Trudeau and you heard a,real note of optimism here,I think,what we should be doing and we are doing,is demonstrating the unlimited economic,potential,that we have when we work together,to help the entire hemisphere,Monica Alba is traveling with the,president in Mexico City so Mom we,walked through some of what the key,topics key points are do we expect to,hear any big breakthroughs coming up in,just a couple of minutes when these,leaders come out and take questions,that's the major question here Hallie,and they just completed sound check,behind me so it does sound like this,press conference could be a little,closer to getting underway we understood,that as of a couple of minutes ago this,Major trilateral meeting was still going,on which of course speaks to your major,question about all of the topics on this,agenda for the three leaders we saw,President Biden meet with his Mexican,counterpart a couple times over the last,24 hours he met with the Canadian Prime,Minister of course this morning,one-on-one but now all three leaders had,an opportunity to come together and,really hash out some of these incredibly,thorny issues last night there was a,more social dinner with spouses today,was all about getting the delegations,together as well and having everybody,ranging from Commerce to National,Security the Attorney General Merrick,Garland is here on this trip they're,just talking about so many different,things in a couple of different buckets,first you have of course this major,pressing issue of mass migration and,Border policy we know absolutely that,the president talked about what he saw,for himself when he visited the border,for the first time since taking office,on Sunday in El Paso we know he thanked,The Mexican government for the role they,continued to play in these new policies,that are part of an expanded Trump era,policy known as title 42 which is that,public health order that now the,president has expanded to include,migrants from Cuba Nicaragua Haiti and,Venezuela in terms of turning them a

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i,ok chicos pues aquí la dinámica es muy,fácil como ustedes pueden ver dejan la,puerta entreabierta y cerrada y existe,la posibilidad de ir a echar un vistazo,como lo que estamos viendo a,continuación si ustedes están dando,cuenta el chico pues está como que sin,playera y cosas así pero con la puerta,abierta,como esta que también estamos viendo ahí,cuando un chico está esperando alguna,persona pues también deja la puerta,entreabierta,justamente lo que estamos viendo ahí,check-ins,chequen sus chicos como yo me estoy,acercando y pues este chavo está ahí,esperando,pacientemente ya sabes sin playera a,puerta abierta ventana también abierta,sin ningún problema,y la mejor forma de tener éxito en este,en este tema es que tú te estés paseando,por los pasillos,y estés echándole un vistazo a las,habitaciones que tengan la puerta así,como la que estamos viendo aquí,chicos pues si ustedes quieren ir a,visitar ese hotel para ver cómo está el,show vayan con total normalidad como si,estuvieran entrando a cualquier otro,hotel común y corriente de entrada les,advierto que si es la primera vez que,van a entrar a ese hotel,van a sentir un ambiente un poco pesado,van a sentir el ambiente un poco raro,pero se les va a pasar no se espanten no,vayan con miedo se les va a pasar muy,rápido,esas personas como ustedes puedan podrán,ver entraron con total normalidad,obviamente porque no es la primera vez,que ya bien entran los hoteles pero,ustedes tratan de tomar la misma actitud,que están tomando estas personas entren,con total normalidad dejen la puerta,abierta si quieren o cierren la como,ustedes se sienten a gusto aquí lo que,estamos viendo es que ya está abrieron,la ventana,porque es porque no hay ningún problema,si usted es grande por primera vez no se,expanden vayan con total normalidad,ahora chequen sé como las puertas las,dejan entreabierta,ah y ese es un buen truco para atrapar o,para conseguir a alguien de un buen,truco etc,tú te puedes estar asomado a la ventana,viendo quién va sabiendo quién entra,quien sale sin ningún problema,esa es la ventaja y la dinámica en,cuanto a las ventanas,todas las habitaciones tienen sus,ventanas todas vean chicos como ahí,están,viendo y no está del otro lado del,cuarto con su ventana obviamente ya la,abrieron chequen se como ahí están,espiando desde la ventana detrás de la,cortina,esa es la dinámica de las ventanas tu,puedes ir a ver abrirla por completo a,estar viendo por un pedacito de ventana,como tú quieras como tú mejor te,acomodes pero esa es la dinámica con las,ventanas puedes estar vigilando y puede,estar checando a ver quién entre quién,sale y solamente así vas a agarrar algo,y bueno chicos el hotel consta de tres,niveles,cuando ustedes vayan,pidan por favor de preferencia el,segundo o tercer nivel porque en el,primero también pero no tanto no se los,recomiendo mucho casi no hay mucho,movimiento por ahí,si lo hay pero no está mejor el segundo,tercer nivel,bueno ya les había dicho entonces que,dejar la puerta entreabierta es un,centro porque tú muchas personas tienen,por ejemplo ese chavo,está formándose su cigarrito allí pues,en la puerta pues esperando ya sabrán,esperando quién quién es el bueno quién,es el chico,pero,el truco de las puertas es las dejas,entreabierta y va la persona está y se,asoma para ver cómo estás no lo que,estás haciendo lo que están haciendo y,pues si llega a haber química y con todo,eso pues esa persona y tú también llevas,a entrada pues esa persona ahí entra y,hacen lo que tengan que hacer y el truco,de las ventanas es también es ese te,sirve más como para estar espiando para,ver quién entra y sale,y el coqueteo,las dos temas son como un poquito más de,objetivo porque tú lo ves,desde fuera desde adentro perdón y él,también te ve desde afuera y entonces,ahí como que ya se dan cuenta de con las,miradas a ver si está guapo,mejor,entonces a partir de ahí de las ventanas,como que empiezas empiezas a bebés a,recibir quien sí que no,eso es lo que te ayuda ahora hay muchas,otras personas que dejan a propósito la,ventana abierta porque les gusta ser,exhibicionista,sé que se me están esperando ahí,a ver qué show qué onda,ya van de salida y se van a dar su,recorrido se van a dar su recorrido a,los otros niveles del hotel así es la,unam,ahora veces antes primer piso ya que no,se los recomiendo que vean casi no hay,nada de movimiento,y otros,echando relajo pero no,desmadre está en el segundo y tercer,nivel,bueno,de todos modos e hizo un recorrido para,que lo vieran así es súper súper rápido,se supone que es la misma dinámica,pero vean a sí mismo,pero,está mejor el segundo exigente,y bueno chicos,aunque ustedes vean letreros que digan,no fumar,i,están de adorno porque si fuman shisha,si se puede fumar en los pasillos casi,no te dicen nada y es muy raro que,alguien te diga algo que si estás cómodo,pero bueno,y también se van a encontrar con dos o,tres letreros que dicen que está,prohibido,así desde el hotel también está el horno,de esos,esos lectores porque,la misma admin

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Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60

Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60

I'm turning 60 in a few weeks and my,super sweet 16th,has to be turned,hi I'm Bryan Cranston six-time Emmy,award-winning act and I'm sexy I'm cute,and I love the spotlight despite my,success I still live at home with my,mother and father and Canoga Park,California I'm their little superstar a,very good breakfast really important yes,miss better love you to book the party,planner or what meeting with him,tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. we're,meeting with a party no no no this is my,party somebody gotta watch the budget,budget dad this is my time to shine,bright like a diamond shine bright like,a diamond in the sky I swear to God if,my parents make me plan this party like,I'm a poor person I will lose my will be,lost,Michael we need you to be reasonable,reasonable were you reasonable in,skipping my Broadway debut because of,your dialysis the either of you think,about my feelings oh right just set up,the party planner try to be good parents,get away from me Bryan can be difficult,but deep down he's really a sweet boy,he's an ass I said write it down,who's ready to party a party planner I,see a cocoa all the biggies,and I'm very much looking forward to,meeting Brian our first theme Hawaiian,Brian,we could have coconuts maybe that obese,man who's saying somewhere over the,rainbow we could get him to come sing,he's dead I'm so sorry you have others,showbiz you're in show biz,lights camera Cranston why hello,everyone how original,no this is it one that's called hats off,to Brian and people would wear different,hats like fedoras you are the limp of,ideas and believe he was proposing I,mean I need to make sure that Jim bee,sees my vision crystal clear,my sweet 60 has to be ferocious,do you understand okay did he just say,ferocious he did perishes I'm so glad,you said that because I do have one more,idea we didn't make a poster for it but,get this the Brian King like The Lion,King but with your name in place of the,word lion Brian the king of the jungle,roar,roaring your way in 60 ok can we get a,lion rely on real lion yes yes oh yes I,need one that actually ate some people,caramel can get back I'll take care,though he's Mexican because you'd be the,king of me,Brian honey the budget waiting honey, yeah,shut up mom,yeah mom could just zip it for a little,while,thank you he's your only child this is,your Mufasa was he the good one Mufasa,yeah he was too good this is your Lion,King the Brian King now music my hats,music I love that too I want Cisco Cisco,Cisco the thong song hello oh yeah the,thoughts yes Oh such a good song I think,we have a party that songs on all the,phone we're a thong-wearing family we,all my photos show us your thumbs,I am fully right now full in addition to,Jim be and the crown handler my bestie,Bo is coming over to help me pick out,the most bomb-ass outfit ever,yo make my boy Brian look you look like,a sleepy refugee that hats to Hedy,yo that's right tiny yeah and my balls,are not giving me camels are they that's,perfect oh that's a yes,are you ready to try it some crowns I am,yeah I want to try on some too no it's,it's my day,it's my day yeah I put this on your head,your majesty you may yeah you look great,more - no way three two can't be more,than that another one no way I want,another one but they're stacked so high,I want another crown,it's then see it's my party,I feel like I'm so much better than any,of you and you find that crown I found,five dad do you need a help picking one,out mom I'm not picking one out I would,never be taken seriously if at my own,party I wear the same crown all night,please between the crowns and then car,you won't we can't afford it if my,parents mention the budget one more time,I am going to pop off it's the crown and,the Lambo,okay that's all I asked for and the,party that's it and Cisco and that was,it boy another boom you are ruining my,party and you are ruining my life,okay you can have three crowds fine okay,five we're gonna be dead soon anyway,I'll buy you a beautiful casket so today,is the day it's time to partay,Oh Bobby when y'all my thing when I'm a,bottom I cannot wait to see my peoples,faces when they see me make my grand,entrance,July and y'all,Oh,we would stop fire,everything stops where is Jimmy I need,to see Jimmy right now tonight Jimmy are,you having fun my birthday King no there,is a big sign across my birthday stage,that says the Brian King and that is not,how I spell my name is BR why am so he,went with ion like lie on the Lion King,okay let's get another crown on your,head I think this will make you much,happier,it says prior on purpose,oh the spelling is wrong with you an,accord,I know Brian's real famous but he's in,come back and pretends that I wasn't,here I've just,right so far this has been the worst,night of my life that I I don't know how,didn't get any worse no no no no no no,no no no is local approaching I,look at my party okay,go home and change buddy are you serious,gone the change go home and Jake right,now funny Brian I carried yo

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gay cruising - straight guys make me the most nervous...

gay cruising - straight guys make me the most nervous...

okay i don't know if this is  going to be main channel or not,but hang on say,i feel so ugly,it's because i'm pal and i just shaved  well i saved like two days ago maybe,i just checked okay so i have  a chocolate chicken espresso,and it tastes like water,i think the girl who made it was a little  seem troubled maybe first day of course,i actually think i saw someone that  worked at publix that was clearly gay  ,in the same spot as my pizzeria oh ,and i'm in a total different spot  so that's just kind of random,of course i have my warmed up chocolate  cookie which doesn't seem warm,they warm that before making the drink,i wish i could put you in a  better spot but i really can't  ,but i just don't feel like being alone honestly,they just slapped my brother and his friends,they just came over i told my brother to  text me when he was on his way what is that,um and i knew he was gonna forget  ,and he called me and he was like i forgot  to call you i just like pulled up so,of course i just make a fool of myself,like the smallest things like it's like  stray people make me the most nervous but,it's so annoying because like they  would think i was cool if like i was  ,being myself but like i'm so like worried  i'm more worried because of like  ,i can't embarrass shane not that  like he's even like that but  ,because he would be the first one dying laughing  so oh i don't want this red light fine,so i checked um my video that went up this morning,i'm getting cruising with billy and gay  cruising in south florida with billy  ,i think it's gonna be good i think the,title is very smart pretty genius pretty legendary  which i actually found out from i typed in like  ,gay florida youtubers and the cruising the okay  cruising video was like the first to pop up which  ,is what like really like helped me like  i'm planning on doing and driving and  ,my bentley with billy my dad's bentley  whatever i don't know what i'm calling it  ,but like gay cruising in the  bentley that's such a great idea,um,if you guys are watching this like i'm  just down here hey guys it's me i guess  ,this was definitely hashtag blogcast  because you don't need to watch,um,i don't know like am i can't tell what vibe  i'm in right now like do i want to go live  ,i might want to do a britney live because my  channel blew up from that so everyone's gonna,expect that for me which like i'm not,changing my ways or anything for anyone but  i wanna cater to that audience a little bit  ,because maybe it'll get them to  wanna watch a video like this,i'm so annoyed,i'm gonna make this turn and then like  i'm in a real safe zone so i'll pick it up,and that's so annoying because  that's not my good side this is  ,like how i need a camera over here but  like isn't that gonna be in my legit way,um so yeah my,view duration is way up and i feel like  it's from like doing this type of like  ,extreme authenticity type of vlog i've always  like i'm an editor like that's like my thing so,it's kind of like what am i doing but,i really do love this content  and the reason why i haven't,is because i never thought i  could but it's literally just like  ,releasing everything like  it's so actually fulfilling,because like being such an  editor it's like i'm editing,me so much i i'm editing myself so much,and i still like want to but when i  get into this vibe it feels like good,um i feel like i'm gonna call this like lonely,okay lonely cruise,this looks really unsafe but like,i'm in such a good spot easy spot and  this car is driving so slow so not car,in the summer you ignored me twice two  times had me steaming like a side of rice,he hopefully this guy isn't  still painting the house  ,it's going to be a whole  different color extremely light,but it's nice clean and pristine,so what do you guys want to do,let me know if you like this because it  really does feel good like i just said  ,but i don't i don't know,all right i have all this stuff and a  couple more days of watching the cats and,i've been saying this for bloody centuries but,i have not been able i'm so confused  about that like what is going on,i think that's literally just like i have  like a balder spot there a balder spot,oh yeah i have not been able to start this journey  and by that i mean this is only 110 calories,compared to,a starbucks drink that's like not a lot but  obviously i can get like expressive or whatever,um but yeah like i haven't been  able to do the treadmill and i,i don't really know why i'm trying to like really  ,work through it work it out  in my brain ,i don't know because i was like when i was done  with this with the cats i would like why am i  ,even thinking like that it's so weird but it's  just the way i am like i want to do and be in the  ,same daily routine and this going back and forth  isn't a lot obviously like really calm down um,but i guess that's why i  have you guys i don't know  ,i don't know what i'm saying but  i guess i'm gonna keep saying,i'm starting this journey a

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GAY CRUISE, DURING COVID!? Atlantis gay cruises, What to know?

GAY CRUISE, DURING COVID!? Atlantis gay cruises, What to know?

one of the quotes that i saw from,someone that they interviewed said this,is going to be the wildest party for our,community in two years i'm talking dirty,dancing sex drugs raves orgies and sweet,sweet freedom,hey guys welcome back to our youtube,channel it's just me today some of cody,and some so i normally got my boyfriend,here but he will not be joining us in,this video he will be in the next one,though i promise today it's just me and,i wanted to talk to you guys about,something that you probably have seen,some of your friends on this last week,which is the atlantis gay cruise their,30th anniversary cruise happened this,week they have been getting a lot of,flack whether you're on the side of that,it shouldn't have happened or you think,that it's fine that it did happen not,really here to dive into too much of,that more so wanted to just talk about,my experience because i have been on one,i did not go on this one that just,happened i've been on two the first one,that i went on was the one that happened,after world pride back in 2017. they had,a cruise ship that left out of barcelona,because world pride was in madrid which,was so much fun me and my best friend,wanted to do something after we found,the cruise we,left out of barcelona and then it went,it was a 10 day cruise and so it stopped,in ibiza malta mallorca an island off of,greece,and then it ended in venice there's a,couple other ones i can't remember so i,went on that one and i've also gone on,this january one that they do every year,but the one that i went on was in 2018.,i get a lot of people to ask me that,haven't been on a cruise,you know is it all partying that's all i,see oh my gosh i could never do that it,looks so exhausting,that's just not for me it's not for me,it's not for me what i say to them,is that there is something for everybody,but if you are considering going on or,not going on one of these cruises um yes,there is gonna be a lot of partying but,that's not the only thing that there is,to do so when i went on my first one,that left out of barcelona it was 10,days and of course i do not want to,party for 10 days straight especially,after just coming from world pride and,my best friend that i went on with he,felt the same way so yeah there was,maybe about four themed parties that we,planned to go to i think one was a,warrior themed one was an under the sea,theme one was a white party theme and,one was fruit i think i was a banana i,don't know of course we wanted to go to,some of these parties but then there,were,other nights where there wasn't a theme,so we were like all right we're going to,use those nights to rest so there were,definitely days where,we would eat dinner go to a couple shows,and then just go to bed some of the,other things that are on the ship is,there are comedy shows there are drag,shows there are,acrobatic performances there are singers,sometimes they have plays there's a,piano bar there's um,a lounge like there's so many other,things happening at the same time so i,remember once we ported in malta and we,would port get off for a few hours hang,out do an excursion explore the city,then we'd get back on the ship maybe,around two or three,i remember we would lay out get some sun,we'd be meeting new people constantly so,most of the time some of the people that,we've met go to dinner with each other,hang out then we would go to us,there would probably be like a comedy,show around eight then around 10 there,would maybe be a drag show then around,11 30 there was an acrobatic show in the,main theater by 12 31 when all this is,done,i'd be like all right i'm going to bed,yeah there'd be a party going on,upstairs a dj would be playing i,couldn't hear it from my room and i just,made the choice to go to bed one of the,really cool things that atlantis cruz,also does is they always have a,celebrity guest performer and they don't,tell anyone who it is of course rumors,go around but the first one that i went,on,in europe was jennifer holliday so if,you don't know who that is she,originated the role of effie in dream,girls,one other person i remember seeing,perform was shashana bean which she's,amazing she has been on broadway she was,elphaba and wicked her voice oh my god,and we got to meet her,after the show that was so cool they,always have an acrobatic show at the end,of the week and it's insane i i should,post i should actually post some of my,videos from the crews of the shows that,we saw because they're absolutely just,they go all out for us a lot of my,friends that haven't been on a cruise,talk about like well like all i see is,party that they're doing during the day,that everyone seems to be at then,there's a party at night time that,everyone seems to be at and then at six,in the morning when the sun's coming up,there's there's still the same people,are out partying you just see them,dancing around,i love the circuit dance that people do,um it's just like this,that isn't the only thing that's,happening you know that's t

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Fiancés on a gay cruise! 🚢👨‍❤️‍👨

Fiancés on a gay cruise! 🚢👨‍❤️‍👨

we can feel free to have PDA whenever we,want hey it's Josh and welcome on board,this edition of the open sea cruises by,axel our very first one we start and end,our trip in Barcelona with various stops,in France and Spain along the way for a,week of fun on the Mediterranean Sea,with lots of partying and sunshine and,we're gonna bring you along with us to,get a taste of what it's like so for,this new LGBT cruise we went on their,inaugural voyage on the zenith which,holds 1,400 passengers that you can,party away with but of course you can,also retreat to your own private room we,had this oceanview stateroom which had,everything we needed as did the rest of,the ship like jacuzzis and restaurants,and bars and a gym to work out in places,to shop even and some activities unique,to this cruise like the dark lounge or,the more lit up exercise classes or,massage class / practice or the cooking,that you could do with the naked chef,yes he was making the red apron or you,could even bow if you wanted to strike a,pose so lots of options plus of course,there is a swimming pool and every day,there is a pool party and there's always,a different theme and it's always hosted,by Priscilla the queen of Mykonos with,special guests like at the vanga boys,taking us back to the 90s or there was a,kana pop bringing us back into the 2000s,and even RuPaul himself as a boy DJing,and dancing it up so this is my very,first cruise ever I've done a couple but,not like the,so we were very excited to get on board,and experience it and especially with it,being an LGBT focused one it just means,that we can feel free to have PDA,whenever we want and the activities and,events they're all geared especially,toward gay men but there are number of,straight couples not that many but,that's true yes yeah and some trans I,mean everybody I can see it's open,that's why it sees yeah but we've been,having a great time on board and off yes,there was a lot to do off the ship as,well of course one of the awesome things,about cruises is you get to go to lots,of different places and you can go on,excursions and so we checked out,different places in France and Spain as,we went along like a Jesse O on the,island of corsica or the Cote d'Azur in,the harbor city of to long or the,Spanish Costa Brava or Abita lots of,places to check out but we always went,back to the boat to eat because it was,included for three meals a day and there,are always a couple buffets to choose,from lots of different options so you,could just pick what you like and in the,evening you could either have buffet or,actual sit-down table service with some,fancier food so that was nice to have as,well and then finally we ended every,night with a big party with some very,special guests like kisaki who sang and,danced their butts off they were awesome,some impersonators who totally looked,and sounded like the real thing they,kind of blew me away and Conchita who,previously won the Eurovision contest,and it's just an incredible singer and,then there was deejaying and dancing,super fun and that's been our week on,the maiden voyage of open sea cruises,it's been great to be on their first one,and they've got a bunch of others coming,up going to all kinds of different,places it was cool to knock off Spain on,your yes totally our going to be,spending more time in Spain too so if,you're new make sure you subscribe to my,youtube channel so you can see what else,we get up to in this country bye bye

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My First Gay Cruise| VACAYA

My First Gay Cruise| VACAYA

hi guys I am off to back ayah the first,lgbtqia+ cruise,first of all I've never been on a cruise,second of all I've never been on a gay,cruise so it's gonna be extra pacaya I,board the rainbow filled celebrity,summit and check in to my gorgeous,stateroom with the most comfortable bed,and a super cute balcony the next week,is filled with the most lavish top-notch,talent in the entertainment industry,ranging from Broadway divas to TV stars,to stand-up comedians to legends to,burlesque vu kaya has it all now I need,to figure out what gives people life and,energy being on vac I we have a 20 year,old hardbodies running around we have,the 80 year old couple that's been,together for 52 years we have almost a,hundred women on board the way everybody,is interact there's no cliques,it's literally like one great big Pride,Festival at sea unlimited food unlimited,sunshine unlimited happiness a spirit of,inclusivity of positivity lots of,entertainment and lots of events and,lots and lots the camaraderie the people,that are working for kaya,they are just awesome they're on the,spot with everything watching the boys,we feel real welcome there's so many,cute people you can completely be,yourself and everyone's in love with,each other and supportive so you're,saying everyone's in love with you,everyone's everyone is in love with me,I'm the most popular girl in the ship,don't you know she also suffers from,high self esteem yeah clinical condition,it's not like hardcore party cruise but,if you want that you can have it my,favorite part is quiet time in my,stateroom at night with the waves and,everything in the window up I don't get,a lot of that believe it or not people,think I'm real social and I'm not and,I'm such a recluse so it's wonderful to,make me get out like me the freedom to,do what you enjoy the friends that you,meet and the wonderful ports of call,there's the ocean,if you want to go to the nude beach in,p-town get a bike,don't walk because it's like three and a,half mile walk and it's filtering here,hand up there,of our first gay cruise and have never,never never step again an irregular food,but the thing that I'm loving the most,about this cruise is actually the thing,that got me to come be cruise director,of the screws it's all inclusive but not,all inclusive meaning like just all the,clues about the food and everything I,made some really amazing friends and,they made my trip,they made my trip I think the vision is,great career space should be inclusive,and ended the sentence out how we learn,about each other and learn about people,are different than us without spending,time with people who are different than,us so that's that's a great vision so,I'm into it this is so fun being myself,and being free to just party it up and,the theme parties and the entertainment,it's all just very focused on things,that I would enjoy that's the tip if you,can give our viewers one tip if you are,going on my the kaya,what would your tip be my tip would be,to plan your days a little bit ahead,well I don't know the tip is don't plan,your days a little bit of hydrate,hydrate hydrate pack tank tops ooh come,as you are plan to have a lot of fun,don't be shy,look early the reality is when you,booked you actually pick your own room,like the best rooms they kind of go,first bring very little clothes and you,can see him in there okay don't forget,about the party outfits put it in beat,us up step out of your comfort zone and,open your mind of,when in doubt what to bring and how to,go all out it's always yes more is more,smiling is everything okay hi if you,just open your heart and say hello,people will find you and you will find,them and you'll have lasting friendships,for a lifetime,find your safe zone find where you're,comfortable and then push just a little,beyond them every one of you that has,ever been invisible the arrayed BC,it's been so inclusive so body-positive,so pink positive I learned a new acronym,on this cruise it is not the LGBTQIA,community it is the LGBTQIA p k and the,ps4 pansexual and the K is for kink,everyone had such a big heart and I,encourage you to go on this pacaya,cruise it's going all around the world,and I got a goose was thinking about it,because it's just been such a party so,you need to book your next cruise on,vaca,24/7 go to my yokai calm and if you,liked this video please leave a comment,below and I'll see you

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