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GAY TWITTER IS FULL OF CATFISHwhat's going on y'all my name is hayer,and welcome back to my channel

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Updated on Jan 17,2023


what's going on y'all my name is hayer,and welcome back to my channel higher,videos now today i want to talk about,one of the cringiest corners of the,internet that i've ever stumbled into dl,slash free twitter is a place that seems,very innocent in a place that seems,positive you know being gay is still a,very hard thing for a lot of people in,society and the internet is a place,where many people who have not felt,accepted in their real lives have gone,to in search of like-minded individuals,whether they be in the same city same,country or a completely different part,of the world the internet is very good,for connecting people who are like,outsiders in society now when i first,found dl twitter that's what i thought i,was stumbling upon so okay this is a,very interesting space let's take a,little gander but what i ended up,finding was one there's a lot of porn on,there which like okay it makes sense,this is a spot for dudes who like can't,sexually express themselves in real life,have outlet on the internet so the porn,is expected but the unexpected part were,like these relationship blogs that,weren't relationships because these guys,are single but they're always talking,about this is my ideal guy this is what,i wanted a dude mind you these are like,dl dudes these are people who want to,remain anonymous want to keep their,identity and their sexuality a secret in,real life but these accounts have like,30 000 followers 20 000 followers like,thousands and thousands of followers for,something that's supposed to be pretty,low-key but again that doesn't seem so,bad on the outside it's like okay if,there's a community of people who can't,freely express themselves in the real,world and they go on the internet and to,connect with other people of course some,people will be more popular as the other,get more followers but let's read some,of the things that these accounts tweet,out let's start off with the pin tweet,that a lot of these accounts tend to,share now the one we're talking about,first has 10 000 followers almost eleven,thousand followers and i wanna keep the,profanity down on my channel because i,ain't trying to get demonetized but this,person's username is enya b,as in mr stereo girl type stuff which,isn't something you'd expect for a page,dedicated to men who like other men but,the pen tweet to this count is,describing this guy's type it says,athletic tattoos fit swag,masculine in all caps with three e's if,you do know if you do not look like this,do not dm me so of course this is also,like a second dating app for a lot of,these guys because it's like okay you,can't really meet dll dudes in real life,because everybody's hiding so on the,internet where people are anonymously,being open if you see an account that,looks interesting dm it and when i first,found these kinds of accounts i dm'd a,couple of them because i was very,curious like yo are these really like,regular cool dudes and it's like if,they're describing their type i'm,assuming the type is going to be,something like them you know i was very,optimistic and open-minded when i,approached it right but let me tell you,after dming a couple of these counts and,finally convincing these dudes to show,me what they really look like it was,horrifying i felt bamboozled and that's,when i realized that this corner of the,internet it is not for men who in their,real lives just got to express,themselves in a different medium where,they can't be tracked these are for like,lame dudes to feel not so lame on the,internet this is like for bums and like,when they talk about like my type when,they have those types of posts i promise,you that is the exact opposite of what,they look like you know a little nas got,that song i wanna f the ones i envy,that's basically what these pages are,about these are a bunch of like sexually,frustrated guys who create the persona,of who they wanna be on the internet and,once i peep that it made so much sense,because they tweet things like am i the,only dude that likes when dudes blank on,my face,lol dudes will watch your page and,collect info so they can pretend to be,the dl dude you looking for shaking my,head what really put these twitter,accounts into perspective for me was,when i realized that like yo first of,all when these guys are talking about dl,they're not just talking about oh,they're in the closet in the gay,community the black gay community,particularly as most of people i'm sure,watching this already know dl is a whole,personality type for a lot of people,they're talking about like the hood,duels or not necessarily like game,banger more traditionally masculine,people sagging pants tattoos chains,grills like this levels to like how hood,they expect their dld to be,basically these guys are looking for,trade right that's the term people use,when a gay guy is pretty masculine to,the point where you wouldn't assume he's,gay it's called trade and that's what,these people mean they're saying bl but,they really mean trade and the pr

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August Alsina sends BLACK TWITTER into SHAMBLES after ANNOUNCING he is Gay &INTRODUCES his Boyfriend

August Alsina sends BLACK TWITTER into SHAMBLES after ANNOUNCING he is Gay &INTRODUCES his Boyfriend

foreign,begin,what's going on y'all what it is so,let's go ahead and slide on this topic,and I'm not going to make this too long,of a video but I do want to talk about,what transpired so it seems like August,Alsina may have come out and stated that,he has a boyfriend now on the show that,airs on VH1 called The Surreal Life and,so basically this announcement has,people on Twitter it has the black,community in shambles because a lot of,people are so you know torn about how,they feel about August Alsina seemingly,coming out as gay now I will say this he,didn't come out and say that this guy,was his boyfriend but he was speaking in,codes and you know how we roll as a,community some of us can't add multiply,subtract or divide but when it comes to,having that gay radar you know black,people can put two and two together and,come up with some now the guy that,August seemingly introduced to the world,to be the new love of his life he goes,by the name of zoo so what I want to do,right now is play you guys what August,had to say and I want you guys to peep,out the interaction between the two of,them once August called him to come sit,beside him after he introduced them all,right,believe me please what do you know love,showed up but in a new way I want to,share that and really honor the person,that I love and I love you back and,teaching me so much about love and,healing I want to do that in front of uh,the world because it defies all the,constructs that,um one would say love is supposed to be,or love should look like foreign,so you guys just saw that now again,August did not allude to the fact that,zoo was his actual boyfriend in my,opinion he was speaking in Coast that,would make you believe that could be,possibly his boyfriend right but at the,end of the day it could go either way,you know it could be for Ratings it,could be really true now a lot of people,were questioning the fact that if August,and this guy's really together when Zoo,came up there on stage and in my opinion,he looked a big bashful and shot while,the two of them didn't kiss now my,answer in response to that is everybody,don't have to kiss on camera to prove,their love for one another now another,thing that was trending on social media,in regards to this situation is that a,lot of people were questioning the fact,that this could be August's brother now,I didn't know that August had a brother,but there was a clip that resurfaced,where a fan ran into Augustine zoo in,the streets and basically August said,this,y'all,who are you,oh that's your little brother Nicole,August now roll that for me y'all,okay,all right so you guys just saw the clip,where August alluded to zoo as being his,brother now you know the slang between,homies or whatever when you're,introducing your friend to someone you,could just say hey yo this is my brother,Eric this is my brother Rob right it,does not mean that the two of them are,actually dating and it doesn't mean that,the two of them aren't dating right it's,just verbs that's used between the,homies I mean what the hell do you,expect August to say when a fan is,asking him who's to do with him you,think that August is going to come out,and say this is my boyfriend this is my,man come on get real now I do see a lot,of people on Twitter not surprised that,August came out as gay because a lot of,people are saying that only a messy,Queen would have came out and aired out,the dirty laundry that took place,between him and Jada but in my opinion,that's a bit subjective because I see,other straight men kissing and telling,all the time and so it doesn't matter if,you're gay or straight it just depends,on the type of person you are right how,emotional you can be as an individual,now another thing that I see trending on,Twitter in regards to this situation is,that a lot of people are trying to,connect the dots and say that will myth,and August could have had an intimate,relationship going on the same time that,August and Jada was dealing with one,another and I don't find that to be true,because will is the bigger celebrity and,if August was gay at that particular,time I don't see that when he spoke on,the situation with him and Jada why,would he spare Wheels especially when,will came out and denied the accusation,that August made that will actually gave,him permission to sleep with Jada I'm,pretty sure August will be like hold up,so hey you want to sit up here and lie,let's really talk about what really went,down you know what I mean but anyway if,August is coming out the closet I'm glad,that this brother has made the conscious,decision to come out and live in this,truth and I wish him and Zoo the best,right it is what it is but anyway I'm,gonna let this slide right here I want,you guys to drop down in the comments,and let me know your thoughts do you,believe that August was actually coming,out and he basically introduced his,boyfriend to the world or do you think,that this is a prop just to get ratings,for the show alright don't forget t

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If You Like This You're GAY | Twitter Trash

If You Like This You're GAY | Twitter Trash

hey what's going on everyone how you,doing hopefully you're doing well,i know i am so if you guys have been,following the updates of things that,i've been up to recently you would know,that uh,i am a married man now and uh now my,life is over it's uh it's done,it's uh there's abandon all hope,and all that dante's inferno jargon,supreme victory,so i got a few spicy tweets for you not,gonna delay anymore we're gonna jump,right into these bad boys because uh,yeah,i definitely like the ones that i've,curated i feel like if you find this,attractive,you're pretty much gay,but you don't want the stigma that goes,with it i love this tweet,i love this because this person,you know with the anime avatar this weeb,that probably beats off to cartoons,basically the implication is if you like,muscles,that means you're gay,it's as simple as that if you like,define muscles you just you like men,where here i am thinking that if you,like men,you like,penis,you like,a dude with a,nice jaw a little bit of hair or,something like that you know there's a,lot of men that don't have that type of,stuff but most of all,you're a big fan of the penis that's,usually like the big implication,you know the the same sex kind of deal,and so,it never occurred to me,growing up that a woman who has some,muscle,is just a man now like it's it's like,it's the same thing,you know like there's the women that are,in the bodybuilding competitions that,are obviously juiced to the gills that,are starting to develop manly features,and then you're like okay,but then you have a woman that clearly,looks like a woman,that has,very feminine features you can still see,that oh that is clearly a woman,and then she happens to be jacked and,i'm just like that's dope,you know i grew up with,admiring,um fitness in the fitness industry,and say a lot of video games where a lot,of women are jacked especially mortal,kombat if you guys played the reboot,mortal kombat mortal kombat 9,and you see the women in there they're,like,jacked and then they're they have these,cannons it's hilarious it's hilarious,how they're built because they're just,jacked and all their chests are all like,triple d's or you want to i guess,congratula graduate to a new a new,letter but let's talk about the person,in question this is lean beef patty um,i've been following her for a while,she's exploding on tick-tock she uh,obviously works very hard she's very,proud of her physique and she should be,because she put in the work put in the,hours and take what's ours i want to,drain the main vein and sure there may,be people,who don't like her physique there may be,people that are like ah that's too much,for me that's totally fine but i'm,pretty sure most people don't jump to,the conclusion that like,the only people that like that are just,they they like dudes but they they're,just afraid to like dude so this is the,next best thing i'm like why don't,why don't they,so of course a bunch of people were,trashing this person,and uh they continued to uh you know to, you guys are complete brainlets if,you think she's natty she's more jacked,than 90 of dudes now here's the thing a,lot of people get very confused about,natty versus someone who uses,performance-enhancing drugs,um,the thing is,there's a possibility,that lean beef patty,is not natty,but also,her physique,is,naturally obtainable,see that's the thing,she could,be using performance-enhancing drugs,to help her get to that easier and to,help her maintain it easier totally,possible but it's also possible for her,to just work her ass off and get there,there's nothing about her physique that,is just impossible to achieve or it's,like that's crazy i can't belie,it's totally possible because she's not,insanely jacked the biggest things on,her that are jacked are the things that,are naturally able to get jacked easily,like your quads,a lot of women have big legs right the,biggest telltale is when you see a,really huge torso you're like okay a lot,of women don't have naturally huge,torsos so it's weird to see that,but like say the arms you can get the,delts like you look at her delts they're,nicely built her biceps are built up,really nicely,and then she has these huge quads,nothing like that looks unnatural it,just looks like she eats a lot,and she works out really hard,it's totally natural to obtain that no,i'm saying is she i don't know i don't,know enough about her uh to see if she's,natty or not i don't even know if she's,claimed natty or not i personally i,don't care um it's not like say if you,look at someone like dana lynn bailey,who you're like that's she's clearly,unnatural there's things about her that,are just too much,we were like okay she claims she's natty,but you're like no,it's no like stop lying i hate the,people that lie you're a liar you're a,liar here's a woman named aurora,she says i lost 80 pounds over the last,two years by completely changing the way,i take care of myself mentally and,physically i may have lost weight but,i've gained h

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The JuJu On The Beat Kid Leaves Hip Hop For a Gay Onlyfans Career

The JuJu On The Beat Kid Leaves Hip Hop For a Gay Onlyfans Career

i would like to uh talk about a topic,and this is literally the only thing,that i care about us discussing,and we can discuss other things but this,is the one and this is the only thing in,the world,to me right now zay hill figure,sucking a giant clear,i called it glass it wasn't clear it was,rubber a.d,actually a couple of like last week a.d,goes to me he goes,you know that that zay hill figure juju,on the beach he goes,you you know he got only fans now i go,already doing like sexual ad goes,yes,and i but but he didn't go any further,than explaining it was women,the next day i'm looking at twitter and,i see,zay hilfiger who composed and performed,juju on the beat,sucking a giant up yo,straight deep throat and the caption,said check out my tears,like he did have it he's so proud of his,cock-smoking skills that he's like,flexing his tears,i'm i'm like looking at twitter like my,whole world is just exploding around me,i'm like,what just happened he decided to send,these uh screenshots to,the group chat no maybe not i went in,that group yet i didn't screenshot the,actual,he said yes you deep throating it's only,a street,okay i'm like what the how do you,feel and then as i can as i continue to,scroll down we also saw him eating a,bowl of rice with his jesus see my,little brother i didn't even see it you,told me about it he was doing well,because my little brother i thought i'm,saying bro,the zay is going crazy and he,scrolled down he said i've seen some, that you can't,wait he said he was eating a bowl of,rice you know i didn't see it but you,know how like you,eat like you'll add some butter to some,rice he put his own,he put his own goo in his rice yeah it's,called goo i like that,he mixed his own ejaculate,into a bowl of rice and ate it is no,food safe that's the last food i would,have thought that why,rice we have homies that that do things,with food,so goats not wild go decorate a snickers,bar and eat that,yo what about a cookie remember back in,the day the soggy waffle soggy,cookie i don't know about all that,the the funny thing is this ,adam writes it on twitter and he hits,them back,like let's go viral and i'll go away,i just interviewed uh young la and,travis porter charles board are goats,people give them a hard time about,having fell off whatever,they didn't like fall off and then,immediately resort to gay porn,which if you think juju on the beat was,quite a few years ago he did give it,some time,but then he just decided at one point,like his his throat game was more,valuable to the world than,than being a rap star i guess and i mean,i'm assuming,that there's probably a lot of dudes,apparently paying for this ,you wanna know the what if this girl's,paying for it too probably maybe you,wanna know the funniest about,because,i don't know why a girl would wanna see,him deep through the fake dick but, like six months ago i'm at this, party,he takes a picture with me posters on,his instagram and when he said she's my,only fans,i know only fans i take a picture with,the nick and the first thing i thought,about,is when this came out i said i hope,i hope it's not on instagram because i,was like no,and she would delete my next seed,dropping soon if something's fun,i'm gonna put i'm gonna make a fake,tweet check out my new scene coming down,with a.d,they will have to meet the blammy i'm,sorry maybe,it'll be rice and everything everywhere,you know i kind of feel like it's it's,partially my fault everywhere,i feel like this is partially my fault,because i used to see this well this kid,around uh,around pump and all that because he was,assigned to the same management as pump,saying he was topping off pumping him,well they're missing oh no,i don't think pub would want to do that,but uh you know and,he used to be like yo let me get an,interview let me get interview and i was,like like nah i'm like,like like if it was at the moment where,juju on the beat came out then i would,have done an interview with him but this,is like a couple years later so i'm like,and now you're gonna do it now honestly,yeah the fact that you're gonna do it,now him shoving all this huge down,his throat seems a little bit more,notable than like hey i had a song a,couple years ago like i think that the,intersection of him,sucking the giant dildos and having this,huge song is what makes it interesting,to me,wait but you know what's crazy though we,also got,watch me whip watch me nae nae guy just,got booked,for on a murder so the question is if,there was a one-hit wonder in rap that,you really loved at one point in their,career doesn't work out what would you,rather them do,suck dick on the internet for money or,kill someone kill someone,i believe you i'm gonna keep saying i,believe you 100,yo but before we get into that though i,just want i want to say like,these fashion nova jeans that i'm,wearing passion,let me put my leg over my head yeah um,no boss but,pause why like we can't just like be,accepting of gay people and like believe,that gay peo

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you know how you'd be scrolling down,you'd be liking girls pictures,you know so i was scrolling but like,plot twist i seen this guy,they could,say youtube you already know who it is,man,it's your boy how to die and i'm here,with another,my parents are sleeping in the other,room but listen listen i know i've been,consistent with y'all but we bouncing,back hard,i need to hit 100k subscribers as soon,as possible i see you guys are showing,crazy crazy support bro i see it,i'm not even uploading like that bro,y'all still subscribing y'all still,hitting me up,and asking me to drop bangers so i'm,gonna bring bangers to you guys,but listen if you guys haven't,subscribed to my fitness channel,the description the link will be,description down below make sure you,guys go,and follow that and subscribe to that,and stay tuned i'm going to be dropping,consistent videos on that too,but listen man listen right now i'm,currently in my room,i'm still in the process of making my,new gaming setup shout out to darielle,kari for helping me do this,and stay tuned for that but listen bro,i'm going,to my boy's house today and he thinks,we're going to be filming a video with,our cars he bought a new car,um he's grateful for that but he bought,a new car,and i'm going to be doing the i'm gay,prank on him,if you guys are oh gee subscribers y'all,will see when i did this prank,to prince and tony the pop-up will be,right here y'all,y'all seen when i did them bro y'all,seen how i did it prince was in on it,but it started to get out of control so,we ended it so,my best friend and his brother are gonna,be in the car so we're gonna try to,prank them we're gonna see how this goes,so make sure,y'all stay tuned man stay tuned and make,sure i smash that like button,share this channel share this video with,all your friends and,you gotta go crazy damn this camera,quality plugging right now,hey let's go,all right guys i just pulled up to his,house i don't even know where my stuff,is stuff my tripod is to hold my camera,i'm gonna call him and tell him to come,outside you can get a little sneak peek,of his car from him you got a car just,like mine,for me i'm gonna sneak peek at that up,first for me i gotta get him like it's,only right bro,it's only right,all right i'm outside right now so you,can come,all right outside be right there,all right guys he's on his way right now,oh here he comes here he comes here he,comes here he comes he probably like,what the ,oh,feels better right you're better than,camaro yeah way better come here what,i'm saving about 20,years,i'll be cruising now i shouldn't be,tired remember i was snowing just it was,snowing there's no snow on the ground,it's just leaves and water,i like i should battle in the rains too,it's crazy,huh just down the street do a burnout,come back,six dollars fifty dollars yeah,i give you 50 cents i slow that up,though,what but i need your advice or something,sounds like instagram right yeah you,know how you'd be scrolling down you'd,be liking girls pictures,yep so i was scrolling but like plot,twist,seen this guy the ,you will you wouldn't like it well like,that like what the me,what you like that no i didn't,listen listen listen no listen no listen,though like i was just looking at it and,like it's attractive like,i mean what what the i'm gay though,that means a good what i don't,think so,you never just looked at a guy's picture,and you were just like um no,i don't try to do that to guys depends,on how they look,no like opening my door bro that's real,suspect bro,with that forgot the wrong one,whoa oh,it really wins,oh my god he might be like yo what the,nah bro he's dead ass not answer why'd,you leave,nah where you walling out bro,why'd you leave you're crazy i was just,talking about,something i was i was just testing my,theory on you to make sure if i was,really gay or not,oh hell no,stupid i'm not going to let you get the,chance,that's good but i didn't i didn't get,hard i'm good,nah dude talk about hardest now,all right,come here real quick,yo boss look look look,it's a freak you grab the bag,nah come in the car now let's talk,business for real business forum,ready to film this video yes sir let's,go y'all see the vibe man he got a ford,mustang,four months thing i'm saying now we,twinning now from between now so we bout,to better record our car,we gonna get in this car let's get,straight into this,hmm,all right quick top five things about,your car,yep,girls like my ,what else,so many customizations that could happen,to it and that's it,right there uh-huh i hate my ,i love my car man i love my car so me,next is going to be either a gt500 or a,regular gt depending on how everything,goes next year,that's what we're trying to upgrade to,for me we're trying to go crazy,like a batman car for real look at this,the one thing his car does that maya's i,do that i hate is that he's a little,light up thing he's a little light up,stuff in his car,he has like with a little little mustang,thing comes out on th

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Pete Davidson, Dave Chappelle & More Comedians Tell Celeb Stories | Netflix

Pete Davidson, Dave Chappelle & More Comedians Tell Celeb Stories | Netflix

- By the way, this story's so name-droppy,,I apologize in advance.,This story's so name-droppy, DiCaprio was there,,I don't even mention him.,(upbeat music),- Famous people are weird as shit.,(audience laughing),They're all weird. Your suspicions are correct.,And they would all come in to "Saturday Night Live,",and they'd have to meet with me,'cause I was a little rat writer,and they'd have to talk about the sketches.,They'd sit on my office couch that had,,like, bedbugs and stuff.,It was great, like they were famous, but it was my couch.,It'd be like if you went into your childhood bedroom,and Joe DiMaggio was sitting there.,Yeah, he's Joe DiMaggio. He's a legend.,He had sex with Marilyn Monroe,,but only you know where the bathroom is.,(audience laughing),- I'm gonna drop a name, all right?,The day after I broke my foot, Glenn Howerton,,my friend Glenn Howerton,,(audience cheering),who is almost 50, but for this bit, he's over 50.,I need it to, come on, who cares about logic?,He broke his collarbone, okay, so I called him up,,giving him a little solidarity, little support.,"Hey man, I broke my foot. What happened?",Now in my mind I'm thinking, well,,he was probably reaching for a bag of SunChips wrong,and his collarbone broke or something.,And he said, "Yeah, I was snowboarding.,I landed a flip wrong.",All right, fuck off, fuck off.,You don't need to go to that much hassle.,Once you get to a certain age, you don't need to do,,I don't even think that's what happened.,I think he's lying to me.,I think somebody slammed a door near him,and then his collarbone fell into his ass cheek,,and then he told his wife,,"Just duct tape me to a snowboard,and push me down a Black Diamond Trail, please.,Give me some dignity for God sakes.",Now I'm gonna drop another name.,A month after I broke my foot, Tony Hawk broke his,,broke his femur in two.,Pow, landed a vertical wrong.,He's out in his warehouse, doing his verticals,,landed it wrong, broke his femur.,DMs me a picture of his X-ray, he's like,,"Looks like we're in the same boat, buddy.",And I'm like, "No, we're fucking not.,You just Jackie Chan-ed yourself into even more coolness.",(audience laughing),He found a whole other level of cool.,I slipped off a curb like someone's aunt,that saw a bird, that is how I went down.,I went down in the most embarrassing way possible.,(audience laughing),- By the way, this story's so name-droppy,,I apologize in advance.,This story's so name-droppy, DiCaprio was there,,I don't even mention him.,(audience laughing),So Netflix has a party,and it's at the head of Netflix's house,,a guy named Ted Sarandos.,A great man.,(audience laughing),A great man.,(audience laughing),So it's at Ted Sarandos' house, and I walk in,and it's, like, the biggest comedians in the world, right?,I'd look over, it's like Burr, Aziz, Mulaney,,Ali Wong, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, Trevor Noah,,Borat.,(audience laughing),And you're like, pretty good, pretty big, Neal. All right?,Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart,,and then I look over here, Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Murphy.,It's like goddamn, I've never seen,all these people together, ever, right?,And I remember thinking like, "Buddy,,I don't know what you did to get invited to this party,but it must have been pretty good,and I'm proud of you, right?",And I'm just looking around at all these,,like, heroes of mine, right?,All icons.,And Ted Sarandos, who is a great man,,(audience laughing),gives a toast, and he goes,,"It's such a thrill for me to be in the same room,with all of my comedy heroes,",and Chris Rock yells out, "And Neal Brennan!",(audience laughing and cheering),- I tried to interview the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.,I'm serious, he came to New York City,,and he was taking all these weird meetings.,Dude, he met with Michael Bloomberg,at the Starbucks in Times Square.,Do you remember this? Look at Bloomberg's goofy ass.,He's just like, "Welcome to Starbucks, Ya Highness.,If you wanna take a shit, the code is 2332, my liege.",(audience laughing),All right, Crown Prince in New York, your boy in New York.,Let me shoot my shot.,Let me slide in the DMs. It'll be funny.,(audience laughing),Now Beena has a slightly different take,,because she has a PhD,(audience laughing),and I do PowerPoint comedy.,(audience laughing),So she's like, "Hasan, do not antagonize the Saudis.,It's dangerous.",I go, "I know.",(audience laughing),She goes, "I'm serious.,Don't do the interview.",And I go, "I won't.",(audience laughing),And I meant it,,but then she left the room.,(audience laughing),- He's the definition of a guy, my father,,who doesn't give a fuck.,He just doesn't care at all.,And yeah, Tony, some people are like that, you know?,Tampa Tony, I don't know why he is the way he is,,but he just couldn't care less about anything.,And that's good. That's good, you know?,I mean, I remember one time we saw,,I was in a pizzeria with him and he saw,,I saw Steven Tyler, you know, from Aerosmith.,Saw him, and everybody was like

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#BlackTwitter After #Ferguson | The New York Times

#BlackTwitter After #Ferguson | The New York Times

December 19 we exist in a tradition of,erased histories twitter has helped us,tell our own story we are sitting in,history and making it Furguson it,doesn't matter what black people do we,are walking targets just because my,biggest fear is I won't hear about the,next black man being killed by police,because it will be me it's just another,day of black boy no one's gonna care,that constantly kept coming down my,timeline and I just didn't believe it,all I had was my Twitter and my facebook,and my Tumblr and Instagram and so I,just I felt and I really believe that,someone somewhere would care about what,I was saying when Trayvon died and I,just had no clue what the news was I,didn't know what it was and I didn't,want that to be the story in st. Louis,CNM was sort of painting this picture,about chaos and Twitter and Instagram,were paying the painting a picture about,painting you know it was that that was,sort of a call to action about like I at,least want to stand with people and then,when I got in st. Louis it became this,thing about like I'm actually implicated,in this too the second night I got tear,gas it was the first night of the curfew,and in that moment I became a protester,all my way to support my brothers and,sisters in the struggle and hashtag,Ferguson Twitter activism whatever you,want to call it strangers through,internet communication or helping,protesters in Ferguson that's real the,death of Mike Brown in the protests that,immediately followed set a precedent for,how our generation would react in sort,of challenging systems and structures at,a price because she was a black woman,she was label competitive if a white man,he'd be an American exercising his,rights,hashtag Sandra bland I remember writing,this one and like in my mind that's why,being okay this white man literally just,shot up a black church in 2015 officers,didn't give a wounded to mere medical,attention but gave a hungry Dylan roof a,sandwich from Burger King,hashtag Tamir rice,May first we have brought the following,charges officer Caesar Goodson is being,charged with second-degree depraved,heart murder involuntary haven't cried,in a long time in protest but hearing,the Saints attorney say she heard the,call we no justice no peace needed as I,work to deliver justice on behalf in,August of 2014 black Twitter was not,such a commodity as it is now and,everyone's so interested in it I'm,reminded that that it was once illegal,for black people to a symbol in this,country right what is powerful about,what people turn black Torres again,Twitter became a platform for us to talk,to each other and ways that weren't,mediated by by dominant culture a lot of,us don't rely on the mass media we rely,on ourselves and rely on our own voices,we really rely on ourselves as authority,figures and experts in their own lives,and experts and what's going on in the,streets number 24 another non indictment,another declaration by America that,black life has no value,mayhem how people legitimately angry the,other gentleman angry because you try to,have this conversation it's like why,you're doing this why are you doing this,don't do this you know,and they like you know it's not my store,you know they never helped us out you,know they're not out here you know if,this truth-telling has always been a,radical act especially in blackness,protesters confrontation protesters,disruption protesters into silence there,are people who choose to put their,bodies on the line right and say that we,will physically confront the system so,that you know that like we will no,longer be silent not only with our words,with our bodies but you know this fight,will also be a hearts and minds fight as,well and the power of Twitter is that,like is the power of this story the,disturbing reality of being black in,America is that following the laws does,not protect you from being harassed by,police,hashtag Ferguson I want people to stop,acting like there's no power in social,media getting these tweets and their,story nationwide is something July 15th,I love my blackness in yours,Oh

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Andrew Tate Twitter space ft. Taliban

Andrew Tate Twitter space ft. Taliban

this is like a big tall guys let's see,oh la la,but I have to translate,um,wait give him internet crowd what okay I,think now he can talk once again let's,go Link in Afghanistan come on,foreign,do you think the Tate brothers,do you think,ah sorry okay you're cutting out,did he ask to play this song I'm just,curious I don't understand if he what he,said this is fine uh Afghanistan,um,that's mad okay so if you guys have any,questions I'm going to ask you a,question,um,Afghanistan uh,shishma's uh,foreign,like 10 of it,yeah it's very difficult,any questions guys,keep the translation going for us yeah,I'm gonna try this is hilarious this is,amazing they have good liver meat in,Afghanistan okay so wait wait wait Mina,um so Lord Miles said that a lot of,Taliban,memes oh I'll ask him ask about that uh,Andrew Tate to afghanistani,he has,enemies,foreign,in prison should they have Halal meals,in prison all right um in the space so,you can ask him,sorry Samira what,he's in the space,okay perfect zalon what's your thoughts,about Andrew Tate me again,thank you,to all of you guys uh especially,I hope all is fine and good I just want,to say something about Andrew create,this,I saw a post he have been,surrendered by Army I don't know how he,is but I love it because he said in some,videos,that uh he he was on a good way that,he's supporting threats or facts,that's why we must support him uh I,think he said in some videos that he was,to converting to Islam so they're so,good inshallah do you think he's being,persecuted because he's the Muslim now,we all can come to become you know,convert to Islam because Islam is a,right and third that's why inshallah,do you think he'll stay Muslim in prison,or do you think he'll convert out,not inshallah all Muslim will be uh come,out conquerly or Victory inshallah,that's why like how Afghanistan have,been inshallah,so he's legit Muslim in your view did he,convert to Muslim to run away from,Israel,today,if you if you're from where it's not,problem from which county or foreign,country the Mustang is important to,become Muslim that's important it's not,important you are from Makkah you are,from Saudi or from west or south east,it's it's a must-have or important thing,that you become to a Muslim,alhamdulillah alhamdulillah you know,guys can I tell you something about,passport 911 the buildings fall down but,Arabic passport we're all good to go,that's why the reason to invade,Afghanistan and Iran so a lot of things,are staged are you trying to suggest,that maybe we haven't been told the,whole story about 9 11. well that's,because the pat those passports,passports guys,foreign,that there were these dancing Israelis,taking videos on 9 11. I I for one find,it exactly interesting,well when they went back see here's the,thing they went back on television back,in Israel and they said we were there to,document the event now some people have,taken that to mean that they were there,to document 911 before it was even,happening I take that to mean oh my God,we were up there and we saw the planes,hit the building and then we were there,to document the event of course after it,uh happened so no famous,talk show,taking pictures it was very strange you,know so it's a crime to publicize,massage agents or to show them on camera,on Israeli TV and yair lepid was asking,all these questions and interviewing the,people who were detained after 9 11 all,the Israelis were detained or at least,some of them and he panned the camera to,the Israeli Mossad handlers in the,audience and that was a big deal at the,time in Israel,from Israel about uh photography like,that's great but how come you're not,talking about Urban Moving Systems the,the company for which they were uh I,guess working for or whatever which now,like immediately stopped existing the,owner of which like ran out of the,country and everything they're actually,six thousand years afterwards,go ahead,um,were there some people who were hit by,drone strikes in Afghanistan that he was,okay with seeing go,okay well first question let me let him,answer the first question in the next,one,my name is,support,so he basically from what I understood,he said something like uh if this if 911,was the work of Osama bin Laden's and,why did Jews died in the attack Why,didn't it die yeah it's like it was a,stage and we know one who witnessed what,happened for the last time,okay what was the second question guys,I wanted to know if there were people,who were hit by drown strikes in,Afghanistan that he wasn't so sad to see,be killed,oh my God lots of Taliban victims of,those children actually their family,lost and drones uh they dropped you know,bombs and stuff in their house sure but,some of them probably needed killing I I,would think you know some of them you,got right,all right,Technologies,he said oh my God it's not just Jordan,there was another biggest highest very,highest technology in the name of area,and they tried twice on Afghanistan and,that was worse than drawn attacks

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