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This was Gabby Petito's FINAL POST on Twitteri would tell my brother to just come,forward and get us

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

This was Gabby Petito's FINAL POST on Twitter

i would tell my brother to just come,forward and get us out of this horrible,mess,hello and welcome to true crime rocket,science the most authentic voice in true,crime that was cassie laundry saying,something that was repeated during the,sermon on the lawn i don't know whether,that was said after she spoke,to the protesters or before but was,certainly something that was suggested,by someone there that that is something,that she needs to do so one wonders,whether she took the advice does anyone,know this for sure,so in this episode we're going to bring,the narrative back to gabby and we're,going to look at gabby's sibling her,younger brother as opposed to brian's,oldest sister,and that younger brother's name is tj,schmidt his profile on instagram is,quite witty it's schmidt happens,and there are a couple of heartfelt,posts,for his older sister such as this one on,september 17th,where he writes the grueling search for,my older sister continues every day if,you can help please do,and that that is then followed by,another one on september 20th,i don't even know what you say i'm at a,total loss,my heart is shattered,and then two days later this image of,gabby with the wolf,gonna miss you till the end gabs,hashtag justice for gabby,tj smith is 19 years old so he's around,about three years younger than gabby and,i believe it was,his high school graduation that she went,to attend,in new york just prior to departing on,the,summer epic on july 2nd,now for the rest of this episode i want,to deal with something that some of you,may not be familiar with and that is,gabby potito's twitter profile,and around about 88 tweets she posted,over the course of about an eight year,period but before we get to that if you,haven't subscribed to the channel please,do you can click on the light blue icon,on the bottom right of your screen,like share leave a comment and let's get,started,let's get the app for your stuff out of,the way,so this is gabby potito's twitter page,once again i think the follower numbers,are a little misleading based on people,flooding there,after this case started becoming high,profile,incidentally gabs potato and there's a,link to her instagram profile on her,twitter profile that is now reached 1.2,million followers there are 98 posts on,her instagram,and 188 tweets on her twitter but spread,over about eight years,and so this is the background image,just gabby with the background of,mountains a mountain range and then the,profile image,again just gabby and sort of a,rocky outcrop behind her and that brings,us to her very last post posted on july,19th,and,the word calm,the moab incident would take place less,than one short month later,so it is quite a,ironic post given,what we know has happened since then you,know if anything the gabby potito case,has been,kind of a shitstorm through social media,it's been,um quite crazy how crazy this case has,gone,you've got a,manual going on right now and you've got,the,you know the person that was with her,being described as the most wanted man,in america,and gabby being described as america's,daughter,and all that against this backdrop of,calm at this moment on july 19th and of,course,things would escalate tensions would,escalate things would not be calm,going forward there would be no they,would not become,near the arches entrance during the mob,incident and they would not be calm,during the mary piglets incident and,they would not be calm after,brian arrived at home and then left,again and it is not calm,um in front of cassie's home and and the,laundry's home if anything it's sort of,a cacophony of,of protests and and squawking protesters,right,and so it's just ironic this is like the,calm before the storm,so not long after this particular post,gabby's summer epic would be over,permanently,this was fated to be a final summer on,earth and and now as the,seasons swivel on gabby's garden,one of the benefits of social media,particularly in true crime is that the,social media of the dearly departed des,linga does live on providing a kind of,voice for the victim,in their own words from beyond the grave,this is gabby's and we at the finish of,her online narrative on twitter from,about two months ago and then we're,going to go to the beginning,and it starts off in october 2013,eight years ago when gabby was 14 years,old,her twitter narrative is about brevity,above all 188 posts in all cover over,the course of eight years,so if you do the math it's 188 posts,over 80 years and that averages to 20,just under 24 posts a year which is,around about two per month which is not,a lot,and so these eight years this last third,of a life is reduced to sound bites,gabby's aphorisms for himself so let's,go through it on february the 27th,obviously 2021 just good morning an,emoji kind of uh looks like a kiwi fruit,and a sun,and then a few days before that four,days earlier a photo of healthy food,avocado toast,turkey bacon and egg white and,a couple of emoticons for that and a,smiling,smiley f

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The Red Flags Missed in Gabby Petito's Tragic Case

The Red Flags Missed in Gabby Petito's Tragic Case

social media star gabby petito captured,national spotlight when she was reported,missing in early september now the,authorities are involved as you are,aware fbi personnel and jackson police,department have been conducting an,investigative activity her fiance knows,her last whereabouts but refuses to,cooperate with officials we're just,pleading with him at this point so,please speak with us do you think it's,okay to leave a young 22 year old person,in the middle of nowhere,my friend's life is at stake he saw her,laugh,i just wish he'd say something as more,information comes out grant county,sheriff's office i'd like to report a,domestic dispute the gut feelings my,fear the situation gets darker and,darker did your parents help you clean,it today did they help cover up a crime,we believe you know the location,of where brian left gabby,people have shared their tips on social,media trying to crack the case we saw,not only saw,but saw like a blow out of the situation,between gabby potito and brian laundry,reality star dog the bounty hunter is,using his expertise to help because i,lost a daughter at about the same age,that's i know what the parents feel like,okay and you want justification you want,the guy behind bars the couple was,stopped by police before gabby's,disappearance just go ahead and take a,seat let's go ahead and get you to step,out of the vehicle did we miss the red,flags he comes across,charming,controlling this guy comes across smooth,were there hidden messages in brian's,social media posts,the opposite of lost don't try to find,me it was recently discovered that brian,booked a flight in the midst of his,fight with gabby,brian was recently found but the,situation has many people enraged some,people believe something sinister was,going on behind the scenes,it was staged who believes that brian,laundry's dad planted the new found,evidence what happened between the,couple why was brian on the run here's,what we know so far,22 year old gabby petito was known as a,travel influencer who lived the van life,with her 24 year old fiance brian,laundry the couple documented their,journey on instagram,youtube and tech talk,hello hello and good morning their,youtube career started in august and,their first video got over 4 million,views in the description box of their,video the couple explained they had,taken a cross-country trip before,starting their channel and when they,came back they decided they wanted to,travel full-time during their first trip,they traveled in a compact car and,stayed in airbnbs but realized it was,expensive so they decided to handcraft,their own tiny van and downsize their,lifestyle to continue traveling and,living nomadically we've been lucky so,far at all the places you've stayed but,i'd say this is one of the best so far,they seemed like the perfect couple,sharing romantic montages and showing,how they lived on the road but things,took a very sinister turn when brian cut,their cross-country trip short and,returned home without gabby since then,many people have come forward to help,with the case here's what we know so far,last year on july 2nd 2020 gabby,announced her engagement to brian on,instagram,on december 11 2020 brian announced on,instagram they purchased a white 2021,ford transit van for new adventures,exactly a year after their engagement on,july 2nd 2021 gabby and brian left new,york for a planned four-month,cross-country trip using their van,according to gabby's stepfather jim,schmidt gabby's family's attorney,richard stafford said the pair postponed,their wedding plans because of the,pandemic and decided to go on a trip,instead according to their social media,posts gabby and brian traveled from,florida to kansas colorado and utah to,sightsee and camp at several national,attractions but things turned sour,during their second month on the trip,on august 12th two different people,called moab police to report a domestic,dispute between gabby and brian one,caller witnessed the male being hostile,to the female on the corner of main,street by moon flower uh we drove by and,the gentleman was in the girl and then,we stopped they ran up and down the,sidewalk he proceeded there hopped in,the car and they drove off a second,caller said he also witnessed the couple,fighting his conversation was recorded,on one of the officer's body,over a cams,i want to say that he was trying to grab,her phone and then it seems like uh he,had sort of walked the one side of the,van and sort of wasn't letting her in,and then the mail was stepping into the,driver's seat that he said something,about why you're being,i remember he sort of hit him,um a few times and it wasn't like slugs,in the face but just kind of like,like kind of like getting kind of,fighting but there seemed like something,was awesome like a weird vibe eventually,he crawled into the driver's seat sort,of like got into the vehicle over his,lap,sort of forces her way again i guess the,caller said the couple drove off,afterwards moab off

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Gabby Petito - YouTubers Saw the Van Parked on August 27th

Gabby Petito - YouTubers Saw the Van Parked on August 27th

hey what's up it's ripper here hey i'm,going to share some stuff with you i'm,going to talk about the gabby potato,missing person's case,i'm not diving into it but i have,paid attention to it but i'm not,spending a bunch of time you know,researching it between highland,community college and the don lewis case,i have my hands full but i do want to,i do want to talk about some,disturbing things that are coming out of,the video that was on youtube the video,on youtube is really good there's some,good information in it,but someone posted on twitter that look,it looks like there's a person digging,in the field and they have this blurry,video footage where they slow it down,and they zoom in,and it looks like there could be someone,out there,now the video was shot and i'll show,part of the video,it it's posted on a youtube channel i'll,put the link in the description below,but the video is in 1080 hd,you can see everything clearly in the,video you can pause it you can,screenshot it you can zoom in on these,things and you can clearly see,what's out there,now i want you to look at some of the,responses to this video on twitter,um now most people are you know no,that's not what it is someone says,this is weird,um,i don't know about digging but looks out,of the ordinary then someone says sure,does has anyone sent this to the fbi,wow,now i can tell you from first-hand,experience from running the don lewis,tip line you get tons of calls anything,and everything people will just start,calling,and it wastes so much time if you don't,have firsthand information,and you're calling a tip line to give,theories,most of the time it's a waste of time,tip lines need first hand information or,hey there's a video on youtube that has,the van but for this person to make a,blurry video,and so that looks like a person out,there digging,it's going to waste so much time and,resources because people are going to,call they're going to email,and these people that are running these,lines are going to have to take the,calls they're going to have to read the,emails this is the original video off,the red white and bethune channel this,is from august 27th this is in 1080 hd,you can see it's a clear video i'm going,to put an arrow up on the screen,where right over here on the left is,where this thing pops in,and what it looks like is there's a,field out there,that has been,tilled with just one,i don't know what they're called they,stick the one spike in the ground and,drag it behind,that's what it looks like out there i'm,gonna play the video again i'm going to,zoom in on that area,so everyone can see,there's not anyone out there digging,there are some things in the video,though that we can zoom in,on and there are some clues now in this,part i've taken the right side of the,video out so we're just on the left so,there's less to look at,and i'm not going to do the arrow this,time you kind of know where to look it's,right after this little bunch of trees,there's a little skip in the video i'm,not doing that that's how it's posted,all right right here on the left right,over there you can see there's something,out there,and then that red arrow that's what the,the youtubers put on there but i'm going,to show you some things and i don't know,if anyone's caught it yet but there's,some sandals behind the van you can,clearly see,their sandals behind the van which,to me,means they're probably inside the van,because,if you're out camping you don't wear,your shoes,inside your tent or your wherever,because they're going to have dirt on,them and you don't want to bring that,into your bedding most vans the,bedding's in the very back and you climb,through the back and you get in the bed,there's a little garage storage,underneath and then a bed up above so if,they're climbing in through the back,you're going to take your shoes off and,leave them right outside the back so,they're probably in that van i'll slow,this down here in a second and show you,these flip-flops,that are out there you can clearly see,flip-flops out there and when she was,pulled over,or they were pulled over in the body cam,footage she's wearing flip-flops now i,haven't looked to see if they're the,same but let me let me go to the part,where,i'll just do this video one more time,and i'm going to stop it,where,the person on twitter,says it looks like there's someone out,there in the field i want to debunk that,first because i think that's very,dangerous to put out there matter of,fact i saw it,and i thought,i'm just going to make a video because,this is so frustrating for people to do,things like this so let me pause this,here yeah i'm not going to pause what,i'm going to do is play it in super,slow-mo,hopefully the definition shows up,on your end i'll upload it as high as i,can,but look over here on the left and i'll,zoom in just a bit when we get to the,part but you'll you'll clearly see it's,not a person,it looks like something's been tilled up,or dragged or,just something but here it comes ri

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Gabby Petito’s Parents SUE Police For $50 Million

Gabby Petito’s Parents SUE Police For $50 Million

gabby potito's parents sue police for 50,million dollars i'm melissa melody your,host and let's get into it a,cross-country road trip turned into a,tragedy beginning on july 2nd 2021 in,blue point long island gabby petito and,her boyfriend brian laundry set off on,the trip of their lifetime that would,have a deadly ending on september 19,2021 gabby potito's body was found in,wyoming and was ruled a homicide before,her body was found on august 12th the,utah police pulled gabby patito and,boyfriend brian laundry over to,investigate a call claiming that a,witness observed a domestic dispute the,witness is quoted as saying the,gentleman was slapping the girl they ran,up and down the sidewalk he proceeded to,hit her hops in the car and they drove,off gabby's family believes that the,police did not handle the situation,properly and that they could have,prevented the death of their daughter,potito's family is pursuing a wrongful,death lawsuit for 50 million dollars,against the police department in moab,utah they are seeking damages for,negligence and wrongful actions they,have claimed that the officers failed to,enforce utah state laws properly train,their officers on what dv incidents can,look like and properly assess the,circumstances to identify brian as the,true aggressor in this situation in the,body cam footage from august 12th gabby,is seen crying while explaining to the,cops that quote we've been fighting all,morning he grabbed me with his nail and,i guess that's what it looks,like i definitely have a cut right here,i can feel it when i touch it it burns,we hear the police reply did he hit you,though to which gabby said i guess but i,hit him first it was explained that the,altercation happened because gabby was,trying to start a vlog and got,frustrated because brian got into the,car with dirty feet gabby explained that,she has bad ocd when questioned about,the incident brian acted like the victim,and pleads with the officers to not,press charges brian says quote i'm fine,i look good and i hope she doesn't have,too many complaints about me and then,proceeds to laugh it off how they didn't,spot a guilty conscience from those,words i do not know not to mention that,he's smiling throughout the video which,garners the question of how could they,not recognize that he was clearly,showing signs of being a psychopath,trying to control the situation i'm not,a cop and i could have seen that the,police never documented gabby's injuries,on her face however they documented the,injuries brian had on his arm though the,officers minimized the seriousness of,the situation and chalked it up to gabby,being the aggressor and categorized the,case as disorderly conduct they,separated the couple for the night,putting brian up in a hotel and giving,gabby the keys to the van but no charges,were filed after that night gabby and,brian continued on their journey until,the end of august when gabby's family,started to suspect that something was,wrong as they hadn't been in contact,with her gabby petito's body was found,about a month later on september 19th in,wyoming shortly after brian laundry's,body was found in florida on october,20th and he took his own life something,that the police should have realized is,that a lot of dv victims believe that,because they were physical first that is,what makes their situation different,than your typical dv case and that is,why they don't believe that they are,victims of dv of course in some cases,that would make them the aggressor but,there are a lot of cases where they,aren't as well this is a sign the police,should have been aware of not to mention,that she was clearly the one distraught,and crying and the fact that the witness,that called the police said that he,clearly saw brian aggressively hitting,gabby and not the reverse one of the,lawyers for gabby's family attorney,brian stewart is quoted speaking about,the lawsuit saying the officers failed,to recognize the danger that she was in,and failed to investigate fully and,properly another lawyer from their team,jim mcconkey said that her parents are,filing this lawsuit to honor gabby's,legacy by working to save the lives of,victims of domestic violence throughout,the united states and the world gabby's,parents say they will continue to fight,to get justice for their daughter was,gabby petito's death a result of police,negligence we'd love to know your,thoughts in the comment section below,thanks so much for watching everyone i'm,your host melissa malotti you can follow,me on insta or youtube melissa melody,and i will see you next time,bye guys,i'm

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The final hours of Gabby Petito | TMZ LIVE

The final hours of Gabby Petito | TMZ LIVE

welcome back to TMZ live and some uh the,video itself not incredibly dramatic,what we've seen it but it is the final,images uh of Gabby potito and she is,sadly I think with her boyfriend at the,time Brian laundry and this was really,hours before they left to go to Bridger,Teton Park where her body was later,discovered so this was on August 27th,surveillance video at a grocery store,and I go to Jackson Wyoming what is,striking about this is just how normal,it feels two people walking into a store,and then you know something horrific is,about to happen right and it does look,normal but because we do know what,happened before right before where,they'd gotten into a fight an argument,at a restaurant there in Jackson and two,weeks prior where they'd gotten to the,argument that was so bad that police,showed up on the side of the road,knowing all that and then seeing this,video I do see some things here that,they're not communicating at all there's,clearly already tension between them and,then he walks around with his hands in,his pocket the whole time she's doing,the shopping but they never actually,communicate yes they're walking next to,each other at some points but it doesn't,feel like they're a couple on a,cross-country trip having a good time,right this feels like I don't know what,was going on between them obviously we,know that they had already had two big,fights that we know of so they leave,this um when they leave the grocery,store they drive up the highway that,goes into the park and that's the last,we saw of Gabby that's it,so,um let's bring in somebody who was,involved in the search for Brian long,Andre right who uh knows a thing or two,about all of this writes would know some,things about Brian I'm curious to hear,what he sees in this video,um and we also want to talk about,what something we've touched on with,Jeffrey Dahmer and clearly it has,happened with Brian laundry as well,because there have been TV movies the,fascination with horrific crimes exactly,so joining us right now a man who hunts,down some really bad people uh and that,is dog Chapman uh Dog the Bounty Hunter,welcome back to TMZ live how you doing,good how are you guys doing thank you,very much we're good,um I'm curious,um Can what do you make if anything of,this pretty Ordinary video although,Charles seems to see things in it,um that suggested might be a little,foreboding well I agree with Charles I,see that they were not you know getting,along too too much right there not,holding hands he goes his way she goes,hers I want to maybe look more at the,parking area was there other spots open,when he pulled in or was that the only,spot why did he pull so far back there,but you know that's very very sad I lost,a daughter and I have video just before,she passed so this is uh this is really,really sad for her family to to see that,and know this was yeah the last time you,have had enormous success,um on television with um your reality,show,um you hunt down bad guys for a living,I'm wondering what your reaction is to,this kind of Spate of these you know,these streaming shows about serial,killers that people are just gravitating,to I mean we've been doing stories this,week on our website that people are,dressing up like Jeffrey Dahmer for,Halloween because of the Netflix series,I'm wondering how that lands with you,that it's almost glorifying,um some of the worst killers in America,what are your thoughts well it,absolutely is I arrested a guy 10 years,ago about that had every single serial,killer tatted on his body and he had,believe this or not little plastic horns,about a quarter of an inch surgically,implanted in his skull,crazy killer okay so though that kind of,killing stuff you know it's uh Freddy,and you know guys like that now uh,Jeffrey Dahmer you know it's it's kind,of where people are going right now,Crime Pays now so you know the bad guy,looks better and better all the time,it's um yeah it's like you said,something we've seen it and and even as,we're talking about Gabby's case that,there was a t there's already been a TV,movie made in aired right uh about that,case so there's,um obviously,a lot of attention being paid to this,Doug I know you're in Florida now right,and I heard you have started a new,Foundation yes,um trying to help some victims uh of,particular crimes yes so we started,noticing that we could help the victims,of sex crimes now that's including,little boys okay believe it or not,they're grabbing little kids and doing,that so uh we're giving them counseling,we're putting them in a house or you,know babysitting them for a small time,to get them back into society we've got,to think on dogtobounty it's,a Christmas pop-up but we're taking most,of the money we make there and I'm,putting my own money in you know I need,some help to be able to do this so I,think that's you know that's the calling,that uh Francia and I have right now and,uh you know thank you for letting me,mention that yes I know it's important,work

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New Video Surveillance Of Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie l Magnification Enhanced l Body Language

New Video Surveillance Of Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie l Magnification Enhanced l Body Language

hello this is Miss Harmony and welcome,to my channel and on today's True Crime,discussion is about,this new footage that we have been given,of Gary Patito and Brian laundry in this,video I have magnified certain areas so,you can see a little bit better I will,also stop it at certain points and I,will discuss the body language of both,Brian and Gabby,it has been over one year since the,death of Gabby batido and Brian laundry,where new video submerges on August 27,2021 at 2 11 p.m Gabby Patito and Brian,laundry arrive at the Whole Foods store,in Jackson's Wyoming in her white 2012,Ford Transit van,that shows the couple entering the,Northeast parking lot parking,they seem to be sitting there for quite,some time I am wondering if they are,talking or getting ready to go into the,store Gathering their items maybe even,change their clothing,Brian then gets out of his car,goes to the back and opens the door,perhaps to get something,closes the door,kind of walks and then Gabby comes,around,as Brian goes to the front of the van,again maybe to lock the doors I'm not,sure,but Gabby is standing beside him,and then walking towards the store,at 2 24.,Gabby is actually holding on to Brian's,arm and then releases,once they part Gabby immediately crosses,her arms during what perhaps may be a,conversation between them this is an,indication she may be feeling personally,attacked in what maybe Brian is saying,and or is being defensive about what he,may have said her head is also looking,downwards and it is a sign of low,confidence depression or being defensive,in this clip we see Gabby looking into a,cooler she has a very large tote bag on,her arm and another small bag but what I,do notice is that she is wearing a,jacket and that was on her waist as she,was coming in so she put it on maybe,perhaps she was cold while she looks in,the freezer Brian is standing a couple,of feet away from her so there is no,communication going on but what I do,notice is that her arms are crossed in,that same defensive position,although Gabby is carrying bags what I,do notice is that they do not have a,shopping cart so I believe that maybe,they weren't going to do a big shop,and also that,she's not reading off any list or,anything so,perhaps she just is knowing what she is,looking for,Brian then Moss over to Gabby who looks,the other way lightly touches her and,what I notice is that Gabby is yawning,and it's only just after 2 p.m in the,afternoon so I'm wondering is Gabby very,tired,and also take notice that her arms are,still crossed,Brian then walks down the aisles,and he doesn't really seem to have very,much,focus on what he's doing,in this next clip we see Gabby going,over to First Look and then she stops,and looks at some cheese and takes a,taste test,and she does end up picking up a piece,of cheese up,you see Brian walking into the picture,again closely behind her and then goes,the other way,she comes into shot again starts looking,in the area surroundings,and I almost get a sense that she's,wondering where Brian is,she then goes over,and around,this whole footage gives me an uneasy,feeling that something is not right,and that they're walking around on,aimlessly not really focused Brian's,straddling right behind her moving back,and forth and weird pattern ways and I,just wonder if Gabby was trying to just,be in there in public to feel safe and,if she wasn't safe I only would have,hoped that she could have reached out,but it just seemed that Brian was,sticking so close to her to make that,even possible and I don't see them,checking out but I think that they did,buy cheese so they went into this huge,Market she walks endlessly around and,that's all she buys is cheese did she do,this because she needed to not look,suspect I mean it almost looks like they,were ready to be shoplifters when you,look at this footage it's just that,bizarre,at 2 30 PM the couple exes the store and,returns to Gabby patito's van and sadly,this would become the last known footage,so far that we see Gabby alive,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,ly this would become the last known,footage so far that we see Gabby alive,after they turn and headed onto Highway,89 towards Bridgerton tenton National,Forest campsite where we learned Brian,then killed Gabby leaving her remains,there it was Gabby's most beautiful and,perfect spot that she would often go to,her family flew her ashes down and,sprinkled them there where she now rests,in peace,it is very beautiful,Brian returned home with Gabby's van,to go away for a long weekend with his,parents sister and nephilis acting as if,everything was okay,as everyone was out searching and,worried about where is Gabby when a tip,came in from the bathroom couple they,saw their van at the campsite to go and,search this area,autopsies revealed that she died three,to four weeks before her body was found,placing the date of the Murder By,strangulation around the last week of,August that placed them right around,August 27th and this video shows her,a

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Hasanabi Reacts To Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie 911 Call

Hasanabi Reacts To Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie 911 Call

i feel like none of these ,know anything dude here i want to watch,this though i,i'm surprised by this because apparently,the 911 call that was released showed,something entirely different than what,the media covered,the exact opposite,i'm right on the corner of main street,by,moon flower,and we're driving by and i'd like to,report a domestic dispute to florida,with the white van florida license plate,white land gentlemen five six beard,they just drove off they're going down,main street they made a uh a right on to,main street from moonflower or what were,they doing,but,what do you say what were they doing,uh we drove by and the gentleman was,slapping the girl who was slapping her,yes and then we stopped they ran up and,down the side why did the media cover,this as though the witness that called,the 9-1-1 call made it seem like the,girl was the one being abusive by the,way,which is crazy proceeded to hit her,hopped in the car,and they drove off,okay you said it's a white van,white van i give you originally the 911,call,or the cops in the video,said that the report was,about,like her uh,the officer made it seem like,she was brutalizing him or at least he,made it seem like that's what the,witness said unless there was a,different call,this could have been a separate call,because the first call,and the way that they made it seem like,was that,um,that,the first call actually,made it seem like she was hitting him,and she was hitting him we know that she,was hitting him i'll give you license,plate to give me one sec i took a,picture of it,what kind of white van,which by the way,you know she admitted that he admitted,that as well for the record so,there were marks,she admitted that she hit him he,admitted that she hit him cop said that,the witness uh said that she had hit him,so,um,that's why i was uh working with that,information,unless this is,unless this is a either separate,incident or someone who only saw the,second part of the incident,um,it was a smaller van,just leave you on my loudspeaker in my,office accidentally while i went to take,a dump my colleagues think i'm deranged,now and it's your fault,well you were taking a poop,while i was talking about poopy okay,so think about how normal and human that,is,the license plate of it was white,florida license plate qft,g03,it was the make was a ford model was,transit black ladder on the passenger,side black ladder passenger side,white ford transit white ford transit,okay what's your name,and where did they,so they turned,they headed south on main street from,moonflower market,correct they made the right turn,also they went north,north yes sorry i'm not from around here,okay are you so you're right there by,the post office,right across the street yep okay and,when they,turned onto main street they went right,or left,right right so they went north,north on maine,all right i will let somebody know thank,you,dude why is what's so special about this,dude,i get annoyed now when people,ask this question over and over again,one i've already described it too nobody,comes in here and is like why are you,covering a jcs murder story,like,like no one ever says that when we're,doing like a uh a jcs video,shut the up,yeah no worries,we are a bunch of basic ,who love true crime okay is that

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TikToker Gets BANNED For Finding Gabby Petito's Water Bottle!!!

TikToker Gets BANNED For Finding Gabby Petito's Water Bottle!!!

what's up fellow movie boston film,connoisseurs it's your self-proclaimed,cinema shogun here and over the past few,videos and passing i mentioned the fact,that it seems like youtube is starting,to try to suppress the bryan laundry,gabby potito story and i know for some,people who don't necessarily pay that,much attention to what's going on in the,outside world that might sound crazy you,know but big tech has really been,censoring people across various social,media platforms over the past couple of,years i know some of y'all are aware of,this but you may turn a blind eye to it,because the people that are getting,censored and the information that's,getting censored is information that you,don't agree with are people you don't,agree with and for right now it seems,like the censorship is working in your,side's favor,but i would urge you all to start taking,it more seriously and i would urge,everyone,who isn't aware of these problems to,educate themselves on these issues,because maybe for right now the,information that's being censored and,the people that are being censored maybe,right now you agree with it but,eventually,you'll get censored yourself,information that you want to relate to,people will be censored information that,you care about will be censored,that's where we're at here in this,country,and,speaking from first hand experience as,someone who's been making a lot of brian,laundry gabby potato videos,i can tell you that i have noticed,out of nowhere like what seems to be an,effort from youtube to start suppressing,my videos,now for the first few weeks you know or,a month or so everything was fine,you know when you upload a youtube video,it has to go through a checking process,it usually takes 15 or 20 minutes they,check the video make sure it's up to,their guidelines and community standards,then you can upload the video,but ever since,we all started calling out the fact that,it's it seemed weird that brian,laundry's parents just,went right there to his remains and,found him ever since those remains are,found,it seems like i've been getting a lot of,pushback from youtube,now those checks that usually last 15 or,20 minutes,are going on for hours and even after,those checks they're saying that my,videos are against community guidelines,although they're not,and i'm having to get actual people to,come and review these videos themselves,and it's taking hours and hours and,hours that's why a lot of my videos are,being uploaded late if you've been like,following my channel from the beginning,you know that i was like that on top of,the news and i still am it's just that,youtube is trying to stop these videos,from coming out,you know and it started getting really,weird because last night for the first,time in my life i sat there,and i watched my views go down,i posted a video,and when you post a video you you know,from the other end you could watch your,views going up as more views come in and,likes come in the comments come in,i sat there and watched my my views go,down by 600 views just like that,like they took 600 views away,i'm sitting here trying to reply to,comments and by the time i reply it says,that the comment isn't there,why because youtube is deleting comments,it's suppressing the views i have tons,of people messaging me every day saying,they're not getting notifications about,my videos anymore there's people who,have been just straight up unsubscribed,from my channel,and it's all getting weird and i'm like,maybe it's just happening to me you know,it to me it obviously looks like there's,some,i don't know what to call it but it's,obviously they're trying to suppress,this story now ever since brian's body,got found they're trying to suppress the,story,but i thought maybe it's just something,on my end but coming to find out,yesterday tick tock deleted,the girl who found gabby potito's water,bottle,you all know i made a video about it,before a girl went out there searching,at the reserve and found gabby potito's,water bottle now this was evidence that,the fbi didn't find northport police,didn't find and even when,they found it and tried to turn it into,the police the police didn't want it but,later on they collected it,and what did that girl get did she get a,reward no did she get a thank you for,her services no,what did she get she got deleted off of,tick tock,why,because this story they're trying to,suppress the story now,i don't want anyone to sit here and add,extra context to my words cause i notice,people doing that sometimes,i'm not sitting here trying to say,they're suppressing the story because,brian's still alive everyone's brian's,alive that's why they're suppressing the,story that's not what i'm saying here i,don't know why they're suppressing the,story or why they don't want people to,talk about it no more i don't know why,they chose to delete this girl's tick,tock all because she found some evidence,but they did,and it's happening and i've watched it,happen in real time in front of my eye

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