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Twitter VS Gabbie Hannaso the youtuber Gabby Hanna has been,under a lot of ridicule over the past,co


Updated on Jan 26,2023

Twitter VS Gabbie Hanna

so the youtuber Gabby Hanna has been,under a lot of ridicule over the past,couple weeks due to a video that she,uploaded titled transforming into a,tick-tock girl this is what she says in,the video if I were sure this outfit,right here you already went right up,what I wore from seventh grade to,college and now and now you have that,shirt,why don't you do clothes right now I,wanna do that last because I feel like I,want to style the clothes around it look,now on the surface this video seems,completely fine but if you were paying,enough attention when she was looking at,the article about eager else there was a,section right here that mentioned how,the girl being shown in the video was,very unfortunately murdered Gabby went,on to receive a ton of backlash for,including this girl called Bianca in her,video to the point where she had to end,up issuing an apology in a video titled,for Bianca this is what she said in the,video,I accidentally showed a picture and a,screenshot of an article of a girl named,Bianca Devon's a lot of people are,questioning and rightfully so why I,didn't address it sooner why I didn't,delete the video sooner and it's not,because I'm just some cold heartless,person who doesn't care about it it's,because I was trying to sorry,find a way to do it quietly and,discreetly and respectfully as possible,so that it didn't get back to her,friends and her family I was afraid that,if I talked about it or addressed it,that it would call more attention to it,and I called more attention to it then,more people were going to talk about it,and then it would create this media,frenzy around this tragedy I felt like,by addressing it that the likelihood of,her family and a friend seeing it would,be much much higher I also knew that I,couldn't just delete the video without,addressing it and I knew that that would,cause more speculation and people would,say that I was running from it and then,when I finally did address it it would,seem like I was only addressing it,because I was getting backlash about,deleting it without addressing it and at,that point it would just seem insincere,so I knew that I couldn't delete it,until I address it,and I needed to know that I was,addressing it the appropriate way which,I didn't know what that was,exactly so finally I reached out to her,mom so I sent her this message which she,gave me permission to share first I'd,like to say I'm so sorry if this message,comes I'm wanted or at a bad time I've,contemplated for a couple weeks whether,or not it was appropriate to reach out,or if it would upset you and have been,hesitant for that reason however I do,feel inclined to offer an apology a,couple of weeks ago I posted a YouTube,video where I transform myself to an e,girl in the video I was scrolling,through a box article entitled eat girls,and boys explained for context and,inspiration photos I skimmed the,articles stopped at a photo of your,daughter because she got a shirt on that,I own and completely missed the body of,text next to it detailing what had,happened unfortunately the photo and,article were included in the video and a,very regrettable oversight I hope you,don't feel I intentionally disrespected,your daughter or your family situation,in any way if I had seen what the,context of the article was I never would,have included the image in my video I,tried to quietly blur and move the,portion of the video as to not call more,attention to it because the last thing I,wanted to do is create a media circus,around it in your time of grieving but,enough people have seen it that I was,worried that I got it back to you and in,turn caused you pain I was unsure of how,to handle this without causing you and,your family distress and I'm very sorry,if it has I'm also sorry for taking a,while to reach out I was hoping it,hadn't gotten back to you and didn't,want to bring it up in case it had it I,can't even begin to imagine what you're,going through and I offer my deepest,condolences please don't hesitate to,reach out with questions or literally,anything else I can do to help you in,this difficult time if I've learned one,thing these past couple weeks it's that,a lot of people care very deeply for,your daughter she's impacted a lot of,people and everyone just wants justice,myself included much love Gabby she,responded hi thank you for reaching out,I didn't take as much offense to your,video as Bianca's friends did oftentimes,young kids get offended and make a big,deal out of things when it's not,necessary I appreciate your apology and,the fact that you reached out to me,personally and then I told her thank you,for understanding I would never meant,any harm I wish I would have acted,sooner I didn't know how and then I said,I was considering making a public,apology but only once,spoke to her and all if she felt okay,with it I'm perfectly okay,leaving it be if you're more comfortable,with that said it's up to you sometimes,letting it settle down is better but if,you want to be public about it yo

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Gabbie Hanna's Drama w/ Trisha Paytas GETS WORSE, Twitter Chaos Ensues

Gabbie Hanna's Drama w/ Trisha Paytas GETS WORSE, Twitter Chaos Ensues

your pictures with my security guards so,why are you doing a drama,interview then this is how you want to,stay relevant fine this is,pathetic,gabby hannah wrote a song about trisha,paytas and trisha isn't happy,before i get into the story i just want,to put out a disclaimer please do not,send any hate to gabby hannah,trisha paytas or anyone else involved in,this story,this video is simply meant to report on,the news,on august 18th gabby hannah returned to,social media,she returned with a youtube video titled,i'm back why i left,why i'm scared for my life the shadow,band and everything else,in the video she discussed the stressful,things going on in her life and why she,had decided to take a break from youtube,and twitter,the last time you saw me was at my,absolute mental,breaking point gabby said a lot had been,weighing on her for a long time,but she was in a better place now she,started off her explanation for leaving,by explaining she had gotten into a,toxic friendship in 2014.,she did not reveal the person's identity,she claimed the relationship was abusive,when people talk about abusive,relationships like it's usually,a parent child or like a romantic thing,but any relationship,can be abusive like sometimes it's a,teacher and a student or a doctor or,patient or boss and employee,a lot of times it's a friendship she,said the relationship left her feeling,embarrassed like there's a shame,and embarrassment that comes with it and,even though,you know that there's nothing,embarrassing about speaking up about,your abuse it's just,embarrassing i don't know how to explain,it except it just makes you feel this,weird type of,shame and humiliation she also said,through therapy,she realized the abusive relationship,was a big contribution to her breakdown,i recognize now that through a lot of,therapy,i was having some type of just mental,breakdown as a response to reliving this,trauma,of my abuse gabby claimed to have,compiled all the evidence of the abuse,of blackmailing and manipulation into a,podcast,but chose not to release it as she,didn't want to become obsessed with it,she had looked into suing the abusers,but felt it wasn't worth the time and,money and decided she needed to just,move on,this wasn't about being right or wrong,or proving my innocence,or holding somebody accountable this,entire thing was being run by my pride,and ego and winning but none of that,matters,because at the end of the day everyone,loses and yeah all these people keep,hurting me but by doing this and,engaging in this forever i'm only,hurting myself and then i finally,realized that there was another option,i could let it go gabby went on to say,she doesn't care if people talk about,her content anymore,fans had mixed feelings on the number of,ads in the video,it's hard to keep interest when there's,an ad in the middle of every emotional,moment,i saw a few comments about the ads in,the video yes,she was gone for a while but she needs,to make some bank but on another note,just because she puts ads doesn't mean,it's not genuine,on september 6th gabby uploaded a video,called gabby hannah reacts to mean gabby,hannah tick tocks,in the thumbnail is a screenshot of a,tick tock trisha paytas made about gabby,trish's tick tock shows trisha dancing,to the tick tock sound of gabby ranting,about high school bullies,gabby reacted to the video by saying she,didn't really care when trisha made fun,of her but that tricia could be more,sympathetic,my only thing that was kind of confusing,when i see that is just,sort of like where's the empathy as,somebody who i know that she's very open,with having like mental health struggles,so seeing her kind of take that and mock,with it,it's just sort of confusing because i,know that she understands what it feels,like,gabby and her friends reacted to mean,videos made by other people but some,people thought they weren't mean at all,so where were the mean tick tocks these,weren't even mean she had her patreons,compile a list of memes of her that,aren't bad,and then she needed her bf and friends,there for support,lol i'm confusion others pointed out,tricia's tick-tock specifically lmfao,everyone's face when trisha did her,tick-tock dead the trisha won,lmao i love how she said you can't keep,her name out of your mouth but she,brings you up all,the time many commenters were concerned,that tick-tocks had actually hurt,gabby's feelings,you seem hurt gabby you don't have to,make fun of yourself and try to laugh,with it if it makes you uncomfy or sad,just know that please you definitely are,still trying to overcome your mental,battles,some of these like most of these did,bother you and you could tell,on september 11th gabby appeared on,drama alert to talk about her drama with,trisha and the diss track,gabby was releasing about trisha the,host of drama alert keemstar brought up,all drama between gabby and trisha,for context there was drama in november,of 2019 where trisha claimed,gabby was spreading rumors about trisha,to her

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Gabbie Hanna threatens me privately on Twitter! and I react to her keto diet video.

Gabbie Hanna threatens me privately on Twitter! and I react to her keto diet video.

hey Frugal welcome back to the Frugal,diet channel so today's video we are,going to react to the Gabby show to the,video that Gabby Hannah uploaded I tried,the keto diet so you don't have to she,uploaded this back in 2018 but it is,still relevant okay because she is still,following this low carb kick this you,know animal cruel animal eating diet,okay and she needs to get it together,because she's advertising this to,millions of her fans to a young,impressionable audience and I also want,to expose the fact that she's quite the,manipulative threatening individual and,I don't actually think I'm exposing,anything because a lot of individuals,have already exposed that,like,hurt you or threaten you in any way like,this is not do this when it's gonna,happen like I mean I guess it kind of is,but it's just like I'm not doing it too,quickly,the clips of the phone call that you,heard are from a Twitter thread that I,posted a couple weeks ago and we're,gonna get into why I posted it in this,video after that phone call took place,Gabby texted me with a list of Demands,that she had and if I didn't agree to,those demands she was going to continue,talking about our past in the way that,she was doing it which was extremely,vile you are narcissistic abusers but I,do want to show a few of these Twitter,messages that she sent basically,initially you know befriending me,getting me on the right side,manipulating me into not making a video,on her you know she said look I want to,go vegan and you know just give me some,time give me a bit of a break and I'm,like yeah yeah okay all right,um you know like I tried to give her,advice on you know gaining weight is,okay it's all right you don't have to,have a fear about this and try to help,her basically to come to a cruelty-free,lifestyle but she got she just,manipulated me and then in the end she,like threatens me into not making a,video she's extremely manipulative and,she really has this spoiled child vibes,big time you know she's used to getting,her own way and if she doesn't she,starts to threaten people and threaten,individuals with her fans I've seen it,many many times and now she's in a lot,of controversy with with Trisha Paytas,and honestly I would I would take Trisha,Paytas any day because at least Trisha's,like up front right and Gabby is very,like very very I'm the victim like I'm,just like trying my best in life and,everyone's attacking me and she's very,very twisted and a lot of this truth is,coming out I noticed Joey Graceffa,actually made a video I've hung out with,Joey in L.A I've been to his house we,filmed a video together a couple of,videos together he is a lovely guy he's,a really lovely guy I would trust him,any day he has a lot of receipts as well,you know I would trust him any day over,Gabby Hannah and even Trisha I would so,anyway let's get into that I just want,to watch a little bit of this keto diet,first and before we get on to look I um,added some ribbing to the end of the,sleeves and I don't know I might have,ruined it I might have ruined it because,you can kind of see in here that's the,only thing I do like that look I think,it's pretty kind of it's pretty cool and,you can do these ones still got the bat,wings going on but I don't know if,anyone's got any ideas you know I don't,have an overlocker so I can't like ham,it in but anyway that's how we're going,with this one this is my experimental,top and outfit that I made for the first,time sewing but anyway anyway I digress,let's get into it I tried the keto diet,so you don't have to let's go,doubt there is an actual thing called,the keto flu and here are some of the,things that it'll do to you hypoglycemia,constipation diarrhea frequent urination,you're just ill you're just ill on keto,the keto flu is just your body just in,such a bad way it's also you know mucus,that you get with the flu is a transport,medium out of the body it's a body,trying to transport toxic crap basically,it's another form of elimination from,the body when you get mucus build up,just remember and drowsiness and,dizziness muscle cramps sugar Cravings,flu-like symptoms sleep problems keto,breath heart palpitations reduce,strength and physical performance this,sounds like a healthy diet let's get,started no day one after all right so,day one breakfast was fine because my,daily breakfast what I eat anyways is,apparently keto I never make myself some,people's dishes always look so cute,some dishes always look so cute um,seriously this is not cute in any way,heart disease and cute diabetes ain't,cute gout ain't cute cancer ain't cute,okay and cruelty ain't cute okay so,there's nothing cute about this it's,just a carcinogenic mess well look,there's avocado avocado is cute all,right all right you can make that look,cute but this is a terrible start today,as a whole and I'm not surprised okay,Gabby is so clueless on optimal human,nutrition and she has been for years and,years and years and in these messages,you know I tried to help her but she

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Yay we're being festive,as fuck and I'm so excited.,Christmas!,Honestly i'd pipe.,*laughs* Ooo yum.,Gabbie finds all the funny ones.,Hottt. *laughs*,Ooohh they're already good!,Okay, intro them.,Hi, um, I'm here with Gabbie,,and we read mean tweets last time,and it was really funny,so we're going to read mean tweets again.,So we compiled a bunch of our favorite,mean tweets,and now we're going to read them to each other,and its gonna be the same thing of like gabbie finds all of the good ones, I find all the shitty ones, it's-,No! Yours were funny last time.,One hundred percent hers were a thousand times better though.,"Your stories are almost as fake as your hopes of getting a boyfriend.",Awww, true.,"This video features two different Doritos: the red and the blue.,The sight of either makes me sick because you guys are nasty.",There's a blue Doritos? Oh the package.,This is my favorite because somebody responded to a hate comment with a hate comment.,"Tana only has friends because she's famous.",And somebody responded "She's not even famous, she's trash",And like friends? Do I even have friends?,"Gabbie only uses clickbait now to get views because she's not funny.,Actually she was and still isn't funny.",Joke's on you, I've always used clickbait because I've never been funny.,True!,"You both have views by telling storytimes, do something interesting with your lives.",I'm gonna clap back really quick.,The reason we have storytimes is because we have interesting lives.,I mean, yes, 100% but I also feel like I could walk down the street and almost die.,True. Like you know what I mean?,She has a new Uber story coming your way.,This is us. Tell me why this is not us right now.,Like oh my god, Gabbie and Tana goals.,Two separate people sent us two separate tweets about being two separate trolls.,I'm depressed. I'm so depressed.,Have we read this one before like in a different way?,"I don't know which is bigger The Gabbie Show's nose or Tana Mongeau's ego.",100% that's like the go-to insult for like people that are almost clever to us.,"When you squint your eyes look like they're growing hair with those falsies.",Like true, bitch.,Without fake eyelashes I'm not - like I wouldn't even have a YouTube career.,Like I'm not- I mean it.,Like I mean it.,"You both dyed your hair to draw attention away from your ugly faces and personalities.",But like too true.,True!,That's too real for me I'm a little uncomfortable.,I hate to admit how much my Instagram engagement went up after I dyed my hair.,Literally, I'm dying mine back tomorrow and I'm like I'm gonna lose all the comments.,"Lowkey both using Shane for views",I was literally just about to read this one that says "I found both of your channels through Shane.,Which is sad because it means there's someone lower quality than him.",Okay, this is not roasting Shane Dawson.,Yeah, no. Stay the fuck away from Shane.,Like honestly our Social Blades are everything,because of Shane. *both laughing*, ,Like I owe it all to my Dad,,like thank you dad.,we love you.,"Imagine using Shane Dawson for views and subs.",Like, they won't let it go.,They really mean it, don't they?,Thank you Shane! I appreciate everything you've done for me.,Like dad, we love you.,"If I bought you for what you're worth,,and sell you for what you think you're worth,,I'd be rich.",Wait a minute., , ,It makes sense to me it's just not that funny. Got it, I got it.,Someone said "The only reason Gabbie gets dates is,her ass." and I don't like see where that's an insult at all.,Like Gabbie's ass is so nice like,,I'd fuck like oh,,thick bitch. Literally today,she was getting something out of the fridge or dishwasher,and I was like "Oh! That ass mommy!,Yes, work, yas yas!",It's going to bring all the comments up:,"It's not even- Like it doesn't even pop out, it's just wide.","Am I the only one that give Tana and Gabbie,pity likes on Insta?",Thank you! So much! Its okay,,one time Petco tried to sue me we moved on.,"I'd be shocked if in this video Tana said something intelligent for once", ,You say smart stuff. True. Tana actually can,hold a conversation, she really can. Hehe.,Ha *clicks tongue*.,I wish this was trending.,Please trend "GabbieandTanaAreGross",Please trend for us. We would be so happy.,We're so thirsty. It's disgusting.,Like trend this hashtag.,"You both dyed you hair to distract other people from,your shameless makeup attempts." *screams*,Tell me why I'm,lookin' cakey as fuck right now.,Tell me why I can't trim my fake eyelash properly.,I hate her,,I hate her. I've done too many in a row but this one's,so good. "Do you know Gabbie and Tana?,The girl that kissed Shane,and the girl that peed on Shane?,Yeah, I know them. *laughs quietly*,"You both dyed your hair to distract you from your,midlife crisis and you are both younger than 30.,More like quarter life crisis.,#GabbieandTanaAreGross",Um, midlife crisis? I'm not living past 50. Can we,take a minute? Literally, literally 40.,This is our midlife crisis

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Twitter VS Gabbie Hanna & Tea Drama Channels

Twitter VS Gabbie Hanna & Tea Drama Channels

for years the t drama beauty guru,community,has been making videos calling out gabby,hannah and with so many videos on gabby,hanna over the years,your track record on accurately calling,her out will not be perfect,especially to gabby hannah herself which,is why she has planned to make an,upload a multi-part video series in,order to address every controversy she's,been in what she's at fault for and what,she's not at fault for,calling out the t channels for spreading,misinformation in the last video on,gabby hanna we covered her first part in,the series where she talked about her,feud with trisha paytas today we are,going to talk about her new video titled,chapter 2 hold t channels accountable,justice for bianca devins,here is what she says how is somebody,supposed to act,when they're being falsely accused of,exploiting a murdered,child this was a slanderous lie,that caused the family so much trauma,and the family has gotten on camera and,said that they were hurt,by what these people did to them we,didn't see anything wrong with what she,did she googled eagle,and pulled up a picture of yandere,simple mistakes it was a simple mistake,there was nothing disrespectful about it,we didn't feel disrespected,we don't feel bianca would have been,disrespected we think bianca would have,been honored and so excited that gabby,hannah pulled up her picture and was,talking about her compliment you know,they have the same shirt no one should,be offended no one should be all these,drama channels that are using bianca,for clout it's absolutely ridiculous,because that's all you're doing we are,offended about and you guys,also should be yeah not about gabby,hannah complimenting your shirt,yeah gabby wasn't using bianca for clout,like all these drama channels now i want,to turn it into something that it's not,she didn't do anything wrong,and even though she didn't do anything,wrong because so many people were,offended she did reach out to me and,olivia and apologize and we told her,there's no reason for an apology because,we don't see that you did anything wrong,so we think what you guys should be,offended by,is now other people want to bring about,drama and use bianca's death for clout,and these disgusting people that are,exploiting my daughter's death,for clout and likes and fallows,in profits and there has not been an,apology,from them that to me,is infuriating all i did was scroll,through an,article on a youtube video that happened,to have a picture of a girl,who was murdered if i was this age this,would be me,100 for sure this outfit right here you,already went straight up,what i wore from seventh grade to,college,and now and now i do have that shirt,that is what i did,that was my crime that i'm addressing,the drama channels directly,you used the murder of a child,to exploit me and that is disgusting,you used me as a shield accusing me,of exploiting bianca devin's name,face and story for money and clicks,when all i ever did was for a fraction,of a moment,show her picture and say i liked her,t-shirt,you on the other hand plastered her name,and her face across your thumbnails and,your titles,and reduced her to a murder victim who,gabby hannah,exploited by showing her picture,angelica ols you started this thing you,absolutely above all,need to take accountability for that,apologize to the family,they're deeply hurt and we're deeply,affected and we're faced with the images,of their daughter's,dead body because of you and the,campaign that you spearheaded,apologize dustin daly the viewer's voice,repzilla anna oop spill sesh all the,rest of you who are too cowardly to put,your face behind your name,you need to issue an apology so gabby,hannah here made some pretty big,accusations,against a large amount of creators let's,go through their names one by one and,see how they all responded on twitter,starting with angelica ols she tweeted,out i never used her name for clout not,in my title not in my thumbnail not in,my tags,i reported on a story that many people,sent in no one from her family reached,out to ask for an apology so my,assumption was they didn't want one,slash didn't want to continue dragging,this on not sure why i'm the main topic,of the video when there are drama,channels that,actually put her face in their,thumbnails oh wait it's because gabby,has an agenda some people including,myself then point out to angelica oles,that she does indeed have bianca's name,in her thumbnail to which she responded,by saying,it has come to my attention that i did,have bianca's name in my thumbnail this,was not for clout or,attention but i could see how it could,be used in that way so both have been,blurred thanks for bringing this to my,attention,moving on to dustin daly he responded to,gabby hannah by saying,so what did gabby think she was doing,with this thumbnail i particularly like,that she's still trying to get at me,because she mocked me when i addressed,why i didn't make a video when she,responded to jesse and alex,because i was dea

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Gabbie Hanna's Twitter Meltdown

Gabbie Hanna's Twitter Meltdown

I don't want to keep bringing up the,fact that me and tip sir were,demonetized,every single video every single day but,I keep seeing stuff happen that just,reminds me why that's the case why that,is and I don't want to get all alarmist,on you or all conspiratorial on you in,the first minute of the video but I'm,telling you right now it's people like,Gabby Hanna that are the reasons why we,can't have fun anymore,why we can't do videos talking about,each other without it being labeled as,some sort of harassment campaign or this,criticism is now harassment you can't,say that you can't go after these people,because they might have a panic attack,they might they might cry when your,video comes out No enough is enough,things need to stop but I'm getting way,ahead of myself here hold on what am I,talking about okay so let's talk about,Gabby Hannah here now Gabby Hannah's not,somebody I am too terribly familiar with,as you can imagine she doesn't really,hit my demographic at least me and the,boys were you know showing each other a,favor of videos of the week or whatever,they're not Gabby Hannah videos I'm not,you know I don't think that should be,surprising to you now she is you know a,bit of a I guess she does music I think,she tried her hand at comedy or whatever,she was kind of like in that whole,Nicole Arbour group but I could be wrong,in that the point is is that she is a,youtuber she does you know Beauty videos,you know music that she's just kind of,all around she's been a a well,recognized figure on YouTube for a while,now her channel used to be called the,gabbie show she ought to drum with rice,gum so she's out a bit of a history on,YouTube and on this platform now what is,going on through well two things are,really happening with her the first is,gonna be this tweet right here this was,a tweet and it pissed me the hell off,yesterday when I saw it Gabby Hannah I,have six years of content videos with,tens of millions of views music videos a,podcast viral vines countless coops and,interviews on other channels but when,you watch me or search me one of the top,recommended videos is a month old hate,video with 75,000 views okay makes sense,notice the word hate video right here,hate,video this is a word that's very,carefully used here to convey a deeper,point here this video is made by someone,named Pegasus somebody that I follow on,Twitter will take a look at the video in,just a second but notice also she she,tagged YouTube and YouTube creators just,just to uh you know just just to let,them know that one of the top creators,Gabby Hanna is not happy with what's,going on here this is right,here Pegasus for those who don't know is,a YouTube commentator I've known him for,a while now he used to be a very small,youtuber but recently he's been really,poppin off really proud to see him go,places I hope he doesn't fall into the,same fate that me a tipster had though,and with Gabby Ana adding Team YouTube,you can kind of see that that's what,she's hoping for or at least that's what,it seems and this video made by Pegasus,was simply him mocking a video made by,Gabby right here where she was talking,about cyber bullying and this really,cringey ad now I can't play the audio,because it'll get me a copyrighted but,basically she writes a bunch of negative,attributes about about her that I guess,people have been giving her online,monster not talented what else was she,write toxic annoying liar manipulative,attention drama dramatic you can,so she writes a bunch of like negative,attributes and then look at what she,does after that oh look oh she's wiping,it away cuz it doesn't matter guys all,the mean words that go in line it does,not matter at all,there you go okay that's that's enough,of that it was a cringy video,didn't need to be made it was really,really just goofy and that's all the,video really was made but it was made,about Pegasus Pegasus is not somebody,like me he's not he's not he's not,really an he's not really,somebody who's you know really going out,there breaking the boundaries of what's,a what's allowed he's just a regular,dude just making videos he's nice he's,light-hearted he's not really you know,again he's not he's not an like,me you know what I'm saying like you can,make an argument for somebody like me,but for this guy no not really he's not,really that harmful,he's certainly I would not classify his,videos as,videos but now of course by Gabi,broadcasting this video as a hateful,video now she is encouraging all her,audience and this is confirmed I I you,know I've talked to Pegasus and in our,group chat or whatever he's told me that,the Gabby Hanna fans aren't happy,they're out there flag and and so,far nothing's gone down but it could go,down and that's the problem here even if,he doesn't get demonetized by youtuber,if YouTube doesn't care if this whole,tweet blows over whatever she still,tried to take a shot at him unfairly and,it's kind of funny when you look at the,title of this video in question,Gabby Ha

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Twitter VS #ApologizeToGabbieHanna

Twitter VS #ApologizeToGabbieHanna

so in a surprising turn of events the,hashtag apologize to gabby hannah is,trending,the reason why this is so surprising is,because over the last few years,gabby has become one of the most,criticized youtubers on the platform,she has been in so much controversy that,she has been spending the last few,months,making a multi-part series in order to,address every single controversy she's,been in considering her poor responses,to drama in the past,a lot of people including myself weren't,expecting much from this series,but once the first episode launched last,night on trisha paytas,it became very clear that the narrative,around gabby hannah at least for that,situation,might not have been as cut and dry as we,thought here is a portion of that video,you were the only one and ricky are the,only two that i actually like talk,and have like a relationship with so i,thought i would just you know what i,mean like i just i just feel like when,i'm at,parties and i have like a relationship,with somebody like a previous step i was,like you know,i'm telling you my issue i have,one-on-one with you it's not what i hear,my issue isn't,what the vlog is what they're all,bringing up dylan gardner you're,bringing up the vlogs,because i'm telling you other issues,that don't matter to me these are issues,i hear online i told you i'm a drama i,listen to that you still tweeted,because you're a character online that i,talk about gabby but i'm not a character,i'm a human being,yeah they've never met you before then,yes you have oh my god,my 62nd birthday party you literally,tweeted every time i hang out with gabby,we never get a selfie and it upsets me,we've never hung out we why didn't you,tweet that then gaby please bring it up,right now like i can't do this anymore,this is like insane,no i'm not upset i'm just like i'm,genuinely confused when we hung out like,you can take all this out like i'm just,like when did we hang out you like i met,you like,for minutes at a party we never hung out,like seriously,camera when we talked a lot though we,did like i never,show i never shared poems with anyone,like i don't know what that's about like,it's so like i don't know what to say,i have like three years of conversations,in the last three years let me see the,poems i would love to,see my own phone like i have to like,charge it we'll turn it on and like if,you want to stay after and we can talk,about it,like i'm 100 see like when it's like,comes down to like i'll actually show,you it's like oh i'm good but like,it was real like you and i talked for,years like i talked to you about my,relationship,i talked to you about like breakups you,talked to me about your relationship,with your family you talk to me about,sean we talked about like,you're hoarding like we had real,conversations and like if you don't,remember that like i can't like,you know what i mean that's fine but,like,it happened on november 22nd 2016 buying,a vip ticket to your show,yes yes yes uh november 19 2016 my,obsessed with the gabby show has been so,unreal i don't even understand she's the,most amazing thing on youtube right now,and then uh may 10 2017 every time me,and the gabby shower together we never,get selfies it makes me extremely,depressed,what i don't get what the the proof is,and then after we are best friends,no not that we're best friends now we're,friends i thought,okay this is like but this is like a,this is a delusion,okay because like we didn't talk to this,extent it's it's a delusion,based on i didn't tell you about my,family you didn't tell me i didn't know,you did it,i had no idea you did it at all so gabby,exposed trisha pages as a crazy liar,what's the big deal,well i think this is significant because,there has been multiple million plus,view videos made on gabby hannah in,regards to her relationship with trisha,that have all called gabby delusional,and have all been positively received so,to have a situation about gabby hanna,that was so widely seen in one way,completely flipped on its head is pretty,surprising which is why the hashtag,apologized to gabby hanna started,trending as people wanted to see,the channels who spread false,information about gabby hannah and,trisha paytas to apologize and make a,retraction some ordinary gamers tweeted,out the hashtag and then said,youtube t channels are the biggest, stains to ever exist on the,platform,holy justin wang tweets out hashtag,apologize to gabby hannah christopher,tom says,it is genuinely so great to see the,youtube community do something positive,and expose the truth about the constant,slander of gabby hannah,everyone who has ever spread false,information about her most notably the t,channels,need to apologize to gabby hannah moon,tweets out she was bullied by the tea,community and trisha for years,and every time she defended herself she,get called every name in the book time,for them to apologize,hashtag apologize to gabby hannah so how,did the t,channels who made a bunch of videos on,the gabby hannah ver

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what’s going on with gabbie hanna’s twitter | a conversation about cancel culture

what’s going on with gabbie hanna’s twitter | a conversation about cancel culture

and we're back,welcome back to my channel and if you've,never been here before i'm not surprised,i haven't uploaded,in a minute i decided to cosplay as mimi,from the drew carey show for you today,so you can curb that insult i see it too,and i don't know if i like it,i don't care also anyway i don't,normally film in my kitchen,but i have the means to shoot in my,kitchen,and i want to today we're talking about,gabby hannah and talk a little bit about,gabby hannah in a few different avenues,today mostly on twitter,she's been she's been there,you know what i mean she's just she's,been there,recently one of gabby's tweets went i,don't want to say,viral but it caught a lot of flack,for just be in one of the,gabby hannah's tweets i've ever seen and,i'm gonna read it to you right now what,happened to britney spears was 2007's,version of cancel culture,think about that the next time you hop,on a hate train i've been saying it,my friends and i actually have been,saying it for a little while,when gabby started tweeting about,britney spears a few weeks ago because,she saw the documentary uh,and britney's been a hot topic with the,free britney movement,we were pretty certain that,she was going to try and find a way to,make what has happened to britney spears,which is an,actual human tragedy about herself,and sure as hell this is the tweet,that brought it all together first of,all there are so many things wrong with,this tweet,but i would like to start with the fact,that britney spears,was never cancelled this concept of,cancel culture,was not a thing in 2007,what did happen though was that britney,was actively being harassed by paparazzi,and the media itself cancel culture,implies that you have done,a bad thing and a community of,people largely the internet is,attempting to hold you accountable for,the bad thing that you've done,brittany didn't hurt anybody britney,wasn't malicious towards anyone,brittany was not cancelled the paparazzi,saw what was happening to britney,spears's deteriorating mental state,and took advantage of it for a quick,buck the paparazzi at this time,was vicious to not just britney spears,but to,every young female actor,singer etc these conversations are,coming up,about um britney spears,about lindsay lohan the interview with,david letterman david letterman had no,problem making,women feel uncomfortable like it's just,that's just how,he did things i'm not saying that that's,okay i'm just saying,that wasn't uncommon like that wasn't a,lindsay lohan problem,that was in all of his female guests,problem was that interview,sort of mocking her sobriety lindsay,lohan's sobriety,inappropriate yeah absolutely,uh so were all the times when he tried,to press her about whether or not she,had a boyfriend,paul and i when you get to be this age,and we're just vicariously interested in,a lovely young woman like yourself and,what might that be what kind of a little,shred of a fantasy might we take with us,now,oh this is i feel so inappropriate no,did you have because we are so,old all of that's inappropriate we'll,come back to that,in a second britney spears was made out,to be,an unstable human being she was made out,to be having this wildly,dangerous mental breakdown by people,like her, father and her ex-boyfriends,justin timberlake,britney is a victim of her circumstance,none of this was a result of brittany,doing something,bad or something reprehensible or,meeting consequences of her actions,she was a victim of being a child star,whose life was put into the hands of,people that shouldn't have been trusted,with it,this tweet that gabby made implies that,it's similar and speaking in vague,enough terms,to say that this is similar to my life,remember when you hop on the gabby,hannah hate train,that this is the kind of thing that can,happen no,no i'm not saying that harassment isn't,detrimental to somebody,i'm not saying that you should hate on,people even gabby hannah,i'm not saying you should hate on gabby,hannah and that she's fine and she,should be able to take it,what i'm saying is with gabby these,things,come up comparing herself to situations,caring about situations only happens,when it's relevant to her she was just,banding around this whole um,idea of sexism in the music industry,which is absolutely a thing,and absolutely something she could and,should care about,for sure well i'm not saying she,shouldn't care about these things,what i'm saying is the only time she,brings it to light the only time she,ever talks about it is when it's,affecting her,when it stops affecting her she stops,talking about it which means she doesn't,care about it,unless it's at her doorstep there were a,few tweets in reply to gabby about all,of this,so in reply to someone basically saying,like yeah with that,to gabby that britney had done nothing,wrong it wasn't like somebody saying the,n-word that's not really,what canceled culture is gabby says the,following,okay but not everyone is cancelled for,saying the n-word,drew miley was

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