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A CRUMB OF APRIL! LIZ ANYA'S ALBUM RELEASE :Dbut now you're gone again,hello everyone good morning g


Updated on Jan 18,2023


but now you're gone again,hello everyone good morning good evening,good afternoon hello we are here playing,no pixel role play,all right today's a day because we're,potato because,um I don't want to do my makeup and I'm,feeling yes no coven no Kobe I actually,took a coven test this morning just,because I was scared that I had coveted,because I have like a like a cough but,it's not a cough cough you know it's,like a small cough and then I well it,started as a little sore throat and then,I was freaking out this morning and I,was like oh my god do I have covid so I,took a test and don't have coven took,another test don't have coven should be,fine,I feel fine,I feel a little tired so I took some,Advil,so I'm not gonna stream for a long time,today because,I am gonna rest,I feel fine though,I've been having a lot of these remember,like a month ago I had like a mild cold,it was it was the same thing,it was like a it was like I had that,lump in my throat and then the next day,I woke up and I was like mildly sick and,then it never really got worse and then,it just got better it was like a two-day,thing three day thing remember that I,was like is it gonna get worse is it,gonna get worse,and I remember I and I stand by this,firmly stand by this,you know that feeling you get in your,throat before you get sick,the one where it's like a Hint it can be,there for like a day sometimes it's just,in your throat and you're like you know,that feeling that feeling is worse than,Mo well in my opinion it's worse than,being sick because it's like this,feeling in your like you know what I,mean you're trying to get rid of it,I think that feeling is just worse I,hate that feeling and sometimes it,happens for a day and you're like dude I,just I stand unless you are really sick,like this doesn't happen often but,occasionally you get like very very sick,like a 10 out of 10 sick nine out of 10,sick right where you like can't move and,you but like you know like mild,sicknesses,I don't know about you guys how common,it is for you guys but like pretty,frequently I get like a very mild cold,it's like I can do things I can walk,around I can I feel a little tired I,have like a cough here and there but,it's not like debilitating I can stream,I can like you know I don't go out of my,house as much but do you know what I,mean I I I've had like those ones where,it's like a three or four on a scale of,one to ten in terms of actually,physically like hindering you I prefer,that to the unknown in your throat,the unknown is the worst,so I'd say right now I feel like a 97. I,feel like I have like a two two on a,scale of one to ten like one is like I'm,healthy two I'm like you know I could,like be better but I'm not a sick sick I,don't feel I don't even feel like big,sick I just or like medium sick I feel,like Leipzig so that's why I'm like why,put makeup on I don't really want to put,makeup on and,cramps and the flu here send help I'm a,nine out of ten no,oh my God,okay Jen I'm sending you all of my,healing powers all of my potato healing,powers I send to you,ah there you go,yeah,I honestly think water soup,um you know just rest is the best thing,you can do and then you know,did I shower I don't even know I have to,shower I'll shower tomorrow,coffin stuffy nose four out of ten eight,out of 10 been a rough week well I wish,everyone a good week even if you're sick,or if you got coveted if you got the flu,if you're just tired uh if you're just,overworked or stressed whatever you know,we can hang out a little bit today,we have a really exciting event today is,Liz's concert and I honestly I I was,like pretty close to not streaming but,then I was like dude no I gotta make,Liz's concert,um I've been I've been this I've been,trying to go to this for I mean it got,rescheduled a couple times but I was,like I've known about this concert,happening for so long and I'm like if I,don't make it I'm gonna be really mad,about it really mad at myself,so we're making it even if it does end,up being like pretty short,um I don't want to miss uh Liz's concert,and then I I tune into,um Alex's GTA stream who plays uh,lasagna and like to like seeing Alex,practice so much and like I don't know,I'm getting getting excited and I'm like,okay okay okay I gotta go I know I gotta,go in,yeah so you know we gotta go we gotta,make it,sugar baby Studios let's do this,concerts are always fun and even if I,don't dance IRL I can dance in the game,Alex is so talented such a king such a,king,okay,okay,how are my rings why am I hungry,shouldn't I be like good because of,because of rings,um shouldn't I be good because of rings,no,no,hmm,okay I'm on my chill playlist I need to,be on like my upbeat playlist you know,you know what I mean,Rings don't help hunger I guess I'd be,too op and and also all the restaurants,would lose all the RP,oh,sorry if I hit you,excuse me sir never mind actually,what game is this it's called gtrp it's,a role play server this is my character,April she does some cool things

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hello guys it's olya here welcome back,with another video today we have foosley,reacting to offline TV video thank you,for watching and see you the next one,thank you loving even remember that on,Friday the bits will take away time so,just get ready in case and told me I,look way better in real life am i dad,are we on screen,Sam replied I mean you're pretty ,ugly but does it really matter no what,falls you to suck your dick picture of,me in our Mafia shawarma and Leslie said,looking better than ever,I'm talk sick this is so much more toxic,than what I said I was kidding,he says it says seriously I'm passed out,says picture another one on the same,picture,I can't tell me these are the meanest,tweets throughout the whole video I have,never received a tweet that mean in my,whole life but I'm also famous as SCARA,and we knew the more famous you are the,more such big the next one said don't,you need parents permission to make a,Twitter account if you're under 30,oh the next one is of me and make jakey,we're both super shit-faced in this,picture and Las Vegas he's drinking an,alcoholic Baja blast someone said I,remember when I was young and in love,you're not fooling anyone with this pic,this is a clone you made you've forgot,to add 69 pimples faker,that's a little bit but you could have,gotten creative I got a good one machine,that shot energy drink at you they said,you should make it shoot for lack of,next time that's how I want all the,insults to be god you're short I,want to make a World War 3 video but,it's just gonna happen and it's gonna be,funny up until I get drafted,Matthew Petrus says build a bot to,replace you in the war so they draft you,fake you instead of actually you bonus,points if the robot is autistic wants to,kill itself and references outdated,memes stick in there a little brave,yeah you know what I mean so the same,tweet they don't draft short I don't,even know what that word was Arthur,thank you for the 28 months,see that would have been 2 minutes but,now it's not it is a Christmas picture,bar Leo says I just loved Michael's red,beard oh wait that's his acting same guy,named Colby jack respond said you didn't,even need to say you were single we got,it Rost me I made a cake that was like,happy happy,TSM 300 obviously they lost like Oh 3,the guy responded to me and said ugly, his money don't kill,yourself hashtag you pride well what's,the word what I should die I want to,know either,how about you touch the point 45,traveling at terminal velocity Jesus,like a bullet to kill her you,musket so,because the worst part of those is that,like some people like who are reasonable,right would like legit go to defend this,or like you know but then he's like say,if you're a pokey be 12 year old fanboy,white knight and got triggered something,like oh no but I don't want to be a, mean 12 year old fanboy white,knight so then they like kind of true,looks like you're thankful for makeup,and filters I'm so not ashamed of it,and I think like most girls are looking,filters are insane nowadays you actually,don't even have to put on makeup if you,don't you put the filter on it's true,I saw the whole I'm gonna boys out there,on YouTube but I have a voice of a five,year old thing that's old start acting,and sounding like an adult and nobody,cares about your wife who's your shitty,excuse for a human being,here's hoping you never beat 1 million,subs you can't actually like,three-foot-tall dolls me too Wow 14 like,a two-year-old baby you're a joke of a,woman ugly ass short ugly go up makeup,on your ugly face pictures of ya you're,so damn ugly so you don't short ugly,without makeup bad face your joke of a,woman throw the you're not five,anymore a real woman out there while you,act like a child hi I'm Lilly I'm ugly,keep putting on anime pictures okay to,show you disgusting troll self you word,ugly off something of a girl you're not,white it's not funny no with blue,eyes and green eyes you're not white,like us you're a dumbass,asian girl what,that's straight-up racist you're not,white like us I kind of want one and,someone responded but would that be,weird if I had one you know this man a,show ready to a kiss better than the,Oscars true he just says he doesn't care,about taking money from big businesses,yeah just roasted this random dudes mom,and it was really funny continued wonder,how much she makes up those plushies so,you think he made me feel bad but I,don't feel bad very aware what his fans,would be willing to spend really cute so,he lorded $24.99 India does care about,you guys um it was me Escarra with tank,he holds this over our face and the,counters toast looks like a weak hurt I,made in two for three,might have to turn donations and subs,back up happy moving to Facebook lul XD,good way to kill a thriving career by,going to the worst possible platform yes,you know sometimes I get really sad,because I torpedoed my entire career to,the end of the offline TV video oh my,god hope you enjoyed it remember to Like,comme

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The Story Of Fuslie

The Story Of Fuslie

yeah okay so yeah intro so,your real name streaming and what you do,hello everyone my name is Leslie,moisture my name is,I am a content creator streamer on,YouTube formerly on Twitch streamer of,the year I better be nominated,that's fine oh and he's like can I get,an autograph from my daughter I decided,autograph for him can you make the pig,sound like,do you know a pig does that sound teach,me,my childhood pretty standard I'd say I,am typical Asian parents go be a doctor,go get good grades don't do drugs don't,drink whatever all that stuff very,conservative and didn't play any games,hadn't really minimal interest except,for Pokemon that was one big outlier,my gaming interest started when my,brother got a Nintendo 64. before he got,home I would find his Nintendo 64 put in,Star Fox and I'd replay only the first,level over and over and over again,because there was never time to get to,the second level and I'd see him getting,off the bus and I'd turn off the N64,shove it back down and run away,I had a jaw issue called,temporomandibular Joint disorder and so,I started seeing a chiropractor at a,really young age to like fix my jaw and,that really interested me so then I was,like oh I want to do what he does so I,started to like go down this path which,led me like oh I need to study science,so I applied to UC Irvine,my first year was relatively miserable,because I had a boyfriend from high,school into college we came together to,UC Irvine we started like fighting,really quickly because he had these dorm,mates that I didn't click with right,away my first year getting adjusted to,that was rough but then we mended and,then we became extremely studious I,realized I was getting better grades in,almost everybody so I was like wait if,you guys are going to be doctors I can,be a doctor too so then I switched to,pre-med but then I realized how,competitive it was and also I need to be,like spending all my free time at a,hospital getting hours in and then the,more I did that I realized how much I,didn't want to do it and my third year,in college I switched to being a vet I,was like well I like the whole biology,doctor aspect but working with people,seems too scary almost like what if I,kill somebody so I decided that maybe I,could go be a vet instead and then my,final quarter of a UC Irvine,I was working on a vet hospital,and one of the Vets said to me like,Leslie I don't know if you'd make the,best bet you sure you wouldn't do this,and I think hearing that from a vet,directly woke me up so I told my,roommate hey I do not want to be a vet,anymore she's like Leslie it's your last,quarter of you see your wine like you,have to,pick something and I was like oh God,you're right I just studied for four,years like I have to do something with,science and at that time I had been in,part of this program called spop at UC,Irvine basically you go through,orientation to,teach incoming freshmen like the class,to take give them tours of the campus,and I realized from that you know I'm,gonna go be a teacher so I decided on my,last quarter of UC Irvine I'm gonna,switch become a teacher so I took a year,off after college and in that year,I decided to live with one of my friends,from spot named Raymond and he,introduced me in the League of Legends,foreign,I could not stop I got like hooked after,10 games I became so interested in like,the fact that there's these Pro players,that play this game,today,and find the win in game one and then I,played so much League until I found,Counter-Strike I had this whole incident,with his Pro named days who was like,blaming me and I went on his stream and,we started arguing and then I was like,wait I love this so I started playing,FPS games took me to H1Z1 H1Z1 whole,thing watch found summit1g got super,interested in in Gamers like streamers,from there I modded for Summit and then,watch him play H1Z1 and then pubg he,started to play I went into pubg so my,childhood you should try life is strange,so boom I started playing single player,games and then the last of us my,all-time favorite single player game,play that fall in love with that one and,then single player two everything else,Animal Crossing game Out Among Us came,out and then I mean every other game,ever I just started playing,oh my God,I took piano lessons when I was young my,mom signed me up for like this teacher,who's like really intense and missed,Jensen I remember just like,very intensely having to practice,your fingers every single freaking day I,was playing piano and I rejected it so,much because I just didn't want to learn,then in seventh grade I needed to take,an elective and I was like I'll take be,quiet I don't want to audition for,anything so like from there it kind of,started singing and I remember liking it,and I was like oh you can kind of,control the sounds that come out of your,mouth this is interesting in this movie,called High School Musical came out and,that movie like sparked something in me,in terms of like singing I loved the,mu

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I'm never going to be in a Fuslie video again

I'm never going to be in a Fuslie video again

is that leslie,no shot what,what is she like 14 and what is this,high,school my god that was that was super,super fun,oh no,the bangs bro,yo she's rocking the bags then oh my god,that i don't speak of or even joke about,so that no one would accidentally like,go stumbling,i mean link it chat link,that i'm like i just never speak of the,fact that i there was ever like acapella,you know i mean hey listen listen we,don't sound that bad but,can we talk about the haircut,okay she's self-aware she knows the hair,was,she knows the hair was oh god,questionable in high school that haircut,blah was checking out though tv and,friends clip,i'm going to call them right now,all right you reach me,please leave me a message,okay,that's fine blocked,unfollowed,unfriended,on everything leslie tried calling me,okay wait on what on like on the phone,watching these clips is a violation of,my privacy i will strike dm ca your,channel block you on every platform,possible,hello,you've reached the voicemail of nathan,blau,please leave a message after the tone,and i'll react to your content later,thank you think of me for the rest of my,life,you understand that,you understand me,i will strike your entire blouse towards,clips channels which is essentially just,a fool's eclipse channel okay,it's all going down you you realize it,now,if you've made over the past three,months,okay i've made more than that first of,all second of all my editors make that,so you're actually just cool so leslie,hates leslie hates up-and-coming editors,who are working with small-time,streamers number two number three,number three,you realize this is gonna now be a clip,and it's gonna pop off so thank you for,that and uh,if you dare put goodbye on yours i'm,striking your entire channel yeah well,i'm amazed you can even watch these,clips through those bangs,i said i'm amazed you can watch the,clips through those bangs that you had,in high school,all right,link the full i want to watch the full,one someone sent it to me it's from otv,and friends right,let me see it,though,yo listen i'm just saying this as an emo,with with those bangs oh please,send that please someone needs to make,that an emote,that was bad honestly jack's actually,rocked the bangs so,it's it it's giving it's giving like,lisa from black pink if she was in high,school and then 180p i mean the video,i'm talking about the video quality,what what is this,i'm not alive,most coordinated leslie dance i've ever,seen,oh,bro,oh,am i in trouble,why,why is everyone saying oh seven am i in,trouble oh,oh no,we'll send it blah blah ,i love mine,okay,this isn't that bad that like first of,all they're they're singing is great,like i feel like that's like a very like,normal like you know what,it's like,it's because the santa hat is hiding her,pants,i'm so sorry,i'm so sorry,you guys gotta stop liking this please,why is he watching everything,okay we need we need as a streamer,streamers we need safe words because,he's violating my he's actually,violating my privacy and making me mad,calling me okay hold on just hold on,i'm literally calling the police on your,ass,what is the streamer safe ward like when,you've gone too far,you're calling the police on me leslie,you can't leslie you can't report this,kind of murder,i i get that,i get that you're dead but it's not like,that man,wow what what's a streamer safe word,like a real safe word because i'm using,it i'm mad at you,and i know i sound like i'm not mad but,i'm actually pissed at you for you today,you've crossed mine way too many times,i didn't do it i was just playing code,names or so yes you did you're gonna,regret this okay i'm gonna go do some,deep digging on you all right no no no,yes i am i,am i'm sending the letters after your,filter,i am literally going in on you okay you,better delete all your old everything,from riot your calling oh god hold on,you got one day all right yeah,lesler's do it go find it go fine,hold on,hold on,hold on ,oh oh oh ,all right i don't i,i don't expose these things about my,friends okay,go lesters,deep dive,get it on the reddit we're countering,him,no one knows this wow guy we can't deep,dive,you will find a way,okay make him fear for his life,okay dig,dig,search,pet 2013 2012 2010 don't be afraid i'm,timing,he did a speech at uchicago fine damn,he's deleting everything,uh,um hold on hold on i need like hold on i,need the battle music hold on someone,said no one knows this deep,this blow guy we can't deep dive okay,hold on,okay change that okay,you guys are actually digging,nathan blough gameplay researcher for,league of legends,there's no way,nathan this is unacceptable,okay,and how dare he talk about my banks okay,he's talking about my bangs,oh god the interview clip oh no,i can't get oh no,that hair was a mistake you know what oh,god oh god,you know what we'll watch it together,okay we'll watch it together,we'll watch it together it,things off of like gut and be able to,look at all the game to have them play,through okay i wi

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Sykkuno and Fuslie Accidentally Overinvite Again

Sykkuno and Fuslie Accidentally Overinvite Again

excuse me all right for contacts by the,way they over-invited and i'm,sitting out for wendy and you,okay here's what happened here's what,happens,i was playing with janet and apparently,leslie was playing with wendy ray,don't,worry,are you,serious,whenever was i i me and ray in the liver,group said we're playing together and,then you're like oh that's perfect,because me and janet are playing,together we'll make a group of four,exactly that's exactly what happened,thank you i thought it was just you two,i thought it was,on you 100 and you need to confess to,that oh how dare you what about janet's,wrist what about janet's wrist,huh,huh,what happened to whatever else you sleep,at night kudos thank you we're all in,agreement we're all in agreement kuno,i only had one person with me i had one,so then how did this happen explain,well you see i was in the living room,and i said hey that's four of us,and then leslie didn't mention that she,had another person huh,ray,you're gonna let him lie like this,straight up lie,cycle guys literally just said that,happened you literally you're the ones,you said,you're downstairs i remember it vividly,downstairs we said we had an hour of,saints row and you said janet i'm gonna,play uh with janet and we're like oh,well les and i are free after three with,four of us,and that was that and that's where it,ended and that's why i'm so confused why,this became,an over-inviting situation,how did this happen i don't understand,how that proves i don't see how that no,no well then let's let's let's figure it,out how did it happen where is this,is i'm just so confused when did it wait,wait we can ask wendy we can ask wendy,yeah you know what colin where's wendy,where's where's wendy to clear this up,exactly what happened,okay roland and wendy,okay i'm actually a hero huh wendy okay,tell us what happened why she's playing,with her wrist injured what happened,what what happened like so wendy who,invited you,oh,what happened today wait what's been,today,are we playing played up or is this like,jerry springer,right now oh she's pulling up the,receipt oh my,god it is actually true,i forgot to put it in my calendar,oh,well the truth is,leslie you made me call psycho a liar,yeah i did well well no no let me,explain sakuno is a liar because that's,not what happened saikudo you said that,i lied you said that in the living room,i said that wendy would be playing with,us that's not true at all me and wendy,discussed three days ago,i said in the living room you didn't,mention wendy,no you just said that i brought it up in,the living room you said in the living,room there's now,okay either way this is my bad i put it,in the couch wait wait for this,i should leave oh,no leslie leslie no no no no no no no no,no no i'll be i'm gonna be completely,honest i'm gonna be completely honest,no no i am getting motion sick so it,makes sense,oh she left,or i'm like nauseous so wait wait so,you wanna we did work out really hard,today yeah well i've just been saying,that,you're the one,well when like i had an intrusive,thought when janet was like oh my lg and,i was like nice it's lg,and no,so that means i should that's that's,what that does it was over i thought,yeah i was like oh it's lg,oh,we're staying well i guess if leslie's,going i guess no no no no well janet,left so now now now it's weird if i live,and we have to finish this game man,vallo i if i manvalo that was our other,plan i was talking to wendy about this,wait wait leslie is it sounds like she,wants to end stream no no i don't need,to end stream well,i mean i could well what time we're,doing miang's hair okay we're we're,doing,hair at six,oh that's perfect let's finish this game,then,finish five star this and then we'll,play one more game after wait we have to,do means here at six,uh yeah so we got like a bit over an,hour yeah we have like an hour and 20,minutes so we could definitely do like,two runs okay,okay and this is an example of when i,don't put something in my calendar how,my brain does not know what to happen,yeah,i have to put if it's not all the time i,totally forgot that's my bad wendy i,literally was like i remember i was like,okay yeah 29th i'm like i'll put in my,calendar didn't put it in did you,remember what we're doing after that too,or are we here,yes yes,come over you're totally welcome to come,over still for dinner yes,wait you should come home you guys doing,afterwards she's coming for dinner and i,didn't forget to put on my calendar but,i have space for it and you should come,over and dye me young's hair with us too,wendy just come over right now and then,we can we'll do young's hair and eat,food together yes,and then wendy will come when we do,meong's hair wait invite me someone,invited pino can we invite oh i thought,you invited,when did i'm invited,i'm inviting him i got it i got it,was that was it too soon

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one day we'll have our last conversation,and drink our last cup of coffee,someday we might be 80,and think about the different things we,used to say all the memories,it'll be the last day,foreign,Happy Birthday Ray,I hope you're smiling today a lot and,eating well too I wanted to quickly say,thank you for being one of the nicest,people that I've met in one of the best,years of my life,you and so many others were a huge part,of making my days brighter and warm,throughout 2022 and that's something I'm,forever grateful for,if you're someone I always think of,fondly no matter what and I'm really,glad to have a friend like you that's,always so kind and considerate,uh I don't just put on the dog years for,anyone too so I hope you like them oh,also I got your birthday cake uh I,didn't know which one to get you so I,got uh I got like three oh that one's,stuck to my head for some reason I got,you a lemon one I got you uh whatever,the this is and uh this one's the,real birthday cake but yeah Happy,Birthday Ray I love ya,take care okay bye,happy birthday I love you so much,um I'm sorry I can't be there today,because I'm Sicky and I don't want to,get you Sicky but I wish you the most,fun birthday ever and have lots of,delicious food and good company and I,love you and I'll hang out with you soon,hey Rachel just uh wanted to wish,my favorite Valor I carry the clutch,Queen herself,very happy birthday,we're the same age now welcome to 31.,it's a lot of fun,happy 21st birthday Ray from me in the,brick,love you very very much always so proud,of you hope it's a great one,Happy Birthday Ray I hope it is the best,day ever along with the best year ever,you're such an inspiration to me you,always have been I'm so grateful to have,someone like you to look up to in my,life I love you so so much looking,forward to many many years spent with,your friendship happy birthday,Happy Birthday Ray,I'm in an airplane bathroom but I wanted,to wish you a very very special,um,30.,31 28,. I know you're like older than me,but you look young,but I hope it's a good one,all right I'm gonna go,uh-huh,Happy Birthday Ray,hello Rachel,happy 31st birthday,Happy Birthday Ray so sorry I can't make,it for your all your birthday,festivities they want to be there but,regardless hope you have a wonderful,time getting older join us happy,Birthday Ray,hey Ray uh you for putting the,Skrillex haircut in your stream,announcement,um but I'm gonna cut this part out,because,um you're a bigger Creator than me and,so I don't want to get flamed so hey,happy birthday Ray I hope um it's a,great birthday thanks,um for everything you're awesome,you'll cut that part out right man the,first part,we've got the first time out oh ,looky looky Happy Birthday Ray I hope,you have a great one I'm coming to La,soon so we're gonna celebrate afterhand,and uh my young you suck,happy happy Birthday Ray wishing you,abundant happiness and love this year I,Rave you,hi Ray it is I Bremen Rock but you,already knew that I just wanted to wish,you a happy birthday I love you so so so,so so so much I miss you so much and I,hope you get treated like a queen that,you are today you better let me,know the next time we play games because,I cannot wait,um and yeah I miss blaming you as the,Imposter those are good old times and, next time you're in Hawaii hit me,up I love you,why,happy happy birthday,happy birthday Ray I am so honored uh to,be able to have gotten to know you and I,just want to say thank you for being uh,such an amazing person and an,inspiration to so many people uh I,really hope we get to play more games,together uh this year and I just want to,wish you happy happy birthday I hope,you're having an amazing day and I hope,all your birthday wishes and dreams come,true and here's to a gajillion billion,more birthdays,bye,bye,yo what's up,um me Leslie Lily wow we're about to go,to Vegas Ray has no idea what we're,doing or about a surprise her or,something she once asked me to get this,for her I think she's gonna think I'm,absolutely insane,for doing this but hope she likes it,I'm sad young said we could technically,go and get today but I am bedridden With,The Big C,right here,why they why did they make this look,like a lollipop,well I'll test it today and I'm still,positive so,I can't make it upside I want to go I,hope you guys have fun you have a ton of,Vegas and photo threes like different,eggs,oh we're going to be gone the whole day,we're coming back tomorrow morning so,that's two people to distract her for us,to make it less suspicious hopefully,she doesn't suspect anything,we made it off the plane,time I called The Uber,Rosie's pulled a drink on me ah deserves,so I've been designated looking after,our stuff,came here straight from the flight we're,trying to get 11 cheesecake Beret for,those of you that don't know she told me,last time we were here she literally,shook me and she said hey I want this,lemon cheesecake for my birthday and I,took that to heart never forgot and in,my head I w

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if you are just clicking on this video,you probably missed Yvonne's Channel,part one of our roomies truth or drink,so make sure to go to her Channel be in,the description down below that was part,one now we are doing part part two for,those of you that didn't watch the first,video which is crazy,Emily is here she is reading us up,questions that we are not aware of um,apparently we shouldn't even answer then,they'll have to I don't think they'll,have to go to other videos if you get,the instructions,they'll probably see it right there,question number one how much money did,you make last month,do quarters,and here are your options okay we have,Ollie Smith we have Miss kids and we,have Austin Austin I am Austin,I'd be on the same page,exactly that's myth 100 and then miss,Kiff I'm sorry but uh Austin know the,other choice and killing Austin wait,honestly when we think about miss him as,a husband,I'm sorry,you made me my drink back up bro I,think I would marry oh God I would kill,oh God,myth is it literally a wise Soul yeah,yeah so you want to be a good husband he,would be a very good father it would be,a great husband and father,talking about this like my brother bro,yeah okay f,Austin okay she's really serious Mary,I think this will be real oh no,okay but I'm just okay I think,realistically myth would make a much,better fit for a husband but imagine how,chaotic it would be with Ms gift Miss,kids are coming I got a Merry Christmas,kids,look at the person to your right you,would you would just go okay and name,something you don't like about them,I know I know what the I'm gonna,talk about,the thing I hate most about this woman,right here is that she always takes her,credit card she pays for everything,I absolutely hate it,like I keep telling her I'm rich ,let me pay for something all right and,she just has no remorse she just wants,to fly everything,someone told me that you booked them a,flight because they missed their flights,for the few hours you stream you should,be swiping that card less definitely,less that's true,yeah she's not around enough she's,touching too much,broccoli it's crazy,I saw yoshinoy at the door two days ago,I was like that yeah yeah I think I'm,the only one who eats today that is what,I hate I've never tried it I've never,tried it either yeah,that's like awesome we used to play,every single we literally got another,shoot like soon you guys were like I had,four shoots this week and we're going to,camp and we're going to Camp,is that better or worse,yeah go in,actually she's fixed this problem a lot,recently is it her touchy breaks,oh my God,intervention we told her she's a little,touchy on the brakes and she's done it,good job,oh you didn't puke you were nauseous,oh wait oh I'm better at it so it's okay,yeah,a message she got a lot better because I,use Discord now yeah I have gotten,better with everyone and those you have,gone better the secret is Discord if you,ever want to reach me it's it's a score,just too many photos it's a phone she,does have a ton of phones it's the,phones I don't know what that's on two,phones,but if we didn't live with her we would,never see yourself I,have to give like two to three,businesses for like I would message her,way in advance,it's so hard to reach her Discord,oh wait like okay those long-term counts,or like singles,yes,together as roomies look out for it and,it's uh it's a pretty good one yeah,because they sponsored me since I had,like 50 viewers oh oh yeah they did they,were your first yeah they were my first,sponsor ever and they've never wanted me,to know who is it,yeah I remember that first got sponsored,it was such a lit moment my favorite,sponsor hasn't been announced yet,wait what that's a spicy one I don't,think I can say I don't remember you had,so many no that was because,I do have a least favorite but I feel,like emotions,it's a good business decision,yeah,who is your celebrity crush Tom Holland,I love,Tom Holland celebrity crush Spiderman I,don't have one I don't have one either,but my first,celebrity crush was Orlando Bloom ooh,taste Legolas I don't have a crush on,him I just like how he's Ryan Reynolds,yeah it's funny yeah the guy from the,Pikachu movie yeah I love Pikachu movie,that's what you remember yeah,I also like Sandra Bullocks yes I,haven't watched any of those The,Proposal is so good next question whose,style do you hate the most hate hates,you hate and like I I I just think,sakuno can like he's holding back that's,all I'm gonna saying,we need to address him you know what,yeah he only wears Birds styles,with the collar yeah but that's what we,wanted to see you know what we're gonna,style you we're styling you yeah yeah,hey,everyone your full page of Twitter DMS,okay,thieves stuff I have some art being made,of the roomies you guys can't see oh,okay oh this uh lady uh her name is,Elena she wrestles she wants to Russell,in this room,yeah ours are just pretty typical yeah,there's nothing yeah yeah,um have you sold out the most,Defin

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hey guys i just wanted to pop in really,quickly before the video starts to give,you context as to when this video was,filmed it is,from two months ago right when we moved,into this new house and out of the other,one,the night before i turned in the keys to,the landlord i came by the old house and,i filmed,the entire house empty just to show you,guys what it looked like before we moved,in,and right after we moved out and so yeah,in case anyone was curious as to like,wait when did you guys move in when was,this video filmed i'm very confused,that's why all right onto the video,hello everybody welcome back to my,youtube channel,if you guys follow my stream you guys,will probably know that i just moved,and so i wanted to take you guys on a,tour before we have to officially give,the keys back,of our old place completely empty,okay so this is the door in our boxes on,the porch over here,it's a bit dirty and then you come into,the house,and this is where our roommates alex,lived,he had green walls oh it's kind of dark,in here but,it's so funny listen okay i i think i've,converted this house in a bunch of like,papers okay,yeah maybe if you weren't paper what,happened,um so ah,she beats me chad how do i,beat you now you're not supposed to talk,about that,he had to move up early unfortunately,because of,covid and canada stuff and he was never,able to move back in,so f's for alex,now our next room is we call this our,podcast room because this is where we,did,podcast streams we had like um our,couch over here uh at one point we had,it over here at one point we had like,all these microphones so we had a lot of,memories if you guys remember the,drunk stream with danny stumbling down,those stairs,what it's about i'm super down and,that's like one of the big reasons,oh my god oh my god,and then this is our dining room we have,our big round table here we did a ton of,streams here actually we did our recent,charity stream on handstream here,we had a bunch of dinners here with,friends pre-covered,so next to the dining room we have,stephon and michelle's room,which is the tiniest room besides,alice's,it was so small and then i don't think,you guys ever saw our bathroom this is,also me on the shirt by the way,after david is right there these doors,locked,around wait it's locked okay,and then here is the bathroom here's our,shower time to shower,just kidding gonna miss this house,okay anyways so this is their um,bathroom,here's the kitchen we did all of our,cooking streams right here,we have the monitors here the camera's,pointing up here and we have the camera,facing down at this section,so you guys will probably recognize this,area are those cooked,i think they're raw why they're so soft,yeah they're not wait no cookies,eating them right now don't eat,this is where a lot of dishes were done,shout out to trayton for doing the,dishes that one time we had,uh we have a stove really nice stove,honestly a lot of things were,cooked on top of this yeah so much ramen,turn them all on turn them all on one,last,so much ramen so many breakfasts i'm,getting emotional,so many breakfasts were made here so,many good mornings in the kitchen,okay here is our living room this part,you didn't see on stream that often,because it was more of our like new,stream zone but we spent probably the,most time hanging out in this room,so many good memories so many movies 85,htv,board games tokyo secret hitler,ready,couch right there against the walls of,the l couch,okay wait actually,i'm,right here this coffee table well it's,not here anymore but on a coffee table,and then we watch a little show so this,was like our baking iron,here is the legendary basement of the,sushi dragon,it used to be entirely green and covered,with like computers and monitors and,wires everywhere and now it's completely,white,it's like enough you'll never know what,happened here all the craziness,hey yo,you gotta stick check hey fun yeah,words cannot describe how incredible you,are,but numbers can 0 out of 10.,so maybe the next person who goes here,we'll have like watch our streams and,we'll know this place,and we'll know how special it is to us,um let's go upstairs,come along oh here's our,serial killer basement basement,or we will have a serious conversation,after this off camera,i'm not even nearby i'm on the other,side of the room,are you okay i've been over here the,whole time,so then we go up these stairs and this,is where me,danny and peter live so,first we'll do danny's room this bunch,of storage cabinets,but this is where danny live this is his,closet oh there's a light in here but,this is like a little closet yeah we,should do it,no we'll decide and scare everyone,so then here's his bathroom,it's kind of janky i mean it's so bad,just the shower cream is good,the shower is nicer than the sink i,think this thing looks a bit spooky,and then we got,this is where like he put his bookcase,and,cat stuff stand over there over here,oh this is oh this is the stream,perspective,i'm d

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