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I Turned Myself Into A Funko Pop!a few days ago my mom and I traveled,over to the Funko Hollywood st

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

I Turned Myself Into A Funko Pop!

a few days ago my mom and I traveled,over to the Funko Hollywood store and,while we were there we popped ourselves,here's how it went okay so we got our,spot in line and is actually just over,here we've got to wait about 20 minutes,then we'll be good to go okay everybody,so I just got the text message we can,now build our Funko Pops Mom are you,excited to see yourself as a figure yes,pretty exciting now before we go in I,just want to show you guys what it's,going to be looking like there's a bunch,of kiosks and you can make it look,exactly like you to give you guys,another update we are first in line just,about to go in and now before we even,start it sister for you guys introducing,pop your peeps they're 25 each and then,you can make it look pretty much exactly,like you want that's funny I kind of,look like Grandpa there for a second,yeah okay now do you want to go for it,okay uh do you want to go first tell me,to go first I'll go first okay you can,choose your body type and skin color go,go girl okay all right oh light skin all,right of course okay oh it's looking,like you already looks just like you,okay now what do we got lashes probably,okay for sure now there's a lot to hair,to choose from is there yeah okay there,we go there we go yeah okay okay now,what are we looking at here,no that's not bad let's oh wait a minute,I think maybe then what's that is that a,ponytail yeah oh there we go yeah no so,no pony okay,maybe let's see the front there's,somebody to choose from I mean I love it,okay oh I might have to go for a hat guy,hair this one is kind of it,or I think I think the one you were,looking at before they look pretty good,if you go this way a bit uh this one,here this one yeah I think that's the,most accurate let me see let me see let,me see it's pretty close okay and not,black here my hair is more of like a,brown right well just to see it I know,it's not that color but oh that's way,too bright okay yeah probably the right,color probably,but I think that's more of that color I,think so too and it works glasses now of,course you gotta go glass so I almost,feel like I get a bonus because I have,glasses right well I could put glasses,on them but then it might be a different,head though with like a little bit in,the middle so hold it in I know okay so,glasses for sure okay these ones are,more like those but I can choose Brown,yeah you kind of have brown glasses what,do you think brown or black I don't know,what's blue you could step on and go,Blue I'm either going black or brown I,think black black looks pretty good,because your hair is brown so it's very,similar in color I'm with you oh you can,do the alpha now hold on here's the,thing though here hear me out on this,though no but also it's Christmas now,but it's not gonna be Christmas in the,future of course I always wear that's,true that's true now you could change it,though like look so you could do,the different types of shirts too I,don't know,it's like two colors no probably just,black,v-neck I think I'm wearing one yeah so,let's just for now put that but I might,I'm really I just want to see that one,okay see it's nice but you'd have to,probably make two if you wanted to,because then you got like the elephant,well it takes a minute to come in here,so you might want to do one oh I don't,know I don't do whatever you want okay,let's go but I'm singing because it is,Christmas you know what I mean now it's,not,what do you got,that's not bad but I would want them to,be it looks pretty accurate to be honest,I know it actually does how about black,pants,sure yeah and then you have shoes that,kind of look like that too oh okay but,hold on hold on don't get too excited,because there are stripes on the sides,you know what your Adidas Superstars,over here but let's try the bottom so,okay oh that one gave me socks that's,not bad okay so what do you feel about,this house okay let's just try all the,different bottoms sure no I don't wear,white shoes because they get dirty uh no,okay we'll be okay hold on hold on we'll,be back when she picks her pants,everybody is 20 minutes later we've,decided she looks better without socks,on so we're going to continue here,so fun oh,now hold on here's the thing here's the,thing you could probably go with some,Christmas accessories,unless we're getting the whole Christmas,well I was thinking because you could,take them out of your hand you wouldn't,have to keep it in here and do one or,maybe the other because you can do two I,believe now hold on actually before you,start scrolling here people want to see,what the accessories look like you can,get a bunch of them here like some of,the Christmas pops as well as necklaces,a can of corn which I might be going for,I think that's kind of funny okay we've,got some of the candy ones over here,some tongs you can keep going the,flowers a pop sign foam finger a can of,paint a camera I'm definitely going for,the camera yeah I believe you get two,accessories as well now what's this up,h

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I Found A Marvel Super Store! (Funko Pop Hunting)

I Found A Marvel Super Store! (Funko Pop Hunting)

today we are still at the Disneyland,Parks but today we're in California,adventure and all we're going to be,doing today is riding some rides looking,for Funko pops and I think it's honestly,going to be a lot of fun oh and also I,don't know if you can tell but it is,raining so we need to get out of this,okay everybody we're not out of the rain,yet but I did find the first stop of the,day and it is going to be Avengers,campus it's a little windy out so I,apologize but seriously take a look at,this I've never been here before now the,first one that we came into is web,suppliers and I don't know if you guys,knew but they're actually two Funko Pops,that go along with Avengers campus,there's a Spider-Man one that pairs,great with the ride as well as an Iron,Man and I have both of them in my,collection check them out and it's also,really cool to see the stuff that,they've got here like this spider bot oh,and I didn't know this there are a bunch,of different ones let me know which,superheroes go with each spider no no in,case we get lost we should probably be,checking the map here Stark Industries,complex oh oh this is Nate oh,um well let's maybe not go over there,maybe that's why there's quarantine oh,and also a fun fact for you guys this is,where Spider-Man would normally jump but,because it's raining I don't think,they're doing it but here's a clip,Spiderman is,all right so we're officially going on,our first ride for today which is,Guardians of the Galaxy Mission breakout,if you guys didn't know there are,actually two figures to go along with,this one The Collector as well as a,rocket oh I think we're going in and now,before we do go in I gotta say this,place looks amazing,of course I escape,billion votes may be a good deterrent,but it also turns an electric toothbrush,into a very aggressive drill okay guys I,gotta say it is crazy down here,and just like that everybody there we,are okay we've officially gotten out of,the rain and we are now going on wet,Slingers this is exciting because it's,the first time we've ever been on it hey,what's up I'm Peter Parker,Spider-Man gets here as long as they,don't get into,the wind Don't Mind If I Do weird okay,so I wasn't actually able to record on,the ride because it is in 3D but I gotta,say if you haven't ridden it yet I,definitely recommend it it reminds me of,Toy Story in a way but you're actually,slinging webs it was pretty crazy I know,out here in the gift shop I actually ran,into the first Funko Pops of the day,that I figured I might as well show you,guys they have some of the Black Panther,ones behind the counter it looks like it,is mabaku as well as sharion Sunbird but,hey still some pretty cool figures to,see oh and then check this out guys over,here in this glass case they've got a,couple things and the two Funko Pops,that we just saw a little bit closer out,and now I know they're not selling this,one right now but up in the top of this,cabinet you can actually see the golden,version of The Collector now everybody,we are somewhere pretty exciting we are,over in Radiator Springs look we've got,the Cozy cone Motel oh and you can't,forget about flows it looks just like,how you would expect inside all right,now I found something pretty interesting,over in Ramones now I want to show you,guys this because they've got some of,the cars that you can actually ride in,here at the park and now when I was,younger no one I used to collect a lot,of these but I have never seen anything,like this and I'm kind of debating on,getting one just for fun and these,aren't the only ones they have they also,have the Christmas ones as well as the,tractors and then over here you can get,a full pack of them which is like four,together and I believe this is the only,way you can get the gold car oh Away Joe,look who it is hi Guido,so we were just doing a little bit of,walking around and all of a sudden we,stumbled across an Avengers Superstore,we've got to take a look around here,just over here by Noah guys it looks,like they have more mabankus and then,over here I think these ones are these,guys down here oh shoot I've seen these,figures before oh they're cause babies,okay that's neat it's just too bad that,these are the only ones that we've seen,so far just this specific figure I would,have loved to seen some of the web ones,that you could actually get exclusively,here at the park oh and then over here a,little farther to the left they've got,some more Collectibles as well as the,bigger Marvel Select one some of the,Marvel Legends and I don't think I've,ever seen this one before iron hard,that's pretty cool oh wow guys check,this out we've got Stormbreaker as well,as the Mighty Thor some more cos babies,as well as Marvel's zombies ones oh I,don't know what this is and then up in,the cabinet here guys we've got two,figures the Thor that we just saw Below,in the Box as well as a doctor strange,and I don't believe he's here now I,don't see him oh no never mind guys he,is way up here oh that bo

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How Funko Makes Its Pop! Figures | Forbes

How Funko Makes Its Pop! Figures | Forbes

we like to think we have the sort of,pulse on what's hot out there in the toy,world and we've been doing this for 20,years almost there now our slogan is,kind of everyone's a fan of something,and I think our mission is to be sure,that we're getting that something to,everyone and so we have over a thousand,licenses and we cover every gamut from,sports to movies to video games so I,feel like we're doing a pretty good job,of achieving that mission I'm Shawn,Wilkinson creative director of Funko I,oversee a staff of over 80 people,talented artists sculptors designers I,kind of oversee it from sort of start to,finish from concept and getting the,licenses to the design the detailing the,packaging and make sure it moves out,smoothly and looks as amazing as it the,sort of life of the beginning to the,shelf is everywhere from four months to,six months sort of starts with gathering,license finding the character list the,right characters the right outfits the,right poses working with our creative,team there's always somebody who's sort,of an expert in every category of,license we have so we tap into the right,person find the right details that we,need to know about each character when,we first get the concept we have to,translate into 3d,that's not always a simple task,especially if you're used to the figure,only being in a two dimensions I say for,this one it was interesting because he,has this large dome that covers his head,and it's kind of technically a little,challenging to create that and there's a,little bit of problem-solving you have,to do because the head is already so,huge I took a little bit on our part to,figure out how to do you have to really,think about the final scale and,sometimes that means simplifying the,detail further or if you look at the,reference of the character you might,think oh actually this character is may,be missing a belt buckle or the shoes,are not quite right in the concept so,you have to go through and really think,about all those elements and really try,to get the essence of the inspiration,and put it in the sculpt when we were,first doing bottle heads most of our,audience are our fans were 30-plus and,they loved the nostalgic licenses we,would bring in to toys and I think you,know with pop we've even sort of whited,that a little bit there's sort of the,young audience but we still have sort of,this old audience that has really become,this collector craze and it sort of gave,permission for older people to like toys,it used to be very kid oriented,experience and I think Funko was a big,part of showing that nobody ever has to,grow up and you can collect oil in your,dad

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NFT Projects To Watch | Twitter, Draft Kings, Funko, Mattel, & Cloudfare NFT Stocks

NFT Projects To Watch | Twitter, Draft Kings, Funko, Mattel, & Cloudfare NFT Stocks

let's dive into nfts today and the,projects you should be watching there,are a lot of companies that are starting,to move in this space in a very big way,my name is paul barron welcome back to,techpath today we're going to jump into,it from the nft side where really some,of the bigger strategic moves that are,being made by a lot of companies that,have already you know they're typical,names you've you've seen and recognized,but the big issue here,is that remember the juggernauts when,they unhitch on the nft marketplace in a,big way remember they already have a,whole roster and stable of developers,they've got maybe marketing powerhouses,they've got access to consumers those,are the companies i think that really,start to break out and become the game,changers speaking of a game changer,let's jump over here to nft trading game,axi infinity which launches the axs,staking program now i know that's not,necessarily an ft aspect but the fact,that it's an nft gaming platform,launching a staking program is only,bolstering what they're going to be,doing as a whole i want to kind of jump,to the article here,play to earn non-fungible game on based,on ethereum blockchain announced the,launch of a staking program for its,native token axi which we did a video on,this just the other day and it's a,excellent analysis i think on where axi,is moving as a token so make sure and,check that one out access holders can,start second staking their tokens while,rewards will be activated in 24 hours to,ensure all time zones could stake,beforehand according to the announcement,this last thursday,stake is a way for them to reward the,community members for having a long-term,mindset and locking up their tokens,and best of all the team said as part of,the announcement adding the staking,players can also earn,access rewards so that's going to be,another another big perk team's plan to,give voting rights,and,and say overuse the community also the,treasury by staking the community,treasury of axi is going to hold more,than 18 million access tokens which is,worth over 1.4 billion at the time of,this particular article a total of 2,million tokens will be distributed,during the first month of staking about,58 million of the set uh cap at 270,million on the axs tokens are in,circulation and the rest will be,released through the staking gameplay,rewards which is big,in terms of developing out their,ecosystem structures,as basically what the announcement was,talking about so,how does this affect axi anytime you,have staking protocols that roll into,place this is going to be a big thing i,think for the gaming platform but more,importantly it's going to be a big thing,for axi to maybe jump to that next level,because that i think is the key here,they're building a community,and because of staking they're starting,to integrate more of that giving back,approach which always builds in a much,tighter knit community and always starts,to create more of a,i think more of a fan more of a fanatic,approach towards something and i think,that's where axey is going to be going,so definitely one to keep your eye on,and what axi is doing i think they're,going to be doing a lot more,yet to come so be on the watch out for,that also,don't forget there's a ton of companies,that are already in the nft game that,are actually publicly traded so i want,to jump over to those,five nft stocks to capitalize off on the,digital craze so you look at the,marketplaces they're they're a little,bit difficult to navigate for some,people maybe this is the first time that,you've found techpath,it's your first venture into,cryptocurrency or into nfts in general,and you're thinking how do i even get on,this i don't even know what openc is and,what's wearable and all these terms,well let's go into something you do,understand and that is most likely,you're investing in traditional,over-the-counter or stocks on the new,york stock exchange,and that's where these come into play so,that being said there's a big set of,companies here i want to just jump down,to the best,that are in here so funko which is,they're a fairly new company but they're,on the nasdaq fnko uh you also have,draftkings obviously you know those guys,with uh fantasy sports draft draftkings,i think is going to be a big one,especially as we start to see this roll,out with the nfl and dapper labs mattel,already have talked about this in a big,way and then cloudflare i want to talk,to that a little bit about that we'll go,into each one of these and then twitter,of course announcing there so let's jump,to funko real quick probably for its,license and pop culture collectibles,that's how you recognize it's a,relatively new company 2017 but they're,very agile among kind of this whole,markets face and i think that's the,thing that makes them very interesting,to me their second quarter revenue was,up more than 140 percent,year over year and they are looking at,continuing this trend so there's some,good stuff here you should check out,th

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all right let's look at some of the,dumbest tweets of this year okay it's,perfect because this also starts off in,January last year in January the year,started off great even after a 12 hour,night shift at the hospital last night,my wife still has the energy to shovel,the driveway God bless her and all our,frontliners time to make her some,breakfast bro why'd you post this a,question I have all the time on Twitter,is why did you post this why would you,post you being like a horrible husband,oh my Lord okay what she needs is not,your breakfast what she needs is a,divorce okay that's what she needs she,needs a new man what has happened to our,men what will we do without men anyway,so that's pretty funny uh that was,really great I mean the year started off,awesome and by the way whenever I always,say like oh why did you post this I,always I'm simultaneously thinking thank,you for posting because honestly that's,what Twitter is the best at Twitter puts,these things on the timeline for my,enjoyment hi I am Pazzo this is what you,call a roach what do you consider a,roach I don't know what the this,guy was doing I didn't even see this,tweet but uh pretty sure you're if you,smoke that I'm I'm certain if,microplastics are making are children,gay or whatever you know you are you are,gay now you are just burning plastic uh,I don't know I don't know why you did,that probably shouldn't do that pan,fried is such a nonsense minion term,what else might you be frying in the,cotton a baking tray a kettle a shoe I'm,having to make this because it's a,mansplainer paradise enjoy yourself Lads,does she not understand that you can fry,things in different ways like a deep fry,stop mainsplaining sorry uh trigger,warning mansplaining in the context of,Prisons it's the hole that matters women,have a hole their vagina which men want,to penetrate with their penis either,consensually transactionally or by force,bluntly the reason we have men and,women's prisons is to keep the men away,from the holes that's cool uh famously,men don't out of their buttholes,that's not a thing this is like when you,when you've gone down I guess the the uh,Rat fem pipeline that you forget that,men also have holes also men also get,sexually assaulted in prisons so that's,like actually that's the most common,place where it happens and and also uh,women are incapable of doing sexual,assault according to this person that's,a good take Hillary self-awareness,slider set to zero MLK Jr said I had,hoped that the white moderate would,understand the Law and Order exists for,the purpose of establishing Justice and,that when they fail in this purpose they,become the dangerously structured dams,that block the flow of social progress,this is a sub tweet and who yourself who,the is the white moderate in this,situation Hillary Clinton is literally,like openly moderate and also openly,white and has openly wrote written about,having slaves black slaves in the,Arkansas Governor's Mansion she also is,called black people super Predators uh,young black people specifically during,the crime build she is not openly white,oh stop this dude what the we gotta,stop this dream my partner is still,Presidente well if my girlfriend's,having sex dreams with celebrities it,better be with the bar stool crew I just,had an hour-long sex dream about the,stool Presidente I've been having so,many sex dreams is unreal Dave portno,yep he had a huge I'm tweeting this,there was no penetration that is insane,why would you tweet that anyway let's,move on Darren roll goes calling me,racist is cute on this day especially I,have one of the largest MLK Junior,collections in the world and some of my,closest friends are black this was a,fire one that I also uh covered isn't,this guy like a sports broadcaster or,something very weird thing to tweet,proximity wise we're closing in on Black,History Month yeah he's a sports writer,and uh and like an analyst or whatever,and he just came out of the gates, swinging okay he said I have a,you know I have an MLK Funko Pop how can,I be racist maybe we should think about,how we treat our elected officials let's,take a look at this one do not,understand the empire caused a cape for,the government when they do something,wrong the response should be you,fix it when they do something right the,response should be you about time,that's how abusers think do you,understand the difference between the,government and a partner yes it's still,how abusers think you please me,even though I can't possibly be pleased,is a textbook abuser framing also abuse,doesn't only happen with a partner,demanding your government do its job and,improve people's lives is not abuse and,it's incredibly insulting to abuse,victims to imply it is you aren't,demanding the government to do its job,because you've already said that even if,it does what you want you won't,acknowledge it that's textbook,narcissistic framing that is textbook,Twitter I love that I know you're,talking about an entirely unrelated,thi

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How to GET a 6 inch Luke Skywalker FUNKO Pop | Movie Poster

How to GET a 6 inch Luke Skywalker FUNKO Pop | Movie Poster

all right we're here today for one,reason only,there it is,this monster,look at the size difference in the bag,for a regular pop and for the movie,poster,crazy,all right guys and we're back home now,with this bad boy so we're gonna go,ahead and take a look at the Box,and open it up,so this is the new Star Wars movie,posters Funko Pop,so as you guys can see this box is,massive,and to put into perspective how big this,box really is this is 18 inch Boba Fett,and then here's the box so,yeah it's a freaking huge box when I saw,pictures of this online and I saw the,price was like 59 or 60 bucks I was so,confused because the other ones that,kind of look like this like the comic,book series that I've seen at Targets,and Walmarts they're only like 20 30,bucks so I was really confused as to why,this was double the price but now I can,see from how massive it is so it does,come in a pop style box,so there's the front,the side has a dope shot of Luke and R2,back,shows the movie poster,other side says Luke Skywalker with R2,and then the top is kind of clear,same picture on the other side,and not much on the bottom,so when you take it out,it is a bobble head because that here is,head bobbling right now as I'm taking,him out upside down,all right so,this is actually a lot nicer out of the,box so here it is and it does have a,plastic on it,the reason I was doing this video,was for science because I wanted to,actually,break this and get that Luke out because,like that's a six inch Funko Pop we've,never had a six inch Loop now that R2 is,to scale as as the size of a regular,Funko the typical four inches,but as you can see that look is massive,and I see it on the back of him he's,kind of like screw just screw it in I,don't know if he's glued down but what I,want to do is get him out of this case,so originally I was gonna plan on like,getting them out like destroying it but,then I noticed that there's screws here,so we're gonna try to unscrew everything,and see if we could get this off and out,and then see if we could unscrew Luke to,see if we could have a loose six inch,Funko Pop of Luke Skywalker but before I,try to take this apart let's get this,plastic off,oh this thing is super clear,it actually looks really good like this,I'm not gonna lie,super clear box almost like a fish tank,but,we're here today for science so give me,a couple minutes let me see if I can get,this thing off,so I have one screw left there,there's five on this side five on this,side and one right here in the center,so this is the last one,all right the last screw is out,now let's see how does this come off,okay so the front,the front and the back kind of just,slide off like so,super easy,so if I wanted to put it back together I,could,so you know what I kind of like him like,this,on this little platform,it doesn't look bad at all,just like this,but,for science we're gonna see if we could,get him off and if he's like glued down,so there's one more screw right here,all right so the screw is out but like,he is glued down so I'm gonna see,if I could get them off without like,damaging it,so I'm trying to pry him up and it looks,like he's kind of oh,he screwed in on the bottom too,tricky tricky so actually this would be,real easy to get out without even,damaging it,I was ready to pop him off,and there he is,six inch Funko Pop Luke now except for,it looks like he's wearing platforms,like risers like,so,that's the only thing that's kind of,weird if you want to have them displayed,without the base,but I mean other than that that's crazy,this thing is massive now I think it's,the same oh it's not so it's a similar,mode to the Celebration Luke that came,out last year so the R2 you could also,unscrew and take off but it'll probably,be the same thing it'll kind of have,like that little Riser thing on the,bottom,but this is what I was interested in,having was just this giant look so I,mean if anything if I were going to,display them on a setup somehow I mean I,could potentially just paint like this,part black so it kind of would just like,blend in and depending on the scene I,set up or how I have them displayed it,wouldn't be as noticeable this is,exactly what I wanted I wanted to open,this up and be able to have this six,inch,Funko Pop of Luke,I'll grab the other look to compare them,which it's a different pose but just so,you guys can see side by side a regular,look and then the six inch Loop all,right so here is the regular size look,so let's get this opened up real quick,so there is a regular size look,and here is,the six inch,so it's super cool just to see Luke this,big,freaking monster right here but that is,the the size comparison the size,difference as you can see it's a pretty,big difference,so this is the first time we've ever,gotten a Luke this size,so this should work for any of those,movie poster moments so if they do like,a Return of the Jedi one Empire Strikes,Back if we get prequel ones and we get,like Revenge of the Sith with like,Anakin and Obi-Wan fi

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I WON a Funko Twitter Contest!

I WON a Funko Twitter Contest!

hey everybody welcome back to my channel,my name is nicole and if you are new,here there is a red subscribe button,down below that you can click to be,notified every single time that i upload,a new video and if you're returning,hey welcome back uh as you can see by,the title,i won so have you ever entered one of,those contests on twitter,they're like oh retweet this for a,chance to win blah blah blah blah well,funko does it all the time,and it's always like retweet this and,you'll have a chance to win like this,pop or,this and this and this well i retweet a,bunch of them,all the time good for fun like i never,expected i'm never gonna win,i never see anybody announcing that they,won,but apparently they don't announce who,wins,they message you privately,and they tell you hey you won so,i won so i got this dm,on february 2nd which was my birthday,um that said congratulations you won,the tlc chase pop set which i was so,excited for because i i'm not gonna say,i've never won,anything because i've i won like,promotional stuff and,hearing that but nothing like like this,where you retweet to win,um so basically i retweeted,and i'll put the screenshot up here i,actually had to go back into the funko,history,of their twitter and it was originally,tweeted on,january 5th i retweeted and and you see,that i wrote something along the lines,of like i never win these but here we go,i'll try anyways,um my luck changed i won,so if this kind of makes sense is why we,never see that anybody wins because they,never,notify and like publicly announce like,congratulations blah blah blah you won,unless i guess like if your twitter is,private,or whatever the case may be whatever so,they dm'd me i won it you could see in,the screenshot that it said let go,uh email us here your username but a few,other things which i did,and in the email it says it could take,up to six weeks,this today is the what the february 9th,and the package arrived,now i knew it was coming because,obviously they told me,we were like i was gonna get it and it,said within six weeks,and it says like we you aren't gonna get,the shipping notification and you're not,gonna get like a shipping tracking,number anything like that,but it came through ups and with ups you,can set up to be notified if like if,there's a package coming,i got a notification i think it was,saturday saying like hey you have a,package it's expected to be there this,day,it's here now i know what it is,and depending on how i edit the,thumbnail you guys might know what it is,but and you just saw the tweet of what,it was so it is the chases,of tlc's um pops,so i don't have the pops i it's on my,two buy list i just haven't bought them,i'm kind of glad i didn't buy them,because now i won the chase set um,so i'm gonna take them out of the box,we're gonna look at them closely and,then,we'll see it's only supposed to be three,but i don't know if they put anything,off in here,maybe not it's a small box but let's,let's open it up so i open the top i,haven't looked inside yet i just cut off,the tape,nowhere on the box does it say funko or,anything like that,you can see there are a few like dings,and like,holes from shipping i'm assuming um even,the,shipping label up here oh it says,the person's name which i'm guessing is,a social media manager,and it says funko headquarters in,everett washington,so i was gonna say nowhere on here,doesn't say funko but the return it does,say funko,but even with that it's it's kind of,like faded out where you could barely,read it anymore,but let's how do i do this one i'll show,you guys my address,um,here we go let's do that,bubble wrap right on the top,a lot of bubble wrap okay,here we go so this is the sign,so there's one two,and three let's let's pull them up,so here they are i'm really gonna have,to invest i say this every video i need,one of those,spinny cake tables that way you can show,them off but here they are they're not,in correct order there we go,so we got tlc there is the chase limited,edition sticker on each,one it was wrapped in bull rub,a lot however you already noticed that,that is,ripped right there so that is gonna be,i mean it's not gonna it is gonna be,value but i'm not gonna resell these i'm,not gonna do it like i really wanted,these,um but even with funko some of the boxes,are,not a hundred percent pristine here's,tea bars,and lisa left eye lopez,and then you can see on the back what,their normal,variations is looking like i am going to,go ahead and buy the normal variation,now that i have these chases,but let's pull them out of the box and,take a closer look,okay well that's exactly what we didn't,want to do so this comes with a little,base for them to stand on because,i mean you should stand by herself,without one but let's take the rest of,them out,that's pretty much it for this video um,just a cute little i won thank you happy,birthday,to me i do have a few spots where i have,different phone calls obviously i have,like in single factory boys right behi

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come on,what's up everybody got my accumulasters,are here hi guys,we're back with another unboxing video,yay we've got two more of the Mickey and,Friends boxes that we opened last time,and then we got the new Funko soda these,are exclusive figures to box lunch,stores and there's linguini,I like that and then it's uh 12 000 of,these cans and 2 000 are chases,can we get a Chase yeah I don't know,we'll find out all right so what are we,gonna open first,um let's open Colette call it open,collect all right Pixar's Ratatouille,hopefully these are true oh no,not the blinkiness,trying some new lighting here,oh,not the cheese oh because it's the bag,it'll say Chase on it it'll say congress,congrats so one of 10,. and 2 000 of them are chases,it looks nice already,anyone can cook it's good it's cute,that's really nice oh my gosh the weight,of it it's nice and sturdy it is,it is yep so on the back it says,one soda does that say figure sort of,Funko soda figure Chef corlett one of,ten thousand yay all right next can,all right we got Chef linguine,Chase,or is this just regular should I look to,see what the card says first or should I,just open it,I'll just say open it open it,yeah it's more it's more of a mystery if,you just open do you remember what the,chase looks like yes so Chef linguine is,holding Remy,and Remy has something in,pan I believe is the chase and if Remy,doesn't have something in his hand it's,not the cheese,I think that's what it is,oh I wish they were wearing their hats,so there's nothing in Remy's hand ah yes,it's the common it is the common one in,ten thousand look how,Calvin so both of them together oh oh,they're adorable I like them I like,those those are nice all right next one,yep we're gonna have to lean them yeah,we don't have to lean that's a,and we could put the,badge number in front of them too,should we do oh let's open up making,your friends Mickey and friends first,let's open up at Mickey and friends now,okay,oh my gosh,so Makaya really wants the one in 72,Steamboat Willie,yeah,there's also a one in 72 flocked Pluto,and those are the rarest ones to get,we should say the hardest,oh we got the one in six clue,luckily he'll sit yep yep,all right nice opening up the next one,yeah,I did give you scissors right there,right there but oh yeah you did it the,hard way yeah,yeah this is yeah some of them are fully,wrapped and some of them are not fully,wrapped,fingers,are crossed,it's just,172.1 do you feel a helm,Donald up,oh that's so cute yay Donald all right,we already have two Donalds yep,yep oh my gosh no rare ones today that's,okay maybe next time we do have some,more yeah he wants to go for Colette,another Colette,all right will this one have a Chase,will this be a duplicate you know what,I'm not gonna should I open it,what you want to show the badge,uh looks like the common,it's the comment so then let's not yeah,I agree we can give that as a giveaway,or a present to a friend who collects,these two,yeah and I'm thinking giveaway a,giveaway I agree I agree I absolutely,agree with that all right Chef linguine,with Remy,is this gonna be the chase,yeah when we went to box lunch they had,a ton of these yeah it is like oh which,ones are we gonna get all right because,it was the first day they just got them,yep,the same thing,the chase,no no,oh I wonder what I think I think it,actually says right here that you found,the chase well that site says chase that,was that you found the chase right oh,another duplicate for another friend yep,that's okay oh no we're down to our last,one,our last call it,can you imagine both of these words oh,my goodness that would be amazing it,would be,one and two thousand there's only two,thousand of these,oh gosh,ah,it's a comment,all three comments oh well that's okay,yeah that's okay giveaway or for a,friend yep all right last but not least,nope you sure yep remember my arthritis,means you forgot,oh this is a Chase,because the chase one is so cute it is,you picked all six of these too I did,yeah go ahead blame me,I'm the baby and I'm like okay,oh I thought that one was a change no,well you picked these six I'll pick the,next six,awesome,children,Foster kitties are running around,the display must be Immaculate,um clinically the can is not oh no,well at least we don't have any kitties,in here shaking the table like last time,oh I know or one actually going across,and getting into the,into this into the box yeah oh well we,did have two two under the table but,they're writing outside now yes they are,you probably could hear them you might,be able to that's kind of funny,right when I was like you want to say,something,well these were fun to open that was a,lot of fun oh my gosh I could imagine if,we did get a Chase oh I know can we find,a Chase is the quest,The Quest 2 000.,I know it sounds like a lot it does it,does sound like a lot but it you,absolutely have a chance again yes,absolutely yes one at every store maybe,maybe,find out and then we'll open more of the,Mickey

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