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Franklin Graham's Tweet Reveals THIS Concerning Truth About The Christian Churchokay so Reverend Fra

Lee Brown - Bible Teacher

Updated on Jan 22,2023

Franklin Graham's Tweet Reveals THIS Concerning Truth About The Christian Church

okay so Reverend Franklin Graham whom I,have a lot of respect and admiration for,posted on Twitter today something that,um was quite quite ordinary but there,was a particular phrase in it that,um triggered,something I normally hear,and it stirred a lot of questions a lot,of thoughts that,I don't know the answer to but I wanted,to present them to you in this community,hopefully to stimulate some sort of a,discussion and begin to ask these,questions I think it's an important,question to ask and it led me down a,road where I had a central concern with,the American Church,with uh Christianity in the 21st century,and how we conduct Ministry largely in,the western world,not that and if it's wrong I'm not,saying here to say anything's wrong,right bad or good,just ask,some underlying questions about certain,things so let me show you what I'm,talking about let's just Dive Right In,to the context here,so,um he says on Saturday I'm looking,forward to being in Allentown,Pennsylvania for the first of six stops,on the God loves you tour okay so this,is kind of the context then he gets on,down here where he talks about I will,have great music from the Newsboys,um and so on and so forth at the,fairgrounds 6 30. uh please pray all,right and this is where it gets,interesting that thousands will come and,many hearts will be transformed by the,power of the Gospel absolutely nothing,wrong with this as I mentioned but,what's interesting is the first time I,read this,I don't know what it was but I heard,in my mind no I'm I misread it,um,many hearts will be moved and not,transformed,and it's like my mind,automatically filled in the blank before,my eyes read the word transformed and,just put will be moved by the power of,the message and same thing happened on,here wasn't the word gospel so I think,these two words are awesome transformed,gospel but if I'm being honest,where my mind kind of went to is when my,brain filled in automatically these two,words with hearts will be moved by the,power of the message,I realized that,I hear that a lot like why would my,brain automatically feel those blanks in,before my eyes read the word it's,because,we say things like this a lot that,people's hearts would be moved by the,worship and by the word by the message,I think the way Reverend Graham said,this,was awesome,because it's Hearts not being moved but,transformed that we want,and it's not by his message even though,his message is the gospel it's actually,the gospel it's the spirit,of God,that transforms the hearts he doesn't,just move them,and so I think this is perfect but my,mind went to what I hear most often in,the west which is Hearts be moved by the,worship and the word the word being not,the gospel and not,the spirit's power but my message or the,message of a man,and here's where I started to kind of,think the next question that came to my,mind was,why does it seem like,the majority of salvations,in America,happen an emotionally stimulating,environments,the way we do Church the way we do,conferences and events in which we,preach,the word of God or the gospel,tend to be set up and structured in a,way and it's growing more and more,popular,that is emotionally stimulating the,worship the the lights the environment,like everything,is targeted at,causing us to experience a particular,experience,and emotions is a big part of that,the message is,usually,um presented by a either wise or,charismatic or both either way,I feel like we give these altar calls,and invite people to accept Christ,most often an emotionally stimulated,environments,okay so and I could be wrong about that,maybe it's just my perspective maybe,that doesn't happen that often I think,it does but I'd love to hear your,thoughts again I'm not here to make any,claims I'm more or less exploring from,my perspective,and so on,so that thought led me to this question,why is it that it seems like the,majority of salvations happen in,emotionally stimulated environments with,music and a charismatic speaker,and not so much,simply at someone's revelation of who,God is,goodness his Purity and their desire,from that to be with him and to be like,him it's like why aren't we having the,Isaiah 6 woe is me moments where it's,like the holy spirit opens our eyes and,we finally see who God is and what he's,like and we just are like,our first response is depart from me I'm,a sinful man like Peter did with Jesus,or woe is me as in Isaiah 6. I'm I'm I,have unclean lips I'm unclean,because we see God's Purity and his,Holiness compared to us and now we just,want to be with him and be like him and,that's and that is the transformation,that happens in our hearts but that,doesn't have to be an emotionally,stimulating environment like that could,happen because two people are sitting on,a park bench just talking about,scripture there's this particular text,that Paul writes that all of this I'm,going to tie it up with this particular,text because it came to my mind and I,think it painted beautifully in First,C

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The Awfulness of Franklin Graham in a Single Tweet

The Awfulness of Franklin Graham in a Single Tweet

i titled this video the awfulness of,franklin graham in a single tweet,well that's probably overselling it a,little but,i do want to use a single tweet posted,by franklin graham two days ago,to illustrate some of the reasons i find,him to be a deeply offensive person,and a profoundly problematic,representative for,evangelical christianity so posted on,december 10,2020 he writes this human rights day i'm,thankful i live in a country where we,have had the right to freely exercise,our christian beliefs,up to now we've been able to go to,church pray read the bible and proclaim,its truths to others,but this could change dramatically in,the next few years,of course to many christians and,certainly to graham supporters this will,seem like a,good tweet a wholly inoffensive one,where it's just celebrating,religious freedom but note first,there is no mention here of the freedoms,of anyone,in terms of human rights except for,christians and i think that's deeply,revealing that time and again,we see that franklin graham's interests,are,in particular with christians so for,example,back in 2003 when when the united states,invaded iraq,under the false pretense of weapons of,mass destruction,green was one of the biggest,cheerleaders of this invasion,because he said it would provide a new,opportunity to bring the gospel,to iraq think about that more than a,hundred thousand civilians died,in iraq as a result of that invasion and,the effects and impact it had,on the economy it also cost three,trillion dollars,by the way according to joseph stiglitz,but,we could be thankful for it graham says,because that shock and awe campaign,provided,an opportunity for evangelists christian,evangelists to come,in its wake imagine that in reverse,right if,a muslim country invaded the united,states and muslim,evangelists were praising that,opportunity to bring the muslim gospel,to the united states how horrific,franklin graham would find that action,that's just an example of of the kind of,gross hypocrisy of this man,so uh then he says here at the end,well this could change dramatically in,the next few years and so of course,that's his way of casting shade upon a,joseph biden presidency despite the fact,that joseph biden is himself a deeply,committed,pious lifelong catholic his christianity,doesn't matter to franklin graham,instead franklin graham of course,supports donald trump,who is one of the most profoundly,unchristian,individuals ever to hold public office,in the united states,graham however says wow but trump has,cared about human rights,right has he uh well let's take a look,here,here is the the,leadership conference on civil and human,rights and this is their list of the,trump administration's,human rights and civil rights rollbacks,since january of 2017,and it starts among other things with,the muslim ban which discriminated,against muslims and banned refugees,and it goes on from there now i was,going to talk about some of the the most,egregious,highlights of this and i the thing is,that there's just too much to talk about,so let me just uh recount from memory a,few of the the ways that i find donald,trump deeply offensive when it comes to,human rights,remember last june june 2020 when,he showed up at a church in washington,dc but first he,used soldiers to clear out peaceful,protesters,using pepper balls and,once he'd cleared them out he came and,did a photo op,in front of the church without the,consent of the clergy of the church and,he held the bible upside down,in the photo op that's a that's a tin,pot dictator right that's not somebody,who cares about human rights,remember one of the hallmarks of the,trump administration,is their attempt to terrorize,refugee claimants who are coming in from,the southern border,by adopting a policy of separating,parents from their small children,including infants and even as i speak,now i believe it's over 600,children have still not been reunited,with their parents as a result of trump,and jeff sessions policy of,separating children from their parents,can you imagine being separated from,your six-month-old,infant three years ago and still not,being reunited with that child and not,knowing where their child was,and knowing that that separation,occurred simply as a way to deter,future refugee claimants on the southern,border that is,horrifying that is frankly a demonic,policy,now the head of the government of saudi,arabia,muhammad bin salman i believe his name,is he's known as mbs,a couple years ago he had and this all,came out after after the fact,that there was a journalist who lived in,washington dc,and was had become a u.s citizen but was,originally saudi arabian,and who has been a tireless critic of,the human rights record of saudi arabia,he was arrested by secret police saudi,secret police in,believers turkey and then he was,tortured and dismembered with a bone saw,the trump administration refused to,speak out against muhammad bin salman in,fact,trump maintains a close friendship with,mbs,and

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"The Bible Says Homosexuality Is A SIN!" Preacher Franklin Graham on Being Gay

"The Bible Says Homosexuality Is A SIN!" Preacher Franklin Graham on Being Gay

well welcome back others rage to,catholic i believe in god i even say the,odd hail mary but i'm bucking a trend,according to a new poll 81 percent of,americans believe in god but that's the,lowest it's ever been in the u.s in,australia it's now less than half 48 in,the uk less than a third so they believe,in any god at all well in a moment i was,speaking to franklin graham one of,america's most controversial evangelists,he's the son of famous preacher billy,graham who was one of the most important,christian leaders of the 20th century he,was a pastor to presidents and met them,all from truman to trump,franklin's continuing his father's,legacy spreading the word right the way,to the white house but he's also been,heavily criticized for controversial,views on subjects like homosexuality and,frankly graham joyce vanessa good to see,you franklin good to see you you're here,on a uk tour,we're playing at the eight we're playing,i think it's like a rock star you're,playing the excel in london on saturday,so obviously a lot of support for you,when you do these big events before we,get into talk to you about your reaction,just quickly to this story of the,ten-year-old girl who had to cross state,lines to have a legal abortion well it's,sad appears not my my heart goes out to,the family to this young girl they have,to make the decision it's not a question,of whether she has to go across state,lines or down the street like going to a,barber shop,the question is this decision of having,an abortion is a very difficult decision,and so and i understand the family and,understand,they're they're wanting to have an,abortion understand that and if it was,my daughter uh if this would be a very,tough decision so i just pray that god,would you if it was your daughter would,you let her have an abortion if an,illegal immigrant and raped her and,impregnated her it appears i can't,answer that uh uh why not well because i,don't know right now i don't know it's,it's just you have to be faced with that,really because i know immediately i have,a ten-year-old daughter i know,immediately the answer is absolutely i,would i would do whatever i could it's a,very tough decision pierce isn't that,tough,of course it's a 10 year old girl,raped by an illegal immigrant and you,make her carry the baby but it's no it's,the decision between the parents and the,nice girl you don't know what you would,do what i'm saying is the decision of,the parents and that's what if it was,you,you're saying you don't know what you'd,do well i i have i mean i would be torn,be honest with you what do you think,you'd do,i i'd be i don't know until i was faced,with that but i wouldn't be putting in a,hypothetical we know this has just,happened this has happened to this young,girl and it's it's it's sad that it has,happened and my prayers are with her,and her family at this time talking a,prayer what is going on with religion,around the world why is it going slowly,out of fashion well it's not a question,to be into fashion uh pierce and it's,not a question whether you believe in,god or not the question is do you have a,relationship with god's son jesus christ,and jesus christ came to this earth to,die for our sins and he took our sins to,the cross and he shed his blood on a,cross for our sins and it's up to us to,uh turn from our sins and accept jesus,christ by faith and if we're willing to,do that god will forgive us,and he will extend to us okay one of the,issues i think is this you're a very,influential man in the christian world,but you know that you've got into a lot,of hot water over comments you've made,for example about homosexuality right,which you believe is a sin right well,it's what god says what do you believe,well that's what the bible teaches well,the bible says all sorts of things which,we don't do now no i believe the bible,from cover to cover appears i don't,understand but i believe the bible has,stuff in it which would be absurd no i'm,sorry i believe the bible to be the word,of god so we should still be stoning,people in the street uh,i've seen i believe the the bible,covered a cover and in the old testament,in there they talked you know about,stoning people to death on the street,would you do that in the old testament,they did,jesus,straighten that up,and when they brought a woman who had,been caught in adultery and they brought,her before jesus to stone him,and he wrote in the sand we don't know,what he wrote but i think he wrote the,sense of all those that were wanting to,stone her i think he wrote those on the,ground,and they slowly disappeared and finally,they were all gone and jesus asked where,are your accusers he said lord i have,none then he told her go and sin no more,and that's the way jesus dealt with it,you your tour is called god loves you,yes why,do you think it's christian to,stigmatize gay people well i don't,stigmatize them well you say that,they're sinners but we're all sinners,you,and me but you know that those comments,have gone d

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Should Christians Pray For Vladimir Putin? | Franklin Graham Triggers the Twitter Mob

Should Christians Pray For Vladimir Putin? | Franklin Graham Triggers the Twitter Mob

hey guys welcome back uh we're going to,talk about franklin graham apparently he,made a lot of people mad on twitter and,i thought this was hilarious um so i was,going to jump through this and there's a,point to this uh biblical-wise and i'll,show you so this is what franklin graham,said on twitter it was actually on,february 18th not too long ago and this,is relevant because it's talking about,putin what's happening in ukraine and,russia obviously it's very awful what's,happening over there and we're going to,keep praying so um this is what he just,posted it says pray for putin today so i,just want to make this clear when you,pray for someone it doesn't mean you,necessarily support that person people,who need prayer have stuff that they're,going through and putin he needs his,heart changed a prayer to hopefully that,he'll stop what he's doing in ukraine,right now so,this is what franklin graham says it,says pray for putin today this may sound,like a strange request and i disagree,with this i don't think it's a strange,request this is what christians should,be doing and i'm going to show you some,scriptures to back this up but we need,to pray that god would work in his heart,so that war could be avoided at all,costs i agree,i don't see anything negative out there,it says may god give wisdom to the,leaders involved in these talks and,negotiations as well as those advising,them so he's basically just saying hey,pray for these people like what's,happening right now is really bad and,let's pray and hopefully this passes,hopefully putin has a change of heart,and the leaders who are instructing and,making all these decisions that um not,going to have an effect as well and,that's all that's being said here he's,not going to hate saying hey i support,putin but watch look at these uh these,tweets is this it's just uh the twitter,mob it's just this echo chamber of just,people complaining about stuff it's it's,horrible it says just the fact that you,would ask for a prayer and then add it,may sound like a strange request let us,all know the type of christian you are,franklin my prayer is that the lord,would soften your heart and that you,would be able to love like jesus before,you hurt another soul these people are,crazy here's what it is and of course,they have to bring uh politics into this,the party of reagan reagan is quickly,becoming the party of putin,this is insane and here's a tweety bird,it says it's all about power hashtag,power gotta put that hashtag in there,and the mighty uh what's that dollar,bill you have got to be you've you've,gone to the dark side,how is he i don't understand this how is,he to the dark side he just said right,here that he wants to pray that there's,a change um in him so a little sides,there's a change in his heart that'll,stop this people are crazy,and then we're going to read one more,here and then here's the last one it,says this tweet is the act of the devil,pure and simple and if you go back and,look at that twitter post it's still,there he didn't he didn't delete it i,don't think he should it should keep it,on there and man it just got bombarded,with all these tweets it's just crazy to,me but this is what the bible says and i,always like to end with some scriptures,here first timothy two one through two,this is what uh paul is talking about,says i exhort therefore that first of,all supplications prayers intercessions,and giving of thanks be made for all men,for kings for all that are in the,authority that we may lead a quiet and,peaceful peaceable life in all godliness,and honesty and when paul wrote this he,was actually talking about emperor nero,and he was going out killing christians,and actually before paul he was saved,he was martyring christians and then he,became saved and then look at the things,he accomplished in the bible see people,can be used people who did horrific,atrocities can be used for good people,can have a change of heart and that's,the whole point of this and this is what,um,these you know people are failing to,mention as christians this is what the,bible teaches uh for this is good and,acceptable in the sight of god our,savior who will have all men to be saved,who come into the knowledge of the truth,that's that's the point of the great,commission is to get people saved for,there is one god and one mediator,between god and men the man jesus christ,and that parallels with john 14 6 it,says i am the way the truth and the life,no man comes with father except through,me jesus is that mediator who gave,himself a ransom for all to be testified,in due time and then here's the last,scripture but i say unto you love your,enemies bless them that curse you do,good to him them that hate you and pray,for them which despitefully use you and,persecute you so we're supposed to pray,for these people just because we're,praying doesn't mean we're supporting,them what putin's doing is obviously,horrific 100 agree with but we all,should be trained and hoping that he has,a chang

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Franklin Graham Tweets Prayer for Vladimir Putin Russia

Franklin Graham Tweets Prayer for Vladimir Putin Russia

franklin graham,posted a tweet earlier this week this is,all in relation to what's happening,across the atlantic with the ukraine and,russia frankly graham tweeted pray for,president putin today,this may sound like a strange request,but we need to pray that god would work,in his heart so that war could be,avoided at all cost,may god give wisdom to the leaders,involved in these talks and negotiations,as well as those advising them,and i wanted to read the entire tweet,because i wanted to give some context to,what i'm about to say this is franklin,graham christian celebrity if there ever,was one coming from christian royalty,right if you consider billy graham to be,somebody who,who garners,positive thoughts and um and memories in,most people's minds being an incredible,evangelist dedicating his life to seeing,people come to christ well you know i,only took most of my classes in billy,graham hall so,you know,yeah so you know he's got a he's got a,place in the in the in the christian,history book somewhere you know he'll be,a footnote somewhere franklin graham is,not billy graham he has very carefully,positioned himself over the years that,he is,a multimedia mogul he is a business,mogul he's a religious icon franklin,graham's tweets are not just these,things that he just kind of,blasts out at a moment's notice they're,carefully crafted there's audio and,video and graphic teams working on these,he's got social media teams he's got,political teams he has via advisors all,around him to make sure that these,tweets are saying,exactly what he wants to say as well as,keeping him,from making,pr mistakes that he doesn't want to make,and the reason i say that is because i,think if you parse this tweet you're,going to see very carefully,that this tweet is really meant for an,audience of one and in my opinion this,tweet is carefully crafted to appeal to,donald trump pray for president putin,today,who we all know that you know donald,trump and president putin are fast,friends good buddies you know donald,trump never has anything but good things,to say about putin this is a very public,way of,of demonstrating his,fealty his loyalty to donald trump,at the same time being able,to put on his,his holy hat as well and and appeal to,a larger audience but what's interesting,is that,everything else is just kind of like a,very general prayer god gives wisdom to,leaders,and who are in these talks and,negotiations like would it be so hard,just to say hey i also pray for my,president i also pay pray for the people,of the ukraine whose lives are being,turned upside down i pray for the for,the young men and women who might have,to go to war and lose their lives over,this you know but none of that gets,mentioned the only person who's,important in this,is vladimir putin in order to tell,donald trump that that hey i'm on your,side brother yeah when i read this uh,this tweet and you know there's an,article associated with it where i read,it of course um,and you know i wanted to come,you know from the most ironic direction,that i could just be the most grace,filled with this,and the person that wrote this article,uh was yahoo news um really hit it on,the head is if this had come from you,know any other pastor,we'd probably just blow right by it yeah,and not give it much thought you know if,if francis chan said this or,even steven furtick or,you know,some other famous guy that's not greg,locke right,um you know we would have been able to,just kind of be like oh i get where,you're coming from you know pray for,your enemy you know love your enemy pray,on behalf of those who persecute you,right exactly,it makes sense you know that it's not,like the message,on its face,is upsetting or absurd,but there's the context behind it that,started to undo it for me like the more,i analyzed it and kind of came at it i'm,like well how how much of just a,complete maniac do you have to be to,tweet you know pray for putin and ignore,the fact that putin already,you know annexed crimea right,and is now going after ukraine,um because he wants to basically kind of,re-establish,some kind of soviet-like dominance,of the region right,and that's a problem you know he has,already demonstrated himself to be an,evil man so for me,you know this tweet really fell flat,yeah because,you cannot say this guy has already,proven himself to be the aggressor,we shouldn't be saying well pray for,putin that we can end this without war,no putin wants war he has been saying,for a long while now how much he wants,to own this place right you know maybe,i'm extra ticked off because my,grandmother was born in ukraine you know,her family immigration immigrated here,yeah so you know maybe there's there's,that kind of familial anger it's like,leave my heritage alone but this isn't a,good guy this is not a guy that requires,a prayer we need to be praying against,putin we need to be praying for the,people of ukraine right you need to be,you know praying that,that the un,and you are president,don'

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Franklin Graham just posted this suggestion to Facebook and Twitter. That gotta b very interesting 🧐

Franklin Graham just posted this suggestion to Facebook and Twitter. That gotta b very interesting 🧐

hey family hope you're doing good so,franklin graham just just posted this,up,with all due respect i know there is,some people,they might not agree with me or agree,with him,or what he just said it,i'm just gonna give it to you very,straight i'm telling you very very very,straight i'm gonna give it to you but i,know there's people who's gonna get,offended over this post over this,they're gonna say addon how can you say,that you know but i just want to put,that disclaimer out there guys i am not,i have not taken any jab but listen,that's personal to me you know,but i don't want to discourage people,from those who need it those who think,they should have it i don't want to,discourage,people listen,i have to be neutral on this point just,for the sake of,leading people to christ,i will be the last person to be,stumbling block for somebody out there,that,they should have done one thing or i'm,telling them to do other thing because,i'm totally different human being than,you are i,i have a different dna i have a,different personality i have a different,blood type so many different things yo,but everybody is different i'm not,encouraging it,to take it and i'm not encouraging,anybody to not take it,but listen guys,franklin graham,just quickly i'm gonna get to the point,but make sure you subscribe share this,video put your comment right below,because i want to hear from you directly,you are watching me i want to hear,directly from you so i'm going to give,it real straight listen guys,franklin graham said,just a suggestion to facebook and,twitter,instead of censoring and trying to,determine what is true of or and false,what is true and false,why,don't you just let people debate their,points on these,public platforms as a question,question mark i am fully you know what,with a booster,franklin said and i'm glad i took it,that's what he said,however there are others,who,felt,others who feel just as strongly against,taking the,even though i don't agree i respect,their rights to their opinion,don't you think it is better to,encourage debate,don't you think it's better to encourage,debate,rather than censorship again question,through debate we will learn and will be,better for it,franklin graham you know,uh even though his uh his father had a,tremendous,tremendous powerful powerful,impact on this planet,he's a wonderful man of god i love even,to that,till today,i love his messages i endorse his,messages and i tell people to listen,because this is the message is that it,he said it spoken are very good,but franklin,i,also respect his belief right here what,he said you know,and he also respect other people,believe but mandates and all this force,bribery,telling people to take it and you will,get this and you will get that,you,will have that,trigger points now there is a trigger,points did you know that there is a,trigger point on the social media,the soonest,facebook or twitter or or even youtube,or other platform as soon as they,heard the word you know what i mean,they will,start censoring it so hard,they will start,censoring it,they will go after it with all-hearted,i am just,completely bewildered,like how,i'm completely astonished i'm just,confused to the point,that why,so much enforcement like you cannot say,it,if you say it you,either giving a misinformation or you're,not saying,the correct,you're not being politically correct,you are blowing it up,you trying to and then they also use,that you have a blood on your hand,like i am just,i am just confused where they are coming,with all these terms,even one person can influence your,entire life or decision,since then the misinformation is a,threat,since when other people opinion other,per person opinion is a threat to over,democracy,since then,we have to be living like a little patty,nation,that,we could be attacked by other people,opinions,since when,this country beautiful the united states,of america cherish the freedom and the,leadership and the people who give their,life,their blood,are soaked into the flag of the united,states,they give their life they give their,children their young they're beautiful,handsome and beautiful,girls and boys to fight for the freedom,of this beautiful country that we,cherish the freedom,and now we are just throwing it away,like an old cloth that you don't need,you eat,it doesn't fit you anymore,why are we throwing,over on freedom of it,this freedom of our leaders her founders,worked so hard for it and gave their,life they put their skin and bone bones,and and everything that they could get,it on,and now we want to throw this freedom of,way,i am just thinking why,it will lead it to that,that's all i want to say i want to hear,from you,you whether you disagree with my point,but listen guys we all humans,make sure you subscribe,share,turn the bell button on,so every time i post a video,if you don't like me so we can have a,debate but if you like me so you can get,new information,love you christ love you guys in christ,have a good day

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Interview with evangelist Franklin Graham ahead of his 'God Loves You' NZ tour | Newshub Nation

Interview with evangelist Franklin Graham ahead of his 'God Loves You' NZ tour | Newshub Nation

he is an American evangelist a Donald,Trump supporter and he has come to New,Zealand to save the unsaved Reverend,Franklin Graham starts his three Stadium,God loves you tour today in Christchurch,it runs in the family his father was the,Reverend Billy Graham the famous,evangelist who filled stadiums and had,the heir of president but Franklin,Graham's critics say his preaching is,not relevant to aotearo in New Zealand I,asked him why he has come here,wow what a crowd in life,and so we're here working with the,churches to tell people about God,Franklin Graham has arrived to convert,New Zealand he is not the first his,father Billy Graham an immensely popular,evangelist preached here in the 50s and,60s to packed venues do you think,nowaday is that your preachings are,culturally up to date for aotearoa in,2022,well I'm not trying to to be up to date,with culture I'm trying to preach a,message that is a 2 000 year old message,and it doesn't go by culture it's God's,word Graham's tour has been coordinated,by 600 local Evangelical churches and I,honestly believe that we won the the,spiritual Lotto when he chose us because,he's coming here he's paying for,everything he's not even asking for an,offering we've got everything to gain,and nothing to lose Progressive,Christians not so impressed I don't,think he has any relevancy to the New,Zealand context um I don't think we need,someone coming here with American,politics dressed up in religion that's,just not the kind of people we are and,not the kind of religion we want to,follow Franklin Graham travels the world,with his God loves you tour he calls,that his message but he also has,personal views many don't agree with,what you've done he'll tell your views,on Islam I mean you know after 9 11,which is a horrendous attack but you,called Islam wicked and evil and then in,2010 he said true Islam could not be,practiced in the U.S because and I quote,you you cannot beat your wife or murder,your children I mean do you still hold,those views well you'd have to ask the,Muslims if these if they practice those,things I don't know uh what they do here,in New Zealand but my message is not,against the Muslims and we love the,Muslims and we invite the Muslims to,come and I work in Muslim countries all,over the world but using that kind of,description of true Islam it could be,seen as offensive to the Muslim,Community in Christchurch which did,suffer and horrendous terrorist attacks,they did and my heart goes out to them,and breaks with them that it was a,terrible thing that happened here do you,still hold those views or would you,rescind those views well no there's some,parts of the world that true Islam,cannot be part of the multiple marriages,honor killings and those kinds of things,that happen in some countries the,Muslims in Christchurch wouldn't say,that that is true Islam would they I I,listen I'm not here to discuss Islam is,there any place in New Zealand for that,kind of rhetoric given what happened in,Christchurch oh no of course not and,I've read some of the kind of values on,his on his website for Samaritan's Purse,and he said they say there that all,people who are not Christian are,condemned to Hell well that's just a,ridiculous medieval or even pre-medieval,kind of view,um I mean no one in the in the,Progressive Church would ever preach,about hell or that anyone's going there,and I um I often speak with people who,are exiting from those churches and who,it takes a long time to get your mental,health back when you've been told that,you are condemned to hell if you don't,believe certain things Franklin Graham's,God loves you tour is no stranger to,controversy in the UK rainbow protesters,convinced venues to cancel him Graham,took those venues to court and won,they don't feel included in your,preachings your preachings seem to,exclude them because you call them I do,not mention the LGBT community and I,don't mention Muslims in my priest you,never have okay but what I do is I,preach that God made us male and female,and that that God gave us sex and is to,be used in marriage between a man and a,woman that's what the Bible teaches what,is the progressive Christianity church,say about that we say that we don't,agree with that and that we don't,believe that's what the Bible says uh,and we believe that Jesus who we follow,is someone who's ultimately incredibly,inclusive and Embraces everyone and,would not condemn anyone to a life,lacking in their own human rights,Franklin Graham is also not afraid to,give his political views he is,anti-abortion but says it's up to each,American state to decide my personal,view is I believe life begins at,conception that's what I believe then I,think I have a right,as a as a minister of the Gospel to,speak out on the moral issues he also,supported Donald Trump and believes he,was treated unfairly by the media but,isn't an election denial,I I don't support Donald Trump's bad,behavior I don't support uh his,name-calling of people and and those,types

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How Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse Is Meeting The Needs Of People Around The World | Huckabee

How Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse Is Meeting The Needs Of People Around The World | Huckabee

as long as there's a need in the world,Samaritan's Purse was to try to meet,that name in Jesus name they're,currently hundreds of thousands of,refugees these people have absolutely,nothing and these are just absolutely,overwhelming,these families are in shock they've,experienced a lot of trauma they need,medicine doctors that's why Samaritans,persons come,I want the people to know that we love,them and be careful that God loves them,you're making disciples to go out and,disciple others,but God has called us to go into the,world and to care for the dying to care,for those that are suffering it's just,what we do we're on a rescue mission and,we're going to Jesus name,please welcome a great spiritual leader,the son of an American icon and the,president and chairman of the board of,this terrific organization Samaritan's,Purse,and I'm proud to say a very dear friend,please welcome Franklin Graham,you are beloved here in this audience,there's no doubt about it,lissa but I've got to add something to,this jacket what are you gonna really,I've got to have a t-shirt to wear under,that that's true what does this one say,he tweeted he tweeted he tweeted,congratulate Sanh one-million father,Susteren she wrote a book on social,media yes thing you need to know about,social media without having to call a,kid okay,so you must have that is great we love,Gretta I know you and Greta have gone to,many places around the world she is one,of your strongest admirers because she,has seen firsthand what Samaritan's,Purse does the the lady's fearless and,she's willing to go anywhere at the drop,of a hat her and her husband John and,there they are wonderful people to,travel with because they're no drama,yeah and it's if something doesn't go to,plan that they just roll with the,punches Samaritan's Purse has been on,the very leading edge of relief work not,just after hurricanes or disasters we,saw it in Houston and Puerto Rico all,the things you did but Franklin what you,guys are doing in helping people who are,truly in danger the ringing of tribe for,example why do you do this you don't,have to know because it's an opportunity,for me as a Christian to be able to help,people and to tell them about Jesus,Christ we're not in the business of,doing just relief work our work is,evangelism and I believe that when,someone's down in the in the muck and,the mire of the ditch and you stop and,help them they're going to listen to,what you have to say listen we're only,on this earth for a short time and what,are we going to do we're going to stand,before the king of kings one day and the,Lord of lords the Ringo's you mentioned,them in Burma these are Muslims that are,being pushed out by the Buddhists the,been slaughtered raped children shot in,the river left to drown and they were go,over into Bangladesh the most densely,populated country on the face of the,earth and now you've got close to 1,million rangas living there they asked,us to come in because their diphtheria,and dip there we don't see diphtheria in,this country more about it it will swell,the esophagus and a person will,suffocate and it's very dainty miss,deadly so we went and set up a theory a,treatment center and we're still there,treating the people but every person,that comes in we tell them who we are,we're Christians now the UN we worked,under the UN they don't care they're,there they let us we get more freedom,under the UN then sometimes various,government agencies here in this country,that's pretty sad isn't it it's very sad,if you could name three or four of the,most dangerous places on earth today,where we need to pray for God to do,something great and open doors where,would this number ones in North Korea,mmm that is no question one of the most,dangerous ere the Korean Peninsula war,could break out there and it could go,nuclear so it is very important that,President Trump try to find a way to,work out some kind of agreement with the,North Koreans right now for Christians,of South Sudan is still very difficult,the Middle East Syria and Iraq,especially along the Nineveh plain,outside of Mosul where the Christians,were chased off by Isis the Iranians,want the Nineveh plain and so the,Iranian government and the Iraqi,government work hand-in-hand and we need,to try to find a way to make sure that,Christians are able to return to their,homes along the men of a plane but the,Iranian want it and they want it they,want to have a land route all the way to,Israel for them to be able to put their,army right on the borders of Israel so,with that that's very dangerous than,that and would you look at prophecy and,you read the Old Testament all the,players are still there,we're not many weeks away from when your,father passed away nobody's had an,influence like he has in the world and,I'm sure there have been so many people,have said things to you,is there something our,one who brought you some form of comfort,during the time following your dad's,death that just really got to you I,think when

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