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Frank Figliuzzi: You Protect Democracy By Protecting Elected OfficialsFrank I remember after 9 11,co


Updated on Jan 30,2023

Frank Figliuzzi: You Protect Democracy By Protecting Elected Officials

Frank I remember after 9 11,counter-terrorism experts saying that,it's a needle in a haystack you're,looking amid this climate of animosity,for the one potential terror act Terror,plot that that is closest to coming to,fruition and I wonder what what is the,parallel here when the rhetoric and the,destabilized individuals are literally,almost half the population is taking in,the disinformation and it is coming at,such a clip and so you have to find,among one of the two major political,parties in America the individuals,consuming it it's in the millions but,you have to find the ones that may act,on it who have been radicalized how do,you how do you begin to do that,so there's two issues here to to getting,toward a solution first of course is,getting much much better at the,vacuuming up of intelligence and making,sense out of it and yes it is incredibly,difficult millions and millions of,messages A Day posts Communications,blogs websites tweets all out there,trying and law enforcement desperately,trying to discern aspirational from,someone who's going to execute on on,their aspirations very difficult and,then layer in all the valid concerns,about civil liberties and privacy and,needing to get a search warrant to,identify somebody that Facebook or,somebody else is tipped off to you so,the intelligent side's difficult,challenging need to work on it but I,have to tell you there's another side to,this which is while all that's going on,and yes the loan offender threat is,incredibly challenging to defend about,to defend you've got to at least do the,easy stuff make the most obvious targets,harder and Nicole I have to tell you as,I talked to more and more senior law law,enforcement officials in Washington,about the Pelosi attack they are,absolutely livid at the Capitol Police,over this in other words those who,specialize for a living in executive,protection,are saying they have been they have been,trained the executive protection details,at Capitol Police they know how to hold,the house that's the term used within,secret service for example you hold the,highest protectees house because of,course that becomes the soft target when,they're not there of course you monitor,the camera's live of the Speaker of the,House the person second in line to the,presidency of course you do that so what,they're calling for people who talk to,me are saying there's got to be,accountability is Luke alluded to,something is wrong here the Capitol,Police were on notice at the,Congressional baseball game when Steve,scalise got shot they were on notice,with when Gabby Giffords Congress went,from Arizona got shot at a supermarket,it's not fixed it's not fixed and there,does need to be accountability now let's,remember,the Capitol Police worked for congress,um that's their boss so there's got to,be accountability there and whether it's,because certain members of Congress you,know I've seen this even in my own,corporate security work Consulting,high-level people often don't like the,kind of security you're telling to do,activate that alarm every time activate,the motion sensor whenever you're you're,going out or coming in,um you're going to have a detail with,you when you stop at the local pizza,place for a slice they don't like it but,that's too bad because you we are,protecting democracy by protecting our,elected officials,um miles,there's also no way of,suggesting that the targeting of Pelosi,was unknown to anybody I mean there's,some great new reporting from from my,colleagues about Stuart Rhodes who wrote,a message to Trump after January 6,calling on him to save the Republic,prosecutors on Wednesday played some,recordings of Rhodes that alpers,captured including audio of The Oath,Keepers founder talking about Civil War,in the wake of the January 6 attack,quote we should have brought rifles we,could have fixed it right then and there,I'd hang effing Pelosi from the Lamp,Post Road said so publicly and privately,the targeting of Nancy Pelosi with the,most heinous kind of murder has been,talked about by Trump's closest allies,and participants in the January 6,insurrection,yeah Nicole I mean to continue off of,Frank's Point there's a good guy side of,this equation and a bad guy side of this,equation and on the good guy's side,clearly the good guys need to protect,themselves better and the Capitol Police,and the U.S Congress needs to think very,seriously how to increase protection but,let's look at the bad guy side of the,equation we are seeing a surge in Terror,threats against public servants unlike,anything we've seen in the modern era,I'm willing to submit that the terrorist,threat to public servants is greater now,than it was in the immediate Post 9 11,period just in terms of volume we've,seen a tenfold increase to threats to,U.S members of Congress since the early,years of the Trump Administration that's,a massive Spike but it's not just at the,federal level which tells you that this,is a nationwide problem because one in,five local officia

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Frank Figliuzzi Compares Oklahoma and Texas Shootings: Tulsa 'Suicidal Shooter' Had 'Beef'

Frank Figliuzzi Compares Oklahoma and Texas Shootings: Tulsa 'Suicidal Shooter' Had 'Beef'

obviously frank a very different,situation than in texas,yeah swift response uh andrea which they,should be credited for and apparently,moving right up to the second floor of,this building where the gunshots were,coming from it's exactly what you should,do with an active shooter to engage them,but i must point out the significant,distinction between here in tulsa and in,texas is it appears we've had we have a,suicidal uh shooter so this this,individual apparently decided either,well ahead of time or,at the moment he was confronted that he,would end his own life that ultimately,put an end to it but it sounds like,officers were right there would have,ended it um,either way but i have to say we are we,have to make that distinction between an,active shooter who's decided that he is,he is going to end his life if,confronted or when he's done his mission,um and and someone else who's going to,continue on and try to take as many,lives as possible the other distinction,of course this looks like a very,targeted,killing he had something,he had some beef with someone or,something in this office on the second,floor,it's a little bit different than,randomly deciding i'm going to shoot up,an elementary school which is not making,sense to many people at all,i was wondering is the big difference,also tulsa a big city perhaps a better,trained police department than uvalde,even though we know that in texas they,had done,active shooter trainings just a few,months ago so they had been briefed they,knew the playbook they just ignored the,playbook,well you're right tulsa is a completely,different uh animal than the than the,police department involving much more,active large city large sophisticated,police department no stranger to,violence no stranger to shootings they,can put out a massive response quickly,and yes training makes a difference you,know i i'm making a distinction here,between academic classroom teaching,someone can tell you in a classroom that,you're supposed to go in engage go with,what you've got,don't stop,that's great but if you don't have the,money or resources to do that,physically in a shoot house stack up,over and over again with your fellow,officers it never becomes instinctive it,never,accomplishes what's called fear,extinction which is that you're exposed,to the stimuli so often that you just,act through muscle memory that requires,physically doing it over and over again,that requires usually a large department,or a department with lots of resources,and money,how important is it for the initial,responders to have the equipment that a,swat team has we know that when the,border patrol arrived they had the,shields they could move in a stack what,they call a stack which you guys you,know in terms of training do whereas the,first responders in texas,they were just raised i say that you,know it's easy for me to say just graze,but they were raised so there were two,guys at least two guys injured,uh and then they all backed off it,seemed it seemed so those 19 who were in,the hallway,yeah i predict this is going to become a,central point in the doj review and the,dps review which is what is the,availability of breaching tools a shield,all the all the various tools used to,breach including shotgun breaching,rounds um,where is that is grant money needed for,small towns to put that equipment um in,at least one patrol car on every ship i,know plenty of police departments who,have at least one car on every ship even,small towns that have all of that,equipment but most importantly where's,the master key to that classroom and i,know police departments small towns,where the sergeant on every ship has the,master key to the schools so that this,is going to be the core why did it take,so long to get into that classroom why,did you decide this was a barricade why,didn't you have equipment to go in and,then radio cons are going to come up i,heard an interesting clip of the mayor,of uvalde uh last night which was,he was asked about 9-1-1 calls right and,why would you be in a barricade,situation why would you think there's no,longer a threat if you have active 9-1-1,calls coming in from kids his his,response,something like we,didn't hear those calls if that's true,and if that's true for the on-scene,commander inside that school,something went horribly wrong with radio,comms inside that building,i was wondering about that myself and it,doesn't take a whole lot of hardening,money to have a master key thank you,very much frank vicklusi,you

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Frank Figliuzzi On Trump: He Relishes The Idea That People Are Appalled | Deadline | MSNBC

Frank Figliuzzi On Trump: He Relishes The Idea That People Are Appalled | Deadline | MSNBC

you mean I don't want to skip over,because of the crush of headlines two,things significant in John Kelly former,White House chief of staff saying one he,agrees with secretary mattis who among,other things compared Donald Trump's,penchant for division with the Nazis,with their tactics saying one he agrees,with him in two it matters who we elect,how is that going over today at the,White House well the president of course,is interested in doubling down on the,way that he wants to handle the,protesters he's doubling down on the,idea that the US law enforcement,including the National Guard and people,in military gear should be the ones,policing people who are peacefully,protesting the president today in the,Rose Garden talked about the National,Guard he didn't talk about any systemic,changes to racism he put laser focus on,this idea but I think there's a question,here of course which is that there are,current and former generals who worked,for President Trump all saying that they,are worried that America is turning into,an authoritarian government and it is,very notable to hear them I will say,though Nicole I was talking to a source,in Florida today and they said what took,these generals so long the country has,been through so much John Kelly oversaw,at one point the separation of immigrant,children from their families they're,also of course the president saying that,they were very fine people at a Nazi,rally some people think that even though,these generals are available for,speaking out now but they're speaking,out too late and that they let so many,other things go by that were also,important you meet I'm so glad you said,that and you sort of pop the cork on my,burning rage that they took so long to,say this this President was impeached,and he stood in front of the Senate,there was an opportunity for Republicans,to be persuaded to hear from a witness,someone who saw up-close exactly what,general mattis saw which was the,president who lacks the maturity and I,and I think Madison's point lacks the,fitness for the office he holds this,former national security official says,look we have an election in five months,maybe these voices will make it,abundantly clear what the stakes are,what is the,sort of calculation around this,president that some of these former,aides might endorse Joe Biden that would,be remarkable if that happened I'm not,quite sure what we've reached that point,yet what we have already now seen is,that these generals of these military,leaders their words are mattering to,Republicans that John Trump needs to win,the election Lisa Murkowski is now,saying that she's not sure if she's,going to be able to back President Trump,which is of course an extraordinary,thing so I think what President Trump is,most worried about is the idea that he,might lose the faith of these military,leaders and as a result lose a faith in,a lot of rank-and-file Republicans who,feel like they've weathered storm after,storm scandal after scandal I think the,other thing to notice course of course,is that there's key constituencies like,we white men with college education or,white women and who are living in the,suburbs or white seniors who are looking,at these military leaders and it's in,saying if they're alarmed how my eye,back president if these people are,speaking out you know Frank feel is e,there there are only two things on the,menu and the country's got to eat we got,to have a president there are two,choices on the menu and if they are so,alarmed that in the span of 24 hours,three former chairman of the Joint,Chiefs have spoken out if John Kelly who,was inside deep inside the West Wing,every minute of every hour of every day,of a big chunk of Donald Trump's,presidency has now co-signed Jim,mattis's rebuke of Donald Trump's,character his lack of leadership and his,lack of understanding what the American,presidency is supposed to be how do we,know how is the obvious next step not a,even if it's a reluctant or hesitant,embrace of the alternative for the sake,of the institution's they've taken an,oath to protect for the sake of the,Constitution that they've now spoken out,they feels being trampled by Donald,Trump's order to militarize and,federalize the police policing these,peaceful demonstrations how do they not,take that next step,so in my old line of work Nicole I would,call these clues these are clues in the,form of people who are inside telling us,what's going to happen what is happening,and how troubling it is and I'll go a,step further we have more investigative,including section shape our thinking I'm,calling the next five months in the,history of our country the coming chaos,here here are some more clues when the,President of the United States refers to,the peaceful protesters in Lafayette,Park as terrorists when the President of,the United States tweets that he wants,to designate the most active opponents,he has as a domestic terrorism,organization when the Attorney General,of the United States designates an,en

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Frank Figliuzzi: The FBI Way

Frank Figliuzzi: The FBI Way

become a sustaining member of the commonwealth  club for just 10 a month join today  ,hello everyone and welcome to today's virtual  program at the commonwealth club of california  ,i'm ellen nakashima a national security reporter  with the washington post and i'm excited to be  ,moderating this program today i'm pleased to  be joined by frank figlucci a former assistant  ,director of the fbi's counterintelligence division  and author of the fantastic new book the fbi way  ,inside the bureau's code of excellence frank  served with the fbi and field offices in atlanta  ,san francisco miami and cleveland and at  headquarters in washington dc he's worked  ,public corruption foreign terrorism and  counter-intelligence significantly he also  ,investigated other fbi agents and supervisors as  head of the office of professional responsibility  ,now he is sharing the core values that undergird  what is arguably the premier law enforcement  ,organization in the world he calls it the fbi  way he's condensed them into what he calls the  ,seven seas code conservancy clarity consequences  compassion credibility and consistency i'm looking  ,forward to hearing how frank thinks the fbi lived  up to these seven c's or sometimes fell short  ,of these values if you're watching along with  us please and have questions for frank please  ,put them in the text chat on youtube and we'll  be getting to them later in the program thank  ,you frank for joining us ellen my thanks is  to you for agreeing to moderate this i'm i'm  ,honored that we could do this together and i'm  excited about being back at least virtually  ,in my old stomping grounds of san francisco  where i was an fbi supervisor for three years  ,terrific well frank you know the events of the  last four years have led a number of former public  ,officials who ordinarily would have kept silent  to write books and speak out former director jim  ,comey among them what prompted you to write this  book well first i have to be honest and say that  ,what got me over the hurdle of saying i would  never write the book um is the fact that the  ,institution that i loved and dedicated 25 years  to had been bashed for four years and that's okay  ,criticism of the bureau will happen on a daily  basis but for me it meant that the success of the  ,mission the fbi's ability to get the cooperation  of a trusting public was being negatively impacted  ,and for me it was all about that mission and the  success of it so this book says look not only  ,is what you're hearing from some corners not  accurate but the the difference about this book is  ,it puts up the the bureau as a leadership model a  template about how to perform with high degree of  ,excellence under high stress and you don't have  to spend 25 years in the fbi to glean some of  ,those lessons i've distilled them down into what  i call as you said the seven seas well the fbi and  ,its leadership role has come under some scrutiny  in recent weeks i mean your timing for this book  ,was impeccable right your book tour began in the  days after the january 6th in insurrection at the  ,capitol let's let's do uh what you call the hot  wash there let's let's talk a little bit about  ,what happened uh why why didn't the fbi couldn't  they have seen this coming or better prevented  ,the assault tell us what you think went wrong  yeah i've been calling this insurrection ellen  ,not so much a failure of intelligence but rather  a failure to act upon available intelligence no  ,one can claim ignorance on the insurrection even  armchair intelligence analysts at home were seeing  ,this play out on social media we were seeing even  within private and public domain talk of quote  ,overwhelming the capitol police for for example so  we learned in the aftermath quickly that the fbi  ,did provide intelligence concerns about violence  to the capitol police to the entire capital region  ,we've learned even that internally the  capital police intelligence unit prepared a  ,very concerning intelligence assessment for their  own use so now we have lots and lots of questions  ,and very few answers about why wasn't this  prevented um and it's layered and nuanced  ,um who was calling the shots if at all what higher  levels came in and said we're going to have this  ,insufficient security posture we need a lot  of answers well did the fbi live up to its  ,code in handling the intelligence that it had  should it have pressed harder well here's one  ,yeah a great a great question because on the  one hand this is a teachable moment for people  ,like me to to educate the public that the fbi  is not in the building security business they  ,aren't they aren't security guards or at  buildings however i'm very uncomfortable  ,with an fbi stance that says well we provided our  intelligence bulletins and advisories and you know  ,have a nice day good luck with that i i don't  buy that either so i'm sensing after 25 years  ,in that organization that other factors c

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Frank Figliuzzi On Breaking New York Times’ Insurrection Reporting

Frank Figliuzzi On Breaking New York Times’ Insurrection Reporting

riders have been battling a handful of,officers at these doors for almost half,an hour,the tight turns when riders who came,through the crypt reached these doors,and pulled them open,then an active duty marine corps officer,christopher warnagiris,keeps that door open for the mob to,flood in,dude,just as elsewhere this crowd is a mix of,die-hard trump supporters,but also more organized groups like the,oath keepers,who move in formation here toward that,eastside entrance,hi again everyone it's five o'clock in,the east it is the most complete picture,to date of just what happened on january,6th,and it's coming to us from a six-month,investigation by the new york times,it is a staggering visual encapsulation,of the attack,on our nation's capital that resulted in,the deaths of multiple people,incited by the ex-president's big lie,that the election was stolen from him,the times writes about how they compiled,their video which clocks in at over 40,minutes,they write this times visual,investigations team spent several months,reviewing thousands of videos,many filmed by the writers themselves,and since deleted from social media,we filed motions to unseal police body,camera footage,scoured law enforcement radio,communications and synchronized and,mapped the visual evidence,here's some more from their chilling,video,it's now that protesters all along the,east barricades surge forward,officers are overwhelmed from several,directions,and retreat to guard capital entrances,but these writers believe they've been,deputized by their president,to stop a crime,and now they start trying to get into,the building itself,the capital is now surrounded the,frightening picture painted by the times,piecing together of videos and,communications from that day,just serves to reinforce the urgent need,to have investigators look into how this,assault was,able to unfold in action only two,republicans joined their democratic,colleagues in voting for today,congresswoman liz cheney and congressman,adam kinzinger were the sole republicans,to vote to approve a select committee,to investigate the january 6 attack the,attack that has so far seen more than,500 rioters,charge for their roles in that day one,of those writers according to young wolf,of reuters streamed a video on youtube,after he left the courthouse yesterday,calling himself a quote political,prisoner and said this quote donald,trump please pay for my legal fees this,all happened,because of you still uncovering the,horrors of the insurrection six months,ago is where we start this hour,with some of our favorite reporters and,friends eugene daniels is here white,house correspondent for politico,playbook co-author as well as an msnbc,contributor also joining us our friend,matt dowd political strategist,and founder of country over party and,frank fig lucy's here former fbi,assistant director for,counterintelligence,and msnbc national security analyst and,host of the bureau,podcast i want to start with you frank,figluzzi and i want to understand,if this is the kind of recreation that,prosecutors and investigators are,undergoing,to reach their charging decisions,the short answer is yes first let me,commend the team,at the new york times who put this,together it is worthy of watching,i would urge every american who wants to,try and get their head around exactly,what that day was like,to watch this and for those americans,who think the day was not a violent day,was not an unlawful day or an attack,on our system of democracy please watch,this,you'll come away with your own opinion,but you have an obligation,to watch this yes investigators are,doing,this they're going to do it in a kind of,a computer-assisted design way and,they're going to do this,from reality today's investigative world,is body cams and security cameras,and geo-locating cell phones and putting,it all together,but here i have three key takeaways from,from this,product number one the influence of,trump,that day and leading up to that day as,you if you watch this video you see,people,literally echoing regurgitating the,language they heard,moments ago moments previously on the,ellipse,and and marching and they're telling the,police officers the exact words used,by trump and other speakers so number,one influence of trump number number two,the power of the crowd the new york,times analysis,comes out with an opinion that this was,not some,highly sophisticated highly organizing,coordinated event but rather,the presence the small enough presence,of some oath keepers some proud boys and,some three percenters,was enough to incite this crowd to,extreme,violence and so you know you if you ask,yourself well,if you say this is great that we're,arresting all these proud boys and oath,keepers,watch this video and understand it,didn't take more than a handful of them,to incite hundreds if not thousands of,people to enter and breach security and,then number three,the cops the police the new york times,finds eight,different locations of breach

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Frank Figliuzzi: ‘There Was A Month's Worth Of Food Supplies Stocked Around DC’ Ahead Of January 6

Frank Figliuzzi: ‘There Was A Month's Worth Of Food Supplies Stocked Around DC’ Ahead Of January 6

welcome back to special coverage of the,january 6th committee focusing today on,the extremist groups that attacked the,capitol and their ties to trump allies,roger stone and mike flynn will also see,tape testimony by pat sipoloni white,house counsel for former president trump,who committee members tell us,corroborated almost everything his words,almost everything previous witnesses,including cassidy hutchinson said that's,from jamie raskin to ali vitale,joining us now former senior fbi,official and u.s attorney chuck,rosenberg former assistant fbi director,frank figluzzi and former rnc chairman,michael steele so chuck,so we know that roger stone and mike,plants both you know we're in touch with,these extremists mike flynn as a you,know former,you know general,how how that is possible,is,for us to someday understand but they,were in touch with these extremist,leaders they talked to mark meadows the,chief of staff,and were you know trying to get these,groups worked in with the president,but then they never,we don't know that they made the,connection,we don't know i think you're right it's,a really important question andrea right,there's a difference between something,that's correlated and something that's,causal,you know,smoking and drinking alcohol might be,correlated people do both,but smoking doesn't cause drinking,but smoking causes cancer that's causal,and so what i'm looking for today is,causality,in other words whether the organizers,cause these things to happen and maybe,another important question along those,lines andrea whether they also funded it,right this costs money to come to,washington and stay in hotels and,organize groups where does the money,come from which i think is also yeah we,haven't heard very much about the money,but how important is it,to make that connection to donald trump,himself,well it's important to make the,connection whether it goes all the way,up to donald trump is not something you,or i know yet right so what prosecutors,and agents try to do is make those,connections and see how high it goes i,think as a prosecutor it's dangerous to,pick a target and then look for facts,rather follow the facts follow the law,and see where they lead you that's what,merrick garland has said over and over,again if they go to donald trump so be,it and if they don't so be it,all right let's talk about who,showed up that day and what they were,carrying we heard frank from pete,williams talking about doj filings about,the level weaponry,that was in washington dc that day,carried by those who stormed the capitol,we also heard from danelle harvin who,said that they anticipated this they had,heard chatter about this and last week,we heard from cassidy hutchinson who,said that donald trump was told that the,people in his crowd at his rally were,armed,that they were armed the ones that,couldn't get in were armed they didn't,want to go through the metal detectors,he said let them in anyway they're not,here to hurt me and then he urged those,folks,to march to the capitol when you're,going to be watching these committee,hearings and you're going to look for,that link between donald trump and the,extremists what will you be watching out,for,well as we've just heard from andrea and,chuck that dotted line needs to become,solid for so many people in our country,to be convinced of the causality,connection so we heard a lot after 9 11,terror attacks about connecting dots,that needs to happen today and so one of,those ways to connect those is to,actually show that evidence how many,times and by whom was the former,president told we have armed people in,this crowd and then how many times and,in what way did he say i i don't really,care they're not here to hurt me and,then this whole issue of secret service,telling him he can't proceed to the,capitol and then him insisting that he,wants to what what was that all about,and then,with regard to who showed up that day,it's not just random people who might,have been armed but we need to hear in,detail the extent to which domestic,terror groups like oath keepers and,crowd boys were prepared for battle and,planned to breach for example we are now,hearing about military ordinance,grenades uh the stockpiling of weapons,in hotels around the d.c beltway but you,know one of the other things that struck,me was there was a month's worth of food,supplies stocked around dc think about,preparing for a battle so protected that,you would need a month of food to do it,that is,amazing to me and should be amazing to,people who hear it today that is,incredible i had not heard that frank,thanks for that michael let's talk about,whether this is breaking through there's,a lot of talk about republicans,hardening and not wanting to hear it but,there was a new york times poll out,today a new york times stand a college,poll showing that half of republicans,say that they'd like somebody else to,run in 2024 they would vote for somebody,else,half they still say they'd vote for,donald trump but h

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Frank Figliuzzi On DNI Director John Ratcliffe: I Don’t Want To See Him, Hear Him | Deadline | MSNBC

Frank Figliuzzi On DNI Director John Ratcliffe: I Don’t Want To See Him, Hear Him | Deadline | MSNBC

damaged president trump really the,director of national intelligence john,ratcliffe raised a lot of eyebrows when,he uttered those words,damaged donald trump they came during a,hastily arranged news conference on,election security last week,and they reviewed skeptically uh,rightfully so politico reports that,ratcliffe went off script when he made,that allegation against iran reporting,this quote the reference to trump was,not in ratcliffe's prepared remarks,about the foreign election interference,as shown to and signed off by fbi,director christopher wray,and senior dhs official chris krebs the,director of the department's cyber,security and infrastructure agency,but that wasn't the only place where,ratcliffe went off script politico also,reports that quote he omitted any,reference,to the proud boys during last week's,briefing even though the group was named,in his prepared remarks,the report also reveals that ratcliffe,decided earlier in the day on his own to,hold a news conference about the spoofed,emails,and that the fbi and other agencies,joined in,so the warning about iranian and russian,interference would be seen as,independent and apolitical,but it didn't exactly work out that way,we're back with donna nick and frank,frank i've got to say i heard those,remarks and talked to people,familiar with the fbi and the intel who,thought that it sounded like a,like a needle running across a record,when he said that that nobody thought,that was what the intelligence said how,does that end up coming,out of the mouth of the country's dni,well because he's not a legitimate,intelligence professional he's lost,all credibility and that performance,that night,has really led to the the place we're at,which is,if we have kind of an ugly season coming,up with this election,he will not have any credibility if he,attempts to get to a podium,and tell us what's going on with,election results or foreign meddling,i i don't want to see him i don't want,to hear him the other thing you know he,did was he downplayed that night he,downplayed the role of russia,he emphasized the role of iran and then,the other thing that got me,because of where i come from is because,he he hijacked,the fbi building for that press,conference i don't know if you realize,it but,the location of that was fbi,headquarters with the big fbi seal,behind it,when i see that with my 25 years in,and someone somewhat essentially i'm,just just muddling the truth,during all of that it just hits me in,the gut,well frank let's stay on the hijacking,theme because,this was an event that was notified,to the press that covered the fbi by the,white house press office,which i worked in the white house press,office i worked in that office for six,years,not even after 9 11 did i notice,fbi briefings and that was when the,executive branch was really working in a,united way to respond to the attacks of,9 11,but white house briefings were white,house briefings and fbi briefings were,fbi briefings and certainly,robert mueller had occasion to be at the,white house but just talk about how,weird it would be,for donald trump's press office to put,out the notice for an fbi,briefing you raise a great point because,what it hints at,is prior knowledge of the tone and,approach the dni,was going to take uh with this which,means the dni likely coordinated,his approach with the white house and,they may have actually intervened,in shaping uh the actual verbiage in in,what happened that night,look radcliffe is the guy at work that,we've all had sometimes where,you think you've got everything the,group agrees on something he sneaks off,to the boss,and then boom there's a surprise and he,feigns ignorance oh didn't i tell you,that i was going to do it that way it,didn't sit well with,career professionals i'm sure it didn't,sit well with anybody,at fbi headquarters and again we're,going to,learn truths after this election is over,whenever president trump eventually,leaves office we're gonna we're gonna,see,documents of first drafts and second,drafts of of this,press conference and other things and,it's going to just curl our hair as to,what was twisted what was exploited and,what really happened,hey there i'm chris hayes from msnbc,thanks for watching msnbc on youtube if,you want to keep up to date with the,videos we're putting out you can click,subscribe just below me,or click over on this list to see lots,of other great videos

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Frank Figliuzzi: Jan 6th Select Committee Should’ve Issued Subpoenas Long Ago

Frank Figliuzzi: Jan 6th Select Committee Should’ve Issued Subpoenas Long Ago

breaking news on the january 6,commission politico reporting that the,house wants to get a look at phone,records which could shed light on a,series of phone calls between republican,members of congress and former president,donald trump as the capital was under,attack on january 6th we know that both,jim jordan and house minority leader,kevin mccarthy spoke to trump that day,here's select committee chairman,congressman benny thompson last night,we look at all records at some point,we'll do,what's required,to get the information we have uh quite,a,an exhaustive list of people,i won't tell you who they are,but it's,several hundred people members too,thompson also said they will not yet be,subpoenaing the records and will be,sending a letter requesting them from,major telecom and social media companies,he said he could not comment on the,timing joining us now frank viglusi,former assistant director for,counterintelligence at the fbi host of,the bureau podcast and an msnbc national,security analyst donna edwards is back,with us as well so frank how important,could these records be what might we,learn,so first this is a very logical,investigative step that needs to be,taken,in fact i would say they need to do it,now they probably should have issued,subpoenas long ago i wish they would,catch up and do this i understand,the logic in,wanting to ask,consent first can you please ask the,telecom characters can you voluntarily,submit these records to us including,possibly members of congress but in the,other hand very quickly as soon as they,get a no from those carriers they need,to issue subpoenas they're not likely to,get them voluntarily from the carriers,how significant is it well look we need,the answers to the question we're,sitting members of congress actually,aiding and abetting the insurrection did,they have prior knowledge that violence,might occur security breaches might,occur did they do nothing with that,information and it sheds new light on,why for example nancy pelosi may have,said no to some of mccarthy's selections,for the select committee why there's,clearly potential for a conflict of,interest if people you'd actually end up,investigating are sitting on the select,committee what do you make down on the,fact that it hasn't been done yet and,that they're not going to do it,immediately do you see this as a a,political calculation do you see it as,something very methodical why do you,think this hasn't happened yet,well i one i do think that they're,working in a very methodical way and i,think that,we already have some news reporting,about members of congress themselves,saying that they,spoke or spoke often with uh with the,former president and so i think it is,natural to make a request for these,records and then to issue subpoenas if,necessary i also think it's important to,paint the fullest picture possible of,what happened leading up to january 6,and on january 6th and those phone,records can help to paint that picture,one of the things that obviously has,painted a vivid picture of what happened,on january 6 is a a pretty consistent,rollout of video from that day and we,have some new video that again,reinforces exactly what happened let me,play that,pull the cops,get out of my cap now,so we continue to see video like that,frank but it continues to be downplayed,ignored dismissed,does the fact that this has become such,a partisan issue does the fact that it,was such a struggle to get this,commission up and running in a,bipartisan way concern you,as a national security threat,indeed it does so disinformation and the,lack of any reporting there will be,certain networks and platforms that will,never show these videos that show the,lie that is this notion that the day was,peaceful another tourist day they'll,there are segments of our population,that will never see it so is,disinformation lack of information and,national security concern you bet,because when it comes down to seeking,justice believing the results of a,select committee believing what happens,inside a courtroom while evidence is,displayed and people are sentenced and,thinking all of its nonsense and some,kind of deep state hoax is a serious,national security concern and when,people are violent against police,officers,and as we see engaged in hand-to-hand,combat in our nation's capital you bet,that's a national security concern we've,also learned donna and the new york,times first reported this that the,capitol police officer who shot a rioter,has been cleared of any charges but also,the findings went further they said that,in fact that officer may have saved,lives of members of congress of staff,that day,and yet here we are again,in the situation of,this discrediting this this,dismissiveness,why has this abundance of evidence not,resonated more with some members of,congress,well i think there are members of,congress who are just interested in,protecting their own political hide and,i mean i think that we should be very,clear about that and also

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