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Fox Panel ERUPTS After Juan Williams Calls Trump a Racistalright check this out guys the clip I,have

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Fox Panel ERUPTS After Juan Williams Calls Trump a Racist

alright check this out guys the clip I,have for you today is kind of crazy I,think it might even be an unprecedented,moment for Fox News at least during the,Trump era so as I'm sure most of you who,watch Fox on a regular enough basis will,agree there's there's an unwritten rule,there which applies to pretty much,everyone top down the anchors the,co-hosts the contributors everybody and,the rule is pretty simple you are not to,call President Trump a racist straight,up like they do on the other cable,networks so you know you can say that a,particular tweet is racially tinged or,that X amount of people have interpreted,this tweet or this statement as racist,you know you can cite polling data about,it but you cannot just straight up,called the president a racist and expect,to retain your Fox News credentials so,that's why this clip is so wild Juan,Williams just violated this code of,conduct yesterday on the 5 and he's,cracked I don't know what's going on,with him I guess the tds has spread to,his amygdala or something but I had to,share this historic moment with you guys,and I cannot wait to read y'all's,reaction I know a lot of y'all dislike,Juan but you know remember he is there,to bring the fair and balanced to the,crew that's his role so try to keep a,light head about this as you watch and,then I'll tell you what I think what you,want to hear it watch a clip of Don,Lemon or Navy from last night okay let's,net I'm sorry go ahead why are you the,best candidate to heal the racial divide,that exists in this country today which,has been stoked by the president's,racist rhetoric first of all the,president's racist rhetoric should be,enough grounds for everybody in this,country to vote him out of office the,president is a racist and that was just,one more example of it we can no longer,allow a white nationalist to be in the,White House Brian you were you just,saying I never sort of moderator takes,such a pointed question just as an,assumptive question,I watched Rachel Maddow who obviously is,an opinion anchor moderate I didn't even,know her opinion never came out I saw,those questions just saying by the way,the president's stoking racism in the,country as if it's a fact as if he is,really 6-3 that you it's beyond reproach,and I just think that it was a it just,shows a point of view as a moderate,I thought you almost woloson 68 was most,Americans think this guy's a racist you,say oh that's an opinion he didn't say,crazy he's so crazy we see one set to,tee off by Democrats that is rally,tonight what's he planning next all,right so I've said this before when I,was critiquing the president's go back,tweets a couple weeks ago and I'll say,it again here I do not think that the,president is a genuine racist at heart,for me I don't have evidence of that but,nonetheless I still think that that,phrasing is so firmly established in our,culture and history as a racial trope,that a president of the United States,should not be using it even if you could,in theory make an argument that taken in,context that's not what he meant,I think the president has a,responsibility to speak clearly and,unambiguously to the public so that you,know we're not wasting a bunch of time,arguing about what the correct,interpretation should be so now on the,flip side I also think that journalists,in the news media have a professional,responsibility to not make these,sweeping conclusive statements about the,president's character and intent based,on nothing more than a controversial and,refuted interpretation of his tweets so,I just wanted to reiterate this for,those of you who didn't catch my,previous videos on the subject but,anyway I'm gonna leave you guys with,another clip from Fox this is Howard,Kurtz,basically reiterating what I just said,about how the media should not be making,these authoritative and conclusive,judgments about the president's,character unless they have just,overwhelming evidence to back it up and,and of course I think the same standard,should apply to everyone,big or small what is your observation of,the coverage there has been thunderous,media condemnation of President Trump's,attacks on these four freshmen as he,knew there would be as he actually,wanted in my view because he gets the,Democrats to defend the four freshmen,and then he can argue they are siding,with women who he calls socialists who,hate America as far as the straight news,people most of those who are anchors,that you showed many many outlets have,just skipped the critics a part and they,say racist attacks racist tweets I think,a better approach is for journalists and,I'm not defending these tweets by the,way there's two lay it out but not say,it's racist because that goes to motive,you're saying in his heart he's a racist,I prefer the way that our colleague John,Roberts did it at the White House when,he said to the president does it concern,you that these tweets are seen as racist,and are being embraced by white,nationalists okay here's something,Washington Post

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Juan Williams Responds to NPR Firing

Juan Williams Responds to NPR Firing

Juan Williams joins us now thanks for,being here I don't know whether to say,I'm sorry but you're getting far to,congratulate you on your new deal this,morning but you know I was watching you,watch that piece and you still look like,you were taking a shot when you heard,those Vivien Schiller comments saying,that's between you and your psychiatrist,that's what got you the most isn't it,yes person I understand why she has to,get that low you know she has an,argument to make that I somehow violated,some journalistic ethics or values of,NPR make the case I think it's a very,weak case and so ultimately I think what,she had to do then was to make it an ad,hominem or personal attack in this,business that I'm somehow unstable or,irrational,George you and I've known each other a,long time not very well but we know each,other I don't think you've ever seen me,do anything irrational or rude or out of,context and I've been in this business a,long time I have raised money for NPR,been on NPR a year if I was such a,erratic character I think this would,have come to the fore long ago you,described the comments you made as,visceral and I guess some people are,wondering should you have gone the extra,step and said listen they're irrational,there are feelings I fight yeah I could,have done that in fact I think it's very,important to sort of parse this what I,said was that if I'm at the gate at an,airport and I see people who are in,Muslim Guard who are first and foremost,identifying themselves as Muslims in the,aftermath of 9/11 I am taken aback I,have a moment of fear and it is visible,it's a it's a feeling and I don't say,I'm not getting on the plane I don't in,say you must be had go through,additional security I don't say I want,to discriminate against these people no,such thing occurs so to me it was,admitting that I have this notion this,feeling in the immediate moment and to,be fair to you it's clear that over the,course that's six and a half minute,segment you were fighting back against,the notion well they should act on these,this is the most ridiculous thing,because then the people at NPR and,others they take this one statement and,they somehow make it out that I am a,bigot I mean it's unbelievable to me,given the books that I've written the,things that I've done in my life now all,of a sudden you know I'm a bigot I mean,all I said to Bill O'Reilly was Bill we,have to be careful about the car,of language of things that we say in the,public sphere given that you've had a,tax on cab drivers in New York City that,pastor down in Florida trying to burn,the crack I was counseling that in fact,we have to protect the rights of Muslims,in this guise you know Vivian Schiller,apologized for that statement about your,psychiatrist but here are the standards,they said by the way I don't have a,psychiatrist just with the record George,what she said was that news analysts may,not take personal public positions on,controversial issues doing so undermines,their credibility as analyst and then,she goes on to say and PR journalists,should not express views in other venues,they would not air in their role as an,NPR journalist well again this is,something that I would have said on NPR,it's not something it's not like I'm,catering to a fox audience as opposed to,an NPR audience I expressed a genuine,feeling that I have if I am in that,situation and let me say this is not a,situation where again you have someone,who is working and can't as a journalist,and can't express an opinion because,then the audience might lose trust or,credibility and what you have to say in,terms of delivering your journalistic,product that's not the issue I'm able to,discern exactly what a feeling is as,opposed to what is a you know a public,position and the ability to report and,to hear what others are saying so what,do you think the issue is here do you,think it's just that your the fact that,you were working for Fox became too much,trouble for NPR I think you know what,this is this is one of the things in my,life that's just such a shock because I,grew up basically on the Left I grew up,here in New York City you know and I've,always thought the right wing was the,ones who were inflexible and towered,intolerant and now I'm coming to realize,that the orthodoxy at NPR if it's,representing the left it's just,unbelievable that you know be and,especially I think for me as a black man,to somehow you know say something that's,out of the box they find it very,difficult and I think that's right,George I think they were looking for a,reason to get rid of me that they were,uncomfortable with the idea that I was,talking to the likes of Bill O'Reilly or,Sean Hannity if they would have just,come to you and said you got to choose,see their NPR,or fox what do you do you know that,would have been tough because I was at,NPR before I was at Fox I'm sorry was I,the Fox before I was at NPR and I you,know I always thought both employers,signed to check to me because they found,some va

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Greg erupts on Juan in heated argument over Democrat run cities

Greg erupts on Juan in heated argument over Democrat run cities

after another week of searching crime,and Anarchy across America president,Trump tearing into Democrat run cities,and vowing to stop leftist mobs these,cities it's like living in hell Chicago,is an example it's like worse than,Afghanistan they're anarchists the big,thing they want is they want to really,destabilize our country and we don't let,them they've created bedlam they've,destroyed very important things I mean,you're also talking about statues of,George Washington Abraham Lincoln they'd,like to get Jesus we're gonna get,tougher and tougher and at some point,there's gonna be retribution because,there has to be these people of vandals,but they're agitated but they're really,it terrorists in a sense the president,isn't the only one fed up with what,we've been seeing a Chicago activist,calling out black lives matter for not,focusing enough on the gun violence,plaguing his community the entire nation,should be outraged when a three-year-old,is executed on the streets of Chicago,and a thirteen year old young young girl,was killed on the west side Chicago as,well it makes no sense to me if we can,see you to stand up against the system,but we will not stand up in our own,neighborhood meanwhile sleep with Joe,Biden under fire from the left for not,embracing the radical defund the police,movement political insiders are worried,the Democrat base will reject Biden if,he doesn't get on board all right Greg,what did you think about the president,using the phrase terrorists when talking,about the agitators and the looters I,don't know I mean I I I don't think,words are enough anymore I think that,there needs to be some kind of action,and I'm not sure what it is but that,what I find interesting is the gun,violence in Chicago is a reality what,you're seeing going on in America is a,racial hysteria so why is one gaining,attention and the other isn't and I,believe that the worst thing a black,community can do as a whole is take,advice from coddled white,over-caffeinated overeducated under,experienced left-wing individuals,because look at the consequences the,black on black crime or the gang,violence and the gun violence ignore,but everybody's running around tearing,down statues so I want to end the race,war that we seem to be experiencing,today I'm gonna blow your mind with this,okay there are more differences and,conflict within white then there are,between whites and blacks there are more,conflicts and differences between whites,than there are between whites and blacks,when you look at those pasty white wimps,out there running around vandalizing and,destroying property I realize that I,have absolutely nothing in common with,these laughable losers and in fact when,anybody looks at the TV they realize,they have no nothing in common as a,white person with these failures so it's,insulting to me and it should be,insulting to every white person that you,are you think that race binds us it,doesn't bind us I have more in common,with black winners than white losers and,that's the truth of all human beings we,have a weak what ties us together is,achievement and not grievance so white,winners and black winners are on the,same side and stay away from the white,losers because they are poisoning the,minds of everybody that will end racism,if all the winners of every race and,color join together and laugh at the,losers yeah I like that idea,why Williams we talked about it,yesterday BT founder saying that a lot,of black Americans just laugh at these,as Greg would say pasty white losers,tearing down statues and canceling TV,shows because they think you know that,that doesn't mean much well I'm here to,defend my white brothers I think this I,think what's going on here is President,Trump is desperate his poll numbers have,cratered and when he was asked last,night on Sean Hannity's town hall,meeting you know what's coming next,what's your message what's your agenda,he really didn't have much to say since,he's experienced he's great everything,will be great so what he does Jesse as,he takes a few instances of looting or,bad behavior and he blows it up suddenly,cities are war zones Afghanistan,suddenly these people are terrorists,they're so powerful they're threatening,our socials fabric I mean the reality is,that his message I think if you live in,Minneapolis Minnesota you'd probably,agree that it did let me just say,because everything's on fire and it cost,a billion dollars in damage now look,that you you can keep showing the same,footage again and again and again but,here's let me just say it's real trust,me on this don't trust me listen to the,Wall Street Journal in their lead,editorial this morning they said Trump,is headed for a historic loss as,millions of Americans are close to,saying that they can't risk four more,years of this they can't stand it,they're talking about suburban nights,they're talking about women they're even,talking about seniors abandoning Trump,and I think that's why he's engaged in,this kind of horrible imager

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Fox News Panel Gets Combative When Juan Williams Attacks President As Racist

Fox News Panel Gets Combative When Juan Williams Attacks President As Racist

in urban democratically run cities but,at the same time probably do a little,bit of damage control I think he's taken,a few phone calls maybe from an,anguished congressman mark meadows we,know reporting has shown that the staff,is a little concerned some of them about,whether or not this was politically,injurious to the President and so you,saw him try to make the case that he's,been the best president for,african-americans instead of doing,things like insinuating that congressman,Cummings has been stealing but for his,case he said as he just said again let's,deal with the facts and let's look at,the situation in Baltimore let's look at,what's happening with the poverty rate,there twenty two point four percent in,2017 one that is high the national,poverty rates just over twelve percent,it's it's it's nearly double and you've,got the unemployment rate and you've got,federal funding pouring into the city,seventeen billion dollars in 2018 alone,to which the president also just,referred that's a lot more than was,going into the city ten years ago just,over seven billion with that money so,let's deal with the facts there's no,reason for anybody to allege that Elijah,Cummings as a thief that is just low and,it shouldn't happen it shouldn't come,from anyone to a sitting member of,Congress unless you have some evidence,and it certainly shouldn't come from the,White House money goes into their larger,example he was making is that this is an,example of corrupt government that's,well that's if that's the case then say,it but I think that when you he did set,this is an example of but I would say,the money that you cite goes to places,like dredging the Harbor to see if we,can get some more boats in there taking,care of Johns Hopkins there's a high,poverty rate that you refer to sont,remember sixty plus percent of the,population in Baltimore is black and,there's a twenty five to thirty percent,poverty rate among black Americans in,this country so what you have here is a,situation where there's a crying need,for change I mean if I'm sitting here,with you this morning I'd say we need to,do a better job of educating those,children to help them get out of poverty,we need to do a better job of job,training and the like that's what the,government should be doing in terms of,solutions the name-calling the des,basing of an entire group of people and,a city,just fine this represent a freaking,Americans have been calling the White,House Charlie and I think Juan Williams,his lawn line to go get that huh,we need you have to put it in context of,why he went after Elijah Cummings in the,first place the reason he went after him,is because he's the chairman of the,House Oversight Committee and he's spent,the last two and a half years chasing,something for which there is no evidence,this this canard about Russia collusion,that's why he went after Elijah Cummings,the idea that there's corruption in,Baltimore I don't think anybody,disagrees that there's corruption in,Baltimore,and Donald Trump is pointing a light on,that Elijah Cummings has been,representing the district for 26 years,that's that's before the wire was on HBO,and anybody who saw five minutes of the,wire gets to speaking of wires your,microphone wires it's cool we're gonna,get it fixed,here is Hannity from last night in a,larger picture here watch this with Sean,instead of focusing on the deteriorating,living conditions in Baltimore Democrats,are now vigorously there just defending,Cummings with another round of identity,politics feign false elective moral,outrage and of course attacking the,president calling him a racist as many,times they can every second every minute,every hour of every day,because the mulher thing fell apart for,them we interrupted you yeah but this is,the important point here is that only in,Washington would somebody see the,president attacking Elijah Cummings and,say oh this is all about race it's not,about race this it has to do he's,talking about the Russia collision fairy,tale he's talking about the fact that,Elijah Cummings went after his homeland,security director who is desperately,trying to fix the crisis at the border,Donald Trump is talking about issues and,then what do you get in Washington all,anybody in Washington oh this is racist,it's not racist he's being combative as,he always is whether he's an equal,opportunity offender when it comes to,being combative but this idea that in,Washington where everything is about,race is crazy I don't think it's all,about race by the way if we have a,moment for me to respond I think Charlie,that what you have to understand is,there's a pattern he,not to be just taken in isolation this,is a guy that went after John Lewis the,congressman from Georgia he went after,Frederico Wilson the congresswoman party,Bush when he great people of color he,excites racial passions in this country,he divides us when he went after those,for congresswoman who are so what how,did you feel about get out of here I sit,and rank l

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Greg Gutfeld Shreds Juan Williams After He Accuses Him Of Bias

Greg Gutfeld Shreds Juan Williams After He Accuses Him Of Bias

one do you think that the Democrats,should have waited until they'd seen the,transcript in The Whistleblower before,they move forward as Nancy Pelosi did,last night no I think that based on what,we know and what has been proven in,terms of the release it's not a,transcript per se it's more a memo,written of people who understood or,heard the conversation I think that they,were exactly right you know today,apparently the White House talking,points got leaked to some Democrats but,I think it's leaked partly they were,accidentally so I guess it was leaked,but you know just listening here I think,because here we go asking a foreign,government to investigate a political,rival is illegal it's illegal it's a,violation of the conscience that for,media matters one and the Constitution,the president should protect and defend,the Constitution the United States by,the way this isn't just oh he's supposed,to look away this potential corruption,how's that pretend oh you can't because,you accused us of reading talking point,here here's what it is Judge Napolitano,who is our senior in New Zealand he says,what does he say you don't need a quid,pro quo you just need to ask a foreign,conversation,it's not only that I mean you stop and,think about Pelosi says this is lawyer,lawless Mitt Romney said extremely,troubling it comes from a republic and,of course yet you get a situation where,the President of the United States is,saying I want dirt on my political,opponents and a year oh it's because we,can't beat you at the ballot buckets,because he's worried about a lifeless,yeah to me,rage and it's unbelievable that people,would try to throw up exactly what you,did a selection been able to say a word,to things who were on this show,yesterday we weren't watching you have,your shot let's talk about two things,that you've brought up sure said that it,is illegal for a president to ask for,dirt but from a foreign agency or,foreign government Senate Democrats sent,a letter to Ukraine in 2018 asking for,them to investigate President Trump by,cooperating with the Special Counsel,investigation so if Trump is guilty of,it well so are the Democrats that seem,like you did sorry no I'm good yep all,right so you implied that the CI that,the the transcript was not properly,transcribed the people who wrote the,notes were CIA agents were brought in,from the CIA to do this we know that,people who are have done these things,before have said on record today that,this is the closest you're going to get,to a transcribed yeah there's a haunted,estate

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Fox News Lackies Meltdown After Juan Williams Sees Through Ukraine Talking Points

Fox News Lackies Meltdown After Juan Williams Sees Through Ukraine Talking Points

Juan Williams on Fox News said and I de,ana and this is one of those moments for,props to him but it's like how is this,different than literally any other,moment on Fox News since any time any,Republican president is in office but I,guess his colleagues did not appreciate,the breaking of the fourth wall here so,I guess it was leaked but I think you,know just listening here I think boy,those talking points they've made the,rounds because here we go asking a,foreign government to investigate a,political rival is illegal it's illegal,it's a violation of the conjugate that,for media matters one and the,Constitution Wow you know they are so,triggered and there's such babies,because it might even be more true than,I thought it was,now Roger Hale oak there's fire Roger,Ailes was you know the the grotesque,predator that founded Fox News he did he,gave very disciplined talking points he,advised the Bush White House the level,of coordination and propaganda there and,the Bush era was stunning and deep of,Fox News but I don't know like I'm sure,I mean I'm sure they all have their you,know their message of the day I mean,that's clear because there's uniformity,in a lot of the programming but you know,and even like you know the sort of,subpar idiots like Gutfeld in waters I,you know you kind of think like iron oh,maybe at least they're trusted to wing,it but maybe they're not because they,reacted like they're getting like,they're literally reading their iPhones,because they're such morons they can't,figure out how to like spontaneously lie,themselves the the the triggers the,towel right there yeah I mean backed,into a,corner like they are I guess right now,because they're really actually working,and kind of like melting down like this,the slightest hairpin trigger really set,them off that was hilarious,I've done to an actual brawl happening,on the set this is the first Fox clip I,saw in a long time most of the time at,this point I'm just like this is drivel,and like not our audience knows what's,going right I was like oh my god no that,was wrong they are legit upset they are,babies also I do like the yeah not Media,Matters that that that Juan's gonna,could probably hit you back with like,you know like the Constitution Penal,Code case law like I mean these people,are such brain-dead propagandists that,they could only go in their heads to,like where did you get laws about court,putting pressure on a foreign government,to hurt your political rivals well where,was dad was from a Media Matters post,it's like no who's the law that was,great,alright we'll play one more piece of,sound

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Juan Williams on midterm elections: Democracy hangs in the balance

Juan Williams on midterm elections: Democracy hangs in the balance

for those of you who are claiming this,is the most important election of our,lifetime,you are causing important election,fatigue and we don't believe you every,two years our nation's blowhards emerge,from the filthy Shadows of power to beat,us into submission by trying to scare us,into voting for them or paying with our,lives,Joe Biden just said this the most,important by-election of Our Lifetime by,election so you're saying this election,likes to party yeah he went on to say,it's a choice between two vastly,different visions of America now to be,fair Mr President you need your vision,checked the country is not doing well,and you're like a blind driver on an icy,Interstate at night during a snowstorm,with a belly full of Nyquil of course,we've heard this tired shtick before in,2020 and NPR headlines screamed that,that was the most consequential election,in a lifetime parenthetically and this,time we mean it oh put a sock in it you,chowder hounds back then Biden also said,there's just one month before the most,important election of our lifetime,Obama Joe Scarborough Mother Jones they,all said the same thing in 2018 Donald,Trump and Hillary Clinton both said the,same thing in 2016 enough already,nothing really changes it's just a bunch,of power mad old people trying to,concentrate that power and there are,three to cans so they can torture us,until they die and this is not a new,record at the Disco in 1888 the New York,Times screeched of the race between,Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland,the Republic is approaching what is to,be one of the most important elections,in its history oh save the histrionics,Susan people's enthusiasm for the,midterms has really weighed only 48,percent have given this year's race a,lot of thought that is now from 54 in,2018 people don't trust politicians or,the government or silly edicts that are,supposed to shock us into action so we,pull the lever or dangle the Chad for,our Collective savior he's not showing,up our nation may be in a slump but our,constitution is strong and it's more,elastic than we give her credit for,politicians are lacking in creativity,and originality so they resort to,fear-mongering when they've run out of,ideas and that is so last Millennium if,you want to vote go vote I don't care,the horse race is always very,interesting and exciting this time of,the cycle but it lacks importance or,urgency despite what the charlatans who,are in power or who so desperately want,to be what they are selling us at this,late hour you want to shock us abdicate,your power give us our money back and,come up with actual solutions that limit,government and compound Freedom that,would be worth screaming for and that is,the memo,my next guest says democracy is on the,line and on the ballot he wrote All,About It in an op-ed hi for the hill it,is titled democracy hangs in the bounds,in the midterms joining me to explain,one of my very favorites you know I love,him dearly Fox News political analyst,Juan Williams hi Juan welcome back,thanks Kennedy good to be with you,although I think you're whistling past,the graveyard,I'm not the one whistling past the,graveyard the great if there's a,graveyard it's because Joe Biden took,vibrancy and ran it into the ground with,bad policies bad foreign policy and,overspending so at least I see it for,what it is if it's graveyard that means,we're already dead so if if we're dead,then how is it the most important,election of our lifetime,well I think that there's no question,first of all let me just take it away,from all the liberal media Talking Heads,that you've been whipping up on let me,just tell you here's what the American,people say in those polls that you were,defending in the first segment by the,way it's like 70 percent of Americans,say this election is about democracy and,the stability of our constitution it's,like you know 70 percent of Republicans,who believe that last election was based,on voter fraud it's like you know 50,percent of Republicans who say you know,it's just unbelievable that they have no,faith in the outcomes of these midterm,elections and it's like 40 of all voters,Democrats and Republicans who think,we're going to have more political,violence after the midterms the kind,that saw Paul Pelosi get hammered in,their head so that's why people think,it's a really important election but,people don't want more political,violence well no they a few people do a,few very unhinged mentally ill people,they they do and that's unfortunate I,don't think we need to Telegraph to them,things like there's going to be violence,if uh the elections are contested so,what we have now is two parties who are,essentially identical concentrating,power and when they lose they say the,election was illegitimate that is where,we are because Republicans obviously did,it in 2020. Democrats are gearing up to,do it in 2022 because of people like Joy,Reid who are and Stacy Abrams who are,already saying yep the thing is rigged,it's a bunch of Republican pol

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Dagen McDowell Torches Juan Williams

Dagen McDowell Torches Juan Williams

oh and you believe that the Obama,administration did the right thing,wouldn't it be a good thing for her,argument for the people to be able to,see what the origins of the,investigation were right but that's not,what's going on here Dana what's going,on as an investigation of the,investigators as punishment coming from,an administration that is overwhelmingly,political I mean right now really,they're distracting from the real news,with all of this silliness because the,real news is that we're going to soon,see transcripts of what Michael Flynn,and Michael Flynn's lawyer were saying,to Trump's lawyers and we'll see just,how much they were trying to stop this,investigation but the second thing to,say here is listening to Bill Barr I,mean he has no reason to do anything but,what he says is oh you know what let's,not talk about the spine I know I said,that earlier what about what happened,between the time Trump was elected in,the time he takes office let's go and,look at what happened in terms of FBI,and intelligence agencies talking to,Trump at Trump Tower did they leak,something he just changes the game time,and again and that's why I don't things,to that's why when you look at the Fox,News poll that came out yesterday the,Fox News poll says 45 percent of,Americans believe that bar is covering,up for Trump and not being transparent,and also they give him a negative rating,for how he handled the Mulla report 44%,say they don't approve of what he's done,with the mollow report only 35 destroyed,that makes you feel better but it has no,effect on it and it's the truth the,truth another,the American people are not being,hoodwinked by a guy who is now Trump,swore this is what Trump wished for all,along he wanted an attorney general who,would be his consigliere anyways guy,Mike Holder was for what's happening,right now the Russian story is now into,its summer reruns that's what's,happening I saw it on the first run I,don't need to see it again I know what,this Flint story's about I know how that,all that crap that's because the economy,is going well the world's going pretty,it's peaceful its prosperous,everything's fine they have to keep,doing the Russian story yeah people,don't look don't look here look I don't,care,yeah we already looked for a White House,talking point is this investigation is,done no obstruction no collusion Jerry,Nadler has said to them racing the,Russians doing it guys can we please get,taking him but first coming here the,Attorney General about this idea about,the very documents in contempt that's,part of the usual game you know,political circus that's being played out,it doesn't surprise me the House Speaker,Nancy Pelosi she she believes you lied,under oath what do you think of that,charge well I think it's a it's a,laughable charge and I think it's,largely being made to try to discredit,partly because they may be concerned,about the outcome of a review of what,happened during the during the election,Dagan they're trying to discredit him,because they're worried people who,worked in the Obama administration in,the FBI and in the CIA and the,intelligence community they're worried,whether it's Brennan or Co me or even,subordinates of both of them they're,worried about what Bill Barr and John,Durham and the Inspector General Michael,Horowitz are going to find it's not,silliness one if there was corruption,it's not silliness if there was an abuse,of power and you know why Hillary,Clinton is being quiet about this,because the DNC and Hillary Clinton's,campaign paid for that dossier what,could could be disinformation by Russia,which was if you read the whole Mullen,report the whole mullah report basically,discredits big big elements that were in,that dossier and I just want to point,this out pointed out all the time Jim,Comey looked at Bret Baier in the spring,of last year and said I can't,definitively say I know that the sealed,dossier was paid for by the DNC in the,Clinton campaign he was running the FBI,they got a warrant on an American,citizen to spy on him and he didn't know,that that is balderdash and hogwash and,mm-hmm,we all know it and by the way I also,read that Paul won and here's what,people said a majority 58% think it is,at least somewhat likely the FBI broke,the law when it started investigating,the Trump campaign the Mane's of,Americans who don't trust wit went on,in intelligence and the FBI under the,bomb administration they deserve answers,and there's nothing wrong with a,thorough look at it again it disrupts,dis mah cracy in this country look what,we're doing now is we're trying to,punish the in didn't look at it said I,read the whole mower he did not look at,the investigators and the predicate of,that investigator Oni Muller pick up a,newspaper it'll tell it will have this,start the press that lied to us for,three years about wire all right

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