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Fortnite Twitter Is Going Off The Rails..they made a candle off of the fortnite,back bling could I h

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Fortnite Twitter Is Going Off The Rails..

they made a candle off of the fortnite,back bling could I have to save yourself,10 hey hi YouTube what's going on this,is iTalk here today we're going to talk,about fortnite's Twitter because they,seem to be doing a lot more tweeting,than usual we used to see fortnite,really interact with the community a,whole lot a while ago they kind of,stopped doing that as of late but now it,seems like they're kind of ramping it,back up for instance we have a battle of,the battle pass little thing that,they're doing here where you're voting,for what your favorite battle pass skin,is and they have this whole little,tournament bracket I guarantee you,spider Gwen is just gonna win this,without a shadow of a doubt also it's,kind of funny that they actually mention,the herald skin which is the secret skin,because no one has been able to use that,skin yet so I feel like it's a little,bit early to even be doing something,like this I know it's just for fun they,even say here it's just for pure,enjoyment hopefully you'll participate,and stay tuned for round two taking,place tomorrow so obviously it's not to,be taken seriously but I do know for,fact that spider Gwen is just gonna win,this without a shadow of a doubt you,already know that she's gonna win it,moving on from that though they do,mention here that fortnite Battle Royale,turns five and there are some free,rewards for you to be able to get,including an emoticon a back bling and a,pickaxe why they won't sell us a,birthday skin I honestly have zero idea,they've done it for save the world I,think like twice now why they just can't,put that model and put it in BR is,beyond me I don't know why they just,won't do that but yeah I mean it's still,pretty cool that we get this back bling,and this pickaxe and the emoticon it all,looks very nice but I'm just saying like,why not a skin like what's causing them,to not do that but moving on from that,though they do also mention that there,is a quiz for you to take in order to,find out which fortnite island you are,which I think is also very interesting,like what is going on with this Twitter,account and I'm all for it man I want,them to be more interactive with the,community and stuff like that that I did,take this quiz by the way and I got the,Bed Wars climate Clash vibing map from,tact and then they do a tweet that I,honestly didn't even read it until I,woke up a little bit more today they,tweeted saying if you know you know,deliver the ultimate ratio with the,checkered past pack coming soon this is,going to be the new starter pack skin,coming very soon and what on Earth are,they doing like again I feel like that,fortnite is using someone different for,their social media at least on their,Twitter account because this just does,not seem like something fortnite would,do or post or say deliver the ultimate,ratio like I get why they said that,because on this outfit you will see the,word Dead game written on her chest,which I think is really funny I love the,checkered Hat by the way with the skin,the skin in general just looks really,cool and I'm very excited for it when it,does come out into the game now they,said it's coming out soon I I was kind,of expecting it to come out last Monday,but maybe it'll drop tonight we'll have,to wait and see but we do know that,Cypher BK drops on Thursday so there's,no way they'll drop the starter pack on,the same day that another skin drops,maybe Saturday maybe Monday we'll have,to just wait and see on that also they,tweeted out saying how many vaults have,you opened with your keys and stuff but,there's no way to really track that,because we don't even have a way to,track that like usually they do have,these things where you can sort of track,how many things you've done throughout,the season with those like extended,quests and stuff but we don't have that,so it's a little bit weird there and,then finally we'll talk about the fact,that we do have a new PlayStation pack,that is available right now and it comes,with an emote again so once again,PlayStation really just screwing over,everyone else that does not play,fortnite on playstation by locking in a,glider and an emo it really just,frustrates everyone in the fortnite,community where we get original emotes,and they're locked behind exclusivity,through place station plots like not,everyone has a PlayStation to do that so,yeah it's unfortunate and honestly it's,just really scummy that PlayStation just,gets all of this now I know epic game,store gets some stuff too with some free,skins and stuff that are just reskins,but still it's something in this,instance I just feel really bad for like,Xbox players because the only things,they get are expensive console bundles,they don't get anything for like being a,Game Pass owner or like getting an,ultimate perk or anything like that like,they don't get any of that at all it's,all shafted by a PlayStation and then,epic game store switch gets nothing,except expensive console bundles as well,so I do feel for them too

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Fortnite Creative 2.0 Trailer & Bonus Battle Pass Skin!

Fortnite Creative 2.0 Trailer & Bonus Battle Pass Skin!

hey what's guys camping rusher here a,lot more leaks about creative 2.0 which,could be dropping as soon as three weeks,from now we'll get to that in a second,we actually had a little update last,night it was a maintenance update but,they did uh make a few pretty,significant changes first the Shockwave,Hammer I don't know if you've noticed in,the past week or so there's been a,glitch where players have been able to,infinitely jump with the Shockwave,Hammer uh we had it happen against us,one time we thought they were hacking or,something like that it was a glitch,being abused so they disabled it but now,part of yesterday's update the Shockwave,Hammer is back in game and it's all,fixed okay so that was I think one of,the main reasons they did it uh hurdling,has been reactivated the reboot rally,event has ended and a little surprise,addition to the game is the burst AR has,been unvaulted okay this was not the 0.2,update or our next big massive update is,confirmed next Tuesday oh okay and we,know that because 23.2 has been added to,the staging servers which indicates,about a week away until the future,update it's it's been a while man it's,been a long while and uh we've been,patient right but yeah I think we're due,right we we kind of thought we were,getting it this week uh they've waited,an extra week I think it's been about a,month then since our last major update,so yeah we're I'm looking forward to it,make sure you subscribe turn your notes,on I'll keep you updated on everything,we learn I'm sure we're going to learn,more about creative 2.0 uh you know more,storyline stuff where is this season,going in terms of storyline and lots,more it's gonna be a big one let's talk,what we do know about creative 2.0 so it,starts with this 23.3 so the update,after next uh has started being tested,on an unreal editor for fortnite testing,server if what Tim Sweeney said is,correct we should see uefn with creative,2.0 release with the 0.3 update uh we we,aren't confirmed on this this is still,mostly based on the January date that,Tim Sweeney has given us and because it,would still be true if,20.23.3 supposedly should come out two,weeks after point two which would be uh,January 31st then it still releases,within January right again I bet we're,going to have confirmation uh as soon as,this week if the creative 2.0 release is,still on schedule uh it's you know,future fortnite we're all looking,forward to it what are some of the,things we we can expect we've talked,about a couple of the big random ones,that might be down the line for example,being able to create uh your own custom,skins for probably just your server your,map uh that's not going to come with a,release it's it's it's a ways away but,it could be possible according to Tim,Sweeney the co-founder CEO at epic games,but uh here is a big list of,functionalities that you will be able to,use in fortnite's upcoming creative 2.0,thanks to in the shade okay and I'm,going to go through them and this is,just scratching the surface this isn't,everything this just gives you an idea,of some of the stuff creating your own,models spawning items storm controller,you can pretty much control everything,about the storm AI scripting events that,fire off when pretty much anything in,the game happens so you have full,control of everything a changing game,phases loading and using Game widgets,loading game assets at runtime full,control of building cars live team and,player stats control of the HUD you can,put any message and control what's being,shown to players scoreboard control,creature spawner manager skin and emote,capturing control what happens when a,player's Caesar looks away from another,player or device an RNG system control,of player inventories and what weapons,they have a teleportation device vehicle,spawner script device find and map,actions control of audio lights physics,gravity Etc modifying removing and,adding gameplay tags level streaming set,events for every tick of the game entity,spawning being able to create destroy,objects math calculations and algorithms,and again quote this is just a small,Peak at the possibilities to come so,there's a lot and I mean some I I don't,understand all that stuff but I'm sure,some of you do we understand some of it,and just cannot wait to see I in my last,video if you if you want to go check it,out after you're done with this one we,talk about uh uh a a Reddit post that,was a concept for Creative discover what,what the changes in discover could look,like what they hopefully will look like,I think discover really does need a an,overhaul and uh I hope that comes with,2.0 uh just a little bit of a throwback,who remembers when Lachlan leaked,fortnite creative 1.0 the first time you,know the first version uh he leaked it,early and he uploaded a video it was,deleted then re-uploaded uh basically I,think epic did a big uh event they,brought some some YouTubers in and they,all got to try out creative it was going,to be this big launch of videos

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This is the BEST way to play Fortnite...

This is the BEST way to play Fortnite...

tomorrow's me replays on me,oh 1 million 17. oh 1 million 17.,Ed,myself,I had a weekend I was gonna coming,oh I got stuck in a rock or something,wait wait leave leave leave come on,later,bro I got third-parted,call me,no they're gonna they're gonna push you,how many how many up here,sorry to start it the other team is here,there is another team here,I don't know what I see him doing here,to be honest,foreign,getting with you,destroyed,no I don't know what I'm doing,well I don't know what I'm doing you're,so talented for another time,yeah so we're in sprints,okay,110.,one shot okay honest,I'm jumping on his head,oh Shield,thank you,I thought I killed him,another one oh is that our teams,oh shield in the storm,I'll Lobster here dead there's another,guy down here,another guy man,yeah yeah it's a whole other team and,they're uh yeah one guy's ballooning one,guy's ballooning in the sky bro we're,gonna Focus him,you got right here we have to focus this,guy that's dead this guy's dead,let's go let's go,one shot one shot,let's go guys let's go down let's go,four night man you and me both oh,talented all right I got some heels,I'm gonna pop a shield real quick,oh the team here,you hear me yeah,don't worry about me I'm coming to you,brother,there's another team coming from where,we came from,the Excalibur,all right man,another thing coming out of the storm,I don't know those guys are gone but,it's a guy on me,hey guys dead,three shots are hidden,my lips,be cool,what you know about me what you know,about me my lip gloss be popping ballet,plus be cool remember that song yeah,there's a team on the other side as well,they might be actually on it,well,there's not a single chance at that,there's literally no chance no chance to,die here you go flying they're shooting,around yeah it's rubber how's it going,to rubber,got flying,what is he doing,did he just do the bug,yeah I just witness him do it,let's go I just witnessed him do it oh,I'm doing it wait this guy's doing it,this guy is doing it yeah he just,started doing it oh my God,foreign,wait do you know where he went or no,yeah I'm on him,I gotta just really my guns I don't know,my lip caused me popping I think you're,assassin Maddie,I'm ready we're not together literally,since the day started,the day came out brother,all right assistant,he's about to be dead,but they chase him across an entire map,as well ah 51 of them left actually,yeah I'm coming,35 150.,Ed,oh my God I love you guys,let me oh what the heck I want you I,wanted to be a singular help I'm not,even kidding,isn't it,does it have to be on me it does have to,be your brother I'm me oh he is,both of them,once I'm dead,that oh my God Chad we're so talented,yeah,the Legends yeah they're in here yeah I,see them I see him,foreign,yeah I did that's fine,dad oh my God that was crazy,he's the last guy oh it is,oh my God you're making me yep,Franco,all right what if you had a trick shot,through my guardian Shield I liked uh,you want to try that the fly I mean the,air is chasing me you shifting me,maybe like try to trick shot through my,guardianship I hit him I hit him no way,let's go Chad oh my god let's go W's in,a chair,let's go but then he's in a chat

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50 WEIRDEST Fortnite Facts

50 WEIRDEST Fortnite Facts

50 weirdest facts about fortnite,starting with epic being sued by their,own POI that turns out Coral Castle is a,real place and in 2020 the owners,weren't exactly happy about the name so,they took epic to court kind of funny,it's the most hated view live all time,that has gotta stay but it's not the,only real live crossover because in the,strangest turn of events there's,actually an official Joe Biden map in,fortnite you have to go down ice cream,slides to find Kamala Harris's sneakers,still not as weird as the secret rules,of fortnite because did you know nursery,rhymes are banned if you want to publish,a creative map you can't make content,for kids or adults and they specifically,say no nursery rhymes and no pole,dancing really wasn't expected to hear,those two things in the same sentence,today and even though you could buy,physical copies of the game through,bundles like anime Legends fortnite,originally had a disc version in 2017,which is now so rare that people have,sold it for thousands of dollars you,probably didn't know that 90 of the,entire game is mocap there's Clips out,there people dancing with umbrellas,recording to flare gun video and even,creating the default walking animations,or even more surprised about the story,of Benji fishy and his mom who was,inspired by him being so good at the,game that she started her own pro career,eventually she got such a reputation she,signed with a professional Esports team,something that definitely was a,professional is fortnite live Norwich a,festival in the UK that claimed to be,fortnite themed but ended up being a,total disaster almost 3 000 people,attended this thing which included some,archery a climbing wall and wait times,that lasted hours but one of the,attractions was a cave experience that,was actually just a trailer with grass,on it it was so bad that epic games sued,the organizers and days later they went,bankrupt not as embarrassing as the,league conversations about fortnite in,court yeah it turns out peely was a,cause for concern the lawyer asked if,there was anything inappropriate about,him being naked and epic replied it's,just a banana ma'am doesn't mean the,game is completely family friendly the,comics took things way too far in zero,War the imagine a wolverine do the,indeed and while they're laying in bed,afterwards they do it again now did you,know the John Wick crossover was,actually made because of kids harassing,Keanu Reeves apparently when the reaper,skin came out teenagers would not stop,going up to Keanu and shouting fortnite,guy fortnite guy one of the strangest,facts when it comes to llamas was only,revealed during a secret collab in Japan,fortnite did a pop-up event with a,Japanese video game store and it turns,out llamas have a hidden knife in their,legs they're also not pinatas like,everyone thinks there's a dead llama on,a campfire in the game and all that's,left is the skeleton I mean I thought,Kalama was dark but people eat these,guys I mean could this solve the secret,meat in durburger's mystery only the,developers truly know the answer but,thankfully there's a former employee who,revealed an amazing story that happened,years ago he was working late at Epic,one night and looked out the window to,see an empty parking lot except for one,person roller skating around in the dark,Tim Sweeney the CEO of Epic one of the,weirdest mistakes fortnite has ever done,is when they accidentally turned the,Devourer into a T-Rex not kidding the,comics literally show him as a regular,old dinosaur it was an accident that,they never fixed and even though epic,didn't take part in the World Cup last,month that didn't stop them from making,an appearance a player for England spent,thousands on a gaming setup that he,brought to guitar in a briefcase just to,play fortnite it's still not as strange,as the outfit that was originally meant,to appear in chapter 2. the season 5,battle pass included a man cake and,while everyone loves him it turns out,there's a different character that was,supposed to take his place and the,concept art is the derpiest thing I've,ever seen and that's nothing compared to,the time that fortnite once sold a plain,T-shirt with a logo on it for a thousand,dollars it was simply because it was a,designer brand a McDonald it's literally,just a logo a collab that had way more,effort put into it was the appearance of,Mr Beast burger at fncs but even this,went hilariously wrong throughout the,weekend the tongue of the burger fell,off three separate times and they had to,keep gluing it back on not as,embarrassing as the famous SNL skit from,2018 when they dressed up as fortnite,characters and looking back on it it's,definitely something am I doing it,when the Segway emote released a year,ago everyone thought it was pretty funny,but no one realized this was an official,collab we call these things Segways but,that's actually the name of a company,who makes them and even though tornadoes,are in the game it turns out a real life,one isn't e

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Why did Fortnite Bring This Back?

Why did Fortnite Bring This Back?

someone goes your icon skin is the only,one worth getting you hear that Scythe,my icons shooting that's crazy no no no,mine oh bro they added the Burst assault,rifle into the update I'm gonna try it,out this game yo nice let's see what's,up we should upgrade that to gold man,get a real taste for how good it is yeah,I wish I had more gold to upgraded to,Gold you know what I'm saying,damn all right hold up wait a minute oh,yeah we going baby,I feel like this is definitely better,than scar,it's 100,and my opinion is better than the,running it's a situational gun it can be,good at long range you just can't,challenge a ride out with it of course,yeah yeah um and medium close range like,I don't know it's disgusting,36 34 cracked him,decent damage,stoic almond,oh that felt good,artificial intelligence at uh at a,random spot on the map when I landed I,had eight kills in like a minute they're,all just like running at me Fool's back,baby,give me more real players,that's a real player,hey I'm beaming,let's try my chat talking about,I'm trying to keep going what is the,nickname of Chicago,Chad what is it,I know I know what you're gonna say bro,I know you're trying to get me,oh my God,what is he shooting he's shooting his,NPC,for a guy,another windy there Wendy's nuts,dude you can get Jack with that bro if,he hasn't watched the stream yeah,just like ah Chicago,the chilly City and then he'll be like,it's the Windy City,let them know bro let them know,just gotta turn the corner like he's,Paul Revere,he said the British are coming the,British are coming we got trouble,make it double,there's people zipping out across right,there,on my way,broad render now bro they're weak he's,on the ground one was on the ground,one's close,poor guy I didn't know where to look,that's when you gotta crank your uh your,sensitivity and just start doing 360s,in front of us right below us as well,you guys remind me,all right kind of beaming kind of,beaming with the burst and it's only,green,whoa really yeah,in a car,to your right to your right temperature,glitch please I don't want to just, okay it's already back,not Southeast,across the street yep thank you,stole my kill bro what I took bro I was,I had a proper Center damage oh I found,a purple Famas let's go on it,okay let's go,doing some damage now that's what I'm,talking about oh,yesterday I got killed uh driving in a,truck and the person in the passenger,seat was swinging their pickaxe at me,and I realized there's a technique to do,that,and you're not I know you're not,supposed to be able to hit people when,you're into something if you if you,start swinging your pickaxe before you,enter the car and then you enter and you,keep you keep it holding that like held,down you see you hear me swinging in the,backseat right now,see that that's what's happening,push me into them,your your trip your journey ends here,the guy right here behind the tree,I got shot in the hip by the way on the,way here I can't chase it because I'm,literally just I'm just I'm in,the ground and I can't get out,oh on top of the hill,all right it's fixed again,it's so cringe dude,I also hate Alexander you just slide you,just don't slide just like glitch on the,ground yeah my brother text me he goes,he goes they brought the hammer back and,all the glitches are still here the only,good to remove is the one I I tied that,guy,they only removed the one that uh,gives you the infinite Hammer,now with the way you're talking bro,they're not gonna give you a new edit,style you need to watch your tone a,little bit to give you the pink ninja,edit style you'll never give me the pink,page I'll never get another episode's,gonna be like this forever but by the,way it's one of the greatest things,literally is literally is it's uh one of,the greatest,one of the guys for sure run up there,with um Laughlin,chica,uh Neymar,he's in the roof,um,not dead but you guys definitely hurt,oh,dude can you shoot this guy got,him,did Loki like some of my like favorite,memories was like coming home after a,workout like early morning workout I got,my Chipotle,and I'm watching some H1Z1 before going,live the playlist goes online,I'll hop in between you Summit angry pug,uh the pugs started yeah,this guy actually Jamie's real,oh one shot,gamer,this guy's setting up everything on fire,193 I'm going in,excuse me sir,you can have us I have a word with you,DG

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Who Can Survive 50 Hours Of Fortnite Arena Challenge With Brothers!

Who Can Survive 50 Hours Of Fortnite Arena Challenge With Brothers!

in today's video we are going to be,attempting to survive 50 hours of,fortnite Arena this video gets very,intense so make sure you guys watch,until the end the winner gets 500 cash,drop a like hit the Subscribe button use,code one one but CSU in the fortnite,item shop and let's get into this Banger,video all right number fam we are here,right now it's the start of the 50 hours,minimum are you ready bro get right on,the tire there did you sleep last night,no my luck is bad I'm I'm gonna lose,birthday guys so everyone comment a,little happy birthday to many lava,you're doing a 50 hour challenge on your,birthday how do you feel it's probably,the worst birthday activity I've ever,done all right guys so there's all these,amounts of money here to buy your snacks,to survive the 50 hours there's ten,dollars uh ten dollars fifteen fifteen,five five and then there's one one,dollar so if you get that on your,birthday bro are you ready happy,birthday many three two I'm gonna lose,this I already know all right bro 50,hours bro let's see oh,yeah the lowest chance of getting a,dollar he got on his birthday,that's actually dude I feel bad bro so,what are you doing,you had a dollar hey,all right reaction so he got a dollar,bro come on at least get five or ten,dollars you know what I mean are you,ready for this three two one,fine,I'm still bad I don't know why you're,happy if it's 15 it's ring if your 15 is,Big 15 come on you already know,I think I messed up so you already got,five so I can't get five either okay I,guess,okay it just messed up R15,. oh my god let's go all right guys 50,hours we're gonna be sleeping in this,video showering brushing our teeth so,we're basically gonna be like with you,guys for the next 50 hours playing,fortnite if you guys enjoy Drop Like,subscribe happy birthday many and let's,go all right Diamond fan we are here at,um Dollar Store where basically the only,thing anyone we could buy is at this,place what could I even get from you,so like what do you want to do you want,to eat air you want at least get,something for a dollar yeah I don't know,I'll find something I'll find a plant,all right bro one dollar to go what do,you want bro what do you want one dollar,I have idea I have ideas for her over,there okay there's a dollar 25 you can't,even I'll give you five cents I give it,a quarter but I think you should get a,sour pickle I swear to God that's good,I'm not gonna give you a 25 cents unless,you get a pickle that's the only thing,yeah there's this other chips you're,like look these chips are fake bro no,one wants these look cheese Doodles,that's not even Cheetos,on this fake Takis those are good,okay,um you want to give him a dollar,reaction extra dollars okay I'll give,him a dollar I'll give him a dollar okay,that's it that's it nothing else okay,actually I'll give you might get you a,drink I'm ready bro what the I'm ready,what are you doing dude are you serious,there's at least a hundred something,dollars in this bro I got cheese balls,for days 50 hours all right guys it's,currently raining we're at Target,reactions right here you know we have a,good budget song we should be fine here,where's Minnie,why is he depressed all right since I,have 15 I'm getting a box of chips right,box oh that is actually smart I'll get,this because it has different flavors in,it okay,so I have three dollars left bro that's,actually expensive that's expensive but,look how much chips are in here it could,last you like yeah yeah all right bro,five dollars so you're on a budget but,you could get something good bro what do,you want a bunch of chips here bro I'm,not gonna get these like four dollars,that's too much you need a drink,you need something for like three,dollars three dollars,come on,popcorn popcorn 288.80 I get a drink now,okay perfect what are you doing,oh the work,all right I'm a fan we're finally back,home about to get started with the,challenge I have my snacks right here so,basically if you guys can see I have a,whole pack of chips it's about eleven,dollars right here then we have a dollar,pack of these beef jerky stuff and then,this is a dollar two so it's almost 15,right there next up got their reaction,stuff he has the Takis popcorn beef,jerky and also a Starbucks vanilla mocha,moving we have many of all this stuff,right here it's like Takis but it's like,a rip-off it's called Fiera,those are bad bro it looks like Takis,but let's take a rip-off version of it,yeah I want to try it myself but then he,got a pickle,um I bought the sperm just because I,felt bad for him he could drink the,juice out of it yeah yeah where's he,bro are you that depressed,pickles,all right we're trying the big Takis see,how it tastes before we go on at the,challenge let's go get it three two oh,wait three two one go,yeah pretty good out of ten probably,like a,talking Center ten this is like a like a,seven seven yeah all right guys so we,are here about playing some Arena I'm,kind of thirsty so um I donated a drink,to Manuela an

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Epic Games LISTENED!

Epic Games LISTENED!

a lot of fortnite's biggest updates were,actually inspired by the community,including an update I inspired a few,years ago and I even have a DM from epic,to prove it so the fortnite locker,system has come a long way from the very,beginning and we recently got an update,in 2022 giving us the locker Loadout,presets but take a look at this a user,on Reddit Pond zip actually posted this,UI concept for the preset system and,this looks exactly like what we have in,game today like so it shows how much,epic really appreciated this concept and,applied it pretty much exactly as it was,into the game and that wasn't the only,thing that was inspired from Reddit a,user named ifross Origins posted his,first game in fortnite chapter two he,basically went down the waterfall and,fell to his death but here's where it,gets interesting someone from epic,commented on this post and not too long,after epic decided to honor This Moment,by adding a gravestone for this player,and it actually stayed there for a few,seasons this next one is extremely,interesting a sidekick ninja posted on,Reddit five years ago and this post did,not even get that much traction only two,upvotes and like 15 comments and he said,I had this idea how about shopping carts,in fortnite it carries someone who can,shoot and the other person pushes and it,only improves your speed by like 1.2 x,so it's not really that fast what do you,guys think now this is crazy because not,too long after this post we eventually,did get shopping carts as the first,vehicle in fortnite and this is very,unique there's no shopping carts in,other games that are used as Vehicles so,someone from epic must have seen this,and then added it to the game so this,next one is hilarious and some teacher,posted on Reddit his name is Mr Hillman,and he was complaining that too many,kids were playing fortnite on their,mobile devices during his class so he,was asking epic to add some sort of note,or tool tip not to play fortnite at,school and epic went one step further,and they actually added a tool tip that,says Mr Hillman says stop playing in,class they actually added his name,imagine how cool it would be to be in,his class and be playing fortnite and,then getting that tool tip now something,even cooler is having your own item,concept come into the game and that's,what happened with vault tech CEO on,Reddit he posted a legendary version of,the bandage bazooka and it's a concept,that turns it into a chug Cannon bazooka,which we now know as the Exotic chug,Cannon and honestly it looks exactly,like the Chug cannon with some minor,changes now this is one we haven't had,to worry about for a while but if you're,an OG you remember the traps in fortnite,and honestly I think they're a thing of,the past now especially with what we saw,happen to the launch pad but back then,the traps the spike ones in particular,you couldn't tell if they were friendly,or not if your teammate place them or,someone else plays them and these things,used to haunt you like you would walk,into every door and look up at the,ceiling so you need to know quickly if,it was a good trap or a bad trap and so,here he posted a suggestion on Reddit,that would have the enemy trap look a,little bit more orange and the friendly,trap have like a Bluer tint to it so you,could know which one is which and this,is exactly what epic ended up adding to,the game we haven't had traps since,chapter two and honestly I don't think,they're ever coming back at least not,the way they were so dances and emotes,are a huge part of fortnite so it only,makes sense that as they added more of,these dances we needed more ways to,express ourselves before we were limited,to just six dances and emotes that's it,and we didn't have like a scroll wheel,so zangamaru on Reddit actually posted a,suggestion and it's basically additional,scroll wheels or additional emotes and,epic ended up adding the feature that we,have right now where you can scroll and,have like favorites and other different,tabs rather than having only six emotes,and being stuck into six this next one,is a little bit of an easier prediction,but the way this concept was set up was,very close to what we got in chapter,four dank fortniteer on Reddit posted,the dirt bike concept and it's the,wackiness with the chapter 2's realistic,feel and we didn't end up getting the,dirt bike until all the way in chapter,four now could this have just been a,lucky prediction or did epic actually,see this concept the exact vehicle we,ended up getting two chapters later so,it could have been a lucky guess but,maybe somebody saw this and that's what,leaned them in that direction a lot of,skins we have in the game are actually,fan Concepts that epic really likes and,then ends up adding to the game did you,know one of the most iconic skins of,chapter 2 was actually a fan concept,that's exactly what happened with meows,Rex sadio ended up turning him into a,buff cat and submitted this as a skin,concept on Reddit and ended up getting,

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I Used CHEATS in a Hide and Seek Tournament! (Fortnite Chapter 4)

I Used CHEATS in a Hide and Seek Tournament! (Fortnite Chapter 4)

today we're playing fortnite Prop Hunt,hide and seek but here is the catch,anytime I miss and I think something's a,prop and I shoot it and it's not I take,damage but if I'm right I get some of,that Health back so this person right,here obviously was a little bit lost and,now I'm up to five Shields my goal is to,not die one of these things has to be a,prop so I'm gonna try one,two look I'm taking damage three they're,all real,bro I don't land here enough to know,that okay how about that so I'm down to,90 Health okay,oh this is,really yeah that's all Lucky okay we got,five of our health back sometimes when,you turn into a prop for some reason it,makes you really big uh now here's,another thing I do have three lifelines,there are three hidden peelys out there,and if I eliminate them they all have,shields that I can use that's the only,way I can heal myself besides finding,the right prop now this is like sticking,through the walls that's not a person,oh it was a person,we're already done it,this person lost their prop or something,what are you doing back there,hmm these barrels look suspicious,dang I do have two little cheat codes,too I have a thermal fish and I have a,Recon scanner so I can only use either,one one time,see I see people running off in the,distance some people are still not in,prop mode what are you doing,I gotta make sure I don't miss my shot,when I shoot as well because oh,wait,I took two shots to kill that guy what,was that uh that's a person I'm doing,I'm doing a decent job but right now,like I can play it safe since there's a,lot of obvious props but it's gonna get,a little a little spicy,uh there's no way there's two chairs,over here,at,that's,that's a real chair that's the real,chair right he,I'm not shooting it I'm not shooting it,I gotta be smart,this bucket is why would they have a,bucket like on top of the table,ah they had a bucket on top of the table,no no no this can't be happening,chairs like sideways,what,oh we got two right this box looks,big that is a real box it might be tied,to use a cheat code it might be time I,don't know we're down to 73. is there,usually two bikes over here,ah,wait oh that I thought for maybe oh my,God all right all right if I'm gonna use,this thermal fish I need to get really,high up,I need to do it from where I can see,everything,it's ruining me,come on,no,dude look at him look at him,no I forgot I can't you talking to me,Rex no just you just look good on that,roof dude I just I just pickaxe twice I,forgot I can't I can't use things to,break in no dude,this is okay now it's getting bad now,it's getting bad,no no that's not real that's not real,that's not real,oh what,what ah this is no way there's no,okay I'm getting nervous bro I'm getting,nervous who's moving I hear someone,stomping around upstairs,the hell is this all right we're getting,some health out we're getting some,health back all right guys we are,restricting the player area now you're,only allowed to be in the two castles,and the bridge that connects the two,castles you guys one minute to move to,the new area bro I see the vending,machine moving on the mini map that is,the worst prop you could possibly be all,right time to hunt what is this you guys,built some stuff I can't break through,I'm gonna lose Health to get to get to,you,wait,wait I was Bamboozled this wasn't here,this was not here,all right we got some help back,that torch don't look right,yeah why would there be a torch on the,ground,ah,yes yes you better watch yourself,oh you got God wait why is it taking me,three shots hit that guy are you kidding,me I lost more help,what the hell are you doing here boy,making last second adjustments they're,getting nervous,Banner looks sussy,it's on the inside,hi okay some of you have health and it's,it's hurting me,what is the ball doing,hey man,you know you're not a prop right,man was lost,the hell,all right,we're getting our health back what am I,hearing right now bro what am I hearing,what am I hearing who's up here hey,speaking a lot of noise,that animal crate that animal crate,ain't right the animal crating ain't,right,ah I'm so smart,should have known should have known okay,someone has to have been smart enough to,come up here because I checked this area,no,this guy's not smart enough huh,I don't know what happened there oh dude,dude we need to forget right somebody,turned into the vending machine did they,did they stay as a vending machine ow,all right I'm getting I'm getting,terrible news right now that all my,lifelines the peelys have been,eliminated due to a weird sliding bug so,I will not be getting any lifelines I,have to clear this out I'm using my last,power up the Recon scanner let me just,shoot it once I need to figure out a way,to shoot this and get the most out of it,I don't know what the best way to do,this I ah I don't know I don't know hold,up,okay okay okay okay I gotta go I gotta,go,now we're talking,now we're talking now everyone's running,now everyone's playing believ

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