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BUYING & RATING YOUTUBER'S ONLY FANS!many fans wait for content creators to,earn money from users wh


Updated on Jan 28,2023


many fans wait for content creators to,earn money from users who subscribe to,their content according to only fans,whether you're uploading tutorial tips,behind-the-scenes footage or just,endless selfies a lot of your followers,will be willing to pay for them but we,all know only fans is used for one thing,to sell your pictures and videos content,creators charge a monthly subscription,from $4.99 to $49.99 which means the,more followers you have the more money,you make per month now it seems like so,many different YouTube creators are,using only fans some people that you did,know like Trisha Paytas how many only,fans followers do you have subscribers,Oh twelve thousand Wow twelve thousand,and and what do they pay you per month,what's the membership in it like didn't,we see just recently was like twelve,bucks a month or even ASMR artists are,doing only fans like heathered effect,ASMR I had no idea about this but the,twitch streamer amarant has only fans,but probably the most notable people are,Belle Delphine and Tana mojo so today I,want to go through some of their only,fan accounts and rate them what's going,on guys welcome back to the ashen show,everyone knows about only fans by now,but not everybody wants to pay to,actually look at the content like you,might note an emoji Oh Jake Paul's,ex-wife but I'm pretty sure you know,willing to pay for her only fans well,it's okay I got you,so who we have here we have Trisha,Paytas heathered ASMR Belle Delphine,amaranth and Tana mo Chou moon jao mangu,and let's rank they're only fans,accounts okay first we're gonna go with,Trisha Paytas because I'm assuming it's,the worst,welcome to Trish e land where it's,playtime all the time four dollars a,month $4.99 very nice yeah I'm watching,a Trisha Paytas video currently I can't,even play the sound this is in snow she,looks like somebody's struggling to get,over a fence,I shouldn't have included her in the,list I'm traumatized for life definitely,F okay heathered ASMR she is 225,thousand subscribers on YouTube she,makes nice soothing ASMR videos I,actually watch her ASMR Channel that's,why I was so shocked when I found out,only fans / only fans account or you can,buy bundles 46 24 three months or 79 24,6 months,what a deal subscribe for 1654 30 days,limited time often that's 25% off that's,high way higher than Trisha Paytas ok so,it starts off she's sitting on the edge,of her sink interesting oh sorry I,forgot to explain this nothing on the,bottom,then just a nice little selfie into the,mirror holding one of the bosoms seems,like a lot of lewd content here a lot of,shots in the robes just coming out of,the shower but it's not too risque,if you've leaves a little to the,imagination if you know what I mean but,like just the right amount for her fans,to be like hmm maybe I'll pay sixteen,dollars for this,heathered ASMR I don't know that's,thicker a solid C in between C and D,doesn't show too much doesn't show too,little now we get into the heavy hitters,the popular people people that you may,know I'm a rant for instance,oh she's live right now where's she,doing brushing her hair,I hope wrongs will work today there's a,thousand people watching her brush her,hair 1.6 million followers on Twitch,300,000 subscribers on YouTube oh she,even has an ASMR Channel two hundred and,seventy four thousand people know who,she is she does a lot names because,she's constantly getting banned for,accidental like slips wow she has a,bundle 50% off 38:22 for three months,holy smokes you crazy,Oh 1274 for 30 day how is she coming up,with these denominations one-day,discount get it before it's gone okay,tap that hard if you're ready for the,free video I just DMD you okay it's not,free you're paying for it it's important,to stay subscribe so you don't miss free,videos I will be sending them randomly,going forward always check your DM,amaranthus chillin hair on the bed,that's nice,playing a little bit with the fun banks,that's fun she's covering the nips doing,some stretches it's always good to,stretch out it looks like she's doing a,bikini hole that was disappointing and,she does more on our patreon she also,has a patreon,over-promised under-delivered I'm so,sorry you're gonna have to BD and now,it's time for our good friend Bell,Delphine Belle Duffy 1.3 9 million,subscribers I talked about this little,before and I swear she does this every,day everyone else they seem to do it,everyone and once in a while they'll,post a video or a pic but Bella Delphine,she's online right now like she's,constantly doing this $35 a month so far,this is the highest amount meeting up,with some friends of mine I haven't seen,in a while today I'm sleeping in their,spare bedroom tonight so maybe I'll,sneak Li take some ludes I was three,days ago she's on the ball she's here,for her subscribers she has 529 photos,like how hard-working are you she opened,this like a month ago already 75,000,fans smell the fiend just has such a,good time with it,chilling with broccoli in her h

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Am I The Only One Seeing This On Tik Tok Live..?

Am I The Only One Seeing This On Tik Tok Live..?

no but seriously what the is tick,tock live right now tik tok has a live,feature i'm sure you know probably,because after scrolling a handful of,videos tick tock has most likely,suggested a live to you the same way,they do with ads now i don't know by you,guys i never click on them i don't watch,tick tock lives but recently those live,suggestions have been somewhat peculiar,some might even call it the is this,so one of the lives that were suggested,to me was this woman in bed and the,camera's lifted she's on her back and,she was just,bobbing the entire time which i don't,know how many of you have laid in bed,not a common movement it takes you all,but a few seconds to realize oh you're,pretending to get railed,for views just a nice little,make-believe dick down what's your first,time and yes in comparison to the other,tick-tock live audience numbers,she was up there whether it be due to,sheer curiosity or,the other reason the demographic that,she has definitely found half of the,live comments were you don't got to do,this girl this is a kids app what am i,watching and uh the other half were ooh,sexy lady a gift if you go faster damn,i wish lucha was there,what's that you want more details i,gotcha the woman that i saw was actually,talking to chad but that does not mean,that she wasn't finagling in some deep,huffs,some dry mouth smacks,you know to keep the buckos entertained,now this type of tiptoeing the line of,tos is nothing new with platforms that,have live streaming features,so yeah this isn't breaking news,evacuate call your parents it's just,that i've never seen it quite like this,now you guys might have already seen,that lady reading a book in bed on her,stomach while there's a dude just,palming her head like a spalding it's,almost like he can't get like the right,grip on her it's like a it's,like a claw machine all while she's,trying to read distracting if anything,kind of rude but he's just ad-libbing in,the back the entire time and he's like,damn chapter two already they should,really flesh out that character more i,wasn't able to screen record the first,one that i referenced because my phone,had no storage but after erasing all the,mobile games that i played so much i was,able to catch another one in the wild,hey this was supposed to be a sponsored,segment here there is going to be,another sponsor but upon discovering the,nature of the video they refused to be a,part of it it's almost like they had no, clue who they were giving money,to it's weird i'm not gonna say their,name because we might still be able to,salvage something and aside from,inconvenience and time wasted it's kind,of funny good news is though this video,is sponsored by vance global now check,out their new thc zero gummies i want to,read you the last part of their product,description our edibles are designed to,make sure you have the best night of,your life alright enough reading it's,time to turn up hit the bass dj,i would normally make fun of that but,that's just that's just so cute that's,precious don't ever change that guys,leave that in there hit the bass dj,someone's just reading this right now,and they're like he's right dude,we get six of them oh yeah no but vance,global's lit they're a sponsor that,always works with me and they don't give,a about what i do or say in the ads,and code mr gigi gives you 20 off one of,the very rare sponsors that gives you,like a crazy discount like that no one's,people just aren't lobbing out 20 off,discount codes code mr gigi 20 off,that's vance global dot com vance global,dot com,this woman was also reading a book fast,as too i mean she's reading like 20,pages at once that you ty lopez there's,no rule,either so i flip through the pages one,time i like to go through three times,and she's just casually getting a quad,workout at the same time two birds one,rock hard dick on the other side of the,screen i think the inclusion of the book,is so funny to me because i don't think,she has it there as a meme i feel like,this is legitimately their court defense,your honor,i should not be banned i'm not,pretending to ride on a hog i'm just so,giddy to read,roots as if a tick tock moderator is,like a npc hey wait a second,this is oh what's that at the very,bottom of the screen ,rojasosaurus yeah it chucks out i,decided to just jump into the tick tock,live side which i didn't even know you,could do until like four days ago and,there is unfortunately a much more,creepy version of what i've been,describing and that's just someone's bed,sheets paired with rapid movement shot,on a bell pepper this one's the most,uncomfortable to me because you don't,know who's behind the camera who they,are how old they are they're just there,trying to bait the down bad hall of fame,it's just very unsettling then i came,across a black screen with someone,making some smacking noises a couple huh,for good measure apparently using that,as a billboard for the teaser trailer of,what's actually happening on another,streaming app th

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foopahh layers of fear stream highlights

foopahh layers of fear stream highlights

i don't want to move from here,it feels real it won't be here,well it looks like the stream's ending,go towards the sound,well i'm a minority i don't go towards,sounds,here,now when i do i'm stuck,here forever this already is like a hard,nightmare,just being stuck in a room with no wi-fi,how dare you how am i gonna make tick,tocks,okay,why is this game moving so fast,this had no reason to be going this fast,and being this loud ,yeah whisper in my ear make love to me,oh child,okay when does this game end,uh christ,it's a lovely house it would probably go,for like,i don't remember my discord password,okay found it,you

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10 Physical Traits Men Subconsciously Find Attractive in a Woman

10 Physical Traits Men Subconsciously Find Attractive in a Woman

Brainy Dose Presents:,10 Physical Traits Men Subconsciously Find Attractive in A Woman,Have you ever wondered what men really notice in a woman and what they find the most attractive?,While it's true that a person's character is more important than how they look, there's,no denying that first impressions matter.,It turns out there are certain physical traits that men subconsciously look for in a woman.,If this aroused your curiosity, stay tuned because several studies have determined what,most men find attractive in potential partners.,Here's what they found:,Number 1 - Small Waist to Hip Ratio,Wide hips are one of the most well-known physical characteristics men desire in women.,However, there's more to it than that.,Researchers say that men prefer a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.67 to 0.80 which is considered,the ideal ratio for childbearing.,Less than that might indicate that a woman is unfit for childbirth; more than that could,signal possible fertility issues linked to being overweight.,Number 2 - Healthy Hair,A woman's hair is actually one of the first things that men notice.,This is in line with scientific findings, which suggest that men subconsciously consider,hair an indicator of health.,Typically, healthy women have lustrous hair which, from a biological perspective, implies,that they are capable of nursing potential offspring.,Number 3 - Large Eyes,According to research, men find bigger eyes to be more appealing and more attractive.,They associate larger eyes with femininity, good health, and youth.,Larger eyes are also a sign that a woman has higher levels of the female hormone estrogen,,which would make her more reproductively fit.,Number 4 - Glowing Skin,Smooth, glowing skin is a sign of youth and good lifestyle choices.,And nice skin is actually one of the few immediate indicators of good health that men will notice!,A woman with good skin appears to maintain a healthy diet and is less likely to engage,in substance abuse.,While that is a desirable trait in and of itself, there's also the added benefit of,radiant skin being an indication of fertility.,Number 5 - High-Pitched Voice,According to studies, men prefer women with a high-pitched voice, which once again is,linked to higher estrogen levels and therefore, is perceived as more youthful and feminine.,In addition to having a higher-pitched voice, women with high estrogen levels have been,shown to have better ovulation rates, more regular periods, and more suitable uterine,and cervical environments for pregnancy.,Likewise, this correlation goes hand-in-hand with the fact that features connected to reproductive,capacity are also seen as attractive.,Number 6 - White Teeth and A Big Smile,White teeth are not only a sign of health, but good genes, too.,Some even equate white teeth with having a better social position, which is seen as more,attractive.,Healthy, white teeth also make you smile more, and a big smile is something that men find,very attractive for a couple of reasons.,For one, a smiling woman is more approachable than one who is frowning.,And second, a smile has been linked to agreeability.,Something men prefer in women.,Number 7 - Facial Symmetry,There appears to be some math and science underlying beauty standards and what men find,appealing.,And that's because facial symmetry is rather important.,Facial symmetry means that a face is equal on both sides and it indicates that a person,has good genes.,Lopsidedness, on the other hand, has been linked to bad genes and poor health.,And why is this so important?,Because, of course, men subconsciously want women to give them good offspring!,To be fair, guys aren't the only ones who seek symmetry.,Women also prefer men with symmetrical facial features since they indicate superior genes.,Number 8 - Natural Beauty,This one may disappoint women who spend a ton of money on cosmetics and countless hours,in front of the mirror applying their makeup.,Don’t shoot the messenger.,But the truth is, guys actually prefer significantly less makeup than you would think!,In fact, research shows that men find women who wear less makeup to be more attractive,than women who wear more makeup.,Guys seem to favour natural beauty, since it is a good predictor of what attributes,will be handed down to their offspring.,Number 9 - Average Looks,Most women strive to look better than average yet, according to multiple studies, 'average',is exactly what men want.,They prefer women with average features, referring to how similar faces are to the general population.,And there’s an explanation for this.,Evolutionary biologists say that women with mathematically average features display a,more diverse gene pool which makes them more attractive.,In fact, there's something genetically driving all of us to seek the average.,Basically, our brains pick up people's faces in our environments and average out looks,so we have a mental image of the typical face.,Therefore, it goes without saying that women also look for men with averag

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Floor Total Body Workout - No Equipment No Impact Floor Workout (40 MINUTES!)

Floor Total Body Workout - No Equipment No Impact Floor Workout (40 MINUTES!)

if you're ready for a workout that will,improve your posture,positivity and performance then this,floorbar,no impact routine is just for you,hello my friend and welcome to my,youtube channel,my name is caroline jordan and i'm a,certified health and fitness coach,here to teach you how to use movement as,medicine,on my channel you'll find a variety of,video content designed to help you live,your very,best life so if you haven't done so,already please consider subscribing to,the channel,and hitting that little notification,bell so we stay connected when i upload,feel good fitness content it's just for,you,this floor bar routine goes out to one,of my patreons,she requested another longer full-length,floor bar,workout that she could do to help with,her posture and just,all-around fitness level so this fitness,video,is a non-impact pilates and dance,inspired workout,it's designed for all levels but as,always you'll want to check with your,doctor,or physical therapist before starting,this or any exercise routine,honor your body move mindfully and stop,if you feel,any pain so if you've already hit like,on this video,brought out your mat and your positive,attitude let's get started,laying onto our back so we'll begin with,a few pelvic tilts to warm up the spine,and then move into some bridging so when,you're ready,hands are down by your sides you're,going to come into a neutral spine with,a slight,arch slight space between your spine and,the mat,and then from here going to imprint,where you curl the pelvis under,press the back flat we'll try a few more,of those,inhale neutral spine and,exhale imprint good,few more inhale to neutral,exhale imprint this helps you start to,gently engage the core and you should,feel your stomach engage,as you move between neutral,and imprint position good,two more inhale,and exhale last one,inhale neutral and exhale imprint,from here i want you to keep that in,print tuck your tail,and curl your hips up off the floor as,you reach your arms back,over your head coming into a bridge,position,slowly lower hands and hips,beautiful inhale stretch and reach,and exhale lower just want to take this,opportunity to thank you for being here,for taking time out of your day to take,care of yourself,with some feel good fitness and also for,spending time with me,because i don't take your time lightly,it's a gift to be able to spend time,together,and it's an even bigger gift to be able,to be healthy,and moving good let's take two more,you're starting to feel a little bit,warmer inhaling up,exhaling down last one,inhale reach and stretch,and exhale lower from here take your,arms down by your sides,press your arms into the floor and bring,your legs up into a tabletop position,squeeze your tummy we'll start with two,toe taps and two bicycles it looks like,this,we go toe top toe tap,bicycle bicycle again,down and down reach the leg,out and out so floor bar is a little bit,of a dance,and as much of a dance as it is a,workout,so as you press those arms firmly into,the floor,and move through the leg motions you,should feel your abs start to wake up,and maybe you're even starting to sweat,or glisten a little bit,keep breathing and moving and if you'd,like to try something different,you can bring your shoulders up off the,floor,as you move through this now i find it's,really helpful to press my arms,down into the ground as i exercise,because it helps me stay out of my low,back,now everybody's body is so different so,as you move make adjustments so that you,can feel this,in the right spots breathe,you go tap and tap,and extend and extend option,three reaching the arms up off the floor,keep breathing as you lengthen today's,workout has so much core strength woven,in,to every movement so even if we're doing,something like a bridge,or a lower back exercise you're going to,feel those,abs working along with you good,let's do one more we go tap,and tap reach and lengthen,and lengthen lower the head if you,haven't lifted,your legs up into the air and cross your,right leg,over your left from here you're going to,reverse,curl lower the legs down switch the legs,come up,and curl so we lower switch,curl lower switch curl,now if the straight leg option is too,much for you,you can absolutely do this with that,legs like so,so remember you don't have to do what,everyone else is doing,you can make workouts need to be what,you need to be doing,keep breathing we reach lower,switch reach lower switch,remember smiling is very advanced so as,you move,try to make those creases of your mouth,turn,upwards it helps good let's try,four more cross and reach,and move at a pace that feels good to,your body floor bar is all about feeling,good,last one and relax,bring your legs down knees point towards,the ceiling reach your arms back,behind your head we're going to do a,slow sit up,so you curl your shoulders off the floor,arms by your sides,scoop up lift up all the way and come up,with your arms over your head and lower,down,as you reach your

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Making Hip Pads!

Making Hip Pads!

hello,welcome back to my channel so today's,gonna be a little bit of a,different video one i'm filming you know,on a friday instead of a saturday my,normal filming day it's been changed up,a little bit because i,have been off work since yesterday so,thursday the day,thanksgiving day and then now today is,friday black friday so i'm off thursday,friday,obviously saturday sunday so i'm like,well i've got some time why don't i just,go ahead,and film the video that i was going to,on saturday and do it today on friday i,hope that everyone had a,wonderful black friday a wonderful,thanksgiving spent with,family friends and just spreading love,and lots of food i know,i think i i didn't need to light a lot,but i didn't eat a lot of different,things i ate a lot of like,one or two things so i little velveeta,shelves uh mac and cheese,chicken nuggets bread,deviled eggs and mashed potatoes so lots,of carbs,you know lots of carbs that's the one,time that i'm like yes carb carb carb,up and so i carved up and ate that and,i was in a food coma i felt like for the,whole day and then today which is black,friday,i've awakened from my slumber from my,food coma,and then i went shopping i don't know,why i went into like,a russian accent more romanian accent i,think it's partly because i've been,watching hemlock growth,so today is going to be a little bit of,a different video because,the reason i'm saying this and,practicing is because it's not anything,makeup related but it is still,art ish related because it's dragged so,um i,plan i filmed a couple of snippets of me,making hit pads a long time ago,all right like months ago so um this,week is going to be hip hop without,further ado,let's get into this video okay guys so,this is gonna be a little bit hard to,film because there's my like filming,station there but like,i'm against the wall here and with my,like big mattress foam pad here,so i'm gonna try my best to like do this,so a lot of people are like oh my god,okay like you have to,take your pen or pencil whatever pin and,draw,out and measure it to your hips girl you,can do that but honestly,we're just gonna go ham and just draw,with that being said,let's draw the shape okay now i have it,cut out um so this is what it looks like,here,and so like you can't even see it girl,okay look,this is so hard to film on my phone you,can't even see anything this part here,that it protrudes,if you can see see how it protrudes more,out here,that's the part that's going to go,around your butt now this part i'll,probably end up like cutting a little,bit more,you want this part here where it's going,to be on your hip,that's where women's hips are obviously,the most voluptuous is here in their hip,region,um so and this is where we want it to,protrude the most in the middle so when,you're cutting and blending the seamless,edges so we're going to go around,i'm not going to do it on camera because,i can't hold it but i'm just going to go,around,and then do that and then to where this,is the tallest part,here and then it kind of fades and,tapers out into nothing here it's very,important to do that so it'll blend out,into your tights and it won't do there,won't be like a harsh edge here where,you're like oh wow ooh,like that's obviously a hip pad because,we don't want that,at all so i'm going to go ahead and do,that off camera and then come back to,you guys,so you can see i promise it'll make,sense once you actually see what it,looks like after i cut it,okay so i have finished one pad i'm just,going to show you guys this pad,here and then it's obviously applicable,to the other side,but when you do the other side make sure,that um when you get this at walmart,make sure that this pad this part of the,pad like the,pleated part is on the inside like,facing you on you like that,and then if you look you can see the,topography that i made with the center,part,being the thickest part and it kind of,just,goes up from there and i need to thin,that out the edges but that's basically,what it should look like and if you look,at it with that,you should see that the center part is,the thickest one,yeah the center part is the thickest and,um yeah and then the edges are the,thinnest and you want that so that when,you put the tides on it'll compress it,and then it'll make the,edges look really smooth and then,obviously the most protruding part is,the hip area and the most important,thing when you're cutting it,is definitely taking the scissors and,making sure the edges are as thin as,possible,um but it's a lot of back and forth so,like as you're doing this and doing the,shape,there's no one-size-fits-all just you,know be,creative in the sense of like or not,creative just like,kind of do-it-yourself mentality where,you just like keep putting it,in on your on your hip and you put on,some times and you keep looking,and you adjust accordingly i think,that's the best way to do it then being,like measure from here to here,girl i don't know how to do that i just,do it until it

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Sitting Down With Egg After His "Heart Attack" | My Old Gamestop Boss

Sitting Down With Egg After His "Heart Attack" | My Old Gamestop Boss

so guys look so i was working at,gamestop one time as i do now gamestop i,want to die look we got to get that out,of the way right away gamestop is,terrible if you don't know that right,away then you probably have never been,on my channel before and you should be,ashamed,but look look i worked at gamestop one,time now i told a story one time about,how my my boss egg got a hernia removed,and was out for six months,he was out for six whole months and then,came back and took the glory away of,partying in vegas for my ass because i,was gonna get to go but he came back,three days before and then he got the,fly to vegas so my ass had to stay at,home and be sad,no dude no one day i was working at,gamestop,and you know it was eggs off day all,right and then i get a call out of,nowhere all right i get a call out of,nowhere my phone be ringing off the hook,hey,hey you gotta work tomorrow morning,because again was supposed to work and,i'm like dude what's going on,egg apparently was playing basketball,disclaimer egg love to play basketball i,do not understand this,now like no dude more power to the guy,this is more of a bright spot on the egg,not a rotten spot all right not one of,the smelly tasteless spots one of the,delicious ass spots about egg the dude,actually like to play basketball that's,kind of cool now the fact that he could,play basketball and be like 500 pounds,and not immediately lose weight was a,testament to how much food that dude put,inside his hole because like you got to,balance that out this dude was,putting down 20k calories that's a big,ass deal but no dude this dude was,playing basketball and just collapsed,while they're playing basketball now,you're asking yourself why the hell is,this dude playing basketball in the,first damn place,that's very important why was he playing,basketball,like it's pretty obvious you're gonna,die immediately at any point,that's like that's like a little kid,in like vietnam running through the,forest,you gonna step on a mine eventually and,turn into like a mist a red,delicious mist all right then the,vulture is gonna be cleaning up your ass,for like two months that was egg he was,the little asian boy in the minefield,why are you out in the minefield baby,get back in the damn sweatshop you don't,belong here you're gonna die the dude,collapses to the ground so an ambulance,comes and gets his ass and they had to,get one of those extendo ones not really,i'm just being an it was,probably a normal ambulance but he's a,big guy so i thought it would be,hilarious to make jokes about this but,you know how it is sometimes,sometimes you gotta do things no bruh,this dude goes to the hospital and i,don't hear about anything that's going,on in his life for a week i assumed he,was dead,because that's what you do and my dumb,ass is like all right well that sucks,that he's dead but at least i get to be,store manager now right,no,dude comes back now look i know egg when,things like this happens to egg when,things like this happens to egg he tends,to survive,and by that i mean he will take the,tragedy of almost dying and he'll milk,that ass like a giant delicious fat ass,cow fair life milk,the goat by the way doesn't ever go,rotten all right unlike eggs ass okay he,milks that thing for everything you can,get and he just stays gone see boys at,the store working alone every day,wondering i guess eggs never coming home,because i heard he was fine and he's not,dead but he's not here working so your,boy's getting your ass reamed and i'm,not getting paid any extra all right,how much do you get paid because it was,probably more than i got paid dude i was,making 11 hours in asm,and i was running the store not to,mention the time he had the hernia,i'm running the store guess who gets no,monies my goofy ass do i deserve monies,at least a little bit for what i have to,put up with all right i have to smell,his ass and then there's still pee and,poop in the damn bathroom that he left,in there all right,and no one's cleaning it up and you best,believe i ain't cleaning it up i ain't,even got my hazmat suit from the damn,dry cleaner yet how am i gonna get back,there and clean it up my face will melt,off i'll look like red skull and be,cast in the new marvel movie that's,gonna be terrible,no they would never cast my ass because,i'm not i'm not a woman,i can't be cast in marvel because i'm,not female unfortunately now i'm working,on my boobies every day but no dude how,the egg survived that i don't know,but he came back fine as hell and i was,like dude look i sat egg this actually,happened,i sat egg down and i was like look,looking into his giant body and i was,like you gotta chill the hell out dude,because at this time like look i'm like,you gotta go on a diet dude you're gonna,need to do something about this you know,you're gonna need to make a change in,your life of lifestyle change guys this,is very important fitness isn't a six,month goal it's not a year goal or a,two-year goal it's a lifetime thing

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The Worst New Challenge On TikTok! | Silhouette Challenge

The Worst New Challenge On TikTok! | Silhouette Challenge

there's currently a seriously,problematic trend on tick tock you've,probably heard of it the silhouette,challenge so the trend starts usually a,girl,she's wearing sweatpants a garbage bag,in this case and then out of nowhere,snap what's happening she's,standing probably like in her underwear,with the red background like,the silhouette challenge now she's just,a silhouette you can just see her curves,so many people are trying this and the,problem with this challenge,is that this filter can be reversed we,have another person,add some spice oh it's a guy and a girl,this time you know they're a couple oh,here we go we got another girl here,she's looking all nice,any christians here probably not and,let's change the lights,okay now i can't even show this that's,not even a silhouette that's just,that's just her the silhouette challenge,is getting out of control just because,of the fact that,these people are essentially posting,their own,nudes on tick tock thinking that oh you,can't see who it is it's a silhouette,how to remove red light silhouette,challenge tik tok this channel only has,1,000 subscribers but it has 400 000 views,hello friends so here in this video,today i'm going to tell you about how to,remove red light in silhouette challenge,seriously,there are other people that are like you,know what if you use one of these great,apps you can just,easily change the lighting you know turn,that brightness up a little bit,maybe change the saturation and the,contrast and you can see exactly what's,happening,in this video it's it's sick it's it's,tick tock it's it's time to stop,what's going on guys welcome back to the,ash show and welcome,to some some more tik tok cringe today,we're looking at the silhouette,challenge,because it's very popular there's this,popular silhouette challenge on tick,tock that has created a lot of,controversy women are warning creators,about the tick tock silhouette challenge,some users of the popular video app are,doing the silhouette challenge where a,red,gloss filter can hide scantily clad,person darkening his or her figure look,how many people,are trying to tell you exactly how how,to remove rip filter,remove red light how to remove red light,we have the internet do we really need,to be removing red light from silhouette,so we can,maybe see what's underneath we have,nothing better to do don't get me wrong,there's some people that are,actually making fun of this challenge,and i find those probably the funniest,like you think you're like oh man this,girl is kind of cute,let's see exactly what we're gonna find,out what's underneath oh,is that dobby or we have other girls,look look i'm kind of tall,look look at me but you want to see,what's underneath right,fooled you see this is funny they're,playing a practical joke on all of the,the sims on tick tock and then you have,girls like this mrs tna,share your workout routine please oh god,we have guys,oh look at this guy right here how oh oh,look at the muscles i want to know who,comes up with these trends,who starts them there's always one,person who's like i'm gonna try,something,and then it blows up three two one flick,see like at least these people are kind,of,covering themselves up with a little bit,of clothing so the weird thing about,this trend is that there's people making,fun of it there's people that are doing,it for real that are just wearing their,underwear,and then there are people that are fully,nude and it doesn't make sense because,this,is tick-tock an app made,for kids remember one of my tick tocks,got taken down and,they cited their rules and guidelines to,me i'm not allowed to show a video of a,girl spitting out toothpaste,but then tick tock is allowed to show,this someone just chilling in their,towel and then,i don't know why they call the,silhouette challenge there's nothing,silhouette about it,you always know a trend is getting a,little too popular when,celebrities partake in the challenge,tiffany haddish in common,like the actress tiffany haddish and the,rapper common,why are you guys doing the silhouette,challenge how about you,go read a script or something don't you,have a movie coming out,what are you do what are you doing,women bust tick pervs after exposing,viral silhouette scam,i like how they're calling them,tick-tock pervs isn't everyone a perv on,tech talk,cognizant with what you're wearing,before you actually,do all the editing be cognizant of what,you're wearing before you do the final,product how you don't,do the trend and you have to do this,stupid public service announcement,people can easily take those images,and revert them back to the original if,you want to do the silhouette challenge,you might as well just go on twitter,and blast your news to the world because,everyone's gonna see it up to the good,old days and tick tock was just people,doing the renegade remember the renegade,ah here we go here we go,this is how you start a silhouette,challenge you're eating candy you're,wearing,super baggy clothes

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