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FlightReacts To ALL NBA Players Reading Mean Tweets Compilation! (2010-2022!)what it do flight crew,


Updated on Jan 24,2023

FlightReacts To ALL NBA Players Reading Mean Tweets Compilation! (2010-2022!)

what it do flight crew,ftc,flight team stand up, dude,hey man,we got,so so fresh for twinkling nba me tweets,edition now thank you fcc brothers and,sisters man you guys literally said that,there's like literally a whole comp of,mean tweets out there that i should,check out i think this has been going on,since like what 2013 i believe with what,i've seen in that channel i found a,playlist so we can just literally chill,whoever put this together man you the,real mvp we gonna check it out nba,players and personalities tend to be,let's see what tweets got these guys,triggered let's give them an opportunity,now one thing i can't say man like it,don't matter like what who who is what,you know what i'm saying like whether,you're a janitor whether you're the ceo,bro like you should be treating,everybody the same man like you know i,understand like sometimes it's jokes and,this and that but sometimes man certain,things take it too far like i think,there was like a couple tweets that,we've seen the last uh uh mean tweets of,2022. uh,there was somebody that said i think the,worst one was with summer i hope your,turkey's dry as heck like bro that like,what does that even mean it also opens,them up with a lot of criticism some,people have no problem tweeting terrible,things to celebrities and it can hurt so,tonight we asked some of the folks,working in and around the nba to read,some of the most unpleasant tweets ever,written about them for a special nba,edition of mean tweets,uh jimmy kennel,what's the difference between run our,tests and meta world peace nothing right,our testimony they are both huge pieces,of,all right bro i know that out that was,right,whoever thought about that he thought,that was it he thought that was the one,well,has anyone noticed he took a bible,has michael jackson's original nose,has anyone noticed paul has mike,jackson's original nose,how did he know that,is it me or does rajaratna look like,that turtle name franklin or nick jr,damn they called rondo and turtle bro i,didn't go live now that they said i,can't even unsee it,yo,jose looks like the type of guy who will,watch you sleeping,bro don't have this man at your damn,crib,bro,yo,some eyes though i didn't do a lot of,you know some big pupils man,fam,he do,what is he he's like a coach or,something,suck my duck man uh mark burns i think,he meant to say,he said,mark my words,blake griffin is still,ugly,oh wow,who's that from oh that's what cpu is on,eclipse,it's a big,this is a deal deal greg anthony looks,like a young person in costume as a,grandfather,you and that viewer commercial you know,you don't fit in that buick,bro deandre you cannot be raging like,that you know how many people every day,tell me i can't read,yo drone ass man raging,nah bro that is too funny,that is too funny and i know we can just,chill here we just go to the next one,this just like that number two,i can't believe i haven't seen any of,these tweets like uh the mean tweet,editions until this year,can't lie mario started with thomas,first who's a billionaire,your command of the language is poor,your analysis is subpar,your inferiority to your peer,whatever,i will kill my parents if they name,me paul george that's the ugly ass name,what,dwight howard wears how is it with leg,warmers,yo,jeremy lin jeremy lin the weight room,i put two blue swarovski gems on my head,and i swear to god it looks just like,bill simmons,thank you,michael carter williams is all hype,dude is straight up awful,wow,oh my gosh bro,that's crazy because it was like kind of,low-key fast chris hate to say,chris ball has rice krispie what,chris humphries,you,you're so pathetic,seriously,kill yourself please bro okay now man,like come on bro come on bro like this,is this is just too too too far it's,never that serious this is just this is,worse than the thing twerky the the,i said twerky that is worse than the,turkey tweet that we've seen uh that was,reacted to from the last one bro like,come on man and then what it is,look look you had you could tell this,person who tweeted this is miserable so,they really put like you know what i'm,saying like,dude,it is never that serious bro that's,karma coming back to you he can't see,over anybody,technically that's true,stephanie curry man there's a little,pubie,on the subject your teeth need to work,come on man,bro,come on curry man don't even listen bro,look at you inspirational as heck now,this is like 2014 this problem demarcus,cousins is,an emotional lesbian,bro,where do y'all come up with this stuff,if anything ever happens,to the guy that does the voice of cookie,master,i can't sleep at night,knowing we have the camera,all right next one this is number three,i'm convinced magic johnson has,approximately,73 teeth in his mouth,that's funny lebron flops have you ever,seen this little french woman named tony,parker,woman,wesley matthews complains about every,foul,just go eat donuts on the bench you fat,yo,somebody was mad bro and what are you,coming for how do y

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FlightReacts To NBA Players Reading Mean Tweets 2022!

FlightReacts To NBA Players Reading Mean Tweets 2022!

what it do flight crew,ftc,flight team stand up, dude,we yeah,me tweet to be edition 2022 check it,out jimmy kennel amy players really mean,tweets can't believe i haven't reacted,to anything like this have i 70 year old,uncle with a time share in florida,i'm a fresh seven-year-old bro you know,there's way worse for tweets than that,russell westbrook,is jimmy kendall's sensoriness or what,bruh,out of all the tweets i know lake,especially lakers fans bro this is the,best thing they found on this,drama john,he be,that was my dryer oh my gosh you don't,have to hear this beat for like five,more times,that's three,that's four i promise this is the last,one,okay no no that was the last one i,thought it was gonna be one more okay,well anyway yeah so check me out bro he,look right why does he low-key look like,your age though i ain't gonna lie it's,like we're just like a shorter haircut,bro he do look like he growls at people,bro,that is funny as he never done that,there is garlic dresses,he better ball out,what's saturday,he don't run he don't defend he don't,rebound he don't shoot i mean we can,start taking about it right now whatever,that means,you funds volume,adjacent sucks your turkey probably,dries,no it's not,someone has a look of a musician who,decides bro you know you gotta be some,down territory this is around,thanksgiving i'm pretty sure that,they're thinking,what,like bro you've got to be all types of,miserable to like name food and just,like and use it as like a joke or roast,what what is that even supposed to mean,your turkey is prop all turkey is dry,when you eat it unless you moisturize it,what,honeydrama has dropping of hydration who,decided to give pro basketball a try in,this early to mid-thirties,if i see the dante murray one more time,with the nba four my kids will not have,dinner tomorrow,dale,why jared allen look like shaggy when he,run,nah he looked like uh josh shutters jr,shaggy oh that's when he runs,this dude out jared,scott scotty firefighters what looks,like a man's middle school who ain't hit,puberty at,what hey skye don't be letting them,roast you bro,ain't nothing wrong looking straight out,of the can,i need pork dog,tyrese hellbert plays like steve urkel,when he was dominating that episode of,family matters,i used to watch family matters on nick,at night so i know exactly the episode,you're talking about,i think that's more of a compliment,steve urkel that's not a compliment he,was like,look like an age kanye west don't ever,i got that same nike uh i got the,traction on that though but sweater hey,man that's what you mean come on some,next

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Flight Only Response To His BBC Getting Leaked on Twitter (PAUSE)

Flight Only Response To His BBC Getting Leaked on Twitter (PAUSE)

it's fry,it's fried,it's,fried eh,is friday,the best day of the week,if you ain't got no school,if you ain't got no job,stand up and raise your hand because,it's your time to shine on this friday,it's,friday,it is one of the very last fridays for,some of y'all,coming into the school year ending man,show me some love up in the chessy chat,week one of dot reacts sticking to his,gut schedule,when it comes to the live stream,you know what i'm saying let's see if we,keep the streak alive i'm going on a,50-0 run,for the rest of the year i'm doing i'm,going undefeated we ain't missing none,we ain't missing nothing,produce rising always height galaxy,glory,i just got a group chat,my bad my man uh aiden rage and i think,it's royce or snagio's uh number,i don't respond to them a second i'm,gonna see if i'm beyond tonight though,hold on no sunday scary sunday,i'm gonna tell them sunday,yeah i'm gonna tell them today it's hit,harder on scary sunday,all right man,it's friday,hey man we backed like we never, left,you know what i'm saying i'm saying this,one time at one time only if you came in,this you spam up which you,probably think,you need some help,you know what i'm saying need some help,you got to go outside,you know what i'm saying go smell some,fresh air,take a couple of puffs of a blunt,hit the bar,get you know i'm saying get lit,you know what i'm saying,enjoy life man um,coming on a friday,you just down bad you know what i'm,saying,now that's the first and last time i was,saying it,with that being said,is fry,if you ain't catch no if you ain't,coming to catch no vibe,today,get the about the stream,now with that being said,lovely ftc brothers and sisters,allow me once again,to be up in this to do what i do,best,and to entertain y'all,all right so we starting off,with some freshly clean reactions we got,the new so fresh so clean clean 99 allen,iverson yes sir almighty we don't do,that we return the fault guys we got uh,mostly squad back,um,and then,it's either some spider-man possibly or,some war zone at the end but word around,the street my man mario he lost his,warzone account,because some school threats uh,basically i guess was spam reporting or,some like that,don't want to see nobody win don't want,to see nobody ball man,imagine doing that in 2021,so yeah i don't know what the that,was about i guess he apparently got spam,recorder but he made a new account,um hopefully you know i'm saying we'll,be able to get on that,with that being said,come catch your vibe if you're having a,shitty week if you having a shitty day,i'm letting you guys know right here,right now,i'm here to make it better you know what,i'm saying call me your older brother,you know what i'm saying,the is you looking at,looking at me like

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IM MAD! FlightReacts Comparing Basketball Youtubers To NBA Players 2023! (Ft. Flight, Cash, & More)

IM MAD! FlightReacts Comparing Basketball Youtubers To NBA Players 2023! (Ft. Flight, Cash, & More)

would it do Flight Pro FTC Flight Team,stand,we got comparing basketball YouTubers,NBA players 2023 by Legends Productions,all right man so to be honest my true,NBA player bill is Iverson mix of,Derrick Rose and Steph Curry all right,so hopefully Legends Productions agree,because everybody else you know can,agree right yeah let's check it out,what's good YouTube today all right give,me the video on C difficult to be,comparing basketball YouTube we're,calling out all the BS too this is,pretty self-explanatory and I feel like,a lot of you guys are going to enjoy,this one for this video I will be pretty,much comparing about 20 plus YouTube,hoopers of their skills to NBA players,who I think they resemble the best this,will obviously be based on play Styles,and how good these people are This Man,cast with the truck also this video will,be determined by how good these,YouTubers are currently as he helps me,visualize their skill level as of today,now without further Ado let's get into,it,first of all there's no better way to,start this video than one Devonte frigo,I mean the guy probably had the most,impact on the community this year if,it's either big NBA players 1v1 or,successfully doing fragments with that,in mind considering how good he's gotten,as a player I'm comparing to volunteer,to Devin Booker in my opinion this is,really spot on their offensive arsenals,are really smooth and both can be,reliable in the final seconds I mean to,go even further these two have deadly,dribble combos have similar shooting,forms or Elite finishers and can get in,that song whatever they want to also,both Riga and poker can get really Petty,and disrespectful at times which makes,this comparison pretty accurate now,coming up next we got the one and only,Marcellus Howard,both frigar and poker can get really,Petty and disrespectful at times which,makes sense pretty accurate I guess man,freaking better than Booker man Booker,overrated bro smashing all of my videos,we know how skilled this man is I mean,he's played college basketball at the,highest level the guy super quick has,great Pace not someone to make the right,pass and just like frigo can get in this,song whenever he wants to therefore,Marcellus kind of reminds me a ton of my,Conley not only on their books,no I didn't get a lie to you bro I would,ask for an immediate fader Strat bro,this man got compared to metallia of,Michael bro nah that that's insulting,bro that is dip that bro that is so it's,bro I was brother literally have similar,movements on the floor both have that,killer crossover can get to the cup with,ease finished yeah,to Isaiah Thomas I feel like self is,more of a past verse type point guard,and not a small dominant also sell us,more similar defensive tactics to a guy,like honey so yeah pretty reasonable,comparison in my opinion next up we got,cash nasty even though this is what's,this comparison bro a decent basketball,player Legends no BS man first time,player that takes Prada hustling it,doesn't focus on doing the fancy stuff,and instead likes to do the little,things he likes to getting his,opponent's hair mainly and do whatever,it takes to win also when he has the,proper form he could hit that thumb of,the key three-pointer or even a wing,three point times with that in mind,there's no better comparison for cash,than Patrick Beverly I know I already,been said that but year after year it,can be more and more,and share the same goal of testing the,opponent's mental side of things both,are obviously not the most talented as,well and go have disappointing moments,like cash did in the hoes tournament and,Beverly with the Lakers so far however,when they're both focused and know what,they're doing they can hit the,occasional three as well and you know,getting alter occasions if they need to,moving on without the Sharpshooter,himself the endless it's crazy to see,the amount of growth that he's shown,this year alone and there's a reason why,he's a coach dude knows a ton about the,game of basketball especially the one,with this comparison it's an incredible,shot maker and can hear some crazy,contested shots not only that but you,can read the opponents who are on,defense and facilitate with that in mind,I'm comparing BLS to Brandon Jennings oh,that's a good one hey I'm messing with,electric Productions basketball,knowledge too because I ain't doing a,lot of Brandon used to actually be like,a little favorite player in the NBA but,I don't like it kind of turned out to be,a bus like he had obviously a 55 point,game and all that types of stuff but I,believe he had like a couple of injuries,and like some stuff like that maybe he,was on the wrong team honestly he should,have been playing on a team like the,Heat,um but maybe what y'all think man is I,feel like maybe Janice is like,borderline bust maybe not he has some,good career games but overall he's,actually a really good player he was you,know you talking about a dude I could,bench press bread and Jenny's buddies,about wh

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FlightReacts to Skip Bayless Damar Hamlin Injury Tweet

FlightReacts to Skip Bayless Damar Hamlin Injury Tweet

foreign,with this man hey,I just looked up Demar handling like all,the videos are talking about him like,something on the field,I'm trying to find a a video of it it,looks like most of people are just doing,the interviews of it,just leave it don't show it all right,that's perfect that's all I need to know,prayers for tomorrow Hamlin we won't,look at the injury I honestly don't know,what's everybody talking about,um I'm just gotten back to the crib,uh we'll leave it as that just,everybody's saying your prayers to,tomorrow,everybody's senior players at Demar,Hammer eyes this is my first time I'm,hearing about them,he's a uh he plays for the bills,his safety right,I won't show it but you guys want to,look at it,I'll do it um on my own time,nah bro see that's crazy no some people,in the chat are saying that he had CPR,bro I'm not looking at that bro,everybody sent a prayer to Demar Hamlin,and his family,um taking it that uh he got injured,obviously during the game sometime,during it,I'm just not gonna promote,an injury,all right man,we going on two first the Cavs,Skip Bayless,Bayless,what tweet,oh actually I think I thought I think I,know what y'all are talking about holy, are you is this dude an idiot or,what,yo look at this bro you know,someone's saying some when they,got 80 000 replies bro,bro,this is what you're really thinking,about,what the hell is wrong with this guy bro,this dude is weird,it's the principle has nothing to do,with the game like a five-year-old could,have figured that out themselves,hey man I don't know why people just,like I don't know why they pay attention,to him man dude's just ignorant man,Bros give it's just a game,it's just a game bro skip the NFL is,just entertainment and tomorrow he's,going to try to apologize on Undisputed,and we don't want to hear that bro,this man is fighting for his life on the,field and you are worrying about,continuing a football game,do better do better skip,and then you know he backs up he has,other tweets he's putting out to try and,back it up and that's my type of,hit,that's my type of fit that's my type of,drip yeah I'm out here getting rich

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FlightReacts To #1 Georgia vs #3 TCU Highlights Championship | 2023 Full Game Highlights!

FlightReacts To #1 Georgia vs #3 TCU Highlights Championship | 2023 Full Game Highlights!

would it do flight crew FTC flexing,stand,we got number one Georgia versus TCU,this is a national championship college,football team it's the last college,football game of the entire year until,the season starts again sometime late,August and September we always check out,these National Championship Playoff type,of games in college football let's check,it out,Georgia versus TCU now we've seen some,of the like TC uh and George actually,play on stream,um the last whoever they played last,week I think Georgia played like uh,Texas or Oklahoma I don't remember bro,and it TCU playing some other team like,the week before and it came back by like,30 plus points so this looks like it's,gonna be a good matchup as usual we,don't watch full sports games because I,have a life,recover from a little cold man yeah like,six or seven percent I'm also trying to,set up that NBA Ballers on the PS2 yeah,some of the Defenders went with him and,Bennett has clear sailing 21 yards into,the end zone for the first score of the,game falls on the 31 to the horned frog,George is 14-0 they're facing the uh,perfect season under the receiver,George looks like Georgia has home,advantages that's about 250 000 people,in that Stadium,Oh What A Catch and throw now I don't,even remember what I know last time we,watched Georgia from the last chance uh,what not uh playoff game not,championship game because this is the,championship game the last team they,played and whatever semi-finals like yes,that's called in college I guess maybe,left in the first um,whoa early 2000 moves that's me in,middle school that's me in middle school,right there he said you didn't put on my,ass again snap it back to Doug and he's,going to run it in,standing up around the left tackle all,right first time for the dog it's gonna,be an overtime game where I could sell,National Championship type of game,tunnel screen and no detention,TCU lineman,on that play Bennett fakes the throw to,the nearest Minute dude,cameras,y'all have y'all ever see these cameras,it's like I'm kind of mess with it kind,of I just like this generic camera right,here just switching around too much,or just an out and up in Kentucky with,the touchdown not a horned frog in sight,all right pistol back at it again on,offense running back Ricardo and he's,got a hole and positive yards for TCU On,Their Own 38-yard Line dug into throw,and he'll find his man one of the tight,ends I think yeah Jared Wiley come down,from our safety position to make the,play,Duggan with the ball pressure from the,edges,by micro three grown makes some more,quarterback pistol now play fake to Max,caught at the 20. these cameras why but,I ain't gonna lie to you,here's Bennett now back in the shotgun,takes the snap deep ball Powers makes,the catch way with his back to the other,goal line at the,United States left to avoid the corner,Rush,that man number 13 to get his speed up,boy down but out of his hand quickly,number 30. hand it off to DeJean he,spins away from the first Contact,Johnson I might take what you're giving,me and just took that North and,Southfield handed off to the right side,back McIntosh,that's the lead Blocker in that split,backfield then it's going to 3-13 just,walk in the end zone no defense student,body left snap into my athletic,quarterback get a couple of lead,blockers out TCU acts like they've never,seen that play before in their life,bro they're losing by 40 in the first,half it's a championship game,oh,I just landed up on his head that boy,was salty up to the 34. yo TCU something,but bro in the end around to Brock,Powers oh my God these are the new,generational football players bro yo no,early 2000 national championship game,was never blown like this bro makes the,catch in the first half defend it in the,shotgun usually he'll be lucky if they,even get a touchdown it'd be a field,goal kicking contest in games like this,this is a new generation of football,players pocket with time throws it down,the hash caught by Powers at the 20. I,don't lie TCU look like some D3 or jupo,plays they don't even look like College,D1 especially a mainstream stool like,this is the same school that LaDainian,Tomlinson went to oh bro puts everybody,on TC on their ass but these guys like,they can barely 130 bro on a good,day no fantastic there bro 31-7 bro this,is crazy it's pretty good that time so,was the line play,snap it back on Third and a mile Duggan,from the two will throw it all the way,across oh another bit,that's whack the kitchen team running,the cars after they hit him seconds to,go Bennett to throw right angle,one-on-one coverage and wow I've already,fall to the ground,he's still fighting the guy,TCU ended up with the ball when they,came out of the pile but the officials,say touchdown wow,they'll run it again with Bailey he'll,try to bounce out these guys are,horrible the turf oh,Wheels here the season college-based,Channel across the formation left go,back the other all right back to this,game pass is broken up dogs with

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What NBA Players Think Of FlightReacts Reaction & Thoughts!

What NBA Players Think Of FlightReacts Reaction & Thoughts!

what it do flight crew,ftc,flight tv stand,why a lie,is july it's july what a time to be,alive we got,what nba players think of me,i ain't even gonna lie to you guys i'm,kind of low-key nervous to look at this,this is 15 minutes this ain't no,five-minute video this is 15 minutes you,know what i'm saying as much as we be,grinding and working bruh unfortunately,we do not see everything so you know,over the past i'd like to say maybe like,two years you know since we really got,into like the uh you know the basketball,sports sport we've always been like the,sports world when we really really died,to it i feel like like right before that,you know 2020 happened and then so forth,man you know what i'm saying thanks to,you guys ftc brothers and sisters man,after you see his world rider just with,basketball with just all types of sports,man we'd be having a linguals use any,type of uh,all types of ways man which is very,inspirational here we go nba players,think the flight now i am a grown man,i'm pushing 30 27 years old in about uh,like seven eight days you know what i'm,saying all your seven don't forget to,give me them controllers that's all i,want for i'm just playing don't give me,no present just kidding but man um i,ain't gonna lie to you we be talking or,smack you feel me we be saying you know,what i'm saying but sometimes it'll be,deserved hopefully man we don't get,nothing sideways over here um but i was,about to say something because i said,something about me including me pushing,dirty about something oh yeah i don't,care what anybody you know what i'm,saying the other day you know what i'm,saying necessarily thinks about me in,terms of like if they don't like like me,or something or you know what i'm saying,in that category on a bad side you know,what i'm saying because in order to be,successful in life you have to stop,caring what people think that's the,number one rule,let's take it out,of the day though,i'm back through the video,productions you put this together,for quite a while after seeing plenty of,videos like this on my timeline i,decided to do the same but with,youtubers a lot of people nowadays are,intrigued on what nba players have to,say about their favorite content,creators so i'm going to start this,series with flight reacts obviously i,don't know who flight is and we know,that back in 2020 he took a big rise and,became an icon in the youtube basketball,community therefore it should not be a,surprise that a lot of nba players have,noticed the man as a matter of fact some,nba players are actually fans of life,while others are not so much now with,that being said let's go oh crazy list,this that means it's gonna be both good,and bad i'm nervous to start this video,there was steph curry who's flight's,inspiration back in 2020 we all know,that flight created the legendary look,at curry man line yeah curry man,look at curry,look at curry man just amazing bro,these are the original audiences,the webcam is right behind me i don't,know if i needed to put it on curry went,live on instagram to talk something yes,this is databases of common state,flights cash rates and well here's what,curry had to say,i need mo bamba s dot curry,yeah look at curry man just trying to do,great things in the world you know what,i'm saying,roger watch this video for 20 hours,yo you don't know the live stream,it's hilarious,and,it's just funny because like most of the,stuff i do you could actually say that,hurry man,curry,look at curry man just amazing bro it's,hilarious bro it's hilarious you're so,so iconic bro i just thank you guys man,like i just no i just you just never,know like at the end of the day who's,like watching you know what i'm saying,like and it's just like you know taking,like clips of anything i put out there,on the internet and it's just like,sending them to people and it just and,they just happen to see and they just,live that enjoyment manages inspiration,i can watch this every day for the rest,of my life it's so crazy,i caught on late,uh this is probably,around the time i came back from my,injury,yeah uh i started to see it in my,comments,yeah of course i see it a little bit,more and a little bit more,that's actually crazy to see someone's,favorite player recognize you must be a,great i think like if you're talking,about sports history this gotta be top,five in sports history this is so,cultural and dynamic man it's like it's,even better curry followed flight on,instagram yeah,one what a legend man however curry,has to use one of his famous lines back,in 2021 while hanging out with his best,friend ben adebayo donovan mitchell,shared a video on his instagram story,where she captioned man look at bam so,inspirational and wow concerning the,amount of rumors of initial potential oh,i never knew wait i think i did no no no,it was it was it was what was his face,whoever played with donovan mitchell,back it was no no donald mitchell,actually said i know he said,inspirational one time jonathan mitchell,shar

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Reacting To Kanye West EXPOSING Chris Paul For Allegedly Sleeping With Kim Kardashian!

Reacting To Kanye West EXPOSING Chris Paul For Allegedly Sleeping With Kim Kardashian!

would it do Flight Pro,FTC fight c stand up,oh we got some controversial lists bro,caught with Kardashian,going on with all the Kanye stuff going,on yo man the best and only the reporter,man big act in the building man we don't,react to this man CP3 has been chasing,the other rings,check it out did Kanye say that Chris,Paul his wife no way,Ain't No Way ain't no hey,Future Ain't No Way ain't no way, yo hold on yo yeah here we go,ain't no way sorry,I don't way nowhere hold up,hold up,so let's break one last winter yeah I,saw apparently like Kanye like tweeted,out something about because he I guess,he's he's going on like a rant or,something on Twitter or whatever like,that,um and this is at first I'm thinking,like this is dalio guy I'm gonna take,I'm gonna take this Clements on the,screen but,then it shows like CP3 I caught this guy,with Kim good night,and it's bro if this is true,it's crazy because you gotta think about,it like when females be trying to like,either move on and they be trying to,cheat on you or whatever like they,always want to smash a dude that looks,similar to you or your homeboy you know,what I'm saying or a friend or whatever,like I ain't gonna lie now looking at it,like bro watch CP3 and Kanye kind of,look like they could be brothers or,something bro,yo what wild 2022 what is going on,foreign,can't go to the Hall of Fame I'm sorry,you didn't that nigga's wife I'm,good,we're voting that the Hall of Fame,the only Championship you ever gonna get, is from State Farm,bro nah that is crazy though because you,think about if this is true that man cb3,is focused on some Chiefs rather than,the ring,oh my goodness oh that nigga's wife,damn is Kim like that still God damn,they came in menopause,they say oh woman be trying to get an,answer I'm gonna tweet out this is why,CP3 never want to ring that,I'm tweeted out right now,no wonder,important,holy yeah hold on hold on one more,time,ain't no way yeah,ain't no what nah that is kind,of wild though,cause it's like the last person you,would think of bro I didn't even get a,lot of you bro bro I'm not even gonna,lie CP3 is in my I say like top 25,favorite players of all time and,everything bro I would think he would be,the least likely to have any game any,ribs with anybody bro like I know the,man's been married and everything bro,but like fam I think I thought like come,on like let's be honest Bro Look at that,cb3 how he's like so competitive on the,court and everything like that and it,looks like he's more focused on,basketball the man does not look like,you know what I'm saying he just doesn't,have no game but it just always be the,ones that you least expect bro you know,what I'm saying,because it's like you seem like uh you,guys you've been watching basketball for,a minute you seen like CP3 like have,like you know like certain off-court,like if he's playing around in the,locker room with his teammates or having,some like a skit or something like that,let's get on the site he comes off,sometimes like a little bit cringe so,it's just like that's what always made,me think like oh this man don't be,getting no type of like you know what,I'm saying but it's not the wrong thing,you know what I'm saying but,I ain't no way,nah that is wild bro,CP3 what else did he say,wait wait was he talking about CP3,who's these white dudes right here,maybe it was some dalio ,who's these two ideas,chat,I need my take off investigators find,these white dudes,this Elon,decide Elon somebody else,no it's not,oh him and Eli must be beefing I heard,Elon has severe like body issues like I,don't know why I'm worth a billion,dollars I'm with a beer belly,I don't know why Eli would have a, issue with his body they said,Eli be built just weird as ,Elon,Ela hit me up I'll put you in,contact with bandman Kevo you,would look like a rock, be saying that Elon be having,like a little issue with his body and, what,Elon,I will put you with the liver King ,that been taking HGH spotted,pounds look at this fool right here yeah,amen I think that should have covered,all the time right what's gonna happen,to the chat bam,let's give,whole wife,Chris Paul don't got a wife oh he's,talking about Chris Paul wife,holy he do got a wife,Jada Crawley dang,yo how many don't um um Kim,K Meek Mill don't her,so named Van Jones done her,now we hear it Chris Paul the bro,like no disrespect I don't disrespect,nobody but,you're Kanye West,and your got by a who,who got four old in a beef by Drake,then a named Van Jones who is best,moment in life is crying on camera,and then by a who to keep it real,he his best moment in life is either,beat on State Farm or a 14 or 14 game,but he still ain't with a championship,oh hell to the no,I'm,if I think if I if I think yay is the,type of hater that I know,Jada Crawley,oh yo chat tell me this is,oh Chad I gotta tell you something you,know I'm gonna tell you a story real,quick y'all y'all want to ask story or,did I just keep it on topic because if I,do an ax story be why,I can tel

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