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This image just broke Twitteroh no no no you did not just use that,word please tell me you did not j

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

This image just broke Twitter

oh no no no you did not just use that,word please tell me you did not just use,the word trap have you learned nothing,from the reddit anime situation if some,authoritarians on reddit tell you that,something is not allowed well who are,you to question them you're not allowed,to use that word anywhere never use the,word trap anywhere well i guess this,popular gimmick account over on twitter,hanna-barbera's screencaps did not,really get the memo posted a screen cap,from scooby-doo apparently the actual,text says no fred you love traps well if,you're not familiar with scooby doo as,people go around like solving mysteries,and when they find out who the bad guy,is each episode or whatever they've got,to trap that person so they can then,turn them into the police anyways the,tweet gets almost 15 000 likes seems,like people are having a good time,enjoying this except well this is the,internet this other account then decided,to quote retweet that post by hanbarber,screencaps saying transphobic slurs,trigger warning what is going on with,this account they were so normal until a,week ago now here's some of the,responses that person got starting with,this one by valkyrie who i do believe is,trans now if i mistaken my bad on that,valkyrie but valkyrie says can we go a,day without people being offended on our,behalf trap also isn't a slur and if you,think it is then i choose to reclaim it,instead of being offended by it a,response to valkyrie by intermittent,star says traps literally don't even,describe trans people anymore either yet,people keep forcing it which takes me,back to the reddit anime memes situation,if you're not familiar with it quick,recap basically you had some moderators,of reddit annie memes deciding that it,was time to ban the word trap because it,was transphobic you weren't allowed to,use it in memes weren't allowed to use,it in titles weren't allowed to use it,in comments we're not allowed to use it,anywhere on the subreddit anymore if i,recall some of the mods actually,disagreed with that change and it cost a,bit of internal conflict between the,mods that said most of the mods did,ultimately agree to that change and it,cost a mass exodus of people from that,subreddit i believe they lost like 30 to,40 percent of the subscribers that they,had also had a lot of trans people,actually defending the use of the word,trap saying that it should be allowed to,refer to characters like estolfo for,example where it's just a feminine,looking guy but not a trans person as,you already know though the mods weren't,having it they still went through the,change causing the mass exodus they,already talked about okay anyways going,back to hanna-barbera so found that,tweet and says bro what,gets over 7 400 likes and then says,so apparently this account is,transphobic now for posting an out of,context picture boy you just gotta love,twitter sometime in response to that,thomas says wow traps are also the name,of tools or mechanisms used to trap a,victim on the flip side this person kira,says it's probably just someone seen an,unintentional slur from the original and,thinking it might have been edited by,you just move on and don't mob the poor,kid well after i read that tweet i,decided to go fact check it went to that,other person's bio to take a look and,they claim to be 24 years old so,certainly not a kid don't know why,they'd say that furthermore if someone,publicly accuses you of being,transphobic for example in this,situation,well you have all the right in the world,to make a public response to it in my,opinion,alright so that's the situation some,people still getting upset about the use,of the word trap even when it's not,referring to trans people however on the,flip side it looks like far more people,are defending the word but let me know,what you think in the comments below,thank you for tuning in i'll see you,there and also in the next segment

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I Interview Zoophiles On Twitter

I Interview Zoophiles On Twitter

i for i forgot about this i gotta ask,this too do you think animals can give,consent they can indeed,zoophile,a person who is sexually attracted to,animals,now why am i reading this definition off,because the furry community is currently,in the middle of a civil war,zoo files versus anti-zoo files,when i saw the tick tocks of this going,around i couldn't help but be intrigued,the fact that a bunch of people are,admitting that they dogged on,twitter spaces should tell you enough,that all these people want his attention,and give them attention,give it to them all but only give them,negative attention,because that's all they deserve there's,no difference there's no difference at,all to i guess my dog um you know like,it's no different from pedophilia you,know it's a natural er oh,if they're clearly excited and they're,like humping up against you and trying,to get on top of you that's that's,pretty clear to me it might be like,clear to you but the dog doesn't,understand what's happening all they're,going to be thinking thinking about is,you know maybe like mating or maybe they,think that you're another animal so,what if they think that if they're,enjoying it,what makes a person,into a zoophile,for some they were born that way,but for others it was trauma,and in the midst of the chaos,i went behind enemy lines,some people call it twitter,by the way i don't condone any of this, this shit's disgusting,now let's get to the video,a lot of the things i've been hearing,and seeing,is still not helping the case of,a zoo file at all,it is not helping the case at all,we didn't know if really this was going,to explode like this like i've been,around for years in these spaces,but,i don't know sappho just,like did like their video and all of a,sudden it exploded like antis really,made them blow up that's why they got so,popular was because of the haters,and that's what's been drawing a ton new,people in and a ton more,haters that are telling us to kill,ourselves oh yeah it's like a huge,domino effect and unfortunately sappho,did kind of just crack the nutshell on,that one,i mean they tried to like,speak out and say this is wrong,to everyone but just in doing that they,made it explode,so now everyone's drawn here and i mean,it's,it's not really the best you'd want or,not even the best timing but it's there,you're just gonna work from there okay,so as a zoo file you said that you don't,of cour you guys don't you know i,support pro contact but i am not,actively,contacted as long as you have the,animal's best intentions in mind,i'm just saying in my experience my dog,has expressed that they are not,interested in any of those relations at,all,so i never forced it never pushed it i,just i love my dog,i try and give them the best life they,can have,without that so like what do you what do,you do then do you just like,look at furry porn,and me personally i don't really do any,of that for me it's more about,the bond i have with dan,which is why i love my dog to pieces,even if she doesn't have those,reciprocate some of those feelings it's,i do everything i can,for her oh yeah i also heard about the,the suicide of someone because of sappho,so it was not because of zafo,sappho interacting with them,not probably not the best thing,but what really happened is all the,antis and people who are against the,zoos,kept telling this little girl that she,didn't deserve to live and she should,kill herself and she just denied some,people like i i get like 15 death,threats a day,i i can just brush past it doesn't,really bother me but some people it,really it really bothers them,yeah it really touches base and,what i really dislike about the,anti-community is that they encourage,miners people everyone to send death,threats and just absolutely despise,these people that all they want to do is,cause no harm and just be themselves i,keep hearing she calls it to death but,then i keep hearing,yeah,which is okay kind of it's a little,weird right there because it,could be dually related but it's,safwa is just trying to do her best find,these people these attractions and,try and mitigate it and channel into a,healthy more positive mindset,but then,with this crowd of aunties here,inevitably dreams,it kind of really endangers them,with all these death threats and all,this other stuff so it's,double-edged blade,so to put it,sorry go ahead and finish yeah,what what countries is it confuses me is,that,other,zoophiles actually accuse her of killing,the child so,i'm not sure,okay so there is a lot of accounts that,are pretending to be zoos,simply to spread your bad reputation so,please do keep that in mind,oh yeah they will be completely fake,like i actually know like three or four,of them,that follow me that are completely fake,and i have proof of them openly,oh yeah you hear like those q and a,interviews of a zoo,of a quote-unquote zoo,and you're just hearing it's just absurd,oh my god drama related,so you gotta get the don't worry,honestly,dude orianna is here,wh

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Batman gets Doxed on Twitter

Batman gets Doxed on Twitter

oh no someone just posted the wrong,opinion online i better act fast yo,batman i made you your third breakfast,this is the last one,no more talks about bulking what is this,it's toast this is bread you skipped the,one step in making toast mmm tastes,great to me don't eat my food hello,master batman i made you friendship,chocolates filled with my life,robin don't sneak up on me i've been,trained in the ways of the blade by the,top predators they must have also,trained you how to bathe that's rich,coming from a cat get it cause cats,don't like water batman did you replace,alfred with a cat maid um,robin you know i have a thing for women,who are also cats what are you some kind,of furry you're asking the guy in the,full latex bath suit batman you can't,just replace your family with your cat,girl girlfriend you want a bet,we are not dating we have an on-again,off-again relationship mainly because if,he was on me too long,my bones would shatter robin this,jealousy is unlike you just do what i do,and suppress your emotions with work you,haven't left the cave in weeks the,office declared you legally dead you,know my parents went outside once,they didn't come back,cool so what have you even been doing on,that computer i'm learning a new form of,combat from an elite group of justice,fighters called the keyboard warriors um,batman it looks like you're just,harassing people on twitter i'm doing,god's work wait what's happening to the,screen salutations batman i the riddler,have just bypassed your mcafee premium,firewall,oh no it's this idiot idiot do you have,any idea how high my iq is i ghost wrote,rick and morty i bet you don't even,understand the significance of the,pickle oh man he means business what do,you want riddler you must answer my,riddles batman or i don't feel like it,what batman that's not how this works,why not because if you don't answer my,middles batman then i'll dox you on,twitter,nice try riddler but i already know,where i live that's not it i've scrolled,through the past five years of your,tweet history and found something,twitter would disagree with you'll be,trending for weeks ratio to oblivion,riddler my viewpoints have changed i'll,agree with whatever the popular,consensus is,no man can win a fight against twitter,not good enough batman don't worry,batman i was trending once for a monster,reason people will forget,hopefully i'm going to have to distance,myself from you publicly you understand,you bested me riddler just tell me why,oh besides to prove i'm a better person,than you it's quite simple really,hi batman,joker why on earth would you team up,with riddler he's lame i needed help,packing her computer you know all it,takes is one bad tweet to ruin a life,you see my father got canceled on,twitter and in his gamer rage,he went into the bathroom and grabbed,his gillette razor hashtag not sponsored,by the way and then he joker why would,your backstory have a sponsor get to the,point point point point you see i don't,need a point batman,but what i do need,is those robins,picks,come the joker,you'll never get those pits joker,riddler how are you okay being a part of,this batman is it gay,if i'm getting paid now time for the,riddle,what do you call,there we go whoa chico you just stopped,the riddler nice work batman i think,she's just stealing the computer what,batman should we go after her let her go,robin she saved us from her greatest foe,yet twitter,now i can go outside and touch grass or,punch a poor person,subscribe

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Femboy Receiving UNBELIEVABLE tweets

Femboy Receiving UNBELIEVABLE tweets

actually think that trans people are,going to get genocide they had horse,and their twitter thinking i hate trans,people people like you make trans people,look bad especially if you have horse in,your profile thingy trans people get a,lot of and then this is the reason,why because they tweet out stupid stuff,like this and just don't spread,misinformation that's where i draw the,line,it's so freaking stupid i hate it so,much so i dm them saying like hey maybe,you shouldn't spread misinformation,maybe you shouldn't say like trans,people are gonna get genocided you know,because maybe that's a little bit crazy,and then they like did a tweet i took a,picture but i bleeped out everything,hopefully everything's gone just to show,they're like oh would you believe a big,name trans sex worker was in my dms,that's me i'm apparently the,trans and they're accusing me of like,being this but it's like no i,just want you to not make us look stupid,trans people get a lot of and then,this is the reason why because they,tweet out stupid stuff like this saying,that we're gonna get genocide it's so,freaking stupid yeah dude i'm the big,trans you know how there's like a big,pharma and big toilet paper company get,ready for a big trans she ended up,deleting that we ended up dming each,other on on twitter or whatever and then,she posted all of the dms on her twitter,thingy and then she was like oh it's,just a warning my post was a warning,that is looking like that,it's like no it's not a warning you,didn't say he was a warning you actually,think that trans people are gonna get,genocide you literally tweeted this,saying that they're gonna get genocide,if we were getting genocide what's,classification people are divided into,us and them that doesn't make any sense,this is crazy conspiracy people talk,have you guys heard about flat earthers,there's another one that people think,earth is like a giant bowl and we,haven't explored all of it that we're,not able to get past the walls on the,outside that are made out of ice i've,heard i've been listening to a lot of,those people too and it's crazy flat,earthers are not in but the bull earth,that's the new one that everybody likes,civilization people are forced to,identify themselves forced and bold i,mean i guess like you know how you,introduce yourself like hi i'm nano nice,to meet you that doesn't make any sense,civilization discrimination people begin,to face systematic discrimination maybe,but like being trans is hard when all,your legal documents don't match what,you want it to match if that makes any,sense and of course it's going to be,weirders they're going to be like no i,don't believe you dehumanization people,equated with animals vermin or diseases,number four people are equated with,animals they had a horse,in their twitter thinking and i don't,want to say they identify as a horse but,i'm just saying they're not helping,their situation if they think they're,equated with animals that literally,doesn't make any sense organization the,government creates specific groups,military police to enforce the policies,that's not really the case with trans,people i mean,that is what the police do they do,enforce law and the military will help,if nothing's going on you know but we're,not making uh there is policies against,trans people but that one's weird that,one is just a weird one that one doesn't,make any sense number six polarization,the government broadcast propaganda to,populace against the group i don't know,what populace is but there is no,propaganda that the government is being,like i hate trans people that doesn't,make any sense there's no government,propaganda against trans people you're,literally crazy if you think that's the,case there's no such thing there's,freedom of speech and people get mad at,that but it's like there's a line you,know you can't say illegal stuff but the,government's not gonna be like nope,propaganda and then she thinks trans,people are number seven official action,to remove or relocate people the,government's not gonna come to your,house and be like hey you're trans i'm,going to put you in a camp,that happened that would be crazy dude,that would legit be crazy and that's,where that's that's apparently where,we're at this is why this person thinks,we're getting genocide because of all,those number eight maybe persecution,beginning of murders death and property,trial massacres trans people do,unfortunately get murdered and stuff and,it's pretty bad extermination wholesome,the wholesome,wholesale elimination of the group is,not extermination it is extermination oh,i said not and not murdered because,they're not considered human no this is,happening literally none of this is,happening maybe on a small scale you'll,see discrimination but nobody's making,you like do any of this none of this,isn't even happening it's crazy the,government denies that has committed any,crime,well,i mean technically they haven't so i,guess that's the case so i dm this crazy,person

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This is getting hilarious

This is getting hilarious

guys what's going on with this help me,out all right so about two years ago i,extensively reported on a situation with,reddit annie memes where a part of the,moderators wants to ban the word trap,from the subreddit saying it was,offensive and they were even saying that,in the in the context of people saying,trap for like a stalfo for example not,saying it to a trans person or a trans,character using it to talk about fem,boys basically like a stalfo,still the moderators on our annie memes,wanted to ban the word trap and it,became a massive,a massive situation where they got a,bunch of backlash and their subreddit,literally lost i think like around 300,000 members and they went to a different,subreddit called good annie memes where,they did not ban the word trap or,something like that to my recollection,again that happened about two years ago,well more recently we've been talking,about for example in a report i made,about 10 days ago,talking about how twitter police are now,trying to ban the word,femboy,or at the very least say that femboy is,a slur two years ago it was trap even,now there's still people that say you,can't use the word trap even in the,context of calling characters like a,stalfore trap i digress now they also,want to go after the word femboy what's,going on here man it's all a little bit,weird now i present you the alternative,that twitter police want people to use,see this tweet that reads i've seen,people who say femboy is a slur say use,roseboy instead and i'm like,not only is that much less intuitive,descriptive roseboy literally sounds,more like a slur than femme boy look at,this look at this i was told to use,flower boy which is stupid what does,bean femme have to do with flowers they,might as well suggest saying these,instead like what the heck all i can do,is sit here laughing i i don't know what,these twitter police are thinking some,of the most bizarre people out there,check this out there are so many cis men,i've met who willingly adopt the femboy,identity out of a sense of pride in,their identity due to a stigma of hatred,against feminine men it's literally them,embracing being more feminine by taking,them and boy and putting it together,response rose boy is the harmless and,much cuter replacement for a slur they,can use also you can't adopt a slur as,an identity and let's not drift away,from the main topic of trans-fems the,person they were responding to lucid,creator would make a couple rebuttals,here eventually getting a response from,the person advocating for the use of,rose boy,where that person essentially doubles,down once again saying that uh roseboy,isn't a slur that sounds way cuter blah,blah blah whatever dude look if you want,to be mad about people using that term,you're more than welcome to stay mad,meanwhile everyone else is going to be,happily using the term femboy well not,everyone for anyone who doesn't know,roseboy is a new term for a femboy,femboy is actually considered a slur,towards trans woman mocking their,femininity trying to bring them down,also roy's,also oh geez also rose boy just sounds,better by the way i just searched,roseboy hashtag roseboy on twitter,and these dudes already claimed the word,roseboy,why why are twitter police trying to,take their thing literally says on the,merch roseboy roseboy roseboy maybe the,hat says roseboy2 i can't really tell it,might though it very well may so yeah,i'm just going to say that from now on,if anyone tells me to use the word,roseboy to talk about them boys i would,be like nah these guys got the word rose,boy i'm gonna stick with them boy,anyways yeah you may have also noticed,that a lot of the people advocating for,the word rose boy are not really gaining,a lot of traction and if anything the,people opposed to that term are gaining,much more traction and support at least,from what i saw ultimately let's take a,little bit of account here people have,tried to erase the term trap they've,tried to erase the term femboy they've,literally also tried to erase fem boys,themselves because there's been numerous,people that say if you're a fanboy,you're actually just trans even if you,don't actually know it yet all the,meanwhile the same people say they want,to break down gender norms yet they are,some of the biggest reinforcers of,gender norms extremely the critical,stuff so let me know what you think,about this topic in the comments and if,you have any idea as to why so many,people seem to want to erase them voice,from existence let me know what you,think in the comments as well why you,think that's the case why they want to,do that and as always thank you for,tuning in i'll see you in the comments,and in the next segment on the way

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Haz Has a Convo With "Teenage Femboy" Twitter Hater | #PrayForTheHaters

Haz Has a Convo With "Teenage Femboy" Twitter Hater | #PrayForTheHaters

hello,there's no mic,yeah it's plugged in,hello,um okay so what's your twitter name,yeah what's your twitter name,hello,yeah what's your twitter name,that's your uh twitter name,okay so what do you want to take me down,about,how am i being ableist,because i want,because i want to accommodate people if,they have mental disabilities,can you demonstrate that i'm talking,down,yeah,sure,what does it say,police and i just wanted to say,that,like,that's just,a weird thing to say and,that,mental disabilities have absolutely like,no,application on what information somebody,takes in and what they think,uh well yeah that's where you're wrong,so the thing is is that sometimes i get,really heated when i see like a lot of,unhinged,completely bizarre hate comments against,me,and,all i said is that i'm gonna learn to be,more patient if you want to read the,full tweet i can read it right now i can,pull it up actually the tweet actually,says,was that,i'm learning to be more patient with,haters a lot of the time they have,disabilities that aren't immediately,clear in written text we should all,strive to be more patient with people on,the internet you really never know so,sometimes people have,a disabilities that make communication,and a lot of things,very hard for people like me who are uh,what is it called,uh,differently uh mainstream able to,understand so i said i we should all,strive to be more patient because,sometimes yeah neurotypical for people,who are neurotypical typical like me,there's often a barrier that makes it,hard to understand where people who have,these disabilities are coming from so i,said we should all strive to be more,patient,hello,yeah sorry okay,um,that's,kind of,a weird place to go,because,um,if i pull this up hold on um,oh yeah,um,this this twitter user earlier today i i,saw this was this was this was actually,originally what i was annoyed about like,yeah so,is this person your friend,what is this person your friend,uh i don't i don't think so we've,interacted a couple of times but not,really anyway so anyway i i just want to,be clear are you aware of their,harassment allegations and allegations,of being a creep that have been leveled,against them,i don't really care because that doesn't,really apply in this situation i don't,think that's really just not i mean if,you want to hold me accountable to,nothing i think you know it only why are,you replying to somebody saying these,things saying i think you have autism,yeah ism what do you think no no you're,taking it you're taking does it matter,what you're taking it out of context,what i actually said what context makes,that okay,nothing because i wasn't insulting,that makes any conversation i'll give,i'll give you okay,well you can you can decide that,you can decide that after i give the,context so when i give the context you,could decide whether no context would,apply or not,so let me actually read you what this,person was saying about me first,and this is what,uh inspired me to ask them if they have,autism or a disability uh on the,spectrum something like that not in an,insulting way but because,here it is,um let me pull up the original reason,so,let's,pull it up,okay should be around here,all right,okay,um,okay there we go so this is what,happened,he said the real problem with it is that,so he was talking about how i was acting,yesterday on stream right he said the,real problem with it is that it's larp,that has takes serious to the point,where he legitimately believes it's a,depiction of the future bring to the,image and then i said because i was,angry right and i said all you have is,lies you couldn't offer any commentary,without them i very clearly stated it's,an aesthetic i didn't actually literally,believe it's the literal future,and then this is what,inspired me to ask him he goes,then why did you call it sirius,and that it was the stalingrad of our,time and you did this on stream,i mean yeah you do get a little worked,up over stuff,to be honest,i'm not interested in in your opinion,i'm finishing what i'm saying,i said okay wait a second maybe this is,a miscommunication and then i'm going,too hard on this person and they might,have an inability an inherent inability,to perceive hyperbole because most,people could tell that when i say it's,the stalingrad of our time i'm being,hyperbolic and,you know it's not really that serious,and i'm joking and,it's very clear to most of my audience,that this is not that,serious it's just it's i'm a streamer,it's a stream it's entertainment and,it's twitter right it's it's really not,like i'm,i'm sitting here streaming in front of a,camera it's really not that serious so i,said this is quote unquote are you,autistic by chance not kidding it might,be the issue i understand autistic,because i've had this problem before and,people have told me,that this is an issue autistic people,have and i'm trying to be more patient,with that,i said i understand autistic people have,a hard time understanding hyperbole,and tha

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Twitter Femboy Q&A

Twitter Femboy Q&A

oh hi,could it be,is it true,is lauren actually making a youtube,video for once,wow,so about a week ago i said i would,answer some questions on twitter and do,a little q a video,for,well technically it's not my first video,but it's my first one in a long time,so today we're gonna answer some,questions,oh god there's like 60 of them,it's gonna take a while,first of all do i even exist,yeah,natural question though is who is my,favorite vocaloid um probably,most of my dog or a cat person i've,never had a cat but i,i like cats yeah,how did you manage to get this cute,drink lots of this,how long did it take you to grow your,hair out,um i'll try to put a picture like,here,so i think that pictures of me from the,end of um,2018 going into 19 i think,and since then i haven't haven't cut it,once so that's how long it takes i guess,when did you discover your fashion style,um a long time ago i mean it changes all,the time but uh,i i guess when i was like 10 i don't,know i started wearing skinny jeans at,10 so there you go,my favorite fictional character,my wife gorilla ketchi,my favorite anime lucky star,does the carpet match the drapes,no,i still for felix cosplay when uh when,you specifically send me some money do i,want to get a tattoo or piercing um i,have my ears pierced i want some more,like um upper ear,tattoo i want one on my wrist and that,that's it that's all i want,how do you get your skin to stay so pale,don't leave your house,ever um i guess this question is how i,get my hair color,bleach it tone it purple,um do that for like four years and there,you go,i answered the first part of this,already but for music artists i'll give,you one japanese and one western,japanese deco nina and western water,parks do i consider myself a certified,hood classic,yeah,absolutely,how do you take care of your hair,olaplex,wait youtube,huh it's here it's it's right here which,gundam is the best kisser,a unicorn because it's gay,what's your skincare routine i use a gel,based moisturizer and that's literally,it that's all i do what's your average,day like and what's your ideal day like,why does it live in the sink,why don't you does estrogen make you,skinnier,i really wish it did,do you love women,i tolerate them can we see you in a,bikini please,no,is it hard to come out um,no my family is like really accepting so,i came out when i was like,10.,you know they just,they just accept they know it's a mess,they know it's so messed up here they,we're gonna talk about it favorite,outfit,anything with a really like,big baggy sweater tight pants,uh that's it really,no shoes no no she is,where do you get your outfits,from my mom,favorite footwear uh crocs obviously,top three music albums i'm not going to,read them out but there you go one two,three do i have a cat,no,i really wish i did,five favorite games same as music here,we go buh,are you on hrt yep would i ever make an,only fans,uh probably only if i thought that i,could live off of it and that could be,my job and then yeah yeah and probably,that might make it,why don't i stream anymore,i do stream,with him,wow,how do you,how don't you,house tour um i think i'll make that a,separate video maybe i don't know,i i gotta be careful not to dox myself,you know,have you ever been told that you look,like luna lovegood,yes,do you be standing up or sitting down,yes,who's your favorite wrestler,um,i mean i mean probably you know what's,the most common blood type pepsi,what's my favorite walking sim minecraft,on peaceful favorite kind of melon,watermelon do i eat the pizza crust oh,yeah you know i got a munch on that,crusty and what i'm saying,favorite cuddling position,in my dreams,can i crush a can on my forehead without,getting a headache,i'm gonna keep it real with you i don't,think i'm strong enough to like even,lift a can that far up so then no,is it true that all residents of wa are,fem femboys,to be honest i didn't know anything,lived in wa except for like a cactus and,a tumbleweed so,uh maybe,i don't know,well that's it that's all the questions,thanks for coming i hope you uh,what is this channel,i don't know,let me know down in the comments if you,like questions if you like to answer,questions answer questions in your,questions thanks i have to go be gay,somewhere i'll see you all later bye

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Here Is What I Actually Think Of Andrew Tate

Here Is What I Actually Think Of Andrew Tate

so I have a lot of younger listeners who,are big fans of Android who really enjoy,Andrew Tate now the big news over the,course of the last couple of weeks is,that Andrew Tate for those who don't,know,Andrew Tate is a um he is a online very,online guy who um was a lightweight,kickboxing champion I believe and he's,become big in the so-called manosphere,he was banned from YouTube I believe he,was banned from from Twitter and he was,banned from these things because he was,a self-described misogynist right,somebody who believes that that men are,superior to women in pretty much every,possible way well over the last couple,of weeks he got in a an online fight,with Greta thundberg in which he was,tweeting at her about how he had,Bugattis and lots of gas God's lures and,he was heating up the climate and then,she tweeted back at him that he had a,small it was all very silly and then one,day later he ended up being arrested by,Romanian authorities and the allegations,against Andrew Tate is that he was,engaging in sex trafficking,according to the New York Post police,and tactical gear descended on a villa,where Andrew Tate and brother Tristan,were staying Thursday to detain the,British Brothers on kidnapping and rape,charges judicial sources told Romanian,Outlet libertadia video shows the,officers with battering rams and guns,sweeping through the dark Villa before,escorting Tate into a car,the brothers in April had allegedly,detained two young women one with,American citizenship and one Romanian,inside the Villa against their world war,they were subjected to physical violence,and mental coercion according to the,authorities police said the Tates,allegedly formed an organized crime,group and sexually exploited women by,forcing them to perform pornographic,demonstrations for the purpose of,producing and disseminating through,social media platforms,the brothers had been questioned for,five hours by the police back in April,but were released at the time,and then uh the the they're currently,still being held in Romania right now,now Tate had predicted for a long time,this would happen to him it predicted,that people are going to come after him,that they were going to arrest him does,that mean that he's not guilty of,something I have no idea I have no idea,whether he's guilty of these crimes it,could be trumped up it could be the,Romanian authorities who are embarrassed,by Tate could be anything,I don't place a lot of stake in the,law-abiding nature of the Romanian,authorities I have literally know,nothing about how the law I mean Andrew,literally said he moved to Romania in,order to avoid law enforcement so I,don't know whether that's true or what,that's not I assume all that will come,out in the wash the thing I want to,focus on is the popularity of the,Undertake for a moment and it's,fascinating because again I have a lot,of young listeners who are who are,interested in the stuff that Andrew Tate,says the reason they're interested in,the stuff that Andrew hate says is,because he's transgressive he's,transgressive in that he says things,that no one else will say some of the,stuff that he says,is,frankly terrible and some of the stuff,that he says is not terrible some of the,stuff that he says is actually a version,of Truth I mean when he says that,promiscuity is generally a bad thing he,says it only among women all right he,says when when he says promise Unity for,women it's a bad thing,that used to be a relatively,uncontroversial thought but it's been,considered bad to say that now it's,wrong it's banned now we live in a,moment because we are so sensorious,online and sort of in the in the,political world we're so sensorious the,Overton window has shrunk so much that,there are two concepts that have been,crimped one is truth as in like Pope,Benedict the 16th truth right things,Eternal things a value that you're not,supposed to say anymore a man is not a,woman men should marry women they should,have kids right these are things that,are now considered very controversial in,the in the elite Circles of the West,you're not supposed to say any of those,things so truth like capital T,long-standing truths these things have,been denied,and then there's also been stuff that's,been denied that's that's just kind of,garbage like stuff that's not nasty to,say or yucky,and so what's been crimped is courage,right people are afraid to say the truth,and they're also afraid to say their,opinion because they lack courage,because the social sanctions are so,strong,and so because the social sanctions are,so strong and because they go beyond,just crimping the truth they go to,crimping pretty much everybody's feeling,that they can even say anything their,opinion jokes because of all of that,courage is now held in higher value than,truth itself,being willing to transgress lines is,considered a highest value because in a,time where courage is under attack,courage is a very very high value,courage is always the first value I mean,C.S Lewis says c

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