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LET'S ARGUE: Your Takes Are GarbageI'm driving the YouTube bus to YouTube,Planet where we look at Yo


Updated on Jan 26,2023

LET'S ARGUE: Your Takes Are Garbage

I'm driving the YouTube bus to YouTube,Planet where we look at YouTube videos,on YouTube Sorry everyone just feeling a,little silly in the New Year it's time,for another edition of let's argue where,we take your hot takes your unpopular,opinions and your tough questions we,respond to the best ones just kidding,your takes are awful and they suck here,we have a top five of Dylan's starting,with Dylan at number five then Dylan at,number four Dylan at number three Dylan,at number two and then at number one,Dylan frankly uh you know if you're,looking for my opinion here which I,imagine you are I would put Dylan over,Dylan who would also be over Dylan but,then put that Dylan under Dylan uh and,then Dylan honestly I don't even know,why he even made the list Dylan should,be on this list instead my balls hurt,probably because you were stupid enough,to pay eight dollars for a blue,check mark mainstream sellout by MGK is,the greatest album of Our Generation,and I,think,and I read that to you very important,music related question tits or ass it's,ass it's always ass it's ass 100,of the time if Kanye actually cared,about sales and did consistent releases,dropped on time singles and physical,copies along with radio hits he could,have been the biggest rapper ever but he,cares more about making art than sales,he was still arguably one of the biggest,rappers of all time if if not the,biggest at at least one point so I,I don't even know what this argument is,is are you just mad that he's not the,biggest rapper now I mean I think right,now there are other things getting in,the way we should let pandas go extinct,in the wild awful take bad take they're,just cute all music is good,frankly I prefer rate your music over, I feel like rate your music,is more interesting of a site generally,speaking the opinions and the community,aspect even though it is pretty chaotic,and can be disagreeable at points is,just a more intriguing you know sort of,like musical Discovery experience than,than all music,um but you know to each their own eating,cold pizza the next day will forever,taste better than eating it hot the day,that it was made that's a garbage take,and the reason that you think that is,because the pizza that you eat is bad,and and not good if you actually,ate good pizza you would enjoy it warm,in fact you would enjoy it more warm,than you would it cold but because the,pizza is garbageo you prefer to eat it,cold why don't you like the viola do not,thrust the violin Viola whatever you,know uh back and forth beef upon me I'm,not engaging in it I have no interest in,it I have no horse in this race both,instruments are great and just cover a,different range of notes ever so,slightly we don't need to get in the,thick of Viola versus violin right now,isn't there enough going on you know,it's 20 20 three let's have this,year be Chiller than the last one please,zorbing needs to come back,you know looking at this last picture,thinking of being in that Zorb,rolling down the hill with like no end,in sight is just like giving me ,anxiety and um I I can't imagine a,greater hell honestly being that out of,control of my physical momentum uh even,if I am sort of like you know safe in,this little plastic pillowy thing this,does not need to come back these,pictures also don't look that old like,is it is is this that far in the past ye,is like the hyper trap version of My,Bloody Valentine I gotta sit down for,this one whoo,oh my,brockhampton should have never kicked,out a mirror it changed the band's sound,it's over they're done they're not a,group anymore they've quit it's finito,it wasn't gonna last forever calm down,let's argue you need to put more respect,on wean they're much more than the ocean,Man Band I've never I've one I've never, called them that two I've done a,classic review of wean's music I enjoy,ween like I even got an email from one,of the members of wean when I did that,review and they said that review kicked,ass and they were happier with it then,uh some of the reviews they had gotten,for that record in the past records uh,from other music journalism outlets and,so on and so forth so what I don't know,what the your problem is where are,you getting these ideas that like I I,don't like wean or whatever it I feel,like you're talking to me about the,anime and you haven't even read,the Manga that Joe has no Classic Albums,Joey Badass hold on there buddy this is,a Gish Gallop you're you're need to stop,right there buddy what one opinion per,person please when you're getting in,line the same the same I'm not, Santa you're not sitting on my,lap and give me your Christmas list give,me one hot take and if it's a good one I,respond to it you don't give me three,shitty ones and expect to get answers to,all of them sign of the times is,Prince's best wow,daring and brave how did you come to,this conclusion sza is less,than mid not even mid less than mid,um no if you're someone who likes people,playing instruments then it's fair to,sa

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The Most Epic Tweet of All Time

The Most Epic Tweet of All Time

hi everyone Anthony fantano here the,internet's busiest music nerd I hope,you're doing well and I also hope that,you're ready to have a quick,conversation,about the greatest tweet of all time we,have one,entity in the music industry to thank,for this tweet and that is the Rock and,Roll Hall of Fame more like Rock and,Roll Hall of lame,no but seriously no the Rock and Roll,Hall of Fame is not boring it's a very,significant institution within the halls,of rock every year they nominate artists,to be inducted into said Hall of Fame,and some of those who were inducted uh,were like uh Dorian Duran Eurythmics,Lionel Richie Dolly Parton but there was,one man,one man who was kind of a long shot you,could say this guy had one shot actually,to to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of,Fame right here a little known rapper by,the name of Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem,AKA nem nem aka Mr nem don't know if you,guys have heard of this dude before but,I've reviewed his records on my main,Channel a handful of times usually not a,very good reception for his work he's,really spent a majority of his career,being hated being written off being,disregarded being treated as if he is,not important not a good artist so on,and so forth so again it was kind of odd,for him to get nominated for a place in,the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because,like the guy doesn't really have too,much of a fan base people don't really,enjoy the Man's music it's quite,unfortunate because it does seem like he,puts a lot of effort and he puts a lot,of heart into what he does but he he,just doesn't get the accolades but it,seems like with this rock and roll Hall,of Fame induction because he made it the,man made it he made it into the Rock and,Roll Hall of Fame some would debate hey,you know what he's a rap man he's not so,much of a rock man he should not be in,the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but,there's at least a couple of tracks from,him that I've heard that has like,a guitar a rock a rock guitar in it and,I think that's I think that's pretty,Rock of him to do that I don't know guys,I'm no rock expert I'm not the uh the,the the rock gatekeeper you know trying,to keep people out of rock,um but to me to me that's that rocks to,me he can rock with the best of him when,I think the greatest rock bands of all,time who Eminem rocks just as hard as I,think of like Three Doors Down I think,of a train I think of Matchbox 20.,Eminem rocks just as hard as they rock,and all those bands have been inducted,in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame like,what five times each at the very least,like why can't Eminem get it at least,one time so anyway I mean you know,Eminem he gets into the Rock and Roll,Hall of Fame and uh you know of course,like after that it's a celebration,there's like you know dancing and and,parading in the streets and there's,floats and there's confetti everywhere,and you know there's there's actually,riots there's people rioting through the,street in celebration of Eminem winning,turn down buildings and flipping over,cars and you know lighting entire Subway,systems on fire which in my opinion is,completely unnecessary but still it's,being done in the name of of Eminem I,wish he would like you know hop on,social media and say something about,this to get them to stop the great,Global and highly destructive m m Riots,of 2022 will most likely be going on,into the next year but what I can say is,a bit of a consolation for that is that,there is a lot of happiness and,celebration and coming togetherness uh,over the fact that Mr nem has has won,and has become the number one Rock and,Roll Hall of Fame 2022 inductee for Best,New Artist and what's so great about,that is not only does the Rock and Roll,Hall of Fame have Mr nem's back uh and,we obviously all watching this video,have Mr nem's back but you know who else,has Mr nems back you're not going to,believe this the minions again since his,induction lots of people have been very,happy and very proud of Eminem and how,far he's come but this is just on,another level the minions congratulate,Eminem Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2022,the Boomer Facebook energy radiating off,of this right now is like at at,radiation poison levels it's it's at,like you know I'm surprised there's not,a giant tumor growing in my head so fast,that you're just watching it just sort,of explode out of my skull on camera,um this is incredible I'm taking this in,this is modern art I'm sorry from the,font to the way Eminem is just looking,so cute and just lovable and smirky but,also a little mean he's a little bit of,a bad boy in this picture just a little,bit of a naughty bad boy but still you,know smiling and still having a good,time and um man all the Minions dressed,like you know the blonde classic Slim,Shady in the uh white shirt in the blue,jeans with white shoes but they still,got their little cute minion gloves on,some with two eyes some with one eye,there is an actual Eminem in the,background of uh the picture a green,girl Eminem The Green m m is us

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Anthony Fantano: Counter-Culture Cannibalism

Anthony Fantano: Counter-Culture Cannibalism

anthony fantano,chances are even if you don't watch him,you've likely heard of his name he's one,of if not the largest taste makers in,music with over 900 million views across,his multiple channels on youtube this is,especially impressive when you take into,account that he's done this all alone,effectively the head of his own one man,empire in spite of his popularity,however in recent years he's become,somewhat controversial amongst his,former audience,and to those newer to his channel this,is confusing because in the grand scheme,of things he's done nothing wrong the,worst anyone could say about him without,having to substantiate their claims,really is that he's kind of annoying in,his bad takes to an outsider the vitriol,towards him seems rather overblown and,i'm not going to argue that it isn't,insert disclaimer here about how he's,not a bad guy and i don't hate him or,whatever,however his former fans do have a reason,to feel the way they do,and it's not super easy to point out,just why they've become so miffed by him,in this video,i'm going to explain why they feel so,betrayed and how in the larger context,of his channel the anthony of today,is antithetical to what he represented,before this is the story,of how counterculture cannibalized the,needle drop,fantano began his pursuit as a music,critic in 2007 with the first iteration,of the needle drop beginning as a public,radio show he eventually also launched a,blog to accompany it where he would post,additional written reviews,back then podcasting as a medium was,rudimentary and uncertain hence how he,managed to pitch the show in the first,place he was satisfied at first but,after two years realized that his growth,was becoming stagnant his target,audience just weren't the type to tune,into the radio,an already withering medium that was,continuing to lose its relevance among,young people,weighing his options he eventually chose,to continue exploring means through the,internet eventually finding the unique,format that would skyrocket him to,popularity,youtube hey guys anthony fantano here,the internet's busiest,music nerd doing an album review mgmt's,congratulations having created his,youtube channel in january of 2009,he's since amassed over 2 million,subscribers and been cited by,journalists as today's most successful,music critic,his struggle to reach his target,demographic paid off with him not only,finding success but becoming ingrained,in online music culture he's been,directly referenced and sampled by,several artists,and he's even had his audience's taste,in music labeled fantano core,fantano's influence as a taste maker,cannot be understated and i have to give,him props for that he's living the life,that most internet critics could only,dream of but that level of notoriety,isn't achieved by simply uploading,videos consistently as fantano himself,notes in a profile by spin,there were many other up-and-coming,channels back then who never experienced,the same growth or success he did,nonetheless the cult of personality,so what was it that set fantano apart,from his competitors and allow him to,tower above the rest while fantano,humbly cites it as a simple stroke of,luck,there's clearly another explanation the,one thing that separated fantano from,the other channels at the time was how,closely he aligned himself with the,internet's counterculture fantano didn't,just,understand his demographic he was his,demographic,at a time when the internet hadn't yet,been adopted by pop culture at large,fantano was unique in how close he was,to the pulse of it all or,as emp lemon would autistically scream,at you fantano was well versed in,memes his reviews were filled with,quirky humor and bits like cow chuchesta,in contrast to sanitized corporate,publications such as pitchfork,i was throwing up on a tuesday,i think it's cause i eat too much food,he wasn't just trying to make video,reviews he was trying to provide an,experience unique to a medium like,youtube,just listen to his philosophy regarding,youtube from back in 2016. that you sort,of appreciate that,youtube is this internet me medium,you know and there's kind of like a diy,characteristic to it that makes it so,appealing,uh whereas you know there are some,people who,i think have missed the point there are,some people who have gotten on youtube,just to kind of make tv,you know yeah whereas like to me that's,not the point of youtube,separating him even more from his,competitors was his association with,4chan's musicboard to the point where he,was unceremoniously crowned as the king,of mew this wasn't just for his music,taste but the fact that he was an open,poster of the forum in 2014,anthony participated in a four-hour long,q a session with users of the site he,would also collaborate with other,e-celebs associated with the edgier side,of the internet such as filthy frank and,even sam hyde however,all of this would prove to be preamble,for what was his most elaborate bid yet,while anthony's philosophy of cre

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Jordan Peterson's New Song is Whack

Jordan Peterson's New Song is Whack

i hope you're doing well anthony fantano,here cringe the knee cringe tano here i,think uh we're gonna be listening to a,brand new song,from uh the man the myth the legend,the canadian phenom,jordan b peterson,yes mr clean your room himself,the kermit the frog voice man,has decided to release some music,now from what i understand if you guys,have been paying attention to the news,you probably know about like the,canadian trucker convoy and everything,where they're kind of,holding that weird cringe block off all,the streets and everything with trucks,because we don't like,basic health safety measures,between america and canada and,everything yeah they're protesting that,and you know from what i understand the,protests have have mostly been broken up,so you know good for canada in that,regard,sorry to everybody up north who had to,go through that complete hell and um you,know all the white supremacists who,align themselves with the uh with the,trekker convoy too,you know if you look into it a lot of,the money they were sent were actually,uh passed over to them by like you know,american sources and american,businessmen and that sort of thing so,you know kind of astro turfy and cringy,but anyway,uh,jordan b peterson is of course you know,the cringe lord that he is uh in support,of the trucker convoy uh jordan bp he,hates the mandates he hates the uh,vaccines even though i i guess he's like,you know done or doing live shows that,have vaccine requirements,uh but anyway he supports the convoy,he likes freedom i believe it's one of,the 12 rules for life,or that's one of the reasons he's really,into lobsters you know they're just like,really big into freedom i guess um he's,come out with,not a tweet not a book not a manifesto,in support of the uh trucker convoy and,the general protests against uh,the health mandates uh he's come out,with a song,he's transcending mediums here,going into the music field with a song a,track titled wake up,because that is always the point of view,of people who hold the perspective that,jordan peterson does that they're just,like privy to some kind of knowledge,that the world is just ignorant to and,if only everyone would would wake up to,the truth with just please wake up,sheeple wake up sheeple,um,if anyone's ever telling you to wake up,they're usually guaranteed to be full of, uh i'm just saying that as a,general rule off the bat,um so i mean right from the outset this,thing is kind of falling out falling,flat on its face but uh,we're going to hear,how well it fails musically as well i,i'm hoping for a beautiful disaster here,um jordan peterson is the more,theatrical than trudeau he is a really,melodramatic like if you,look at that guy's tweets like he really,is just dying to be the victim of,something like oh they're gonna put me,in jail if i don't say the pronouns like,he's just a real psychopath,um,i i you know from what i understand this,is attached to a lyric video,uh not like a super you know jordan,peterson's not going to be coming out,here rapping at you or anything like,that,uh from what i gather,he's mostly just going to be uh uh,spitting some bars there's going to be,lyrics hey quick shout out to our,sponsor good people over at evolved,chocolate,i'm gonna be chopping on some of this,while we listen to this,uh hit that link down below it says,evolve chocolate uh promo code the,needle drop get a percentage off your,order uh this one over here is see-saw,almond i'm gonna enjoy this it's,vegan it's delicious and prior to,evolved i've never really been too much,into,salt chocolate combos but i am very,much into this one,all right so,a song by jordan b peterson,wake up let's give it a spin,my god i'm psyched,so,what the hell is this i feel like i'm,listening to a woods song with like the,really weird little baby falsetto vocals,or some kind of weird obscure like 60s,psychedelic rock act who's on production,on this who's on the production,like who's doing these guitars who's,who's pulling out these drum rolls,these vocal effects who's who's,weaving together,this this sonic tapestry i have to know,can't,see,this,no no no no,this mix is ass this mixes ass,like it sounds muddy as,like and not only that but like now that,kind of the vocals have swung in and,everything it just sounds like a really,bad pink floyd ripoff,it just sounds like they're they're,doing,it it sounds like the nostalgia critics,the wall,but now it's just about the,canadian trucker convoy,it just sounds like some shitty pink,floyd ripoff what the of course,like jordan b peterson and his fans are,like,deep into floyd and,the left-wing politics of uh,roger waters completely evades them oh,my god is is this gonna is this just,gonna be a shitty floyd ripoff for the,for the remainder of this,you,should,should be acting well,you,should,yeah i mean i i guess from what i'm,seeing here the lyrics are by jordan,the lyrics are by jordan b peterson,and the vocals are kind of attributed to,several different people including him

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The Anthony Fantano Iceberg Explained (theneedledrop)

The Anthony Fantano Iceberg Explained (theneedledrop)

Anthony fantano he is I'd say the most,popular music critic online and on,YouTube even if you agree or don't agree,with his ratings and scores which I mean,I can understand why you wouldn't,there's no denying that he's a great,reviewer but there's tough people know,about him and there's theories that not,many people are aware of like Anthony,and cow being the same person if you,don't know how an iceberg video works at,the top of the iceberg it is the most,well-known things about that person or,topic the channel in this case where,even someone not a fan of him might know,about them and at the bottom it is the,really Niche stuff that are either,theories not many people know about or,stuff discussed within the fan base that,also not many people know about this,Iceberg was compiled by the user XCX,falling on Reddit a lot of research went,into this video but I don't want to,waste your time so let's just get into,it,hey buddy did you hear the news,probably his most notorious and,controversial review you don't have to,be a fan of fantana to know he gave my,beautiful doctors a fantasy a 6 out of,10. anyone who is at least in the music,scene online is probably aware of this,review,Pantano's final scores are harsh and,he's pretty critical so whenever he,gives an album a 10 out of 10 score it's,always a big moment he gave out his,first 10 on April the 20th of 2012 to,the album The Money store by Death Grips,then the second 10 out of 10 was to be,kind by Swans then probably his most,popular 10 out of 10 to pimp a butterfly,by Kendrick Lamar in 2015 then we had,kids see ghost in 2018 as well as you,won't get what you want by daughters and,his latest additions to the 10 out of 10,list come in 2021 in the Turning Wheel,by spilling and Tina get ready by lingue,ignoda he has since done videos where he,goes over every decade and lists hours,he thinks are tense like madvillainy and,Discovery as examples,not only has he given 10 out of 10 he,has also given 0 out of 10. these are,albums that he thinks are worse than a,one out of 10 which I don't know how,that's possible speeding bullet to,Heaven by Kid Cudi which okay that one I,understand there are a couple of more,but his latest one is X by Ken Carson,which released in 2022.,he's a melon there is not much to this,his nickname is Malik he is a melon the,nickname actually came from a British,artist named zombie after he called him,a melon on Twitter a while back but yeah,pretty cool,this clip comes from a tick tock of his,where he's reacting to someone,absolutely obliterating a pizza by,cutting it into 700 slices and yeah,melon over here doesn't seem to be too,happy about it that's good it's it's,enough slices,another one of his most notorious,reviews after giving Kendrick Lamar an,aid for Section 80 on 9 for good kid,Matt City and a 10 for the pimpa,butterfly this game is a bit of a,surprise to people when he gave damn a 7,out of 10.,let's argue is a series fantennial does,on the fantano channel where he goes,over hot takes that his fans sent over,to him their unpopular opinions and he,shares his own piece of thought on them,sometimes he agrees and sometimes he,doesn't,again not much to this one but there's a,lot on this boy right here okay there is,a lot of meat on this boy and also this,clip of him exists getting ready to film,a video damn boy he's thick boy that's a,thick ass boy damn,is a character made by Anthony fantano,who is just fantana with a certain,German's Leader's mustache from the,1940s that you may know him his name is,he randomly appears on reviews to either,conversate with fentano and annoy him or,to just do I mean I don't know random,stuff,the top of the morning dance is,something fetano uploaded on his Tick,Tock the song rage Brothers by baby king,featuring Kendrick Lamar had just,dropped and went viral for Kendrick,going top of the Moon and top of the,moaning top of the moaning top of the,moon so vitaro did a dance to it on his,Tick Tock and it went sort of viral,antenna Prides himself as having pretty,good teeth going as far as saying he has,the best teeth in the game and that is,literally it for this category he talks,about it in quite a few of his videos,and it's now a running joke in the,community that he acknowledges,fader back in 2017 released an article,about Anthony fantano where they accused,them of a panthering to the old right,and that he used the channel of his to,win over the hold right oh oh my God can,tell made a 21 minute long video,debunking everything and pretty much,saying how the article was ridiculous,and that the fader do not have the brain,capacity to understand what a meme is,antenna wears a certain outfit in each,one of his reviews that gives off a,rough idea of what the score is going to,be the most iconic outfits and prevalent,being the red and the yellow flan the,red final can be seen on the views where,he gives a negative score and the yellow,flannel can be seen on reviews where he,gives off a very positive score usually,above

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hi everyone Anthony Fantana here,internet's busiest music nerd hope,you're doing well we have a new shirt,over on our support page the needle drop,comm slash support design is fantastic,link down there in description box pick,one up alright in this video I'm going,to be reading some Kanye tweets kanye,west Yeezy is back him on the Twitter,platform most likely because he has new,music on the way very soon new album new,something to promote something to tell,people product to move it's usually when,he starts getting all riled up and crazy,on social media and the fans love it and,this this tweet storm this recent tweet,storm this year's tweet storm that's has,been really dense has been really thick,it's it's been hurricane Kanye during,this tweet storm he's been talking about,all matter of things in this recent,storm and we're gonna go over a great,deal of it in this video I'm not gonna,have insight on every single thing that,are an opinion on every single thing,he's talking about here probably not,much to say about his his shoes his,boots his clothing line and and,everything like that not only is it just,not really my my forte but I don't,really care for Kanye's clothes that,much of although it's I'm sort of,wondering if that's uh is that one of,his shoes right there because that's,that's a pretty dope looking shoe I hope,it is that would be cool it's a nice,looking shoe alright guys I'm gonna head,into some of these tweets over here in,just eight or so minutes ago Kanye West,has essentially announced an egg it's,not it's not in stone here because it's,not like Kanye hasn't announced records,before on social media that never ended,up coming out so you know I I don't want,to put too much stock into what he's,saying here but essentially he's just,announced that him and Kid Cudi have a,collaborative record coming out which,there has been rumor of that so maybe,this has more validity to it then then,I'm giving it credit for because again,there has been talk of it so he's sort,of coming out right here June 8th hard,date,on that which I don't believe album see,is just kind of thrown out there have,had hard release dates although it seems,like okay so wait Kanye says that he has,an album coming out and it's just seven,songs June first I imagine that's,connected to that and when he says June,8th that's not some kind of correction,or something like that so June first,Kanye record seven songs and then him,and Kid Cudi June 8th and it's called,kids see ghosts that's the name of our,group so they have a group it's not just,a duo with double billing or something,like that that there's a group name,there so it's it's a kid see ghost,now hopefully whatever album cycles,Konya has coming up in the future,they're a little less tumultuous than,the teal op album cycle not that it,didn't make things interesting it,certainly did but I'm kind of hoping,that that was sort of more a part of the,concept of that record and that he's not,just kind of hitting fans with the same,concept all over again,so let's see some of the stuff Kanye's,been saying it's not where you take,things from it's where you take them too,which i think is a pretty excellent,point I don't really have anything,against the point that he's a he's,making there I mean because the thing is,creativity is never entirely original,you're always borrowing from somewhere,you're always inspired by something and,sure there are lots of artists out there,whose influences are super clear they're,super apparent they're super obvious but,if you were taking those influences to,an interesting place to an amazing place,to a new and an exciting place then,those influences are not only a bad,thing but they're benefiting you look at,to pimp a butterfly for example like the,the influences that runs through that,record Flying Lotus George Clinton you,know some of whom are actually on the,record itself it's Kendra sort of built,on those influences you know he took,them to an interesting place also,shout-out to my dude,nerdwriter Evan who came out with a,little Lauren Hill video which has been,doing well and Kanye was actually,watching the frickin video and shot,footage of the video off what looks like,his phone and and just him sort of,enjoying Lauren Hill's statements on,just kind of being real and true to,herself as a performer and as a person,and as an artist so shoutout to Kanye,Lauryn Hill and nerdwriter three worlds,I never thought I'd see collide but hell,yes to that so Kanye says were all,servants which I don't know if that's,something that he's saying generally,like across all people across all,peoples or if he's talking merely about,art and artists because a lot of these,tweets that he's been saying deal,directly in art and creativity so maybe,this is more sort of off of that off of,that point I feel like there is an,argument to be made if you're kind of,applying this widely but if we're to,talk about Kanye as an artist and as a,creator I feel like you most certainly,have to kind

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2022 Was Wild

2022 Was Wild

hey hi and hello everyone Anthony,fantano here the internet's busiest,music nerd I hope you are doing well I,wanted to come through here and do one,more year end list specific for this,channel talking about the content that,we dropped over the course of last year,we've done this before we're gonna do it,again Austin and I have listed out in no,particular order Okay I lied the last,video is collectively our favorite video,of the year but generally speaking the,videos I'm listing are in no particular,order the best pieces of content in our,opinion on this channel over the course,of a year which we felt uh was worth,mentioning and worth doing because we,make a lot of different kinds of videos,on the fantano channel over the course,of Any Given year some of them are,serious some of them are posts some,of them are lists and some of them are,interviews and so on and so forth linked,down below you can check out some of the,content for yourself if you haven't seen,any of these videos some of them and,relive some of the memories together,with all of us as a community or,something heartwarming okay the first,video I'm going to reference now is I'm,a disgrace that was personally a,highlight for me over the course of this,year this video was particularly funny,earlier this year I found that I had a,cavity when I went to the dentist which,was sad and unfortunate and I just,thought that I would respond to this,personal tragedy by making a video about,how I'm just no longer allowed to be the,best teeth in the game because I'm not,taking care of my teeth I'm not holding,my Throne properly but yes it was very,funny to come on camera and be,tongue-in-cheek and you know sort of a,performatively relinquish the Throne of,the best teeth in the game which um it's,it's not actually I'm still the best I'm,still the best baby okay the next video,we are referencing here also added a bit,of lore to the whole,World Austin chose this one because a,lot of you guys freaked out about this,realization on Tick Tock and on other,social media platforms apparently a lot,of y'all didn't know that I've been,sitting so I did a video about how I I,have been sitting this whole time when,doing reviews like literally over there,that is the area that I that I review,and it's it's right freaking there it's,in the same room as this room is that,freaking you out too that this room the,fantano channel room is the same room as,the needle drop room oh my God no idea,why a lot of you guys just didn't have a,clue it's not like the shelf that I do,my videos next to look super tall but I,suppose when you only see one thing from,a single angle for forever,um it can come off a certain way I,suppose but yeah check out that video If,you haven't especially if you're just,finding out now in this video that I've,been sitting in my reviews the entire,time next in our list here we are going,to shout out my review of the Kendricks,the Heart part five that song did F me,up at the time that I reviewed it it's,still a very moving and Powerful song,for Kendrick named it my number two for,song of the year just immense track,great track amazing track from the,production to the lyrics and the,multiple phases of uh the themes of the,song overall and I reviewed the song man,at length in the video that we did on,the fantano channel and I think it's one,of the most thorough track reviews we've,ever done on either Channel got a lot of,good discussion going uh in the comments,as well always nice to see some actual,discourse around the song and you know I,liked that there was a lot of dissent,and disagreement over certain things,that I had said or specifics that I uh,didn't quite mention especially toward,the end but but still very happy to have,gotten that video out and I thought it,was a certainly a highlight for the year,next shout out on our list comes by way,of Austin and and that is uh we did a,few videos this year in reference to,crypto and specifically bad crypto music,because of all the crypto crap going on,across the year there were uh crypto,singers there were crypto rappers and,here we have a reference to uh two of,them one of which is I guess Mark,Zuckerberg's sister who did like some,crypto song to the tune of We're Not,Gonna Take it and then we have also,Razzle Khan who was like this elder,Millennial chick who I believe was from,New York and was involved in like this,crypto scam and uh as a result of her,getting busted in the midst of that a,music video of her kind of rapping as if,she's like some kind of like you know,mid-2000s hipster rapper surfaced and,man it was cringe as hell but yeah it's,always nice to be able to come on the,channel every once in a while and just,find a supremely bad cringe terrible,piece of music that you can just,completely tear apart especially if,there's an awful music video attached to,it that you can have a giggle at at and,these two tracks certainly there was a,lot of of that going on a lot of,clownery a lot of Tom Foolery a lot of,crypto

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The Drake Situation

The Drake Situation

hi everyone anthony fantano here,internet's busiest music nerd i hope you,are doing well and you've most likely,come into this video thinking what the,heck is going on,well uh i'm going to explain it and,hopefully be very direct and cut and dry,with the whole thing because i would,much rather get my re linux review done,then talk about this but uh yes all over,the internet uh everybody's talking,about the fact that drake,legitimately did actually dm me some,very mad,salty,dms that were weird and awkward he knows,my rating system you can't destroy me,with my own rating system dude it's my,rating system also really weird that he,would bring up the,race of somebody's partner uh even if it,is i guess in his own uh dumb way like,uh supposed to be positive or like a,compliment but anyway i was doing my,thing minding my own business on,wednesday night as i said in my recent,video about drake dming me and uh yeah,drake just sort of uh threw it down not,the cookie recipe look he sent me these,messages and right away the gears in my,head start turning obviously you know,we're in a choose your own adventure,situation here what do you do do you,ignore it do you fire back do you post,it and share with the world that drake,is hating on you for some dumb reason,firing back obviously an option and a,whole lot of low-hanging fruit that,could have been thrown drake's way,if i wanted to but i thought that was um,kind of silly and beefing with drake in,the dms would just be like really petty,and dumb,because honestly,uh i i'm just a reviewer i don't know,the guy personally i don't know anything,about the guy other than stuff that i've,seen and i've heard on the internet,never met him don't know his vibe don't,know his energy,don't really know anything about him,that uh you guys you know don't uh,already know from just being online and,hearing about him i thought getting,personal and getting into space and,getting,angry would just be kind of dumb and,pointless and i also thought it would be,quite trashy of me to uh you know go on,to the internet and uh so oh drink do,you have to be look look look here it is,his bat drinks,drinks,i thought that would be uh not only a,little silly but also,what he kind of obviously wanted,ignoring was an option and i sort of,decided to do that at first but then my,mind started moving further and i was,like how can i turn this,into content like obviously i can't,share the dms with everybody because,that would be silly and trashy i could,tell people he dm'd me but like if,people don't know what the dms are who,cares i know,make up a dm and the the two,possibilities that i had kicking around,in my head were,one the option that uh i ended up going,with the cookie recipe,um which shout out to austin for writing,getting the images for the drake dms,together because obviously those are,doctored they're not real drake didn't,really send me a vegan,cookie recipe,but they did look very good and they,looked very convincing and again austin,they did an amazing job on pulling those,together so yeah that was the first,option the one that i ultimately ended,up going with the other one bumping,around in my head was drake dming me to,ask me about advice,on what he could say to a girl he has a,crush on and then the rest of the video,is me giving him advice on that topic i,i really would like to exist in the,timeline where i went that route,uh it would have been funny to see if,things played out any differently but,you know we make the choices that we do,but yeah i thought it would be funny to,make content out of this basically,doctor and make up dms and uh just make,them so absurd and so silly that anybody,who sees me reading them aloud is going,to look at this and be like,drake didn't send him this this is,ridiculous this is stupid this is dumb,why would drake send anybody a cookie,recipe in the middle of the night does,it make any sense that's not the truth,this is just a post that's just,dumb which it was it was in fact a,post i could have come out with that,same freaking video two months ago and,it would have had the same effect it,would have gained the same attention,because it's just a lie it's just a,silly made-up thing and the dms that i,was essentially responding to,didn't exist in the minds of anyone,nobody knew that they were,real until drake decided to post the,salty ass dms that he sent me,to his instagram story again choose your,own adventure i was choosing my,adventure drake was choosing his and i,thought with the posting of that video,the cookie recipe video a couple things,could have happened drake could have,seen it,ignored it drake could have seen it and,then saw okay well you know what this,guy's being silly he's being a little,tongue-in-cheek he's obviously not,taking the situation too seriously,because i'm not anybody coming at this,thinking like oh there's beef oh they're,they're beefing they're beefing it out,like i really do not have anything,personal against drake do i think he's,made uh

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