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WHY #SaveFallGuys is TRENDING on Twitter??#save four guys is trending on Twitter,and some of these t


Updated on Jan 17,2023

WHY #SaveFallGuys is TRENDING on Twitter??

#save four guys is trending on Twitter,and some of these tweets are getting,more likes than the actual Four Guys,Twitter accounts but why what went so,wrong that their player base is now,retaliating well today we find out,before we begin though if you guys going,to enjoy today's video make sure you,guys do subscribe I upload Daily 4 guys,content but without further Ado let's,begin the video so what started this,trend for years Four Guys players have,been vocal about the game and so have I,one of the best places to do this is on,the hashtag game feedback section on the,official Four Guys Discord yet it feels,like no matter how much you ask for,something there is no response and it,feels like you're having a conversation,with a brick wall so people took the,Twitter with the hashtag save for guys,and under every four guys tweets there,are multiple #save Four Guys related,tweets and it became so big that dots,Esports and a few other news outlets,have started to cover it so what exactly,do people want well the biggest,complaint that people had were skilled,based matchmaking if you don't know what,skilled based matchmaking is here is a,very quick rundown the better you are at,the game the better your opponents will,be this means if you're new to a game,your games will be fun and enjoyable but,if you're even playing the game for a,while your game should be sweaty and,unenjoyable games like Apex Legends and,War zones have this for more information,about the skill based matchmaking info,guys please check out this video that I,have Linked In the description it,explains everything however skill based,matchmaking was not the only issue a,popular content created by the name of,Samaras has put together a list of,things Four Guys needs to change by,order of the four guys community and,includes very very basic stuff like,being able to preview celebrations and,fixing solo show I have got a full video,coming up tomorrow or very soon talking,about the tragic downfall of solo show I,didn't realize how bad it was until I,started doing my research so if you guys,want to see that then make sure to,subscribe but simple things like not,being able to view a celebration sucks,Honestly though I don't see the point of,A ranked mode or skill based matchmaking,it feels like people are taking four,guys way too seriously this isn't Apex,Legends and honestly the skillbury's,matchmaking and Fall Guys isn't anywhere,near as bad as other games that have,school with matchmaking furthermore is,important to remember that 99 of the,four guys player base hasn't got a lot,of wins so playing against golden sweat,is annoying also scores matchmaking is,only in Solo show this feature helps,them out massively this then keeps the,player count up because they don't rage,quiz match but this has a pretty big,impact on the one percent who have more,than 100 crowns and that's it that's why,hashtag C4 guys is trending the player,base has had enough of their voices not,being heard if you guys enjoyed today's,video make sure to subscribe have an,amazing rest of your day and I'll catch,you guys in the next one peace

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rebrand,rebrand anyone i'm uh,i'm getting bullied by a game that's,designed for,student and you know it's like,i don't have a win yet right which is,fine,but i've only played for like three,hours dude,and like total and and everyone's,making fun of me because i don't have a,win yet,everyone literally i'm like i don't know,what happened over the weekend bro,but all of a sudden everyone's just,making fun of me now,over the weekend i got lupo's tweeting,at me,nick closey the devs,and i'm not that bad i'm not i just,i gotta i gotta put the hashtag time in,guys,like my buddy says hashtag time in yeah,ninja he was making fun of me everyone,is man i'm over it bro,i'm getting a win today suck my ass but,before,we get into game play we do the cool,part of the stream,which is called the just chatting hey,guys hi girls how are you sam even the,fall guys twitter's roasting you oh you,don't say,right i didn't know that,good one guys,i was unaware thank you for telling me,that dude you guys don't understand,i am being targeted i i it's not i'm not,normally playing fall guys,this is like fall guys against the rest,of the lobby,except for you guys okay so all that's,missing from this,recipe right now is is someone making,a reddit thread claiming that tim got,them banned from ball guys,yup that's nice that's snacks dude,because you because you accused him of,juicing the baseball guy,hey listen man,i will never make an accusation,like if someone is stream sniping if,they're not stream sniping right that,being said,that baseball guy is in my chat,right now and he's stream,sniping,this is probably the worst one right,because they can just throw my sees off,i have to stay in the front on this row,come on baby come on i just want to make,my chat proud dude that's all i want,dude,cocky is this you in front with me uh,you're next to the,the mint he just fell yeah yeah you know,immediately it's literally me and you on,this don't this up okay,i'm already through man don't, this,we're all here it's the three of us,tyler sounds like he's in the trenches,back there,he's just kidding like look at there's,like 30 people in this platform,and they can't get up because we won't,let them,i'm going left okay that's okay i i got,i got,the french fry like boxed me on the head,or something i don't know what happened,and it just,my guy fell over but here we are we try,again tyler you can crawl there's not,enough people just don't stop,i'm good guys come on,all right stop around guys,this side you idiots tim how are,you still back there,because the group is stupid guys,on me damn,where is he he's coming he's coming he's,coming he's coming oh this is gonna be,tough,you're gonna be tough you got this tip,you got this you got this you got this,my ass,suck my eyes,oh my god you're good you're good,there's a lot of people have a lot of,time,oh my god you're good you're good,mathematically,yeah if that whole soda can you up,then,you got it you got it he tried really,tried,uh i just got donation that says tell,him he's my favorite fall guys,commentator,we we're always on the same team because,we're queuing together correct,yes okay i just want to be sure gold,eggs are worth more correct,yeah yeah yes you just run in you can,throw them too you run into,grab and dive you know low-key these,kind of look like my head huh,yeah they do a whole game mode based off,your body,give me this baby look at the speed look,at the pace,what little blue idiot come on dude give,me that,come on dude i'm griefing blue,is the gold,yeah we're yellow yellow is creeping,blue with us,the developers are not watching and just,doing like that bro,what was that with my little dog i got i,got one coming,nice oh my god,all right defense,keep it tight i'm grabbing i'm grabbing,the cactus,nice buddy get him go i got it bro nice,i don't care if blue or gold win because,they're both idiots,i got the egg i'm going for it baby it's,okay we're good,hard body briefing blue enough right now,dude you ain't get out of here with them,holy so intense oh my god i just i just,left the game on actually,you left the game on accident,i'm using a stuffed controller or elite,controller and i just click,one of them is b what is a head back and,enter tyler be honest how much is the,fault guys twitter guy,paying you to do this huh you're just,happened to leave right,dude this little chicken keeps grabbing,me,dude dude,oh look out get out of the middle get,out of it oh that wolf guy might be gone,no he made it he made it,that guy's gone one got one guy got,knocked down,chicken bro stop grabbing me for some,reason those little things always they,destroy me every time,oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god,oh my god oh the pace,oh oh,give me center now,the chick out of the way this little,green idiot homie,this chicken is trying to ruin my game,i'm not kidding,we're good we're,probably final here tim no, pressure tim you need to win a,game,trust me i know cloak,this is not the final right no it's not,no after

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it took a long time,but i finally got my first win in fall,guys,in case you've been missing kind of,what's been going on maybe you don't,follow me on twitter or instagram or,anything like that,this has been a story arc that's what i,would say i started playing fall guys,just kind of casually because it looked,kind of like a fun,game to play with some friends right and,it makes really funny content so i was,like okay let's give it a shot,a couple games in i realized i wasn't,the best at it and it was kind of hard,for me,i'm not the brightest bulb in the pack,and all of a sudden,it kind of had this recurring thing,where i just kept losing i couldn't win,all my friends were winning apparently,six-year-olds are winning and for some,reason,tim can't win i i think it was saturday,of last week,or friday was the first time that fall,guys twitter tagged me and just kind of,made a joke right,like oh tim you're not getting a win,right and then,it kind of started to become a little i,responded and then,they kind of you know i played fun back,and then they responded again and it,kind of turned into this thing almost,like a meme,oh tim can't win and then quite hardly,every day i was getting tweeted from,fall guys and i was streaming,all the time trying to get my first win,well today it happened i have never,felt so euphoric is the word i would use,from a video game in my life from this,win i'm not exaggerating when i say,hundreds of thousands of people were,tuning in all week to see if i could get,a win and fall guys,it was unbelievable and i'm sure i will,probably never see numbers like that,ever again,and i do just want to say bottom of my,heart thank you so much for all the,support with that that was,unbelievable so then finally we get the,win in front of,350 000 live viewers,a number i can't even wrap my head,around and the chat was,wild i started to trend on twitter he,did it tim,did it was trending on twitter it was an,unbelievable moment apart,part of my history for sure will be,forever remembered by me,but i you know gaming history i don't,know if it'll be something that's,remembered that far down the road but i,it was it was a monumental moment in the,gaming industry for that moment,and for me in my career personally and,career you know throwing air quotes but,if you're not subscribed to the channel,subscribe,turn the alerts on we're trying to get a,lot of you know more direct content onto,youtube lately i've been saying that a,lot,and it's been really cool to see the,feedback and and the growth of youtube,drop a like on this video i hope your,first winning fall guys comes a lot,faster,than mine tell someone you love them,i'll catch you in the next one,all right i'm kind of having this,realization bro,what if i never win no you're going to,win you got to get that out of your head,come on you're winning this game,you're getting closer and closer man i,believe,you got to find your happy place man,where did happy gilmore think about that,pepperoni,pizza that you're eating last night the,bud light salts as you were drinking,i bet for every bite you took man you,were just feeling even better and better,it was fantastic you got to remember,that feeling you got to channel that,find it use it catapult your way into,the finals,smoke everybody grab that crown let's go,we're locked in come on,i'm locked in pepperoni pizza,bud light seltzers don't touch me,oh my god dude this guy has the longest,arms i've ever seen,this little guy in the in the headband,if he grabs me here he's gonna my,day out bro,oh my god he missed wait,whoa this lobby's kind of cracked,absolutely is i don't care who's playing,this game right now it could be, jesus christ himself you're,better,dude sometimes why does it feel like i'm,on skates sometimes,like it's because you're gliding,the glizzy glider i think,i'm on it right now if you need it i got,the hot dog,i have a feeling this little green guy,that's spinning in circles chat i think,he's going to try and grief me bro,quote me on it grape cherry cherry,i don't know where banana is bananas are,in the corner,don't be a banana orange here i'm in the,corner if you need it,wait i think it's isn't it this one yep,you're good,all right we got one more cherry orange,peach banana cherry,banana grape cherry watermelon banana,grape cherry watermelon banana grape,cherry watermelon banana,grape right here right here i'm on you,just jump throw me off bro please let's,go hey another level cleared,that much closer,apparently there's only 63 of these,lambos in the world that's why it's 750k,you got to get that lambo out of your,mind bro you got to think of alexis you,got to think of brewer you got to think,about the legacy you are leaving behind,after this game your son is going to,look back,at this stream at this moment right now,and think how his dad is a superhero,uh-huh you're flying through fruit shoot,right now,tim i'm flying not one fruit is gonna,stop,one more moment right now wait what i,eat fruit bro i l

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stream snipers aren't real right,right streamers don't know anything dude,you guys just complained dude,you're not getting stream sniped dude,good one what you're about to watch,was something i've never seen before,previously,you probably saw my first win in fall,guys what you're about to watch,happened before my first win there was a,group of people,a lot of people that were strictly,cueing into my games,even if i was trying to hide screen,trying to hide the audio like something,on warzone,they were trying to ruin my games and,not let me get my first win,so not only am i fighting the obstacles,in fall guys i've also got,15 guys trying to get me and hold me and,grief me,so many people tried to queue into my,games,the fall guys servers crashed i have,never had anything like that happen ever,in my life,i've been stream sniped a lot i've been,griefed a lot right,but not to the extent that so many,people,are queuing at the same time that the,service crashed fall guys actually,confirmed this in a tweet,because we were kind of all sitting,there like oh maybe this is just,coincidence,they actually confirmed in a tweet that,so that i,was the reason that the service crashed,because,i was trying to get my win and so many,people were trying to stop me,but i actually did have some people that,were kind of frustrated at me because,so many people are trying to ruin my,game that i ruined theirs and i'm sorry,if i did that i didn't mean to do that,intentionally i was just trying to get,my first win and fall guys,i greatly appreciate you checking out,another one be sure to drop a like on,this one,share it with a friend tell us someone,you love them i'll catch you in the next,one all right,i'm,hurry i'm coming,look at these three guys they're all, me,do you not see open your ,eyeballs,off the rim i had three guys locked me,up,like i'm a defensive lineman,locked me up and put me into the corner,bro literally,easy quality baby easy quality here boys,ah the greens are gone for you already,dude,they've actually just got new ones,i got four i got four people i got four,meals,i got some separation on him i may have,it hang on,he's quieting,oh my god this is not easy calls matt,stop saying easy calls okay i am getting,royally that's what's happening,guys this is not a conspiracy theory i,am not throwing i am getting,hard targeted bro,gonna i'm literally i'm not exaggerating,brown i'm gonna have to get a win off,stream,and just to show you guys that i can do,an off-stream matt we're hiding cube bro,we're dodging,okay what are you doing i'm hiding i'm,hiding i'm i'm hitting i'm hitting they,can't see,tim i just got this weird strange,lightning bolt down my spine that says,you're going to win this this this game,i'm ready let's go you win this game i'm,shotgunning two claws,there's a brief moment where they don't,know where i am because i keep changing,my color,and it's like so freeing it's like,peeing in the pool,nice and free you piss in your pool,what's up no no i'm just saying it,that's what i would forgo if i did,stop dude,stupid ,this is where i really get bro,and people start grabbing me here,okay yeah that's where that's where it's,the worst for me because if i get,grabbed there my momentum goes the other,way we're in boys have you ever peed in,a lake,yeah it feels great right,that's enjoyable yeah now multiply that,by 10,in the pool think about it,yeah my m3 had the paddles before,but i've never driven with a clutch,all night should i get a beater yeah,you can even like i mean you could even,do it on uh,you can even practice on uh on jack,simulator stuff,yeah i need to get one on my own guys,i'm dead last right now i'm gonna keep,it a buck with you matt,i don't i don't care i'm going okay,that's fair,it's fair feedback oh,okay i made it past two rounds this is,the best i've done in a little bit,dude what i should do for the stream,sniper soon i should just start running,ads, y'all it's trying to stream snipe,me bro oh bro hit him with the back to,back three minutes dude i got this guy,in my chat spamming it's him ask lando,for a mclaren,lender you want to give me one bro yeah,yeah sure god looks like this is a fair,one,thanks dude appreciate it nice i'm sure,i'm sure,that he could just give his friends nice,i don't know if i'm on a banana or a,watermelon,i'm going to be real quick,yeah that is justice that is karma, you buddy i'm getting dude these,guys are trying to literally i i i don't,i i i i'm running i i i'm getting,trolled dude,where's the watermelon help me i mean,i'm pink they're trying to hold me,on the other dude you're valid bro one,more round you're good one more round,you're good brother the hardest one,i need you guys to pay attention of,course man watermelon orange,i can't,i think right here wait where everyone's,on this one,did everyone die i think everyone died,everyone should try to grief me,everyone's trying to grief me no one's,paying attention to the game bro,actually got eliminated oh my god it's a,five

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thank you,foreign,so today I want to talk again about some,stuff you might not have seen and again,I'll be going back to those DVD sets,that feature unreleased marches this,time we're looking at the unreleased 86,to 85 set and we're actually going to,look at two marches today two ladder,matches that were not televised yet they,happened to TV tapings the IC title was,on the line in both marches feature,Double J Jeff Jarrett these matches are,quite interesting because most fans,would believe the Wrestlemania 10 Ladder,Match was followed up by the SummerSlam,95 ladder match and there wasn't,anything in between but you might be,surprised to learn that more ladder,matches happened in 1995 compared to,every other year of WWF or WWE's,existence yes most often when the,cameras weren't rolling but there was a,reason for WWF putting on so many ladder,matches in 1995 quite simply business,was done and a lot of matches were used,as a way to entice people in the Arenas,in today's unreleased marches Double J,takes on the British Bulldog in Davies,one and only WWE ladder match and the,other bite features a man who helped,steal the show in the first ever WWF,ladder match on pay-per-view Razor Ramon,Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels 21st of,July 1992 from Portland Maine this is,credited as the first ever ladder match,to take place in WWF Bret Hart has also,been credited as the man who brought the,idea of the latter months to Vince,McMahon saying as the March type was a,favorite in Stampede Wrestling back in,Calgary in the later Machi and Sean had,was decent it won't win any awards for,the greatest Lottery Match of all time,but it's still a fundamentally certain,ladder match and a nice introduction of,the March type the fans in the audience,the match itself would become more well,known when it was officially released on,videotape and it would take WWF just,under two years before they brought the,latter months to pay-per-view I don't,need to talk about the significance of,HBK versus Razor Ramon at WrestleMania,10. you guys know the story but in short,Sean and Razer stole the show in Madison,Square Garden the thing is both men had,plenty of opportunities to fine-tune,this match and see what they could,actually do in ladder matches thanks to,Razer vs HBK getting booked as early as,December 1993 Sean and the bad guy had,eight ladder matches before they stepped,in the ring at WrestleMania 10 and Razer,also had two more with IRS before,getting to MSG so the very very good,Mania 10 larimaj was the culmination of,everything both guys learned at how,shows following many at 10 the latter,match didn't return until May of 1995,because again business was done and WWF,needed to filled seats so on the 13th of,May 1995 Rizzo Ramon challenged Jeff jar,to a lot of March for the IC title A,March the Jeff Jarrett won this show was,billed as a night to remember and it was,the final WWF show held at the Boston,Garden the Fleet Center would open in,the summer of 1995. the British Bulldog,vs Jeff Jarrett laddermotts took place,three days later during a Superstar's,taping so the date is the 16th of May,1995 however the actual episode of,superstars would air on the 20th of May,this dark March happened before the,matches for television were recorded,so this one takes place just after the,first in your house event on TV Double J,is still feuding with Razor Ramon while,the British bulldogs part of the Allied,Parts tag team the recording of the,March found on WWE unreleased features,hard cam footage only there are no,camera cuts at all though you do get a,little zooming during the entrances and,at the beginning of the march of course,there's no commentary either but I,couldn't care less honestly you just,have McMahon screaming what a maneuver,every 10 seconds anyway the hard cam,footage does become a problem though at,a few points in the match but I'll,explain when it happens the footage,available also means that visually this,part of this YouTube video isn't going,to look very appealing so apologies in,advance Double J comes to the ring with,the Roadie and even though the ring,announcer says Lex Luger's here with,Davey he isn't not yet anyway the camera,zooms around as the bell rings and the,Roadie distracts their video like Double,J to take an early Advantage Davey takes,a few strikes in the corner before,delivering during a vertical suplex the,camera Zooms in and out here quite a bit,but keep in mind the production guys,would also test their setups for when,the actual show matches had to get,recorded you see this more in dark,matches that happen before the tippings,and not after it goes to the outside of,the ring and we can see what happens,just fine Davey fights back when jarrah,tries to hit him on the apron but when,the two men move to the other side of,the Ring things get a bit more difficult,to see and that's the main problem here,with footage being hard com exclusive,this becomes more evident a little later,on though Road dog gets in a cheap shot,b

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this might shock you but four guys had,more content back in season 4 than it,does now,and that season came out almost two,years ago and things are only getting,worse hey how's it going everyone my,name is Horizon please and welcome back,to a brand new video if you're new,around here I upload daily of four guys,content so make sure to subscribe to,never miss out on anything full guys,related I hope that everyone goes on to,enjoy today's brand new upload when,season ss3 drops we've got some new maps,but also we got a new game mode called,time attack time attack was a Mario,styled game mode that was my favorite,thing we added this season however this,is four guys so as you can imagine,things weren't quite as simple as just,adding something good into the game oh,no something had to go wrong and wrong,it did there was a lot of cheaters and,exploiters on this game mode which made,some games unplayable for anyone who,didn't have a 1 000 PC but for the,rounds of time attack that were playable,it was great it felt like every round,you played you are improving as a player,and even 0.1 seconds could be a,game-changing difference overall it was,fun and mediatonic made it very clear,what they were going for every Friday we,would be able to play either one of the,three rounds or in the game mode and,every Friday we got a new rotation of,either Track Attack little leapers or,Treetop tumble new maps were never added,which is one of the handful of reasons,why some people might assume this game,mode failed and flopped overall this is,confirmed by these tweets additionally,there was a few never before seen,features also added to this game mode,which in included time trials being able,to manually respawn your character a new,and awesome leaderboard having not one,but five winners and even no grabbing,this means that there could be a chance,in the future of there being a no,grabbing game mode in four guys since we,now know it is possible however one day,A Time attack got removed and was never,added back which was unfortunate since,there was a lot of people that really,enjoy this mode including myself did,four guys abandon it or are they trying,to reboot it later on in the next coming,Seasons it's difficult to tell but if,they do decide to reboot it there's a,few new additions they could add to,maximize players love for the game mode,firstly new maps Track Attack the,leapers and Treetop tumble were a good,foundation for the show but it needs to,expand upon it players unfortunately,will get bored of these maps and it was,one of the biggest complaints by the,time the show got removed or deleted,tutor of tumble was okay Track Attack,had a lot of body blocking a lot more,than the usual and the leapers was,playing with exploits and cheaters okay,so what new maps are we going to see,well most race themed Maps would work,rather well Maps like a Night Fever,slime climb,slime scraper,or even Skyline stumble could be great,additions to this game mode also what,about creating an entirely brand new map,or two just for the show it would be a,new experience for everyone and it will,encourage players to try out this show,and then after a week they get added to,the main solo show rotation as well as,keeping it in the time attack show back,when the free forwards first announced,they did say that they'll be making some,collaboration Maps but the only map,we've had so far is the Sonic map which,is Dreadful we also get sweet thieves,but of course that got removed after,only a few days so a new map would be,exactly what this player base needs to,reboot the show also this show Needs,Nobody collisions if you've ever played,time materials or Mario Karts you can,actually see your previous speedrun live,but your character can't actually get,hit by them because you're basically,just watching a replay,there should be such an awesome addition,on four guys as well because On Track,Attack people would get a top five speed,run rather quickly then just stand in,the middle of the map body blocking,everyone else from getting a good run,but other than that this show can be,amazing no grabbing new maps time,Charles nobody collisions what more,could you want but this is four guys so,expect the worst and hope for the best,thank you so much for watching today's,video make sure to subscribe for more,full days and click on the right side,for Daily 4 guys content have a,fantastic recipe day everyone and see,you tomorrow peace

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- Welcome guys, to Fall Guys in real life!,(loud cheering),- Today, the sidemen are going to be competing,on the world's longest inflatable obstacle course.,They will also be putting their bodies on the line,during a life-size door dash,and we have got our own version,of the Total Wipeout Jump Club.,All whilst wearing these very warm costumes.,Also, if we do not get 10 million subscribers,by the end of 2020, the Sidemen are quitting YouTube.,So subscribe, please.,- About to get started, Ethan. - Yes.,- Little pre-match interview, how you feelin'?,- Oh, I don't think I'm going to do well.,Because I'm quite hefty. - Yes.,- I'm just going to try and take people out, okay?,- That's my plan as well. I'm not gonna lie.,I'm not gonna lie.,- I'll be honest. As long as I don't lose to Tobi I'm happy.,- Rawr.,- Okay. This is a 28 year old man, everyone.,(hearty laughter),- I wanna die.,- Ah! Why do you wanna die?,- Look at me.,- To be fair, you fit the character.,- I'm a wolf.,- You fit the character.,- You're the big, bad wolf.,- Have you ever seen a wolf looking like me, huh?,- Round one is called Rumble in the Jungle.,We're all going to race down the full straight,of the obstacle course through the jungle section,and we'll finish at the hazard corner bit.,- Go!,(upbeat music) (contestants screaming),- I've fallen in! (contestants screaming),(contestants laughing),(Simon screaming),- (laughing) No! No!,(contestants screaming),- I have his tail! I have JJ's tail!,- I hate my life.,- I made it! (laughter and screaming),(Simon grunting),(contestants laughing),- I can't get through!,- Oh Jesus, my neck! - Oh my God.,- Oh no, Tobi, Tobi, Tobi! He's lost his shoe!,Jesus Christ!,- JJ, come back here.,- I'm coming for that ass.,- Where do you think you're going, Vik?,- Oh hell, oh hell! I promise! No!,- No one makes it up here!,- JJ!,(screaming and laughter),- Ah! How do you climb this?,- Oh no, no, no! Please, please, please, please, please!,Please, I don't have energy!,- Gromit, I'm just a pineapple trying to make it in life.,- I'm with you, wait for this, Vik.,- I'm just a pineapple trying to make it in life.,(contestants screaming),- Boys, are we pleased with red?,- Reds!,- Guys, guys, guys!,- I think I broke my foot. Hang on.,(contestant screaming),- Oh jeez!,(Tobi grunting and screaming),Oh my god.,- I did not get paid enough for this!,- This is the finish, Vik.,- Oh no, it's not. Is it?,- Are you all right, Tobi?,- It's definitely broke. - Really?,(JJ sighing),- He's big!,(contestants cheering and clapping),- That's it, mate!,(upbeat music) (clapping and cheering),- Ben won.,- Not too bad. I came second.,- You came second? I made a major comeback.,- Where did you come in the end?,- Third.,- I pushed him as well.,We had a big wall, - Major come back.,- I pushed you and you like, held onto the wall.,- Harry gave me the minor setback.,I come for the major comeback.,- I stopped everyone on the wall,,and then the wall decided to stop me.,- We were there for like five minutes.,I forgot you were even coming.,We just see you like crawling through in the background.,- Oh dear.,- You grabbed my foot.,- You suck.,- You mad?,- Come join me six feet under.,- Jesus Christ. Okay.,- Well, that's the end of round one though. Happy days.,It's a fresh start on the next one.,So don't worry, you can redeem yourself.,I'm having a good time here, I'll tell you what.,- I hate this. - I won!,- I know. Well, congratulations.,- Safe.,- I nearly broke my foot.,- Did you? How?,- I mean you were at the top of the wall with Josh,,pushing everyone down. What do you mean, how?,- Round two is the Door Dash.,A very famous Fall Guys level,,where some of the doors are breakable,and some of them well, definitely aren't.,And the only way to find out is to run straight into them.,The first person to the end is the winner, obviously.,- Three, two, one, go!,- Oh no! Oh my God! Oh Jesus!,(loud crashing sounds),(contestants screaming and laughing),- Oh shit. - Yes!,- Which one is it?,(contestants screaming),- No!,- I only got to one door!,- Bro, you charged the first one!,Ethan, you nearly chucked a whole door frame!,(contestants laughing),- Oh my god.,I lost by this much.,(upbeat music and cheering),- You went a little bit early.,- It's lots of pain.,- You went a little bit early.,- I thought it was, I thought it was the one.,(Simon laughing),- It happens to the best of us.,- I should've gone head first.,Comfort me, Simon!,- I don't want to do the memes.,- Comfort me.,- Read it, here you go. - Ethan as well.,Comfort me. You're not comforting me!,- It started off well. I got a good door.,I fell through it though.,- Oh, stumbled. Stumbled.,- And I was okay,,I'm going to be like independent man,and go on my own and my own little course,and that failed, twice.,- I hit a door straight away,,but it actually helped me.,Cause then I was on a little bit of a fallout.,Hit, go through a door.,I was in the lead. - Independence.,- I was in the lead to the final door,and

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flash kids,hey good for you pal you survived the,fall,shame no crown though huh,oh it's okay i know you can't speak,you'd have to consume a lot of protein,before your brain developed linguistic,abilities,bet you thought that hot dog outfit was,a real cute idea when you bought it,didn't you,oh no there's no escape believe me i've,tried,yeah sorry you got eliminated and ended,up in this place it's not all bad,though there's plenty to eat and rape,speaking of which uh how do you feel,about being raped,is that like a no-go or,oh that's gonna be a problem,really wanted to give you a good raping,hmm,oh oh i tell you what why don't we play,for it,like a secret fall guys bonus round,if you lose i get to rape and eat you,and if you win,uh mystery surprise,hmm okay,now i buried a tail deep inside a fall,guy's ,if you find it before the time's up you,win,ready go,ten nine eight,seven six five,four three two,one,want to know where it was it was buried,in my the whole time,yeah that's why i'm the king big brain,plays,all right a deal's a deal it's time for,slap slap,uh,this is you you're this child you love,our cartoons you love racist barrio,and ice cream yummy,meat canyon you want to get in on this,huh what,oh hell yeah oh oh god think he's,convinced,let's get the out of here,drive take you drive,the crate crew podcast featuring your,favorite animators flash kits and meat,can,preferably me new episodes every monday,at 3 p.m,eastern standard time with one available,right now,click here,mmm

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