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This Facial Recognition Tool Could Be the End of Privacyforeign,in the two years since rioters storm


Updated on Jan 31,2023

This Facial Recognition Tool Could Be the End of Privacy

foreign,in the two years since rioters stormed,the capital on January 6 nearly a,thousand people have been charged with,crimes,many of them were identified by amateur,investigators who ran photographs,through a new facial recognition,software called pimis,pemize is vastly more powerful than,other types of image search and it's,available to anyone,it uses machine learning to match a,photo to one of the estimated 2 billion,faces it's indexed even pictures taken,years earlier,facial recognition websites have also,been used to identify suspected war,criminals journalists use them too like,I've used them to identify sources but,what people don't realize is that even,if you haven't been accused of anything,the technology impacts you it could,fundamentally change the nature of,privacy in public space,thank you,for share Scarlett the technology has,made public a trauma she'd repressed,when she was 19 Scarlett was coerced,into performing sex acts on camera,for years she blocked out the memory,until she found photos of herself on,pemize,was it the first time that you had seen,these images was on pemize yes so I knew,that this thing happened but it wasn't,until I saw them on Pim eyes that I knew,every object that had been used or,everything that happened to me and so,you know it's kind of one of those,things where yes I I felt violated again,like it like it happened again where are,the images now what if I get one from,when I was 19 and old,foreign,yourself yeah,yeah,that's so that's this is the picture,that I first saw that I was like what is,this x x x x picks,this is yeah,sorry,I literally just thought like who would,Photoshop my face until a deep fake,photography and within probably five,minutes it,dawned on me that this was the thing,that I had mentally erased,what has been the effect on you to have,these images easily findable,by anyone,it has been a new source of harassment,and I'm sure you know my talking about,it has made it worse but there's no,there's no way for me to reconcile not,talking about like truly the the most,you know terrible possible thing that,this website can do without putting,myself out there like that you know,there's nothing I can do about them,being on the internet at this point but,like maybe I can stop software from like,operating in in this way,Scarlett has good reason to be concerned,pemize has become a major destination,for trolls there are hundreds of threads,like this on 4chan which is a online,message board that attracts like,reactionary trolls where guys try to,crowdsource the identities of women that,they know or online models in order to,dox and harass them it's really popular,to post threads asking other users to,use their Pro pemize accounts to find,pictures of women,from just a couple days ago this person,is saying anyone got Pim eyes trying to,see what this has out there,I'm pretty sure that this person has no,idea that someone who knows her is,soliciting nude photos of her on 4chan,actually looks like it worked,they're calling it a win which I think,means that they were able to find,explicit photos of that person,I wanted to know why someone would do,this and I actually found a thread where,someone explains themselves,we hired a voice actor to read it,I enjoyed doxing girls for fun ask me,anything,I'll find a nude I really like and she,becomes a Target until I find her,pemi's works at restaurants concerts and,corporate websites,I've found girls through a,closed-selling website others who,attended concerts and were mentioned in,captions of pictures,if I find a nude of a girl with a face,I'll run it through Pim eyes and usually,I'll find a picture of them that leads,to their identity,I don't even get off to the nudes I get,off knowing I've hurt them and made,their lives harder,for ways to hide images you don't want,found both through a free option and a,more comprehensive service that will try,to remove images from the internet,entirely it costs between 40 and 300 a,month what do you think of that business,model uh it feels like extortion like,the only reason I need to hide these,images is because of your software I,shouldn't have to pay to hide them,because of your software like you're the,one who's creating the problem and then,they sell the remedy exactly,foreign,was launched in 2017 by two software,developers from Poland,today it's run by a cyber security,academic named georgiego Bernice for his,day job Gilbert needs a studies violent,extremism he sold his beach house and,mortgaged his and his brother's,apartments in order to buy the company,at this moment I think that pmias is one,of the best tools for just ordinary,people to know about their online,presence because there are cases when,pictures of people are simply used,without their knowledge or consent and,they need a tools on how to find it when,I research pennies online the majority,of people I see are trying to dox,adult models or use it for stalking I,can actually say the opposite side of B,mice as well because w

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Everything Funny That Happened On Twitter In 2022

Everything Funny That Happened On Twitter In 2022

this is you know I didn't pick these,tweets they were picked by my mods so if,they're not that good it's because my,mods picked not good ones right all,furniture is ugly a true statement that,I made because I was looking around the,internet trying to find furniture and,all looked bloody terrible the memories,someone took offense at my no onion,extra pickle Double Quarter Pounder,order they stopped making my burger,Midway in order to put a whole onion on,it as if the mere suggestion that onion,is bad is an insult to their entire,family line I think this has happened,multiple times onion is still bad like,it is actually bad although to be fair I,wouldn't say it's grown on me,necessarily but I don't hate it as much,as I used to what I'm trying to do with,my life is just like grip my teeth and,deal with stuff like I didn't used to,eat tomato and burgers and I would take,that off but now I'm just like it I,can eat a tomato I'm 31 20 years old and,that tomato ain't that bad with onion,I'm just like it I'll eat it and I,still don't like the texture but I can,get through it I'm like yeah it why,not like to be fair like it didn't,matter what period of my life I was in,if I was out with people and someone put,onion on my burger I just eat that ,like no way I'm gonna sit in front of,like a bunch of people and just be like,excuse me,take off bits onion of a burger like I'm,not that crazy George pepia Jr,tweets day one of tweeting to Dark Viper,Au until he admits Australia is fake and,on their first day I respond Australia,is fake I'm a people pleaser man sure,the government might kill me for,admitting to this in public but you know,I take these risks for my my fans now,the unlicensed movies and TV meta for,twitch creators is over what's next for,them will they actually make original,content or they go back to stealing,YouTube videos from actual content,creators yep half the content on Twitch,is YouTube videos again I mean we say,this is over but what was the most,watched stream on Christmas on Twitch,the time where people can be super,creative and have like Christmas,specials and stuff to celebrate with the,community it was xqc watching Home Alone,so it's never really over as long as,there's the on Twitch who just,want to steal people's some people,feel sad because our world isn't more,like the world of Pokemon don't feel,that way I would 100 kill you with a,trousers if Pokemon were real so you,wouldn't be able to enjoy such a world,anyway makes this world seem better eh,you're welcome again chat a people,pleaser I'm just out there helping you,out there's just black void that I'm,sitting in like I mean there's no other,alternative I suppose it's a it let,me give you some advice don't take,advice from people on Twitter this is,good advice you should totally take it, people who tweet them the,world is sick referring to my pole which,is better if you could only have one for,the rest of your life which would you,pick and 65 of people picked onions and,only 35 pick pickles but why there are,so many different types of pickles like,are you really telling me on your,cheeseburger at McDonald's you're you're,biting into that and you're thinking man,I'm so happy the onion is there not the,pickles the onion I have on more than,one occasion imagine a scenario where I,was sent back in time and then became,stressed due to believing I won't,remember enough to capitalize on the,situation I have to actively tell myself,to stop thinking about it as it's never,gonna happen probably I still do,sometimes do this it is stressful I'm,sure everyone does this sometimes like,just things about how they would handle,particular scenarios that are never,going to happen because we're all dumb,basically throughout my GTA 5 rainbow,Miser series people have constantly left,comments asking why I'm so bad at flying,it physically pains me that I do not,have the time to write because I don't,have wings in reply to each of these,comments I've done it a few times though,I don't like spend too much of my time,making such shitty jokes but I do have a,little bit of time for that so if you're,one of the people who got one of those,comments you're welcome because that's,funny as now this is a banging,tweet yellow all the levels of,complexity it's it's just what color is,yellow I meant to say the dude's name or,something I don't know man it was a dumb,thing I said okay,it's funny though you asked a lot so he,made it now rolling out Labs nft profile,pictures on iOS I respond on one hand,targeting a subscription towards stupid,people who've already proven themselves,willing to spend money on stupid things,is a brilliant business decision on the,other hand knowingly taking money from,stupid people is morally not a good look, Savage nft is bad no ,thanks as skill up would say nfcs are,still around chat there are still people,actively on Twitter being like nfcs of,the future man the greatest thing ever,look at my profile picture gross gross,wait didn't you buy Twitter b

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The MrBeast Situation Is Awful...

The MrBeast Situation Is Awful...

so recently a lot of videos on Tech talk,have been going viral claiming that,Chris from Mr Beast changed and it's all,Carl's fault and because of these posts,a lot of people have been attacking,Chris for the way he dresses and,presents himself and Chris has decided,to take a break from the internet now if,you've been a Mr Beast fan for as long,as I have then you know in the past that,he used to make a lot more edgier jokes,in his videos and recently a lot of his,older jokes have been resurfacing on,Tick Tock now unlike with past creators,when their old edgy jokes resurface and,people get mad at them for ever making,these jokes a lot of people have been,saying that they missed this old Mr,Beast and that they miss his humor they,like his jokes like they're they're,they're essentially just clipping his,old content and making these like Sigma,edits out of them personally I don't,really find these jokes to be all that,like offensive or edgy in my opinion but,it's just kind of weird that they've,like created this new like cult,following over on Tick Tock and this,group of old Mr Beast fans for some,reason really hate Carl they hate the,way he dresses they hate the way he acts,they hate the way he expresses himself,and over the last like couple years,since Carl started being a major part of,Mr Beast videos hundreds of tech talks,have gone viral saying that Carl has,completely ruined Mr Beast you've gotten,some people saying that you have ruined,Mr Beast yeah I'm in proud of that one,that one's funny to me I was laughing,about this with Jimmy the other day like,they think it's like a conspiracy Carl,was brought on to Mr Beast to make it,more child friendly I could be,definitely polarizing like I'm loud,sometimes you know what I mean I get if,you don't like how I act that's fair,whatever now I'll admit I'm not the like,biggest fan of Carl he's definitely not,the best Mr Beast member I I'm not a,huge fan of his like streams or his,content but like to claim that he ruined,Mr Beast that his presence in Mr Beast,videos is so bad that Mr Beast is,unwatchable now is is a bit excessive,all right and I hate that Carl has been,receiving has been completely unfair and,uh if you have a problem with the way,that someone expresses themselves or the,way that they dress that's that's just,messed up anyway it appears that these,people have moved on from attacking Carl,and have started attacking Chris as you,probably know Chris has been a part of,the Mr Beast channel for years he's Mr,BEAST's best friend was his first,subscriber has been right beside him,making videos since the beginning pretty,much and as Chris has gotten older he's,obviously changed and matured and grown,and learned and become a father even now,Chris has actually been openly bisexual,for quite a while now he posted on his,Twitter a while ago that he had actually,came out when he was 16. and last year,while Chris faced a lot of controversy,for some of the old jokes he made he,ended up revealing in a post that he's,actually had problems with his gender,identity and kind of accepting himself,and so the joke said he made about trans,people or about gay people and stuff was,honestly kind of him like like coping,with with his own existence essentially,and it seems that recently he has been,able to express himself more and he's,really been enjoying doing that he's,posted pictures of him like painting his,nails he shaved his facial hair and he,he made this post where he was like oh,people people at Customs didn't didn't,let me in because they didn't recognize,me from my ID photo and even then he got,a lot of hate from people saying that oh,you used to be manly but but now you're,not manly now you're feminine what's,wrong with you dude and recently Mr,Beast would upload this video on his,reaction Channel with Chris and a lot of,people started pointing out the way that,Chris was dressing and this video,actually got a lot of hate comments a,lot of people were saying that Chris,looked fruity that that he looked weird,that they didn't like the way he was,dressing and that he changed and so a,lot of people would then go on to tick,tock to make posts saying that they,missed the old Chris and that this was,the Carl effect because you know Carl,paints his nails now Chris paints his,nails so I guess somehow that changed,Chris which makes no sense it's it's,just stupid,I said that I was spamming CX and we,chat,thank you,like there are people unironically,making these sad edits because a grown,man decided to paint his nails like this,this is just sad man some of these,people have even made claims that he,apparently got a divorce with his wife,to I guess get together with Carl like,this claim has gained so much traction,on Tick Tock that people are making,articles about it which is just,completely ridiculous to like jump to,that assumption because a guy starts,painting his nails and and dressing how,he wants to but then these people,started to harass Chris and they started,messaging h

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Twitter Influencer Jack Posobiec on THE ART OF THE TWEET

Twitter Influencer Jack Posobiec on THE ART OF THE TWEET

is here he's the house of the human,human events daily podcast maybe the,most popular conservative on Twitter,which he's got to be exhausted how many,hours does it take to be the most,popular conservative well you know I I I,do get tired every once in a while and I,I just think you know I just man I'm so,tired of this I just need to get some,sleep and,really the rejuvenating rest that's only,available to you through the comfortable,yet firm my post no honestly it's the,thing with Twitter is it's it's just a,running stream of Consciousness uh and I,always think it's funny that like the,best Tweets I have are the ones that I,don't think about you just fire it off,and go and then it's I don't do notes I,don't have a diary but what I have is a,Twitter account and I just leave it,there and that's whatever I was thinking,at that time and I love that when some,you know reporter will come up to me and,then they'll say why did you tweet this,on this day September of 2020 I'm like,because I was thinking about it or or,why did you tweet this I actually got,this one the other day why did you tweet,this meme but I just like I said I like,memes,have you ever gotten in big trouble for,a tweet like is there ever one where you,thought of,that was probably I probably caught,myself uh so I was some wasted time,um I mean I'll put it this way I don't,think there's any ever any wasted time,on tweets because they all got the,biggest one ever though that got me in,the most,you could say trouble but I didn't think,of it as trouble was when so all the way,back in 17,I was the first guy who tweeted out the,macron leaks remember macron and the,emails and it they had leaked and there,was a dump on 4chan which I found I,linked to it goes up then I'm at like,some party in Miami don't even realize,what's going on I got drudged back when,drudge was drudge and the whole thing's,going all over the place Meanwhile my,phone's bricked I'm like hanging out,doing stuff trying to go back and check,it out what's going on and then I've got,like Le Monde is coming after me and uh,you know the New Yorkers coming out,beating me up they said this guy he's,like they were calling me like the,Julian Assange of France and all this,stuff wow just because over one tweet,over one tweet of macro and I went back,and looked at it and they were accusing,oh this guy clearly Russian intelligence,operation and I said you know it it,didn't actually get that many retweets,it was like it was like maybe a couple,thousand but I you know I do tweets all,the time and get a lot more than that it,was just that the level of attention,that it continued along with and this,was,um when the pen was running against,macron for the first time so before he,had become president and uh and I,remember there was a quote I gave to the,New Yorker about it and then you know,French TV Crews were coming over to,interview me and stuff and they said did,you know it would be that big and I said,well I'm sure I expected it to be big,but I expect all my tweets would be big,and is that the mentality if you want to,be good at the medium because it does,feel like if you you always see a viral,tweet but it's interesting to go to,people who fired out the viral tweet and,to see all their kind of other drafts,because those you don't see because they,didn't go viral and but you could see,that it there is an art to it and,there's an art too,right and you maybe try to get a little,different wording there's there's and,this is something where if um,I don't know there's there's that it's,funny my wife and I went to see this,movie it's called the menu have you,heard about it it's actually it's pretty,good it's a good take because it's a,take it's sort of a it's sort of a dark,satire on the like high Cuisine and fine,dining and he plays this Chef who um he,starts getting upset that people don't,like his his his food and his creations,and he becomes so obsessed with his,Creations that he actually starts,murdering his guests during the dinner,as part of the art form and and we you,know we're living relabber it's a crazy,movie but then as we get done I said you,know that's kind of how I am about my,Twitter is that people don't understand,that that there there's there's a,Cadence and a flow and a rhythm to a,good tweet that when you force it when,you jam it down somebody's throat it has,to float in a certain way to in order to,be a good tweet versus a force Meme and,so,I'm like I get it you know I I get what,he's saying and and but at the same time,you also have to understand that no,one's ever truly going to appreciate the,the sheer uh amount of things that you,put into because I'm you know I might be,trying to make a reference to oh my gosh,it's you know uh it could be anything,from some obscure facet of Chinese,history that I know about or a,Shakespearean play or some Polish part,whatever you know and and or you know,reference making a play on words of,something that somebody mentioned in a,congressional hearing

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Next-Level Surveillance: China Embraces Facial Recognition

Next-Level Surveillance: China Embraces Facial Recognition

for decades,facial-recognition has been the stuff of,science fiction well for many here in,China it's already becoming a part of,daily life thanks to huge advances in,artificial intelligence people here can,use their faces to login to mobile apps,access office buildings and take money,out of ATMs at this KFC in Beijing you,can even use your face to get meal,recommendations not all of the,applications are so mundane police are,also using the technology to shame,jaywalkers and to scan crowds for,persons of interest,a massive centralized database makes it,possible for authorities and some,private companies to identify nearly,anyone by capturing their face access to,these photos is a boon to companies like,search giant Baidu which is using them,to build a range of products laser data,set maintained by government basically,means that for almost everyone who has,the idea for everyone over 18 years old,nagamma we'll have your face in a,database some worry this technology,could be too serious invasions of,privacy and make it easier for,authorities to track political,dissidents but others see it is a,powerful tool for Public Safety though,only hopes attract criminals it also,helps find missing people so it's good,for the society facial recognition,algorithms are growing exponentially,faster and more powerful,thanks to a new technology called deep,learning that allows computers to mimic,the human brains ability to learn that,means they can now compensate for,problems like low light and bad angles,they can also adjust for age making it,possible to identify adults from their,childhood pictures so how does it work,using complex algorithms facial,recognition systems start out by,identifying all the faces in a given,image for each face the algorithm,measures out key data points like the,distance between the eyes or the color,of the skin they then use those,measurements to create a template that,can be compared against other templates,in a facial database the more data they,have the better these systems do,hundreds of millions of social media,users here upload photos every day under,Terms of Service that basically allowed,tech companies that do what they want,with the images add a vast network of,surveillance cameras and China has lots,of data to feed its algorithms there are,a hundred and seventy million,surveillance cameras installed in China,including more than a dozen on this,stretch of road behind de Jing qu's,Forbidden City,analysts say China plans to install 450,million new surveillance cameras by the,year 2020 a massive market represented,by those cameras has attracted interest,from established companies and startups,alike and one facial-recognition,start-up since time employees faces are,scanned at the door inside the company,displays a system that serves up,advertisements based on a person's age,and gender and an icon I do like,photography,not unlike the ads in a certain Tom,Cruise,the company also sells more serious,tools capable of tracking both people,and objects this is a life feat recorded,by this camera it recognises different,attributes of people a car or bicycles,this is actually a very useful for the,police department to extract information,from the videos basically it makes the,video searchable besides having access,to reams of data companies like since,time also benefit from China's,relatively casual attitude towards,privacy the country accustomed to,government snooping many are willing to,have their faces scanned for the sake of,convenience a bigger concern is that the,systems can be tricked or hacked using,fake faces critics note that a hacked,password can be changed but everyone has,just one face if the rectangle is green,that means it is alive approval and if,the renter can always read it is a,attack or hack actually where our,systems the first go online we do suffer,from a huge in value of a huge amount of,hack but by collecting sufficient hack,data,I think the Machine can tell whether it,is a hack behavior or it is a true,person,facial-recognition is just one of,several branches of artificial,intelligence technologies that have,already started to redefine what's,possible in China and elsewhere and of,course just like any technology it's,susceptible to abuse you have a very,advanced a tool so you could use to do,good things that you couldn't use in to,do bad things but the key is the way you,choose

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Are We Automating Racism?

Are We Automating Racism?

Maybe we-- if you guys could stand over--,Is it okay if they stand over here?,- Yeah. - Um, actually.,Christophe, if you can get even lower.,- Okay. - ( shutter clicks ),This is Lee and this is Christophe.,They're two of the hosts of this show.,But to a machine, they're not people.,This is just pixels. It's just data.,A machine shouldn't have a reason to prefer,one of these guys over the other.,And yet, as you'll see in a second, it does.,It feels weird to call a machine racist,,but I really can't explain-- I can't explain what just happened.,Data-driven systems are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives,,and they work well a lot of the time.,- But when they fail... - Once again, it's the white guy.,When they fail, they're not failing on everyone equally.,If I go back right now...,Ruha Benjamin: You can have neutral intentions., You can have good intentions.,And the outcomes can still be discriminatory.,Whether you want to call that machine racist,or you want to call the outcome racist,,we have a problem., ( theme music playing ),I was scrolling through my Twitter feed a while back,and I kept seeing tweets that look like this.,Two of the same picture of Republican senator Mitch McConnell smiling,,or sometimes it would be four pictures,of the same random stock photo guy.,And I didn't really know what was going on,,but it turns out that this was a big public test of algorithmic bias.,Because it turns out that these aren't pictures of just Mitch McConnell.,They're pictures of Mitch McConnell and...,- Barack Obama. - Lee: Oh, wow.,So people were uploading,these really extreme vertical images,to basically force this image cropping algorithm,to choose one of these faces.,People were alleging that there's a racial bias here.,But I think what's so interesting about this particular algorithm,is that it is so testable for the public.,It's something that we could test right now if we wanted to.,- Let's do it. - You guys wanna do it?,Okay. Here we go.,So, Twitter does offer you options to crop your own image.,But if you don't use those,,it uses an automatic cropping algorithm.,- Wow. There it is. - Whoa. Wow.,That's crazy.,Christophe, it likes you.,Okay, let's try the other-- the happy one.,Lee: Wow.,- Unbelievable. Oh, wow. - Both times.,So, do you guys think this machine is racist?,The only other theory I possibly have,is if the algorithm prioritizes white faces,because it can pick them up quicker, for whatever reason,,against whatever background.,Immediately, it looks through the image,and tries to scan for a face.,Why is it always finding the white face first?,Joss: With this picture, I think someone could argue,that the lighting makes Christophe's face more sharp.,I still would love to do,a little bit more systematic testing on this.,I think maybe hundreds of photos,could allow us to draw a conclusion.,I have downloaded a bunch of photos,from a site called Generated Photos.,These people do not exist. They were a creation of AI.,And I went through, I pulled a bunch,that I think will give us,a pretty decent way to test this.,So, Christophe, I wonder if you would be willing to help me out with that.,You want me to tweet hundreds of photos?,- ( Lee laughs ) - Joss: Exactly.,I'm down. Sure, I've got time.,Okay., ( music playing ),There may be some people who take issue with the idea,that machines can be racist,without a human brain or malicious intent.,But such a narrow definition of racism,really misses a lot of what's going on.,I want to read a quote that responds to that idea.,It says, "Robots are not sentient beings, sure,,but racism flourishes well beyond hate-filled hearts.,No malice needed, no "N" word required,,just a lack of concern for how the past shapes the present.",I'm going now to speak to the author of those words, Ruha Benjamin., She's a professor of African-American Studies at Princeton University.,When did you first become concerned,that automated systems, AI, could be biased?,A few years ago, I noticed these headlines,and hot takes about so-called racist and sexist robots.,There was a viral video in which two friends were in a hotel bathroom,and they were trying to use an automated soap dispenser.,Black hand, nothing. Larry, go.,Black hand, nothing.,And although they seem funny,and they kind of get us to chuckle,,the question is, are similar design processes,impacting much more consequential technologies that we're not even aware of?,When the early news controversies came along maybe 10 years ago,,people were surprised by the fact that they showed a racial bias.,Why do you think people were surprised?,Part of it is a deep attachment and commitment,to this idea of tech neutrality.,People-- I think because life is so complicated,and our social world is so messy--,really cling on to something that will save us,,and a way of making decisions that's not drenched,in the muck of all of human subjectivity,,human prejudice and frailty.,We want it so much to be true.

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Relaxing facial video with calming music for sleep

Relaxing facial video with calming music for sleep


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Facial Recognition on Video with Python

Facial Recognition on Video with Python

what's going on everybody and welcome to,another facial recognition video in this,video we're going to be talking about is,doing facial recognition on video and,then kind of expanding our art logic and,code a little bit from there so just to,do something a little more interesting,so where we left off we were basically,just doing this on images and we had,this known faces door and then unknown,faces derp and unknown faces is where,the images were that we wanted to do,facial recognition on and see if hey do,we know this face so now we want to use,video instead of the unknown faces,directory so what I'm going to go ahead,and do is just comment that out and we,actually aren't going to need the,unknown faces directory anymore because,really it's going to be our video file,or video source that is going to be the,unknown faces so the next thing we want,to do is actually load in that video so,I'm going to say video equals,whoops I'm going to say equals CB 2 dots,video capture and then here you'll,specify either kind of an index number,for the video so it's either video 0 1 2,and and so on in my case that'll be a,video too otherwise you also could could,put in a file name here as well and,later on we are going to use a video,file but for now I just want to use a,video feed since I think a lot of people,were interested in that as well plus,might as well show both so ok so now we,have our video feed we're still going to,load in our known faces that's fine and,then the only other thing that really,changes is here so instead of saying for,file name we're actually going to put,this in a while true loop and then we,don't need file name anymore we don't,have the thing that's going to replace,image now is going to be reading for,mark capture so instead we're gonna say,actually it's gonna be ret in an image,and then we're going to and that's just,like return image and then it's video,dots what is it is it capture I think I,always forget this video,okay so so video read now we have our,image and then we do allocations and,coatings and in this case we're actually,already using OpenCV to get the image so,we don't need to do this conversion,anymore because it's already in BGR and,in theory you might need to do the,conversion before the encoding is I,suppose or even locations but it seems,to me through playing around it the face,rec works no matter what if you're using,BGR or RGB so I don't know how big of an,impact color is playing if anything it,might even in the back end be converting,things to grayscale for all I know if,you know let me know I actually do not,know what they're doing at like I said I,won't be surprised if they convert to,grayscale at some point okay so then we,show the image weight key we no longer,need to wait key and so we want to do is,have this running kind of indefinitely,so instead what we're gonna say is we're,going to throw in that kind of if C v2,dot weight key one and then this is the,code four and zero lowercase X capital F,F equals or Q basically if the user,presses the Q key we want to break and,then because I'm on a boom - I guess,destroy window just is what does not,work on a boon - so so one thing that,Daniel was saying was one way around,this is you can just try and accept so,you can try cv to destroy window accept,pass and can't just be done there cuz I,guess for some reason I'm going to that,this function just does not work so very,interesting okay with that I think I,think that's everything I've got my,trusty webcam here and let's see if that,works let's pull this up here we go and,we're gonna say it's Python I've renamed,this file to be video face rec example,dot pi let's go ahead and run that it's,gonna load in our known faces which,really is just my face and as you can,see that works decently well obviously,as the face starts to come up,little bit more you start to like lose,the the face but not bad okay so let's,go ahead and press Q and that should be,everything you want for video you know,from a video either a video file or a,video feed the same thing is going to,work you'll have your known faces you'll,look but to me that's a little boring,because that was like three lines of,code so now what I want to do is take an,orwellian turn and I'm going to say from,our video either video capture device or,a video file because I don't really have,lots of people passing by and say what I,want to do is I want to start labeling,giving people IDs so imagine you running,like an office building or a school or,something like that where you know you,have a bunch of people that are commonly,coming through that area so it's very,common to see common people but it's,very uncommon to see uncommon people and,then there's other places where it's a,little more rare to see common people so,think about like any place where,traveling so if it's not an employee or,something like that see like let's say,you're at an airport seeing common,people that have no good reason to be,there commonly that's a weird thing,rig

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