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Why Facebook Has Been Failingfacebook stock price has fallen by over,50,in only seven months what's


Updated on Jan 20,2023

Why Facebook Has Been Failing

facebook stock price has fallen by over,50,in only seven months what's going on,well let's begin by looking at the day,on which this price decline began the,second of february 2022 when the parent,company of facebook and instagram lost,230 billion dollars of value in less,than 24 hours just to give you an idea,about how much money 230 billion dollars,is the total gdp of new zealand being,the value of every single product or,service produced by the entire country,for the whole year was only 210 billion,which is less than what facebook lost in,a day so what went wrong on this fateful,day in february when meta set the record,for the highest one-day value decline in,stock market history to put it simply,this was the day on which facebook,revealed to the public that both their,site usage and revenue has been,declining shown on screen is a graph,displaying the amount of daily active,facebook users over the last 10 years,for every quarter besides the first,three months of the pandemic growth in,the facebook user base was almost,strangely consistent however if we take,a look at late 2021 for the first time,in the website's history user growth,flattened off substantially when looking,at the graph for monthly facebook users,as opposed to daily facebook users the,data is similar only 0.1 growth from,october to january 0.8 from january to,april and then even a decline of 0.07,percent from april to july surprisingly,or perhaps unsurprisingly instagram,follows a similar trend to facebook,nothing but growth from 2015 until 2021,at which point stagnation hits why well,the first reason behind facebook and,instagram's user growth stagnation is,somewhat of an impressive problem,they're battling with human population,limits and have run out of new countries,to expand into of the 8 billion people,on earth 3 billion log into facebook at,least once a month leaving 5 billion,people that don't use the service,regularly of these 5 billion remaining,1.7 billion living countries such as,china iran and russia where facebook and,instagram have been banned by the,government leaving only 3.3 billion who,aren't using the service according to an,article written by the new york times,another 3 billion do not use the,internet at home or on their phones and,in some of the world's most populated,countries including pakistan bangladesh,and nigeria a majority of people are not,online if you then factor in another 15,of the global population who are under,the age of 10 making them too young to,use social media at all then pile on the,hordes of people who have made a,deliberate effort to boycott social,media altogether facebook and,instagram's problem becomes obvious,they're running out of humans in an,article written by time titled inside,facebook's plan to wire the world it,explains how zuckerberg is working to,literally provide the entire third world,with the internet because it's now the,only way that meta can reach new people,connecting the entire world wouldn't,actually literally be possible unless,everybody in the world were on the,internet so zuckerberg has decided to,make sure everybody is this sounds like,the kind of thing you say you're gonna,do but never actually do but zuckerberg,is doing it he is in chandori today on a,campaign to make sure that actually,literally every single human being on,earth has an internet connection we,really want to get the next billion,people online and if we can play a role,then that's something that i personally,care a lot about is it selfish for,zuckerberg to connect the entire world,to the internet just so he can get more,people onto facebook and instagram or is,it a win-win situation for everyone,that's an ethical conundrum for you to,consider however this might not even be,the main problem as meta isn't only,running out of new people to introduce,the services to but those who are,currently active on the services are,departing in droves somewhat hilariously,facebook has lost 1 or 30 million of its,users to that pesky little thing known,as death and with 12.1 percent of,facebook's user base being over the age,of 55 this number will inevitably,increase as time progresses yet facebook,should probably be less worried about,the boomers and a little more concerned,about the zoomers as facebook's biggest,loss in user count stems from the,younger generation back in 2018 facebook,demographics began to follow a very,interesting trend there was an increase,in users from the older generation,little change from those in their middle,age and a pretty substantial loss in,users from those under the age of 25.,one year later in 2019 another piece of,data was published supporting a similar,trend only to a more severe degree there,was a slight increase from the oldies,barely any change for the middle age,crowd and again a massive 17 decline in,only two years for those using facebook,under the age of 34. after seeing this,data it's no surprise that facebook has,also earned the title of a social,media's retirement home it's

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Rick SPLURGES On $35,000 Chihuly Glass Vase | Pawn Stars Do America (Season 1)

Rick SPLURGES On $35,000 Chihuly Glass Vase | Pawn Stars Do America (Season 1)

hello hi what do we got here,a truly glass piece it's an amazing,cereal bowl right here,Dale Chihuly super famous artist,he's from Seattle Tacoma area I know,that art class it's just a genre that,hardly anyone else did and then he,turned it into like a massive art form,and then he made some amazing part and,he's still with us today,so where did you get this my dad,actually rebuilt the bathroom in the,Chihuly Boat House in exchange for his,work he was gifted this piece and now,it's mine,it makes sense I mean like my,understanding was he did gift a lot of,things away when you're an artist it's,like printing money I mean there's bars,all over the place in France in Paris uh,where there's like napkins surrounded by,Picasso yeah,how much you want for it,I really can't take less than ten,thousand okay we might be close but once,you become this famous so many people,out there just start baking your stuff,but your luck my buddy Billy is on the,parking lot he actually worked with,Chihuly he's a glass artist he knows,everything about this need help ASAP as,soon as billy gets here he'll look at it,and then we'll go from there awesome,Billy Rick how are you this young lady,brought in a Chihuly vase base boss yeah,I actually met Dale in the summer of 99,as his boat captain okay 15 16 years,later and I now have my own Studio not,too far from Chihuly and we make our own,glass and we have our own Series so uh,yeah that's that's how I met him I truly,was working with the Picasso of our,lifetime that what he has done in glass,is really beyond words okay,um so is this Chihuly can I take a look,at that sure all right be gentle I will,um yeah beautiful piece this exterior is,a series that he did called Makia Maki,is a time for spotted,and to get this color combination is,very very difficult,but let me find the signature and that,will help too because,1998 yep Julie,yeah beautiful piece gorgeous so the,date is right around when he was making,the style yeah okay and the signature is,key and it's actually perfect so what do,these go for today I would say that this,is a this is a seriously an 18 000 piece,that's what it would retail for in a,gallery yeah okay all right nice meeting,you nice meeting you too,all right so it retails for like,eighteen thousand dollars at a gallery,my best best best price in the world is,going to be eight grand,hey,there's no way you can do time I mean,like little Ram pushing it at eight,thousand dollars,oh,well thanks for bringing it in,credible piece though really really,incredible you changed your mind you,know where I'm at okay thank you all,right earlier today my buddy Billy,helped me out when I had a seller with a,Dale Chihuly glass base I wasn't able to,make a deal but Billy invited me to his,Glass Studio because he has a friend,with a Dale Chihuly collection of their,own for sale,Billy hey Rick welcome to glass eye,Studio,I'm impressed yeah we make everything,right here in our studio okay,um the true holy didn't work out well,that's okay I mean I think you got,something that you're gonna really like,upstairs so why don't you come with me,and I'll show you some okay amazing,pieces how do we get there this way,this is impressive this is all true lily,this is all true yeah,Rick this is my good friend Justin how,you doing Rick doing well Billy hey how,are you so this is your Chihuly,collection yes our nice way and take a,look this is super cool it's really,collecting bunch of everything he had,well my family's been clicked for about,20 years let's talk about the elephant,in the room,uh the equibana series That's a classic,example of Dale where he's traveling,around the world when he was in Japan,the Cubana flower form is something that,is obviously you know connected to Japan,this is his interpretation of that in,glass,um yeah it looks extremely fragile yeah,yeah it is okay this one right here oh,black is not you know uh Dale being from,the Pacific Northwest the American,Indian culture has had a huge effect on,him and if you notice that gorgeous,textile on the front that's threading,very unusual he works for two other,artists named Flora mace and Jerry,Patrick this is a really beautiful,collaborative piece that he does and,this is like Venetian glass right here,right exactly I mean the Venetian series,is Iconic to obviously Venice and this,is Dale's interpretation of that in his,form didn't Dale actually go to Venice,and like learn some of their techniques,there yeah he was one of the few,Americans to actually get into Murano,learn the technique so how much do you,want for all of it 300 000 for the,entire,um quite frankly it's more than I want,to spend,how much for the Venetian I mean it,looks very Vegas,I was in I'll give you 30 grand,how about just a little bit higher how,did we say 35.,and I'll ship it to Vegas for you and,insure it,all right we have a deal,I own a Dale Chihuly congratulations all,right now that I've seen your workshop,and everything I really want to try to,blow glass that sounds

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Facebook Twitter [HD]

Facebook Twitter [HD]

greetings giganto you beckon drew coleus,I'm glad you're here,what's your boggle Gigantor I got your,tweet saying you're out here staring at,the grass I figured I'd join you and,then also Twitter that uh Draconis I've,been using Facebook and Twitter for,somewhat nefarious purposes Nitin mo,farias like fiendish or diabolical oh,this is tough I'm getting emotional just,spit it out lay it on me I can take it,all right I'm gonna free my emotions,like a caged eagle its wings,hey you mocking me oh good as I was,saying mmhmm I pretended I was a boring,douchebag to lure you out here JUCO,Gnaeus what,no my dear lad it's true when I tweeted,I was lying in bed watching The Daily,Show I was actually climbing Mount,aragonite to capture the fabled golden,quadric on what a magnificent animal,you jest nope but surely when you,tweeted last night you were doing,laundry that was true uh wrong again,I was actually slaying the Jade Monkey,dragon with the forbidden staff of,Valhalla horse poop does this look like,a bucket of smelly turds or the head of,a Jade Monkey Dragon uh what does all,this mean,see Draconis for some time now I I,thought you were just a quiet guy but,say when we go to lunch you have,absolutely nothing interesting to say,nothing oh sure I do,no you don't I even toss you softballs,like hey draconian tell us about that,time the five headed cyclops mugged you,and you're like yeah I was mugged I mean,good god JUCO Gnaeus my ball bag,slapping against my big green thighs,could tell a better story ah my point is,it's okay to be a total bore fest hell,most people are but now you and all,these other uh people I loosely refer to,as friends and coworkers all seem to be,taunting me it's like they're whispering,in my ear Hey,Gigantor read my trivia last rippings,read him and watch all my other boring, pals respond gleefully to my,totally uninteresting nobody will miss,me when I'm dead life it's like Facebook,and Twitter some insidious plan to turn,normal people like me in the cold,blooded killers oh no put on this hat,right go on look joconis I do care about,you and I want you to go out in a blaze,of glory III am the co Gnaeus try to see,the big picture here with this last act,you will do something truly interesting,and I will Twitter it something worthy,of sharing with the entire world on the,internet and all the other worthless,failures that read each other's boring,dick parts might see your sacrifice is,some kind of eye-opener it might say to,them good god I'm so boring I better,stop embarrassing myself,I couldn't possibly top this but,probably not what you're gonna impale,yourself with your own head now I'm,gonna go take a walk it's a particularly,nice day out in the trees turn a pretty,shade of violet this time of year it's,truly something worth appreciating but,what about everybody else you know funny,you should ask,I'm gonna turn lemons into lemonade here,joconis and invite everybody I know,friends family everybody to join,Facebook and Twitter,it'll be like a litmus test to see who,the real are in my life it will,pay for their crimes accordingly I,actually can't thank those two silly,companies enough oh you're dead Lazarus,body better be here when I return I'm,gonna do it myself with a on your,face bonus justjust keep that in mind,ah

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Frances Haugen on Future of Facebook, Twitter

Frances Haugen on Future of Facebook, Twitter

It is one year to the day since you testified before U.S.,Congress and I'm so curious what you feel has changed for the better since,then. And how much work is there still left to,do. It's some really basic ways Facebook has,changed substantially. Right so Facebook had 10 years to,release parental controls for Instagram and it never got around to it until,after my disclosures came out. There are other things like Facebook has,never had any public programs around trying to be more inclusive on its,languages. And they launched something called No,Language Left Behind which is still only a drop in the bucket.,At least they're trying. Internationally we've seen some amazing,progress legislatively. So there's a lack of the Digital,Services Act which is the first law is ever required.,The major platforms to disclose what risks they have like actually they,would've had to disclose the risks to kids for example had this law didn't,pass before that finally got across the finish line in Europe after a four or,five year your push. The information my disclosures was,credited with giving the last gas in the tank like I get across the finish line.,So some things have changed but we still have a lot more work to do.,Facebook has also changed its name to Metta made this big pivot to the,metaverse. What are your biggest concerns about the,new Metta today. The way they got here with Facebook was,because of a set of incentives and an a lack of oversight.,Those incentives have not meaningfully changed.,Facebook is still a private company. It's still driven to have to increase,usage increase profits quarter after quarter.,We will Facebook set its initial launch of the metaverse.,We're gonna do safety by design upfront. But from what we've seen over the last,you know last year is that they're repeating the same problems that they,had with Facebook that the first time they let journalists into the metaverse,immediately women start bankrupt. Why didn't they talk to some women,beforehand on what might be dangerous that they could face in a press space,like this. So we need to seem to actively engaging,with the public engage with experts and say let's design for safety from insert.,So they just said today they're going to ask users for more direct feedback on,what they'd like to see in their feed their algorithm.,Is that a good. Is that a positive step in your view.,That's my opinion. There's a lot of ways to do this.,That would have huge opportunities for change.,Many people know of kids who struggle with mental health issues eating,disorders. Part of what happens is Facebook.,Algorithms have a tendency to push people towards more extreme content.,You know you might start something like healthy eating a pushed a pro anorexia,content. Imagine a world where a kid was trying,to fight against these things. Who knows.,This is a negative influence on them.,Imagine if Facebook actually said hey we noticed you're looking at a lot of,content that other users have said makes them feel blue.,Do you want to keep looking at it. Imagine if we had that ability to,influence our feeds. Probably a lot of kids would be a lot,healthier today. Interestingly he told Joe Rogan this,story about how he rejected the idea of an angry emoji and then said he wasn't,here to design a service that makes people more angry.,Do you think that's a little bit of revisionist history.,It's interesting. So when you look at the documents around,emojis the reason why they added them was they wanted people to people felt,bad putting like a thumbs up on something that made them really angry.,They want to be silent. Sean is endorsing that idea.,It's one of these things where Facebook didn't think about the uninterested,unanticipated consequences of some of these design decisions.,When you make an avenue where you can do it actively solicit more anger you're,going to get more angry content. So I haven't seen anything.,The documents saying that Mark said say no to the angry face.,And I but I can imagine that he wishes he had.,Now you testified that only Mark Zuckerberg was holding Mark Zuckerberg,accountable and I'm curious what you think of Sheryl Sandberg's departure,after 14 years. Do you think her leaving will change the,internal culture. And if so.,So I love the fact that Marc remains I think is a much more significant issue.,And sure I'll leave it. You know Marc has surrounded himself,with people who tell him the same kinds of stories over and over again.,You know Facebook is just a mirror. It doesn't have responsibility.,All these things that we're complaining about have always been present.,We're just showing them to people. We don't play any role in this.,We have no power. And Cheryl was a voice inside the,company who said hey we have to get in front of issues.,We can't just be reactive. We can't wait for another story to leak.,Can't wait for another U.N. report saying causing ethnic violence,incidents like what happened with Myanmar.,I worry that because we don't have

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How to Pronounce Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube - American English

How to Pronounce Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube - American English

In this American English pronunciation video, we’re going to go over the pronunciation,of three big social media sites: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.,These are pretty common words and I’ve gotten several requests for them. Thanks for your,requests.,These words all follow the same stress pattern: two-syllables, with stress on the first syllable.,So the second syllables of each of these words will be less important, and a little less,clear: FACE-book, YOU-tube, TWI-tter. Repeat that with me. Take some of the volume and,energy out of the voice for the second syllable: FACE-book, Facebook. YOU-tube, YouTube. TWI-tter,,Twitter. Let's look at each one of these words,up close and in slow motion. We'll talk about,each sound, and how those sounds are made.,First, Facebook. To make the F, the bottom lip comes up and touches the bottom of the,top front teeth. The jaw drops for the first half of the AY as in SAY diphthong. The second,half of the diphthong, which requires less jaw drop, happens on the way to the S position.,For the S sound, the teeth are closed and the tongue tip is forward, lightly touching,the back of the bottom front teeth.,Remember, this was the stressed syllable. Face-, face-. So, the intonation has to have,an up-down shape. Facebook, facebook.,Now, the lips come together for the B sound. Here we have the UH as in PUSH vowel. The,lips flare just a bit, they’re not totally relaxed. The back part of the tongue lifts,,and the tip isn’t all the way forward. This photo shows the tongue position.,Next we move into the K consonant. There’s not much to see here, because this sound is,being made in the back of the mouth. The back of the tongue lifts to the soft palate to,stop the air, then releases.,Facebook. Facebook. Let’s watch again.,Next, YouTube. Let’s take a look.,First, we have the Y consonant and OO as in BOO vowel, or, the EW as in FEW diphthong.,The middle part of the tongue lifts and presses against the roof of the mouth in an up and,forward motion, yyy. The lips come in for the OO sound, you-. Now the teeth come together,to make the True T. This is a True T sound, because the second syllable has secondary,stress. YouTube. Tt, tt. Another OO vowel, and the lips come in again. YouTu-. And finally,,the lips come together, then release, for the B sound.,YouTube, YouTube. Let’s watch again.,Twitter. This one may be tricky for you if you haven’t figured out yet that it has,a Flap T. A Flap T is when the tongue just bounces against the roof of the mouth for,the T, we don’t stop the air. We don’t close the teeth. We do this almost all the,time when the T comes between two vowel sounds. Depending on your native language, this may,sound like the R sound to you. Twitter, Twitter. Just a quick bounce of the tongue.,The first T is a True T, Twi-, tt, tt. The teeth are together for this sound, and the,tongue is at the roof of the mouth. The lips are already starting to round for the next,sound, the W.,For the W, the lips come into a very tight circle. Tw-. Now the jaw drops for the IH,vowel, and the lips relax. Watch the tongue flap up to the roof of the mouth. You actually,won’t see it come down in this word. The tip has flapped down, but since the tongue,tip is pulling back and up for the ending R sound, you can’t see it here. Notice how,the lips are a little bit flared for the schwa-R sound.,Twitter. Practice that –er ending with me. Pull the tongue tip back and up. Drop your,jaw just a bit. Slide the front part of the tongue back on the roof of the mouth. Pull,the tip away from the roof. Flare the lips a bit. Make the sound: -er. Twitter, twitter.,Let’s watch again.,Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. I hope this video has made these words easier to pronounce.,Remember to simplify unstressed syllables, in these words, the second syllable. If there’s,a word or phrase you’d like help pronouncing, put it in the comments below.,Are you signed up for my mailing list? If you are, you get a weekly email with English,lessons and fun stories about what’s going on with me. It’s absolutely free. Please,sign up, it’s a great way to keep in touch.,Also, I’m very pleased to tell you that my book is available for purchase. If you,liked this video, there’s a lot more to learn about American English pronunciation,,and my book will help you step by step. You can get it by clicking here, or in the description,below.,That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English.

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Meta and Twitter layoffs: Silicon Valley in decline? | DW News

Meta and Twitter layoffs: Silicon Valley in decline? | DW News

I'm Chris Colbert welcome to the program,on a day that provides a rude awakening,for thousands of meta employees as the,Facebook owner is beginning major,layoffs according to the Wall Street,Journal CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged,the company's recent missed steps and,says that his over optimism about growth,had led to overstaffing but layoffs of,meta which currently employs 87 000,people are just some among many tech,jobs currently cut in Silicon Valley,Twitter just fired over half of its,people after Elon Musk took over the,site although the company is apparently,trying to get some of them back over at,Microsoft 1000 of over 200 000 employees,are being laid off and the world's,largest retailer online retailer Amazon,has announced a hiring freeze for the,coming months let's take a closer look,at the matter with Alicia Garcia Herrero,she is the chief Economist for Asia,Pacific at naxis investment managers,welcome to the program Alicia well is it,just the worsening economy economic,climate and Tech firms taking in Less ad,Revenue that is to blame here,so it is not only the US it's Europe and,China decelerating at the same time and,for different reasons but these all,affects of course tech companies because,their motto is growth yeah and pentap,demand they have done wonderfully after,covet because until we go with it,because that's where we're all booked in,a way but now the revenue is in this the,house of Revenue is trunking and that's,why they are suffering but beyond that,there is also a sense of fatigue,with households with consumers for what,probably has become too much of a good,thing and that's more structural so you,know I think there is two things to note,the cyclical which may be solved if the,economy bounces back when interest rates,will come down again and it's going to,take a while but the structural part I,think they should be worried about their,model because you know climate change,all of these new ways to think that,people thinking about you know other,things that is not just Tech it's,something that is going to harm them,yeah so the tech sector is changing uh,as a whole has its challenges certainly,I want to look at meta here uh uh just,for a second what have been the,individual problems at meta that are now,leading to so many people getting fired,well this is because,um method really I mean the the they,made a very uh humongously aggressive,bet on on the metaverse and you know,that hasn't really realized in the way,they thought it would,um and that's very important the other,thing that is happening to meta is that,you know in a way it's a Visionary it's,a missionary company so beyond the,metaverse they also try to compete with,the reserve currencies of the world if,you remember with Libra and it didn't,work either you know there's many many,attempts to disrupt that have worked,well and finally,um and because I cooperation I have to,say that there's also this disillusion,um for meta but I think it's more,General but but meta has suffered,probably the most is that they would,have open Skies you know what I mean,that the internet would be open to,everybody it is very clear by now and,this is China that this is not going to,be the case I have to say something,important Only Yesterday China it's,basically,reminded us of the importance of this,internet of mankind which basically,means separating you know creating an,Internet that is more protected so right,so that's not going to help meta,Alicia Garcia Herrero of the Texas,investment managers Alicia thank you,thank you

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Twitter temp BANS Links to Facebook, Instagram, and Other Social Media Platforms

Twitter temp BANS Links to Facebook, Instagram, and Other Social Media Platforms

hey before we get into this video I just,want to let you know that Francis is,back for the holidays new Francis video,this Thursday I'll set it as a Live,premiere so we can all hang out chat and,watch it together stay tuned what's up,ladies and gentlemen with YouTube,biggie298 coming to July we'll get into,the power of the internet and Elon Musk,taking over Twitter has been at the very,least entertaining whether it's him,firing journalists that cover him as a,person or him firing most of the team,and then the rest of the team walking,out on him uh sponsors pulling their,money from the platform,all of that's been entertaining right,but today's the day things change in a,way that makes it very serious as so,today it's banned on Twitter for you to,promote your Facebook your Instagram,your Mastodon your true social your,tribal your post and your Noster I don't,even know what a lot of these are but,also third party social media link,aggregators such as linktree and, I use a link tree right there,it is in my Twitter bio I'm going to,have to change it at least I can link to,my YouTube channel still but a link tree,is a really good way to promote all of,your other things your Instagrams your,tick tocks your YouTubes your only fans,whatever it is you're promoting your,merch store I they only give me one link,so I what am I going to link to I I,guess my YouTube channel so let me start,off by saying that Twitter is a private,company they are absolutely allowed to,do this as in a freedom of speech issue,or anything like that I said that when,they banned the journalists recently I,said that when they banned Donald Trump,and Alex Jones that's what it is it's a,private company it's not a freedom of,speech issue they can do what they want,however Elon Musk is the Free Speech,daddy right that's the thing he said,when he came over to take over Twitter,it's going to be the wild west again,freedom of speech jokes are allowed,let's bring all the band people back on,the platform and now he's Banning,journalists now he's uh Banning links to,other platforms this city also like the,capitalist guy right uh capitalism a,free market decides right I can go where,I want post where I want and link to,what I want and buy what I want and sell,what I want as long as it's legal and,that's the free market but there's no,longer a free market on Twitter I I,can't upload a video to Facebook and,then promote that Facebook video he,wants me to upload it to Twitter instead,creating a Walled Garden actually now,that I say that that's probably Peak,capitalism isn't it now my biggest,concern would be whether or not they,would add YouTube to this list but if,they ever do if you take a look here it,says we recognize that certain social,media platforms provide alternative,experiences to Twitter and allow users,to post content to Twitter from these,Platforms in general any type of cross,posting to our platform is not in,violation of the policy even from the,prohibited sites above also you are,allowed to pay or provide promotion for,your other social media accounts and I,think that might be the Smoking Gun it,could just be about making money if I,want to drive people to my YouTube to my,Facebook to my true social or whatever,it is they probably want me to pay to do,it because Twitter is hurting for money,on the other hand you have seen a lot of,people leaving Twitter recently and on,their way out they do promote their,Facebooks their true socials their,tribals and whatever else to make sure,that people know where to find them,that's probably what this is this is,probably him making sure that if people,decide to jump ship they drown instead,of landing on a raft as I was filming,this I discovered these fresh tweets,from Elon himself somebody pointing out,that you're allowed to cross post just,not promote other platforms without,paying Elon Musk says exactly Twitter,should be easy to use but no more,Relentless free advertising for,competitors no traditional publisher,allows this in neither will Twitter,somebody says could links be included in,Twitter blue subscription and musk says,casually sharing occasional links is,fine but no more Relentless advertising,of competitors for free which is absurd,in the extreme the problem is I can't,post a link tray in my bio this seems,like what he's trying to say is look we,don't want you promoting relentlessly,and if you are going to we want you to,spend money to do it but then why are,you taking away a link tree you clearly,are mostly just not wanting people to,leave your site for the competition and,that's okay it's a free country you can,do what you want,but you should admit it and,unfortunately this seems to be pretty,much how Elon Musk operates since he,took over Twitter and it's such a shame,to see and the problem is you really,can't unring this Bell now that he's,done this to Facebook Facebook might do,the same thing to Twitter and while,they're at it since they host live,streams they might do it to Twitch

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How to link twitter to Facebook 2023 | facebook to twitter not working solution

How to link twitter to Facebook 2023 | facebook to twitter not working solution

hello what's up guys welcome to  five minutes solution in this video  ,i am going to show you how to link  twitter account to your facebook account  ,but before we get you started if you're new in  this channel make sure to leave a like in this  ,video subscribe to this channel and also turn  on the notification by pressing the bell icon  ,so without any further delay  let's go straight into the video,so if you are on your android phone make sure to  open twitter why we are opening twitter because we  ,need the we need the link you know so after  opening twitter you simply need to click on  ,your profile so here you can see uh you can  see my profile tag so you need to note down  ,uh in a you know you can write down in  your paper or your device whatever you want  ,so simply just remember the tag right so after  that open facebook and go to your profile simply,and from that click on the three  dot now click on edit profile option,and scroll all the way down and here  you can see links click on add okay  ,after that here you can see social links okay so  as uh twitter is a social link simply we are going  ,to select service like here you can see there are  lots of uh services like youtube twitter wechat uh  ,lots of things you know you can see like whatsapp  instagram so i'm selecting twitter and here you  ,can see i as i have told you guys you need to  remember the tag uh simply need to type that  ,shape at nine one nine nine one nine one five  okay so this is my twitter screen name okay  ,so here you can see you need to confirm  that if you write it rightly or not okay,okay so it's it's done basically now  click on save simply and here you can see  ,it's added successfully now if anyone view  your profile they will see like that okay  ,they will see your twitter account and it's  successfully linked to your facebook account  ,now if you go back and if i go to my profile now  here you can see i am able to see now if anyone  ,click on that they will be redirected to twitter  if if they have twitter app on on their device  ,or otherwise they might redirect it to browser  web browser ideas okay so this is how you can  ,actually add twitter link on your facebook so  i hope you guys understood that video if you  ,have any kind of question regarding this video  feel free to ask anything in the comment section  ,below i will see in the next video until then  stay tuned and stay with five minute solution

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