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How to be an F1 Twitter User...hello are you a idiot if so,you're in the right place my friend as,to


Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to be an F1 Twitter User...

hello are you a idiot if so,you're in the right place my friend as,today I'll be taking you on a crash,course of how to be an avid user of F1,Twitter look I get it interacting with,other people with such little brain,function might be a very scary thing for,you but don't worry I'll be guiding you,through the whole process,start with the essentials you'll first,need a computer and for the,five-year-olds this is the thing with a,keyboard and a mouse that your dad tells,you not to click the search history,button on once you have that you've got,to make sure you're subscribed to fp1,will as well at the very least you'll,have someone to try and cancel the end,of every weekend that way,next you'll have to set up your Twitter,account and as a warning you are going,to have the type and click on things,here I get that might be a little bit,overwhelming for a few of you firstly,you'll have to pick a name since you,were probably abandoned at Birth you,might not have one so just play off the,name of one of your favorite drivers,that usually works a profile picture is,also essential and here you have two,options if you're attractive put on an,F1 team's cat badge you're good to go if,like me you're not just use a picture of,Landon Norris and you'll probably be,fine,before we look at who we need to follow,you've got an important decision to make,I want you to ask yourself something are,you a prepubescent child or are you a,racist if you chose the first option,you'll be a perfect fit for hashtag,teamlh and the rest of the Hamilton,stats this means you'll be ending every,tweet with hashtag F1 fixed and hashtag,Michael Massey if you've decided that,you are in fact a racist the orange Army,is the best place for you you'll be,following every member of the FIA and,taking everything they say is Gospel for,the purpose of this tutorial I've,decided that I'm not a racist so the,Hamilton fan clubs is where I'll be,now we need to decide who we need to,follow first up we'll tick off the,official F1 account so every time they,penalize Hamilton we'll be able to call,out how wrong they are as quickly as,possible the current F1 teams and,drivers are next but make sure you don't,follow anyone who's not racing in the,sport anymore most F1 Twitter users,don't have much of a concept of History,yet and we don't want to confuse them do,we I've also heard that fp1 will there's,a great account to follow no matter what,side of f120 you're on so make sure you,take that off the list as well your,final step here is to find the official,FIA account and block them immediately,as their white supremacist so you must,be stopped at all costs,so we're up to the exciting bit now your,first ever tweet and for this I'll let,you copy my example word for words that,will get you into the habit of stealing,other people's ideas and content early,on hi everyone I'm new to F1 Twitter and,want to make some new friends please can,we be mutuals I'm sad alone and,desperate and have no friends in my,private life hashtag teamlh,f12022 F1 fixed if this doesn't get you,any attention you can just search up,your favorite hashtags and follow,everyone from there I'm sure some of,them will be desperate enough to follow,you back,you're pretty much good to go now but,before I leave you to ruin proper fans,lives I thought I'd give you some more,tips as to what to post on your account,memes are a great way to grow your,Twitter space but since you're probably,too thick to think about some of your,own it's better just to steal someone,else's then pray the Twitter algorithm,picks your Tweet over theirs remember,when doing this You're Gonna Want to,remove any credit to the original,Creator that's a really important step,right there writing abhorrent or false,is also a great way to get your,attention seeking traits across this old,reliable method never fails and if,you're really really struggling just,pretend like you have a life shortening,illness that's already a proven strategy,to get yourself a free Mercedes factory,tour I think you're pretty much ready to,go there if this tutorial helped you I'd,really appreciate it if you left a like,And subscribe for more and if you have,any other F1 Twitter experiences do,share them in the comments below so we,can all help each other out but that's,all from me thanks to the patrons as per,usual and I'll see you all in the next,one,thank you

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Rage Against the Grand Prix - Bahrain

Rage Against the Grand Prix - Bahrain

the first race of the season was a,banger verstappen and leclerc,wheel-to-wheel for the lead ferrari's,first win in three years a late safety,car before both red bulls shot,themselves out of the race and the,twitter psychopaths were in full swing,and away,brilliant start now for charlemagne and,lewis hamilton already trying to get,past seth and carlos science but it's,declared on the inside ahead of the,stafford carlos stays,now the first thing that became obvious,is the average mercedes fan seems to,have the memory of a goldfish because,they seem to think that race went well,before the safety car came out mercedes,were 50 seconds off the lead then,gasly's engine went to and the,safety car comes out bunches up the,field the race restarts both red bulls,vanish into thin air,handing mercedes third and fourth so,they're massively off the pace they,can't stay anywhere near the lead and,the only way they achieved a decent,result was by getting lucky so you'd,imagine mercedes fans would be quite,humbled by this reality lol for those,who doubted mercedes you,doubt it is d-o-u-b-t-e-d,for all those who didn't believe in,mercedes louis and george for having a,bad start to the weekend you we are,better off without you yeah i think you,probably are better off without anybody,on your own in a padded room under,24-hour surveillance also who are you,talking to i don't want to say i told,you so well you just did but how are,those mercedes haters feeling right now,nobody hates mercedes people hate this,good job tick good job no job you,did a job you spend more money than,any other team on the grid you've won,everything for the last eight years in a,row you've got lewis hamilton and even,he could barely stay within a minute of,fourth place,you did a job,team,there was a lot of karma tweets you know,because obviously these people are still,traumatized from abu dhabi yes karma is,a karma for red bull and horner,that's karma right there suck it up red,bull hashtag karma absolute karma nah,you see,that's not how karma works it's more,subtle,for him he's in ninth position which for,a mercedes driver is nothing ninth,position is nothing for a mercedes,driver george russell getting towards,the end of his final lap in qualifying,he stays sixth fastest as valtteri,bottas crosses the line and goes six,fastest ahead of george russell,for a mercedes driver is nothing you,know he needs to be fighting for,victories and podiums every single race,the p9,p9 is absolutely nothing,almost meaningless,p90x,that's embarrassing also because i said,in my 2022 season predictions russell,was going to outperform hamilton george,russell outperforms lewis hamilton this,in combination with what verstappen did,last year means lewis hamilton's fans,will finally snap and murder their,entire families i also said we were,going to get sucked into a black hole so,but there are lunatics on both sides,that's important to remember kill all,mercedes fans,that seems aggressive but you gotta,remember on twitter people are sending,death threats to mcdonald's for not,serving them breakfast at four o'clock,in the afternoon lewis fraudmilton,mickey mouse bahrain podium mercedes,sabotage alpha towery for safety car,sabotage red bull engine are paying the,fia this podium will never count in my,box clown face,i think this is meant to be sarcastic,but it's hard to tell,at this point you see because here's,what happened the hamilton crybabies,were calling max verstappen a mickey,mouse world champion then the fia,released the abu dhabi report and said,that what happened was down to human,error which would suggest michael massey,is a human so now they've gone from,calling max a mickey mouse world,champion to a human error champion,are you following,it's getting hard to keep up with the,level of psychosis these people have but,there were some reasonable opinions on,twitter,ferrari goes one two for the first time,in three years and mercedes fans are too,busy shitposting red bull to notice,mind-blowing how deep inside their heads,red bull is burn,but also good point chill out enjoy,formula ferrari's back and he's fighting,verstappen and if mercedes can sort,their problems out we might get a,three-way battle for the lead,it's crazy how cocky you merck fans are,with p3 and been 40 seconds back to both,ferrari and red bull before a safety car,you guys do realize there's more races,right yeah but you got to see it from,their perspective remember to them max,verstappen is the devil and red bull are,responsible for the holocaust and 9 11.,so seeing red bull disintegrate in the,last few laps would be enough to,distract the average mercedes fan from,whatever hell they live in and they all,think they're part of the team because,they've got a cap with mercedes on it,let's go team we can do this let's go,team we got this we keep pushing we keep,rising we in this game together just,because you bought some overpriced tat,from the f1 shop doesn't mean you're,part of the team i wonder how much

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The dark side of F1 fandom

The dark side of F1 fandom

remember this not just this but the,aftermath that followed the internet,went into meltdown and here is something,to show you just how bad it got here is,a post directly from an admin of R,Formula One a huge Reddit Formula One,Community last night we were looking at,6 000 removed comments most of which,were for being racist today that number,is at 18,000 and the primary reason is still,racist commentary they went on to say,they've removed almost 2 000 posts and,still trying to keep up with the,incoming reports posts and comments this,was from a single Reddit Forum alone I,even had another admin reach out to me,and let me know that they've had to take,up therapy sessions to deal with what,they see on almost a daily basis formula,one has always been a huge part of my,life I mean of course it is I have an,entire YouTube YouTube channel dedicated,to this sport because I simply love it,that much it's a unique sport for the,unique person it requires patience which,is strange for a sport that is so fast,paced literally but lately something has,changed I have fallen out of love with a,particular aspect of this sport an area,that was not always perfect but what I,would describe as wholesome most of the,time fan bases are full of passion and,emotion there is nothing like cheering,your favorite team or driver and,watching them cross the line before,anyone else but when is the line crossed,for fans when do people go too far it's,important to lay out one thing this,isn't targeted at new fans or fans who,have watched formula one through various,different eras for many years in my,videos I try to be as unbiased as,possible I have my favorite team Ferrari,but I'll still criticize them if they,make mistakes and I'll listen to other,people's opinions because I think that's,important to do and you might even,change your own minds by doing that the,line is crossed the moment it goes from,friendly rival banter to straight up,abuse it's okay to criticize a driver,and give your opinion but most of the,time you'll be met with Fierce Defenders,of a particular driver hurling all sorts,of your way for simply giving your,take that they do not agree with the,problem is is that some fans have,self-appointed themselves as almost a,representative or a defender of their,favorite driver when in reality if that,driver knew what their so-called fans,were doing in their name on social media,they'd most likely be embarrassed now,before anyone points fingers at any fan,base stop right there just about every,fanbase has people that do it F1 Twitter,is most of the time the social media app,of choice for many F1 fans to join in,conversation stay updated and look at,memes and just generally be part of some,sort of online community with social,media comes Anonymous accounts which is,another conversation altogether some,people want to stay Anonymous just,because they feel like it they'd rather,be unknown for their own personal,reasons but on the other hand some want,to be anonymous because it gives them a,free pass to say whatever they want do,whatever they want no matter how bad it,is and they'll never be found out,basically a keyboard Warrior I think a,lot of new F1 fans unfortunately cop so,much of the blame for this sort of thing,but I somewhat disagree I think new fans,are important for the growth of the,sport and the long-term security of,Formula One events for example drive to,survive has introduced a huge number of,people to the sports there is no doubt,formula one has been launched onto,another level of popularity since,Netflix got involved I know for a fact,more people in Australia have their eyes,on F1 we even got the events extended,until,2035. we should also remember that,during the covert lockdowns when every,sport stopped formula one was back,pretty quickly and I know a lot of,people got into the sport that way and,have been watching ever since the,reality is new fans aren't going to know,who won the 1981 World Championship off,the top of their head most of the time,but they don't really need to I try and,make content intent for all F1 fans New,or Old because for example a video like,this is a revisit or a throwback to a,fan that remembers this and for a new,fan it's a video where they will learn,something I first saw Formula One when I,was not even six years old I watched F1,through various eras for many years and,it's a sport that I want to share with,the world I get comments all the time,from New fans saying things like thanks,for this video I never knew about this,as a new fan and that's a good feeling,to know that maybe you taught someone a,little bit of History we were all new to,this sport at some stage social media,wasn't around when Senna hit Prost at,Suzuka or when Schumacher hit Hill in,Adelaide whereas now you can say,whatever you want when you want and I,find it crazy that you can jump on,Instagram and send a DM to just about,anyone who has an account sure they,might not see it but when they do and if,it is a negative messa

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F1 Champ Max Verstappen Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

F1 Champ Max Verstappen Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

what is it with uf1 drivers always speed,is the limit always looking for danger,can you all just lay on the beach and do,nothing but that's boring doing nothing,what's up GQ I'm Max Steppin and today,I'm going undercover on the internet,it's actually me,Cora,never heard of it,what is Max stepping in child secret,life's relationship like yeah it's very,good now I mean back in the day in,gokarting our relationship wasn't that,great I mean we both made it to Formula,One we are both driving for two amazing,teams and we are fighting for a,championship and that's all what we,dreamed of as little kids as well you,know and now we grew up a lot and we,really respect each other a lot next,what makes Max 7 so good when racing on,a wet track,practice growing up in Belgium and,Holland it rains a lot so we never like,turned around when it suddenly started,raining we would put the rain Ties on,and we would go out and practice and,that just helps a lot you know you get a,lot more understanding of what you have,to do when it rains post it Wikipedia,in this first race for stopping around,in point scoring positions until he was,forced to retire due to an engine,failure yeah my first few years in,Formula One were related to a lot of,engine failures,Mitchell wrote for step and drives melee,on intuition and that comes from years,of training and preparation he has a,database in his head which he can use,immediately,I didn't know,intuition but also experience it helps a,lot from when I started a phone run I,only raised one year in a junior,category before I moved up to Formula,One so of course I'm gonna learn a lot,in Formula One and of course the way I,grew up with my dad trying to prepare me,and work towards the goal of getting to,formula one for sure you know it helps,Tick Tock my favorite,so out of all the F1 drives in history,who would you most want to race against,I get this question quite a lot I would,just like to race against my dad back in,the day in his prime,how does Max feel about Daniel's exit,for McLaren I love them his teammates,crazy how much,um has changed I'm really good friends,with Daniel we had a lot of fun together,as teammates and sometimes things just,don't work out it's better to leave,instead of putting yourself in that,difficult situation and I just hope for,him that he finds a seat so he can,continue to show how good he is Twitter,I wonder if Stephen has any big gifts,planned for his family since he's,dominating the season I saw when he won,his first race he had to buy his sister,a handbag it was actually when I scored,my first points it's not like if I win,something then I need to buy something,but whenever they need something really,important I will always be there for my,family,someone said give me riking and race,against Boat Max stabbing and his,daughter you're stabbing and Alonso too,I think can someone confirm yeah it's,true Kimmy raised for a very long time,replied,read it,after a full start with two retirements,in the first three race weekends the,crescendo has gone up for Max Stampin,that is very correct sir couldn't have,had really a worse start than what we,had to the year but we managed to turn,it around the cars got a lot lighter as,well we were heavily overweight once the,weight is coming down close to the,minimum weight it becomes a lot more,agile and that's of course what you want,from a race car,that's that low drag question mark,very good question well I'm probably the,wrong person to answer that you have to,talk to the engineers next,YouTube,this seems like a good time to mention,that Max was allowed to drive and have,one car before he was allowed to drive a,road car,yeah I mean I was 17 when I started,which is now not allowed anymore by the,rules you need to be 18. the first year,was quite funny I was not allowed to,drive on a normal road but of course,allowed to race in F1,my heart goes nuts during any moment in,eye racing and I can only imagine how,fast Max was going during the last lap,referring to Abu Dhabi last year yeah of,course my heart rate was very high at,the time you know it's been a long,season and everything comes down to that,final lap for the championship but my,heart rate also goes up when I'm racing,online you know I also want to do the,best I can and I also want to try and be,perfect,Max Hall my name is Max and I wish I,could be enough on driver I'm only 10,and I want to be like my step,I started a little bit younger than that,but it's never too late keep practicing,Instagram,what is it with uf1 drivers always speed,is the limit always looking for danger,can you all just lay on the beach and do,nothing but that's boring doing nothing,and what's dangerous I mean you can also,slip in the shower and break a neck or,cycle around New York Define dangerous,at the end post it,I don't know what this means but it,seems special congrats it was very,special I mean it was definitely a very,proud moment for me to be recognized by,my country like that definitely very,proud nex

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Goodbye WTF1...

Goodbye WTF1...

hey everyone as you can see by this,video a very different one that you'll,be watching today yes,I'm leaving wtf1,now I just want to say,from the bottom of my heart thank you,genuinely the last six years have been,the most special,wonderful Whirlwind that I would never,have even dreamed of,I am and always will be just an F1 fan,that's how that's all I regard myself as,and for whatever reason I've had a,microphone put in front of me,and without you watching whether it's,one video One podcast a million podcasts,I don't think we've done that many but,without you I'd never been able to do,this so I just want to say thank you so,much,um but for me you know six years it's a,long time in my life it's been amazing,but now it's time for change,and,yeah I still can't believe the amazing,crazy moments that I've been able to,share with all of you and I think it's,very clear that even even six years down,the line filming with lecler for example,you can see on my face,I have never taken this job for granted,once,the emotion you can see the fanboying I,mean I wish I could tone it down,sometimes honestly it's embarrassing but,it's yeah,for once I'm I'm pretty speechless I,don't really know what to say apart from,the only thing I want to get across here,is that I am so thankful that you have,allowed for this channel to grow to the,extent that it has the community that,we've got it's it's incredible now I'm,not leaving the world of Formula One at,all,um so don't worry about that I'm,definitely not leaving until Sean,McClure's won a World title if ever to,be honest,um but it's not just me leaving either,uh Tommy the wtf1 founder also is is,leaving at the same time I am and he had,a little clip uh to send you guys right,now,hey everyone it feels crazy to be doing,this video to say goodbye I started,wtf-1 12 years ago at University and it,was just a way to communicate and,interact with other Formula One fans and,find other Formula One fans I could,never have imagined what a life-changing,thing it would be not just how much it's,grown and all the followers we've gained,and this amazing Community but just the,fact that it's my full-time job is just,the most insane thing and will always be,absolutely mad I'm so mercifully,grateful to everyone that's supported me,and the wtf1 brand over the years,whether you started it when it was just,a meme page or you've come on recently,and listened to our podcasts and YouTube,I've enjoyed it so much and I really,really really appreciate the support so,it also means the most popular wtf-1,member will also be leaving so Frank,yawn if it's goodbye from me and you,from wtf1 there we go lovely stuff,goodbye so yeah it's an end of an era,for Tommy as well and and,ah gosh it's this is so weird isn't it,so weird I've been on this channel for,six years wtf1's not going anywhere by,the way if you're wondering there's a,new team coming in and they've all,recorded their own little video to,introduce themselves,hello my name is Kieran and it is an,absolute honor to be joining wtf1 a,channel that I have loved for a very,long time who better to attempt to fill,the shoes of Tommy and Matt than someone,who has been told twice that's more than,once that he looks like the chubby love,child of the both of them and on,recording these videos the previous,takes I've done I've realized how big my,head is so that was fun but a few things,about me so you can get to know me I,think that's what this is about I like,pizza very much so,um formula one that's good and I'm a big,Lance stroll fan,yep hi everyone my name is Hannah and I,am so excited to be,just didn't even look at it because it,seems so boring but as soon as I,actually gave it a chance and watched my,first race I fell in love with the sport,and never looked back a little bit about,me is my favorite track is Baku just the,top tier races it always produces it,never disappoints and if I had to pick,one car in F1 to support it would have,to be the Aston Martin safety car,it's the most beautiful thing I've ever,seen I think we're on the same page here,you know but it's an honor to be here,and I'm so excited to see you guys,around,oh so that's rather long actually Trey,Harrison here you may know me from,Motorsport 101 and being that really,annoying Sebastian battle fan on Twitter,as you can see I'm handling the,retirement well but I'm also very proud,to announce that I am now a member of,the wtf1 family I'm going to be a,content creator specializing in podcasts,it is an incredible privilege to be able,to take the reins from Maddie and Tommy,and I can't wait to get to know this,incredible fan base just a little bit,better looking forward to seeing you all,soon hi I'm Charlie and I'm beyond,excited to be joining the wtf1 team as a,content creator I'm not gonna lie F1,remote sport in general are literally my,only personality traits but in the,interest of getting to know each other,here's some facts about me I'm a McLaren,fan I'm definitely more of a team,supporter rathe

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Rage Against the Grand Prix - Zandvoort

Rage Against the Grand Prix - Zandvoort

the Dutch Grand Prix the moon landing,Princess Diana's wild ride and Paul,McCartney's bare feet what do they all,have in common we've been lied to by the,mainstream media teams releasing,statements after the race hashtag F1 fix,trended on Twitter for days government,spies dressed up as pigeons at turn,seven buckle up everybody because we're,going down the rabbit hole at the Dutch,Grand Prix Max verstappen's home race,even though he was born in Belgium and,lives in Monaco that's the first lie on,lap 47 he was in the lead of the race,with both Mercedes behind him but,Mercedes were going to the end of the,race on a one-stopper and Max had to pit,again things were looking good for,Mercedes but then a CIA agent disguised,as Yuki sonoda pulled over to the side,of the truck with a mysterious problem,nobody could understand even the team,said what the are you playing at,after some confusion UK sets off again,and drives back to the pit Lane very,slowly when he gets back to the pit Lane,his mechanics give him a hand job in,broad daylight after Yuki had been fully,drained he came back out of the pit Lane,only to pull over to the side of the,track again this time causing a virtual,safety car suspicious verstappen,Hamilton and Russell all pit for new,tires essentially ruining Mercedes,strategy and handing the wind to,verstappen the virtual safety car ends,on verstappen off into the,distance leaving Mercedes behind now,things are looking good for Red Bull but,then a CIA agent disguised as Valerie,boss stopped at the end of the main,straight bringing out the full safety,car I am so hard the step and,pits and comes back out in third behind,both Mercedes he's given up the lead of,the race for brand new tires to fight,them when the race restarts a very,aggressive strategy now things are,looking spicy but then another CIA agent,disguised as George Russell demanded,Mercedes pit him as well so George,Stopped for new tires and came back out,behind verstappen now we've got Lewis,Hamilton at the front on Old Tires with,Max verstappen right behind him on brand,new tires for the safety car restart the,ghost of Michael Massey appeared in the,sky before verstappen overtakes Lewis,Russell overtakes Lewis Charles leclure,overtakes Lewis Hamilton comes on the,radio I can't believe you guys ,screwed me can't tell you how pissed I,am Max verstappen wins the race Lewis,finishes fourth and hashtag team LH have,an end of civilization event on Twitter,and it was kind of funny to watch,now to explain the team LH apocalyptic,meltdown I actually attempted to do a,live stream so I could go into more,detail and figure out exactly what,happened but all we figured out was that,I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to do,a live stream is this on are we on how,the do I know if this is on how the,F do I turn this on now I swear down I,mean are we on oh come on you,should try that,you're such a dumb sack of ,I'm not dumb I've got Street smarts,so I will pick up where I left off on,the team LH hit list today we have Yuki,sonoda for causing the virtual safety,car Sergio Perez for causing a yellow,flag Sergio Perez for racing with Lewis,Hamilton Sebastian Vettel for ignoring,blue flags which to be fair was ,diabolical Red Bull Chief strategist for,doing her job and look at that little,smirk the ghost of Michael Massey and,George Russell now I haven't got the,emotional strength to go through every,set of insane tweets for each one of,these people but the George Russell ones,are the funniest so George's crime was,taking control of the strategy himself,telling the team he wanted to pit for,new tires getting it right overtaking,Lewis and finishing second an obvious,hate crime after the race he posted this,on Twitter and in the comments section,they went after him like piranhas you,suck Lewis Hamilton is way better than,you and you couldn't take one for the,team and just finish on the podium,Valerie boss was such a better teammate,you are a very very selfish player,Hamilton is not your rival shame on you,you literally just stole a win from,Lewis and gave it to Max verstappen you,will never amount to even a tenth of the,driver or person Lewis is he will be,remembered as the goat and you another,forgettable number two driver these are,real people sorry George but I lost,every last bit of respect I had for you,after that stunt you pulled I refuse to,support you if you are not prepared to,play the team game 500 likes it's not,just a few people hope Lewis doesn't,play the team game for you either what,you did today was a disgrace he's,literally not on the podium because of,your selfish behavior delete this,Teamwork Makes the Dream oh this one is,my favorite Teamwork Makes the Dream,Work just a reminder be careful how you,treat people on your way up because you,might meet them on your way down,selfishness gains no honor and somebody,replied with a picture that said the,saddest thing about betrayal is that it,never comes from your enemies why why,are they making it out lik

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$5000 Normal Engine vs $10 Million Formula 1 Engine

$5000 Normal Engine vs $10 Million Formula 1 Engine

Formula One engines are just incredible,let me explain this is a 1.6 liter,turbocharged engine from a Ford Fiesta,ST and it produces a maximum of 197,horsepower and this is a 1.6 liter,turbocharged engine from a Formula One,car and it produces over 1 000,horsepower but what makes them so,different well to start the F1 engine,costs 2 000 times more at around 10,million dollars so why exactly do they,cost so much before we get into the,crazy numbers of F1 let's get an idea of,what a normal engine is capable of we're,going to look at the four-cylinder 1.6,liter ecoboost engine from Ford which,you find in their Fiesta ST I've been,lucky enough to drive one of these,little cars on track before and they are,incredible fun ST means Sports,Technologies so not technically your,average engine but anyway yes it's the,same capacity and uses the same,fundamental process to produce power but,that's where the similarities end for,these engines this Ford engine is cheap,to produce at around only six thousand,dollars and is made to run for 200 000,miles without having to go under the,Bonnet too often it's fuel efficient,easy to service and should be ready to,start at the moment's notice but it's no,race car so what sort of power does this,absolute monster in the standard Ford,Fiesta ST have well it produces,197 horsepower revs to a maximum of 6000,RPM and weighs about 100 kilos and,that's pretty good for a little road car,engine now let's see what the F1 engine,can do as you can expect this is where,the numbers really take off like I,mentioned before an F1 engine produces,around a thousand horsepower it also,revs to a maximum of 15 000 RPM and,that's only because it's capped at that,level the engines of the 2000s would get,up to about 19 000 RPM and sound like,this,I do really miss that sound but anyway,back to the current crop of engines they,do weigh a little bit more than your,standard Road engine at 145 kilos but,that includes the electric motor the mg,UK and all the hybrid components these,numbers are obviously very impressive,but they aren't 2 000 times better than,what you would find in the Ford Fiesta,so why do they cost 2 000 times more,well before we get into the technical,details how did we arrive at that 10,million dollar number well it's reported,that to buy a three engine Supply from,the manufacturer like all the teams need,to apart from Red Bull Ferrari and,Mercedes it will cost them 16 million,dollars a year now I hear you saying,Scott you said they cost 10 million,dollars and that's 16 million dollars,for three and that really doesn't make,sense but it's because they're being,bought and not made it's believed that,the manufacturers spend more than 10,times that every year to research,develop review and produce the hundred,or so engines needed by all the teams,for every single season this is compared,to the hundreds of thousands of engines,that are produced for road cars every,single year and a fraction of the price,but what really makes these engines so,expensive to produce well first let's,look at the weight F1 engines are some,of the lightest out there despite the,massive demands put on them and you,would think that these lightweight,materials would be expensive but you,might be surprised F1 engines actually,use quite simple materials for the most,part the steel F1 engines used for the,crankshaft was also used in the Spitfire,engines during World War II so not,exactly modern and all but high tech,however that's because the dreaded FAA,banned loads of these cool materials,that they used to use but that's for,another video but it's the pressure that,these materials are constantly under,that makes them special demand that,these engines have to cope with are,enormous while a road car will rarely,rev above 4000 RPM Formula One engine,will tick over at 4000 RPM imagine,holding your car at 4 000 revs whilst,sat on your driveway it's not going to,go too well for you but for an F1 car,this is their idle State mention the,horsepower and the RPM that these,engines work at but it's in the smaller,details where the real big numbers come,when running an F1 engine converts 200,times for every blink of an eye which,works out to be just over 58 million,ignitions over its seven race lifespan,just one combustion error out of those,58 million could cause a terminal engine,failure and the mind-blowing stats don't,stop there at the time of combustion the,instantaneous gas temperature can reach,2 600 degrees Celsius which is half as,hot as the surface of the Sun and that,the same exact time the gas pressure,force is acting on the engine's six,Pistons is equivalent to the weight of,four elephants these extreme pressures,and the fact that they have to last for,seven races mean that these engines have,to be super reliable reliability doesn't,just mean not breaking it also means not,losing too much performance these,current engines will only lose about 10,horsepower throughout their lifespan and,that's thousands of kilometers at 10

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The Man Formula 1 BANNED For Life

The Man Formula 1 BANNED For Life

and that's the difference between the,letter of the Lord,and the spirit of the regulation and in,Formula One there's almost no Spirit you,don't think Gunter Steiner is in that,team boss there'll be a bunch of,wanker but this guy is on another level,entirely,of other people informed on we could,talk about Flavio briatore's story is,filled with controversy he was good at,winning but was always on the edge of,being thrown out of the sport until he,was Fabio priatori has been banned from,all Motorsports Flavio briaturi is now a,man banned from F1 for life but he was,part of winning seven World titles in,total and one of the most charismatic,characters in F1 history because it was,one of the best this is his story of,dealings with the mafia financial fraud,plenty of cheating and international,disgrace a Young briatori born in rural,Italy in 1950 didn't Inspire hope for,his Infamous future he dropped out of,multiple Public Schools before enrolling,in a private school he didn't fare much,better there receiving the lowest grade,in his year after school Flavio opened a,restaurant bearing his nickname tribula,which translated means someone who would,do anything to get what they want which,was a nod to his future however this,business was quickly shut down after,debt piled high I guess the lenders,didn't exactly agree with the name but,this is where our story takes a much,more notorious turn by the early 1970s,briatori had become the assistant for,Mafia Associated attilo dutto owner of,the paramathi vanichi paint company,after ditto was killed in a car bomb,attack in 1979. briatori moved to Milan,to work at the Italian Stock Exchange,here he would meet a man that would,change the course of his life Luciano,Benetton the owner of the famous,clothing brand known for its brightly,colored clothing,but before benison could change his life,Flavio nearly ruined his own during the,1980s briatori had multiple run-ins with,the law resulting in him being sentenced,to four and a half years in prison for,two separate counts of fraud after his,old boss dutto died his company,collapsed into bankruptcy and,liquidation under suspicious,circumstances britory was caught up in,the criminal investigation and in 1984,he was sentenced to a year and a half in,prison now of course briatori didn't,want to serve any time in prison and so,he fled to the Virgin Islands where he,stayed in touch with his friend Luciano,Benetton and set up multiple stores on,the island for the fashion house in 1986,The Fugitive briatori was sentenced by a,court in Milan to a further three years,in prison for his role in another,fraudulent scheme tricking Rich,individuals through illegal Casino halls,in the early 1980s they essentially ran,illegal gambling games where brutorial,and his mates would set up one player it,was completely eggs and they walked away,with billions of Lira which is around,1.4 million dollars today briatori,wouldn't serve any prison time and would,only return to Italy once this sentence,was canceled by amnesty and briatora's,success on the Virgin Islands didn't go,unnoticed by his friend Luciano and when,Benetton expanded into the U.S market he,appointed briatori to run the operation,the clothes brand expanded massively,having over 800 stores in the us alone,and briatori took a cut of all of them,making him a very rich man but soon he,was getting itchy to try a new challenge,and once again his friend Benetton had,an opportunity for him but this time it,had nothing to do with clothes Benetton,the fashion brand had bought the Tallman,F1 theme in 1986. a team made famous by,senna's incredible drive to position two,at Monaco two years earlier Benetton,then rebranded the team under his own,name but it continued to be a midfielder,so bennison took a risk on a guy that,would do anything to win Flavio and,after attending the 1988 Australian,Grand Prix Flavio briatori was appointed,commercial director of Benetton former,one and was quickly promoted to managing,director in 1990. all this in despite of,him admitting that he knew very little,about F1 and didn't even find the sport,that interesting but what he lacked in,knowledge he more than made up for by,surrounding himself with people who did,I'm Willem tulloch I worked with Flavio,briatori at the Benetton team I joined,the team in 85 before he joined I worked,there from 85 until,95. so I think Flavia Brio tourist,management style was very was quite,hands off with people lower down and,dealt with fairly quickly the people at,higher levels and,say as a boss looking at the way he,behaved compared to those I've seen,afterwards relatively hands off he,arrived without massive Motorsport,knowledge so he was wise to not try to,interfere he left the technical people,to do the technical work and this was,one of briatore's gray strengths knowing,where Talent was and grabbing it he,quickly got rid of tolman's management,and established his own in 1991 he,appointed Tom walking Shaw as,engineering director and the no

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