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Iowa Post Game: Greg Gardobviously we we have a tendency maybe,it's this team as I called him in the

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Iowa Post Game: Greg Gard

obviously we we have a tendency maybe,it's this team as I called him in the,locker room they're not team 125 of,125th season it's team drama,um we have a tendency to not make it as,easy as it should be but credit to Iowa,to make some plays there at the end to,try to to catch us obviously at the end,regulation but the the grit and the,effort and the fortitude of our group,that they continue to show night in and,Night Out can't be questioned so that's,what it took on to be able to come from,behind in the overtime and and seal,things out a lot of things to learn from,this a lot of things we did not do well,or not do properly or correct but again,a group that just continues to battle,and fight and tries to find a way so,questions Jeff,close that camera,in that game and regulation but after,the Kansas loss you know you said you,thought that would help you did you see,that show up in overtime especially when,you guys need to fight from behind most,of the way yeah I mean they they had a,good attitude in the Huddle you know and,you know when we got there when we,started overtime they were they were,positive like hey we've been here before,which we've been there more than we,needed to be in overtime but uh you know,again I just go back to the fortitude,and the grit of this group they just,they don't Flinch they just keep,battling and they don't do everything,right we all know that but they you can,never I can never question their effort,or their intent,um and they just keep giving me,everything they have and make plays I,mean Jordan Davis is three coming off,the bench cold was huge Tyler's three,was huge,um you know we need to shoot the line,better at the end of regulation and and,those things but um all in all you know,we when we needed to get a stop or,change the momentum we were able to do,it Jeff,I was going to ask you I mean you've,talked about the grip but when you,mentioned the things that they need to,do better in addition to free throws,what would those be based on just,tonight that you said well at times it,was shot selection that led to to run,outs for Iowa,um not playing through the paint you,know some things uh following wise that,we file too much at times,um,you know decisions against,some pressure that maybe didn't result,in turnovers but we had some deflected,balls that should have been maybe picked,off so just there's so many things it,may take,Tuesday's film session maybe about three,hours long I don't know it's there's a,lot,um not making it easy on the on the,coach I gotta make sure I keep up to,date with my cardiologist and everything,is good but,um they uh they just keep battling but,so many things from,yeah a couple passes we had that we,drove and turned down layups to try to,make a,a better pla pass and just simple things,Iowa has one of the most or has one of,the best offensive efficiencies in the,league they shot 42.2 which is only,they've only shot less than that twice,this season how did you feel like your,defense did in today's game,sometimes we were good sometimes we,weren't I mean we we ended up holding,them below a point per possession which,I look more at efficiency in the Der,than I do maybe shooting percentage,typically go hand in hand we were able,to get them to turn it over more than,normal,than what they usually do so you know,there were things that we did well,defensively and there were things that,we'll make Tuesday's highlight or low,light tape Jeff,today,yeah I mean it's just you know I I think,he's has so much more I see the,potential in him I don't know if he sees,it in himself I think he can be a,terrific player in this league,um you know and we've had a lot of,really good ones that have played that,position,over the years and I think it's just for,him it's,believing that he's I don't think he,believes that he's that good and that's,the biggest thing with Steve is just,trying to continually you know fan the,flame of confidence with him and he's,got to fight through some some adversity,and,um fatigue at times to to take another,step but he made some big plays for us,turnovers and how big were those two,turnovers yeah the ones at the end,Chucky got the ball loose from Perkins I,think and Tyler got it loose or Chucky,got it from McCaffrey and um I mean,those are veteran players that know the,moment,when we can make those type of plays I,mean I thought we had bodies on the,floor Max was on the floor diving for,loose balls we did what we needed to do,um you know they're down at the end to,to make it hard for them to to get shots,up and,um did just enough to close it out Evan,that they're obviously though Chris,Murray and I which we all know we can do,offensively but I'm curious how did that,change again for you guys defensively,going at them yeah,it really didn't I wouldn't say it,really changed I mean you watch how they,played the other night against Iowa,State you wouldn't know they were,missing Chris,um they played really well so I I think,regardless of who's on the floor f

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What's Next For Wisconsin? - ft. Evan Flood from 247 Sports

What's Next For Wisconsin? - ft. Evan Flood from 247 Sports

thank you,hello guys welcome to this episode of,the transfer portal CFB YouTube and,podcast we are joined today by 24 7,Sports and CBS Sports Evan flood Evan,how you doing today good thanks for,having me that's exactly the week I,thought I was gonna have but it's pretty,interesting pretty much eventful for,everyone from the Badger State uh before,we go ahead I mean based on my hoodie uh,based on the Wisconsin accidents that we,got going on right now uh why don't you,go ahead and just tell the the viewers a,bit about what you do and uh and what,you cover exactly yeah so I cover,Wisconsin football and basketball for uh,24 7 sports or CBS Sports now uh had a,mostly recruiting emphasis when I was,younger but you know that now we've kind,of once since we've been bought by cbs4,it's been kind of focused more on on the,team stuff so kind of a 50 50 uh split,there but um you know kind of balance,between sort of a I don't like to call,myself a beat Rider but you know sort of,a Insider type opinion type but but,obviously I cover the team on a daily,basis as well so I kind of try and do a,little bit of everything,cool so let's go ahead let's just go,right into it uh obviously I feel like,it's not just the Wisconsin world the,college football World in general was in,shock when it came out Sunday afternoon,that Paul quit uh Paul Chris was,relieved of his duties from head coach,of the Wisconsin Badgers can you like,kind of like talk about,what uh like,I'm not gonna say how the new Statue but,like what was your reaction like when,when the news first came out was it,something that you felt like was coming,or did it just like complete bombshell,a little of both I mean I think after,Illinois,even the biggest Homer could see that,something wasn't right in that program I,mean you can't run for two yards against,an inferior Big Ten West opponent and,not think that something is wrong and,you know at least in my lifetime that,that's you know as bad of a performance,from a Wisconsin team as I've ever seen,obviously things have kind of been,slowly going downhill since you know,really 2020 someone argued 2018,um so it didn't Shock Me in the sense,that Wisconsin finally made a move it,did shock me that they did it after five,games because that's so,anti-wisconsin you know they haven't,fired a football coach in in 30 years I,think the last time they fired an,assistant even was 2012 and that was,mid-season as well when,um I forget who the uh Mike Marcus and,the offensive line coach uh you know was,let go I think after three games in,Wisconsin with Mark Miller so you're,talking about Paul Crist who's one of,their own you know like a lot of you,know fans out there bleeds Cardinal and,white,spent pretty much his whole life in the,state played for the program was a long,time assistant for the program so you,didn't think they would do him in that,way after just five games I mean after,Illinois you're starting to think okay,you know firing after the season has now,become very very real uh but after five,games to do that to somebody who's you,know one of your own you know I I was,shocked that they were able to do it in,the middle of the Season like that,because I do think you know at least in,the short term it's going to have,ramifications for that team that that's,already struggling,do you think it's mainly just been you,know downward spirals like you said you,know some will say 2018 that was a,horrendous season I remember watching,that BYU game and that was like,Wisconsin's first non-conference home,loss and,I I forgot God knows how many years 2020,was coveted you kind of like gotta you,know take that maybe a little bit with a,grain of salt but everybody right here,with covid uh last year I feel like they,had some really big Rose Bowl hype,that obviously did not happen whatsoever,and this year I think anybody that even,followed him closely knew that they had,to replace that they had to replace a,lot in the front seven they had they,they essentially had to go in with a,brand new secondary but I feel like that,this is something more than just,on-field performance I think this I'm,not saying that there's something behind,the locker room then then not every fan,knows but like,I think if you start to look at some,other you know uh recruiting aspects you,know like you know the Jesse Temple for,the athletic he came out saying that,like they've gone eight years without a,recruiting faculty you know they had,they brought in a recruit during one of,their games last year and he literally,didn't talk to anybody on the coaching,staff a whole year uh Billy Shroff who,was a Saint Mary Springs recruit from,Fond du Lac from my hometown actually,going from,Fond du Lac and now he's going to Notre,Dame do you feel like recruiting is kind,of like got a lot to do with it,Wisconsin's obviously never been a top,25 recruiter in the country but it feels,like some grips have really been slowing,down on their end in state recruits are,even going the likes of Ohio Stat

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Illinois Post Game: Greg Gard

Illinois Post Game: Greg Gard

I'll be captain obvious that I I felt,you know obviously Illinois is good and,I felt they were better than their,record I know that going through some,ups and downs but uh you know for us you,know defensively I felt was where the uh,the game was decided and what we didn't,do um and didn't get didn't get done,consistently enough and credit to,specifically Coleman Hawkins for taking,advantage of some of our mistakes,um but uh you know guys continue to,battle we're going to be more efficient,offensively specifically in the first,half and then but uh I thought,defensively we got loose got disjointed,um and Illinois took advantage of it and,they can they can do that with how they,can spread you specifically if Hawkins,is hitting threes like that,um puts a little more pressure on you so,we'll uh we'll regroup this league isn't,uh for the faint of heart but turn,around and get ready for Tuesday night,so questions we have Mike's on each side,of the room just raise your hand we'll,get a mic to you,we're behind you,quick you mentioned the three-point,shooting but did also heard that Shannon,got them off to a good start and first,up by getting to the rim or getting in,good scoring position on the line yeah I,thought we did a better job as we you,know adjusted some things and,um max got into him a little bit more,and Jordan got in him a little bit more,uh but yeah he did I mean he had to the,left hand on specifically some of the,lane,like um you know but at that point even,in the first half were,numbers wise we're okay it's the,offensive part of that I didn't think we,finished enough and we got obviously,Steve getting two fouls and having to,sit takes away a pretty prominent post,presence so,um I thought that got us out of sync,offensively and but I again I think if I,as I watch this film it's going to be,most of most things are going to be on,the defensive end,go ahead Craig when did you know the,ball wasn't going to play and how did,that change your game plan,um probably within a day or so after you,know the last game just uh how uh you,know he's improving but not ready to go,yet so back to the right,Greg what would you like to see,differently from your your perimeter,defense anything specific you can get,into that that maybe fell short today,well specifically we got to cover up,better on some of the pick and pop stuff,and that elbow out of the spread that,they do and when we did it,um I thought we covered it up pretty,well but obviously we did not do it,uh well enough several times at least,for him to get I think five of the six,were in that threes we're in that,situation Jeremy you said things you,talked about defensively what have you,seen differently from Illinois,offensively because they struggled out a,series,make shots,I mean when you're when you can have,Hawk and shoot it like that and they get,10 threes,um now the free throws get a little,disjointed because we had to foul there,at the end and file more than in normal,but uh I felt felt the threes were the,difference you know we go,eight for 29 and they're 10 for 19. so,it's pretty efficient when you got 30,points on 19 shots,and the back to the right,great cars this season is going through,this for the first time I know that,Illinois scouted wild really kind of,bogged him down what are you hoping he,learns from this tape how can he grow,from this experience and there's a lot I,mean there's a lot both ends of the,floor,um you know and that's going to come,through,some of that will help you for the next,game some of that will be you know over,the course of his career specifically as,he gets stronger and and more accustomed,to to play physically like this late,group demands so there's everything on,both ends of the floor right here,kill more reveal for Ed to get more,minutes obviously I don't know they're,learning how physical it is obviously,what did you see did you see maybe big,eyes from them no no I thought I thought,Carter was you know for the most part,I'm sure I'll find some things where we,gave up driving lines and Marcus hasn't,had so much experience so he's there is,going to be a lot of learning with him,but I thought for the most part,you know I again we did a decent job on,the glass so we did a lot of get going,there for the most part but,um it's everything if we get beat off,the dribble too much or uh get out of,position the rotation that causes and,it's a domino effect when things break,down defensively,so like I said going through the tape,will help us dissect all that,right here on the right look like,Illinois really wanted to pressure the,guards and push them away from the rim,and make those catches contested and,tough it looked like you guys did a,better job in the second half but did,you get to the free throw line as much,as you would want tonight and attack,that pressure no I mean it's some of,it's to that we didn't have the ball in,there enough we did in the second half,and made more of a concerted effort to,touch it touch the post but,um a

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Minnesota Post Game: Greg Gard

Minnesota Post Game: Greg Gard

you know I think in this league as I,watch other games um,nothing should surprise us,um but I for our guys to be able to,find a way,um when you're not quite maybe at your,best and some of that's credit to,Minnesota and I want to,um you know I want to make sure I credit,them but and then Tyler going down I,think put some guys in position where,they had to play more minutes,um than anticipated or that they had so,I think in the long run hopefully this,helps us in terms of maybe strengthening,and developing our bench more,specifically,um,uh Gilmore and Elber,um but you know as I told them in the,locker room good teams find a way when,you're not playing and clicking on all,cylinders and sputtering at times good,teams dig down and find a way to get it,done I thought klezma was really good,once he defensively once he kind of,learned what Jameson battle was about,um and how he played and really locked,in into the exceptional job with him,um you know and so it's uh like I said,it's this league is not,there's not going to be any easy ones,and I think we've seen that already with,other games in the league for the most,part,and uh can you just take care of,business and move on to next,Jeff,great that's it I think you guys are up,by 15 playing pretty comfortably in the,second half I know you've kind of half,joked that this team makes it harder,than it needs to be but what do they,need to do when they get to that point,to just,continue to be efficient and and,maintain that lead well it's the,defensive end where we,two two free-throw blackouts that got,them going,um we were too passive on Jameson battle,and he got a three and then he got and,then he gets comfortable and gets,another one so it's just those little,things that start to snowball and,whether it's a simple thing as a free,throw block out or even blocking out,within the possession,um in a non-free throw situation just,little plays like that can give a team,momentum and give them some confidence,and,um you know I felt at that point when,that happened that we were,this wasn't trending where it needed to,Trend and um so we've got to be better,at that and I'll look through the film,and see you know the exact things and,bring those down but it's um like I said,I think it's it's good learning when you,can get through a game when you're not,when you have those type of things,happen and still come out on the,left-hand side and they're going to be,you know teaching points that these guys,will remember and and we got to continue,to get better in those areas,Todd Greg is there anything you can,update with Tyler for his future and how,did you have to adjust I guess quickly,uh in in that spot yeah those guys that,heads up that you're going to be needing,a little bit more than maybe we thought,yeah I didn't you know I didn't know,what exactly happened when it first,happened I was told he stepped on a ball,on the ball off a rebound,um and then he told me later he stepped,on somebody's foot and then I think it,was you know his his intention was that,he was going to try to go again in the,second half,um use half time to get it Loose,um but he tried to to do some stuff,backstage and it just wasn't going to,happen so I don't know timeline you know,I think those,um each individual you know heals from,those,um,you know differently so we had three,days here we'll see where he's at he'll,work with Brent and our trainer he's,probably doing that already tonight and,uh see where where it's at he just,didn't feel like he could explode off of,it and get into a full full stride so,um not going to put him in a position,where he's gonna gonna hurt himself,anymore so it's you know other guys have,to step up which they did,Chris yeah you had mentioned Marcus and,Carter getting some extra minutes how do,you feel that they fared especially the,short notice that they had that they're,going to be playing well Gilmore I mean,the whole thing is not only they'll get,minutes but it just puts everything out,of rotation in terms of our rotation you,know Steve has to play more for longer,stretches Gilmore obviously plays more,it just kind of what you've been,accustomed to and how you rotated,through practice in previous games,um and I think there was good things,Gilmore always scraps I mean there's,there's you could never question effort,with him I think with Marcus it's a good,experience for him of why he maybe,hasn't gotten more minutes because of,some things that maybe got exposed,tonight so,um he he understands it he knows it he,Embraces it,um and he's eager to to use this to get,even better,you guys are trying to post up Steven,and and Marcus drove and get a kick on,three but in the first half did he give,you some decent minutes defensively on,Garcia yeah I thought you know he was,you know he's getting better you know I,think when he first got here last year,I don't know if defense was in his,vocabulary and um it's he understands,now he's not where he needs to be,anywhere near but now he understands

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Twitter Alternative Mastodon REVEALED To Be A Safe Haven For Creeps! 40% Of All Content Of Kids!

Twitter Alternative Mastodon REVEALED To Be A Safe Haven For Creeps! 40% Of All Content Of Kids!

well Jesse I guess we gotta find some,other way to spend our evenings,good evening and Elon Musk has defended,his decisions and banned links to,Mastodon after a sec juice report,surface today suggesting that the,majority of content on the platform,features illegal material pertaining to,child exploitation oh,god well well well well well,the Medias,amazing Twitter alternative that was,that's crushing Elon Musk that is,exploding in new viewers,we're all the journalists ran we're all,the leftists ran,well,apparently it's dominated by the P words,and all sorts of the type of videos and,images that they like,now,of course correlation does not imply,causation and maybe all the journalists,and leftists flocked to a platform full,of this type of content for a completely,unrelated reason or maybe they didn't or,maybe it's use greatly or its presence,greatly increased once they did we're,gonna have to take a look at all that,and given how spicy a video this is I'm,really glad to have private internet,access as a sponsor for you in 2023,check this out huge shout out to this,video sponsor private internet access,look it's 2022 going on 2023 if you,don't have a VPN you're missing out on a,ton of benefits not just a more secure,connection but if you're paying for,Netflix Disney Plus or any other,streaming service you're already getting,locked out of a ton of additional,content that you could be enjoying if,you used a VPN and since they've been,sponsoring the channel so long they've,rolled out a massive discount for my,viewers that's right 84 off plus 4,months free it's two dollars and three,cents a month four months free 84 off,private internet access also offers,privacy on all your devices Lightning,Fast Global server Network and look,outside of all the additional content,you're gonna be able to view out there,using private internet access it also,has a strict no logs policy it's open,source it has state of the art updates,it's instant to set up you can put it on,all of your devices your tablet your,computer your mobile phones it has,unlimited bandwidth and so much more if,you don't have a VPN yet make today the,day use my link in the description to,get private internet access start being,more secure and unlock loads more,content,I saw this tweet by the way uh if you,haven't,got a VPN yet private internet access of,course offering a master discount to my,viewers and it unlocks all sort of,content all sorts of content for you so,it is uh money well well spent and it,supports the channel,it's not Alex who just said did they,hire Joel Roth to moderate content,to sharing new Mastodon is a,social media platform dominated by P,words you know the kids that love the,play or the people the adults that love,the playground and most of his content,most of its content is,type of content that they like,you see Wall Street Silver saying it's a,good thing Elon block links to Mastodon,now,to be fair Macedon is a platform it,isn't the same thing as Twitter there,are many instances on Mastodon,um some clearly used for a particular,reason I just think it's funny I just,just report the news here right make,sure you leave a like on this video,if you haven't yet please do subscribe,down below,now there was this report that came out,in late November that was largely,ignored shockingly by mainstream media,Mastodon a social media platform,dominated by terrible images we'll say,believe me when I tell you that I did,not want to write yet another article,about them after the last one but here,we are it's a terrible subject to read,and write about,the rabbit hole goes much deeper than,any of us ever wanted to think and when,I say us I really mean me,this will be the last article I'll Ever,Write on the subject of these creeps as,I feel tainted for having touched it I,understand that,shortly after Elon Musk took over,Twitter some of the most influential,people in information security began,tweeting that they were leaving Twitter,I don't think the reasons why they are,pretending to leave are important but I,do think it's important that we take a,closer look at the social media platform,that they are desperately encouraging,their followers to sign up for so they,can have an audience in their haste to,flee Twitter these influencers set up,accounts on social media platform called,Mastodon without knowing much about the,place they were migrating to,or anything about the kinds of,communities that call Master on their,home to be fair Macedon makes it almost,impossible excuse me to search for,communities,and content across the federals by,Design so many of the newcomers have,absolutely no idea who lives on Macedon,because they cannot see them well this,is uh this is what happened when I,joined post,I should still go back to post because,it was you know I was initially like,whoa that's a lot of n-words but then I,I you know,maybe it was just a fluke I I don't know,I tried to support all new,alt Tech and even Mastodon by the way uh,you know any of th

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Mount Horeb Upsets Onalaska 84-77

Mount Horeb Upsets Onalaska 84-77


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P!NK - Try (The Truth About Love - Live From Los Angeles)

P!NK - Try (The Truth About Love - Live From Los Angeles)


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Too Good to Not Believe - Brandon Lake

Too Good to Not Believe - Brandon Lake

i've,i've lived stories that have proved your,faithfulness,and i've seen me recalls my mind can,comprehend,and there is beauty and what i can,understand,jesus it's you,jesus it's you,i,believe the wonder working god,you're the wonder working guy,all the miracles i've seen,too good to not believe,you're the wonder working god,and you heal because you love,all the miracles we'll see,you're too good to not believe,too good,i can't,resurrect a man with my own hands,but just the mention of your name can,raise the,deadly one who cares,is,and you heal,you heal because you love,you're too good,oh how my eyes have seen it,oh you're too good to not believe,you're too good to not believe,and i've seen cancer disappear,i've seen metal plates dissolve,don't you tell me he can't do it don't,you tell me he can't do it cause i've,seen real life resurrection,i've seen mental health restored don't,you tell me he can't do it don't you,tell me he can't do it cause i've seen,families reunited,i've seen prodigals return,don't you tell me he can't do it don't,you tell me,disappear,is,don't you tell me,don't you tell me,don't you tell me he can't do it don't,you tell me he can't do it,don't you tell me,was the ones who were,miracles,too good to not believe,after everything i've seen,you're too good to not believe,too good,i saw this precious girl receive arches,in her feet,and my eyes didn't lie to me when i saw,that metal plate dissolved from my man's,leg,and my eyes on it they don't lie my ears,don't lie when we hear of resurrection,power of that precious boy who we sung,over this precious girl stung over and,this boy comes back to life he was,breathless now he's back to life he's,living he's breathing because of,resurrection of power,there's nothing that our god can't do,no,yes,yes i know,i've seen families,he can do it,yes,is,all the miracles,oh,hey he's too good to not believe right,now,god has been waiting for this song to be,declared by the church,to see jesus get his full reward in,every place in your body your family,wherever it is,there's miracles being released in the,room in the great room online in your,room it doesn't matter where you're at,there's miracles being released in the,declaration of god's goodness,if you need a miracle in your body right,now i just want you to lift up your,hands,lift up your hands he's already been,healing people as we speak as we've,worshipped he's been healing people,you don't have to have people laying,hands on you but pastors get out there,and pray for people begin to declare,perfect health and healing i feel the,righteousness of god in the room,the righteousness that jesus purchased,on the cross the blood of jesus is,making your body right,i feel like this is born again again,sunday,let's get born again,let's actually believe what god has,declared over us,let's be the believing church we're,going to sing this and just keep,declaring this and i want you to receive,it chronicles are coming home,cancer is being healed bone cancer,carcinomas,metastasize cancer you die now in the,name of jesus,deliverance in jesus name,those who lost their mind your mind,comes back to you now demons leave in,jesus name,let's sing let's declare it church let's,declare it,don't you tell me,don't you tell me he can't,don't you tell me,don't you tell me he can do it,don't you tell me i see your,resurrection,is,hey,don't you tell me,me,all the miracles,so

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