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Ethan Permanently Banned From Twitter - H3TV #56two it is I banished Ethan yet again,punished Ethan

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Ethan Permanently Banned From Twitter - H3TV #56

two it is I banished Ethan yet again,punished Ethan punished Ethan huh from,now on the only Elon Musk that exists to,me is,I wish he owned Twitter,yeah so guys uh welcome to H3 podcast it,is Monday I'm actually really happy to,be back here doing a live show,thank you guys,thank you we actually yes thank you love,the enthusiasm thank you wow,more intensity Dan,thank you bro thank you,yeah I appreciate that uh today we're,sponsored by Babel thank you we love,them uh God bless them I'm excited guys,because last week was a weird week we,came back from our YouTube suspension,now we're getting into all kinds of,trouble yeah we are oh yeah we yeah we,well right it's me but if yeah but if,but uh you guys are incentivized to,babysit me because y'all are going to be,losing a job here pretty soon that's,right yeah,no I'm just kidding I saw I saw a post,on the subreddit with like 5 000,points maybe you guys can pull it up,where it's like you guys all know uh,that this show is gonna get permanently,banned it's just a matter of time I'm,like man,ye of little faith fools I mean what,would give them that idea,listen I've been doing this for 10 years,okay I get you get strikes here and,there but I know what I'm doing that's,true I'm not going to get permanently,banned you're definitely gonna get,banned on Tick Tock today though that's,for sure oh well that you can count on,that every day that's a daily occurrence,yeah here four thousand this show will,eventually be permanently banned and you,know what come on guys come on man I've,essentially been banned from Twitter,Twitter's a rattle oh,no I'm not gonna get banned guys don't,worry I I look I am an idiot that'll,Grant you,but we had a strike and I'm a I can be a,good boy for three months,and I'll be honest I was I get a little,brazy when I don't have a strike,because you can you can let your hair,down and say stuff like bench beer,should be the first,I think I was gonna say I said he should,be the first to join me for Hanukkah,dinner that's very sweet that's a very,nice,across the aisle like that yeah potato,latkes,oh God haga Sophia,you know the kagano Sophia,Ave Maria,h,whoa what's love doing,he's going through a phase yo he's in,his right now let's put the um what's,with the hair sticks it's uh the new,Antboy cosplay,is that hair or yeah it's just hair it's,my aunt antennas gosh,okay we'd love to see it don't hey he,looks fly as dude I didn't I wasn't,hating damn I didn't say a peep,about it,anyway yeah guys don't worry I'm not,gonna get suspended okay you know I get,in trouble here and there I make,calculated risk but don't worry I'm,we're not going anywhere this show is,forever,okay,thank you thank you for being here yeah,but I was gonna say this is we're,finally back to making our live shows,like usual last week was kind of weird,and we had a bunch of um guests which,just kind of happened uh serendipitously,we were scheduling them all and they all,just kind of converged on that one week,don't worry but uh boy we have an insane,show here today,um actually we have a special guest uh I,don't know if she's gonna be here the,whole time but Jessenia from Bachelor,world famous bachelor wow Bachelor,royalty here in the building that's,right so nice to have you here,um we did a photo shoot for Teddy fresh,that was so nice of you you're in town,for the or can you say for a week yeah,I'll be I'll be leaving the ninth I came,down to film The Reunion yeah I hope you,gave those dogs hell,no I'm okay I'm happy this is a little,unplanned but I'm so happy to go ahead,and hang out with you guys yeah and,maybe we can do an interview you off,contract yeah she's going to spell the,TV,let's go and also we are joined by uh,another Jess uh I don't you're oh you,are mic'd up but you're not cameraed up,Jess is our everybody's hair stylist you,do ela's hair yeah and Sam's hair anyone,else's,did you do that brilliant red color of,Sam's wow people have been losing,they're mine over that red yeah so so,the reason that Jess is here uh the,Beloved hair uh queen of of issue,podcast is that I was tossed The,Gauntlet by Ela,she said to me we should straighten your,hair and make it into two perfect spiky,mohawks and I said there's no shot in,hell,you can straighten my hair and do that,it's just impossible my hair growing my,hair back it's not gonna do it but then,Ela talked to Sam and Olivia and she,said not only can we do it,I guarantee we can do it and then they,got Jess involved and if I lose though,it's because of Jess because she is a,hair she's a hair doc I mean yeah she's,in the lab doing hair all the time but I,don't know man I don't think you can do,it we got this you think you can,straighten it yeah for sure,so we're going to be doing that today,that's the segment we're doing,that's going to be fun thank you for,being here it'd be really fun,um,but obviously at the top of the show,I'll be talking about my,uh Twitter uh permanent suspension over,the uh the fragile ego of the richest,man in the

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Talking about my PERMANENT Twitter ban

Talking about my PERMANENT Twitter ban

yeah so I've been permanently banned on,Twitter,thank you thank you everybody yes yes,yes,thank you,oh by the way I wanted to say quickly at,the top we brought back I had to tape,this because I don't know YouTube's will,you never know with YouTube Elon Musk is,a piece of a fan favorite,an original design by moi,we brought it back for a limited time,only to celebrate my Twitter uh permit,band and to say Elon Musk is a giant,piece of and it's incredible how,you can do worth 200 billion dollars and,still be such a loser,yeah I I knew I was going to get banned,yeah and that was kind of the point why,I thought it was such a fun experiment,because so Elon makes this great,Proclamation,first of all my favorite he goes comedy,is,what do you say when he bought Twitter,comedy's legal now comedy is legal now,right he said that,44 billion dollars comedy is now legal,on Twitter,oh my God thank you thank you oh go and,then fast fast forward,two days or something I think it was,like six days he goes going forward any,Twitter handle engaging in impersonation,without clearly specifying parity will,be permanently suspended,by the way another funny thing is that,when he came in he said we're,re-examining all permanent suspensions I,don't believe anyone should be,permanently suspended he also tweeted,that,and now here I'm suspended for dunking,on dumbass sink carrying boy,Elon Musk elong Ma,so apparently Sarah Silverman also got,uh she got back she got she's back right,yeah Sarah's back she said I'm a free,speech absolutist and I Duty for,breakfast every day that's what she said,and she changed her name to Elon and she,had his logo and she got suspended for a,week for that,uh I thought comedy was back bro,comedy is back,damn,it seems like comedy had more freedom,before Elon bought Twitter though,at least in my experience and Sarah's,yeah but she's back,uh Griffin said,she you know Elon Musk Kathy Griffin,said after much spirited discussion with,the females in my life I've decided that,floating blue is for their choice for,their choices only right,so a light goof I mean I really like,goof nothing like what I tweeted out,but that's what freedom speech is right,like it doesn't matter what people say,you defend it regardless that's,absolutist and absolutely that's his,term,and absolutist is like let's post,Gore let's post like pedophilia that's,like no exception absolutist,no but like the the uh concept of free,speech of course isn't about speech that,you agree with you know that then you,got no problem there you're but it's,about how you treat speech you don't,agree with that's like the whole ,idea,because that's when it's a problem,uh so she got was she permanently,suspended or is she back she's not back,yet,because on mine,if you go to her Twitter does it say,temporarily or permanently because mine,says permanent I got,I got got big time they got you oh yeah,account suspended Twitter suspends,accounts that violates Twitter rules,that's it so if you go to mind what does,it say does it say the same thing,uh,yours says account suspended that's the,same thing,well anyway when I saw Elon tweet this I,was like oh dude this is awesome like,this is awesome just a week ago,he's talking about how comedy's back,comedy's legal again and then now he's,talking about how I'm gonna be,permanently Banning people,who don't Ela had a really funny point,she's like what do you want you need,like uh Twitter handles are gonna end up,like 2015 YouTube pranksters like gone,wrong gun sexual parody prank yeah it's,a prank bro also you need if it's that,easy to impersonate someone I think the,problem was with the platform,right they could just make it the,verified accounts can't change their,name that's easy done exactly like why,the are you gonna give me the tools,to do this goof and then permanently ban,me for it,um also he said that if verified users,changed their name they'd lose their,verified Mark and so I said okay cool,I'm gonna change my name and lose my,verified Mark for the for the laugh,and I I didn't lose it it's like the,guy's just making up as he goes I,mean clearly,so I said okay I'm gonna I'm gonna make,my account a makeover,let me show what it looked like first,what I did is,um,I'm trying to find my banner,yeah they're in this album okay so,here's first thing I did,is I made this my header parody account,I just drew it on my phone I said look I,just want to be clear in the info it,says parody account okay,and then the header it says parity,account and under tweet under every,tweet I said it's a parity account it's,in my info and editor,so as far as I'm aware as far as what he,wrote out I satisfied his rules of clear,his rules what road rules you son of a,I satisfied his requirement no I think,he needed to have it in the handle he,did not specify that and as far as I'm,aware bro I said parody and the ,header in the info and under every uh,every goddamn tweet I said it's a parody,guys it's a goddamn parody here's the,xhax3 podcast by the w

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Ethan Klein Permanently Banned By Elon Musk! The H3 Podcast Host Goes Full MELTDOWN On Twitter!

Ethan Klein Permanently Banned By Elon Musk! The H3 Podcast Host Goes Full MELTDOWN On Twitter!

everybody it's ever around knows,that there is a certain level of around,that you get for free and then you find,out yes,just found out real quick you,around this much and also I don't know,how well endowed you are but like what's,the situation,um here's the thing,um never talk about my wife in this,context,okay around that much and on his,show he suggested if there was another I,should be first and then apparently the,video was deleted from YouTube and now,he's whining about it,I'm gonna let it slide but you hear the,point,it gets real,when you find out find that real,quick,and that's the real thing I'll find out,what's going on everyone Jeremy here,from the recording it's smash like right,now I mean this week this today is gonna,be full of amazing consequence culture,as they like to say and I'm just gonna,ask if you haven't yet just if you,haven't yet I hope I will earn your,subscription today there's a button down,below the video If Only oh if it isn't,the consequences of my actions Ethan,Klein permanently banned,uh after asking for it literally asking,for it and the best part is,the reaction the absolute Meltdown by,morons has been one of the biggest chefs,kisses I mean I could barely sleep last,night I I need to invest in some sort of,uh sodium I need to drink more water,maybe I would pass all the sodium out,it's been hilarious I'm going to show,you how we got here by the way huge,announcement today,coffee brand coffee launched our holiday,lineup which means for coffee Blends we,have peppermint mocha blueberry cobbler,I'm telling you of all the coffees we,have the blueberry cobbler is like by,Far and Away my favorite people like,blueberry cobbler trust me it's,delicious and we have spiked eggnog,Maple pecan we have I just I just,unloaded I put everything up and we also,launched it two new uh organic teas,we've got a mint tea and we've got a,Yerba tea on top of our other 10 teas,promo code the quartering supports the,channel and I've got a big announcement,later today too that uh people will,probably uh really want to check out pop,crave Twitter suspends Ethan Klein,despite him following Elon musk's stated,guideline for parody accounts except,he did not follow,the stated guideline for parity accounts,it any idiot could see that,95 000 people like this tweet,top reply parody has to be listed in the,screen name it says so right in the TOs,by the way here's another common thing,people like,oh he just changed the terms of service,okay no this is the old terms of service,it should be in the Twitter name clear,as day not in bio,and then so the left is saying like oh,well it's it's uh it's not fair it was,just parody bro no it wasn't and it was,always in the rules look the whole,purpose,of the blue check mark the verified,check mark was to tell people that you,are the person you say you are when you,then use that privilege to deliberately,mislead people and pretend you're,someone else you get suspended it's not,parody it's not comedy it's literally in,the terms of service and it's just so,funny because these these are the same,people,all these leftists that got banned,yesterday and by the way the best part,is,Ethan Klein wasn't even the first person,to make the joke he was like the 50th, to make the same stupid joke,change the profile picture to Elon Musk,and then say something heinous and he,got permanently suspended for 2.3,million followers dumb and and also let,me say this,I and you could tell that these people,like he immediately ran to uh the H3,podcast,Twitter account to angrily tweet about,it,these people are addicted to Twitter,terminally and this is the biggest cope,we've seen since the 2016 election,results night I mean,there is what what Ethan's going to try,to convince people of is that he meant,to do it that he was proving a point,that Elon doesn't allow comedy wrong,because when Ethan Klein was doing these,tweets last night,he didn't even bother to read the terms,of service and I'm going to explain it,all to you nice and clearly,either kind of banned on Twitter after,mocking Elon Musk over verification fast,go again desereto incorrect,Connor Bennett you are incorrect,following musk's post about parody,accounts being fine the H3 star started,impersonating the South African business,magnate the YouTube star made a number,of posts about horrible things let's,just say,um and then he would write let it be,known this is a parody account,um it doesn't actually work like that,though he reveled via revealed via the,H3 podcast again that he'd been banned,shortly after impersonation post comedy,is dead on Twitter and Elon Musk killed,it uh wrong,that's just not true it wasn't comedy,you were literally impersonating now a,lot of people say well what about count,dankula,well,I believe he's had several like kind of,viral and uh like impersonation times,but he was never impersonating someone,else on like it was just a fake person,until now recently when he did to Donald,Trump when he put impersonated Donald,Tr

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Ethan Klein got banned from twitter and tbh he deserved it

Ethan Klein got banned from twitter and tbh he deserved it

you know I would love people saying oh,Lou if you come back I would love to see,leafy come back and try to exist in the,landscape today like,the content that he was making would,never fly on YouTube today and you have,to adapt and overcome the fact that like,you can't even curse bro like like I,don't know well folks the day has,finally come Twitter has banned Ethan,Klein and if I look very happy by it,don't misread this as me supporting this,oh I would never support something as,horrible as Ethan Clyde getting banned,for asking for it on Twitter I mean,that's literally what happened right,Ethan Klein literally came out and was,like ban me Elon I dare you I'm gonna,violate a policy that you just said you,were gonna ban people for and see if it,actually happens all right now before we,get into this all right do I think Ethan,Klein is going to be banned forever no I,don't even think it's gonna last 24,hours I think he's gonna be back on,Twitter and obviously principally I am,for this you know I think everybody,should have a platform and all that,right but Ethan Klein just sucks,man I mean this guy I mean look we've,covered him for actual years at this,point right and what started as just,simple you know criticism simple just,hey you know he had a cringy take on the,podcast he said to this really weird,thing about you know how we should like,genocide Catholics or whatever but,whatever he's just an idiot you know it,doesn't matter right what what what,started as something so small and just,minute has escalated into Ethan Klein,just being like the like,horrible villain of the internet the guy,that just represents everything that's,just gone completely wrong with the,Internet today the guy that Champions,like every horrible take in the,book the guy that you never want to hear,an opinion from whatsoever I mean Ethan,Klein is just like he's just like,I'm just being honest you guys he's just,total okay I'm just gonna let you,guys know if y'all are new viewers,coming in here because it's like a,trending topic or whatever I don't like,this guy all right but this story is, funny so it starts from a,Twitter spat between Kathy Griffin and,Elon Musk so as you guys know Elon Musk,he's the new CEO he's the new daddy of,Twitter and uh you know a lot of people,been impersonating Elon Musk on Twitter,a lot of people who are verified have,been changing their name to Elon Musk,and their profile picture to Elon Musk,profile picture and just saying crazy, because all the check marks are mad,at Elon Musk because he's removing the,check mark as this sort of like,privileged item that you know only the,super Elite get now Elon is saying that,well just for eight dollars a month if,you pay for Twitter blue our,subscription service you can be verified,too you have just as much power as,celebrities journalists YouTubers,whatever companies you have the power he,wants to give the power to the people I,mean really he wants to just raise,prices for a subscription service but,you know it's a very interesting idea,personally I'm not really sure if that's,gonna work I think it's kind of gonna,make the site just you know a living,hell it's going to be chaos,um but it is funny to see the check,marks get mad and get upset at losing,something that most of them didn't even, earn like I agree Kathy Griffin,should probably be verified Ethan Klein,should probably be verified but a lot of,the people that are verified are just,cuts and they use it to go after you,they use their check mark and their,special status to like attack you,because they are granted special,privileges and and it'll be like,journalists with like 2 000 followers,it's like why the does Joe schmoe,at Wall Street times like why does he,get a check mark but you know,somebody like me who's a YouTuber for,instance but just not a big enough,YouTuber to get one why don't I get one,well now I do get to have one because of,Elon Musk so that's basically like the,you know the idea behind it so check,marks are mad that Elon is basically,making their social status worthless now,and so they're impersonating Elon and,saying crazy on their account to,sort of frame him you know so that,idiots see it they're like holy you,wanted such a loser you know making fun,of Elon basically right so prior to uh,today if you did this your account would,get restricted for violating a verified,account with your own verified account,that's against the rules right you would,get a restriction for that but now Elon,put his foot down on the table,he put his on the table and was,like going forward any Twitter handles,engaging in impersonation without,clearly specifying parity will be,permanently banned them all Elon,went scorched earthy said all right, the game's up all right you,guys are getting banned which kind of,goes against you know freedom of speech,and especially him saying stuff like oh,we need to make comedy legal again and,stuff like that you know it's like okay,well now you're going after one certain,form of Com

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Twitter is Dying

Twitter is Dying

I couldn't have been more wrong when,Elon Musk took over Twitter I was,convinced there really wasn't a lot he,could do to make it worse and he is,absolutely slapped me around here and,spit in my face letting me know that no,it always could get worse I already made,a video talking about it's eight dollars,a month for the check mark on Twitter,his verification his pay to win opinion,scheme where you can pay eight dollars a,month to have your check mark and you,get priority in the search and replies,and all that I already talked about that,at length the main thing the main,takeaway there is I just find that to be,really embarrassing to publicly display,that you pay for a service like Twitter,is more shameful than letting people,know that you pay for furry porn so I,just thought that would be a little Boy,Scout badge people would always point,and laugh at you for and that was the,worst thing about it I just thought it,was silly especially because you don't,even get an ad-free experience you're,paying eight dollars a month and he says,you only get half as many ads which is,just a fat L imagine paying a monthly,subscription and still getting ads yucky,but today Elon Musk actually made a much,more concerning announcement regarding,this new program where if you don't pay,eight dollars a month for Twitter if you,try and use Twitter for free as it's,always been you're basically Shadow,banned at least that's how it sounds,coming from his mouth your replies,aren't really going to be seen he says,verbatim you'll have to scroll far to,see unverified users which sounds like,going forward you'll need to cough up,eight dollars a month in order to have a,voice to anyone with their brain even,remotely functioning properly you'll,recognize this is the exact opposite of,free speech which he claims to Champion,for the platform but I'm just going to,publicly beg all Elon Musk meat Riders,to hop off his for just a few,seconds here put away your little,sausage fingers before writing your,comment about how upset you are that I,insulted your savior and just listen,just join me on a magic school bus ride,through this absolutely terrible idea,and why this is such a ,outrageous program so how do you prevent,the use of the end word we should be,able to figure out the software how to,moderate this and prevent that from,happening is that true or not what I'm,trying to achieve with this sort of,enabling everyone to be payment verified,with with Twitter blue is to try to get,as many people payment verified as,possible it's only eight bucks a month,um although for some people that were,complaining about that and these are,people who pay more with than that for,their latte I mean Elon was asked his,strategy for combating hate speech,racism anti-Semitism all that and he,brought up the payment subscription plan,as a way of fighting against it but I,wanted to highlight this part here where,he Compares this the price of a,Starbucks latte to the subscription plan,because he loves this one this is for,some reason like his Smoking Gun he's,already posted this dank meme about it,so this is pretty much his anime,signature finishing move this is his,Kamehameha he really thinks this is just,a Checkmate like ah so you'll pay eight,dollars for a Starbucks latte and it,only lasts you 30 minutes but you'll cry,about eight dollars a month for Twitter,and it lasts you 30 days curious so,you'll pay eight dollars for a drink and,it only lasts you a couple of minutes,but you're gonna go ahead and whine and,throw a temper tantrum for the same,price for having a voice on a ,platform,very interesting I'm not a Starbucks,enjoyer I don't like Starbucks I don't,go there maybe the drinks are overpriced,couldn't tell you but that's neither,here nor there this is just a like a,gotcha moment that a child would think,is clever like Mom Dad why won't you buy,me the new Call of Duty game we spend,more on groceries every week and this is,just a one-time purchase and some of,those groceries are so yucky like,broccoli and we're paying more for,that than Call of Duty so just get me,Call of Duty or back in the day when,streaming services first started popping,off oh streaming service to,is only six dollars a month that's less,than a single meal from Burger King it's,just so silly you're comparing things,that aren't even comparable you're,comparing food to a check mark on,Twitter like it's just it's so dumb I,also see a lot of people bastardizing,what Free Speech means in order to fit,their own personal image of Elon Musk as,the Messiah people are saying this is,just how how it's supposed to be,Twitter's like this big public bulletin,board where anyone can go up and post,something on it but now you can pay to,post something bigger on it on top of,those and I guess you're not like wrong,but why is that something that's good in,fact this is the exact thing people were,upset about before elon's takeover,talking about silencing their voice,where uh more powerful more wealth

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Ethan Klein NUKED From Twitter For Breaking The Rules, Media Lies To Smear Elon Musk

Ethan Klein NUKED From Twitter For Breaking The Rules, Media Lies To Smear Elon Musk

head over to, to check out our latest,song genocide support our work now onto,the show,here's a tweet from pop crave,pop crave's got 1.1 million followers,and they said Twitter suspends Ethan,Klein despite him following Elon musk's,stated guideline for Perry accounts that,is a lie that is absolutely not true,across the board all of these different,websites are lying about why uh these,people why Kathy Griffin and Ethan Klein,are being banned this is what I'm saying,I'm I'm I'm not NPR lied about that I,was listening report this morning on,that Ethan Klein banned after mocking,Elon Musk over verification Fiasco they,were banned because they changed their,images and names to Elon Musk without,putting parity in their name now here's,what pisses me off Elon gave them,special rules,why,so Milo got his verification removed,because he put BuzzFeed news reporter in,his profile malianopoulos and then he,was complaining about like why was,everyone's like well you put BuzzFeed,reporter they said you're not verified,then,the rules on Twitter are that you cannot,be verified and be parody,that's just always been that way Elon,decided to make special rules to allow,the left to do this so they could make,fun of him and they intentionally broke,the rules now maybe 40 chess he said I'm,gonna get him I'm gonna give them what,they ask for and they'll still reject it,he gave him warnings they rejected it so,these people don't want to be on the,platform they don't want to have their,accounts restored,these are these are these are people who,are engaged in outright,twit social media arson and the media is,lying on their behalf well they are yeah,there is there is definite lying going,on about this NPR was saying that people,were banned for having parity accounts,which was exactly untrue as well and uh,yeah do you think that musk just thought,that these people have him over a barrel,or something I mean he should clearly,not think that now that the platform is,growing so much but he knew that he's,he's got all the data he knows the he,knows the growth is happening and he's,he clearly doesn't care he's tweeting at,people eight dollars eight dollars of,the new learn to code right yeah he's,been doing that good man you know,there's that uh that that Viral Carl,popper I mean you ever see it where he's,like the little comic book and he's like,if you tolerate intolerance that,intolerance takes over,it's like okay,for you I will apply those standards but,for nobody else so if these people like,Ethan want to say it is good that people,are banned I'll say that when you're,banned so be it congratulations it's,what you asked for this is also a,difference in ideology towards the world,in general right so some people believe,in firm boundaries and Order and some,people believe in not feeding reactive,energy right and it's just two different,paradigms of approaching the same,problem and I've seen both things work,I've seen it to where if you put a firm,boundary it actually helps things and if,you don't have a boundary things go to,chaos but I've also seen it to where if,you forgive somebody and you say Hey you,know maybe get them to come around you,know maybe Ethan could come around like,like where where do you get to the point,that somebody see this even comes around,you don't but this is the problem with,this is that the dude has been involved,in so many high-profile cancellations,and advocated for so much yeah that when,you come into the conversation late,you're like maybe we can turn them,around it's like bro excuse me he's made,videos about me I never minded it but,the point is is that you know I can see,the gray area to any human being and,he's a very intelligent person and his,buddy Hassan's intelligent person,they're also very angry people I,disagree with most of what they say but,there their minds are sharp so they,might be able to see things a different,way it'd be amazing if you guys could,have more conversations see you're,filling in for Ian very very well here,so we've had this conversation way too,many times especially with Ian because,it's like no matter how many times an,evil person does something evil and,refuses an olive branch you know Ian is,always he's a good-hearted guy he's,always just like we got to give him a,chance and I'm like at a certain point,dude what would it take to get you guys,into the conversation you mean when I,invite them on the show consistently all,the time in good faith well they're,they're better and they use that to gain,followers and make up fake drama to make,it seem like I pulled some BS dude the,moment you tweeted them something nice,they use it for for views and they make,drama it's just out of the question I,think be an amazing conversation like do,you ever make it to L.A or they could,make it out here oh come on come on bro,like we've invited this guy on so many,times,I've invited Ethan I think once or twice,outright ignored Hassan actually agreed,and then privately dm'd and said

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Ethan Klein BANNED From Twitter For Impersonation!

Ethan Klein BANNED From Twitter For Impersonation!

Ethan really seems to have stepped in it,this time last night after Kathy Griffin,got banned for impersonating Elon Musk,the rest of Lefty Twitter thought it was,a wise decision to see how far they can,go while impersonating Elon and let's,just say it didn't end well you have,people borderline defaming him and,saying it was just a joke all while they,sport a verified check mark here is the,tick tock video Ethan posted after he,got banned,dear friends supporters and haters alike,I come to you this evening with terrible,news I've been permanently banned on,Twitter by the supposed Free Speech,Warrior Elon Musk after tweeting out,this innocent little joke even though,Jeffrey Epstein committed horrible,crimes I still do miss him on nights,like this for his warmth and camaraderie,rest in peace old friend yes it's true I,changed my name and profile picture to,Elon Musk but it very clearly says,parody in the description and the header,what more do you want from me,comedy is dead and Elon Musk dug the,grave,shame on you,Ethan you know you were asking for it,with a tweet like that you really,shouldn't be at all surprised and I love,how you're trying to act like you aren't,upset and it's just a joke to you but we,all know how terminally online you are,Ethan and I know for a fact that you're,internally beating yourself up for,partially screwing your business over,for a tweet was it worth it Ethan let's,take a look at another tweet he made,Tesla autopilot is only responsible for,six accidental deaths that sounds bad,but when compared to how many people die,from car accidents it's really not that,serious here's another people are going,to say the n-word on Twitter it's a,sacrifice I'm willing to make for free,speech like come on Hassan you were,basically asking for it and we all know,for a fact what you would advocate for,if the shoe was on the other foot you,are doing all of this with a verified,Twitter account it's not like you're,some Joe Schmo acting like he's Donald,Trump and he's just got unbanned please,retweet me Patriots you have millions of,followers and a verified check mark,That's a whole different story looking,to watch another video check out this,video here where I talk about how Taylor,Lorenz became the most hated journalist,alive

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Hila Got Banned On Twitter - After Dark #90

Hila Got Banned On Twitter - After Dark #90

oh,hey guys,hello everybody this is Ethan,you like that who's this I don't know I,don't know guys welcome to the show it's,November 18th it's so close to,Thanksgiving right,and we have so much to be thankful for,don't we folks most of all you all,watching at home who we love so well and,that's right Elon Musk who I'm just,thankful that,um you know he's a lot we're alive in,the same era as a great man like him,what an honor it is quite a it is quite,astonishing to see the da Vinci of the,Modern Age,me it's incredible actually it is kind,of a a,once in a lifetime thing to see what's,probably going to be the greatest,business failure in singular business,failure in human history perhaps I mean,and maybe even having something to do,with it,yeah I probably annoyed him a little bit,I don't know if I said I had something,to do with it but definitely annoyed him,you made a little dent in the decline,there yeah I declined the decline,anyway guys welcome to after dark we got,a great one planned here as usual lots,of fun to be had how's everybody doing,we don't have a ad today,we do have an ad today it's the teddy,fresh Black Friday sale,yeah guys this is the last week of Black,Friday and,it ass week so head on over to, up to 70 off wait it ends,next week yeah next week is Black Friday,yeah right it ends Friday Black Friday,is Friday so it ends at the end of the,weekend it ends Cyber Monday I think,okay,Cyber Monday yeah my rush mine day still,lots of goodies although quantities are,getting low so if you're looking for an,opportunity to get some fat discounts,which basically you know it's not gonna,be happening again here,uh, so go check it out thank,you guys for your support on that and,look at that,December 1st will be a new,oh show that oh that's crazy bro look at,this bedazzled ass that's kind of,everything isn't it,today this look for me is like I wish I,was amazing,I wish I was a musician but I'm gonna,wear it anyway it's the vibe and and,this is unisex right yeah and you have,the pants on as well yeah I'm wearing,small men's small so dope it came out so,good yeah love that there it is that's,coming out decem next month for the new,stuff you know how it is also quickly at,the top of the show here trading cards,have been going off the shelf folks uh,trading dot shop spelled weird,,100 of all the money earned goes to the,crew,um,the new pack here is just all kinds of,good stuff we've showed it but here,actually this These are nice pictures,um,yeah comes in these are great whose,finger is that who's where oh I think,that's um max that's Max yeah should we,take a close look I mean I was like well,manicured but interesting,I think he's,I think he's got nice hands,yeah they're good I wasn't criticizing,it's just like no isn't it just kind of,interesting that I could tell it's not,it's not one of us I knew it oh yeah you,know our hands yeah no I knew it too,isn't that weird like the complexion or,something it's just not right keep your,hands off my car,wow Jordan I'm so angry these days,anyway uh trading dot shop pick up the,pack,and support the crew 100 goes to them,thank you thank you to everybody who,ordered I guess I should say too that,the um the initial stock did sell out uh,the other day yesterday or something,um but the it's still available for,pre-order for the second wave of them,yeah you just won't get it before,Christmas but you'll get it you'll get,it you'll get it,yeah um also thank you to,thank you to uh uh Sean dub who says,free Ela which I agree with Ela has been,done so dirty do you want musk he's out,to get me bro yep next thing he's gonna,call me a pedo on Twitter or some ,shut the you know what I mean like,he did yeah you guys know what I'm,talking dirty thank you,um why Twitter is insane Twitter's a rap,he just got unbanned though Elon just,announced uh Jordan Peterson no longer,has to erase his uh insanely hateful and,inflammatory tweet towards Elliot I,didn't know that happened yeah he just,announced this part of England's new,thing well here let me pull up this,tweet he just put out um,oh one thing one other thing so see you,next Tuesday which is the members only,podcast is now live I'm doing a live,stream doing for members on Tuesday it's,super fun I did one last week it's up,now for members if you want to go back,and watch it but yeah members get a,live and extra live stream on Tuesday,it's great super fun for it after you,did it and it wasn't there I saw people,was I doing something wrong or it just,wasn't there well it's gonna be in the,live tab now this might have it's to do,with the confusion from YouTube I looked,even there I saw people saying that it,was very hard to find I don't know why,yeah I mean it's getting views it has,views so people figured it out but I've,I saw other people saying that,interesting why don't you watch it I,still haven't maybe we well there's a,members tab on the home yeah I know it,wasn't in that no,the video will be linked

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