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Sam Harris Deletes His Twitter Because Of Trump, Makes Eric Weinstein SADSam Harris has been getting

The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

Updated on Jan 20,2023

Sam Harris Deletes His Twitter Because Of Trump, Makes Eric Weinstein SAD

Sam Harris has been getting into fights,with all his old friends and apparently,decided he had enough of it yeah it's,kind of like when you break up with,somebody and you don't want to see them,out and about so you delete your social,media apps he's got to delete Twitter,because he if he sees you know his old,buddy Brett Weinstein tweeting then it's,it's gonna make him sad can't you just,mute or unfollow yeah,the temptation's too much to look up,their profile so here is uh Eric,Weinstein oh Eric yeah,uh uh tweeting out,oh my Sam Harris,is no longer on um,no longer on Twitter okay checked in,with Sam says Eric Weinstein he did it,himself oh I gotta admit my model,history needs a tune-up yeah Eric yeah,interesting I you know and you'll see,what he's going to be talking about but,um just,remember those words,I have to admit my model of many things,needs a tune-up now I can assure you,he's not going to do that tune-up we're,doing that tune-up he's he's gonna,perform the tune-up so it rebounds to,his credibility so you pay him more,money I haven't tuned up my model of,many things and I realize Sam was really,Disturbed and it was all on him I logged,quite a few hours in conversation with,Sam Harris org from 2016 to 2019 they,are not helping me to predict Sam in the,last couple of years I wouldn't have,guessed this for example I'm curious,about the other things he won't mention,it,uh things like,you know uh he doesn't have covet denial,um that maybe maybe did Sam Harris back,off at least promoting his anti-islam uh,stuff,um definitely been quieter on him I mean,you gotta think,if you thought that Islam was the,motherload of all bad ideas,that it has been in its Essence,problematic,you wouldn't give up on your Crusade,and I use that word uh exactly as it,sounds uh,um you wouldn't give up on your crusade,in the way that he seems to have like he,doesn't talk about it that much you know,what happened to Sam Harris was 2016,comes Donald Trump loses,Sam Harris is shocked that how much of,his audience was supportive of Donald,Trump,and then he's shocked at how much of his,audience was anti was like in covet,denial and then he's shocked at how much,of his audience was like anti-vaxx,and then he was shocked that Dave Rubin,ended up being just a right-wing grifter,and then he was shocked that Brett,Weinstein ended up being just more or,less a right-wing grifter,and then he was shocked,that Eric Weinstein really actually,would there wasn't I had no intellectual,integrity,just shocked by all these things this,guy I've shared a stage with,turns out he's a big charlatan yeah,really weird in fact everybody in the,IDW is as completely as decrepit as all,of my critics have been saying,surrounded by like in uh what's,that movie uh it's Spaceballs yeah,exactly,and he's shocked by all of it and he,basically says I'm going to leave,Twitter you know what kudos,good for you at least on some level you,realize like oh,I dug I dug myself in too great of a,hole I'm not gonna get out,I think it's time for me just to uh,meditate on my piles of money yes right,I'm gonna leave like these bed fellows,go find,and I'm gonna quit,he's gonna be in his 50s oh yeah oh sure,he's got to be around my house yeah,somebody's gonna call in to to you know,be some philosophicals and he'll find,something else he'll find something else,he'll show up somewhere I mean it's you,know Twitter's not his only uh place,uh it's funny how salty everyone around,him in the IDW is that we got this clip,of from Bad stats uh account on on uh,Twitter,um the bad stats posted this video of,Brett and just like the way first of all,it's the way Brett uses it as the,opportunity again to like,describe something he doesn't actually,do as if he does it uh well wait a,second I just want to say this too and,you should understand where Sam Harris,was in this ecosystem,because,Sam Harris,was the one who gave like Dave Rubin,intellectual credibility,Sam Harris was the one who gave a lot of,them their intellectual credibility and,their celebrity because Sam Harris,really built his uh project you know on,his meditation books,and his podcast is largely about,meditation and or at least in that,community and they also built like and,and he leveraged that,I'm a neuroscientist and a philosopher,and so I can write things like an,apology for,um for torture,and the people who it,resonates with will always be with me,and then I can write 14 different,addendums to my blog spot uh every every,other week on this same post to confuse,everybody as to what I really believe in,and sort of Escape ownership from what,I've written,he was a real important linchpin here,because if Sam Harris did not exist in,the IDW it would have been just like a,bunch of like right wing and sort of,disgruntled aggrieved people you know,Brett Weinstein's whole thing is like I,got a good fired in it I don't,even got fired I think he may have quit,like because my my job at this college,you know I I you know you had basically,a Jord

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The Nassim Taleb Twitter Incident

The Nassim Taleb Twitter Incident

for instance like like if you say,yeah it's it's,the fact that i'm not thinking when i,say that about,the,uh,uh i forget how you put it but the the,the difference between,uh,the local case and the imported case,right you know,by analogy you know opening the window,on the airplane um or just the fact that,you know that you you've got people here,who are paying taxes,to help build out local infrastructure,that some then some titan of industry is,going to leverage and globalize right,and you know that money is not coming,back to the people who are paying,attention to these games right the,totality of these games,is what got us very angry,at the clinton era people,yeah this is the the the the brad,delongs and paul krugman's and jagdish,bhagavatis and bill clinton's of the,world all these people,pushed out this idea,and we didn't know how to how to oppose,it,but what they were doing was allowing a,slice of our country to continue to,to grow its slices of the pie,but again it's it's just easy to,find the non-nefarious,not malignantly selfish,understanding of what happens,i'll give you another example which,which i think you is,you're totally familiar with but,will seem less sinister uh or at least,it seems so to me so you take what,happened to the music industry right so,it's like we have a,a breakthrough in technology we go from,vinyl to cds,and then i mean those you know we we,suffer those jewel cases for about a,decade and then,we get,mp3s,which opened the door to piracy of a,sort no one has anticipated and then we,managed to close down the piracy we have,the you know the itunes store and people,are but but because of this,this explosion of piracy and now the,prospect of of just you know,now it's all bits it's not atoms anymore,um,we have a just a,a fundamental devaluation of the product,right like the music,the music the value of the music has,basically gone to zero right because my,my using a copy of it is not it's not,taken away because of two things,and it's exhaustibility and,excludability right the idea is that if,i buy a vinyl record,one,my use of it will eventually wear down,the grooves as i used to do in the old,days and two my having the record means,that you don't have that copy yeah and,that the the per the unit cost is not,zero so i can't copy your record for,free yeah that is this issue about,private goods and services became public,goods and services and even the die-hard,economists who are free market have to,recognize that if something is,inexhaustible and inexcludable price,does not equal value and therefore it,cannot command its value,so that was clear to many of us just as,but i'm saying there's a non-nefarious,account of what happened there where,your itunes right your apple you open,itunes for the good of all right but you,you obviously want to make a profit,right this is a fantastic business,but,when if you're the musician right who,now who's now whose catalog is now worth,you know one-tenth of what it used to be,worth and now you're you have this sort,of,life change wasted on you where now the,only way for you to make ends meet is to,tour but you're you know 70 years old,and you you know you felt your turing,was behind you right,all of this looks awful but,again nobody was thinking about that guy,when they when these changes ,well,it's easy to see that most people,weren't thinking no one no one had bad,intentions toward that remember,information just wants to be free and,free like beer and all this nonsense,i thought that stuff was just,like moronic at the time okay and the,same thing with nafta,right the claim but not but again so so,what you,had in your sights was not you can't,i don't think you're you're you're the,wrong theory of mind if you think,everyone was aware of what you were,aware of and just had the the ethical,switch flipped in the other direction,the class,the economic class teaches public goods,in every econ 101 textbook,right,they also teach trade they have two,different names for what happens to,improve a society um,in terms of,uh how it's measured one,called pareto improvement which is that,everybody in the society is as good or,better off,and the other one called caldor hicks,which is some people get hurt some,people get helped but were you,to tax the winners to pay the losers,everyone could be pareto improved okay,when you ask these people in real time,why are you talking about a caldor hicks,improvement in pareto terms this is the,technical esoteric,conversation,why is your exoteric description of this,at odds with your esoteric,right this is pure straussian,cryptic ,they say well we can't really say that,and we hope that somebody it's not our,job it was this,wall of total nonsense and it wasn't,that this wasn't being said in real time,the number of people i'm sure you can,find the people at the conference,who were,i mean it's you know they have one way,of speaking,to the profession and one way of,speaking on the the objective of the new,york times this is one of t

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How to improve Twitter | Lex Fridman, Kimbal Musk, Eric Weinstein, and Liv Boeree

How to improve Twitter | Lex Fridman, Kimbal Musk, Eric Weinstein, and Liv Boeree

hello hello,is this thing working,long time listener first time caller I,don't think I've ever been this nervous,in my life I'm terrified of talking to,one person and then there's,more than five here,if you can invite people that would be,great but I'll just start talking I'm,there's so many things uh like both low,level and high level that I'm really,excited about Twitter just the speed of,innovation is super exciting,I as a podcast host,and I'm actually sitting in the podcast,Studio ironically enough right now,uh I I would love for Twitter to be to,become the best podcast listening app,because I think the best,uh conversations the best comments are,happening on Twitter one of the things,I've always missed about podcasts is,that you can't comment that YouTube is,pretty nice in that there's a comment,section but it's not as Lively as,as the the Twitter conversation Reddit,is also nice but it's a different style,it's more Community Based but I think,Twitter is This Global uh,basically a global conversation uh and,then podcast to me is a kind of,like the difference between spaces to me,spaces is fun and chaotic and then,podcast is intimacy you're sitting,across one person and you're just like,focused in on them and it's a lot less,terrifying uh but Lex uh can I can I,jump in there and comment a little,please save me Kimball yeah totally so,so I I've been playing with Twitter,spaces for the past year maybe a little,longer and,um you know I've never really been,called to do a podcast,uh but what I found was was uh Twitter,spaces is,first of all you get a feel for the live,audience it's really cool,um I think there's four or five thousand,people on this right now and that's just,cool like that that that,um there's something about the feeling,of the of the crowd being there you get,the you know instant reactions uh uh,that people can do,the the other thing that is recorded if,you choose to you choose to record it,and uh it's it what I've done I've done,everything from a free-for-all which is,a bit chaotic and I don't recommend that,but what what is really good is if you,if you just keep it between you and your,your uh the person you're interviewing,and then you have a third person that,can take questions from the audience uh,it's pretty powerful because you get you,get so many questions and I love the,Twitter users out there they're,wonderful sometimes they'll kind of go,on for a little bit or sometimes they,won't even ask a question that's where,the chaos comes in but if you um if you,if you can uh have a have a moderator,that kind of collects the questions,because oh yeah I think this will be,good speak for the person you know let,them know the handle you actually take,away the chaos and it's very very,similar to a podcast,yeah I'm actually recording this with a,camera currently and via the podcast,audio just to see like see what that,looks like if I can convert this into a,video afterwards,um so it's both audio and video,integrated I'm just playing with,different ideas here and and Twitter has,the video the live video component which,is currently separate from the Twitter,spaces and if those are integrated,that's really interesting because you,can then start doing twitch or YouTube,live type of stuff but do it on Twitter,yeah I think this could be video for,sure yeah just,um we'd all we're all in different,places the cool thing about audio is you,know it's a it's a lot less prep you,know you're obviously in a good Studio,but,um I'm sitting in my office not oh I'm,gonna be on video you might take a,little bit more time audio is so quick,and easy it there is something magical,about it,is there a way to uh if anyone has,questions uh Adam it'd be awesome if,we're oh there's like the comments thing,too,yeah absolutely Lex so on the bottom,right you'll already have 260 comments,you can click on those answer people's,questions I'm going to start bringing,people up slowly right one at a time,type of thing we got Kimball here glad,Kimball that you shared your insights,let's keep that going too and Jonna,you've joined as well so there's just,many many people that we can bring up,and there's the requests are going off,the hook at the moment so this is,fantastic Lex,um where would you like to start and,maybe Kimball how about you start is,there a question is there a topic that,you'd love to dive into with Lex or that,you'd like to ask them,well you know Lex I uh you and I have,actually never met but we've we've,talked about uh being you know you,interviewing me on your podcast and I I,generally try to stay stay out of the,podcast World Limelight just because my,brother takes up enough of that and you,know I've always I find myself a little,bit better being in the background who's,your brother,yeah exactly,but I would love your thoughts on,Twitter I'd love your thoughts on the,change that's happened,um uh if you don't mind I know you've,shared some of those already on your,tweets but tell us tell us how you feel,about thin

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Eric Weinstein on Elon Musk

Eric Weinstein on Elon Musk

let me ask a silly question but uh  we'll say it with a straight face,impossible so let me mention uh Elon Musk what are  your thoughts about he's more you're more on the  ,physics theory side of things he's more in  the physics engineering side of things in  ,terms of SpaceX efforts what do you think  of his efforts to uh get off this planet  ,well I think he's the other guy who's  semi-serious about getting off this planet  ,I think there are two of us who are semi-serious  about getting off the planet what do you think  ,about his methodology and yours when you look  at them don't and I don't want to be against  ,you because like I was so excited that like your  top video was Ray kurtzfile and then I did your  ,podcast and we had some chemistry so it zoomed  up yeah and I thought okay I'm going to beat Ray  ,kurzwa so just as I'm coming up on Ray Kurzweil  you're like and now Alex Friedman's special Elon  ,Musk and he blew me out of the water so I don't  want to be Petty about it I want to say that I  ,don't but I am yeah okay but here's the funny  part um he's not taking enough risk like he's  ,trying to get us to Mars imagine that he got us  to Mars the moon and we'll throw in Titan yeah  ,and nowhere good enough the diversification  level is too low now there's a compatibility  ,first of all I don't think  Elon is serious as about Mars  ,I think Elon is using Mars as a as a narrative as  a story to make the moon jealous to make them no  ,um I think he's using it as a story to organize  us to reacquaint ourselves with our need for space  ,our need to get off this planet it's a Concrete  thing he's shown that many people think that he's  ,shown that he's the most brilliant and capable  person on the planet I don't think that's what  ,he showed I think he showed that the rest  of us have forgotten our capabilities and  ,so he's like the only guy who has still kept the  faith and is like what's wrong with you people  ,so you think the lesson we should draw from Elon  Musk is there's a there's a capable person within  ,within a lot of us Elon makes sense to me in  what way he's doing what any sensible person  ,should do he's trying incredible things and he's  partially succeeding partially failing to try to  ,solve the obvious problems before duh yeah you  know but he comes up with things like uh you  ,know I got it we'll come up with a battery  company but batteries aren't sexy so we'll  ,make a car around it like great you know or um  any one of a number of things Elon is behaving  ,like a sane person and I view everyone else  is insane and my feeling is is that we really  ,have to get off this planet we have to get out  of this we have to get out of the neighborhood  ,to linger on a little bit do you think that's  a physics problem or an engineering problem  ,I think it's a cowardice problem I think that  we're afraid that we had 400 hitters of the  ,mind like Einstein and durac and that that era is  done and now we're just sort of copy editors so is  ,some of it money like if we become brave enough  to go outside the solar system can we afford to  ,financially well I think that that's  not really the issue the issue is,look what Elon did well he amassed a lot of money  and then he you know he plowed it back in and he  ,spun he spun the wheel and he made more money and  now he's got Fu money now the problem is is that  ,a lot of the people who have Fu money are not  people whose middle finger you ever want to  ,see I want to see elon's middle finger I want  to see what do you mean by that or like when  ,you say it I'm gonna do the biggest  disgusting whatever the he wants yeah  ,right you anything that gets in his  way that he can afford to push out of his way and  ,you're saying he's not actually even doing  that enough no I'm he's not going please I'm  ,gonna go elon's doing fine with his money I just  want him to enjoy himself have the most you know  ,Dionysus no but you're saying Mars is playing  it safe he doesn't know how to do anything else  ,he knows Rockets yeah and he might know some  Physics at a fundamental level yeah I it's I  ,guess okay just let me just go right back to you  how much physics do you really how much brilliant  ,breakthrough ideas on the physics side do you need  to get off this planet I don't know and I don't  ,know whether like in my most optimistic dream I  don't know whether my stuff gets us off the planet  ,but it's hope it's hoped that there's a more  fundamental theory that we can access that we  ,don't need um you know whose elegance and Beauty  will suggest that this is probably the way the  ,Universe goes like you have to say this weird  thing which is this I believe and this I believe  ,is a very dangerous statement but this I believe  I believe that my theory points the way now Elon  ,might or might not be able to access my theory  I don't know I don't know what he knows but keep  ,in mind why are we all so focused on Elon it's  really weird it's kind of creepy t

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Sam Harris and Brett Weinstein Twitter feud | Jamie Metzl and Lex Fridman

Sam Harris and Brett Weinstein Twitter feud | Jamie Metzl and Lex Fridman

i i don't know if you've gotten a chance,to see this i'd love to also mention,this um,twitter feud,between two other interesting people,which is uh brett weinstein and sam,harris or sam harris and others in,general,and uh it kind of breaks my heart,that these two people i listen to that,are very thoughtful about a bunch of,issues let's let's put covet aside,because people are very emotional about,this topic,i mean i think they're deeply,thoughtful and intelligent,whether you agree with them or not and i,always learn something from their,conversations and they are legitimately,or have been for long time friends,and it's a little bit heartbreaking to,me,to see that they basically don't talk in,private anymore,and there's occasional jabs on twitter,and um,i hope that changes i hope that changes,in general for kovid that kovy brought,out the the i would say,the most emotional sides of people the,worst in people,and,i think there hasn't been enough,love and empathy and compassion and to,see,two people from whom i've learned a lot,whether it's eric weinstein brett,weinstein sam harris you can criticize,them as much as you want their ideas as,much as you want but if if you're not,sufficiently open-minded,to admit that you have a lot to learn,from their conversations,i think you're not,being honest and so i i do hope they,have those conversations and i hope we,can kind of i think there's a lot of,repairing to be done post covid yeah,of of relationships,of conversations and i think,empathy and love can help a lot there,and this is also just a,i i talked to,uh sam privately but this is also a,public call out to,to put a little bit more,uh,love in the world um,yeah and and for these difficult,conversations,to,to happen,because um,brett weinstein,could be very wrong,about a bunch of topics here around,covid,but he could also be right and the only,way to find out is to have those,conversations,because there's a lot of people,listening to both sam harris and brett,weinstein,and uh if you go into these uh silos,where uh you just keep telling each,other,the,uh,that you are the possessors of truth and,nobody else is the possessor of truth,what starts happening is,you both lose,track or the capability of arriving at,the truth because nobody's in the,possession of the truth,so anyway it's just the call out that we,should have a little bit more,conversation a little bit more like,totally agree and and both of those guys,are guys who i uh who i respect and as,you know uh brett and again as i,mentioned they're just a handful of us,um who were the early people raising,questions about about the origin that's,right he was pandemic right he was there,also talking yeah so people have heard,him speak quite a bit about antiviral,drugs and all that kind of stuff but he,was also,raising concerns about lab leak early on,yeah exactly and so but i completely,agree with you,that,we don't have to agree with everybody,but it's great to have healthy,conversations that's how how we grow and,absolutely,um we live in in a world where we're,kind of if we're not careful pushed into,these little information pockets and,certainly on social media i have,different parts of my of my life one is,focusing on issues of um of covert,origins and then i have genetics and,biotechnology and then i have which,maybe we'll talk about later one shared,world which is about how do we build a,safer,future and when i say critical things,like,the chinese government we have to demand,a full investigation into pandemic,origins this is an outrage then it's,really popular when i say let's build a,better future for everyone in peace and,love it's like wow three people liked it,and one was one was my mother and so i,just feel like,we need to build we used to have that,connectivity just built in,um because we had these town squares and,and you couldn't get away from them now,we can get away from them so the i so,engaging with people who have a,different background is really essential,i mean i'm on,fox news,sometimes you know three four times a,week and i wouldn't in my normal life,i'm not watching that much of,fox news or even television more more,generally,but i just feel like if i just speak to,people who are,very similar to me it'll be comfortable,um but what what have i contributed so i,think we really have to have those those,kinds of of conversations and and,recognize that at the end of the day,most people,want to be happy they want to live in a,better world they maybe have different,paths to get there,but if we just break into,camps that don't even connect with each,other that's a much more dangerous world,you

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The Rise and Fall of Eric Weinstein (feat. Joe Rogan)

The Rise and Fall of Eric Weinstein (feat. Joe Rogan)

eric ross weinstein is the managing,director of peter thiel's personal,investment firm and graduated from,harward with a phd in mathematical,physics,quite impressive but hardly specially,enough to appear on my glorious channel,or so it seems,eric caught the public's eye on various,guest appearances and then used his,brother brad as a gateway to jump-start,his career and joe rogan turned out to,become the alpha and the omega of eric,weinstein,even though eric aligned himself on the,left at first joe quickly noticed that,this guy is his favorite type of guest,sure he acknowledged oppression of,intersex people perceived trump as in,immediate danger,but eric was also kind of fed up with,the modern regressive left,and accordingly resorted to standard,liberal centers straw many talking,points,i don't think that activism,makes for good,advancement,is this new thing which is that all,imbalances are all structural oppression,i have more in common with a country,club republican,than somebody who's got a bike lock,who's looking for trouble in a street,demonstration trying to smash up a,starbucks however being discount jordan,peterson barely makes for an interesting,persona which is why eric's amazing,intelligence became his unique selling,point,even though he had no clue what eric was,saying rogan was captivated by his,expertise and gargantuan vocabulary,about all the magic the natural sciences,have to offer,hopf,what the am i looking at you are,looking at the most important object in,the universe what,if we could bring up the um,wiring diagram,or adjacency matrix yeah let's see how,wearing that,that is a complete map of the 300,neurons in the c elegans worm that is a,map of the mind of the worm,wow,what the am i looking at,i love when you say that,that is so wild yeah now you might ask,huh,presenting 49 dimensional models to bro,jogen,entitles you to be the idw's ultimate,egghead,well you underestimated eric's genius,he has discovered,portals no i really think in many ways,i've left this planet i think that,there's a way in which i've checked out,if i'm in a stimulating conversation i'm,very present if i'm in an unstimulating,conversation i have to make my own fun,at times i'll just make up a story and,see how it flies when i was a kid i read,all of these stories and i called it the,portal story and it was always the same,somebody is trapped in a humdrum,existence in an ordinary world they're,sort of they're around normies they find,the portal and the portal becomes the,call to adventure and they spend time in,the alternate universe luckily eric,found a way to let us ordinary beings,take the red,enter the portal,a podcast in which she hosted a wide,range of guests from your basic go-to to,actual geniuses,unfortunately as time went on the portal,drifted more and more into the territory,of conspiracy theories a cornerstone,being episode 25 in which eric describes,a meeting with jeffrey epstein,what i'm going to say about jeffrey,epstein is that if the official story,isn't true and that in fact he was an,intelligence community construct either,u.s or foreign,then he was a very poor intelligence,construct he was not well constructed,you,drew up this person whoever you may be,and you made a mistake i went to see him,on 71st street across from the frick,museum,i sat in the chair for a while and i,noticed that there was a large,mechanical piece of art and i believe,that it had some electronics to it after,a while sitting in my chair my,recollection is that i went up to this,art object and i started trying to,inspect it i suddenly thought that i saw,something like a lipstick camera my,first thought was holy cow i've,discovered that there's a hidden camera,that has,been trained on me while i've been in,this room but my second thought was,exactly the reverse of this the object,that it was buried in attracts attention,and it must be that people who look at,this object invariably find the camera,and then i started asking myself am i,supposed to find the camera is this a,test,is is this person trying to make sure,i'm comfortable with being under,surveillance eric's weird perception of,the epstein incident is illustrative of,his mindset,nothing is what it seems you can't trust,anything or anyone unless you wake up,and enter the portal if you look at a,wall,how do you know that the wall doesn't,have a door how do you know that there's,a panic room behind the bookcase if you,just pull out the right book,we are we learn to stop looking for the,portal eric admits this obsession and,actually seems cutely misguided but,jeffrey epstein was not an actor,and i know there isn't a panic room in,my house i have spatial awareness and i,can read a floor plan what is more,eric's conspiracy stories all too often,paint him and his idw lot,as victims of the elites the,institutions and the tech giants a great,example for the persecution complex is,eric's claim that the term fake news was,artificially created and propagated in,the mainstream media as

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Eric Weinstein on Sam Harris leaving the IDW | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips

Eric Weinstein on Sam Harris leaving the IDW | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips

this is where friendship comes into play,with the different figures that,are loosely associated with idw is you,are somehow,uh responsible for,you know the the exactly thing that you,said did you hear what,i don't know i forgive the dame oh who,what sam harris said about,idw yeah uh that that kind of thing is,why chuckled lovingly or,chuckle like or i was angry at some,people,who had said things that caused sam to,say what sam said about,turning his imaginary club membership,into the idw,people said very silly things and,you know i think that there is just this,confusion that,um integrity means calling out your,friends,in in in front of the world right and,you know i've been pretty clear about,this,i try to choose my friends carefully and,if you would like to recuse me,because i'm not a source of reliable,information people that i know and love,the most,um maybe that's reasonable for you maybe,you'd prefer somebody who was willing to,throw a friend under the bus at the,first sign of trouble,by all means exit my feed you don't have,to subscribe to me if that's,if that's your concept of integrity,you're barking up the wrong tree what i,will say is that i knew these people,well enough to know that they're all,flawed,thank you for the call back and uh but,the issue is,that um i love people who are flawed,and i love people who have to earn a,living,even if you call them a grifter and i,love people who,you know like the fact that donald trump,didn't get us into new wars even if you,call them alt-right,i love the fact that some people believe,in,structural oppression and want to fight,it even if they're not woke,because they don't believe that,structural oppression is hiding,everywhere,i care and love different people in,different ways and i just,i think that you know the overarching,thing lacks that we're not getting at is,that,we were sold a bill of goods that you,can go through life,like an eliza program with,pre-programmed,responses well it's what about ism,it's both scientism it's all right,it's the loony left it's campus madness,you know it's like,okay why don't you just empty the entire,goddamn,magazine all,of those pre-recorded,snips now that you've done,all of that now we can have a,conversation,your son put it really well which is we,should in all things resist labels,but we can't deal without labels we have,to generalize,but we also have to keep in mind that,just the way in science you deal with an,effective theory that isn't a,fundamental one,in science most of our theories we,consider to be effective theories,if i generalize about about europe,about women about,you know christians those things,have to be understood to mean something,and not,to have their definitions extend so,broadly that they mean,nothing at all nor,that they're so rigid that their claims,that clearly won't bear scrutiny,you

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Lue Elizondo Briefs Eric Weinstein on UFOs ūüõł

Lue Elizondo Briefs Eric Weinstein on UFOs ūüõł

on September 29 2022 social commentator,and mathematician Eric Weinstein,revealed that he got a UFO briefing from,Luis Elizondo here is a picture and the,Tweet ree thought I'd get some help,trying to figure out what the heck is,actually going on thanks Lou and on,October 12th we got some insights from,him on his Twitter account about what he,learned from the briefing,let's dig into those tweets here's the,Tweet by Drew which let Eric,to start talking about UAP now Eric says,he can't really reveal anything specific,about his conversation with Elizondo but,in reality as we go through his comments,at least in a in a non-specific way we,do get some insight into what he was,told now now Drew starts off with their,Eric Weinstein can you please share what,you learned from hanging out with Luis,Elizondo sincerely Humanity,Eric says I decline my private,conversations are treated by me as,private and there are potentially,serious security implications I may be a,fierce critic of government malfeasance,corruption and gaslighting but I'm also,team United States if that's confusing I,can't help much lightly salted rights do,you find the topic worth pursuing Eric,responds it's infuriating but I don't,feel I have a choice I would love to,stop smoking mirrors are everywhere and,the answer is hidden in a National,Security fund house that is no fun at,all but we have zero Choice here given,what is claimed and what is at stake,thanks regarding what's at stake here's,a tweet from Eric Weinstein from June,9th of 2022 that I think gets at the,heart of what he perceives is at stake,um,considering how the UFO topic has been,treated,from our,government,our military,and and even our media,over the past 1700 days or so he writes,it is now time to inform us all it is,either an elaborate U.S government psyop,hoax or something of incomparable,significance it's not swamp gas anymore,it's not mylar balloons and a few people,desperate to get on television but it is,definitely time to end the soft language,it's big now this tweet by Weinstein is,rather significant it,implicates that he knows of a time frame,regarding when we'll get more,information,presumably he got that during his,discussion with Elizondo but I as I,recall Weinstein has spoken to other,insiders in the past that were trying to,get in contact with him regarding what,is allegedly,coming down the pipe that will change,the world,Edmund writes,based on what you know can you speculate,a time frame for further disclosure,either from individuals or government,Eric responds not yet publicly in that,same light Ariel Elizabeth writes do you,believe something world changing will,happen within your lifetime Eric,responds you aren't going to have to,wait that long yakman writes regarding,his meeting with Elizondo did you find,it useful Eric responds quite agent Nan,writes do you feel more or less,optimistic that the public will anytime,soon have a clearer idea what is going,on,eg a genuine something versus psyop to,which Eric responds I want this to,happen but it has to be done by the book,I'm trying I don't know if Eric's been,told about upcoming hearings but I think,that he has,in this tweet gives me the impression,although I can't know with any degree of,certainty that he leans toward this not,being a psyop but instead being a,revelation about non-human technology,that has been insulated from from the,public that's going to come out now,regarding the proposition for further,hearings,after we go over a few more of his,tweets we'll go deeper into that because,a Christopher sharp of Liberation times,actually published an amazing article,on that very subject Veron writes do you,consider that you might be part of the,gas lighting to which Eric responds one,billion trillion percent,you should worry about this too I'm,positive I'm being used completely Peter,Venkman writes Eric we are just tired of,the infinite circle jerk there are,people with answers and those answers,need to be made public Eric responds,with you on this that's the Crux of the,matter the New York Times article that,started this whole thing came out 1800,days ago,and let me just impart a little common,sense to my skeptical friends at least,it's common sense to me,you may disagree,if it was really the case,that the Pentagon,only had low information Zone value data,on UAP,I don't think they would have allowed,this to persist as long as they have I I,don't think they would have not had a,method,to have squash this,considering the stakes,considering how,it,promotes the idea,that we've been lied to for decades on,UFOs,and Pilots are potentially seeing,non-human technology like why would you,why would you even,be okay with allowing that to,percolate within the Zeitgeist now some,people would say well Josiah we're,trying to we're trying to,fool the Russians to thinking we have,much better technology than we do okay,maybe but that's pretty cockamami too,no I think that's the problem the,problem is,they have the High Fidelity data,t

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