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AG Garland Moves To Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrantsince I became attorney general I have,made clea


Updated on Jan 13,2023

AG Garland Moves To Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant

since I became attorney general I have,made clear that the Department of,Justice will speak through its court,filings and its work,just now the justice department has,filed a motion in the southern district,of Florida to unseal a search warrant,and property receipt relating to a court,approved search that the FBI conducted,earlier this week,that search was a premises located in,Florida belonging to the former,president,the department did not make any public,statements on the day of the search,the former president publicly confirmed,the search that evening as is his right,copies of both the warrant and the FBI,property receipt were provided on the,day of the search to the former,president's Council who is on site,during the search,the search warrant was authorized by a,federal court upon the required finding,of probable cause,the property receipt is a document that,Federal Law requires law enforcement,agents to leave with the property owner,the department filed the motion to make,public the warrant and receipt in light,of the former president's public,confirmation of the search,the surrounding circumstances and the,substantial public interest in this,matter,faithful adherence to the rule of law is,the Bedrock principle of the justice,department and of our democracy,upholding the rule of law means applying,the law evenly without fear or favor,under my watch that is precisely what,the justice department is doing,all Americans are tight entitled to the,even-handed application of the law,to do process of the law and to the,presumption of innocence,much of our work is by necessity,conducted out of the public eye,we do that to protect the constitutional,rights of all Americans and to protect,the Integrity of our investigations,federal law,standing department rules and our,ethical obligations prevent me from,providing further details as to the,basis of the search at this time,there are however certain points I want,you to know,first I personally approved the decision,to seek a search warrant in this matter,second the department does not take such,a decision lightly,where possible in a standard practice to,seek less intrusive means as an,alternative to a search and to narrowly,scope any search that is undertaken,third,let me address recent unfounded attacks,on the professionalism of the FBI and,justice department agents and,prosecutors,I will not stand by silently when their,integrity is unfairly attacked,the men and women of the FBI and the,justice department are dedicated,patriotic public servants,every day they protect the American,people from violent crime terrorism and,other threats to their safety while,safeguarding our civil rights,they do so at Great personal sacrifice,and risk to themselves,I am honored to work alongside them,this is all I can say right now,more information will be made available,in the appropriate way and at the,appropriate time,thank you,foreign,thank you all for your questions but as,I said this is all I can say at this,time

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Garland Could Be Creating 'Biggest Failure Of An Attorney General In American History' Expert Says

Garland Could Be Creating 'Biggest Failure Of An Attorney General In American History' Expert Says

we are awaiting the members of the,select committee on january 6th who just,minutes from now will be gathering for a,special meeting they are voting tonight,on a measure to refer criminal charges,for two of donald trump's former,advisors trump's social media manager,and adviser dan scavino and his trade,secretary peter navarro both witnesses,violated their subpoenas by refusing to,turn over documents or sit for,depositions and both were deeply,involved in the scheme to subvert the,results of a democratic election and,pull off the first american coup,in the 34-page contempt report the,committee says scovino was likely with,trump on january 5th and 6th and they,say they have reason to believe he may,have had advanced warning about the,potential for violence separately we,know navarro worked with alt-right,extremists and former trump adviser,steve bannon on a plot he called the,green bay sweep to delay certification,of the vote and navarro has explicitly,said that trump was on board with that,strategy,separately the washington post reports,that the committee now wants to,interview ginny thomas the wife of,supreme court justice clarence thomas,their scrutiny stems from the explosive,and frankly bizarre seemingly q and on,fuel text messages that jimmy thomas,exchanged with trump chief of staff mark,meadows in which he encouraged him to,overturn the 2020 election this comes,after the committee today scored a,significant victory in court against,trump lawyer and insurrection memo,author john eastman who tried and failed,to weasel out of a subpoena for,documents more explosive however is that,the judge in that case said that trump,probably committed a felony,when he tried to stop congress from,certifying the vote for joe biden in his,sweeping and historic 44-page ruling,against eastman today u.s district court,judge david carter wrote based on the,evidence the court finds it more likely,than not that trump corruptly attempted,to obstruct the joint session of,congress on january 6 2021 with me now,joyce vance professor at the university,of alabama school of law and a former,u.s attorney emily mustal justice,correspondent for the nation and peter,strzok former fbi counterintelligence,agent thank you all for being here joyce,i'm going right to you i am reading,through this 44-page ruling and even,just as a layperson,it's pretty jaw-dropping um the the,walk-through that the judge at the,federal judge um carter takes us through,what happened and this seemingly very,specific plot,between eastman um and members of,congress and it seemingly coordinated,through the president your thoughts on,that ruling,so the judge lays out the evidence for,criminality between trump and eastman in,very much the way that i'm used to doing,as a federal prosecutor in a document we,call a prosecutive memo that folks in,the u.s attorney's office sit around and,take a look at to decide whether there,is sufficient evidence to indict and in,this case the evidence is laid out in a,very compelling and linear fashion the,judge considers the evidence,of trump's intent which joy you and i,have talked about a lot because that's,an important and hard to prove issue and,concludes that it's there but but,there's one important caveat,this judge is looking at the evidence in,a civil case context which means he only,had to decide it was more likely than,not that the former president and john,eastman were engaged in criminal conduct,and of course the burden of proof in a,criminal case is much heavier it's proof,beyond a reasonable doubt,yeah and let me read this is a number,four for my wonderful producers and this,is what was written in as part of this,um eastman and trump per the judge,launched a campaign to overturn the,democratic election an action,unprecedented in american history their,campaign was not confined to the ivory,tower it was a coup in search of a legal,theory if eastman and trump's plan had,worked it would have permanently ended,the peaceful transfer of power,undermining american democracy,and the constitution and ellie as we're,starting to get pieces of this story,it seems that there were some members of,the united states senate and the wife of,a supreme court justice who both seemed,to be on the same page and have the same,legal theories legal theories i'll put,in scare quotes and be operating almost,as if i mean they were playing from the,same playbook for that's for sure jenny,thomas who seemed very determined that,uh the vice president of the united,states act overturned the election and,uh ted cruz who there's an extensive,story about him in the washington post,about his seeming complicity your,thoughts,joy,shh,we don't want to wake merrick garland,okay we have to be careful to protect,him from having to wake up and do his,job i mean look to be honest uh joyce,was just talking about what she would do,as a prosecutor's office and quite,frankly a prosecutor would be great it'd,be great if we had one in america who,was willing to prosecute

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Garland’s Message To Trump Was ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ Says Weissmann

Garland’s Message To Trump Was ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ Says Weissmann

yesterday when there were a lot of,debates going on including on this,program about uh the calls for,transparency some of us said you know,what that there shouldn't be any,additional transparency the doj has a,policy the policy is you do not speak,about ongoing investigations recalling,that james comey violated that policy,and it didn't do anybody any good you,yesterday came out and said yes it's,true there is a policy but the fact that,donald trump revealed the existence of,this search,maybe could let merrick garland off the,hook and open up some space for him to,speak at a time when transparency would,be good for the country talk a little,bit about whether you about the wisdom,of this move in your view because he did,basically what you advised uh not in,some detail you didn't go to that much,detail but the general principle here,was what you were what you were,advocating yesterday,well i won't give myself that much,credit because i you know i think um,that,merrick garland,did,certainly as,barbs,dad take advantage of the fact that um,it was the target of the search that,actually made this public um so that did,give him that leeway but then he did,something very smart which is he said,look we speak through court filings and,we the justice department are perfectly,happy to and are moving to unseal it and,that actually was quite a brilliant move,because it basically says to donald,trump put up or shut up you know you say,that there's wrongdoing here well you,know what do you want the american,public to see,um what we filed or not and they gave,them an opportunity they gave them the,motion that was filed um so he now has,an opportunity in the balls in his court,to object,and to keep from the public,what it is that happened so i think that,was a really smart move and it also is,consistent with general department of,justice policy which is um it will be,that filing that actually does the bulk,of the speaking i do think there are a,couple things that mark garland said,that if you listen very carefully were,sort of his subtle ways of pushing back,on things he did make reference to the,fact that before they issued the search,warrant it's typical to try lesser means,which is confirmatory of the reporting,that they had tried to do this by,subpoena um and that this was sort of a,last effort that they were forced into,um by uh donald trump's actions so i,suspect we're gonna um with that,affidavit we're gonna that's unsealed,we'll learn more about it yeah and the,other thing that i thought was,interesting was that he talked about the,fact that donald trump's attorney was on,the premises right um and that is a way,of sort of cutting back on the idea that,there was somehow planting of evidence,and you know that i always viewed as,donald trump knows just how bad this,situation is because he knows what he,had there and you know one of the,defenses could be like i'd say i didn't,have it the fbi put it there well this,is merrick ireland saying you know your,lawyer was present so knock it off um,in obviously a much more,much better way than i am saying right,much more much much less cable tv way in,a much more garland way andrew i want to,stick with you because i do want to,unpack this a little bit you say you,said a tweet um as soon as this came out,and you made the point you made a second,ago they called trump's bluff for people,who don't understand the process is that,the department has asked the court to,unseal just step by step here now it is,up to donald trump in a court filing,either to object or consent correct,that's what you mean by calling his,bluff he can either basically now say,fine i'll show,i'm happy to have this out there in the,public because so everyone can see how,terrible it is or he can object and if,he objects it's then him the former,president who's keeping transparency,from happening that's really the,argument here and that's what the bluff,calling is that you're pointing out,absolutely that's right um so you know,for for non-lawyers that's exactly right,it is the court,that issued the uh warrant and the court,has in front of it uh the warrant the,underlying affidavit that's really the,key which is all of the evidence and,every the whole story about what,happened that was submitted that should,be an fbi agent saying what happened,under oath and the return that is what,was found uh in the search,um and the court can unseal all of that,and so what merrick garland said is that,they filed a motion with the court to,unseal all of those things right um but,obviously,the former president has standing to be,heard as to whether he thinks that's,appropriate or not i do think it puts,the former president in a really tough,position if he wants to object to it,after you know you know raising sturm,and drawing about um you know all of the,wrongdoing when it's now the department,that wants to be transparent about what,happened here but now the next step that,we will hear is probably the court,setting a deadline,for,u

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[Futurist] Eric Garland

[Futurist] Eric Garland

today I'm going to talk to you about the,competitive future and a very humble,goal how can you win and really how we,can focus on not only success but shared,success,I just got to tell you this story real,quick about nations getting in debt I,just love this so much because because,I'm from a cold place full of very hard,work I'll citroen people back at the at,the financial crisis the people of,Iceland you know generally you think if,you think of Icelanders you think of,iron not not completely crazy passionate,people maybe the Italians might fit that,of the Spanish might be completely,terrible with money now the ice lenders,went insane they got to 1,000 percent of,GDP in their national debt they sold and,bought real estate back and forth people,bought luxury car dealerships they took,out loans and other people's currencies,i'll pay you back in yen next week,whatever I have a Porsche they really,they went cuckoo and then the bill came,to and they absolutely could not pay,back the UK and and the Netherlands said,we're going to put you on a very tight,budget here if you don't do this you're,never going to get bum bum and this,tension went back and forth and how many,people from Minnesota I saw a lot of,your stickers so there's some Viking,blood in the room this is really what,one of the guys from their government,said came out and said we are not paying,back these debts we are the sons and,daughters of the Vikings you want your,money you come here like a man and I'll,put an axe in your head I read that the,New York Times you can google that band,I said I have I have never had as much,respect for people as I have right now,they said we're done you can cut us off,you want to want your nukes come get us,that's fine nucca see what the world,does you and you know what the Brits and,the Dutch and everyone who owed the,money they're like we'll be back to you,fine,I speak with members of baby boom,generation and many of them are,disappointed that the future has not,fulfilled this promise I get things like,hey you mr. future is mr. future man,where's my rocket back there a little,anger about this but do you know what,the future is it's not flying cars and,it's not rocket packs and it's not meals,until the future is about aging,populations clean water and kool the,future isn't learning to provide health,to our citizens without going bankrupt,in making ecological sustainability,profitable for industry in healing the,burgeoning rich-poor gap around the,world managing global economies,preparing for disruptive technologies,and no small task creating peace on,earth

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Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter's ban on Donald Trump

Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter's ban on Donald Trump

elon musk says he would reverse,twitter's permanent ban on former,president trump musk said the ban was a,morally bad decision and foolish twitter,banned trump's account following the,january 6 attack on the capitol after,officials accused him of inciting,violence this all comes after musk,reached a deal to buy the social media,platform for 44 billion dollars for more,i want to bring in sarah fryer she is a,big tech team leader at bloomberg sarah,welcome what reasons does elon musk give,for restoring donald trump's twitter,account,well assuming he does eventually take,control of twitter which is a long way,off he says that he does not believe,that permanent bands of accounts are are,reasonable or necessary or even,um useful for for keeping bad content,off of twitter now remember when donald,trump was banned from twitter it was,because of his help inciting violence,around the january six riots and um you,know perhaps time has passed enough that,that that permaband is no longer,necessary according to elon musk and,musk points out that jack dorsey the,former ceo who was ceo at the time of,the band is also in favor of that,position and are there any indications,how likely is it that former president,trump would actually return to the,social media site if he did return how,might that affect his new platform truth,social,well trump has said for his part that he,plans to remain on true social and has,no interest in coming back to twitter,but you know that is where his fan base,is um they are they are,people who followed his every word on,twitter for years and years and and this,is something he might need to do if he,if he has sights on future political,runs so,i i don't think that if you were allowed,back on twitter that he would stay away,for very long though you're right that,it would definitely risk the success of,truth social but in the past a lot of,the the sort of right-leaning social,media outlets,such as gab and parlor have not fared,very well because without uh people,across the political spectrum to debate,there's not a whole lot of reason to to,be on a social network if everyone,believes the same thing you do,interesting well the former ceo of,twitter jack dorsey has come out saying,that he agrees with elon musk that,permanent bans are wrong so what,precedent could that set for other,social media platforms,well i think that,that at youtube at facebook on instagram,they have to reevaluate these rules all,the time does it make sense to ban,someone permanently what are the risks,of bringing them back and this is not,just about donald trump this is about,every user um they have,you know in the in the beginning they,had no intentions of creating a,permanent ban but ended up having to do,so after seeing sort of repeat offenders,people who were breaking the same rules,over and over and over and if you bring,them back to the platform you know,where's the incentive to behave in a,differently so i think that that the the,social media rules have,have been and will continue to be very,fluid and updated by whatever happens in,recent events,and that is very confusing if you're a,user of a social media platform and,that's what leads us to these these,concerns about you know are these,platforms censoring users are they um,adjusting their policies given some sort,of political leaning well,you know there isn't it there's a lot of,human implementation of these policies a,lot of it is done algorithmically and i,think that that's another thing elon,musk wants to change he wants to make,the actual algorithms that govern,twitter a lot more transparent so people,understand what is happening,to their content,so many people watching closely to see,what his plans might in fact be for that,platform sarah fryer sarah thank you,very much

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Nancy Pelosi Talks Trump FBI Raid, Taiwan Trip, Midterm Elections

Nancy Pelosi Talks Trump FBI Raid, Taiwan Trip, Midterm Elections

meanwhile members of the household,returned to washington this week to take,up that sweeping economic and climate,pill just passed along party lines in,the senate it is one of many issues on,the plate of house speaker nancy pelosi,of course she's also been in the,headlines recently for her trip to,taiwan she met with its president and,voiced ironclad support for the island,nation's democracy the white house,publicly backed the speaker's right to,make that visit but the president made,clear top military officials did not,believe it was wise to do so at this,time and in the aftermath china has,responded aggressively escalating,military action in the region and,stoking fears of a confrontation so we,have a lot to discuss this morning with,speaker pelosi who is joining us for her,first interview since returning to,washington speaker pelosi good morning,it's good to have you with us this,morning,my pleasure good morning well let's,start with the news uh breaking news the,fbi carrying out that surprise,warrant a search of mar-a-lago the,former president's home looking for,evidence,what do you make of that search how,significant does this strike you to be,well i i as others learned on my phone,that that had happened so i don't know,very much about it,but again i'm sure that information will,be revealed and when it does we'll find,out what they were looking for it seems,to have something to do with,presidential documents but i really am,not in a position to talk about it,because all i know is what's in the,public domain does it strike you as a,pretty serious step for the justice,department to take,yes i think it does i i was questioning,it because all i saw on my phone was,that,donald trump said that the uh,the,visit took place and described it in,pretty harsh terms it would be,interesting to find out exactly,what the warrant was in order to have,what what the order was to have a search,warrant and for what purpose but again,we can only speculate,and before we leave it i just want to,mention house republican leader your,counterpart kevin mccarthy put out a,statement responding to the search and,he said in part when republicans take,back the house we will conduct immediate,oversight of this justice department,attorney general garland preserve your,documents and clear your calendar do you,have a response,well first of all i think the democrats,are going to win the house we've been,prepared for it,for a long time and now with what wrote,what's happening with roe v wade and,the legislation that we are passing i,think that uh,whatever,the leader is saying is probably idle,but nonetheless uh we believe in the,rule of law,and that's what our country is about and,no person is above the law not even the,president of the united states not even,a former president of the united states,let's turn now to your visit to taiwan,you made history you were the first,speaker to visit and i guess more than a,generation 25 years the visit has,resulted in considerable blowback and,we'll get to that in just a moment but,my question to you initially is is why,now you received briefings you were the,risks were laid out to you what was the,cost benefit analysis that you conducted,why was it important to make this trip,now,well the fact is we were supposed to,make it a couple of months ago but,because of covet it was postponed i'm,very proud of the delegation,the chairman of the foreign affairs,committee mr meeks the chairman of the,veterans affairs committee,mr takano the vice chair of the ways and,means committee congressman del bene,andy kim of new jersey who was a,diplomat before coming to congress as,well as,congressman raja krishna murphy who was,a member of the intelligence committee,it was like a six-person co-chair,committee a lot of attention was paid to,taiwan and that's right but it was a,bigger,visit than that it followed on the,president's direction,that we would have a focus on the asia,pacific,it also took up his initiative of the,indo-pacific economic framework so we,went there to listen,it's important for us to have,parliamentary to parliamentary,exchanges as we,again go forward with a new initiative,madam speaker and just to jump in here,in singapore,yeah in singapore we had uh,in all of the countries uh we thanked,the members of anthony and our asian,friends for their,very strong support uh for the people of,ukraine and and condemning russia,for their invasion and all of the places,that were there we brought our respect,and our to listen to what they had to,say about how we go forward security,wise economic wise as well as,in the terms of governance let me just,jump in here because part of that trip,yes and only because time is short i,really want to make sure we get into,this because there are reasons to take a,trip like that but as you well know,especially with foreign policy national,security it often comes down to,trade-offs and timing,was it worth it now that you see the,response,china has absolutely taken absolutely,w

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Eric Garland |

Eric Garland |

the future should not be the subject of,a motivational speech you need a lot of,things to succeed in the future but,mostly you need reliable information and,you need insightful analysis most of,what passes for futurism is actually,opinion mixed with motivational speech,you've got charismatic individuals who,give you their opinion about how the,future could turn out i don't feel that,people need a lot of motivation to want,their kids to be healthy to want their,businesses to be a success you're,already motivated the thing is the,world's complex and that's why you need,intelligence,we work with school kids,we work with,countries we work with corporations,basically anyone that's going to be,around in 10 to 20 years 3m gm dow,dupont prince of monaco siemens,kellogg's,energizer chick razors northrop grumman,general dynamics and the dc area,what i've been doing for 15 years and,what my company's been doing for 10,years is finding the right sources and,doing it quickly it all starts with this,system that i came up with called future,intelligence which is a six step process,on how really anyone can think about the,future for their company and so based on,that we actually practice,that system with a company called,competitive futures that does trend,research for companies all over the,world,i write books i wrote a book called,future inc,how businesses can anticipate and profit,from what's next and another one due out,soon and uh moreover i i go into,organizations as an executive educator,and i teach people how they can set up,their own little future think tank in,the organization,a futurist is somebody that,is thinking about the future but in an,organized way who's looking at trend,data at forecasts from experts in their,field putting it all together into,scenarios of how the world might look,given the forces that are out there and,then telling people what it means,you can spend all day every day,studying changes not all of them are,going to affect you,so the real art is deciding which one's,the most,important which have,the most strategic implications there,are,the big ones we call them the mega,trends,one of the big trends that we almost,always talk about because we're pretty,sure it's going to happen is what we,call,the gray,world,china japan korea germany,england canada the united states one,thing they all have in common is they're,about to be the home of the largest,population over 65 years of age ever to,live on the planet,ever,and,there's a lot of questions about this,this is something that has never,happened in history before so how are,these people going to live where are,they going to live who's going to cook,them dinner when they don't feel like,cooking dinner for themselves anymore,what kind of products and services are,they going to need what kind of,entertainment are they going to want,where are they going to work,and by the way what is retirement,anymore i don't think that word's going,to have a meaning,because some people are going to work 10,hours a week some people are going to,work 20.,probably no one will work 80.,so,the question is what are we going to do,with this world that's never existed,before and that's gonna affect almost,everybody,a trend that follows on the gray world,is something we call the talent crunch,you get this baby boom generation that's,one of the biggest generations ever to,exist in the planet's history as they,start climbing over the age of 65,starting right about,now here in 2011 something very,interesting is going to happen i'm not,sure what retirement is going to mean,but i know one thing they're not going,to be 35 anymore,and the thing that's interesting is that,generation that is 35 is only half the,size of the boomers so who's going to,fill in for all the cardiologists and,accountants,and,i don't know metal workers and school,teachers judges all that stuff and the,implications for this talent crunch are,for almost,everyone who's got a business and the,question that i,pose to my clients is have you hugged a,30 year old lately and it's 2 am do you,know where your engineers are,as information technology power,rises we're getting,to this place that i call the mobile,world where we've got sensors and,cameras and microphones absolutely,everywhere and we've got radio towers,essentially or whatever we'll call them,in the future able to beam any amount of,information to any place on earth in,real time,all the time and we think of ourselves,with with facebook and and cameras and,office buildings as being challenged as,to our privacy but folks you ain't seen,nothing yet i mean we're,we're going to enter an age where people,don't even remember what the concept of,privacy was,which incidentally is about how it was,in the year 1300 when your neighbors,knew everything you were up to anyhow so,we're about to enter a new world thanks,to the world of mobile technologies,but what will it all mean,we're at,an incredibly interesting point,in world history,we have for the last thousand year

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green Banned From Twitter For Covid Misinformation

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green Banned From Twitter For Covid Misinformation

and more than 800 000 Americans have,died from coronavirus since the start of,this pandemic but our next guest says,that partisanship is as much to blame as,the virus itself for two years now Dr,Brian Castrucci watched coronavirus,misinformation spread rapidly and,without restraints splashed across the,internet repeated on news networks and,even endorsed by politicians like,Marjorie Taylor green who was,permanently banned from Twitter today,after repeatedly violating its,misinformation policies it is a tragedy,for which he believes we all bear the,blame some perhaps more than others,but can we correct course in time,to save lives,joining me now to help answer that,question is Dr Brian Castrucci president,and CEO of the D Beaumont Foundation Dr,Chris Ritchie thanks for joining us uh,we appreciate it I want to start with,what you told,um Business Insider and it is a pretty,bold statement to say the least,um for every single death certificate,that has covid-19 as a primary cause of,death,partisanship should be listed as a,contributing cause,this pandemic was politicized from day,one can you expand on that for me Dr,christrucci,oh sure I think you know Abraham Lincoln,taught us that A house divided against,itself can't stand and what we've,learned is it can't manage a pandemic,effectively either we have had elected,leaders from the start of this pandemic,question it's severity and then,subsequently question the safety of the,vaccines this has led to,a nation that is not adhering well to,Public Health guidance it led to people,not wearing their masks it led to lower,rates of vaccination and all of that,cost Americans lives and that's the,Reckoning that we're going to have to,have when this is over is that our own,behavior exacerbated the death toll that,we're seeing,why do you think it was so easy to,politicize covid the treatment of covid,vaccines so on and so forth,I think we have been in a period of,disinformation and misinformation for a,while if you can believe that the,election was stolen it's easy to believe,that data about the vaccines or the,severity of the virus can be faked and,so if we don't have facts anymore and,it's probably one of the most,deleterious things to Public Health is,this concept of alternative facts if two,plus two is four no matter how bad you,want it to be seven and these vaccines,are safe no matter how bad you want them,not to be,foreign

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