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Why I Am Moving...I'm On Top Of The World hey if you're,watching this channel you're probably,not su


Updated on Jan 27,2023

Why I Am Moving...

I'm On Top Of The World hey if you're,watching this channel you're probably,not subscribed because about 60 of you,are not subscribed and if you want me to,buy more Kirby's this month I suggest,you do so the reason I started so late,today I normally like to start earlier,is because I went to tour downtown I,went to tour an apartment that I'm,looking at,that's in the same building that uh,everyone in the house is moving into but,I,I hated it Emmy you are one the most,people ever,I hated it,I hated it but I mean I'm still thinking,about it I might just feel like whatever,frick it but uh yeah I mean we were,thinking about other options but there's,like no space,in the apartment with all the dudes and,then if I go like live completely alone,I feel like I'm gonna have like anxiety,attacks every day so I'm like bruh,do I just pay a ridiculous amount to,live in an apartment that I hate I might,just do that I don't know I'm still,confused why you guys are moving because,there's no there's not much to do up,here that's the main thing I don't know,just go next door if they don't have,space either every room is full,even some of the rooms have like like,also I want to stay with simply mizzlin,Russell if I can no I'm not planning to,move away from Austin she's like that,would be that would be silly just buy a,house bro I can't I'm not just gonna buy,a house what do you mean you just bought,a Corvette you can buy a house,no can I just live in my Corvette,I don't want to just buy a house,live with asmin bro you know how many,diseases I would catch,in his house he's got so many wild rats,and possums and stuff,welcome you I'm not a rat,bruh yeah I don't know there's a lot of,different things I mean I'm probably,gonna end up getting that apartment,anyway but I was like bro your daily,reminder this apartment is so expensive,and I don't even like it okay so the,problem I have at the apartment this is,just me being picky it has a really,pretty view like it's in downtown Austin,it's it's just like a depressing,apartment I don't know like it's it's so,high up in the air and it's like very,dark and I I don't know but I don't know,I'm gonna try not to be picky I don't,know I'll figure it out moving to an,apartment for Less space no I'm good,it's um the apartment,oh hi Monkey monkey's here,the apartment is like three times three,or four times the space I would have,better space for all my cosplaying ,no more random bunky no no no no so,what's gonna happen is assuming I do,find an apartment that I like in that,building I already have established this,so what's gonna happen is every day I'm,gonna go to their unit and steal Bunkie,and bring Bunkie back to my unit until,one of them comes and brings her back,because I'm not bringing her back what,about your rabbits um I'm probably gonna,be able to keep,like three of them I already talked to,the well the guy who owns the one,apartment that I'm looking at that guy,was so that guy was like I don't know,what he does the agent said he was like,some CEO of some like tech company he's,like oh yeah I just like bought this,this like million dollar apartment so,that my son can go down here when he,goes downtown but he's never even used,and I've had it for two years and I was,like,what the ,I was like all right dude sounds like,you bro how is that like me what do you,mean what about the other rabbits,um I have a friend who has she actually,asked to take all of my rabbits and I,was like no but um she might take like,Peach and honey I don't know all of them,yes she voted all of them give the,rabbits to asmin no dudes are gonna all,get rabies and no the quality of,life will be so it's not good he's gonna,eat them,I forgot about that he said he wanted to,cook them okay no asthma is not getting,any rabbits no,let them cook stop,bro I was actually like getting like,low-key depressed when I was like,thinking about the moving stuff not,because we're moving I'm actually,excited to move but I was like bro I,feel like I'm never gonna be able to,live alone again because of like the,stuff that happened like the even like,so I was like kind of like getting,stressed I was like well even if like,I'm in the building with people that I,know like I'm still gonna be like,technically living alone and I was,getting like really like,but I don't know maybe someday yeah,sorry do I say like too much uh don't,they have multi-bedroom Apartments yeah,but it's like the more bedrooms that get,added the more expensive it is and one,with four bedrooms is like way out of,our cumulative price range yeah I don't,know also I I just want more space than,this room in one closet of course it's,because because because because I don't,know I sound like such a spoiled ,is because because I I feel like it's,Justified because I work at home and the,cosplay stuff my hobby is a very space,consuming hobby I don't want my ,taking up other people's space and like,you know ruining their okay you,know what I,you need a warehouse actually maybe wait

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I Have Bad News. (Life Update)

I Have Bad News. (Life Update)

ready three two one,for another one,yo before I start this video I want to,let you guys know on something there's a,viral clip of me going around saying,that I can't bench 315 and that's a load,of I not only bench 315 I threw it,back on my chest and s-fand curled 315,okay I can easily do 315. stop saying I,can't do it I obviously did it if you're,wondering if I'm okay from that incident,by the way I just want to let you know I,am completely fine I got checked out by,two doctors when I was there and they,both told me I am completely fine,however they do think that I suffered,some head injury for trying to lift 315,twice and I was told I have an ego I,never heard that I had an ego before so,this is new to me however I am perfectly,fine uh despite everyone saying that I'm,probably internally bleeding and I'm,going to die I'm okay so I'm gonna let,you know this light is flickering on and,off I don't know what the hell's,Happening Here I am gonna be in pain for,a couple days but I also did bench 315,so I'm pretty much Unstoppable I also,want to give a big shout out to my boy,sfan for being the one behind me during,this whole thing always make sure you,have a spotter when you are lifting it,is very important if I did not have a,spotter like sfand I probably would be,in some serious injury right now but as,fam being there saved me so always have,a spotter and always make sure you try,to lift more than the guy before you,because if you don't you're gonna look,like a little I could have,actually died from what just happened I,guess God isn't a hate Watcher like I,thought he was and I'm perfectly okay I,don't even feel anything in my chest if,you see that clip just know it was a,mistake and I'm sorry but now let's get,on to the video by the way speaking of a,mistake over 50 of you guys are not,subscribed to the channel and if you,would like to subscribe this month I'm,going to be giving away one thousand,dollars to a random subscriber and it,could be you so go ahead and subscribe,you can win a thousand dollars and you,can use that money to open up a Valley,National Bank Kids First Savings Account,I want to make this video to let,everyone know a couple updates that's,going to be happening to my life I'm,selling this house I know it's going to,come to a shock to a lot of you guys,you're probably wondering what the hell,is happening what's going to go on with,my roommates and where the hell are you,possibly going and let me explain I have,been wanting to leave this house for a,while now we live in the suburbs of,Texas it's the most boring no life,nothing to do here I'm tired of living,in Suburbia I grew up 50 minutes from,the hood but I grew up 10 minutes from,the city and I've always loved the city,life and I've always wanted to,experience the city life being able to,go outside your place walk around,wherever you want go to a restaurant go,to yoga do a little dance kick a,homeless person there's a lot of things,I don't get to do often in Suburbia,instead where I live it's the same six,type of houses everywhere you go it's,all the dead plants that try to be,plants but we're in Texas so they all,die I'm really tired of it and I've been,living here for two years now and as,much as I love friends like sfand Bonnie,and a lot of other people that live,around here I need change and I'm moving,with my friends me simply Russell and,Emmy will be moving as well we have a,few options right now we're looking at,condos downtown in Austin we're also,looking at houses we don't know which,one we want yet but we will figure it,out I also am really not a fan of how,far I feel from everything else I am a,very far distance from a lot of my,friends and I'm also a huge distance,from almost anything I really want to do,I want to try this city life and I think,it'll be exciting not only for myself to,try something new but for the viewers if,I am in the city it's a whole new way of,life there's a lot more things for me to,do there's a lot more people for me to,hang out with there's a lot more,experiences I can have there's a lot,more content I could have for the,channel it's just too far away for me to,go for almost anything I want to go to,and I don't really have the opportunity,to do that content because it's,sometimes 50 minutes to an hour away,from where I'm living when if I live,downtown it's right outside my door I'm,probably not going to be moving for the,next few months we are still looking at,houses we are still looking at places to,live but we do plan on bringing everyone,with us however there are some,interesting turns of events that are,going to be happening I'm going to be,moving but this is a small announcement,to let you guys know I'm building a gym,so I'm gonna be building a gym with,Knute and the person that also has made,a gym with me surprise I'm making a gym,in Austin and we're gonna be building a,no gym these with Rob who is the owner,of the old gym and canoe canoe wants to,buy my house and I think that's a great,idea for c

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I am NOT a Bad Sister...

I am NOT a Bad Sister...

what why are you stop looking at me well,I just I just like making you,uncomfortable am I the worst sister,you've ever had yes,does she fart,brother,he's here my little brother are you here,just to eat food and play with the cat,yeah,they like to say that Kansas isn't real,but we're both from Kansas so what do,you think it's like it exists but it's,like slowly disappearing like slowly,dying,this is like bring your your family to,work day they're gonna make fun of me,work,just like I it's like I can only say so,much so I don't like embarrass myself,okay brother I'm gonna take you through,um what I do every day all right well,I've seen it though you watch like,unusual memes right,yes,brother you have to watch the video,I already saw this one oh my god dude,watch it again pretend you haven't seen,it I think they see monkey okay so when,you're a streamer if you've already seen,a video you have to pretend like you,haven't or they'll be like pre-watched,for weird you're being really weird,right now,that's good what do you think of that,you've never done a virus but refused to,miss out on Christmas with the family so,she wore an Ant-Man suit this is what,happens when you pour hot water on a,plate full of Skittles,Skittles oh wait brother okay how are,you brother you can't just say that you,can't just say something's gay even,though you're gay I don't know what,you're talking,he's so gay wait can I tell them about,the stream idea that you had for us to,do no so my brother no why,let me find the video you showed me oh,you said you'd be interested I am,interested but I have to hang out,no I am interested I just have to show,them what the thing is and if they're,from the edginess yeah the edginess so,my brother's hobby is airsoft right he,wants me to okay so there's these,Airsoft events that are basically you're,out for 40 hours in the wilderness and,people just shoot you while you're he,wants me to do this so he wants me to,get into full airsoft gear and do do a,stream of this with him,dude I do want to hang out with you what,you you think I only want to hang out,with you if it's for stream you're,embarrassing me in front of your frenzy,store I'm sorry I wasn't trying to,embarrass you wait now they're now,they're now they're mad at me look I'm,not a bad sister,I feel like I'm gonna get super freaking,injured I don't know yeah you haven't,been shot by one before I got shot in,the face I have a mark on my left cheek,I'm about to expose myself to remember,the time when we both lived at Mom and,Dad's and I actually shot you in the,hallway with a BB gun,foreign,no you don't remember that okay good,I remember you took my like EB guns to,go shoot a computer in the woods and you,like made a video of it why would you,tell them that you told them about my,weird activities why would you tell them,that I shot a computer in the woods,honestly I thought that I thought you,already said that on stream my mom,I don't know maybe I did show them I,don't think I even have it anymore okay,it was,like a 90s Mac laptop that someone at,school sold me for twenty dollars it,didn't even turn on so yes I took it in,the woods and shot it with a BB gun what,is weird about that,my God he he hates being here,um what do we call bro I I am not,kidding when I say literally all my,friends call my brother brother or,brother but I mean if you want to know,his name it's uh Austin but everyone,everyone calls him brother like Austin's,show new Austin yeah wow they're both,named Austin they're both gay wow they,have so much in common that's crazy,who's gayer,I don't know do you want me to ask them,do I just call Austin's show and be like,who do you think is gay or me,me you are my brother,I'm not the gayest I'm the least gay in,my family so my brother is uh he's you,know he's your traditional gay you know,then we have a sister who's trans and a,lesbian so she's double gay and then,there's me I'm half gay so that you know,there's like tears in our family I'm the,least gay Emerald low tear gay,you guys need to relax and settle down,guys I need you all to relax,and please don't be creepy towards my,little brother okay I cherish him Put,the gun down no I don't think I'm gonna,put the gun down because we're still,we're not done talking yet we're not,done talking okay I'll put the gun down,when we're done talking but we're not,done talking it I need you guys to relax,stop,asking if my brother is single,stop questioning what percent gay I am,stop,just stop,okay I'm putting the gun down,he flew here right he brought his,Airsoft guns on the plane I was like how,the ,you should show him if you want to it's,outside I could go get him,I mean I think it'd be kind of funny to,see if you could hold one of them are,they that heavy one of them is I have,some air assumptions but like they're,like smaller ones like I don't know,where I left my keys you lost my keys,no God everyone disrespects my cars,oh my God,oh my you carry this around this small,broken how many pounds is th

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What is THIS in my PO Box??

What is THIS in my PO Box??

I think a lot of this is left over from,Christmas so these aren't actually,birthday things but that's okay oh,is there a note in here it's a little,curvy keychain strap thing cute I'll put,it on my Corvette Keys cute thank you,carbo I love getting all the carbo stuff,in my car but,okay fine I'm sorry it's it's Russell's,Corvette I'm sorry oh cute look at this,little package,I see there's some candy in there the,Milky Way I shattered it's so much mine,reckon Russell bro if he shot in that,Corvette I should have just given it to,him honestly hi Emmy thanks for the,great streams here's a little gift for,the vet chromatic magician oh and,uh it looks like they're an artist they,included their business card there's a,little code there a lot Emmy I like your,Corvettes or the vet huh,please don't tell me this is like oh my,God it is what the heck look how cute,that is,and their name is um Onyx Creations they,made this bro I love when artists send,me stuff this is like the best the best,thing ever cute yeah I can hang this,from my um,my my rear view mirror brought my Camry,I had so much stuff hanging from my,rearview mirror that people kept uh,giving me I had like two kirbys hanging,from it and then like three Among Us,plushies,awesome so people would always like make,fun of me for my Among Us Toyota,this is so cute thank you more curvy,stuff for the the vet,this looks like a Christmas card,what the heck,it's just it's a postcard that says have,an extremely happy holiday season happy,birthday and then there's a bunch of,women on it from your friend's heart,live well well thank you,foreign,Merry Christmas guys,oh a gift for you from banana,what is this,what is this creature the mad no banana,b-a-n-a-n,what is this creature,look at him I think it's a banana man,he's kind of sick he's got a little,hoodie,wait what oh sorry I just looked under,his shirt sorry it was kind of weird put,it back I'll put him in the pile Oh,these balloons,um Melissa sent them to me she actually,delivered them during the stream,yesterday or not she didn't deliver them,she lives in California but she had a,person deliver them and they were like,knocking on the door but I didn't know,it was from her so I just kept hearing,the knocking and being like Ugh,somewhere to get their ubereats,but look it has,she even remembered that I'm 52. look,guys I'm 52.,congrats on hitting 52 thank you I,really appreciated it it was a tough,Trek up here same age as azman yeah oh,wait well he's here I didn't even notice,her,perfect,look how big she is now I remember when,she was just a baby,she's still a kitten though Technically,she's just big she's a Maine she,looks like a full-grown cat but she's,gonna be like twice the size she a big,girl,okay bunky I put you in this chair but,now I have to kick you out because this,is actually my chair,thanks for understanding,was that up,I'm sorry,but leave her alone bro,why are there four of them I don't know,why there's four of them but,look at him Army they're so good you're,gonna need a bigger room,um when this house moves to downtown I'm,probably gonna have a smaller bedroom,but I'm gonna have multiple rooms to,store my and stream from so that'll,be nice but my actual room will probably,be smaller than this,will be interesting the plushie room I,can just set up a camera in there and,when I'm pissed you guys I'll just,switch to that camera and go in there,and,lay down it'll be awesome thanks for the,pochitas I don't think there's a there,wasn't a note with it I feel like,someone mentioned that they sent me a,ton of potatoes and they were like late,or something but I don't remember who oh,apparently it was everyone the Corvette,keychain is gonna be insane it's gonna,go crazy,oh,it's another one it's a big one,yes,yes this one's dense,oh he's got plastic on his eye I got it,off wait where's his,where where's his his chainsaw where,where's his nose Vegeta they didn't give,him a nose he's noseless,bro,or his chainsaw head he's headless,chainsawless what he's bald he can't,breathe,what the,I I need to save him I don't know what,to do,it's cute though bald bald cheetah need,to pull the string,I love bald cheetah he shaved for 100k,Subs,cribe he's a gun,this package is addressed to Kirby girl,who who's the freakish Kirby girl I,don't know her,Curvy Girl Is Russell,okay,there's a box inside a box,I've always wanted one of these it's one,of those Pet backpacks but I don't think,I could put Bunkie in here but I could,put one of my rabbits in here,CAT pack I think Bunkie would like,actually freak out I don't know if this,is even,big enough for her oh I can take,the rats on walks so okay how does this,work let's just like pad for the bottom,and what's this,that's my suffocation no oh no oh this,looks like a bunky sized harness,wait I could take Bunkie outside,I don't I feel like Bunkie would not do,well in this thing though but the,rabbits could probably chill in here I,used to bring my rabbits to school when,I was in high school why

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Streamers AI Generated as an 80's Dark Fantasy Film

Streamers AI Generated as an 80's Dark Fantasy Film

AI generated streamers as an 80s Dark,Fantasy film apparently I'm in this one,so that's the only reason I'm watching,it I don't know these other nerds,sure yeah that does not look like,Charlie,amaranth okay,shroud,that is not shroud,speed bro the hair is sick,okay this is terrifying why does AI art,look so soulless and evil his eyes dude,Tyler,he's got brown eyes elidity,hello this looks like someone who isn't,a little but I can't think of who,Tiff you wait he looks sick,he's a viking more doctor disrespect,that one's good,Summit,that's me,bro I what happened to my cheeks,how white wait they did make me,Caucasian,square fit bro I do have a square head,though look at me,so one time someone said I look like a,a Lego character see it's just cuz of my,hair like look,look if I do this I'm a square,see,it's got It's almost got the right,angles,that does not look like invisible,it has the wheel behind him,though how did they know they gave him,the wheel in in the 80s Dark Fantasy,film,happening I mean the eyes are right,that's about it,okay,why does he look so feminine and who is,that it does kind of look like Nick Cage,it looks exactly like him no it does not,that's David,it kind of has his teeth,sanchovies I gotta see it for like the,lower part minus the teeth,too much hair this is some luscious,thick hair,PS Shaka I don't I don't know who this,is,okay,first this,one looks the most like him of all of,them but what is wrong with his teeth,look how tiny his teeth are,oh wait it does kind of look like train,why are he has so many tiny teeth this,is scary,Pokemon okay hers kind of looks like her,too except,they do like the eyes really well in the,lower half of the faces it's like not,them,this is Aiden Ross,um that's not Aiden who is that I don't,know who that is the weekend,all white everyone does look more,Caucasian,okay this does kind of look like a dream,except they gave him brown eyes also,those are really good eyebrows,I don't remember what his eyebrows look,like oh he's got weird teeth too,hey I can't really do teeth or hands,that well,that's Tommy in it what happened to him,bro who's Tommy in it um he's a a,Minecrafter he's all he's like how old,is he is he like 17. he's a kid they,made him like 50 in this oh my god,oh he's 18 now okay,that is not psychuno who who is that,that is not psychuno,that's like saikuno's older brother or,something,who is,I like I love AI interpretations of real,people Ruby I don't know this person,either,Sea Dog wait this one's sick okay his,jaw and teeth are kind of why does it,look like there's Blues wait no his,teeth look like a a layer of gums look,at his teeth they're like fleshy I,thought this one was the best one and,then I looked at the mouth and I was,like never mind also why is he wearing a,suit and tie,this is like fantasy isn't it my eyes,look good,Ludwig okay that is not,it's the same with all these if you,cover the nose and mouth it does kind of,look like them and then why are they,dude what does this say I don't know,they did Ludwig dirty,I am scared,I am scared right now what the dude,why do they make the teeth so tiny,they're like piranha teeth,oh my God they gave him like every,wrinkle like oh my God his brow,bone is defiant out of this ,world that's the Night Stalker,okay they literally just made Hassan,white like I know people keep saying,Wyatt but they literally made her son,white who who is this this is not Hassan,Zoolander,kind of looks like Austin,I don't think it looks like Austin I,don't see it it's,it does a bit,I don't see this one at all okay for,this one for me if you cover the eyes,the bottom half looks like him but they,gave him some really pink ,lipstick Jesus Christ,Tim wait this one,can get headphones,here's the headphones attached to his,Viking helmet I love that,this might be one of the best ones but,he's got a tiny little headset I love,this,code Miko okay they also whitewashed her,wait I just,she has a meatball necklace,mmm tasty saving those for later,foreign,is this a joke,this one also has headphones too,is this one a joke like soda does not,have that much facial hair no he kind of,does actually,that that is literally a forcing,oh my God that one looks so that,looks like her actual hair from one of,her pictures but the face doesn't really,look that much like her,the hair is really good though,wait that's it wait I kind of want to,see the YouTubers one,okay that's terrifying Mr Beast,sure,Jeffree Star I forgot about Jeffree Star,oh my God why is his eyes,Logan Paul that does kind of look like,him,Sniper Wolf oh my God the face is, gorgeous,the hair okay that one is sick,that almost like it's from the actual,movie matpat okay Anakin,Skywalker,this is the wait no this is the best one,why did it generate his eyes crossed,it still came in my glasses,the odd one out okay,General marbles,I miss her,jacksepticeye,Jaden what is that,I thought that was like her thumb at,first it's so long AI hands are,crazy,oh my God,what the ,Goblin,oh my God James

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How Is My Form?

How Is My Form?

hi i'm emmy and welcome to my channel if,you're new here or you clicked on this,video from your recommended please don't,forget to subscribe it helps my channel,a lot and i really appreciate it thanks,check tech tones logs why,what the ,what did i do man,hello,i thought we were friends techtone i let,you plan my wow account and i i watched,one episode of an anime you recommended,to me,what the tech tone,it's what you didn't do why do my,friends always say that,i'm sorry miss gift told me to do it,okay well that makes sense now ,mees keith i can't can't stand that that,fricker,i can't imagine tech tone actually,hating anybody except for me of course,what are you doing man,she believed,why are you snitching i mean i'm so,sorry,i'm so sorry i mean i'm so sorry i mean,i am so sorry i am so sorry i am so,sorry i am so sorry i am so sorry please,don't be angry man i am so sorry you,don't even have me modded or viped,that's because i've never seen you in my, chat before i mean what do you,want me to do,what do you want me to do i've never,seen you type in here before,what do you want me to do preemptively,do it jesus christ dude i am so sorry,here's the thing here's the thing,yes okay next time i'll do that here's,the thing okay here's the thing i was,just nearly,merely,merely attempting to be a friend,and give you some nice banter to react,beautifully,these you said who banned me,if someone banned emmy i will you,up oh ,i will you up i was merely trying,to give you a little bit of banter to,give you something to react you want you,for fun because you said drama no we,have no drama i mean we have no beef we,have no beef okay so that way he has his,own sassy mode you said that nobody in,otk you say you like everything otk so i,was just merely sausage okay i mean i,apologize,uh you tell me,i'll tell you what i i will i will i'll,make it right hold it i'll make it right,uh um hold up oh my gosh i'm gonna i'm,gonna go i'm gonna make it right i'm,looking right i'll make it right hold up,oh my god why did he sound like he was,talking in 1.5 apologize a thousand man,i apologize 10 10 000 times okay hold up,uh hold on i need to find emmy real,quick and chat uh,user,emiroo okay hold up hold up hold up i am,going to i can't get you sub i was gonna,gift you a year long sub and i,can't emmy i'll tell you what you tell,me how i can uh how i can make up or i,will do it okay what do i do,what do i give you some strawberry,phantom later and some cheez-its,i got you can i just have fun well,listen i don't want no beef okay i can,barely even stand up out of my chair,right now please don't kick my ass thank,you is it too far to ask him to give me,his wife i'm going to hope she's mod i,mean she's on my way even better what do,you want me to do,wait it wasn't posted here,okay hold up here we go hold up there,you go 100 subs,all right three two one,there we go okay one under the bridge,one bridge shirley shirley surely one,under the bridge there it is dude,please there it is there it is there it,is i have to send it back okay go go go,go go no it's too late dude i mean i,mean it's fine because i'm about to do a,sponsored stream okay i'm giving you,okay never mind i'm i'm giving i'm,giving you a cut you dude that's that's,the cut for my guardian tail sponsorship,that i'm doing in like 30 seconds okay,and also dude emmy very cool stream hey,chad make sure to twitch prime and,follow uh i forgive you for saying ,you and blaming it on biscuit wasn't it,what does that say exe is making your,food on stream no way literally,everyone knows that i'm gullible why is,this but now i know i can't trust you,anymore but that's okay we can still be,friends i just won't forget about this,you can trust me i mean that is that is,oh my god,i really did it it wasn't worth it,it wasn't it wasn't worth the bit chat,it wasn't worth the bet,look at this mug,bean is mid i'm gonna need you to take,that back right now you ,rabbits are pretty dumb aren't they,yeah,why is it just sitting there is it not,allowed to,see just not allowed to i don't get it,can you do one push-up,oh my god that can be my arm day workout,one push-up you can't even do a,two-minute plank i literally did one,didn't i,didn't i literally do one okay i was,playing league so i understand why no,one saw it but i did so,a girls collab workout thing see but the,thing is like,canoe's a trainer for like getting,jacked right i just work out to like,feel better,and then also like,that's about it cause i'm already like a,toothpick and i don't really want to,like bulk or anything so,work out with jenner amaranth then bro,they look so good dude jenna's actually,like,i'm not gonna say anything,she looks nice,is that it i actually haven't been,working out so i don't know how that,happened arm shaking what what do you,i can't just make them not shake holy,moly i honestly am more shocked than,chad is,better than your first ever try i mean,i don't know if i ever was able to do,push-ups like even like in high s

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I Have A Confession To Make...

I Have A Confession To Make...

hi i'm emmy and welcome to my channel if,you're new here or you clicked on this,video from your recommended please don't,forget to subscribe it helps my channel,a lot and i really appreciate it thanks,i told summer chat about this but i've,been dealing with some weird drama from,this couple from my high school where i,like don't really know either of them,but the girlfriend like hates me and,keeps harassing my friends oh yeah also,i,i i maintained the tradition okay i was,gonna wear the full cosplay but,it was a little revealing so i i did the,see but no one sees that normally,so it's fine,it's for my protection okay people are,getting banned for for mysterious things,these days,more kansas drama oh i can talk,about that now brah,it's it's another case though of me just,like doing nothing and some happens,so is is this couple i went to high,school with and they're a year older,than me so they're literally like 25,and uh they're still together from high,school so they've been together for,how many years would that be like nine,years or some right and i i don't,really know either them at all i was,like kind of friends with the boyfriend,and then her i we had like talked a,little bit but i like,it was just like in the hallway ,like high like like that so earlier this,week a bunch of my friends from high,school started messaging me and being,like hey like,i i don't want to like bug you but i got,this weird message from girl where she's,like complaining that her boyfriend,liked your profile pic your your picture,on twitter to piss her off and now she,like is just talking you and i'm,like i i don't know either of these,people man and neither of them have the,means to contact me so she's just like,messaging my friends and then they're,like hey like this is weird but i mean i,guess i'll tell you about it i'm just,like bro people in kansas are like on,another level of like astronomically,bored and stuck at home who can't like,yeah okay yeah at first i was like bro,like why do i have to hear about this, like i'm 24. i've been out of,college for sick or not college out of,high school for six years but then i,started getting invested okay because,one of my friends that was telling me,this is a a guy that she tried to cheat,on the boyfriend with okay so she's mad,at him because he liked a picture on,twitter but apparently she has cheated,on him over a dozen times and the,boyfriend knows it too but they were,still together until recently when she,got caught cheating on him with one,other one of their six roommates and,then because of that they all they,literally came together like house,meeting and vote kicked her out like, danganronpa style it's like what,is this you're like among us style,it's very interesting stuff i guess like,i her help big brother sure that that,works too i just could not ,believe that like i,i don't even think about people i went,to high school with and i was like dude,this these people are checking my page,and like keeping tabs on who is liking,my it's like bro like i guess i i,am i wonder how many people from my,school know that i went on to like be a,streamer and i don't talk to like,anyone from my school except for two,friends what'd they say about you,okay,they weren't even okay they weren't,sorry my brain's lagging i'm i'm,struggling to multitask right now this,dysfunctional terrible couple i went to,high school with the girl was messaging,all my friends and being like bro so and,so just likes other girls pictures to,piss me off when i cheat on him and he,was liking emily's pictures and i'm just,like so over it like she's such a piece,of and i was like i don't even know,you man,i felt like i like went back in time or,some i think i know two couples,that are still together from high school,and they're both like,very toxic i'm sure that there are,decent couples that uh started dating in,high school and just staying together,they're probably both cheaters in the,long run no dude i know way too much,about this this because,one of my friends was telling me too,much so the the girlfriend has cheated,on him over a dozen times and the,boyfriend is a serious hentai addict,to the point where he no longer feels,attraction to real women so they just,like have no like couple life or,whatever i even know that was possible i,always thought when people were like i'm,no longer attracted to 3d that was like,always a joke but apparently it's not,that's also kind of base to be honest,they have two lanes of pressure they,have an open nexus now you wake up,cringe f macro your brain dead i love,this,why are you abusing bowser dude bowser,is literally,a serial kidnapper who has,hundreds of slaves that do his bidding,and you're mad that i'm telling him he's,a dumb stinky lizard,no he isn't yes he is man he wants to,freak him you're mad you're a mad cuck,you would say that to me during pride,month during pride month dude just admit,you're blatantly toxic yes twitch makes,anyone toxic and what does that say,about twit

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Mizkif Responds to Steroids Use Accusations

Mizkif Responds to Steroids Use Accusations

then we need to see what makes skip said,everyone was saying like ah Mr stupid is,talking about still hey it's a boy we,have some very interesting things to,talk about here,okay let's hear uh skip the boring parts,there has been rumors now,people okay what I've been doing since,I've been gone over the past you know,three it's been three months bacon thing,with a five gifted dude I appreciate it,Duke Dennis thank you for the five,gifted I appreciate that,um,there are rumors that I am on steroids,there's that I'm called roidkiff now,um which I don't know how that happened,Duke Dennis for the five gifted bro I,appreciate that,they call me roykiff nowadays uh one,girl said she saw me at the gym tweeted,about it,instead I look like I'm having Roid Rage,foreign, I was just lifting I was doing two,plates I was not even ready I was,warming up what do you mean I'm I'm on,Roid Rage so uh yo ZX take with,the five gifted dude appreciate that,anyway what I was about to say,uh people think I'm on steroids it is a,very talked about uh thing that I am on,roids,showing that they're just subredded,please no I am not on Droids,but these conversations about it and,there's a Reddit post about it yeah I,don't know if like uh what is it called,it's like called uh Mateo juice Natty or,not and there was about a thousand,comments on me,oh here it is first of all um who made,this look at this,look at this,twitch streamer accused of being on,steroids benches 315,oh this is why can't I pay these mods to,remove this one this is ridiculous,twitch streamer accused of being on,steroids benches 315 how about you say,that I've been Lifting for like 12 years,where's that that I've been lifting on,and off for 12 years where's the fact,that how about being Sven went to a gym,randomly at three in the morning and I,put up two plates,in the middle of the gym that time like,there's just it's no so,people think that I'm on steroids,because July 23 2022 I looked like that,and now I look like this,does anyone realize that this is called,a pump,this is literally a pump with,gym lighting I'm like losing something I,don't look like this,at all,you know that right I I don't look like,this at all,take off your shirt then show us you're,right right there,I have been working out,there I go to the gym every single day I,worked out the whole time while I,listened to canoe make food on on Twitch,okay it's all I do,all right,I how much weight have I lost I lost,about 18 to 19 pounds,I'm on a very serious diet like I chat I,have not,I have messed up my diet one time and it,was with quesadillas I had two and I'm,really sorry about that and,that's it it's the only thing I've done,I've had two quesadillas I have not, up this diet whatsoever I am I I,have I tears for my diet I drink,kombucha,what do I do I take a this ,makes me take a dump for some reason but,after that I have chicken rice and,broccoli three times a day with steak,and mashed potatoes and that's it or,steak and,I really eat healthy it's a very good,stereo diet and I inject myself with,needles constantly while I'm in the,shower uh canoe flies here and injects,it in my ass and then I'm just souped up,and ready to go take a nap that's what I,do I am on steroids why don't I just,admit it I'm on steroids okay I'm on,steroids I'm on steroids I'm on steroids,I'm on stairs read these comments ready,it's the great genetics part for me shut,the up,shut the up,shut the up brush it's,this,it's funny how great genetics didn't,give him a good body from the outset,what do you mean,I was purposely looking stupid here you, idiot Cowboy tradition in the,chat like yes the commutes ,shorts or something the best before,picture you can never,laughs,my God are you stupid that's how,genetics work genetics when in the,bodybuilding sphere I feel like I'm,doing a mogul mail whenever I grab this,thing has to do your muscles bellies,along with How fat you gain muscle,down vote you're making you're making,too much sense,the level of insecurity plus his income,and status as a twitch streamer makes,gear extremely likely I didn't even know,what gear was I'm like wait a minute,I was like what is like what the, does gear mean I literally had no,idea what the hell this guy was saying,what are you on about that I'm on gear I,literally didn't even know what gear,meant I'm like what is gear bro I,thought he meant that I had like like,shoes I'm like what is going on here,when he looked like that and claims my,genetics for his transformation lamal,man was built like a bag of milk,I'm lactose intolerant I hate these,people daily reminded to always measure,and photograph their testicles,track your entire blood work from day,one of lifting so that one day you may,have have high certainty of showing your,nattiness,liver King I'm gonna say it right I'm,gonna say it right now you ,everything up you little it's not,the first one you everything up,now everyone thinks everyone's on,steroids you have ruined the perception,liver King is just one of the

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