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LYFE ON MAAS 🪐 Episode 1: Elsa Jeanhey guys i'm elsa jane and i'm sitting,here with my friend james

Lyfe On Maas

Updated on Jan 18,2023

LYFE ON MAAS 🪐 Episode 1: Elsa Jean

hey guys i'm elsa jane and i'm sitting,here with my friend james so stay tuned,to learn more about me,okay so listen um so listen listen up, a 10 is speaking that's you the,ten,although i'm speaking so i guess i'm the,ten in my mind you're in my mind,i'm the ten yes that's what i okay,without naming names what is your,favorite and least favorite relationship,to date without naming names what is,your release,without aiming names what is your least,favorite and favorite relationship um my,favorite relationship that i've that i,was in was,you talked to him this morning,he's my favorite but we're best friends,so what was so great about it that made,it your favorite um our actual,relationship was tragic in my opinion,but in what way um there was like a lot,of finance issues i was very young i was,trying to you know become,who i am today and,he was he's older and he kind of didn't,want me you know there's a lot of things,that he did did he not want you to make,money um i think that me making money,was a threat to him while he was kind of,struggling a little bit because i was so,young and i feel like that's hard for,some guys to it's a turn off though,isn't it yeah yeah when they start to,find it threatening yeah it definitely,is a turn off but,we've always loved each other i still,love him i mean every day i tell him i,love him i don't love him romantically i,would never sleep with him again,but we have always been best friends and,we prioritized that when we broke up,well that's nice isn't it because i um,there are like you know the good,and the bad and the bad just ends up,outweighing the good sometimes or in,that relationship dynamic anyway so then,you just go okay but it's there is,something about every relationship that,you love or fell for which doesn't go,away it's just like i can't stand for,that,quarter of good all of the other things,that don't add up in a relationship at,least um so that's um interesting to say,i mean the actual relationship was not,my favorite,does that make sense yeah he's your,favorite person person adam really yeah,he's my favorite person my favorite,relationship was my,most okay this is gonna be so confusing,my least favorite is my most recent but,i had the best time within that,relationship because we traveled,everywhere,i mean we had great sex,but we i hate him,and is it because it's so soon though,that's the double-edged sword of this,conversation when i hate,don't usually say hate someone and i,hate him so you don't usually you don't,have enemies do you have enemies i'm not,that i know okay but in your mind are,you like that,well oh him okay wow this is strong okay,so,that's uh that's cool,yes i can stand do you think in time,that maybe i tried to be his friend,after,and,which i he should try to be my friend,after all that he did but um so entitled,to just be a and not try to,like refuse to be your friend because i,i'm in love with you i can't be bye-bye,yes,he actually i think i,um,admitted to him that,i was never really in love with him and,i have always been in love with this old,ass guy since i've been like 18 and i,just now realized it at 25 that i've,you've been in love with this guy,someone that i know no,and when why did you just realize racism,because he i always allow him in every,relationship that i've been in i always,run back to him and i always i don't it,doesn't matter what any guy that i'm,dating says if they say get rid of him i,will not do it that's really good one,because you've got good morals and like,good like,this person,oh no because you're keeping the door,open while you're in another,relationship but i mean when they say oh,that's why they say get rid of him is,because they can feel that they're still,now sneak away like as soon as,one of the guys that i've seen cheats on,me or something like that i won't even,like acknowledge it anymore i won't even,be like oh my god youtube i'm so sad,i'll just go straight back to him and,they're like so he's your like home he's,your home like you go home to this guy,and maybe after do you think that it,could be because,when like if you're young,you just want like those lusty things,that come along like it's easy to be,distracted but then as you get older,don't you find that then it's finding,home base and like people that you can,be best friends with and if that guy you,want to make those people but he's,always i don't want hot guys anymore i,want interesting guys or like guys that,have a little bit of i know,really,older but your taste is all weird anyway,weird you like guys that look like you,how do you know i mean no i mean i do,not,you do you i don't know guys that look,exactly like you i think that's weird,because i don't never date someone that,looks like me yeah but i have a feeling,you think that like i look good and i,don't so when i'm choosing these guys,like that's not like it's like the,furthest thing one i don't really go for,blonde guys because like i'm that but,two is that yeah if you mean like like,

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Elsa Jean New Interview 2022 Hot 🔥 And S*xy Ponstar Elsa Dream

Elsa Jean New Interview 2022 Hot 🔥 And S*xy Ponstar Elsa Dream

hi everyone i'm jelena jensen and i am,here with our brand new,twisties treat of the month,can you guess who,look at who it is,it's elsa gene hello hi guys how are you,today i'm really good how are you i'm,doing wonderful thank you so tell us,about yourself because myself i'm sure a,lot of twisty's members might not know,anything about you okay so i'm elsa jean,i'm 20 years old,um,i've been in the industry for about a,year and a half now,i have a pug that i'm obsessed with and,i want everyone to know that i feel like,people who have pugs are very like they,are pug people oh oh my god i can't wait,to get another one,and what else um,i have another dog um,the one that doesn't get mentioned yeah,i mean like,i love him too,so how did you get in the business uh so,i got in the business by i used to strip,in dc,and,i came out to california to visit a,friend and his friend i forget his name,used to be in the industry and he was,talking about all the good times in the,industry and i was like well,sometimes i send like masturbation,videos if you like come in,so i kind of want to try it so i tried,it once and i was like i'm just going to,stay,so what was your very first shoot was it,boy girl was it solo was a girl girl so,my first sheet was a boy girl i had lots,of fun but i was very very nervous,before,um,before i got into porn i,didn't do any oral stuff,so when i went to go do my first scene,they're like okay let's see let's take,stocking and all this stuff and i was,like oh no,i don't want to do that they're like oh,but we really want you to so i was like,well i guess i'll try so that part was,like really i was just really nervous,yeah i guess i mean it's something,you've never done so yeah even in your,personal life i guess you'd be a little,nervous that you know yeah so,do you mind if i ask like what was your,thing about like not wanting to do it,beforehand so,i didn't do it before because,guys they were like very like oh i'm,just gonna like get my dick sacked and,nothing else so i was like i'm not gonna,do that sounds more for you kind of,being selfish yes exactly and then my,mom also told me that my cheeks were,gonna get stuck like,and i didn't,i didn't want anyone to know that i,sucked it because that's what she told,me that's hilarious well obviously your,mom was just trying to protect you but,she's a liar,obviously yeah your your cheeks are fine,but then you eventually obviously,started to like it i'm guessing yes yes,uh oral is actually my favorite part oh,see,don't knock it till you try it,that's crazy so you just kind of dove,right into it,yeah i mean i was willing to try stuff,and that guy was super nice like,he would have done oral to me you know,what i mean so it was fine all right so,what's your favorite part about being in,the adult business,so,my favorite part,would have to be,i could,try almost anything and no one's gonna,say oh my god that's weird,uh my second favorite part is it's so,professional i have like,normal hours like i get up usually i'm,on set by like nine and i finish you,know like,nine to five type of yeah it's really,nice like i'm usually home pretty early,you mean like better than like stripping,where you have like a weird schedule and,everyone else,yeah everyone else you know like,is it is a sleep when you're awake and,then they're awake when you're asleep,and you never see anyone yeah exactly so,um yeah definitely how professional it,is,uh,how the hours are and i get to not be,judged,that's great,okay so who,would you like to work with,male and female that you have not gotten,to work with yet okay so,um,some of the people i want to work with,would have to be you,thank you and then i really like doing,girl girls so,i went to,work with danavas foley,um,a younger one katrina jade,it's like you like the older ones,i've done a lot of milf stuff so i kind,of like favor so i'm trying to think of,like younger ones,but almost any milfy type of,older younger it's my favorite what is,it that you love about milfs,they just like,i just like them they all have like,usually they have like big boobs and,like the big boobs and i just like,the experience they have you know,they're so into it,yes we do we have a few years under our,belts of experience,so describe the perfect date like if you,were to find someone like that and you,agreed to go on a date with them what,would your perfect date be so the,perfect date would be um you would have,to take me to singapore,oh,because it has the world's best zoo,and they have a night safari,has to take me all the way,to asia,the theme is animals if you guys haven't,picked up on that,have you been before or no i have oh but,not on a date,well i went on vacation so yeah it was,so fun though but you still want to like,go and like experience that with someone,like that,okay,okay so aside from animals,because we know you love animals in the,zoo what hobbies or interests you have,like what do you like to do for fun okay,so what i like to do for fun is i love,to cle

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Elsa Jean - Manuel Ferrara

Elsa Jean - Manuel Ferrara

oh yeah they come any bit I'll tell you,I mean know that letting me about I kick,over back there Tony,yeah the way about you Elsa can you come,a little closer because you have the,light and your face right now can see,you,yes I does but I just want to see them,you I won't just want to show them your,face oh my god what is going on this is,a beautiful world this is a beautiful,world and whatever um whenever you want,whenever you have fed me to tell sign,you want to come talk to us take your,time you're not we're not in a rush yeah,put your jacket on while I check it off,sorry it's a joke yeah yes sit down so,this is twitch so twitch is like oh , twitch no oh no I broke it,so twitch it's basically like webcaming,but for video game players do you play,video games,Oh first of all ladies and gentlemen the,beautiful L Sachin hey guys oh my god,but look at her face look out this is,easy,what did you do did you sell did you,sell your soul to the devil to the face,like that and I've only some ammo dear,prophesy you are just so good you have,to be one of the cutest girl in the,industry right now it's true look they,all agree you are just so cute look,Beauty and the Beast right there,LaBella bet you know the beast under,beauty look at this I want to see,what is that about you like just saying,hi they can't hear you yeah yeah it's,mostly writing they're all saying like,hi hi hi since early demise I'm in that,beautiful lady they all think you're,beautiful,but you know you know you're beautiful,this is uh well which is a it's a,platform for gaming like worldwide it's,owned by Amazon blood my community is,mainly French people it's like 95 dogs,and french people so I'm mostly talking,French to them and I have a lot of girls,coming here I did a thing in avian I've,sponsors and Polaroid sponsor my show,there is a company called fanatic they,do like keyboard screen stop doing my,show and I have a bunch of you will send,they like you well this is a legend so,you play video games as you am are you,captain I usually have Mario Kart I'm,gonna try I'm really good I'm gonna try,to which Mario Kart do you play the old,school one of the new one the new one,but we you okay so I don't have that one,but there's you don't mean Tendo just,came out with a new console to switch,and this they have like the new where,Mario Kart have an update one with like,new characters and new race isn't it,it's gonna be good so you play Mario,Kart a lot really yeah I need to get,that game and bring you back and we can,play Mario Kart I need to know that you,don't know like I just mastered like,that,no I can't play you know I don't know,yeah yeah no no I'll set it up the way,you play well sure and I have to be the,you know when you're like playing,against someone I have to be the ball on,the screen well that's interesting,what's your favorite character to drive,with I like so I'm not like rocket ship,for you really yeah it's a new one yeah,and you do like more like motorcycles of,course,cars for sure my brother is really,really really good at Mario Kart is,really more character for my cap LD,yaker personal seat market do you know,they do competitions,you know they there's a thing that was,gaming it's called eSports so it's,basically electronic sport which is like,everything around gaming I'm sure they,have like competitions of Mario Kart I'm,sure you do good all those guys that,would probably be just drooling a tattoo,and not caring about the game like they,would probably be just in love Buckley,Jean Alice gave me a loo L Guinea I,agree I don't like I don't want people,to let me win I want to take it yes I,like to let people hope,then you're gonna win and then last,second I crush yes I like to break their,dream to crush it,yeah I like breaking off that's what I,do that's where I like feed off like,people despair,Dulli joking Hey,holy have you been in the industry,almost two years almost two years Wow,so I don't know if it's a question I,don't know you know,this year you were nominated for Best,New Starlet I thought you could have win,yeah I thought you and there was like,another two of them girls I could have,win I feel like it was me,Kimmy Granger Kimmy Granger I thought,yeah exactly,I thought you Kimmy Granger and there,was another girl and the girl who won no,no avian the girl who won avian yes,Holly and Drake's one I didn't think she,will win I understand why I talked you,an agent actually your agent and I we,talked about that and it was like he was,very what do you think I'm like,everyone's opinion here is the thing,people who vote their porn fans - and,they still good that does a lot of,hardcore things and that's what they,they were more into you know I thought I,thought beauty wise and work wise you,are Kimmy could have both won yeah I I,don't I didn't think Holly would win but,good for her she won but you know yeah,but yeah it was it was can you work,alone and you're beautiful and you're,healthy and that's what matters like I,was so like you like Ne

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Cory Chase: Stepmom Scenes, Ted Cruz’s Twitter & Orgies in the Afterlife

Cory Chase: Stepmom Scenes, Ted Cruz’s Twitter & Orgies in the Afterlife

foreign,welcome back to Holly Randall I'm,filtered before I introduce my guest,today I just want to give a quick shout,out to my amazing sponsor Rex MD who,makes getting generic and branded Viagra,easy and cheap everything's online,including the prescription they deliver,right to your door no doctor office,visits nothing awkward and of course you,are prescribed by a licensed physician,to get started with a sample Pack,prescription of generic Viagra go to, Holly that's Holly,now let me introduce my guest she has,been in the industry for two decades,she's America's favorite MILF she's been,highly requested by you guys and I have,finally brought her to you the one and,only Corey Chase,hi Corey how are you today,hi I'm doing very good thank you for,having me yeah of course thank you so,much for coming I know we've been back,and forth about this for a while so I'm,finally glad that we were able to sit,down,yeah so um,it's been it's been tough trying to get,our schedules to match,I know right how did covet change like I,mean you know I feel like covid changed,everybody's life,um how did covid impact you specifically,uh me uh it found I found out a lot that,I I was able to stay home maybe a little,bit more I didn't really necessarily,have to go out and do a lot of crazy,things and like travel as much as I,thought I was doing so that definitely,helped,um and of course uh when you're stuck at,home,what is the one thing you're going to do,but masturbate and have fun and find new,fetishes so,like it just it was amazing for me kovid,was a godsend,it's so interesting I feel like,you know most people wouldn't,say this but I feel like a lot of people,in the adult industry performers,specifically feel the same way because,yeah it was this opportunity to realize,that you could actually survive pretty,much on your own financially through you,know the personal content platforms like,only fans Etc,and it definitely changed the adult,industry completely do you feel do you,prefer the way things are now where you,can produce more content at home and,shoot less for Studios,um yes and no uh I I like that girls are,have this um way of making money on,their own and not having rely on,production companies but then it's kind,of degraded uh,porn a little bit,um it's become a little bit more,disposable and,people aren't really expecting a whole,lot of like production work when it,comes to porn because they're watching,it and then they move on to something,else which this was a trend that was,happening even before covid uh but like,I've noticed that even the the stuff,that I'm maybe putting more time in I,have uh more stars that they're just not,appreciating the work that I'm putting,into what I'm producing,um,that has kind of been a little like darn,like why why couldn't we also go back to,how it used to be yeah I I relate to,that so much I put a lot of work into,like the stuff that I shoot for,,um you know and it's it's,pretty much all solo girl stuff but you,know before like that got a lot more,traction than it does now and yeah it's,like people are just like oh no I'd,rather see you know cell phone footage,of blow jobs and like all this money,that I pour into this like carefully,curated beautifully shot video and,stills and I get like almost no feedback,from it and it's so disappointing and so,disappointing,so,um,but you are still shooting for Studios,sometimes like you were just out here,um yeah so what's that like being back,on set like what do you love about being,on set versus shooting at home,um on set I like that I can just be the,model I can focus on doing what I need,to do with what they've given me,um it kind of,clears me to kind of be a little maybe a,little more adventurous where whereas,when I'm producing my own content,um I'm focused on lighting I'm focusing,on set and is the models okay with,everything that's going on and all the,other stuff post-production,pre-production that goes on with,producing a film that when I work for,somebody else I can just be whoever I,want to be for that scene and it's it's,very kind of refreshing and kind of a,helps kind of like reset me,where I can maybe even Explore a,different character or a different,scenario,in what I shoot when I go back home,yeah you know that absolutely makes,sense there's a lot of responsibilities,that come along with producing your own,content as much as like there may be the,benefits of having the control and that,kind of stuff it's,it's a lot of work so I absolutely,relate to that,um so I guess let's get your origin,story how did you get started in the,adult industry,my origin story is very very long,um,so there's an unofficial day and an,official date,in a semi full-time date so we'll just,kind of start from the beginning,uh I was modeling for some extra income,while I was in college because I was,going to college I was in the National,Guard I was just getting my GI bill I,was working I was just like being a pet,sitter and ever

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Olivia Rodrigo - traitor (Official Video)

Olivia Rodrigo - traitor (Official Video)

♪ 噢噢噢 ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 棕色瞳仁映照愧疚 嘴巴訴說善意謊言 ♪,♪ 我表面裝作糊塗 事實上心知肚明 ♪,♪ 你與她談笑風生 ♪,♪ 又或遠不止於此 ♪,♪ 保持沉默 皆因不願放手 ♪,♪ 然而多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 我們這秒才剛分手 ♪,♪ 你就飛奔到她懷中 ♪,♪ 瞧瞧多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 拍胸口保證只是朋友 ♪,♪ 現在難道不是 啪啪打臉了麼 ♪,♪ 無情的背叛者 ♪,♪ 我知道 縱使這身軀遍體鱗傷 ♪,♪ 你亦不會有絲毫歉意 ♪,♪ 我倆仍然在一起時 ♪,♪ 你已與她談天說地 ♪,♪ 大概攜手共患難的回憶 ♪,♪ 對你而言連糞土都不如 ♪,♪ 不過區區兩星期 ♪,♪ 你已投入新戀情 ♪,♪ 或許稱不上出軌 ♪,♪ 但你仍是個不折不扣的背叛者 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 你帶她四處轉悠 ♪,♪ 卻把我拒之門外 ♪,♪ 大肆炫耀新歡 彷彿她是甚麼新獎杯 ♪,♪ 如若你曾待我以真心 ♪,♪ 他媽的怎麼可以♪,♪ 他媽的怎麼可能 那麼快移情別戀 ♪,♪ 然而多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 過往扭曲的把戲 ♪,♪ 一堆堆 拒絕回答的問題 ♪,♪ 瞧瞧多麼諷刺 ♪,♪ 以前每次我提起她 ♪,♪ 你都說一切 只是我多疑 ♪,♪ 無情的背叛者 ♪,♪ 我知道 縱使這身軀遍體鱗傷 ♪,♪ 你亦不會有絲毫歉意 ♪,♪ 我倆仍然在一起時 ♪,♪ 你已與她談天說地 ♪,♪ 大概攜手共患難的回憶 ♪,♪ 對你而言連糞土都不如 ♪,♪ 不過區區兩星期 ♪,♪ 你已投入新戀情 ♪,♪ 或許稱不上出軌 ♪,♪ 但你仍是個不折不扣的背叛者 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 在和我交往前 為何不想清楚 ♪,♪ 為何要任由我 傻傻墜入愛河 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 當她在床上熟睡 感受我的餘溫時 ♪,♪ 永遠不要 不要忘記 ♪,♪ 你是如何背叛我的 ♪,♪ 我知道 縱使這身軀遍體鱗傷 ♪,♪ 你亦不會有絲毫歉意 ♪,♪ 我倆仍然在一起時 ♪,♪ 你已與她談天說地 ♪,♪ 大概那海枯石爛的誓言 ♪,♪ 對你而言連糞土都不如 ♪,♪ 不過區區兩星期 ♪,♪ 你已投入新戀情 ♪,♪ 或許稱不上出軌 ♪,♪ 但你仍是個 ♪,♪ 仍是個不折不扣的背叛者 ♪,♪ 啊啊啊啊 ♪,♪ 沒錯 你仍是個背叛者 ♪,♪ 噢噢噢噢 ♪,♪ 在和我交往前 為何不想清楚 ♪,♪ 為何要任由我 傻傻墜入愛河 ♪

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Eminem - Lose Yourself ( cover by J.Fla )

Eminem - Lose Yourself ( cover by J.Fla )

تمت الترجمه بواسطة S.K(J),أستمع......,لو كان لدلك ...,فرصة واحدة...,للاستيلاء على كل ما تريد من أي وقت مضى...,لحظة واحدة...,فهل كنت ستنتهزها ...,أم ستتركها تضيع,يووو,كفيه متعرقان ... ركبتيه ضعيفان ... ذراعيه ثقيلتان,و على سترته قئ .. من السبغتي التي صنعتها له أمه,انه متوتر .. و مع ذلك يظهر بمظهر الهادئ و المستعد,لإلقاء القنبله .....,لكنه يستمر في نسيان ما كتبه,فأصوات الجمهور تتعالى,يحاول فتح فمه و لكن الكلمات لا تخرج,إنه يختنق ... كيف ؟؟؟,الجميع يسخرون منه الان ...,الوقت ينفذ منه ...,أنتهى الوقت ,.,.,.,يعود الى الواقع "",حيث تبدأ الجاذبيه,حيث بدا الارنب الذي اخنتق به,انه غاضب ... و لكنه لن يستسلم بهذه السهوله .. لا,لن يكتفي .... لا,فهو يعلم أنه يسند ظهره بالكامل للحبال,لا يهم إن كان رائعا..,فهو يعلم أنه مفلس,و عاجز تماما عن الحركه لإنه يعلم,أن عودته الى بيته المتنقل,هي عودته إلى المختبر مجددا,إلى مدينة الراب,من الافضل إنتهاز هذه الفرصه ... و أن يأمل بأنها لم تضيع منه,من الافضل لك أن تنسى نفسك أملم المسيقى لحضة حصولك عليها ...,من الافضل أن لا تضيعها,لديك فقط فرصة واحده ... فلا تدع فرصتك تضيع,فالفرصه لا تأتي إلا مره واحده في العمر,من الافضل لك أن تنسى نفسك أمام المسيقى لحظة حصولك عليها,من الافضل أن لا تضيعها,لديك فقط فرصة واحده ... فلا تدع فرصتك تضيع,فالفرصة لا تأتي إلا مرة واحده في العمر,الروح تهرب .... من هذه الفجوه (تقصد من الجسد ),العالم بإنتظار أن أستولي عليه,لما لا اصبح ملكا,بينما نسير بإتجاه نظام عالمي جديد,فالحياة العاديه مملة,أما النجوم فهي أقرب للحياة بعد الموت,و لكنها حياة أكثر صعوبة,فقد أصبح اكثر جاذبيه,الجميع منذهلين منه,كل هؤلاء المعجبات خوله,ينتقل من الشاطئ الى الشاطئ ... اصبح يعرف بالرحاله,وحيدا في الطرق ... الله وحده يعلم,فقد كبر بعيدا عن البيت الذي لم يعد يعيله,و حين يذهب لبيته فأنه بالكاد يعرف إبنته,و لكن ... سد أنفك ... فهنا تبدا المياه بالبروده,فمعجباته لم يعدن يرفبن به ... فقد أصبح منتج بارد ..,و أنتقلن لأحمق أخر يثرثر و انفه غارق .. و لم يبع اي شئ؟؟,كما في مسلسل أوبرا الصابون,تنكشف الحقائق,أعتقد أنه مسلسل قديم .. يا صديقي .. و لكن الايقاع لازال مستمرا,دا دا دوم دا دوم دا دا ..... ^_^,من الافضل لك أن تنسى نفسك أمام الموسيقى,لحضة حصولك عليها ... من الافضل أن لا تضيعها,لديك فقط فرصة واحده ... فلا تدع فرصتك تضيع,فالفرصة لا تأتي إلا نرة واحده في العمر,من الافضل لا أن تنسى نفسك أمام المسيقى,لحضة حصولك عليها ... من الافضل أن لا تضيعها,لديك فقط فرصة واحدة ... فلا تدع فرصتك تضيع,فالفرصة لا تأتي إلا مرة واحده في العمر,جميل جدا ... بل حقا انها رائعه’’’,اعطي الشكر للخالق ^_*

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Show Yourself! Frozen 2 Elsa Song (Cover)

Show Yourself! Frozen 2 Elsa Song (Cover)

Frozen 2 "Show Yourself" Ah ah ah ah!,Of course! Glaciers are rivers of ice.,Sung by: Jazzy Skye (Age 11) Ah ah ah ah!,Ahtohallan is frozen.,I hear you, and I'm coming., "Kids Fun TV",Every inch of me is trembling but not from the cold.,Something is familiar like a dream I can reach but not quite hold.,I can sense you there like a friend I've always known.,I'm arriving, and it feels like I am home.,I have always been a fortress, cold secrets deep inside.,You have secrets too, but you don't have to hide.,Show yourself. I'm dying to meet you.,Show yourself. It's your turn.,Are the one I've been looking for all of my life?,Show yourself! I'm ready to learn. Ah ah ah ah!, Ah ah ah ah!,I have never felt so certain! All my life I've been torn.,But I'm here for a reason. Could it be the reason I was born?,I have always been so different. Normal rules do not apply.,Is this the day? Are you the way I finally find out why?,Show yourself! I'm no longer trembling!,Here I am! I've come so far!,You are the answer I've waited for all of my life!,Oh, show yourself! Let me see who you are!,Come to me now.,Open your door.,Don't make me wait one moment more!,Come to me now.,Open your door.,Don't make me wait one moment more!, Where the North wind meets the sea. Ah ah ah ah!, There's a river. Ah ah ah ah. Full of memory. Mother., Come, my darling, homeward bound.,I am found!, Show yourself. Step into your power. Grow yourself. Into something new., You are the one you've been waiting for.,All of my life. Oh, show yourself!,Ah ah ah ah!, Ah ah ah ah!,Ah ah ah ah!, Ah ah ah ah!, Ah ah ah ah!,Hey guys! Jazzy Skye here! Thank you so much for watching!,And make sure to like and subscribe below.,If you liked this Frozen video and would like to see some of our other awesome Frozen videos,,click on the channel icon to the bottom left of your video screen.,Hey guys, click it! Click it! There's so many also Frozen videos! Click it!,Thanks so much to the ice castles in Dillon, Colorado, for letting us film at their amazing location.

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Billie Eilish - hostage

Billie Eilish - hostage


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