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Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022hello,so,in just a few minut


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022

hello,so,in just a few minutes um elon musk will,be joining us here live on stage,for a conversation uh,rumor has it there are a few things to,talk about with him,um,we we we will see,but um before that,i just want to show you something,special,i want you to come with me to,tesla's huge gigafactory in austin texas,so the day before it opened last week,the evening before i was allowed to walk,around it,no one else there,and what i saw there was honestly pretty,mind-blowing,this is elon musk's famous machine that,builds the machine and his view the,secret to a sustainable future is not,just making an electric car,it's making a system that churns out,huge numbers of electric cars with a,margin so that they can fund further,growth,when i was there um none of us knew,whether elon would actually be able to,make it here today so i took the chance,to sit down with him and record an epic,interview,and i just want to show you,a nine,an eight minute excerpt of that,interview so here from austin texas elon,musk,i want us to switch now to think a bit,about artificial intelligence i i'm,curious about your timelines and how you,predict and how come some things are so,amazingly on the money and some aren't,so when it comes to predicting,sales of tesla vehicles for example,i mean you've kind of been amazing i,think in 2014,when tesla had sold that year 60 000,cars you said 2020 i think we will do,half a million a year yeah we did almost,exactly half a million five years ago,last time you came today we um i asked,you about for self-driving and um you,said yep this very year where i am,confident that we will have a car going,from la to new york uh without any,intervention yeah i i don't want to blow,your mind but i'm not always right,um,so talk what's the difference between,those two why why,why has full self-driving in particular,been so hard to predict i mean the thing,that really got me and i think it's,going to get a lot of other people is,that,there are just so many false stones with,with self-driving um where you think you,think you've got the problem,have a handle on the problem and then it,nope uh it turns out uh you just hit a,ceiling um and and uh,uh,because what happened if you if you were,to plot the progress,the progress looks like a log curve so,it's like yeah,a series of log curves so,uh most people don't like cookies i,suppose but it shows the show,it goes it goes up sort of a you know,sort of a fairly straight way and then,it starts tailing off right and and and,you start there's a kind of ocean,getting diminishing returns you know in,retrospect they seem obvious but uh in,in order to solve uh full self-driving,uh properly you actually just you have,to solve real-world ai,um you you you know because you said,what are the road networks designed to,to work with they're designed to work,with a biological neural net our brains,and with uh vision our eyes,and so in order to make it work,with computers you basically need,to solve real world ai,and vision,because because we we need,we need cameras,and silicon neural nets,uh in order to have to have,self-driving work for a system that was,designed for eyes and biological neural,nets,it you know when you i guess when you,put it that way it's like quite obvious,that the only way to solve full,self-driving is to solve real-world,ai and sophisticated vision what do you,feel about the current architecture do,you think you have an architecture now,where where there is,a chance for the logarithmic curve not,to tail off any anytime,soon,well i mean,admittedly these these uh may be an,infamous uh last words but i i actually,am confident that we will solve it this,year,uh that we will exceed uh,you're like what the probability,of an accident at what point should you,exceed that of the average person right,um i think we will exceed that this year,we could be here,talking again in a year it's like well,yeah another year went by and it didn't,happen but i think this i think this is,the year is there an element that you,actually deliberately,make aggressive prediction timelines to,drive people to be ambitious and without,that nothing gets done,so it's it feels like at some point in,the last year,seeing the progress on,understanding you that you're that the,ai the tesla ai understanding the world,around it led to a kind of an aha moment,in tesla because you really surprised,people recently when you said,probably the most important product,development going on at tesla this year,is this robot optimus yes,is it something that happened in the,development of fourself driving that,gave you the confidence to say you know,what we could do something special here,yeah exactly so you know it took me a,while to sort of realize that that in,order to solve self-driving you really,needed to solve real-world ai um,at the point of which you solve,real-world ai for a car which is really,a robot on four wheels uh you can then,generalize that to a robot on legs as,well,the thing that the things that

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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

finally Elon Musk has made it public a,number of important initiatives he took,to combat bots on Twitter they began by,locating a small group of prominent,individuals who were running a sizable,number of Bot troll accounts then by,denying these malicious users access to,the platform they banned access to their,IP addresses more importantly Elon has,disclosed the three key strategies he,has created to counteract bots on the,platform also the key fear behind Elon,musk's decision to remove all Bots from,the network was that there will be a,drop in monthly active users however,Twitter is still experiencing a huge,increase in both user numbers and,engagement the reason for this is that,users of the site are mostly protected,against bots trolls and other bad,conduct it is important to note that,mask has provided details on a serious,potential bot problem that might have,severe effects on the platform,furthermore according to Elon Musk the,primary problem with Bots is that they,may give the impression that the topics,are trending when they aren't even worse,since Bots can repost tweets or other,content the volume of spam generated by,them may destroy any original content so,this is a crucial issue for Elon Musk as,you know Elon musk's deal with Twitter,initially fell apart due to the bot,issue when he claimed that a majority of,Twitter users were bought at that time,Elon said until Twitter publicly proves,that the platform has less than five,percent fake spam accounts that's it the,deal is off musk argued that these Bots,were damaging Twitter's reputation and,credibility and that they needed to be,removed or drastically reduced to make,the platform more valuable in response,Twitter requested that mask provide,detailed documentation and evidence to,support his allegations which he was,unable to do at the time City didn't,have access to internal Twitter data a,study conducted by ciabra which was,commissioned by Elon Musk as part of his,legal battle with Twitter found that,spam and Bot accounts make up an,estimated 11 of Twitter's total user,base this is more than the five percent,figure often cited by Twitter itself,cyber used a machine learning algorithm,to analyze hundreds of parameters to,arrive at their estimates Twitter was,fighting with Spam accounts every day,but this was a complicated issue of,people that create these accounts got,more sophisticated with time their goals,and tactics have evolved an Elon musk's,team also is conducting a random survey,of 100 Twitter followers to find out the,ratio of spam Bots that exist the,findings were significant because mask,had previously said he wanted to,purchase Twitter to address the,company's bot problem however less than,three months after signing an agreement,he attempted to terminate the deal,citing claims that Twitter had misstated,the number of bots on his platform Elon,Musk has a valid point about Bots being,present on Twitter and other social,media platforms as mentioned above,Twitter has access to data points from,its over 300 million monthly active,users yet it is still struggling to,clean up the platform from spam accounts,similarly Facebook has been facing a,class action lawsuit related to its,audience exaggeration which indicates,the need for more transparency when it,comes to verifying users thus Elon Musk,calls for third-party Auditors and,independent researchers who could ensure,estimates of active users are accurate,and also inform public policies,surrounding these platforms if they had,access to Quality data and freedom to,publish their results this would help,protect advertisers as well as investors,from being deceived by the false Matrix,of user engagement thus it can be said,that Elon Musk has a valid point about,Bots being present on platforms like,Twitter and Facebook Twitter suit must,to complete the deal accusing him of,using Bots as a pretext to exit the deal,after getting buyer's remorse and the,two sides were set to go to trial,however in light of seabra's report,confirming that there are indeed more,Bots than initially thought on Twitter,must decided to proceed with a deal Elon,musk's main issue with Bots is that they,can create false Impressions giving the,impression that topics are trending when,they're not this could be used to,manipulate public opinion on certain,topics and influence people's opinions,in a way that would be impossible,without the use of bots furthermore Bots,can repost tweets or other content made,meaning that original content may be,drowned out by the sheer volume of Bot,generated spam Bots can also be used to,automate activities like sending,messages and replies which can confuse,additionally they can slow down,Twitter's website performance or even,crash it if there are too many bots in,one place in short bots have the,potential to negatively impact Twitter's,user experience Elon Musk and Twitter,took several steps to combat bots on the,platform first they identified a small,number of people operating large numbers,

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The Biggest Scam Ever Involving Tesla And Elon Musk

The Biggest Scam Ever Involving Tesla And Elon Musk

this is Bob Bob is a U.S taxpayer and,he's getting screwed let me explain why,starting in 2023 U.S taxpayers can take,advantage of a 7 500 federal tax credit,when purchasing an electric or hybrid,vehicle in the United States the purpose,of this bill is to incentivize domestic,manufacturing of batteries and electric,vehicles using American workers which,will Aid in the transition of the,vehicle Fleet to the Next Generation,technology the bill states that this is,good for the economy and National,Security since the U.S would be less,reliant on other countries for its oil,and gas to power the current Fleet,although this incentive sounds,reasonable and promising at first glance,the way it's currently being executed is,anything but and American taxpayers are,funding the exact opposite of what this,bill intended to do let me show you what,I mean with a very specific example,outlining the incentives for some,so-called electric vehicles this is a,Jeep Wrangler 4xe as categorized by the,EPA netsa and the IRS this is a,five-seat SUV the 4xe is a hybrid,vehicle which means it has a gas powered,drivetrain as well as an electric,drivetrain this electric drivetrain is,powered by a battery that provides 21,miles of pure electric range and after,this is exhausted the car will use its,traditional gas engine for another 250,to 300 miles just like any other Jeep,Wrangler these two drivetrains combined,give the car 20 miles per gallon,equivalent which is slightly better than,a gas only Wrangler but not by much,under the current interpretation of the,build this car is eligible for the 7 500,EV tax credit due to complying with the,three following rule sets number one it,has a battery of at least seven kilowatt,hours which is used to power an electric,drivetrain number two its MSRP is under,eighty thousand dollars which is the,limit for SUVs trucks or Vans to be,eligible to receive the credit and,lastly number three the car's final,assembly in other words the steps,required to put the car together are in,North America not specifically the us,but any of the three countries in North,America which are Canada the United,States and Mexico for this example the,Jeep Wrangler has a battery of at least,seven kilowatt hours which gives it that,21 miles of EV range it is built in,Toledo Ohio which last I checked is in,North America and it has an MSRP of 54,735 which is below the 80 000 threshold,limit for SUVs and So based on the,definition of the bill a car that gets,20 miles per gallon equivalent and has,21 miles of electric range which is five,percent of its total capable range is,eligible for a 7 500 electric vehicle,tax credit in 2022 this 95 gas car 5,electric vehicle was not eligible for a,7 500 tax incentive in 2023 it is let me,show you a slightly different example,this is an Audi q5e Quattro as,categorized by the EPA netsa and the IRS,this is a five-seat SUV in the,e-configuration the Q5 is a hybrid,vehicle which means it has the same dual,drivetrain as the Wrangler 4x8 the,electric powertrain gets 23 miles of,pure electric range and the rest just,just like the Wrangler is driven by a,gas powertrain for another 250 to 300,miles it has a starting MSRP of 57 400,and gets 61 miles per gallon equivalent,which for a gas car is objectively very,good however this car's final assembly,is in San Jose chiapa Mexico which is,not in the United States but is in North,America this means that this German,brand built in Mexico gets the 7 500,Federal EV tax credit that's funded by,U.S taxpayers which seems counter to the,Bill's intended purpose understand if,thus far you feel like your tax dollars,are not being put to good use and we,could say this is some poor oversight,and government not being a perfectly,efficient organization I would be,willing to Grant you this if the,following example didn't exist this is a,Tesla Model y this car is built in,Fremont California and Austin Texas it,has two different configurations a five,seat and a seven seat the seven seat,configuration is labeled as an SUV by,the EPA Nitsa and the IRS however and,this is very important the 5c,configuration is labeled as an SUV by,the EPA and netsup but not the IRS this,is a very important distinction because,it will bring to light just how broken,the current incentive structure is under,the five-seat configuration the model Y,starts at 65 990 and unlike the other,two examples we listed which were,hybrids this car is 100 electric meaning,that it only has one drivetrain and,electric one no gas tank no engine no,radiator catalytic converter,transmission nothing just a big battery,an electric drivetrains this battery has,roughly 70 kilowatt hours of capacity,which is roughly 10 times more than,either the Audi or the Jeep this battery,gives the car 330 miles of pure electric,range which is equivalent to the total,range of either the Audi or the jeep,with both their electric and gas Drive,trains combined but as you can see it is,more than 10 times the electric range of,either vehi

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It Happened! Elon Musk Officially Appointed MrBeast as CEO of Twitter!

It Happened! Elon Musk Officially Appointed MrBeast as CEO of Twitter!

foreign,have you ever thought that the richest,billionaire in the world Elon Musk would,cooperate with Mr Beast who has the most,influential YouTube channel in history,it's about to happen recently musk has,officially spoken about giving Mr Beast,the opportunity to take over the Twitter,social network he's just acquired,something that people thought was just a,joke so why what Elon Musk partner with,Mr Beast how does this benefit his,business well let's jump into this,episode and find out all the reasons but,first we want to welcome you to Tesla,fans and don't forget like share click,the Bell icon you'll be the first to see,our latest videos and without making you,wait any longer let's get started Mr,Beast a YouTuber has a red diamond,button with close to 130 million active,subscribers right now with more than 120,million followers on Twitter Elon Musk,is similarly impressive coming in second,only to Renown individuals like former,president Barack Obama or football great,CR7 together these two highly powerful,individuals have the power of an atom,bomb what gives us reason to believe,that Elon Musk would choose Mr Beast to,lead Twitter well the past week has been,Rife with new Twitter news just a few,days ago must tweeted a poll taking,votes if he should step down as Twitter,CEO and the results of the poll were not,in must favor as Twitter users came to,vote him out of the position and the,poll results which were posted 57,percent of Voters are 10 million favored,must stepping down just eight weeks,after he took ownership of the company,for 44 billion dollars musk sharing the,poll results said he will step down as,the CEO of Twitter once he finds a,suitable replacement I will resign as,CEO as soon as I find someone foolish,enough to take the job after that I will,just run the software and servers teams,the world's richest person wrote on,Twitter,seizing the opportunity popular YouTube,personality Mr Beast posted a tweet,asking if he could be the new Twitter,CEO musk later responded that it was not,out of the question for Mr Beast to have,a shot at gaining the position although,he's not actively stepped down yet musk,has made it clear he intends to step,down once he finds someone able to take,on the position if musk is serious about,his response to Mr Beast it would,definitely be an interesting turn of,events would think Mr Beast is too busy,breaking YouTube records and creating,his popular big budget videos however if,Mr Beast happened to be chosen as the,one to take up the Twitter CEO mantle it,would be another huge milestone for the,content creator,before Mr Beast referred to Twitter's,ladder retracted policy that prohibited,sharing links to other platforms and,replied if you're going to keep doing,stuff like this yes musk later,apologized for the rule and reversed it,and said there will be a vote for major,policy changes,the YouTuber and CEO of had back and,forth on Twitter in the past late last,month after musk tweeted that the number,of daily active users on Twitter had,increased Mr Beast wondered what,YouTube's daily actives is let's see,what happens when Twitter offers good,video with higher compensation for,creators musk reply Mr Beast who drives,a Tesla was skeptical that the CEO would,be able to get that done writing higher,compensation will be hard some YouTubers,get 20 bucks plus RPMs even after,YouTube takes their cut I'd be shocked,if you cracked that code how is,Twitter's current operation under Elon,Musk control almost immediately after he,took over musk booted top Executives,slashed Rank and file head count by 50,percent issued remaining employees an,ultimatum to be hardcore in their work,ethic or quit fast-tracked a hodgepodge,of potentially Revenue generating,features including charging users to get,or keep a verification check Mark and,that was all before he allowed former,president Donald Trump back on the app,reversing Trump's former ban on the,platform and then declared amnesty for,previously suspended accounts Twitter is,considering entering the payment,business that's an area musk has lots of,experience with going back to his,pre-paypal days according to a New York,Times report citing paperwork file with,the U.S treasury Department it could be,part of must stated ambition to make,Twitter a super app called X which would,be similar to WeChat and China that's,used not just for posting messages but,for things like making shopping,purchases and even ordering food,otherwise it seems as though Elon is,throwing a bunch of ideas out to see,what works as one investor in must deal,Finance CEO Shang ping Zao said at the,web Summit conference in November he,expects only 10 percent of musk ideas,quote will stick,over time it'll become clear if musk,will be able to successfully resurrect,these old ideas and his new ones like,paying for a check mark with a very,different work culture and staff than,Twitter had before,relating back to Mr Beast query,regarding becoming the CEO of Twitter we,believe t

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Inside Elon Musk's Neurafactory!

Inside Elon Musk's Neurafactory!

so you may have heard that Elon Musk,wants to implant a tiny computer into,your skull elon's brain computer,interface company neurolink will be,conducting the first ever human trial of,their implant technology this year and,that is just the beginning neuralink,plans to move quickly in expanding their,business to implanting hundreds,thousands and eventually millions of,brains every year and in order to,achieve that the company will need to,scale the manufacturing of their N1,implant device to levels that are,totally unprecedented in the brain,computer interface and Neuroscience,industry ten years ago Skeptics would,have told you that it was impossible for,Tesla to build a million electric cars,in a year but in 2022 they did just that,and more using the same manufacturing,principles learned at Tesla neuralink,can grow to the same unbelief believable,scale and here is how they are doing it,during neuralink's Show and Tell live,event in late 2022 the company revealed,that they had moved the bulk of their,operations from California to Austin,Texas where they had constructed a new,facility dedicated to device,manufacturing the main goal of this,Factory being to rapidly accelerate,their implant product and its supporting,systems from the Prototype phase to,volume production we learned that,neuralink has already taken major steps,to vertically integrate the,manufacturing process for their BCI,technology which means that instead of,using commercially available parts and,components the company is developing,their own specialized in-house process,for manufacturing critical elements of,the implant procedure down to the tiny,electrode wires and the needles that,insert them into the brain tissue,vertical integration is a foundational,manufacturing principle that Tesla has,relied on since the intro introduction,of their model 3 in 2017 instead of,sourcing generic components from some,Factory in Asia the company chose to,make as many of the parts for the car,themselves as possible so everything,from the battery cells and modules to,the electric motors to the seats and,window glass is made by Tesla the,company even writes all of their own,software there's no apple carplay in a,Tesla they have their own unique,operating system the benefit of this,vertical manufacturing is that it allows,for Rapid iteration and testing so if a,component isn't performing as desired,you can instantly change the design test,it and change again until the component,is doing exactly what you want it to do,that's not something that is really,possible when you're locked into a,contract with a supplier or buying,off-the-shelf commercial products which,is why at neurlings factory you'll find,their design Engineers working on the,physical manufacturing line to build and,debug the products in real time making,for a very fast reiteration cycle time,where the implant design can be changed,completely in just a matter of days and,all of this work is done in a highly,controlled clean room environment not,only are they working with very,sensitive Electronics but these are also,medical devices even at these early,stages the implants need to be safe for,live animal testing and up to standards,for human trials within six months or so,it's a manufacturing environment that,would be very similar to a semiconductor,Factory often referred to as a Fab with,highly controlled particle counts,humidity and vibration one of the really,interesting features that neurolink in,core operates into their manufacturing,process is what they call benchtop,testing so as soon as they finish,building the N1 implant device they,immediately put it into a testing rig on,the production line there are a couple,of reasons that they do this obviously,they want to verify that the product,they just made turns on functions,charges up and communicates the way it's,supposed to and if anything doesn't,check out then they can instantly feed,that testing information back into the,design process and this is all happening,on the production line another reason,that neuralink invests so much into,their product testing is safety this is,at the core of everything that they do,nothing ever goes into a live animal,subject without first being put through,a rigorous benchtop testing process,neuralink wants any animal test to be a,confirmatory exercise never an,exploratory one neuralink has been,perfecting their own artificial brain,proxy that they use to test the implant,plant procedure they started off using,just a flat sheet of agar which is like,jello pretty much and they've now,upgraded to a composite hydrogel brain,proxy that they use to test the thread,insertion robot and the company furthers,that by also running their devices,through accelerated lifetime testing,which is a longevity test that puts the,device into a simulated brain,environment that mimics the chemistry of,brain tissue and bodily fluids and then,runs it through a hostile environment,with elevated temperature and aggressive,Movement by putt

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Elon Musk: "MrBeast Is The Next CEO Of Twitter"

Elon Musk: "MrBeast Is The Next CEO Of Twitter"

has Elon Musk decided to step down as,CEO of Twitter has the entrepreneur,found his successor in the person of the,popular blogger Mr Beast The Social,Network Twitter is waiting for shocks,again I'll tell you all about it now,Elon Musk is a true champion of,democracy he arranges votes on a number,of issues and does as the people say,Elon Musk quotes the Latin phrase the,voice of the people is the voice of God,thus saying that it is the voice of God,thus saying that it is the voice of the,majority that should decide what changes,will be in the future this was the case,with the restoration of Trump's account,and it was the same now when the,entrepreneur arranged a vote asking,whether he should resign from the post,of CEO of Twitter well what is it people,made their choice by voting for elon's,departure musk said he would respect the,final results of the survey of the more,than 17 million people who voted in the,poll which musk published himself 57.5,in users agreed that the billionaire,should no longer run the social network,in sight he said he would abide by the,ruling but whether he would abide by it,remains to be seen it all depends on,whether someone wants to replace him,Elon Musk said he would be happy to step,down as CEO of Twitter if he could find,a replacement after it became obvious,that many users want him to no longer,leave since the famous billionaire took,over the social media platform a few,months ago many have been concerned,about the future of the site there were,quite a few people who wanted to become,the new directors of Twitter but the,most popular of them was none other than,Mr Beast one of the most popular,bloggers on YouTube worldwide at the,moment 126 million people have,subscribed to it and it is on the third,place in terms of the number of,subscribers Miss fees posted a tweet,today asking if he could become the new,CEO of Twitter musk later replied that,it was not out of the question that Mr,Beast would have a chance to take the,position although he has not yet,actively retired musk has made it clear,that he intends to retire as soon as he,you can find someone for the position,according to a brief Twitter exchange,earlier today it could very well be Mr,Beast since musk acquired Twitter a few,months ago numerous controversies have,Arisen around his management of the,social networking site the overhaul of,musk's Twitter verification as a result,of which trolls posed as the main,accounts became one of the most high,profile stories of the year the decision,to change Twitter's verification system,sparked a flurry of criticism from many,app users prompting musk to conduct a,survey asking users if they would prefer,him to step down as CUO if musk is,serious about responding to Mr Beast,this will be an interesting turn of,events Mr Beast seems to be too,preoccupied with breaking YouTube,records and creating his popular high,budget videos however if mer Beast is,chosen as the next CCO of Twitter it,will be another huge step forward for,the content creator the next few days,and weeks will undoubtedly show how,seriously musk takes this potential,offer but who will take over the,management of the social media site in,musk's absence will remain a mystery,until then still don't know who Jimmy,Donaldson is this is the YouTuber Mur,Beast a real sensation of the modern,internet musk is confident that Jimmy,will be able to repeat his success on,YouTube and on Twitter they both have a,similar work based philosophy that Elon,Musk and Mr Beast are working very hard,to achieve High results Elon Musk is,known for his almost insane for some,work ethic working an average of 16,hours a day and seven days a week Elon,Musk thinks Mr Beast is more than,qualified to take his place as CEO of,Twitter he is the person who will be,able to realize musk's idea of Twitter,reaching its greatest potential Mr B,said that as soon as he takes the post,of head of Twitter he wrote what he was,going to do first my first task is to,make sure that the creators really want,to post videos on Twitter and not just,link to other platform on December 19,Elon Musk started another revolutionary,change on Twitter the technical support,account of the social network warned,that from now on users will be banned,from creating accounts whose only,content will be links leading to the,platforms of Twitter competitors the,message said that Elon musk's company,will no longer allow free promotion of,some social platforms on Twitter,Facebook Instagram in particular were,discussed reduce the competition that,Twitter faces from giant social media,platforms and by implementing this on,Twitter Mr Beast will have to deal with,Spam and fake accounts if he wants to,achieve significant success on Twitter,Twitter's engineering team will have to,authenticate all Twitter accounts to,make sure they are legitimate however,this will have little impact on the,company as it will only reduce the,number of Twitter users he will need to,do more numbers are extremely im

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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Situation

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Situation

Elon Musk has identified an appropriate,successor and he's stepping down as CEO,as mask said he had already found,someone foolish so he is resigning musk,has a few candidates who will replace,him as a new Twitter CEO and there is an,important reason why Elon Musk is,considering Mr Beast as Twitter CEO but,with Mr Beast there are other surprising,personalities who Elon Musk chose as his,potential Replacements with that Mr,Beast came out and talked about his,first moves as a Twitter CEO and the big,changes that he will Implement and,Industry experts have recommended that,the incoming CEO of Twitter be an,outsider it is plausible to believe that,the sudden departures are the most,promising possible candidates soon after,musk joined the team with the rude cause,of this lack of internal possibilities,the guidance and influence Elon Musk,might provide Twitter users while he,selects the new chief executive officer,is insane also according to one of the,academics the new CEO should be prepared,to carry carry out musk's Vision while,giving him the attention because Elon,Musk will continue to have a significant,public profile and ultimate ownership,power Elon Musk has disclosed a crucial,factor that has extended the timeline,for hiring a new CEO as Elon Musk,searched for his new CEO a select list,of Candace has been tentatively compiled,for the Billionaire's consideration as,you know Elon Musk announced that he is,thinking about popular YouTuber Mr Beast,as the next Twitter CEO when Mr Beast,asked if he could take over his Twitter,CEO Elon responded by saying that it,wasn't out of the question after musk's,response Mr Beast revealed what his,first official move a CEO would be,transforming Twitter into a platform,that focuses on videos rather than,solely being a gateway to other sites,though some Twitter users wholeheartedly,stand behind Mr BEAST's concept others,are less than the enthusiastic to,incentivize people to post videos on the,platform suggestions have been made for,things like monetization and a more,comprehensive streaming service,after his inauguration as Twitter CEO it,took only three months for users to cast,their votes and oust Elon Musk in a,public survey of course one must take,into consideration that Bots may have,possibly tampered with this survey's,accuracy nonetheless must conveyed only,those who own the exclusive Twitter blue,will possess voting rights within such,surveys this led to an internal,executive search by mask according to,the people familiar with the matter a,process that has been described as a,soft CEO search since it excluded,external recruitment agencies according,to cnbc's sources Elon Musk is actively,seeking someone to replace him before,fully transitioning into leading Twitter,software and service teams after his 44,billion dollar acquisition in October,2022 musk assumed the interim CEO role,and has encountered a turbulent Journey,with the business I will resign as CEO,as soon as I find someone foolish enough,to take the job after that I will just,run the software and serve as teams he,said however the head of SpaceX may have,already deterred possible applicants by,claiming he'll select someone foolish,enough to assume leadership over firm,Elon musk's Inner Circle is the most,probable source for Twitter's next CEO,be it someone within or outside of their,organization,and the Forefront of those likely to,assume mask seat is his associate and,Confidant sharam Krishnan a professional,investor and engineer his resume is,filled with accomplishments that,stakeholders would be impressed by as,Krishnan has previously LED product and,Engineering teams at Twitter meta and,Microsoft he confessed that he was,providing assistance to musk when he,became involved in the platform,according to analysts at Fair betting,sites Krishnan is the front runner with,an implied probability of 25 making him,a clear favorite for taking home the,role in addition Gerard kushner's,presence with Elon Musk at the Qatar,World Cup in 2022 Drew attention from,Spectators who couldn't help but,speculate what the two were discussing,over the years Kushner has created an,expansive business Empire through real,estate and Publishing Investments even,serving as a former advisor to his,father-in-law Donald Trump not only is,there pressure coming from the public,and investors but kushner's very own,wife Ivanka has even held mask as her,Idol even more history could be made if,Sarah fryer the CEO of Nextdoor is,appointed as Twitter's first female,chief executive officer through her work,at payment platform Square the northern,Irish boss catapulted to Fame after,having previously served as an analyst,for Goldman Sachs during her tenure at,the community-orientated organization,she has achieved an impressive feat,doubling revenues this is indicative of,her ability to get through any,technology challenges that may arise,also David Sachs an esteemed South,African-American entrepreneur and,billionaire investor who is part of Elon

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Elon Musk taps 50+ Tesla employees to work at Twitter

Elon Musk taps 50+ Tesla employees to work at Twitter

foreign,we want to stick with Mr musk he's,reportedly tapping Tesla for Twitter,Talent Yahoo finance is Alexis Keenan is,here with the details and Alexis all,right you're the CEO of the most uh well,the most highly paid uh richest man in,the world you have this new company,Twitter why not borrow a couple of,engineering execs from this great EV,company and put them over here see what,happens mix them all up this is all,legal right why not very,interdisciplinary right so this report,is coming from CNBC and what they have,learned is that these employees are on,loan from Tesla and other of musk's,companies they say that 50 plus Tesla,employees have been authorized to work,at Twitter along with two boring company,employees and also one from neuralink,um also saying that the goal here is to,really staff up quickly enough to learn,very quickly to redesign eventually,Twitter that we've all been talking,about that so much lately of what is,going going to do with what is Elon Musk,going to do how is he going to reinvent,this company so there's talk about these,employees trying to understand the,source code what is required for Content,moderation that's a big one not only in,the U.S but globally and also the,requirements for data privacy so there's,also some mention though by and CNBC,saying that well Tesla uses different,scripting language for its coding than,Twitter does so there might be a,learning curve there for some of these,folks who are on loan at this point now,let's just take a look at some of the,more specific roles from Tesla one of,these employees is said to be a director,of software development another one,director of software engineering also,director of autopilot engineering from,Tesla and also there are musk Associates,that are on board to try to weigh in,brainstorm at this company new ideas the,head of musk's family office also angel,investor Jason calacanus also a former,PayPal CEO and now VC David sacks also,there's a couple musk's names in there,we don't know if they are relatives of,musk one who had worked at palantir and,one who had worked at neuralink so also,reporting that from Bloomberg coming,that some of the Twitter employees,managers that were already there were,asked to make some significant Cuts,especially to the product teams at,Twitter as much as 50 percent well it's,really interesting that somebody from,the autopilot team might be going over,to Twitter and you know AI you got to,think that maybe some of the Algos are,fungible but my big question is when are,we going to see SpaceX engineers and,cosmonauts descend on Twitter I'm,kidding,Elon Musk made some changes to the,Twitter blue service now not the blue,checks but the blue service I think this,is a relatively new offering here what,are the changes what are the details,right so this is coming from the Wall,Street Journal and they're saying that,Elon Musk has officially decided to end,those free articles that uh the,subscribers to Twitter blue would,receive with their 499 nine a month,subscription and they were basically,given access to hundreds of Publications,news articles along with that service,but that is officially going to end look,that service has only been in operation,for approximately a year so you can't,expect that the company has all so many,subscribers there they don't disclose,their numbers in their SEC filings but,they did in that category uh year over,year from 21 2021 to 2022 have a loss in,that category of Revenue loss you got to,expect that they're going to be a lot,more changes ahead for Twitter and no,doubt who knows maybe uh maybe Tesla 2,maybe SpaceX we're going to have,everybody here to track a free Yahoo,finance

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