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TWITTER IS IMPLODINGyou have a debut in this video everyone,keeps posting this holy is it 9k likes,g


Updated on Jan 21,2023


you have a debut in this video everyone,keeps posting this holy is it 9k likes,goddamn,priority and replies mission service was,usually the disease man why can't I,change my name how do I change also ,you belong,U.S department of breast Services they,handle enforcement we handle the regular,Regulatory Compliance of chess-based,Affairs only,we also work with the paranormal,investigation Bureau that's 20 years,gaming,Tony,foreign,I'm not owned law that's really funny,starting today we'll begin offering,Twitter gold a free subscription that,gets you yearly family vacations and,nightly dinners with me if your name is,Grimes please come back I love you,oh,foreign,that's fire Little Bear uh this actually,is a great segue into our next,conversation next topic of conversation,Twitter imploding we need to talk about,Twitter we are going to talk about the,fake Eli Lilly tweet and the real,consequences of elon's actions so Elon,Musk has been basically uh you know,shoving his I assume mangled dick,directly into his own application that,he bought for 44 billion dollars,basically things are imploding we,watched a brief synopsis of that,yesterday a bunch of resignations came,down the line one of them actually,stayed the person who Elon Musk kept,retweeting whenever he wanted to prove,everyone everyone that things were,actually just fine just resign the,person who hosted the Twitter spaces,with Elon Musk yesterday to tell,advertisers things were actually fine,just resigned Twitter executives are,basically uh fleeing the boat,let's take a look at friend of the show,lol overruled and his synopsis or his uh,summarization of the uh accounts that or,what happens so far Twitter's collapse,in 60 seconds and it's hilarious by the,way October 26 Elon walks into Twitter's,HQ as the new owner October 27th Elon,fires a number of c-suite Executives,tries to do so for cause so he doesn't,have to pay out their massive bonuses he,will fail at doing this October 28th in,a meeting with Adriana declares that he,wants to fire a ton of the staff and do,it before the November 1st retention,bonuses also is worried that some of the,people at Twitter aren't real workers,then declares comedy is now legal on,Twitter November 1st announces a,subscription plan eight dollars a month,to pay for verification but there will,be an official badge next to actual,public figures so you can tell the,difference creates obvious problems for,advertisers and also allows Elon to be,bullied in a way never before witnessed,in human history member fourth reduces,Twitter's Workforce by 50 percent,immediately one one thing that he,basically missed here though after,saying comedy is now legal on Twitter,people of course did exactly what they,would do on Twitter and started,absolutely destroying Elon Musk right,other than the Tesla account and one of,the things that was uh super common,plays was people making fake Elon,accounts talking about how my wife left,me Grimes I love you or friend of the,show Ethan Klein my co-host of the,leftovers podcast making a sequence of,funny ass tweets about how uh you know,Elon Musk is best friends with Jeffrey,Epstein and Elon immediately turned,around and decided this is my platform,this is my ball only I get to play with,it you guys and yeeded so many, impersonation accounts he first,claimed it was going to be you know if,you clearly state that his parody we,won't ban you and then he just banned,people that stated it was parody anyway,so uh you know he went bananas mode on,that balls of the wall and now,you know a lot of people are taking,advantage of the verification process,the pay-to-play verification process in,the exact same way that we told,you was going to happen why do you think,for the past month I've been saying if,he does this this shit's gonna suck dick,this is going to destroy the,platform why do you think I kept saying,it and everyone was like Hassan it's,because you're jealous other people will,be able to buy the Twitter blue,verification that you hold on onto and I,literally told you I don't give a ,about the verification and I also know,how human beings work that there was,always going to be a secondary,verification process to basically,signify that someone didn't just buy the,badge but were given the badge because,they're a public figure and I was right,on that too and here we arrive at,yesterday's news which I think is, hilarious it's sad it's it's a,it's tragic but also hilarious in a,weird way Eli Lilly let's finish this,video and then I'm going to get into Eli,Lilly it's my favorite story of the day,and then just my favorite Story Probably,of this month maybe there's and also,allows Elon to be bullied in a way never,before witnessed in human history,November 4th reduces Twitter's Workforce,by 50 immediately asked some of the,employees to return when they realize,they can't run the website without them,changes the policy on parody accounts,November 6th comedy is no longer legal,company meeting November 10th says the

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Elon Musk and Joe Rogan destroy Twitter

Elon Musk and Joe Rogan destroy Twitter

flash kids,i just think if you say it while rapping,to your favorite song what's the big,deal,hmm,hey quiet marshall not while we're at,chili's,don't make me get the shot caller,i warned you i'm sorry megatron i don't,know what's with him,wha what,elon,listen very carefully joey i've summoned,you to twitter land to witness my,triumph,in just a few moments i'm good i would,like to share my opinion,marshall,you can talk yes yes joe everyone gets a,voice in twitter land,supposedly,i'll pay attention i'm about to go the,matter we were discussing with megatron,i think that stop it marshall dogs,should keep opinions to themselves but,faster i simply wanted to stop,interrupting me retards violation,violation,oh good one joey,look what you did marshall father bad,boy,everyone,a new user wishes to tweet,huh,i think joe rogan can be really mean,sometimes he shouts at me when i eat,feces he must pay,and what should we do about this joseph,rogan who shouts at you,cut out his tongue,i don't care how right he is about,women's sports his tongue must come out,what do you mean by that,huh,what that last part,oh uh i just think maybe we should think,about for a second not allowing six foot,five,270 pound muscle bound,women,punch,other smaller women,in,sports good boy,seize the dog cut out his tongue,once the rogan,always arrogant not so fast,i'm maybe thinking about buying twitter,potentially,which means i'm in charge,let's see how you like not having a,tongue,marshall no,but father he is a libtard soy beta,male i know,he probably doesn't even take alpha,brain but you don't silence people you,disagree with,your words ring hollow deceiver you,silenced me the first opportunity you,got,you're right,but a tongue for a tongue will make the,whole world mute,so please,don't be a bad boy when i know you're a,good one,that was beautiful joy,are you ready for your birthday present,my birthday present,you didn't think i forgot did you,surprise why do you think i'm maybe,gonna buy twitter joey i'm not saying,that oh i know what it's your favorite,word,are you insane i i mean as an african,myself i i find it quite hurtful but,it's your birthday joe you go ahead and,say it i won't mind no why not father,you're sad all the time at home,hey marshall,a real ungrateful piece of you know,that joey,well if you won't say it i will,you wouldn't let this disgusting british,cockroach in your home would you to spy,on your every move,then why'd you let your isp have,unrestricted access to your browsing,data searches downloads torrents they,see it all and they give it to the,government,pokey on r6,i'll deal with this no wait,take this,okay that was super sweet but there's an,easier way cloak yourself with lord vpn,it double encrypts your data and lets,you change your location allowing you to,watch other countries streaming services,or buy games from different regions for,cheaper,it even has threat protection,puts this in your cup of tea,if you click on the link in the,description or use coupon code gifts and,sign up for a two-year plan you'll get,69 off of nordvpn making it roughly the,cost of one container of tea in the,harbour per month plus for being a,patriot we'll give you an additional,month for free,and a 30-day money-back guarantee if,you're not happy,what's your privacy worth,link in the description

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Elon Musk Buys Twitter Memes

Elon Musk Buys Twitter Memes

the meme orange presents elon musk buys,twitter memes,twitter elon musk,aha i've got it,you have freed us oh i wouldn't say,freed more like under new management,plain tracking dude after real on board,twitter,me,doesn't laugh at them emil and posted on,twitter the spacex satellite passing by,elon musk,paraga garwell,ceo of twitter,tell your men they work for me now,twitter makes me obey its rules,but,twitter is a publicly traded company i,can buy twitter outright and then i,won't have to obey its rules this will,permit me to shtpost freely for only 45,billion dollars,this will permit me to shtpost freely,for only 45 billion dollars,when an african-american buys a bird and,then your war isn't trending anymore,twitter stock investors after elon musk,bought twitter,starks,elon musk acquires twitter for roughly,44 billion dollars you did it you crazy,son of a you did it,you are on this council but we do not,grant you the rank of master,when you offer 43 billion dollars to,prevent people from retweeting this,picture,that nebraskan iron vr,twitter would probably not accept elon,musk's offer,twitter actually accepting the offer,elon musk at next twitter board meeting,think it'll scare the kids,it's official elon musk acquires twitter,kids this will give the parents,nightmares,twitter before elon musk purchase,twitter after elon musk purchase,me after telling my friends that an,african-american now owns twitter,why are you booing me i'm right,tesla,twitter,musk melon,elon musk after having fun on twitter,since 2009,after all why not,why shouldn't i keep it,elon buys twitter,i sleep,donald trump might tweet again,wilsh,my account for harrison furries might,get unbanned,ascended,when you insult elon musk on twitter and,now the doors to your tesla won't open,reddit now being the only platform not,controlled by a crazy billionaire,i see no god up here other than me elon,buys twitter for 43 billion dollars,me who got it for free on the app store,nine year olds after elon musk buys,twitter,i'm about to,get racist,elon musk explaining why buying twitter,for 443 billion is a power move,me who downloaded the app for free,if i had a nickel for every time elon,musk tried to buy twitter i'd have two,nickels which isn't a lot but it's weird,that it happened twice,elon musk,i own twitter,twitter to elon,just a little warning one of your tweets,violates our community guidelines,elon,i can buy you,how much for the edit button,not for sale,okay,how much for the company twitter elon,imagine spending 46 billion dollars to,stop people from posting this picture,yo at elon musk ban at mexico please,elon musk,the guy tracking his flights,elon musk buys twitter for over 44,billion dollars,the children working in tesla's cobalt,mine who haven't eaten in days,all cringed in twitter after elon musk,bought it,elon musk when i show him twitter is,free in the app store and he doesn't,need to spend 45 billion dollars,elon us,how did you get the kid on twitter to,stop following your flights,i bought twitter,elon buys twitter,looks like free speech is back on the,menu boys,me an audio engineer seeing twitter,stock price looked like a complex wave,right now,elon could have ended world hunger with,43 billion dollars instead of buying,twitter the dod after spending 20 years,three trillion dollars and thousands of,lives to replace the taliban with a,taliban,this will make a fine addition to my,collection,teenager seeks fifty thousand dollars,from elon musk to delete twitter bot,tracking private jet,indian exchange tesla boss offers five,thousand dollars for takedown but 19,year old replies,any chance to up that to fifty thousand,dollars,elon musk buys twitter for 44 billion,dollars,snap,elon musk finding twitter for free on,the app store after paying 44 billion,dollars,twitter owners after selling their,garbage to elon,43 billion,43 billion for the steast thoughts of,the worst people,why the thick shouldn't i,extremist left twitter now,i go to masterton,twitter board please can you explain why,we should sell to you mr musk elon i'm,kind of a big deal,congratulations elon musk for becoming,the first african american to own a,major social media platform,i love twitter,you should buy it then,how much is it,starving african children after elon,buys twitter for 44 billion dollars,when the mod say i will ban you so you,buy the entire company just to keep,posting all day,elon buys twitter and is about to turn,it into stormfront,me realizing that myspace might come,back,trump,how did you get my account back on,twitter,elon musk i bought twitter,elon,i hope that even my worst critics remain,on twitter,me who never got on twitter because it,was lame to begin with,mr beast after elon buys twitter,me signing up for twitter after learning,that's where elon's worst critics should,be,i have never seen on twitter,elon musk challenging mark zuckerberg to,pull out his phone and check out who the,new bad boy of social media is,i love twitter you should buy it then,you'r

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Twitter Employees the Day After Elon Takes Over!

Twitter Employees the Day After Elon Takes Over!

it's bad,it's bad,i can't believe elon's taking over,it's terrible i wouldn't worry too much,well i think it'll be okay we might,actually be able to improve how we serve,people oh you'd like that wouldn't you,for us to improve how we serve people,yes you're just as racist as elon,look at what you've done you made,atticus cry atticus was already crying,hi my name's jason elon sent me as his,proxy to give you some of the initial,overviews of the changes he'll be making,to the company my pronouns are person,placer thing those are nouns my pronouns,are he him let me stop you right there,you don't need to do that kind of thing,anymore,now we'll be implementing protocols in,the coming months to eliminate spam bots,and authenticate humans and we'll also,be making our algorithms open source to,increase trust but that's like honest,yes we want to increase trust,i don't think honesty is how you,increase trust you see we've been using,a manipulative algorithm to increase,trust with our users yeah we're going to,be going with honesty on this one i do,not approve on behalf of elon i want you,to know i sincerely do not care we've,got a company to run in free speech to,save,free speech is what allows you to,complain about free speech you're using,it right now sport,we're the censorship and fact checking,departments they're on the far left side,of the fourth floor okay as soon as,we're done here i want you to go down,there and unplug all their computers,happy too but wouldn't they just be,sitting there all day doing nothing yes,that's actually far more valuable to the,company now hey,could i be excused to go de-platform,someone real quick for saying something,i don't like no oh,but deep platforming feels so good to do,gives you all the joy of aborting a baby,just with less satan no we're not doing,that anymore then how am i gonna express,my activism in your personal time not,come any time now,read over these today it previews how,we'll be changing the requirements to,get a blue check mark oh yeah atticus,had a good idea on that tell him,and we get to choose the gender for the,person,we're not doing that,yeah you won't use any of our ideas just,because our of our level of binariness,that's definitely not why elon is,nothing but an entitled billionaire,who's had everything handed to him and,now he's using all of his privilege to,oppress people by providing them a free,speech platform look elon has earned,every penny of his wealth he came to,america and worked his butt off after,coming from africa well i do not like,african americans that's gonna be a,problem,that's in apple's wheelhouse twitter,didn't create that,i was thinking we should also have a,pregnant baby emoji because babies can,get just as pregnant as men can i can't,believe you let people who work under,you behave like this that's my boss and,that's my boss's boss,elon raped me i don't think he did um,yes he did because when he took over our,company that i don't own i didn't,consent but he took it over anyway so,that's the same thing as rape only worse,i want more censorship we're not doing,censorship but i want censorship we're a,free speech platform now no,i want censorship,censorship censorship okay,so you think censorship is a good idea,yeah and you want censorship yes okay,then why don't you shut the up it's,the easiest form of censorship around,oh well if you don't give me what i want,i just might quit get the out well,no i i said i might get the out now,well,fine i'm gonna start my own censorship,company now everybody all over the world,who wants to be censored is gonna leave,twitter and join my,platform who's coming with me,you'll be my chief engineer atticus,are you coming with me no i'm gonna stay,i,like where we're headed now fine your,loss,and to you tell elon when twitter tanks,he'll be sorry he lost me,ah our stock is already up by ten,percent,and check out the all-new free speech,elon inspired designs in my merch shop,at

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Elon Musk Twitter Memes

Elon Musk Twitter Memes

Elon Musk officially bought Twitter and,the memes are going crazy yeah okay okay,this one's pretty good this one's pretty,good women don't have penises don't, say it and Twitter doesn't have,a Vijaya,uh Twitter you Minx this one actually,really makes me laugh I know I know it's,fake I know these guys aren't actually,real but man this is a double entender,of a joke lick my Johnson had it coming,musk has allegedly fired an entire team,of Twitter data Engineers has laid off,employees Raul ligma left and Daniel,Johnson right are pictured walking out,of the San Francisco office on Friday,afternoon this is just Next Level Beauty,man I uh really enjoy it,what you make of that what you think of,it will look like I mean a free speech,is you know Nazis saying that uh you,know trans women shouldn't you know use,women's uh locker rooms then awesome I,guess mission accomplished we'll see yo,what I gotta touch base with my husband,and wife I gotta get out of here all,right thank you guys sorry Daniel thank,you,man these are crazy that's good that's,good for a brief moment I thought this,dude was showing off his autobiography,no that's some other dudes autobiography,I can't play the music in this but yeah,yeah let the bird go,be free little birdie,yeah this is a beauty right here this is,an absolute Beauty it's just so subtle,but so perfect that's cursed as hell man,what the f,that's right tame in the bird,taking over reality I love this I,actually changed it to my own profile,picture that's it's beautiful it's,beautiful I made them enough if they,can't refuse I love it classy nah that's,crazy,yeah yeah,that's straight I'd straight up buy one,of these shirts honestly just just for,the meme yo that's wild,that's wild wokeness gives,people a shield to be mean and cruel,armored and false virtue yeah I mess,with that heavy McDonald's now hiring,next Twitter employees all positions yo,what the,no that's wild if Elon Musk is really a,free speech absolutist why is he,planning to fire all of his Critics on,staff at Twitter just like all of his,other companies,the lonely Elon is my dick in a box nah,that's crazy,what did you get done this week or past,three years,mental health is my priority I have been,canceling accounts that stress me out I,am releasing you from the stress you are,fired whack ass man I'm gonna make a,meme out of Elon Musk and whatever this,will lands on okay,oh Four Guys wow just right on the board,and we got him yes okay so the first,thing I did was draw a mask around Elon,musk's head and I tracked the mask using,the face outline then I did the same,thing to the four guy there drew a mask,around and tracked it so everyone moved,his face next I tracked the motion of,the four guy using his eye as a marker,then I used the tracking data I attached,it to Elon musk's head put it all,together and boom,top priority I have I would have is is,eliminating the spam and scam Bots and,the bot armies have studied physics,because physics attempts to understand,the the truth the truth of the universe,by father was the decision I've ever,made that that that's number one by far,we're basically messed up everything,everything was messed up,running around like a maniac this,longest period of excruciating pain in,my life,no that's cursed the 200 deal how it,started how it's going,yo he's still living his best life,though bro yeah well that was a little,bit of a different vibe of my videos let,me know if you like it by hitting that,thumbs up and uh if you're not already,make sure to hit that subscribe button,and uh let me know if you like this,maybe I'll continue doing stuff like,this I don't know catch y'all next time,be hot stay hot

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The Insane Way Elon Musk Changed Twitter in One Week

The Insane Way Elon Musk Changed Twitter in One Week

It’s been a busy first week since Elon Musk took control of Twitter on October 27th.,He appointed himself CEO.,Make that “Chief Twit”,Or Twitter complaint hotline operator.,There were plenty of complaints when Musk said people would have to start paying $8,a month to keep their blue check mark or to get one.,AOC wasn’t too happy.,Musk’s response to the Congresswoman?,Pay up.,The SpaceX and Tesla CEO didn’t waste any time getting down to business.,He ousted Twitter’s nine board of directors to become the sole director, though he says,being sole director is temporary.,He also started to trim the fat and is reportedly planning on eliminating nearly half of Twitter’s,workforce, or 3,700 jobs, according to Bloomberg.,These two guys pretended to be laid-off employees…and gave their names as Rahul Ligma and Daniel,Johnson to reporters who fell for their prank.,But Musk did really start day one as chief of Twitter by firing top Twitter executives.,CEO Parag Agrawal got the boot So did Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal,And…legal affairs and policy executive Vijaya Gadde.,Gadde was reportedly instrumental in permanently banning Donald Trump from the platform for,controversial tweets related to the Capitol Hill riot in January 2021.,Musk said banning the former U.S. president was “a morally bad decision”.,Everyone is wondering whether the former President will be back on Twitter.,Musk mused that if he “had a dollar for every time someone asked (him) if Trump is,coming back on this platform, Twitter would be minting money!”,Before any big changes, he says “Twitter will be forming a content moderation council,with widely diverse viewpoints.,No major content decisions or account reinstatements will happen before that council convenes.”,He said the process would take “at least a few more weeks”.,Musk did buy the platform because he’s a self-described “free speech absolutist”,Who believes Twitter should be “the digital town square” but thinks it has gone “too,far in squashing dissenting opinions.”,The final straw appears to have been when Twitter suspended the Babylon Bee, a Christian,satire account that named U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine its “Man of,the Year”.,Many who are viewed as conservative feel they’ve been unfairly targeted by Twitter.,Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson had his account suspended over his post about,transgender actor Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page.,But the suspension will not be lifted unless I delete the “hateful” tweet in question,,and I would rather die than do that.,Musk replied to Peterson’s daughter that “Anyone suspended for minor & dubious reasons,will be freed from Twitter jail”.,Now that he’s in charge, Elon Musk won’t only be freeing people from Twitter jail.,Just like his ambitions for his other companies, SpaceX and Tesla, he has far bigger plans,for the platform.,In his view, Twitter is “an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.”,There’s speculation that he wants to replicate the success of WeChat, which has basically,become the everything app in China.,When YouTuber Steven Mark Ryan of Solving the Money Problem pointed out it’s “INSANE,that Twitter has not currently implemented a YouTube clone” - Musk responded with a,wink.,Could we see creators monetizing videos on Twitter?,Musk polled people to ask if they wanted to bring back Vine, the short video-sharing app,that Twitter shut down in 2016.,He talked about it being a possible competitor for TikTok.,All these plans rely on good engineering.,Musk reportedly sent in his trusted Tesla engineers to inspect Twitter’s code to assess,the company's needs.,They’ll have to tackle the problem of fake and spam accounts.,In fact, Musk tried to get out of buying Twitter, believing it wasn’t worth the $44 billion,he offered to take it private…due to the number of spam bots.,Musk believes the way to defeat the bots while also making money for Twitter is by charging,you if you want this blue check mark.,This is arguably his most controversial move during week one.,The blue verification badge has become a status symbol granted to journalists, celebrities,,politicians, some of whom were furious when they heard they’d have to pay $19.99 a month,to keep their blue tick as reported by The Verge.,Musk replied to an unhappy Stephen King that Twitter needs to pay the bills somehow.,And wondered if the horror author might be willing to dish out $8 instead.,He called the current system for who has and doesn’t have the blue tick is “BS” and,that charging $8 a month for anyone who wants it would mean more “power to the people”.,This would be part of the Twitter Blue subscription service which comes with other benefits.,Although Musk has long boasted that Tesla does not pay for advertising, advertising,has been crucial to Twitter’s survival.,General Motors temporarily pulled ads from Twitter following the takeover.,Musk tried to reassure advertisers that Twitter would be a respected advertising platform.,In an open letter, he

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Twitter Memes Approved by Elon Musk

Twitter Memes Approved by Elon Musk

waking up to Android,goes hard,oh boy what a wonderful day to go ahead,and check Twitter let's see some funny,memes on Twitter,where's all the memes wait these memes,have to get approved or do they have to,get a probe by oh Elon Musk okay what's,up Elon Musk everybody say hi to Elon,Musk yeah we're kind of friends isn't,that right Elon,what what's that oh God guys now he's,forcing us to leave a like on this video,because if we don't reach 10 000 likes,this video is gonna get copied right,claimed by Elon Musk himself,oh thank you guys for leaving a like,that was really close Elon don't do that,again please I'm just trying to make a,meme video on Twitter okay can you,approve these memes so I can make this,video and get this started all right he,approved it so this whole list of memes,is approved by Elon Musk himself and,guys if you have any means you want me,to react to send them all our way and,are you super cereal on Twitter and we,will react to all of them in the next,video and give you a shout out all right,ladies and gentlemen time to watch some,Twitter,exclusive access to Pat Mahomes audio,from the fields by Patrick Mahomes is,the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback for,the NFL by the way for those of you who,do not watch sports ball I'm here,hey no I'm here I'm here no I'm here I'm,here no that's me here no I'm here stop,saying me that's not me I'm not saying,that here you're doing an impersonation,of me I'm here stop it I'm here only I,can have that voice Patrick Mahomes okay,here's what you're gonna do you had a,real bad take so you're gonna lock your,account you'll delete your post only,after you lock and you will stay locked,for three days no more no less and you,will never mention this again not to me,not to your friends to no one,Hank I have a bad tank look look Hank,they have receipts now repeat after me,that's my bad I'm sorry I'll take this,out say it look at me say it you will,stay locked for three days I need to,hear you say it everybody who hasn't,watched Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul,is just throwing their fists in the air,in confusion right now waking up to,Android,goes hard oh oh,god what the hell is that this is for,real though for sure Android has the,nicest sounding alarms then you got an,iPhone over here be like,what's wrong babe you haven't used your,scat toilet yet what the hell is this,wait where where is this I want to find,this toilet I want a toilet in my,bathroom I want six good toilets in my,bathroom you can never have too many,toilets sorry I must have missed the,town hall meeting where we decided what,to call a toilet in the shape of a skull,please let me know next time this really,brings life to term that's for brains,what the hell am I looking at that is,definitely a messed up looking car,that's like the singing bass fish did,you guys remember the singing bass fish,that you hang on the wall mixed with a,bug who the hell drives this around this,looks like an evil villain's car you,know what I'm gonna call him backup hey,Elon come in here I want you to take a,look at this really quick you see this,car right did you approve of this oh you,did not approve of this well looks like,I know which account is gonna get,suspended next well you want the viewers,to leave a like that's definitely what,you said right you want the viewers to,leave a like on the video you haven't,left a like yet right you haven't left,to like leave that like be sure to,subscribe you know it's gonna ban you,off of Twitter for forever,no I'm not gonna pay eight dollars for,Twitter verified get out of here Far Cry,7 this November Far Cry 7 with Obama,thanks Obama why does it actually look,like a real cover of a far cry movie,though wait there's a far cry movie I,mean video game Sorry I have a stroke,real quick oh that's the original,picture bro that actually does look like,a far cry thing come on Hollywood,Reporter you did it to yourself Hey look,it's thematically appropriate best 30,second videos oh,oh grandma grandma watch out,why'd you shoot your grandma come on,what did she do,grandma oh God grandma got the strap,Vietnam flashbacks intensify bro what,the hell did she come she came out,loaded Bro Look at granny granny got,that strap I want that Grandma I wish,she was my grandma that's a cool Grandma,this is what happens when you hired at,Waffle House bro for real why does all,the best World Star videos come from a,waffle house at like 3 A.M I've been to,a Waffle House like four times and they,just had garbage food I didn't get to,see any fights I'm sad she should have,never taken that fight oh no,no they did Queen Elizabeth dirty not,tweeted by the official UFC she should,have never taken that fight with Jake,Paul oh no no they did them dirty I love,Twitter so much throw the damn towel if,he dies he dies that's pretty bad pretty,funny she's touching my bomb dude oh oh,look at his face no that poor little guy,this dog has seen things that nobody,should ever seen he knows the meaning of,the universe you know w

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Twitter is about to die

Twitter is about to die

hi again guys it's official I am a faker,I found you,sure the way Sonic said that has always,felt like a slur to me but regardless,I'm still not a real person yesterday,Twitter rolled out the verified check,mark part two and Knuckles featuring,Dante from Devil May Cry it was called,the official badge and I was not one of,the Schmucks who got it all I have is,that blue Badge of Shame timeline,yesterday was all just people bragging,about how now that they're double,verified they think they're A step above,us single check peasants they were just,teabagging and dropping their balls in,our defeated faces all that is what I,would have said if Elon didn't change,his mind 10 seconds into the rollout he,killed the official badge in its cradle,he did not give that toddler a chance to,marinate instead now when you click on a,check mark it tells you why a person is,verified either they shield for it or,they're an actually famous and important,person like I definitely am as fun as it,was to see double verified people ride a,high for like 10 minutes straight and,then immediately crash back down to,earth the check mark still isn't the,same now that anybody can cough up eight,bucks a month to get up this check mark,used to mean something you know I never,figured out how it managed to do that,because it's basically useless on the,surface but it meant something to me and,my inner internet poison brand,nonetheless and now that meaning has,been ripped away from me and it's all,because Elon Musk bought Twitter how are,the people he says letting just anybody,pay for a check mark that you used to,need to be in a distinguished class to,get that class being people who owned a,custom tone main name never talked about,this in a video and it's fixed now but,the exploit for how I got verified was,so easy I literally just put a link to,my Twitter account on my merch site with,a custom domain mashed up dot shop go,buy something I included that in my,verification application and a few weeks,later I'm a lord in my upper class,status Over The Peasants of Twitter that,doesn't work anymore and it's just,easier to buy it now now Elon has been,doing a lot of stuff since he first,bought Twitter he has been busy in fact,by the time I managed to upload this the,most recent thing he's been up to that's,made headlines will probably have,changed and I can't lie it's been really,funny watching him stumble around,running dick first and the walls over,and over again so I wanted to take a,little look over what the Bluebird app,has been up to under his watch I,personally have tried to make Twitter a,worse place long before Elon ever did,and he's kind of blowing my attempts out,of the water but if you want to see what,I tried there will be this big card at,the end that takes you to a video,showcasing some posts I made trying to,make the Bird app even worse also did,you know less than 20 of y'all are,subscribed with notifications on it's,kind of messed up if you subscribe and,hit the Bell icon you'll never miss an,upload and you can always undo it later,if you decide you hate me now there,isn't really a nice way to say this but,Elon has looked like such a pushover,when it comes to directing company,policy whenever people start talking,down on any shit he does he becomes a,doormat he lets people walk all over him,even if they weren't even trying to do,that to start with for instance like I,mentioned earlier within only a few,hours into the rollout of the official,badge he probably saw everybody clowning,on it you know the way they said they,were going to before launch and then he,decided to formally announce he's,scrapping the entire system he made this,decision after much thought and,deliberation and shared it with the,World by saying it in Marquez brownlee's,replies the blue check will be the great,leveler this is only the most recent,example I have of him doing this as a,writing but it's happened through the,whole time elon's been behind the wheel,to be clear it's literally just been him,whipping the go-kart held together by,duct tape that is Twitter at 100 miles,per hour down the I-95 he cleared out,the whole board of directors on day one,there is nobody to check him I gotta,admit it was very funny when he said,meeting a lot of very cool people at,Twitter today and then fired almost all,of them only to realize he fired too,many and is now scrambling to get a few,of them back so back on topic uh Elon,does fold like a wet blanket on occasion,originally he announced that paying for,Twitter verification was gonna cost,twenty dollars a month and that is,fucking steep you could get like three,other major video streaming,subscriptions with that money and also,get much more in return for it even the,people who are most desperate for,validation like me would still think,twice before buying that and it was,Stephen King of all people who pointed,that out twenty dollars a month to keep,my blue check fuck that they should pay,me that gets instituted I'm gone like,Enr

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