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Elon Musk: "DELETE Your Social Media NOW!" - Here's Why!but one of the issues with social media,it's

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

Elon Musk: "DELETE Your Social Media NOW!" - Here's Why!

but one of the issues with social media,it's been pointed out by many people is,that,i think maybe particularly instagram um,people look like they have a much better,life,than,they really do right so by design yeah,people are posting pictures of when,they're really happy,they're modifying those pictures to be,better looking,um even if they're not modifying the,pictures they're at least selecting the,pictures for the best lighting the best,angle,um so,people basically seem,uh they're way better looking than they,basically really are right um,and they're,way happier seeming than they really are,so if you look at everyone on instagram,you might think man,they're all these happy beautiful people,and,i'm not that good looking and i'm not,happy so i'ma suck,you know and that's gonna,make feel sad,so when in fact,those people you think are super happy,actually not that happy some of them are,really depressed they're very sad,some of the happiest seeming people,actually some of the saddest people in,reality um,and and and nobody looks good all the,time doesn't matter who you are,uh so i think i think things like that,can make people quite sad,just by comparison because you sort of,you people,people generally think of themselves,relative to,to others it's it's a we are constantly,re-re-baselining our expectations,and you can see this say if you watch,some show like naked and afraid or,you know if you just go and try living,in the woods by yourself for a while and,you're like,the learned civilization is quite great,it has a lot it's a lot of it's people,want to come back civilization pretty,fast on naked and afraid,i i'm not normally an advocate of,regulation and oversight i mean i think,once you generally you're on the side of,minimizing those things,but this is a case where you have a very,serious danger to the public and,therefore there needs to be a public,body that,has insight and then oversight on to,confirm that everyone is,developing ai safely,like this is extremely important i think,danger of ai is much greater than the,the danger of nuclear warheads by,unlocked and nobody would suggest that,we allow,anyone to just build nuclear warheads if,they want,that would be insane and mark my words,ai is far more dangerous than nukes,far so why do we have no regulatory,oversight this is insane i'm not really,all that worried about the short-term,stuff the things that are um,like narrow ai is not a species level,risk,it will result in dislocation uh in lost,jobs and,you know that,sort of better weaponry and that kind of,thing but it is not a fundamental,species level risk uh whereas uh digital,super intelligence is so,it's really all about laying the,groundwork to make sure that if if,humanity collectively decides that,creating digital super intelligence is,the right move,then,we should do so very very carefully,very very carefully,this is the most important thing that we,could possibly do

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Elon Musk Just Deleted His Twitter Account!

Elon Musk Just Deleted His Twitter Account!

elon musk has been on twitter for the,last 12 years,he has been so good at tweeting to an,extent that he earned the title twitter,king,however this is all set to change as he,has threatened to delete his twitter,account join us today in this video as,we explore why elon musk would want to,deactivate his twitter account,musk's beef with twitter started a few,days before he could buy a stake in the,giant social media site elon musk is a,free speech advocate who cannot accept,to stay in a social media platform that,controls what people say,twitter is known for moderating the,content that is posted on their platform,so twitter users are just expected to,only post content that the twitter,management finds palatable,posting anything contrary to that will,see the accounts get banned,but elon won't wait for them to ban him,from the micro blogging site just as,they did to donald trump he will instead,deactivate the account on his own the,tesla ceo will also delete his twitter,account as he does not like the spambots,that are common in the global,communication site as revealed in his,tweet that reads if our twitter bid,succeeds we will defeat the spambots or,die trying,as seen in the tweet the tech,billionaire is also not happy with the,twitter board as it is frustrating his,efforts of trying to buy a 100 stake in,twitter on the 14th of april the tesla,billionaire made an offer of taking,twitter private at fifty four dollars,and twenty cents per share amounting to,forty three billion dollars the saudi,arabia's prince ala laweed bin talal was,the first twitter shareholder to reject,musk's offer,shortly after the twitter board also,complicated matters for musk when they,adopted a defensive poison pill against,the takeover the poison pill simply,means that the board has a right to,create additional shares in the company,when musk's stake exceeds 15,the newly created shares will be,available for purchase to all other,shareholders except the person that,wants to take the company private which,is elon musk in our case as such elon,stake in the company will be deluded,consequently elon will be forced to pay,more money for the takeover,the tesla billionaire is annoyed with,the board's plan and has even warned,that he could ditch twitter if the board,does not relax its hard standards it is,not just the first time that elon musk,is threatening to leave twitter back in,2019 the internet was flooded with the,news of the tesla ceo deleting his,twitter account elon musk surprised many,when he said that he had just deleted,his twitter account however some people,were not surprised as they easily,realized that it was not just true,that was easy to realize as the tech,billionaire was using the same twitter,account that he said was deleted to,communicate as a way of playing with,people's minds elon changed his name on,the social media platform but after 17,hours of disappointment elon musk,finally restored the profile of his,former account,elon has dared to delete some social,media accounts when he finds it,necessary in 2018 the tesla billionaire,decided to delete his facebook as a,response to an online campaign against,facebook the campaign was spearheaded by,whatsapp co-founder brian acton,at the time many americans took issue,with facebook after it was discovered,that the giant social media platform,colluded with the british firm cambridge,analytica to rig the 2016 us elections,after deleting his own fb account the,tech icon proceeded to delete the fb,accounts that were belonging to his,tesla and spacex companies the tesla,billionaire was yet to finish,deactivating social media accounts as he,later on threatened to delete instagram,which he actually did many people,believe that musk deleted ig because it,is linked to fb,by the way facebook is the parent,company of ig,but musk had totally different reasons,for cutting links with ig,the world's richest man accused ig of,helping people to live fake lives most,people on the platform will only post,pics that show their bright side of life,while leaving out the pics of the times,when they are at their lowest,as such musk concludes that ig will be a,cause of stress to the users as it,brings an aspect of comparison,some people will feel stressed when they,feel like they are not doing as well as,their peers on the social media platform,elon musk will also be deleting his,twitter account as it has put him into a,lot of trouble in the past,in 2018 elon musk got into trouble with,the u.s security and exchange commission,when he tweeted saying that he had,secured the funding of taking tesla,private for 420 billion dollars as such,elon musk was charged for fraud in the,end elon and scc reached an agreement,where both tesla and elon had to pay a,fine of 20 million dollars each,moreover elon musk was required to step,down as the chairman of tesla and all,his future tweets had to be checked by,the company's lawyers before they get,posted,while attending the ted 2022 conference,elon musk said that h

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Elon Musk FINAL WARNING ''Delete Facebook NOW!''

Elon Musk FINAL WARNING ''Delete Facebook NOW!''

Elon Musk final warning delete Facebook,now since SpaceX blew up a satellite of,Mark Zuckerberg during their early days,there has been a feud between SpaceX CEO,Elon Musk and the CEO of Facebook Mark,Zuckerberg which has lasted for quite,some time now this Feud has certainly,shown us the audience some mind-blowing,moments in which we have been able to,witness musk come across as a true,badass who is the king of his world musk,however is putting an end to the,Facebook problem this time and has,convinced the entire world to delete it,from their devices after all how so well,watch this video till the end to find,out hello guys welcome to the channel in,this video we are going to take a look,at what did Elon Musk do to delete,Facebook remember to subscribe to our,Channel click the Bell icon to never,miss an update on the SpaceX Tesla,Starship or really anything else,involving the multi-talented and,billionaire Elon Musk without further,Ado let's begin it's for real this time,as we come to the end the months of,legal drama bad memes and will they or,won't they chaos that would put even the,best rom-com to shame Elon Musk has,announced that Twitter has been acquired,for 44 billion dollars there is no doubt,that musk's sealed the deal Thursday,night taking Twitter private and,removing a few of the top Executives,including Twitter CEO parag agrawal in,the process as per reports musk cleaned,the house on Thursday by sacking CFO Ned,Sagal vijayakade head of legal policy,and Trust as well as general counsel,Sean Edgar on the spot though it's still,an aggressive and abrupt day one move it,was inevitable when you look at,agrawal's well-documented clashes and a,failed virtual meeting with musk it is,also not surprising at all that God day,was among the first to go in spite of,the fact that he was among the most,respected figures within the company at,the time prior to this muscad targeted a,top Twitter executive with accusations,of having a left-wing bias over her role,in making policy decisions leading to a,wave of racist hate and harassment aimed,at her the road to taking Twitter,private has been a rocky one to say the,least earlier this year musk first,floated with the idea of owning Twitter,by buying 9.2 percent of the company for,3 billion and it wasn't until April that,he really got serious about it however,he did not stop there a little more than,10 fateful days after the Tesla and,SpaceX CEO announced his intent to,acquire Twitter for 44 billion dollars,there was a big shock musk agreed to the,deal but a few days later he got cold,feet and pulled out all the stops to get,out of the deal resulting in the parties,being forced to take the matter to the,Delaware Court of Chancery and After,experiencing some embarrassing pre-trial,Discovery and with a deposition date,looming just a few days away musk,announced that he would finally follow,through with what was planned it's not,clear why Musk backtracked from his,original plan to buy Twitter after all,but he agreed to do so after all in some,ways it is possible that musk and his,legal team are reading tea leaves,regarding their upcoming trial which was,originally scheduled to begin on October,17th as part of its lawsuit against musk,over the summer Twitter sought to force,musk to follow through on the deal in,response to this musk countersued,Twitter claiming unfounded allegations,that the company misled him about the,number of automated accounts on the,platform an important number for,advertisers and Brands who want to,Target human eyes to their paid,advertisements after the proceedings,between musk and Twitter heated up,Delaware Chancery Court Judge Kathleen,McCormick made it clear that she would,not have any patience for musk's erratic,Shenanigans in early October when musk,announced once again that he intended to,purchase Twitter if he were able to kill,the upcoming trial judge McCormick,however was only willing to agree to a,deal if musk could close the deal by,Friday October 28th if musk had missed,the deadline we'd all have had to look,forward to new musk Twitter trial date,set for November on this the first day,since Elon Musk became the official,owner of Twitter it is also not clear,what direction he is planning to head in,when it comes to the platform however it,is no secret that the funniest and most,frequently contradictory billionaire,musk has previously pledged to restore,former president Trump's account to the,platform and a Reddit of all automated,Bots which personally bothers him,because he is one of the most followed,users on Twitter and praised to Twitter,as a neutral ground Square to cover the,criticisms of traditional media Outlets,which at times do not cover his goings,on in an admirable light according to,Evelyn dewick an assistant professor at,Stanford law school said Mr musk has,discovered what Mark Zuckerberg,discovered several years ago being the,face of controversial big calls isn't,Fun according to him social media,companies all face the sa

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Elon Musk: "Delete Your Messaging App and Use Twitter Instead"

Elon Musk: "Delete Your Messaging App and Use Twitter Instead"

Elon Musk is planning groundbreaking,changes on Twitter first Elon has stated,on several occasions that he will seek,to improve user safety and the way,direct messages work on the platform at,least 5.4 million Twitter user records,have been released online on a hacker,site thanks to an internal bug but with,this information that was made public as,we found out there has been far bigger,leaked user information from Twitter,that should never have been made public,and it looks very scary a musk knows how,important this issue is so that's why,big changes are coming in addition Elon,wants to revolutionize the way we,communicate with each other and for this,reason Twitter will be completely,transformed as a result messaging and,exchanging ideas will never be the same,very soon these are very exciting,changes happening on Twitter so let's,explain it so it's important to point,out that there were an additional 1.4,million Twitter accounts gathered using,a separate Twitter application,programming interface API that will,importantly exchanged privately among a,few persons in addition to the 5.4,million data for sale online the large,data set includes collected public,records as well as private phone numbers,and email addresses that should not be,made public using a patch for a Twitter,API bug the data containing private,information was stolen this year,according to the study this data was,gathered in December 2021 via a Twitter,API vulnerability reported it in the,hacker one bug Bounty program and with,this you of course know about spam and,Bot accounts they are getting more and,more annoying every day problems like,these are what musk has inherited from,the previous leadership of parag agrawal,and the likes Elon Musk May encrypt DMS,and offer encrypted video and audio,calling between accounts according to a,report this was revealed in the Twitter,2.0 presentation slides which were shown,that the company's headquarters in San,Francisco musk wants users to be able to,chat without worrying about their,privacy or about a data leak at Twitter,result in all of their DMS being exposed,or about the possibility that someone at,Twitter is eavesdropping on their DMS,there have been occasions in the past,where DMS have been exposed the,microblogging site issued a warning,sometime in 2018 that DMS involving,businesses and their consumers have been,available to Outsiders for over a year,Twitter has started working on encrypted,direct messages on multiple occasions,but the project was then suspended in,the process however with musk on board,it appears that encrypting DMS is now,high on his priority list for making,Twitter a secure platform for everybody,according to reports the 51 year old,billionaire also complemented signal an,encrypted Communication Service run as a,non-profit organization during the,meeting musk stated that he had met with,signal developer Moxie Marlin Spike who,is eager to assist Twitter with,encrypting DMS but why Elon musk's,dislikes Facebook's privacy policies and,love signal well because signals,end-to-end encryption with the secure,signal protocol ensures that user mess,messages are only stored on their device,since it uses this type of encryption,hacking into signals infrastructure will,not give anyone access to reading the,messages for this reason Elon Musk wants,to get rid of the system that is used by,Facebook and Twitter and Implement a,system like it is on Signal it's,interesting that in the past musk,commended also about other apps like,Clubhouse Elon Musk even joined,Clubhouse and had some interesting,conversations there the invitation only,platform founded last year is one of the,hottest Commodities in social media and,has the potential to become a can't miss,information platform for journalists,investors and others Twitter users have,been reporting problems with blocking,accounts Elon Musk also acknowledged the,slight degradation of service and,assured users that the issue had been,resolved musk also emphasized the,factors that contributed to the issue in,a tweet the issue was exposed when some,Twitter users were unable to block,accounts Elon Musk said that the problem,was caused by a decrease in service,caused by an old third party tall that,was being utilized to restrict accounts,Twitter and other social media platforms,employee rate limitations to identify,and block automated accounts it can,detect whether humans programs or Bots,are misusing a website research by cyber,a data analysis business utilizing,publicly accessible data claims with 80,confidence that Bots make up 11 of,Twitter's entire user base this is,substantially higher than the five,percent disclosed by the company itself,this finding supports musk's argument,that spam and fake accounts are more,prevalent on Twitter than on any other,social networks of its scale musk's,desire to rid Twitter of bots and bogus,identities as well as his emphasis on,user verification is admirable his plea,for increased openness is a message that,Si

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You Should Not Delete Your Twitter Account Because Of Elon Musk

You Should Not Delete Your Twitter Account Because Of Elon Musk

uh fake Masters says Elon just retweeted,Libs of tick tock,I'm done deleted my account,um I I don't know if you should do that,I don't listen I don't pay the money but,here's the thing,there is no you're deleting your account,it's just not going to have the impact,that you wanted to what will have more,of an impact is writing a anybody you,see an ad on there because that's all he,cares about is the revenue he doesn't,care,toxic he doesn't care if it's like 50,members as long as he's getting the,revenue numbers,um so you know deleting your account,doesn't even like on some level,this is you gotta follow here but what,the advertisers don't want is to have to,have and this is the way that Corporate,America always works and this is the,thing that many people do not understand,about the relationship between,advertising an audience,there's,actor that advertisers care about,in fact it is,not low on the list but it's not high on,the list,they care about yield,I will advertise on a platform with 6,000 people if you can tell me that all,six thousand of those people are the,type person I want to buy my product,that's why your business channels do,well because you advertise your fifty,thousand dollar car on those business,channels everyone watching that is in,the market for a fifty thousand dollar,car or maybe whatever it is 75 that,whatever the car,you know whatever an expensive car costs,these days,um,if you had only like,right Wingers on Twitter eventually,advertisers come back in because they're,like,nobody's there to complain anymore,um honestly,dried food whatever it is,and the point is your existence there,watching advertisers come on is a,disincentive for advertisers to be there,because they don't want to ruin their,brand just to reach people on Twitter,it's not worth it to them,their brand is their most important,asset,and so it really is more about,complaining about this place is a crap,show it doesn't matter if people leave,people stay and complain is actually,more of a detriment,to Elon Musk than them leaving and not,having a basis in which to complain,Rush Limbaugh had more problems when,people started listening to a show who,weren't fans,than than before,um,again I also think that what musk is,doing at this point is,this is part of an exit strategy,and he's going to go out blaming,he needs to blame somebody else it's not,my incompetence that led to this it is,the the the problems that we have in,society or whatever It ultimately is who,knows uh meanwhile more it's a way to,say fake Master says should I stay on a,site run by a bigot you guys have lost,the plot,but what is it that you're trying to,achieve I mean it was always run by Big,Jack Dorsey was friends yeah he's always,a piece of too yeah,um I mean if it makes you feel better,you can go and subject yourself too but,you're probably not going to be able to,get that handle back right I mean yeah I,would say if you want to go of course go,I'm not I'm not telling you to do that,I'm I'm just making an analysis as to,what's going to hurt Elon Musk more but,if it's going to hurt you more to be on,a platform run by a bigot,uh then yeah by all means quit,I know I don't hey this video sponsored,by established titles what is,established titles it is a fun novelty,gift that also,helps you preserve some natural,Woodlands it's a Project based on,historic Scottish custom where land,owners are referred to as lairds or,Lords and Ladies in English,title packs give you at least one square,foot of dedicated land with a unique,plot number so what happens is they,plant a tree with every order they work,with global Charities one tree planted,and trees for the future to support,Global reforestation efforts and you get,one of these certificates I'm a Lord I'm,also a lady too uh I can be both there's,no reason I can't be,the first 200 people purchasing a title,pack using my link will effectively be,next to our plot if you want to become a,Lord and Lady we can create our own,majority report Kingdom,so check it out you can also on official,documents where they use a prefix you,can call yourself Lord or lady,uh it makes an amazing last minute gift,established titles is actually running a,massive Black Friday sale right now plus,if you use the code majority you get an,additional 10 off go to established, majority to get your gifts,now and help support the channel

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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

finally Elon Musk has made it public a,number of important initiatives he took,to combat bots on Twitter they began by,locating a small group of prominent,individuals who were running a sizable,number of Bot troll accounts then by,denying these malicious users access to,the platform they banned access to their,IP addresses more importantly Elon has,disclosed the three key strategies he,has created to counteract bots on the,platform also the key fear behind Elon,musk's decision to remove all Bots from,the network was that there will be a,drop in monthly active users however,Twitter is still experiencing a huge,increase in both user numbers and,engagement the reason for this is that,users of the site are mostly protected,against bots trolls and other bad,conduct it is important to note that,mask has provided details on a serious,potential bot problem that might have,severe effects on the platform,furthermore according to Elon Musk the,primary problem with Bots is that they,may give the impression that the topics,are trending when they aren't even worse,since Bots can repost tweets or other,content the volume of spam generated by,them may destroy any original content so,this is a crucial issue for Elon Musk as,you know Elon musk's deal with Twitter,initially fell apart due to the bot,issue when he claimed that a majority of,Twitter users were bought at that time,Elon said until Twitter publicly proves,that the platform has less than five,percent fake spam accounts that's it the,deal is off musk argued that these Bots,were damaging Twitter's reputation and,credibility and that they needed to be,removed or drastically reduced to make,the platform more valuable in response,Twitter requested that mask provide,detailed documentation and evidence to,support his allegations which he was,unable to do at the time City didn't,have access to internal Twitter data a,study conducted by ciabra which was,commissioned by Elon Musk as part of his,legal battle with Twitter found that,spam and Bot accounts make up an,estimated 11 of Twitter's total user,base this is more than the five percent,figure often cited by Twitter itself,cyber used a machine learning algorithm,to analyze hundreds of parameters to,arrive at their estimates Twitter was,fighting with Spam accounts every day,but this was a complicated issue of,people that create these accounts got,more sophisticated with time their goals,and tactics have evolved an Elon musk's,team also is conducting a random survey,of 100 Twitter followers to find out the,ratio of spam Bots that exist the,findings were significant because mask,had previously said he wanted to,purchase Twitter to address the,company's bot problem however less than,three months after signing an agreement,he attempted to terminate the deal,citing claims that Twitter had misstated,the number of bots on his platform Elon,Musk has a valid point about Bots being,present on Twitter and other social,media platforms as mentioned above,Twitter has access to data points from,its over 300 million monthly active,users yet it is still struggling to,clean up the platform from spam accounts,similarly Facebook has been facing a,class action lawsuit related to its,audience exaggeration which indicates,the need for more transparency when it,comes to verifying users thus Elon Musk,calls for third-party Auditors and,independent researchers who could ensure,estimates of active users are accurate,and also inform public policies,surrounding these platforms if they had,access to Quality data and freedom to,publish their results this would help,protect advertisers as well as investors,from being deceived by the false Matrix,of user engagement thus it can be said,that Elon Musk has a valid point about,Bots being present on platforms like,Twitter and Facebook Twitter suit must,to complete the deal accusing him of,using Bots as a pretext to exit the deal,after getting buyer's remorse and the,two sides were set to go to trial,however in light of seabra's report,confirming that there are indeed more,Bots than initially thought on Twitter,must decided to proceed with a deal Elon,musk's main issue with Bots is that they,can create false Impressions giving the,impression that topics are trending when,they're not this could be used to,manipulate public opinion on certain,topics and influence people's opinions,in a way that would be impossible,without the use of bots furthermore Bots,can repost tweets or other content made,meaning that original content may be,drowned out by the sheer volume of Bot,generated spam Bots can also be used to,automate activities like sending,messages and replies which can confuse,additionally they can slow down,Twitter's website performance or even,crash it if there are too many bots in,one place in short bots have the,potential to negatively impact Twitter's,user experience Elon Musk and Twitter,took several steps to combat bots on the,platform first they identified a small,number of people operating large numbers,

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Elon Musk HUGE Advice To Delete Twitter!

Elon Musk HUGE Advice To Delete Twitter!

elon musk has just advised everyone to,delete twitter since musk bought shares,on twitter the social media platform has,been the talk of almost everyone to make,things even better musk decided to buy,twitter further increasing the hype,around it there have been rumors about,what musk plans to do with the company,once he becomes ceo and how he will,improve it still the deal has not even,been sealed yet and in a bid to buy the,company musk has seen some flaws in,twitter and is not interested in buying,it anymore he is even advising people to,stop using the app altogether so why,does musk want everyone to delete,twitter if not twitter then what let's,find out if you're a fan of elon musk,you probably already know that the ceo,loves twitter and almost every time his,tweets are now sort of pop culture and,are usually referenced by his followers,and business associates he enjoys using,twitter so much that he has gotten into,trouble because of them how in a,complaint submitted in september 2018,the sec claimed that musk had,misrepresented when he claimed to have,secured financing for a private buyout,of the business for 420 per share in a,tweet on august 7th following musk and,tesla's board's unexpected withdraw from,an agreement with the sec the complaint,was made in addition to terminating the,contract the board boldly defended him,once the allegations were made,nevertheless a settlement was ultimately,negotiated with harsher penalties than,the initial arrangement in the,settlement negotiated on september 29th,the tesla ceo consented to resign from,his position as chairman of tesla and,pay a 20 million penalty according to,the sec tesla also consented to pay a,second 20 million dollar fine they are,being charged and fined for failing to,impose disclosure controls and,procedures concerning musk's tweets when,he tweeted to his 24 million followers,that tesla would build about 500 000,cars this year previously unreleased,material information the crisis with the,sec erupted again hours later he,clarified that he had meant that by the,end of the year the firm would be,producing cars at a yearly pace of 500,000. due to his breach of the 2018,agreement the sec attempted to hold him,in contempt tesla musk and the sec were,ordered by the court to resolve their,disputes and reach a new agreement in,april 2019 a deal was made that allowed,musk to use twitter with some,restrictions without worrying about,being found in contempt of court for,disobeying a previous court order except,for tweeting about certain occasions or,financial accomplishments musk is free,to say anything he wants according to,the agreement submitted to manhattan,federal court in certain circumstances,musk is required to request prior,consent from a securities attorney after,musk asked his twitter followers to vote,on whether to buy or sell tesla stock in,november 2021 the relationship with the,sec deteriorated once more last year the,sec issued a subpoena for information,demonstrating that musk had prior,consent for the tweet due to that tweet,after all this musk still decided to buy,twitter earlier in 2022 as he claimed to,be an advocate of free speech further,reiterating his love for twitter and,what it offers so why does he want,people to delete twitter all of a sudden,through his recent deal with twitter,musk has exposed some of the corruption,and fraud going on on twitter for,starters and probably his major concern,is the number of bots on the app musk,has complained about bots for years and,it seems weird he's bringing it up after,securing the deal it's still a valid,point primarily because he was the,victim of a bot scam that swindled,several users of the app he has been,open about his worries about the,prevalence of phony twitter accounts,using bots and phony accounts to control,social media sites is nothing new but he,claims he wants twitter to be more,transparent about the proportion of real,users according to public disclosures by,the social media platform less than five,percent of twitter's monetizable daily,active users are fraudulent or spam,accounts musk however has his doubts he,stated that it probably isn't the,experience of most people while,utilizing twitter we're still waiting,for that issue to be resolved and it's a,big one a lot of twitter's problems are,attributed to bots just like with,algorithms additionally bots are always,created by humans much like algorithms,since they are not autonomous a useful,question to ask is why people design,bots to spam in the first place given,the vast volume of information on the,internet bots can serve numerous,purposes when created for amusement they,may also provide comedy and whimsy like,journalism pitch bots that create,fictitious headlines for news,organizations there are also humorous,bots like emoji mashup which tweets,about brand new emojis that have been,remixed from older ones although,discussions regarding bots and human,authentication sometimes overlap the,latter frequently entails tal

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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Situation

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Situation

Elon Musk has identified an appropriate,successor and he's stepping down as CEO,as mask said he had already found,someone foolish so he is resigning musk,has a few candidates who will replace,him as a new Twitter CEO and there is an,important reason why Elon Musk is,considering Mr Beast as Twitter CEO but,with Mr Beast there are other surprising,personalities who Elon Musk chose as his,potential Replacements with that Mr,Beast came out and talked about his,first moves as a Twitter CEO and the big,changes that he will Implement and,Industry experts have recommended that,the incoming CEO of Twitter be an,outsider it is plausible to believe that,the sudden departures are the most,promising possible candidates soon after,musk joined the team with the rude cause,of this lack of internal possibilities,the guidance and influence Elon Musk,might provide Twitter users while he,selects the new chief executive officer,is insane also according to one of the,academics the new CEO should be prepared,to carry carry out musk's Vision while,giving him the attention because Elon,Musk will continue to have a significant,public profile and ultimate ownership,power Elon Musk has disclosed a crucial,factor that has extended the timeline,for hiring a new CEO as Elon Musk,searched for his new CEO a select list,of Candace has been tentatively compiled,for the Billionaire's consideration as,you know Elon Musk announced that he is,thinking about popular YouTuber Mr Beast,as the next Twitter CEO when Mr Beast,asked if he could take over his Twitter,CEO Elon responded by saying that it,wasn't out of the question after musk's,response Mr Beast revealed what his,first official move a CEO would be,transforming Twitter into a platform,that focuses on videos rather than,solely being a gateway to other sites,though some Twitter users wholeheartedly,stand behind Mr BEAST's concept others,are less than the enthusiastic to,incentivize people to post videos on the,platform suggestions have been made for,things like monetization and a more,comprehensive streaming service,after his inauguration as Twitter CEO it,took only three months for users to cast,their votes and oust Elon Musk in a,public survey of course one must take,into consideration that Bots may have,possibly tampered with this survey's,accuracy nonetheless must conveyed only,those who own the exclusive Twitter blue,will possess voting rights within such,surveys this led to an internal,executive search by mask according to,the people familiar with the matter a,process that has been described as a,soft CEO search since it excluded,external recruitment agencies according,to cnbc's sources Elon Musk is actively,seeking someone to replace him before,fully transitioning into leading Twitter,software and service teams after his 44,billion dollar acquisition in October,2022 musk assumed the interim CEO role,and has encountered a turbulent Journey,with the business I will resign as CEO,as soon as I find someone foolish enough,to take the job after that I will just,run the software and serve as teams he,said however the head of SpaceX may have,already deterred possible applicants by,claiming he'll select someone foolish,enough to assume leadership over firm,Elon musk's Inner Circle is the most,probable source for Twitter's next CEO,be it someone within or outside of their,organization,and the Forefront of those likely to,assume mask seat is his associate and,Confidant sharam Krishnan a professional,investor and engineer his resume is,filled with accomplishments that,stakeholders would be impressed by as,Krishnan has previously LED product and,Engineering teams at Twitter meta and,Microsoft he confessed that he was,providing assistance to musk when he,became involved in the platform,according to analysts at Fair betting,sites Krishnan is the front runner with,an implied probability of 25 making him,a clear favorite for taking home the,role in addition Gerard kushner's,presence with Elon Musk at the Qatar,World Cup in 2022 Drew attention from,Spectators who couldn't help but,speculate what the two were discussing,over the years Kushner has created an,expansive business Empire through real,estate and Publishing Investments even,serving as a former advisor to his,father-in-law Donald Trump not only is,there pressure coming from the public,and investors but kushner's very own,wife Ivanka has even held mask as her,Idol even more history could be made if,Sarah fryer the CEO of Nextdoor is,appointed as Twitter's first female,chief executive officer through her work,at payment platform Square the northern,Irish boss catapulted to Fame after,having previously served as an analyst,for Goldman Sachs during her tenure at,the community-orientated organization,she has achieved an impressive feat,doubling revenues this is indicative of,her ability to get through any,technology challenges that may arise,also David Sachs an esteemed South,African-American entrepreneur and,billionaire investor who is part of Elon

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