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Elliotte Friedman And Jeff Marek On The Green Monster | 32 ThoughtsElliot in my hockey life because


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Elliotte Friedman And Jeff Marek On The Green Monster | 32 Thoughts

Elliot in my hockey life because we all,have a number of different lives yes but,in my Hockey Life there is nowhere that,I would rather be right now on January,1st as we record this podcast at 3 56,Eastern then right here at Fenway Park,in advance of the Winter Classic,now let me make sure I have this correct,yes you have never been to a baseball,game here maiden voyage at Fenway if you,told 12 year old me that I would be at,Fenway Park not to see a baseball game,but to see a hockey game I don't know,how I would have reacted but here I am,I've always wanted to go to Fenway I,know you've been I've started to check,off some baseball boxes in my life,Kaminsky last or sorry Wrigley last year,do you want to get to Kaminsky,um but Fenway is a huge one for me Jeff,I am disgusted by this information what,are you doing with your life no I know I,know it's it's ridiculous I've always,put off getting to Fenway but here I am,nonetheless so here it is the podcast,like this is pretty cool thing to do too,so Elliot and I are on top of the green,monster right now this is 32 000 podcast,brought to you by GMC and the Sierra at4,X we're on top of the green monster,tomorrow is the Winter Classic but it is,January 1st and I want to ask you one,bit of trivia that I got from Stan the,rod our stats man at Hockey Night in,Canada who holds the record,for most goals scored by an NHL or born,on January 1st the answer is in this,game oh really,who's a New Year's baby in this game,who is it his name rhymes with meff,martyr,Jeff Carter with 424 goals oh my God,that was that was by the way your best,bet that you've ever done on the podcast,with meth marmor that was that was good,thanks Bobby holique is Number Two by,the way that was really good so if,you've never been to Fenway Park,well first of all I should say that I,believe this is the 18th outdoor game,I've been to,since it started again in 2003 with the,Heritage Classic between the Canadians,and the Oilers at Commonwealth Stadium,and you just started thawing out after,that well you just finally thought that,was cold cold but a great great event,the Highlight one of the highlights of,my career I went to the first eight and,then I think this is the 18th I've been,to and you know I mentioned to some,people that we were going to this today,and they're like ah I've seen it I'm not,really into it anymore look I get it I,get it why some people think that but I,used to think that too you know when I,was going to all those ones early on,it'd be like ah another one and then,you'd get there and you'd be caught up,in the excitement like we're here with,our crew our great crew have worked,really hard today when we got into,Fenway and we walked out of the that,Corridor onto the field it really does,take your breath away and you get caught,up in the excitement and you realize,you're here and you look at pesky's pole,in right field and you realize that TV,does not do that Justice yeah and you,look at the green monster and like you,said we're sitting on top of the monster,seats and you see the rink here you get,caught up in it this is this is going to,be a lot of fun and uh I I'm really I,haven't been to as many of these in the,last few years particularly the ones,that have been in the United States I,I'm really excited to be back besides,the sounds the games the music as well,which is a big part of it the festival,which is a big part of it as well the,horns,which is uh right now signaling for the,Boston Bruins and their families to get,off the ice so they can flood and allow,the Pittsburgh Penguins a chance to,skate here we're going to hear from,Steve Mayer by the way NHL uh who,essentially Steve I mean one of his many,titles is Chief content officer but he,puts a lot of these tent pole events,together you're going to hear from him,in a couple of moments here but I just,wanted to get your thoughts on these two,teams specifically and where they're at,because I look at Pittsburgh and I look,at Boston and there's a couple of,symmetries here I mean there's the,Boston Bruins obviously,um they're hosting the Pittsburgh,Penguins who are owned by Fenway we're,at Fenway and both these teams have an,element of we're keeping the band,together for a couple of more swings at,this thing we made a lot about Malkin,and Letang re-upping Crosby obviously,still there Brian rust keeping the band,together to try to squeeze some more out,of this group that's already delivered,Stanley Cups say the same thing about,the Boston Bruins we didn't know that,Patrice Bergeron was coming back we,didn't know that David kreichi was,coming back the David Pastrana contract,question that hangs out there in looms,over the Boston Bruins organization and,their future where is Elliot Friedman at,with both these teams look the Boston,Bruins are number one in the league,they're a serious Stanley Cup Contender,now,there's a number of Bruin fans wondering,about a report that came on the weekend,about David poster not closing in on a,contract

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Spittin' Chiclets Interviews Elliotte Friedman - Full Interview

Spittin' Chiclets Interviews Elliotte Friedman - Full Interview

what's going on spit in Chiclets fans,busier thanks for tuning in to another,interview as part of the ECHL player,relief on interview series and this one,is brought to you by our good pals at,Bud Light and especially Bud Light,seltzer,Bud Light Seltzer is low in carbs low in,sugar and a great option to enjoy,responsibly while watching interview,you're about to check out and in another,unquestionably good move Bud Light,Seltzer has generously donated $10,000,to the ECHL player relief fund their,support is going directly in the pocket,out of out-of-work members of the hockey,community who need it most,we know times are not easy right now so,we're trying to give you as much content,as we can so we hope you enjoy this,interview and please stay safe and once,again thank you to Bud Light and Bud,Light seltzer,been about two and a half years since we,had this guy on he's one of what I call,the Four Horsemen of Twitter when it,comes to hockey news you see him on,Sportsnet here in Canada and on the NHL,Network back on the States and of course,on Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday,one of the best hockey reporters in the,biz welcome back to spit and Chiclets,Eliot Friedman which Horsemen of my,famine or pestilence which came in line,I know I forgot they actually means a,bad thing the other day it sounded cool,but I wish like a chuckle but I have no,idea when they all sneak in in the horse,now that I've seen the four mothers is,that what we're talking about no I will,drop it geez if I said I don't,think mom Mount Rushmore wouldn't work,for a for Canadian guys so okay Eliot so,you have not been on since biz biz,wasn't on when you came out with all,right and that's right yeah so we got a,new we've it's changed and in that time,you've started your own podcast you in,America that's right one of my boys Jeff,Macke so you're in the game now yes,we're not as highly ranked as your,podcast but we still think it's very,good we're different we are different,you know what it's not what you say it's,how you say it and that's why this weird,Naismith that's right that's right I,think it's a good counterbalance you,guys have much more informative,analytical we you know basically swear,and tell like kind of what biz tells,stories but also like the this is the,key thing is that the players know that,it's not that they think we're out to,get them if they don't trust us like,they trust you guys like you guys are,two of them and it makes a difference,yeah we actually threaten them we hold,them hostage you say you know what the, was happening that's a lot you come,on we give it a powerpuff interview for,you or we're gonna leak at all,no we just I don't know yeah we don't I,mean once again to a goodnight we allow,them to cut anything they want hmm,so I mean that's the trust right there I,think well I think it's such a small,fraternity of men who played in the NHL,so when they baby each other it's like,they kind of let that guy down just a,little bit you know you know it is true,like one of the things I do believe ari,I don't know if you feel this in this,particular group here,but there are some guys I've worked with,they're like you know hey I've worked,with you for a long time,I've known you for a long time I don't,think of you any differently that you,didn't play in the NHL but there are,still some guys I've been around it's,always them and you and there's not too,many of them but the to the two or three,that are like that are really like it's,funny there's been very small percentage,in the Owen you know it you know,it,yeah okay all right yeah it's obvious I,don't want to stroke you off here with,too much can I rent but I would,if you said something on Twitter if I,was opposed to it it would make me like,rethink what I was thinking like that's,how much respect I have for you as far,as your even your opinion is concerned,and it takes a lot of time to get to,that level where you can even be,considered that well we must be,following the different people on,Twitter because I got people who tell me,what an idiot I am I mean oh yeah you,please no one right I mean every team,thinks that you don't like their their,guys right yes everybody thinks you hate,their team but it's finally that part of,it is mostly fun like like the thing is,we didn't if it wasn't for those people,like none of us would be working right,yeah like through the crazed hockey fan,is what I'll have chocolate bananas for,this all of your punching bag it's Ramon,yeah tell me I'll let you throw we,should is it clear okay again so we're,coming off a crazy deadline and it was,leading up to it was funny like Duffy,and you saw a bunch of other guys tweet,we're not really doing a show anymore,are we everything's done but did you,have any clue it would be that crazy no,no I didn't really waken up I didn't,think it would be like I was just hoping,it wouldn't be like last year last year,we basically sat around all day there,were a couple of small deals and then we,knew mark stone was p

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Elliotte Friedman Did The WORST THING Possible In Front Of Mario Lemieux!

Elliotte Friedman Did The WORST THING Possible In Front Of Mario Lemieux!

the team obviously has sold the fenway,sports group i don't think pittsburgh's,super happy about it because it's a it's,a boston name boston coming in but i,think people were excited to know,lemieux was still going to be around i,was hoping uh maybe you could confirm,that lemieux was still gonna be like,pretty hands-on and if you got any good,mario stories i think we'd love to hear,them i'm gonna tell you one of the best,mario stories you've ever heard that,makes me look like a total idiot and and,so and you guys will love this story,and there's witnesses to this who saw it,happen it was it was so,it was like it was,so we're at the all-star game the year,was in la and they named the hundred,greatest players okay,so in la there's an elevator that goes,down from you know the press box level,to the ice level and i was on it with,nick caprios and mario lemieux and one,of the partners and the penguins one of,the minority owners i can't remember who,else was there but i remember it was the,four of us for sure,and so we get out of the elevator on the,ice level,um,and,we were we were going to the dressing,rooms,and mario did not have his credential,with him,and in most places,this would not matter but this was uh,the the person the usher or the,attendant or whatever you want to call,him,uh he was there and i don't have any,problem with this because they're doing,their jobs they are told especially on,all-star weekend there's a lot of,hangers on don't let people in who don't,have passes,but he didn't know mayor lemieux was so,he left come on he let nick in and he,let the um uh i i forget her name she,was a minority owner of the penguins and,he let her in but he wouldn't let mario,in,so like i think okay i'm gonna solve,this problem right here i said sir if i,could just speak up on his behalf this,is like,the second greatest player ever and,mario turned and looked at me and goes,second behind who,and kipper has a big belly laugh and he,just died he could touch he like ran to,tell everybody this story like uncle,elliot just did all of you,look i i think these people at fenway,they're pretty smart they know what,mario's worth,um,i think they know that you know your,your best players would be very,comfortable if mario was still around,i don't know if you'll be as invested as,he was before but i think they're smart,enough to recognize that if you need him,and you want them um you're going to,find room for them,uh hey elliot i want to ask you before,we let you go you want to hear a kipper,story,sure,nick nick shared one with me and it's,unbelievable you're going to share it,nick yeah yeah we have to so,ellie we went to uh toronto uh we were,doing some broadcasts and some,interviews up there with our boss pat,mcafee he went up and he interviewed,steve nash and marshawn lynch and the,company we were uh affiliated with at,the time it was a big promotional event,and a big launch and,and pat went to his uh one of his,meetings and and when he did that he,kind of lets us stooges run around the,city and just kind of go enjoy the the,local,a nightlife and just you know kind of,get to get acquainted with the city as,you will and,and and gumpy was there and he's from,victoriaville bc he's not a he doesn't,love toronto so he he was reluctantly,trudging along the,a lunch spot it was outside it was like,a courtyard set up i can't recall the,specific name of the place but it's a,beautiful place and,we go in to eat and uh and gumpy being,the canadian that he is the the true,true heart canadian is he looks over and,he goes oh my god that's kipper that's,that's nick giprios,and it was uh at the time that kipper,was was looking for uh his next move he,was looking for his his next big thing,his next gig and he was meeting with,some folks in some suits so it looked,like an important lunch meeting as you,will and,and our boss pat being the nice guy that,he is said,oh well i mean let's go let's go make,him look good let's let's pump the stars,a little bit so he goes over and he's,he has no idea who nick cabrios is none,whatsoever but he walks over and he says,oh kipper the legend how you doing,brother great to see you and he's he's,trying to build him up here in front of,these supposed what we think our execs,right just to make him look good and,nick stands up and he's super gracious,shakes pat's hand says hey thanks,whatever,and then goes about continuing to have,his lunch well,after he finishes the lunch,uh he comes over and he sees all of us,there's a big group of us we're staying,at the bar we got a couple drinks he,comes over he goes,hey boys how you doing what,you always want a picture or,what and,absolutely kipper absolutely we want a,picture with you so you want to picture,you know we all pile around and we get a,picture and we we have a we have a night,and a moment with nick kipros we never,thought we'd get to experience in our,lives but i just he's a good man what a,guy man yeah you know i think that's one,of the things that we're luc

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How To Become a Sports Broadcaster | SMG Hangout: Elliotte Friedman

How To Become a Sports Broadcaster | SMG Hangout: Elliotte Friedman

hello everyone welcome to SMG hangouts,I'm your host Mike Valente and I am here,with Canadian sports journalists,reporter and hockey insider Eliot,Friedman Eliot it is a pleasure to talk,to you how are you good to be here Mike,thanks very much thank you very much,we're not used to seeing you with the,beard I think it suits you,what do you think well you know I like,it my kid likes it okay I'm not sure my,wife's so crazy about it right but you,know in this business wives are used to,us making them hate you so that's that's,no problem so we're starting on an,uplifting note you tell it's okay you,know what in this summer Rogers good,like from from Labor Day until July 1st,I'm on the clock right that's right you,basically are 24/7 you're not always,there but you're available and they're,really good about saying in this summer,you don't have to say yes to anything,that's great from the day we the time we,sign off on July 1st free agency until,Labor Day I don't shave unless there's a,really good reason for it I love that,though right because during the season,as you just mentioned it would be,impossible almost for your job to unplug,with everything on social media new,media you know in addition to your,sports net and Hockey Night duties,you're constantly on Twitter right,you've got a podcast 31 thoughts and the,blog so during the time of the season,how do you manage your time at all like,do you have enough time in the day to do,stuff with your family and for yourself,well actually it's it's it's it's funny,because one of the things Mike I did,this summer was my son went to day camp,he's seven years old he went to day camp,in July and I got up every morning to,take him to the bus and I made sure I,was there every day to take him home,unless I really had some where you,needed to be and those are the kinds of,dad things I can't always do during the,season hey the good thing about my job,is that aside from when I'm on TV I,really set my own hours you know I don't,have to go into work I'm allowed to work,out of my home office I only go into,work when I'm on TV or we're taping the,podcast or if I have to go in to tape a,hit if something big happens otherwise,I'm home so I can take my kid to school,here and there but there's a lot of,things there's no question I am,distracted like I get a lot of are you,listening to me talks like at home,during the year right you know so,basically you're constantly am I missing,anything am I on top of things and our,job we're expected to be on top of,things right so you're always there and,if you know if you report something then,you got to keep following on the story,and if someone else reports it you've,got to keep following the story so you,are distracted during the year I'm on,social media way too much I do know that,when the day comes I leave the business,whether I'm fired or I retire I am,burning all of my social media I am,gonna become a ghost and no one is ever,gonna see me again I I don't blame you,for that I don't play me I wanted to ask,you about your early days yeah at hockey,night specifically you started there in,2003 yeah 15 years which is crazy that's,fantastic when it first began like do,you recall how you were hired like you,have to audition were you recruited how,did that all happen for you well if you,go back to 2003 at the end of that,season the Stanley Cup final it was,Anaheim versus New Jersey and I was,covering that for the score at the time,and my and I didn't see the final,broadcast but somebody told me about a,game seven a New Jersey won the Stanley,Cup three nothing over Anaheim and,Haggadah in Canada had a guy who was,their number two hosts behind Ron at the,time his name was Scott Russell and I,guess at the end of the broadcast he,gave a passionate speech saying he was,leaving and he was going to go do other,projects Scott I don't know anybody who,cares more about the Olympics and,amateur athletics more than Scott Roslyn,II and they create a role for him doing,that and so Scott he left Hockey Night,and there was an opening and you know,I'm a kind of guy and and everybody's,different like I've met people who are,real go-getters I don't think there's,anything wrong with being a real,go-getter I think you have to decide,what fits yourself and there are some,people like they see a job opening,they're like I'm going for it like,that's mine I'm going for it and when,you're starting out as many of you are,that's the way I would advise you to be,but as I got older and I got more into,my career I became that the kind of guy,I like to be low-maintenance I was like,if somebody wants me they'll come find,me and that's kind of what happened with,Hockey Night I didn't apply for the job,and then so that was in June when he,signed off and in September I,a call from someone who was a senior,producer at Hockey Night and you know we,said he names sure le Nate Jack and he,said you know you haven't applied for,the job and I told him that I said I'm a,big believer now that I was

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32 Thoughts: Breaking Down Some Of The Bigger Names On The Trade Board

32 Thoughts: Breaking Down Some Of The Bigger Names On The Trade Board

second intermission 32 thoughts is,always presented by GMC and the new,Sierra at4x Jeff Merrick among the many,great interviews this week on the radio,Sam gagne for a thousand games Jeff that,was special and uh Dennis Williams uh it,was nice to the referees at the world,juniors he said because I had no voice,for half the tournament Ron so welcome,to the club Elliott Friedman we're going,to reset the trade deadline some big,names all right you want to just take a,look at the overall list Jeff okay so we,put together so we're gonna as Ron,mentioned and reset the sort of list,here here we are in the New Year eyes on,the trade deadline March 3rd and,possible trade targets we're going to be,looking at in the next few weeks Ella,we've talked a lot about some of these,players starting with bohorov out of,Vancouver look I don't think there's,anything imminent here uh I think the,Canucks will go back to Horvat one more,time to see if they can make a deal I,think it's extremely unlikely as we've,mentioned before they don't want to go,more than what they did with JT Miller,so I think it's unlikely that happens,obviously there's going to be a ton of,Interest one team guys I've wondered,about potentially getting into this is,one of the teams in our early games,that's taken big steps this year the,Seattle crackers a lot of people have,talked about Colorado with bohoravat,we'll see what happens there just a,quick note this one's for you Kevin BX I,know you love your check on updates he's,on our list Arizona the one thing that's,pretty obvious now to everybody and,Elliot they are in no hurry to do a deal,they're looking for three big pieces,essentially they're looking for a young,Prospect they're looking for a first,round pick plus maybe that's another,first round or an equivalent thereof but,again Arizona is in no hurry to do this,one Elliott that gets us to Patrick Kane,and Jonathan Taves well in Chicago we,knew that once the calendar flipped at,some point in time Kanan tears would sit,down and they would let them know the,Blackhawks of their intentions as far as,I can tell that has not occurred yet,they haven't nailed down what they're,considering doing now there has been now,one hiccup here and that is the King was,injured this week and missed a game the,hope is he's going to play tomorrow,against the Calgary Flames there are,some Rumblings that he may need,something that he may have something,that might need to be cleaned up at some,time but again the whole purpose that,he's going to be able to play through it,all right hang in there left defenseman,for the Edmonton Oilers look I know the,Oilers fans they they talk about this a,lot like how soon is this going to,happen I don't think there's anything,imminent here I think the others are,looking around the league to see what,could be available to them I think one,of the things they have told other teams,they want to do is they want to give,broberg a chance to play for a little,while they don't want it to be just a,one two or three game thing I think they,really want to look give them a bit of a,run and see what they've got before they,make any permanent decisions on the,future of the left side of their D,earlier tonight talking about Morgan,Barron scoring the empty net goal for,Winnipeg in a big victory against Tampa,he won their skills competition fastest,skater uh let's look ahead you've been,discussing it on the podcast some of the,things we can look forward to at,All-Star also February 3rd and 4th in,Sunrise Florida and right now the fan,voting is underway I'm stumping for Ryan,pulock get him in the hardest shot that,would be glorious uh these are some of,the things that the National Hockey,League and the Players Association are,negotiating right now for some of the,skills competition one there's this idea,Steve mayor of the NHL talked to us in,in Boston about this as well at Fenway,the idea of a dunk tank on the beach and,the way this would work for the scales a,couple of different concepts are,bouncing around one of them would have,two dunk tanks beside each other a,number of targets uh two player teams,you hit all your targets the other,player gets dunked and vice versa we'll,see where that one goes so for this uh I,love the idea I so badly want to see,this I'm not so sure that a lot of the,players will go for it I think some of,them will uh we'll see also and many of,you watching and hearing this one will,say oh this is Happy Gilmore all over,again there will be some type of hybrid,golf Hockey event as well and listen,we've talked on the podcast Ron and,Elliott a number of different times,about this idea of doing some type of,competition,with alligators and shooting frozen meat,pucks or someone the NHL called me uh,told me they're called burgers Jeff,shooting Frozen burgers at alligators,we'll see where this one goes the NHL is,being very hush-hush on this one I'm not,sure Ron you want to take the obvious,one alligators yeah no it's a Croc you,want me to say tha

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Elliotte Friedman Talks Will Versus Skill For Maple Leafs | Tim and Sid

Elliotte Friedman Talks Will Versus Skill For Maple Leafs | Tim and Sid

who's shouldering the blame today for,each I got you asked me to give this all,the time guys like if they don't make,the playoffs you know who's gonna take,the brunt like do you think anyone's,getting unscathed like getting away,unscathed if that happens but there are,tears to this you know at the end of the,day look like you couldn't listen to,Keefe after that game last night and not,think about Babcock correct it's it's a,hundred percent the same stuff that,Babcock was saying and you know look,like the players want to change they got,to change you can talk about like like I,think they're they made the one deal day,for Maul gonna I think they're,definitely looking for bottom six,forwards to add some depth we know,they're looking for a right shot d by,the the biggest difference between these,two teams last night aside from all,those ridiculous passes that Crosby was,making was one team wanted it a lot more,than the other one did you know Malkin,skates off during the warmup can't go,because he's sick and Pittsburgh,dominated they won every battle like at,some point in time the will has to match,the skill and it wasn't there last night,it wasn't even close and they got a,rematch tomorrow and if if one team,doesn't compete as hard as the other one,does it's not going to matter Elliot you,have your ear to the ground as much as,anyone in the business the one thing,that we have come to learn about Sheldon,Keith and Kyle dubis is that they seem,to be in sync that their communication,seems to be really good and that Sheldon,Keith wouldn't say the things that he,said last night without having the,blessing of Kyle Dubes do you think by,the end of this week or even by the last,two games that Kyle Dube is's confidence,in the way he was shaping this franchise,has been shaken by the way it's gone,over the last couple days no I don't,believe that I think Kyle Dube was,believed in his vision and you know the,one thought the one thing I I believe is,this is,when Washington won the Cup in 2018 it,taught me a lot about growth and,perspective right there was a time when,nobody believed Washington was gonna win,the Stanley Cup they didn't have a,chance they were never gonna figure it,out they were never gonna get there it,took them a long time to get there but,they got there and how did they get,there,they learned they suffered brutal losses,they went through they changed coaches,multiple times they eventually got there,they grew up and they got there they,built a team and they got there and,Washington won as much about everything,they learned through defeat as opposed,to anything else I think that these guys,in Toronto I would bet on their skill,I really would and I think they are,going to get there eventually but,they're not there now and the difference,between Washington and Toronto is,Backstrom was signed for ten years vet,scheme was signed for a thirteen or,whatever it is like Toronto's contracts,aren't that long you can't make those,contracts that long anymore,but I think dubis looks at it and says,our guys are gonna be like Washington's,guys they're gonna get there now they,have to get there faster than they did,and they're gonna have to learn their,lessons quicker than those other guys,did but I don't think that's shaken is,core believe that a team of skill can,win once it figures out how to properly,merge that skill with everything else,they have to do and I think that that's,what he's gonna bet on now I do think,the team has got to become edgier I do,think the team has got to become meaner,I think it has to be more than willing,to win battles than it is now I think it,has to handle better when things go,wrong than they do now but I don't think,that means that dubis doesn't believe in,his vision and I don't think that shakes,his belief in this particular group only,an idiot would compare this Leafs team,to the Washington Capitals or smoke ball,our smart bald man here and I did it,earlier in the show and as you do it I,got ripped for it so but you added the,caveat about the logs I mean you're,wrong,it doesn't mean it Rock let's go back,let's go back a decade ago okay or even,short of nevermind a decade ago let's go,back five years did you ever think the,Capitals are gonna win the Stanley Cup,never yeah no I think I think most of,hot-hot the hockey world felt the same,way and especially fans there's a sigh,they're not that until they are and,that's kind of the case with a lot of,teams right if you believe in the talent,no matter what league no matter what,sometimes you just have to show patience,in that talent and eventually they will,get there it's just hard to do that in,the moment absolutely is a hundred,percent is like I totally I totally,totally get that and the thing that has,changed now in the NHL is that you know,the young it's a younger league than,ever and the youngest players get paid,more than ever and with that,expectations come you know when when,these guys are making the money they,make the fans 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Is An Offer Sheet Coming For Mathew Barzal? Elliotte Friedman Joined Spittin' Chiclets To Discuss

Is An Offer Sheet Coming For Mathew Barzal? Elliotte Friedman Joined Spittin' Chiclets To Discuss

we're talking with the Islanders but,busy and I were chatting one day he he,brought up maybe some sort of thing with,bars al barzil and trots and whatever,people gave him and then he ends up,getting benched a couple months later,but so many people want to know like,that contract this summer they can't,lose him right and and he's gonna want a,lot of money well I do believe the offer,sheets will come really to Elliot thank,you and the reason I bring us that's,because it's so hard to find good,players now that good - you're going,we're going to another team 32 and also,you know like the owners like there's,there's more analytics people who are,starting to work for teams and they,believe in it because they say look if,like if you there's a lot of studies on,the draft and they're actually pretty,odd of those hitting yes and basically,in the NHL draft takes a huge drop after,pick number two now you're gonna say,seven no - historically the draft goes,like this one - and all the three,recently where you're like yes like,you'd be sure if you actually sound bad,and when it's really legs crossed the,best number five pick overall that's,right so like there are a lot of people,who say that it's worth doing it you,know I had some people said to me like,you know if the Shay Webber one got,matched every single one is getting,matched but I'll tell you this the,Toronto Maple Leafs a hundred percent,believed that of Austin Matthews got to,July 1st last year Arizona was gonna,offer sheet him seven years of the max,would have made ten and I've looked at,it and people and around the league have,told me they believe that to be the case,Columbus wanted to offer sheet Mitch,Marner but he wouldn't sign for seven,years he wanted to do three or four so a,columbus say that's ballsy yes the,lumbus said no we're not we're not doing,that we're all in it so,stones on the coyotes baby like they all,might they want they all be more they,were going to have they'll be more,Elliott nobody has said to me that's,false I think the least believed it I,think that coyotes were gonna do it and,I think the league knew it so you know,the attitude is moving the one thing is,interesting thing about the whole thing,that fascinates me about bars al is,everybody always says if Lula Morello,was still the GM in Toronto,Toronto's negotiations wouldn't have,played out that way I would completely,agree or four forwards when I make,authority a little soft okay,I thought they caved in so we're gonna,find out what's gonna happen here right,if it gets to he's getting a test you're,live first yeah no because number one is,bars al unhappy at all oh I don't know,is you have this you have this very,unique talent and a kid who thrives for,offense he gets joy out of getting,points right mhm,and who doesn't other organizations,where they value it the same way he does,whereas like they're willing to like let,it ride and Napa for instance they,clearly play a different pace and open,things up a little bit more than some,teams do right he wants to go there and,be free that's my opinion,mm-hmm now trots coaches a certain way,it didn't work for a long time he ends,up turning that group around in,Washington now his fear has been proved,right mm-hmm well of course he's gonna,be stubborn in the way he coaches his,team because it's worked before he's won,a championship but he also had and also,look how much they improved last year,when nobody thought they were gonna be,there yeah nobody thought they were,going around to last year no and then,rerunning it I didn't think they did we,do it this year mm-hmm but but it's hard,because now you're this kid's like well,you guys are getting team friendly like,they're pretty they don't pay very high,right well they got you know what I,don't know if I agree with that but they,got good deals like Nelsons is a good,deal sure you know like Leigh is a very,fair reservable deal nobody but nobody's,going like lamb Arella like guys always,felt,you know the one guy who shaved was was,Niedermayer right but it's in New Jersey,Broder could have made a lot more away,from New Jersey yeah like a lot of guys,could have I just can't see why a guy is,gonna be like okay I'm putting up less,points because of a system that I'm,being forced to play where it doesn't,truly make me happy as a hockey player,and now that's gonna be used against me,to not make more money,ouchy I don't know if that'll be used to,go on you know biz I don't know if,that'll be used against him to make less,money I think what's gonna happen is,knowing Lula Morello he's gonna say to,him we're gonna pay you really well but,we're gonna do it in a team structure,and you're not gonna get paid here,necessarily why and maybe that's saying,and I'm saying I would not fault him for,being like man I just want to go,somewhere where they're gonna like me,for the way I kind of want to play not,saying it's the right way but we'll,sulfites gonna come down to if kid kids,gotta show some balls to hold out right

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Elliotte Friedman Needs to Get it Together

Elliotte Friedman Needs to Get it Together

since my last news of the day video,there's only been one thing people have,been talking about and of course it,involves Toronto its Elliott Friedman ok,fridge man to man we got to talk ok,fridge the beard the beards out of,control you you've I understand you're,at home I understand that you don't have,to go into the studio you don't need to,wear a suit nobody cares if you're not,gonna wear a suit it's fine fridge it's,it's ok,we understand we get it don't you have a,comb I I know I know we're in we're in,isolation and locked down and you got a,lockdown you know you're going on the,air you did you know this was video did,you know this was video chat maybe you,just thought it was over the phone I'm,worried about fridge we've seen fridge,during the playoffs get the big old,beard we've seen him during Movember get,a lot of facial hair going on and and,God bless the man for growing facial,hair better than I ever could but it's,all anybody's talking about right now,and I feel like it has to be talked,about and there's something to do with,Austin Matthews and the plague but,that's not what's important right now,what's important right now is Elliott,Friedman right here fridge fridge for me,please find a comb,get yourself a mirror get it together,man now judging by the wood paneling in,the background he might be locked away,in a cabin somewhere but how did he get,access to the internet because usually,when you're out in the middle of nowhere,horror movies have taught me you,probably don't have access to the,Internet you you're gonna look for a,signal and then ax-wielding guy comes,out to show you what happens when you,grow up in the woods by yourself,Freed's were worried about you it's all,anybody's talking about right now not,whatever's going Boston Matthews,whatever this this is what's important,this has to be addressed,Eliot Friedman I'm very glad now I could,do this on my phone and it'd be a lot,clearer but for free just sake I'm,making this you can see you can see that,it's sort,it's in this area here the head region,he needs to be watching us his hair and,he's got to do something about it,police freeze please Eliot Friedman for,me for the hockey community for Toronto,for what we really care about right now,for all anybody's talking about please,for the love of God man David amber,looks good Chris Johnston down here,everything's all together he's got it,together fridge two out of three ain't,bad for the love of all of the hockey,community I hope this gets resolved soon,thanks for your attention and again this,is all anybody's talking about right now,so I felt like it needed to be addressed,thank you guys so much for all of your,attention in your time I will talk to,you again soon

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