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Week 10: Eliot Shorr-Parks joins the Seth Joyner Showgood afternoon everybody and welcome to,this we

Seth Joyner Show

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Week 10: Eliot Shorr-Parks joins the Seth Joyner Show

good afternoon everybody and welcome to,this week's edition of the seth joyner,show excited excited the philadelphia,eagles take down,the denver broncos 30,to 13 last week and if you're an eagles,fan you got to be,encouraged by what you saw,the thing i'm most encouraged about is,when jalen hurts um because he managed,that first half of that game,it was so far ahead that he only threw,the ball three times in the second half,but the way he managed the game,um,the way he threw the football the,opportunities that he created um listen,i'm not in,that deep that i can tell you,the checks that were made and the,adjustments that were made in-game by,jaylen hertz but nick sirianne alluded,to the fact that he checked out of some,things and got him into some better,situations um,i love the fact that he's making the,the the the decision he's making the,effort to try to maintain the pocket and,trust,that his offensive line will protect him,he's learning how to manipulate the,pocket,all those things only bode well,um i'm still waiting for the creativity,on the offensive side where we use,some passes out of 13 and 12 personnel,and i think he can be even that much,more effective and even that much more,dynamic,eagles ran the ball extremely well again,on the offensive side,um had a balanced attack um with miles,sanders coming back i'm hearing this,chatter i want to get into this this,piece with my with my guests shortly um,there's a lot of chatter that you know,hey we don't need miles sanders,nothing could be further from the truth,in my opinion miles sanders is a home,run hitter at running back we don't have,another one of those guys on our roster,he is the number one running back yes,his productivity has been down but you,got to realize through the first,the first seven games,miles sanders and all the running backs,only saw an average of 13 carries,through the first seven games and mind,you,he was sharing time,a lot of time uh with kenneth gainwell,so can you imagine what his numbers,would look like if he had been party to,what we've seen in the running game the,last three weeks i just think that he's,the ultimate running back on this,football team and if there's one guy,that has a sit down that is one kenneth,gamewell because he hasn't he hasn't,been productive and he's been active,every single game and he's a liability,and pass protection on the interception,that jalen hurts through you can,attribute that to kenneth gainwell not,understanding protections and not,knowing where he should be blocking when,you jump over on the other side of the,ball jonathan gannon has been under fire,the last three weeks,about his passive defensive play calling,last week i don't really think that they,were any that much more aggressive but,what we did see is this is the secondary,that got up and got a lot more active,as far as challenging the wide receivers,at the line of scrimmage and that's the,mode of operation that you want to see,now if you need to bring pressure you,can bring pressure because your,cornerbacks are in aggressive mode,if you want to play coverage you can,still play coverage because your,cornerbacks are in an aggressive mode,you don't have them off the ball five,six seven yards and back pedaling just,giving up real estate they are in a,different,mode and a different mindset the,linebackers were active when teddy,bridgewater raised his arm to throw the,ball those linebackers are breaking on,the ball and getting there with attitude,love davion taylor love what he can,become he's still raw still growing and,i think that tj edwards is the keeper,because this kid realizes that he has an,opportunity to be a starter on this on,this team and in this defense,to help me break it all down,you guys know him esp so he is uh he's,on um wip,um,he's a beat writer for the eagles just,flew in yesterday after the game all,over the place you guys know him elliot,shaw parks is going to join me to break,it all down um and i'm going to try to,remember some of the bones i have to,pick with l.a,i listen to you my friend on wip all the,time,and um and you're the guy that you know,everybody loves to,love to beat up on the airwaves what's,up with that man man i got i probably,got the most interesting mentions on,eagles twitter you know everyone's,always in there but uh it's good look,i'm super happy to be on if we're,talking defense there's not many people,i'd like to talk about it with other,than you obviously so uh i agree a lot,with what you said in the beginning,agree a little disagree on the defense,but i look forward to getting into it,with you for sure well let's start over,on the uh,on the on the offensive side of the ball,and i guess you know the two lightning,rods on this football team undoubtedly,is one nick ciriani and you know one and,then one one a i should say and one b,um is jalen hurts,tell me what you've seen in their,evolution over the last 10 weeks you,know specifically how they mesh together,yeah um and how this offense is,seemi

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Eliot Shorr Parks Bleeding Green

Eliot Shorr Parks Bleeding Green

how's it going this is austin Shindell,the Xfinity sports guy and thanks to,Xfinity i'm pleased to be joined by,Eliot shorr-parks you remember him from,fantasy week he is from bleeding Green,Nation Elliott thanks for joining me,anytime Austin thanks for having me well,like I said we spoke preseason things,are a little different now the Eagles,three and seven but we'll get to that a,little bit later first of all I want you,on the record are the Eagles officially,out of the playoff race are the Eagles,are definitely out of the playoff race I,mean they could have pulled off a win,last week maybe they would add a chance,but at three and seven no team has ever,come back to make the playoffs so the,book was are officially done you can see,it in the way they play I can sense it,in the locker room they've already moved,on to next year well we'll talk a little,bit about next year it's interesting,because everyone's saying about the,negatives and this year you have a real,good pulse in the team look ahead for,2013 who are the guys that are gonna be,there and they're gonna be impact,players what's going to feel like 2013,tonight at the length because with,Michael Vick on the sideline nick foles,is gonna get his second start and right,now I mean you know there's other,players who could be here next year,you'll get a good look at Bryce Brown um,Vinny curry is gonna play but Nick Foles,is a future this team right now and you,know to the fans a lot of the fans are,reading bleeding Green Nation that's a,good thing they're excited to see what,he can do but it's also a scary thing,because you don't know what Foles is,gonna be he didn't look great last week,um you know against a so did,he's the future this team right now and,uh these next few are going to see how,bright that future alias so you have,like a really good pulse on Twitter and,I really see you interact a lot with,your fans now the national media they're,going to cover they're going to cover,read they're going to cover Vic who are,some of the guys on Twitter and what are,some of the complaints and some of the,topics that are being spoken about the,national media is really missing you,know one player who's gonna that I just,mentioned that it's gonna play tonight,is Vinny curry and you know you don't,hear a lot about it in the national,media despite him being a second-round,pick last year I mean a lot of,second-round picks get on the field,early on jayquan Jarrett someone who the,Eagles cut this year even he played in,12 games as a rookie so Vinny curry a,deacon fence event from marshall fans,have been begging from the play every,week on posting napkins on bleeding,green the question is wise and Vinny,current playing he's going to play,tonight,but he's someone that everyone's excited,to see and other than that I mean you,know fans are just excited to see when,Reed's gonna go that's really the talk I,get every day when drian and Jon Gruden,tonight calling the game for ESPN could,he be here next year that's definitely,something fans will be talking about on,twitter that's definitely something I've,seen as well the coaching carousel but,it's still 2012 tonight monday night,football they're playing the Carolina,Panthers who are you taking and what's,the final score I mean how can you pick,you know both teams are horrible I want,to say the Eagles are better I think,they should win the game despite having,a rookie quarterback the one thing I,will say is that the Eagles have been,blown out a lot of their games the,Panthers on the other hand of their,eight losses only six have been by less,than one touchdown so I you know I gotta,pick the Panthers I can't get bad again,I can't get I can't do it you heard it,here first folks Eliot shorr-parks,writer for bleeding Green Nation is,picking the Panthers tonight on Monday,Night Football well of course you could,check out all the news analysis on,coverage I'm bleeding green you could,follow Eliot on Twitter @eliotshorrparks,and bleeding Green Nation on twitter at,bleeding green of course like I said,earlier go to bleeding Green nation com,for all your insider Philadelphia Eagles,covered news and analysis Elliott thanks,for joining me anytime awesome talk to,you soon this is austin chandelle the,Xfinity sports guy reminding you to,follow Xfinity sports for all your,behind the scenes and insider content,all season long

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Eliot Shorr-Parks is a Howie Roseman enabler.......

Eliot Shorr-Parks is a Howie Roseman enabler.......

all right so if you hear a noise in the,background of a fan that's my,playstation 4 this is sort of an,off-the-cuff video because this ,guy,um he tweeted something that pissed me,off you guys know elliot's short parks,he's uh he's,uh what to say here equals reporter for,94 podcast host of go birdspond,hashtag not the beat writer you want,hashtag to beat writer you need,a bad take is better than no take at all,um anyway so,i have not agreed with elliot short,parks in the past,even though i'm following him as you can,see the reason why is because,i feel like he is an enabler he or like,an enabler in the sense of like he's,willing to let howie roseman and doug,peterson get away with anything because,oh they want a super bowl because of one,lucky year,that's looking more and more lucky every,year we're away from it,so you know obviously today doug pierce,in a press conference not elliot short,parks and i saw this too where doug,peasen said he doesn't want to get into,how the play kong is working right now,in terms of who's calling what plays and,when he doesn't want to give it away too,much info,to his opponents which is very stupid,because i think doug said that he was,like oh,i'm giving like rick's gangrel,two-minute stuff and,sometimes i'm giving press taylor some,stuff so you could say that he has,he's blindfolded and he's just sticking,crap to a wall like pin the tail on the,on the five yard loss or something i,don't know,on the pin the tail and the not rolling,carson wentz out of the pocket,so this guy right here he's just like,you know he just quotes him he's like,actual photo of doug picking plays a,call which is kind of uh yeah it's kind,of like that it quite is,but elliott oh he wants to he to,he decides to eat if i can find it real,quick,oh yeah you decide to respond to that,guy,and say actual photo of doug calling,plays and holds up the super bowl trophy,you know remember that press conference,where doug was answering questions and,he has the super bowl trophy just so,conveniently in the right-hand corner,guys guys look at that remember that i i,won that,and won that okay you can't get mad at,me i won that,look i appreciate what doug did that,year the monster,super bowl but it was said that this was,going to be the new normal,now i'm not saying a super bowl every,year but at least being a team that is,competent,that's what i wanted a team that not,necessarily makes the playoffs a year,but is competent enough,this theme this year obviously if you're,not like ellie shaw parks you,know well,he knows it's bad the thing is though he,decides to keep me like,actual photo of doug calling plays holds,up super bowl trophy oh,elliot snap back you're so,oh man i was spicy,this guy all season oh, season just makes excuses,for people like hi rosemary and doug,peterson,but doesn't care about carson lens i,mean granted i'm not a huge fan of,corresponds right now,but the guy he'll be like ghost what's,the only thing wrong with a,team it's not dogs not howie no no,there's nothing in the past that proves,that,and what is hilarious is,he tweets this out and says i do wonder,sometimes we need to take a deep breath,and realize what doug and peter said and,how roseman are good at their jobs,and it's just one really bad this right,okay,doug peterson okay maybe i'll give you,that okay,i'm sorry ellie but i hope,hallie roseman is not doing a good job,he had one good,free agency in one year people has,failed to recognize that he had one good,free agency and that's it,every free agent move he has made thus,far has not been worth it,it just hasn't he resigned al-shaan,reached on jason peters,um you trade for deshawn jackson you do,all this crap,that hurts the team but elliot doesn't,care he's like,oh super bowl,which is so stupid i mean back back to,this page i tweeted back at him like,actual photo of,realizing it's 2020 and not 2017. it's,just a blank picture because,this guy ellie shall park just,like he must think we're still in 2017,he must still think that is he he's, he has to be retired,anyway he said the eagles are 10th total,win since 2016. only two teams have,more playoff wins only four teams have,made the playoffs each of the last three,seasons,both at fall shades might be made but,plenty of teams would sign up quickly,for the set doug and howie i've had,yeah i can see a team like uh you know,like,the uh browns you know winning a super,bowl that's what they want right um,if you wanna jaguars you know don't,wanna win a super bowl,but what he fails to realize is what,about the other four teams that made the,playoffs each the last three seasons,what about,the new england patriots what about the,kansas city chiefs,do you think that they want the eagle,success being good one year and then,and then being averaged in the next,three elliot you ever think of that you, nimrod,that's something he just he doesn't and,i tweeted back to him again,i said david cavall drafted pro bowlers,at least more than one unlike howie u

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Special interview with Eliot Shorr-Parks from 94 WIP!

Special interview with Eliot Shorr-Parks from 94 WIP!

one welcome back to another edition of,the jacob jacob podcast,i'm your host jacob hare joined with my,co-host jacob robaum,and today we're joined by very special,guest elliot shore parks,thank you so much for being with us,elliot thanks for having me on guys i'm,excited to,be on the jacob and jacob so um,elliot is a graduate of temple,university he's been covering the eagles,for the past six seasons,and he also has written two books and uh,let's just get right,rolling right off the bat so elliot what,was your biggest takeaway from this,eagles team from last season,from last season i think look the the,arrow ended pointing up on carson,and that's the biggest takeaway at the,end of the day what happens with this,team,really depends on how carson's playing,12 games into the season things weren't,looking great,uh for the team as a whole carson was,struggling i think he would tell you,that,especially he played well against miami,but coming off that loss against miami,things were,pretty down and carson did what,franchise quarterbacks do he put him on,their back he led him to the playoffs,unfortunately he didn't play in the,playoff game but um i think the biggest,takeaway from last year was carson,making it to 16 games healthy leading,the team to the playoffs and getting the,getting the division title yeah for sure,that uh four game stretch in december,was just remarkable by carson,and it just i think it proved that he,was an elite quarterback well,i i think to be an elite quarterback you,have to do it for a few years in a row,right i mean i think the the special,players are guys you can count on to do,it,year in and year out i think what carson,did last year was an absolutely,it was a great step in the right,direction i want to see what carson does,next year,i think carson has the potential to be a,top five guy i think right now he's,still probably in that,eight to twelve range maybe you know,nine or ten something like that,but no look how he ended the year was,absolutely uh it was huge for this,organization,and do you think he'll take uh sort of,how that how he played during that four,game stretch and,continue that play into this season well,the interesting thing is he's not going,to really have an off season i mean when,you look at carson's career,uh in a rook rookie year obviously his,offseason was different because he went,through the combine and all that,um 2018 he was rehabbing during the,off-season 2019,he wasn't rehabbing as much but he still,had a bit of an abbreviated off season,and now he's dealing with of course no,otas and minicamp so,um and we'll see about training camp so,i i do think the arrow is pointing up on,carson,heading into next year for sure i think,he'll have more weapons around him to,start the year which will which will,help him,so i think there's a good chance he,picks off where he was picks up where he,was last year,thanks so uh the eagles obviously made a,bunch of moves this offseason with,trading for darius slay,and also signing uh nicole roby coleman,and uh definitely,letting malcolm jenkins go are you,satisfied with the moves that hallie,roseman and this organization,made during the off-season or would you,like to see some other moves made,just on defense or as a whole as a whole,not just defense,well i think they're they're probably,better on defense although i will,caution people like the loss of malcolm,jenkins is a really big one malcolm was,the most important player on that,defense he was the best player on that,defense last year he played a lot of,unique roles,and i like jalen mills a lot there's,probably not a media member in the city,that's defended jaylen mills more than i,have,since he's gotten here but it's just,really hard to ask him to go from a,quarterback role to malcolm's role,and be that type of guy now will parks,is going to fulfill some of that,um and we'll see but i do think the loss,of malcolm is a big one,i really like the darius slay trade i'm,not as concerned as other people are,about his age i thought bringing in an,elite level cornerback,was something this team needed so i,really like that i like the hard grave,signing i think he'll help fletcher,so,i think as a whole the defense is,probably better but the loss of malcolm,offsets it where my concern,is with this team is on is on the,offensive side of the ball um,we knew going into this offseason the,biggest need at receiver,what was at receiver but most,specifically was speed now,they addressed it in the draft but we,have no idea what those players are,going to be it's hard for me to sit here,and say you can count on jaylen greger,john hightower,quez watkins even marquise goodwin,because of the injuries last year,to do anything so i don't think they're,i don't think they're better off,considerably at receiver than they were,last year and that's still a concern for,me,would you like to see them bring in,maybe a better running back like devonta,freeman or carlos hyde or even,sean mccoy yeah i think they sh

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Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson falter vs. Seahawks

Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson falter vs. Seahawks

come on in HoN take no-show Joe Giulio,along with Elliot Shore Parks Matt,Lombardo they cover the Eagles friend,Jay heads media we haven't done one of,these in a while literally I haven't,been on the podcast for a few weeks and,we haven't done a loss you know a,podcast after a loss a reaction one,since week two when the Eagles were down,to the Chiefs this past week the Eagles,lose in Seattle 24 to 10 they did not,play well it was sloppy the refs were an,issue the coaching wasn't great the,quarterback wasn't great there's a lot,to talk about we have a lot of your,reaction on Twitter a lot of your,reaction on email let's get into it as,we get into a big week here with Eagles,they'll be in Los Angeles for the full,week the Rams on Sunday but let's rehash,what happened and get to a lot of,reaction here Elliot it's been a couple,days now the Eagles I kind of forgot,what this was like the Eagles haven't,lost in a long time and for the first,time in a long time they didn't play,well it wasn't just they got beat by a,great team Seattle's pretty good and,they're great at home but I thought l8,the biggest team will get into a lot of,the reasons the Eagles just didn't play,well on Sunday night yeah well first,things first let me just say I'm well,actually first let me say Joe it's nice,to have you back but second I'm loving,being in California like this week that,the Eagles are spending out here I,really think it's gonna be it's gonna be,a test for him just from being down you,know around the team hotel seeing the,the players hanging out with their,friends and their family you know,different players brought brought their,family from from back in Philly I saw a,few players that live in California,getting their cars delivered to the,hotel I mean it's gonna be a test for,them this week and it's interesting and,I wonder if if Doug could do it again if,he would if he would bring the team out,to California for a week because you,brought up the Seattle game and how they,just didn't play well to me one of the,biggest takeaways from that game now,that were 30 you know 36 48 hours out,from it is that Doug Doug felt that this,team did not prepare well for the game,he said that briefly after the game on,Sunday night and then he said it again,to up to the reporters here in,California on Monday he felt that,practice wasn't good the week ahead he,felt that it was it was sloppy it wasn't,detailed and that's a red flag to me,because if that's the,this teams having yes it's in that way,it's good that they lost but if the,problem that they had leading up to the,Seattle game was that they were sloppy,you wonder how a week out in LA is gonna,be the remedy for that and you know,yeah they beagle didn't play well I,think one of the takeaways was Carson,Wentz when the he doesn't play well this,team isn't very good that's why he's MVP,candidate and maybe that BP is a leak,but I think this week in California is,really gonna be a test to suggest how,committed this Eagles team is to winning,and how mature they are at this point of,their of their rebuilding process yeah,it's a good point and Matt this whole,thing kind of escalated quickly I mean,they were 10 of 1 they were rolling at,the Eagles with the talk of the NFL one,loss changes things are no longer the,number one seed in the conference as of,now and you guys are out in California,the Eagles are out in California we'll,get to all the reaction here in a second,but just off the lost mat a couple out,you know 36 48 hours later what are your,thoughts on this team as we head into,this week yeah guys I said after the,game that unequivocally the game against,the rim is coming off a loss to the,Seahawks was an absolute must win for,this team because I don't think that,this Eagles team has the playoff,experience necessary or is really built,at this stage to go on the road in the,playoffs and win we saw them stumble,against a very playoff caliber Seahawks,team with an elite quarterback with a,defense that even though they're banged,up on the back end still very physical,up front the Eagles did rush for 98,yards but they weren't really effective,in running the ball they weren't,effective in running the ball on first,and second down which set up Carson,Wentz to be in third and long and they,had some costly turnovers so it was a,really sloppy game and I think that the,Eagles bouncing back from that is,imperative and you look at the standings,Joe you talked about it right off the,jump there now the number two seed and,hanging on by a thread in the NFC in,terms of getting a bye in the first,round of the playoffs it goes all the,way to the fifth tiebreaker with the,Vikings which is strength of win and the,Eagles aren't catching Minnesota there,they don't play each other head-to-head,they don't have enough common opponents,the winning percentage of the strength,of victory stat the Vikings are 464 the,Eagles are 375 and what that means it's,the winning percentage of the teams that,you beat and the Eagles sti

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Super Bowl 2018: Eagles-Patriots talk with Brian Mitchell & Adam Caplan

Super Bowl 2018: Eagles-Patriots talk with Brian Mitchell & Adam Caplan

what's going on everybody the no-huddle,show,I am Elliott's who are parts here with,Matt Lombardo and Matt another day here,at the Super Bowl in Minnesota we are in,radio row considerably louder and,considerably more packed than it was on,Monday you can really feel the Super,Bowl excitement start to build,yeah and Elliott last night was really,the kickoff of Super Bowl weekend was,opening night media night at the Excel,center home of the Minnesota Wild and,there were 1500 2000 media members,roaming around the floor there was all,kinds of craziness and you know the,Eagles seemed like they were loose they,seemed to be they were confident but I,think that this is the day where they,start to get down to business and start,to fine-tune the game plan yeah prep,work for Sunday night and we're,definitely gonna get into media night at,time because one of my big takeaways and,I'll get more in depth with this later,it's just a difference between the,Eagles in the Patriots yeah I mean that,our with the Patriots was like pulling,teeth it was so boring the Eagles took,the took the stage and things really,liven up so we'll talk about that,exciting episode for you guys today,yesterday we have Pete Prisco on today,we got two more guests for you and we've,already recorded them and I think they,were absolutely fantastic the Nuggets we,had the stories it was awesome so you,spoke with bride Mitchell obviously,former eagle and an analyst now and I,spoke with Adam Kaplan one of the best,NFL insiders extremely close to the,Eagles so they were both very good we're,gonna have those for you a little later,on in the podcast but first as we said,we would do every day this week we're,reading reviews because Matt we are we,are so close I can feel it 488 only 12,away from 500 that was our goal our,buddy Joe Giglio our IP on the big big,bigger bigger better thing to w8 on a,bigger better things do it for Joe do it,for Joe get us to 500 so we're gonna,read a review why don't you go first I'm,reading this partially because of the,username and partially because I think,the review is dead-on I the username is,Al Sean owns Elliott alright nice I,didn't see that well the headline is,accurate stuff five stars he says,Elliott and Matt seemed like really good,dudes and are really knowledgeable,while I sometimes disagree with their,analysis or headlines related to things,off the field I think their breakdowns,of past games and predictions of future,games might be the most accurate of all,the Eagles podcast I've listened to keep,up the good work guys and have fun in,Minnesota so thanks out Sean Owens,Elliot and,that'll be my new Twitter name maybe,they win the Subaru land we'll have to,change that all right this one is,monster by monster and wait it says,constantly refresh in hopes of finding a,new episode lots of new episodes this,week so you have to refresh too much it,is there all the time really great,podcast especially great insight from,Matt in ESP well I don't always agree,with the opinions they have they do,present the information on the team in a,great manner and unbiased for the most,part ESP hates Alshon didn't realize I,was in there before you picked yours,also one quick question for you guys,what would an Eagle Super Bowl without,went mean for his legacy and I think,that's a great transition into media,night because even though Wentz talked,last week for the first time since is a,ACL tear he held Sanders to H last night,to he sat down in the stands he talked,for about 10 or 15 minutes I know you,were there and I think he was a little,more honest last night I think he was a,little more packaged against the eye but,when he was in the Eagles lacrimal,earlier in the week where'd he use last,night was bittersweet yep and he used it,several times and you know last night,was the first time that I really took,her to him talked pretty openly I laid,about not only how it's bittersweet for,the Eagles to be here and him not on the,field because he said that as soon as,last year ended when they were,eliminated from the playoffs he had this,date circled on the calendar because it,was close to North Dakota State he could,come home play in front of a lot of,friends and family it would be the Super,Bowl and he said that you know once the,game kicks off when the offense is out,there for their first play it hits him,hard with any settles into the game and,he also said that you know he has to,rely on his faith a lot to get through,this injury because it's the most,significant and severe injury he's ever,dealt with so there's a story up at, about what he said this morning,to go check that out but I was kind of,struck by how honest and how much of a,glimpse into his mindset he gave us yeah,I mean let's be honest here there's a,ton of excitement going on in Minnesota,we're gonna talk about all the exciting,things going on with the team talk about,media night and all that but that's a,devastating injury for West but honestly,more more emotionally than phy

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Super Bowl 2018: Eagles-Patriots talk with Sidney Jones, Vince Papale, Brian Baldinger, Andy Benoit

Super Bowl 2018: Eagles-Patriots talk with Sidney Jones, Vince Papale, Brian Baldinger, Andy Benoit

on everybody Eliott short marks you with,Matt Lombardo the no-huddle show and,that radio row is officially becoming a,Zil it is crowded here there are,athletes here there are d-list,celebrities here and I'm sure we're,gonna get the see to be in the a-list,celebrities over the next few days the,games getting closer and the action,around here certainly it's not just,radio row I mean we talked earlier in,the week about the setup it's very close,again we're literally in the food court,in the mall so there's probably two 300,people just standing around looking to,see who's in here taking photos,obviously taking photos of Matt he's,been a popular one so far but it really,is getting loud but the reality is we,have a football game coming up and,outside of radio row some of the actual,football parts of this week have started,to take place you know since we recorded,yesterday we've met with the team twice,so yesterday we had Doug Peterson and,then we had players at the podium and,then this morning which is Wednesday we,had all the players were available so,let's first start with yesterday and,kind of what happened but I've bigger,news than that actually,oh-o-oh 500 we did it reviews we are at,500 of you didn't take til Sunday no we,did it we're actually at 504 so we,appreciate everyone that's taking the,time I read one that said they're only,doing this because he was only doing it,because we asked them to I know we bring,it up a lot and we'll continue to do so,but we really do appreciate the feedback,it helps us out a ton I mean look we're,here at radio row yep we wouldn't be on,radio row if it wasn't for you guys,listening every week we do this so thank,you very much so believe me if the NFL,doesn't see four hundred plus review and,they don't see waiting for that 500 yes,rising up through the iTunes ranks and,the YouTube subscription ranks and all,of those things this because of you and,these podcasts are really for you this,way we're gonna read the 500th review it,says great pod and this is appropriate,been listening since episode one by,Philly Dreams 25 agree or disagree with,them this is a fantastic podcast they,aren't going to just fan fluff you they,will give you actual insight and I,appreciate that keep up the good work,guys and that's really what this is all,been about so we really appreciate,everyone that's left the reviews we're,at 504 it'll just keep coming before,Sunday we'll have to think of our new,goal,set it after the Super Bowl so thanks,550 by Sunday 550 by kickoff man Matt,you alright I am one to push the limits,and you are you are alright so let's,talk about football yep first actually I,keep saying this there's just so much,going on we have four guests on the,podcast today,cornerback Sydney Jones joins us in a,little bit,Eagles legend Vince for Poly excuse me,Emma being mmm QB writer Andy monoid and,NFL analyst Brian balding er so we have,a lot coming up coming up in a little,bit let's talk about this week though,yep give me your takeaways from Doug,Peterson so far in these two days well I,think that from talking to players and I,spent a lot of time talking to a lot of,offensive players on Wednesday they've,stressed how how valuable it's been that,Doug has kept the schedule just about,the same that it's been the same routine,the bye week wasn't really a bye week,they were in practice the same amount,that they were any other week during the,season this week the routine and the,schedule has been exactly the same in,terms of outside of media night of,course they've gone about preparing for,the Patriots the same way they'd prepare,for a regular season game and I think,that you've talked about this a lot when,it comes to Nick Foles that consistency,of routine is very valuable particularly,to an NFL player and I think the Doug,Peterson has the right approach and,doing that well and so the thing that,stuck out to me on Tuesday when he spoke,was Doug said he was not sure if they,were gonna wear the pads,um you were a nun Doug today did he,mention at all or no I didn't hear him,asked about whether or not they practice,though they do practice today I guess,we'll find out tomorrow if they wore,pads but I think wearing pads is an,absolute must as you said I think folds,the creature habit I think this team is,a creature of habit,they're already so out of their element,I mean we mentioned what a zoo it is in,the mall they're you know they're,staying in a hotel they're practicing in,a new facility there's all this hoopla,so I do think that it's very important,for Doug to kind of keep his foot on the,gas and not let up we're talking three,more practices they've clearly played,better since they put the pads on when,they played against Oakland when they,played against Dallas they weren't,wearing pads that week they're doing a,lot of walkthroughs and I really think,which are different than not in pads,though I mean they live a practice and,not have not being pads yeah for it not,to be a wall that are all wearing th

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NFL Week 16: Eagles vs. Raiders preview, predictions

NFL Week 16: Eagles vs. Raiders preview, predictions

what's going on everybody the no-huddle,show i am le to our parks here with Matt,Lombardo the pre-christmas edition of,the no-huddle show the last one before,the Christmas season so should be good,lot to talk about,obviously the Eagles don't play on,Sunday they play this week on Monday,Christmas Day which means we're gonna,have some work to do on Monday but,plenty to talk about with this game so,Matt as always fan Friday we are going,to read a review from each fan why don't,you kick it off,yeah I'll kick it off with MP 2 1 5 he,says the headline of the review is,overall good show I've never been a,podcast listener prior to this year but,that's changed after discovering you,guys on iTunes I'm currently in the,military so I'm far away from home and,it's been enjoyable listening to this,show although I may disagree at times,with some of your opinions it's,reassuring knowing I always have,something interesting to listen to if I,end up getting deployed again keep up,the good work fellas thanks for the,podcasts ok now thanks for your service,MP 2 1 5 wherever you're listening to us,wherever you're deployed Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays to everybody that's out,there fighting alongside you so I'm,gonna read 2 because they're both really,short and I think they kind of they kind,of show what these reviews have been,like and what the fan reaction I think,in general not just with us but just,kind of in general over this past two,weeks has been so the first one is just,started listening by I am a legend wait,for it I like it nice 5 stars the best,podcast I found about the Eagles I think,you guys do a good job going back and,forth on their struggles and successes,I'll be tuning in every time you guys,make a new one now we have another one,bicoastal elite 39 and it's titled done,one star I'm officially done with this,show where do I begin the pessimistic,attitudes hypothetical is the sound,quality come on that's crazy we have,nice mics,come on like don't come at my man Andrew,who does it like that's that's crazy the,petty arguing I don't think these guys,are even I don't think these guys even,like the Eagles I'm not sure that they,enjoy anything of all that info related,podcasts I listened to the no-huddle,show is hands-down the most frustrating,difficult listen hashtag flag goes fly,hey you know I get hey ray exactly check,clears every other exactly especially,Christmas sees I need that paycheck too,so no but I think you know just that,just kind of shows I think Eagles fans,right now they're optimistic,I think they're talking themselves into,it but they're definitely frustrated and,I think a little a little bit upset,clearly about everything that's happened,so let's thought let's just kind of kick,it off with the news of the week and the,big news I would say is Ronald Darby and,he kind of made himself the news I mean,he had a bad game last week there's no,denying it but Jalen Mills also had a,bad game and he never really see hit,haven't seen him kind of seeing his name,dragged through the mud this week and I,think it's because we're all Darby,decided not to talk after the game even,though they won and he had a big,interception and then he didn't talk on,the first day availability either and,then he sends out those tweets saying,you know I'm done with halfway fans,where you know I'm gonna start blocking,people and then he talks about the media,saying you know you I'm done with you,guys too and he's basically done with,the negative attitude and then yesterday,on on Thursday he finally speaks you,talked about how he's sorry that he did,it and you know all that good stuff all,that stuff to kind of get back in the,good graces of fans but you know we were,both there what was your main takeaway,from Darby talking to the media well,first of all I think that Darby not,talking to reporters after the game well,I think that that might have been an,issue for you and I and all the other,reporters I think what really got him in,hot water with the fan base was just a,bad optics that Tavares King touchdown,yeah I mean he got beat on a double move,bid on it pretty hard gave up the big,play and I think that that kind of stuck,with fans more so than not talking,afterwards I think it was great that he,came out yesterday and apologized for,the tweets he took the tweets down he,probably shouldn't have said those,things in the first place I think that,part of that has to do with he came from,Buffalo where the media Ward isn't,nearly as well let's be honest no media,horde and the NFL is as big as Eagles no,no no it's an adjustment for all players,that come and and the fans here are,certainly a different breed than the,fans and most other NFL markets but I,thought oh sorry I thought what he said,that was good was he said you know the,difference between Buffalo and,Philadelphia is in Philadelphia everyone,in their mom has a Twitter everyone's,got a snapchat everyone's got an,Instagram and I think that's been an,adjustment for him I mean players h

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