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Elden Ring Vs Twitter.ah yes yes the fingers foretold of this prophecy  you must be here to hear of

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Elden Ring Vs Twitter.

ah yes yes the fingers foretold of this prophecy  you must be here to hear of the ruinous tale  ,between the elden ring and the crazed denizens  of the land betwixt also known as twitter  ,so sit down grab a beverage for me my  favorite drink is battery acid bottoms up lads,elden ring it's this niche kind of underground  game probably haven't heard of it elden ring is  ,probably one of the closest things i've  ever had to a perfect gaming experience  ,you know you have a masterpiece on  your hands when gaming journalists  ,can put aside all of their differences  and make this photo like like a reality  ,this is a real thing it is easily a 10 out of 10  masterpiece in my book and is probably one of the  ,best games i have ever played in my life you sure  wouldn't know that by looking at twitter let's see  ,what some people have to say about the game my  biggest problem is the lack of story and context  ,elder ring is an extremely overhyped asset flip  it's supposed to be this massive open world but  ,there are no markers quest logs or journals how  do you know where to go i'm blind beard the pirate,elden ring is the worst dark souls bloodborne  game fromsoft has ever put out there is nothing  ,to do literally copy pasted from dark souls 2  to elden ring the font i didn't realize that,elden ring isn't industry changing or anything  new it's just the oasis in the desert that is  ,the release of quality aaa game titles right now  60 hours later elden rings unhelpful messages are  ,exhausting and disruptive the game journalists  won elden ring is not a casual game that's fair  ,dear elden ring hitting the map button with  the map open should close the map not bring  ,up a different menu perhaps you can use the  cancel button like in any menu of the game  ,is that so difficult i don't understand why it  would be so much better to use the same command  ,your video game reporter complaining you  can't remember a button to close a map  ,i don't understand why they should change  their game instead of you learning how to plan  ,what the only bad thing about elder ring  is the racist fans what racist fan oh why i hate  ,eldering after playing for 200 hours wait a minute  hold up i think i've seen this channel before,see thanks to elden ring's newfound  popularity it has inspired just the  ,dumbest hot takes at a volume i have never seen  before in a game release you got people saying  ,the game is unplayable you've got people saying  the game is too playable i will gladly suck  ,off the souls franchise for the rest of time  but getting into these games as a new player  ,is an arduous task as someone new to the  souls games just picking your player to start  ,with is a befuddling task at best clock in and  load up so what's gonna happen you're gonna get  ,a ton of new players to elden ring they're gonna  start it up play it like metal gear rising and  ,get their rocked because they don't know  how to properly interact with the souls games  ,so they're either gonna go online and complain  about the game being difficult for the sake of  ,being difficult and put it down forever or they're  gonna come online and see a bunch of other people  ,complaining that it's too difficult and have their  whole experience of the game tainted when they  ,try it out for the first time so to clear up any  confusion out there i have read over a thousand  ,tweets and a bunch of reddit posts to kind of  distill what are the main arguments being lodged  ,against eldon ring and kind of separate the ships  from the farts here and we're going to go through  ,them all to see what is actually valid criticism  here and what is just madika's bad ramblings,one of the most popular criticisms i saw for elder  ring was the reuse of dark souls 3 animations  ,move sets and even some enemy types and  their argument usually boils down to  ,elden ring feels more like dark souls 3.5  open world and to their credit out of all  ,the official souls like offshoots like bloodborne  and sakura elden ring does play closest to its  ,dark souls counterparts and i think there's  only one proper response to this criticism  ,who freaking gives a crap what type of  complaint is that what on earth did you  ,expect this game to be this is like completing  that diet coke tastes too much like coke  ,that is why we are here saying that elden ring  plays too much like dark souls 3 is a weird way  ,of saying thank you you should be stoked and  i totally understand this is coming from the  ,perspective of someone that's like hey i don't  really like dark souls i gave ellen ring a shot  ,it played too much like dark souls i didn't enjoy  it okay fair this is the maddening part right this  ,is coming from tons of people who have hundreds  of hours in dark souls 3. people who love dark  ,souls 3 are complaining that they are having more  of it like what do you want be freaking happy and  ,so what if it reuses a bunch of animations it also  has a bunch of brand new stuff here's the t

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More Game Devs ROASTED over ELDEN RING Tweets. Are they Right?..

More Game Devs ROASTED over ELDEN RING Tweets. Are they Right?..

all right what's going on guys so if,you've been on reddit today you may have,seen some images of tweets going around,and memes about the sort of mini rant by,a game developer over on twitter where,they go on and list a bunch of,criticisms they have about the game and,i read through this whole thread and,discussed it with a lot of people and,some other creators and while i really,don't agree with the majority of the,things they say there's definitely a,very very good discussion to be had that,i want to get your guys's opinion about,so we're going to go ahead and break,down all of that but before we do do me,a favor and hit that subscribe button,we're coming up really close on 30k and,i haven't said that in a really long,time so cut me some slack on it but i,need to put a preface on this video,before i start talking about the tweets,because i don't want this to come off as,an attack i'm not even going to be,naming the person but just to give you a,little context they are a veteran game,dev who have worked on some very,renowned titles and once again i'm not,trying to dunk on them but i will be,giving my opinion so the first take,we're going to look at is this one of,the first things they did was come out,against the npc design in elden ring and,this is the tweet that went viral over,on reddit when you design an experience,be very very careful of your assumptions,on how a player will act and react,design your spaces with a visual,language that you carefully reinforce so,players can safely make decisions about,their actions so an upright standing guy,in gold armor is a good guy a shambling,guy in rusty bloody silver armor is a,bad guy this lessens unintended decision,making but doesn't prevent it now after,i read this i was a little confused,she's obviously trying to reference the,tree sentinel and vare right at the,beginning because we have vare a,friendly npc who's covered in blood and,the tree sentinel a golden knight who's,a hostile boss but the thing is that is,an intended design choice those,opposites are presented so that the,player learns the nature of these games,very early on it teaches them the fact,that in this game you're not supposed to,trust anything and i gotta say just in,an honest perspective if all the bad,guys are dressed dark and covered in,blood and all the good guys are this,radiant gold i don't know about you but,i would just find that so boring i like,the fact that i don't know who to trust,and it makes the characters more,memorable but somebody responded to this,saying the tree sentinel serves to,remind players of the open world nature,of the game that if they can't beat a,tough enemy they can just go elsewhere,and then the game dev responded game dev,design advice this response is an,example of player prescriptive design,thinking where you assign a should to,the player's reaction and assume that,they will think or act in a specific way,interactive experiences are not films,and by nature have to railroad a player,down a path or else they will get all,manner of ideas that you the designer,didn't think about precisely why we play,test games with audiences because we,cannot assume now i want to think about,that for a second we're talking about an,open world game here and what they just,said is that the player can't be trusted,with freedom of exploration and i gotta,be honest i can't really wrap my mind,around that one the game does a great,job of naturally corralling the player,and the thing about tree sentinel is,there are no borders around him the only,thing keeping you in that fight is pride,if you want to beat him before you go,somewhere else so i really don't,understand how that's a bad thing i'm,being a hundred percent genuine when i,say this i don't know of anybody who,went somewhere other than past tree,sentinel the game does a really great,job of having a natural path for the,player to follow so that's question,number one for the comments section do,you think it's the game's job,specifically in an open world game we're,talking about elden ring here is it the,game's job to make sure the player goes,down the right path or is the freedom,the fun and one thing that we were,talking about when we were discussing,this earlier is the graveyard in dark,souls 1. i and a lot of other people i,know got stuck there for a long time,right when we started playing these,games because it seemed like the right,way to go and the correct path up to,undead berg was kind of hidden so i'd be,lying if i didn't say i can kind of see,both sides of this argument but let's go,ahead and move on a methodical player,will fight the first enemy first second,next and so on and so forth players who,are neuro-diverse may feel extremely,uncomfortable not doing things in order,players who assume the first encounter,is meant to be beaten will suffer you,already met a soldier in the caves and,they are shown as a boss with a huge,health bar when you see more you may,immediately avoid them however there are,grunts now tha

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Why Elden Ring's Success Makes Ubisoft Devs Mad

Why Elden Ring's Success Makes Ubisoft Devs Mad

there's been a lot of developers that um,people have looked at eldon ring and,this is what they've seen they've seen a,game that is good and there's no micro,transactions there's no overt,one-dimensional political messaging it's,just a good game and it was released,in a finished state so um there were a,lot of things that really really made,people upset about that there were some,developers because they knew that,whenever people were talking about that,they were thinking to themselves well,you know they're making fun of me and my,shitty video games and so developers got,their feelings hurt i'm assuming and,we're gonna see that right now so,there's been a lot of buzz about elder,ring on social media lately not only,because the game was just so successful,and so many people are sharing their,experiences,about some of the crazy things that can,happen in the game but they're aspects,of the conversation that unfortunately,have turned sour after certain,developers decided to take to twitter to,lambast the fact that the game was so,critically successful because they had,certain issues with aspects of the,game's ux its stability and performance,and its quest design and all right let,me read this here the quest design is,bad pc graphics stability and,performance apparently yeah i mean like,no that that's fair like i i think you,know rebecca here is right like,absolutely like rebecca is 100 right the,the graphics are fine but stability and,performance on release was bad like we,can all agree anybody who played it on,pc knows that there was slow downs it,was bad like and it could be better and,i think that they fixed it right and the,thing is like the reason they wouldn't,have had to fix it if it wasn't bad,right so it makes sense the ui is awful,too no it's not it's completely fine,i think that a lot of these people are,um,really like these are the kinds of,people that i would pay real legitimate,money to watch them play a video game,i would pay a lot of money to just watch,them play elden ring and see what they,do see how they experience it see what,it's like it's stability and performance,and it's quest design and there are,criticisms here that are ui's favorite,ui ux isn't perfect there are things,about it that i'd like to see improved,and ux stands for user experience by the,way user interfaces ui that's kind of,the visual representation everything,about eldon rings user experience has,been ideal and it's been perfect except,for the fact that i think that players,feel like they have to fight margaret,too early and they go up against,margaret and they probably hit a wall,and they frustrate themselves like that,is the only thing that i would say is,like bad from user experience and it's,not even bad for user experience it's,bad for user lack of experience because,a lot of those people don't know the,context of souls games they don't know,that's not user experience yes it is i,think it is user experience i think that,the way that you like you you obviously,want to nudge the players in certain,directions that's not what it is it's,game design let me see what it is let me,see for myself and that way uh what is,ux in,game design yeah i'm actually curious,about this because some people are,saying that's not true,and i feel like this is the user,experience let me just go ahead and pull,it up right now and see for myself,helping game does develop also develop,better gameplay experiences for their,players by leveraging psychology and,human sciences so this is obviously,something about encouraging players to,play the game in a certain way because,you're talking about psychology and,human science and,user uh diversity of phrases,what does it do who is it for,um user experience particular discipline,of design centered around the psychology,of the end user so,and our behaviors thinking processes and,capabilities so what what you're saying,here what what this is saying is that,the ux is exactly what i'm talking about,this is exactly what i'm talking about,like explicitly ux is not ui so i'm,right,and let's move on tation of the ux if,that makes sense ux being just the kind,of the intuitiveness,of how,features of the game work if that makes,sense uh civilian performance that's,definitely a major issue that's the,biggest blemish this game has that i,hope from true resolve soon twisty,graphics i don't get the complaint uh if,referring to fidelity specifically the,game still looks gorgeous art style,trumps graphics every time in my opinion,now if from software games have never,been good graphics they have never been,if you zoom in on a lot of the character,models and from software games they look,like they were made out of um watercolor,they look like that that's how how like,just blurry and shitty they are they,look like and you know what it,doesn't matter nobody cares because,that's not why people play the game it,looks good enough and that's good enough,bring to pc graphics settings and yeah,on that front there are certain thing

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Elden Ring CRUSHES Sales Records & Twitter Has A MELTDOWN After Being Proven WRONG

Elden Ring CRUSHES Sales Records & Twitter Has A MELTDOWN After Being Proven WRONG

what's going on everyone jeremy here,from the quartering i hope you're having,a wonderful wonderful day i just,finished,installing eldon ring on my uh brand new,meta pc by the way promo code the,quartering save some money on checkout,awesome company by the way,uh,and read an article as it was,downloading,that uh alden ring you know i think it's,interesting how,if you believe twitter which is not real,life as we now know as we've always,known really,that,alden ring is a niche game and that you,know it's just it's not that big you,know whatever it's just a niche game,niche game for people that want super,duper difficult soul-crushing games and,nobody really wants that and listen to,us us for you know uh weirdos that suck,at video games and make a career at a,whining that video games aren't easier,for us,well i'm happy to report,alden ring is now the sixth,hit the sixth highest player count on,steam in history,that is not a niche game,that is a,wildly,wildly popular game that is not niche,not niche in the least bit,we're getting to get into this and all,the amazing salt on twitter after a,quick word from this video's sponsor,meta pcs huge shout out to this video,sponsor meta pcs look you've been around,you know that i've been talking about,meta pcs for a very long time in fact,it's the primary computer i use but it's,not just because they're a sponsor it's,for so many more reasons they have fully,customizable configurable pcs and all,the hardest to find parts in stock and,ready to go they also have ready to ship,pcs ready for you today here's a couple,reasons why i like meta pcs first and,foremost it's veteran ownership meta pcs,is a veteran owned business one of,meta's owners has served both in,afghanistan and iraq and received a,purple heart for his service meta also,employs military veterans in meta's,operation center and also provides,systems to veterans going back to school,to help them re-enter the workforce all,across the united states they offer,financing it has 100 u.s based sales and,support and when you receive your pc,it's ready to go right out of the box,you don't have to get complicated and,set things up you just plug it all in,and you're ready to rock,and on top of that meta pcs is offering,you my viewer a huge discount when you,use the link in the description,or you use promo code the quartering if,you use my code at checkout not only do,you save money but you support my,content and a company that will not bow,to cancel culture so maybe you're not,ready to pick up a new computer today,but when you are remember to go to, and use promo code the,quartering to support me and to save,money and,everybody wins,now this via pc games,it's already one of the best rpgs on pc,and now elder ring is,one of the most popular games on steam,not just right now but ever,according to the latest stats from,software's latest game now has the sixth,higher highest player count,record on steam beating out new world,and is just shy of a million players on,its second weekend and look there's a,lot of people like me i like to at least,wait,a week or two,because you know there were alleged,performance issues on pc and people are,having problems with it,you know so i like to wait a little bit,um i feel like,i mean well i have a brand new pc now so,if i have performance problems i don't,know if they've actually fixed the ultra,wide monitor support um that would be a,real big gripe if they still haven't,fixed that,but anyway,alder ring is one of the best dark,souls-esque games around and clearly,players are responding the rpg already,reached over 600 000 concurrent players,one hour after launch before finally,setting on an excellent peak of 891 000,on its opening weekend according to,steamdb alden ring has a has set a new,concurrent player count record on its,second weekend 950 3426,beats out amazon's mmo new world which,had a peak of 913 000. it didn't just,squeak by it,it beat it by you know i don't know five,percent six percent,making alden ring the sixth biggest game,on steam by concurrent player count and,second biggest first single-player game,after cyberpunk 2077,which had a record of 1.054 million,so elder ring has still got a lot of way,to go before it beats a million,concurrent players of cyberpunk 2077's,peak however its previous week was on,record on sunday a record was on sunday,so we'll find out tomorrow if from,software's epic fantasy rpg can push all,the way to a million concurrent players,well i'll tell you this much,i'll be playing tomorrow and i'll be a,brand new player so,you know as the initial wave of people,beat the game then obviously you'll have,a dip there you probably i imagine games,peak you know by the second or third,week and probably never really get,bigger than that except for the rare,occasion,where you have like a fortnight type,thing or you know games that aren't,super duper popular when they launch and,then they get popular later,so it's interesting you can see benji,already sign

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Elden Ring Twitter and TIktok | Hasanabi Reacts

Elden Ring Twitter and TIktok | Hasanabi Reacts

this is look at the dude please look at,this,what did he do what is that what is that,dodge move i don't even know what that,is like,did he just uh hit uh ll3 there,it's just a,crouch why did the crouch also why did,his crouch also have that was the emo,right,because look,that that crouch doesn't do that crouch,doesn't do like a weird the,crotch doesn't let do like a weird uh,ash uh effect,this game is insane dude seriously it's,just like it it's completely completely,bananas like the things that you can do,in this game are unimaginable,insane turned me on so much i mean this,guy is just this stupid good i guess,he's just stupid good at like all these,games though because wait there's more,there's more elden ring wait let's,see this,no that's not cinematic this is gameplay,that he edited but this is real gameplay,this is actual gameplay those are real,moves within the game that he's,conducting against the boss,like edited it to make it like you know,slow-mo and but this is just,straight-up uh real gameplay,so,dude holy dude so sick uh his name,is sun hee legend,what the,oh,the parry god,the swap out yo look at that dude wait,we gotta run that back look look look,look look,look at how cool common collected he is,he knows exactly how long it takes for,the wind up,look he swaps oh my god he swaps to his,like little baby shield just so he can,parry twice too,with the repost,how,i mean he's definitely,so he's he's definitely one tap though,like one million percent because there's,no armor that like that's the reason why,he has an incredible amount first of all,is a decent amount of stamina for being,low uh or being low level because like,no armor so the moves are not as uh,heavy it's incredible,dude,i was watching moon moon by the way,earlier uh our last night with ludwig,with ludwig and he's a perry god,too,he loves parrying holy i know why,he he calls uh dual wield katana players, got every game he plays yeah i,know this man is not made in liz this,man has all the maidens okay this man is, yura maidon the maidens um i,haven't parried once yet yeah neither,have i elden ring but it's directed by,michael bay what,i did i did see this i i did i didn't,see with the music but yeah that's funny,okay that's good elder ringwood is,directed by michael bay the funniest,part about that is that this clip ends,here and you know he died like you know,you know he got comster but you,know that's that's totally separate yeah,the shinhi legend guys bananas,dude incredible um you should watch a,guy called elijah's who speed runs the,game around two hours now bro what do,you mean there's a 40 minute there's a,sub 40 uh speed run already,wait what do you mean there's not bro,these guys are these guys are basically,taking advantage of people not knowing,what the game is like,like that is he just got owned bro look,at his health he's just got,half those videos are just like them,getting destroyed for the record,distortion does any percentage ella does,all main bosses it's a longer category,oh okay it's not any percentage my bad,you play like that the only difference,is that he edits his videos and you,don't,i wish i played like that i do not play,that well at all are you kidding me i,get destroyed the only way the,only way that i get uh anything anything,good is because i i over level and,that's it i just i over level that's,that's the only way that i can beat,anybody um yeah the mimic,not me but mimic plays like that i'm,decent with iframes yeah that's true i,i'll take that i think i i am but the,reason why i win is not because i know,what the iframes are or because i timed,them well,the reason why i play well is because,i'm over leveled,and i have mimi,and mimi is incredible dude i, man i love this game so much,i've been thinking about it so much i,don't know where to go right now i am a,cheese lord for sure i am the elden lord,but the lord of cheese the elden lord of,cheese

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Blaidd Reacts To Elden Ring Tweets

Blaidd Reacts To Elden Ring Tweets

hello i'm scott arthur and i play bly in,eldon ring so you pronounce it blind not,blind not blithe blind he's upright like,a man and he has the head of a wolf i,know that he's caused quite a stir in,the furry world which i didn't know,anything about until i looked on the,internet let's,read your tweets,let me go talk to my wolf boyfriend,because honest to god with that voice,even i would in,thank you very much,would blythe elden ring be considered a,dilf be honest all right i'll take it,fly the dill,blithe is so thick,and hot bligh was created by someone,else in terms of,the visionary of life the vision of him,the,the artwork i'm taking all these,compliments and i'm just gonna go with,it please make more sexy animal men,six please,listen miyazaki that is a request not,only did they make blythe a sexy half,wolfman they gave him a sexy voice thank,you very much i want blythe to kiss me,on the lips,and tell me that we make a great team,and i want him to pick me up,and carry me to his little wolf hovel,hovel hovel did i say right this is for,you,we make a great team,when's the alden ring dating sim coming,so i can with blind,what's a dating sim,simulator,oh right,there's some money to be made tonight,these tweets are brilliant by the way,i've got a huge smile on my face i'm not,a furry,but i do find blithe kind of hot i mean,i'm not a furry,and i find you quite,hard what's the point of eldering if i,can't ever have my tarnished kiss blithe,with tongue,goodness me halfway,the bestest boy in elden ring he's a,very good boy can be a naughty boy,though as well if you like blythe is by,far the coolest character in elden ring,and his welsh just die,for any americans that are watching this,or anyone that's not from the uk,die,is uh basically a slam word or a,nickname for anyone called david eldon,ring,is actually a zero out of ten,because you can't live,what would it be out of 10 if you could,life,no i can't no,no way absolutely not,i'm not reading that elden ring makes me,feel normal,i want to kiss blythe the half wolf,under the full moon,normal feelings god it's like a line of,poetry that i could read these all day,i'm having a great time i've spent,hundreds upon hundreds of hours of my,life in elden ring trying to figure out,how to make blythe hug me and kiss me,but there seems to be just no way did i,waste my money here's a kiss for you,maybe there needs to be a version of,elden ringway you can kiss all the,characters,how did i feel reading those tweets worn,aroused comforted and uh and very loved,thank you to everyone who,has shown,the love and the holiness for blithe,thank you very much diachem val for,watching if you enjoyed then please,subscribe below that's enough chit chat,for now,it's time we parted ways,you filthy animals,you

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Margit The Fell Omen Reacts To Elden Ring Tweets

Margit The Fell Omen Reacts To Elden Ring Tweets

my name is anthony howell and i play,margaret the fell slash morgot in elden,ring let it be,margaret the fell is pretty badass he's,pretty hard to beat,let's read your tweets,margaret is an,yeah,right,okay,after a million years i finally wrecked,margot but then got wrecked by a bird,with swords on his feet ah elden ring,i think it's or is it,oh,but i don't know what a bird with swords,on his feet is,pretty dangerous and lethal i guess,me colon good morning elden ring players,who met margaret is it is it really,no i guess it isn't,bad luck,wow this must be fromm's hardest boss so,far wow this must be fromm's hardest,boss so far hardest boss so far hey that,was easy,hardest boss so far yeah i'm giving me a,sort of impression that elden rings a,pretty tough game to play,i'm glad he got one anyway,at least one person in this,chalice of tweets has beaten markets,i'm sorry elden ring but margaret is way,too hard for an early game boss i had,less trouble with dark eater media an,orphan of course lol they wanted to make,margaret the toughest boss you could,find tough really we had an elden ring,launch party and anybody and everybody,who tried to beat margaret,margaret marika fear all the names in,elden ring leads to certainty that it,takes place in sweden in the 60s,marget margaret marica yeah yeah sounds,quite scandinavian so maybe,elden bring there's a lot of great names,in it it has a great writer,two great writers my friend referred to,margaret as marge and i can't stop,thinking about it hashtag elderly,like marge simpson maybe,hey,i can't do much,oh homer no,um,no that's not mine is it,i'm just trying to think well i'm a,voice over artist i should be able to do,my simpson hey,homie,hey,hey,homer,the market fight in elden ring uses a,controversial game design technique,that's both i don't think i don't think,that's right no eventually people will,realize that from soft has put an easy,mode in alden ring it's called go,somewhere else instead of getting owned,by a market quite right do something,else because margaret's gonna beat your,ass,day three of eldon ring,margaret can eat my whole ass,his whole ass i guess um, you margaret,thank you i don't care who i fight next,and how many times i will die i just,want you gone,well, you,42 hours into elven ring i have killed,two main bosses blew all the blood,vessels in both my eyeballs gained five,pounds from stress eating getting heart,palpitations from a dangerous amount of,caffeine in my system honestly having,the time of my life yay,at least someone who appreciates what,the game is for,doing all that stuff but you know having,the time of your life jacked up on,caffeine and having heart palpitations,please summarize elgin ring in one word,below mine is,pain,lots of pain whoa is this the final one,yeah final final tweet,best for last,right oh wow this is a a big tweet okay,i got over 10k room i beat some boss in,a cave,and a lady gave me some wolves to summon,to help kick margaret's ass,i'm really enjoying elden ring brilliant,put a bird up my ass and wish me luck,getting fisted by margaret a billion,more times tomorrow um,yeah i think i'll just stop there end of,the tweets the goblet is empty,i was surprised i thought there'd be,more swearing,thank you for watching and if you liked,subscribe below,foul,buzzfeed multiplayer in search of the,elden ring,emboldened by the flame of ambition,someone must extinguish thy flame,let it be margaret the fell,maidenless,maidenless,foul tarnished,you

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A Few Ubisoft & Guerilla Devs Diss Elden Ring's Success & Design, And It Goes Very Poorly

A Few Ubisoft & Guerilla Devs Diss Elden Ring's Success & Design, And It Goes Very Poorly

so it's pretty clear at this point that,elden ring is a wildly successful game,and nothing proves that more than the,fact that eldon rings peak concurrent,players on steam,have been steadily rising this past week,and a half or so if we go to steam,charts right now you'll see that the,game launched with a pretty great,concurrent player number of 754,735 players at its peak that peaked even,higher in the 800 thousands as time went,on over the weekend and beyond and then,the numbers got even higher 850 000 and,now we're at a point where the game has,seen,950 thousand all-time peak concurrent,players this ladies and gentlemen for a,single player game,is quite rare usually those numbers will,start to fall as people finish the game,but with elden ring the buzz has only,gotten bigger and bigger and bigger as,people keep sharing their experiences,with the game be it crazy occurrences,tough encounters and uh there's just,something very like i dare you about,eldon ring like come on come come join,us in this crazy,vague yet compelling adventure that i,think has attracted a lot of people,and you know i don't know from software,is a company i think has been climbing,an uphill uh battle for a long time and,they finally managed to like hit their,stride and with elden ring they've like,just really hit it off and i'm happy for,them i really am and looking at what the,placement of elder ring is at now in,terms of top records for all-time,concurrent peak players according to,steam charts elder ring is now at one,two three four fifth place topping even,cyberpunk 2077 and new world though,steam db has slightly different numbers,953 000 so that's pretty close in terms,of all time peak but in terms of its,ranking compared to other games,cyberpunk 2077 in steam db's website,according to their information,cyberpunk actually had more all-time,peak concurrent players than eldon ring,though not by that much either way,comparable numbers very impressive for a,from soft game which used to be,perceived as more niche and there's just,the general celebration surrounding,eldon rings release and the fact that,these kinds of games can be very much,successful and,do incredibly well not everything has to,be a live service you make an incredible,game like this and it will take off,though the conversation has turned a bit,sour because of what some developers,have been saying this is just a couple,of developers not developers across the,board but it is developers from major,studios who make open world games and,this is going to be my personal opinion,their take i don't think is very good,and a lot of people agree it's less to,do with the fact that they criticize,elder ring like elder wing is not a,perfect game there are definitely,aspects of it to criticize i'm not,saying you're not allowed to criticize,the game but if you look at the tweets,that were highlighted here by gasly,lantern vendor lavender there's,something very i don't just cynical,about the way the criticism is being,presented where they're almost saying,this game doesn't deserve the level of,success it's garnered which i completely,disagree with so the tweet reads,developers from ubisoft and gorilla as,well as others upset over eldon ring's,success so first we have this tweet,right here the fact that elden rings,scored a 97 metacritic is proof that,reviewers don't give a flaming poop,about game ux my life is a lie as of,implying that the game ux encompasses,the totality of the elden ring,experience and look don't get me wrong,there are aspects of the ux that i would,like to see improved for example one of,the things that i'd like to see improved,is the addition of a recent items tab,because sometimes your inventory will be,filled to the brim with weapons items,you name it you pick something up you,want to read its item description but,you have to like go through and find the,item within your inventory that's been,an experience of mine or cycling the,down d-pad items by clicking on instead,of like being able to hold it down and,bring up some kind of like mini,wheel to quickly choose what item you,want to use so like little things like,that i'd like to see improved but,nothing about the game ux was so,blatantly bad that it got in the way of,the experience in my opinion there are,fair criticisms to be at about the game,ux and everything but to imply that the,game doesn't deserve a certain score or,certain amount of praise because the,game ux isn't like other games other,open world games to me that's just um,kind of a ridiculous notion to put out,there and this by the way is coming from,a developer who works at ubisoft whose,games have become so formulaic and samey,and the ux has become so box standard,you know basically like this i found it,the elden ring with a good ux clicking,on this image will yield a result that,initially looks like a meme but then you,look at it close and you realize this is,literally how,so many open world games operate now and,that's what felt so refreshing abou

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