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The Idea Thief: Copy Twitter & Steal Name and Logowelcome to Raw law unfiltered with your,host the D

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

The Idea Thief: Copy Twitter & Steal Name and Logo

welcome to Raw law unfiltered with your,host the DUI guy plus that is me and,queen I gotta I gotta like move I gotta,move like off screen I can't this,there's too much stuff like where can,you see my nope what if I can I can I,stand up does it have to stand up on the,chair hold on all right here we stand up,on the chair,all right,is that better I even move this thing,yeah this this right here it's a special,guard make sure that like I don't hit my,head on the microphone that's what the,description said on Amazon at least so,you know I'm notorious for bashing my,head against the mic so now this will,prevent that from happening no I'm just,kidding it's a spit guard or whatever,um,it filters out your puzz and your fuzz,and your Pasha,whatever,um,so,today we have a treat,so for those of you who don't know,consider yourself lucky,um because this guy has been,all over the place I've talked about,them a couple times they even had Jason,Goodman who sued him for defamation on,the show,uh there's more stuff going in in that,direction by the way we may talk about,it again at some point but I I may not,devote like a whole show to one topic we,may do like a multitude of topics or,something at some point but,with all of that out of the way,um,boozy is creating his own social media,platform,okay,are you now,has anyone been on Truth social lately,yeah for experimentation purposes,honestly because I have no interest in,joining that uh Cesspool because that's,literally what it is,truth social if you've never been on it,don't I'm gonna tell you exactly what it,is it is a bunch of people a very small,percentage of people maybe about six or,seven it feels like two or three,honestly they basically dominate the,timeline because there's only one,and all they do is they there are,keywords kind of like Twitter they tag,all these uh specific keywords that,people are apparently interested in,and they tag every single one of them,with no text whatsoever,they just tag a bunch of them one after,another so they appear no matter which,which tab you go to they're all every, tab is exactly the same there's,literally no difference none whatsoever,you click on this tab it's the same,stuff you click on this tab it's the,same stuff why because they hijacked,every single tab for this one,and all it is is political cartoons it,is literally and it's pro-trump,anti-bidden pro-conservative,anti-democrat there is absolutely,nothing more there's no conversation,there are no two people talking like hey,man how was your day did you watch this,show I did not what did you do it's a,political cartoon,one after another literally it is like,terrifying it is absolutely terrifying,okay,it's not a social media platform it is,literally a cesspool of political,nonsense very very one-sided and very,extreme cartoons too like you will not,find these cart political cartoon memes,uh for the most part trending pretty,much anywhere else because you they're,vile some of them are pretty disgusting,like alleging some very heinous and,I've seen my fair share of like nasty,political cartoons I've shared my fair,share of nasty political cartoons and,let me tell you this Takes the,Cake did truth social is just avoid,avoid avoid now I remember when uh Elon,took over Twitter there was like all,this flock of people that were going to,mess the dawn or whatever the it's,called the extinct dinosaur I don't know,every time I think of it I think of like,the the the the the the the the dinosaur,with the thing and the the scales and,the you know uh I don't know I I don't,care I haven't even checked that out,that's how little I care about it,because,anytime there's a corporate takeover, goes down and then things stabilize,and things are stabilizing if they,haven't already so I'm not concerned I,don't care it doesn't matter but,um,now we have boozy now what is boozy,doing exactly right before we get to his,thievery and his copying and stealing, from others because boozy doesn't,have an original idea in his head,we're going to talk about that but,before we get there what what exactly is,he doing right the question so what is,he doing he's taking the concept of,Twitter,and you know that function on your,computer when you can like control C,control V,he's basically doing that to Twitter,he's like hey Twitter,I like what you have to offer,control C and then Twitter is like what,are you gonna do with that bro,what are you doing stop bro I'm,controlling it control V yeah,like and Twitter's like uh no not in,their step bro and then boozy's like, I just control feed that yeah,we're gonna call it we're gonna call,them spouts they're not tweets anymore,they're spouts like the whale just,spouts water out of its Chute it's not,it's not going to be uh a retweet it's,going to be a it's going to be a blast,we're gonna have a blast yeah and,they're not gonna be spaces anymore,they're going to be shoots they're going,to be pods we're going to call them pods,they're going to be pods this is what,we're going

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Third Time's the Charm: Will Twitter Verify DUI Guy? #VerifyDUIGuy #BlueTickDUIGuy

Third Time's the Charm: Will Twitter Verify DUI Guy? #VerifyDUIGuy #BlueTickDUIGuy

all right everyone we are live the dui,guy is back,with some more content for you all this,time of course we're going a little bit,on the sidelines um,it's been 30 days officially today since,the second time i tried to get,verification,from twitter that blue the coveted blue,check mark,as luck would have it of course uh my,internet crapped out uh for absolutely,no reason i don't know why i don't know,what's going on,but um i have,resorted to connecting to my hotspot on,my phone hopefully uh it is going to be,sufficiently powerful to withhold i mean,i got enough battery but,we'll see i'm keeping an eye on the,internet but so far no dice and my case,manager said that she was here like,literally 45 minutes ago and that was,okay so this is,completely brand new um hey liberty,cause hey sophie christina jenny,welcome welcome,hey q um,uh justice for johnny,says the suspense is killing me we're,about to find out so i just wanted to,make sure my connection is stable i'm,seeing that i'm on my other phone that,i'm all good right here,um,all right so first and foremost this is,what we need to look at right this i,have been this is the third time you,guys okay about every the first time i,tried it i was like no big deal whatever,right,uh it was like in june like right after,the trial was over,uh maybe even actually right before the,trial i can't remember exactly when i,moved for it but they're like not enough,and i'm like okay that's fair uh i just,gained my notoriety you guys need to,learn about me a little bit more i,understand all right i'll give you a,chance twitter and then i applied again,i think it was actually flying to,salinas for the the kristen smart trial,and again i just figured you know i'll,fill it out they'll be like oh we know,who this guy is you know i don't know,it's it's like maybe it's stupid on my,part i've i've heard actually a lot of,people are having some trouble with,actually getting this blue check mark,people who actually are notorious and,have like a huge following,and some people have said that some,people with,like 2 000 followers but just because,they're of their notoriety also get the,blue check mark so it's not it's not,just a numbers game i mean in theory you,could have like a million followers and,still not be a verified qualified as a,verified account if uh you know however,you obtain that blue excuse me however,you obtain that following may not meet,the guidelines of twitter so this time i,was like all right,i failed once that one was like a fluke,whatever the second time i was pretty,sure like i should be good like i'm,gonna get it and i didn't,now third time's the charm this is the,third time i'm moving for this and i'm,like all right,i'm going to turn this into a public,spectacle because this is getting,ridiculous i really want to find out,what it is,what's going on i tried to get um you,know the hashtag it didn't end up,trending but that's okay i i really i,don't mind that i understand i'm at the,end of the day i'm just i'm just the guy,i'm just a lawyer in kentucky you know,what i'm saying,i get it but,i've done some stuff and i feel that uh,that blue check mark although again even,if i never get it,i'm gonna be okay,trust me but at this point it's like,it has become uh,a quest almost you know it's like the,quest for the check mark,and it's it's fun in and of itself and i,think it it obviously generates content,so i took a fine-tooth comb,and i started going through the,requirements okay so these are the the,requirements to get a blue check mark,let me blow it up for you so you all can,see,um about verifying it so this is what,twitter says,on their website okay we are going to do,this live by the way just so you know so,i'm not gonna leave you hanging i,promise i have not filed for,verification i'm not just like sitting,here waiting for an email i have not,done it yet okay,so let's go through these requirements,together just so that you all understand,that i understand what the requirements,are,and i believe i have met them and here's,why and you'll see in a moment right so,the blue verified badge on twitter lets,people know that an account of public,interest is authentic so it's not like,someone posing to be someone,right to receive the blue badge your,account must be three things all right,there's three requirements it must be,authentic,notable and active,i think th this one is really going to,be the easiest uh we'll get to that in a,moment authenticity i think as well is,not going to be a problem it's notoriety,it's got to be notable and i think this,is the only one i could possibly have,had an issue with in the past but no,more and you will see why in a moment so,authentic,to encourage and maintain trust this is,the first requirement to encourage and,maintain trust between users on the,platform you will need to confirm your,identity with twitter in order to be,verified depending on the category you,will be asked to choose one of the,following three methods of verifying,your

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What is Wrong with Michele Dauber?

What is Wrong with Michele Dauber?

foreign,well hello everybody,and welcome back to Raw law unfiltered,with your host the DUI guy Plus,um today we are going to be uh exploring,a topic that has been on everyone's mind,as far as at least,uh the conclusion of the Johnny Depp,trial,and this is definitely not,um,the first bout with the issue,um,there was one point uh I remember I,think towards the end of the trial or,maybe after the trial that she was,trending,and it just so happens that she was,trending again yesterday,I may or may not have something to do,with it,but,let me just start at the beginning okay,who is,Michelle Dover,because I can't call her professor,I'm sorry,a person who,has so much hatred,in their heart,for men,and it's actually educating and teaching,young minds,it's just terrifying,it's just terrifying that this woman,influences,Young Minds,she she has been a very active,um proponent of,female victims everywhere,even but way before the trial years,before the trial there's a photo,circulating in a video of Amber Heard,and Michelle dauber,on the same stage so,they've known about each other for quite,some time and there are a few other,people in that photo and that that shot,there were some awards ceremony,well,since then uh Michelle dauber has become,maybe you can say the so-called leader,of,this movement that supports Amber Heard,which is fine every organization every,movement if you will needs a leader,the only problem is,Michelle dauber is extremely grotesque,in the way that she approaches things,don't take my word for it we're going to,go through,her her past,uh tweets,as you will see so don't don't take my,word for it,from what I understand,from what I have learned over the past,few days because I started wondering I,you know kind of thought to myself she,called me out again the other day I,didn't even ask for her opinion like,nobody asked for her opinion and she,likes to inject herself and create this,drama so I'm like you know what I need,to do one video about it put it to rest,just so that the world has a clear,understanding,why Twitter hates her so much why people,dislike her so much,so here it is,from what I know Michelle dauber was,born to a father who was an experimental,psychologist,and what does that mean,it could mean a whole slew of things,thank you Andrea,Andrea Taylor thank you for the Super,Chat,her father,was a very,um potentially abusive man we don't know,we know very very little about Michelle,dobber's past in that direction because,she never talks about it she never,shares it it's probably disastrously,hurtful that's why she chooses actively,now Michelle has a brother,her brother is a convicted sex offender,in at least two states,one of the offenses he was convicted of,was,touching Michelle's daughter when,Michelle's daughter was young which by,the way Michelle's daughter gave birth,to at 17 years old after running away,from home,heavy heavy stuff I mean a 16 a pregnant,16 year old running away from home,and then the question becomes who got,her pregnant,you know nobody knows she has never,talked about it,it's uh I I wonder if actually speaking,about this trauma,maybe to the world or to a therapist,somebody not keeping it bottled in,because Michelle has been carrying this,weight for the better part of the last,three or four decades,um,I don't know why she will she refuses to,to share it with the world it may be one,of the reasons that led to her daughter,ending her own life which is terrifying,you know I I talked about this yesterday,I tweeted about it I finally understand,I never understood why Michelle was so,evil why she's so vile in her demeanor I,just I I never truly care to explore the,topic,I never truly care to explore the topic,and I finally did and you know what,as I tweeted about it yesterday,I understand it now,and it's no excuse,for her behavior it's you can't use that,as a well I was treated this way,therefore I'm allowed to be a nasty,individual to everybody whoever walks,planet Earth like that's not,that's not it's like well I was speeding,because uh I had to pee,you know just because you had to go to,the restroom doesn't excuse the fact,that you were speeding,so thank you Richard I appreciate it,so Michelle dauber uh by the way she's a,professor of Stanford if you don't know,anything uh about her,look her up okay I'm telling you the,like the whole story all right,um,she's been a very active proponent like,I said uh against Amber Heard,excuse me for Amber Heard against Johnny,Depp I apologize,um,so she gives birth right at like 17,years old to her daughter who 25 years,later ends her life why we know not,maybe she found out who her father was,that that's one Theory maybe she was,going through trauma of her own,we will never know there are too many,unknowns there are too many questions,and that's okay I'm not asking for,answers I really am not but I finally,think I have an understanding as to why,Michelle is the way that she is,so,this right here,is,um,well let me see if I can uh,there we go

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Rekieta Law explains the Legal Bytes and DUI guy DRAMA

Rekieta Law explains the Legal Bytes and DUI guy DRAMA

run from online communities when money,is involved yesterday during court,proceedings right there was a moment,with a TMZ reporter and Elaine the,lawyer where the Elaine accused the TMZ,reporter of seeking his 15 Minutes of,Fame by coming and testifying for Johnny,Depp and he said I could accuse you of,the same thing by taking Amber Heard as,a client it was a mic drop,psycho drum power move moment and I'm,not seeking any 15 minutes here well you,may you're welcome to speculate I could,say the same thing by taking Amber Heard,as a client for you,a little argumentative don't you think,oh hardly I find that to be purely,logical thank you now are you aware that,Mr Depp's attorneys were and everybody,reacted the same way oh like it was,the oh moment it was beautiful it's,exactly the thing it's like the even,like Elaine is sitting there with this,look on her face wasn't anger it was,like oh over her shoulder on the camera,was this guy this shoulder DUI guy this,shoulder James from Court two two people,have been sacrificing a ton of their,time,to go into this uh to to,stand in lines overnight and then to go,into court now they've been getting,rewarded DUI guy hit 200 000 subs today,I think 204 000 something like that subs,today uh James from court has built a,Twitter account so they've they've built,something out of it they've been doing,this and when those reactions came out,that,alerted some people in this uh in this,law tube Community now personally,I don't think there's anything at all,anything at all,that was wrong with their reactions I,don't there's there's nothing there's no,damage to Integrity there's nothing that,James and DUI guy did that has anything,different than literally everybody in,the courtroom and I think making any,deal over it is just nonsensical but a,step further was taken and DUI guy and I,believe James were excluded from,participating in,the legal bites live stream now I don't,know because it's become this law tube,Center,for this trial if the legal bytes live,stream is the legal bites,or if it's law tube on legal bites,I don't know and that's to me that's a,problem,right like so is it is it lawtube on,this channel or is it legal bites plus,people joining her which one is it and I,I dare you to answer the question I,don't know if you can okay so whatever,reason DUI guy was excluded from this,show because of his reaction and then,legal bites said some words,akin to a there's not a Verbatim quote,but it's pretty damn close,when we send lawyers to a courtroom we,expect,something better more professional I'm,not I'm not sure where it goes very very,seriously and we take court rules also,very very seriously,um so I I wanted to make us a statement,about that,um when we are sending folks into the,courtroom,we have a hope and expectation of hope,that folks are going to be following the,rules of the courtroom because if they,don't and then word gets out that they,are connected to certain live streams,certain folks certain communities that,can reflect very poorly on the entire,Community wait I do my own you,type thing and this blows up into this,nasty mess between between DUI,guy and legal bites um there's there's a,funk and a thug about it it sucked the,energy out of a lot of people and this,like,#justice for DUI guy thing takes over,it's very distracting from everything,right,and the reason that this bothered so,many people is because now we've created,an in-group and an out group and we've,nominated for lack of a better word an,enforcement arm this is the problem,someone has been disciplined,from a group of individual creators how,the do you even discipline someone,like what what is that for lack of a,better word,DUI guy was disciplined for reacting in,court in the way that the entire gallery,reacted,I cannot say that a juror looks at DUI,guy going,and is swayed by his facial expression,over everyone around him making the same,expression,so I'm not sure what the issue is

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A Few Recent Updates And AH

A Few Recent Updates And AH

sorry uh I haven't been live in the last,couple of days uh lots and lots of fun,things have happened I um,I did something I've actually never done,before,I um,I I was in so you all know that I I flew,to Los Angeles and uh,I was spending my time there I went to,see a few shows I met with very very,lovely people and I still have stuff in,Los Angeles planned in Los Angeles,well,um as fate would have it I somehow found,myself,back home I hopped on literally the,absolute last flight,to,um,to Louisville,on New Year's Eve,I flew out I bought the ticket literally,the night before was hella expensive but,I didn't give a I wanted to,surprise my family,um and,I've never had a trip within a trip,before like within a trip this is,literally like Inception,to a level I don't think I've seen yet,uh or have done yet,so um I can't complain I mean I'm I'm,very excited that this happened so,basically just to give you a quick,rundown uh,I bought the ticket Thursday like at,three o'clock in the morning went to,sleep woke up drove to the airport took,an Uber to the airport it's the first,time I've ever flown with no luggage I,mean look I have no bags I have nothing,I am literally flying with a jacket that,has all all my pockets and stuff in it,which is,unbelievable I've never flown completely,empty-handed before and now I'm flying,back completely empty-handed again,luckily I was able to get a change of,clothes because I live here you know,so I was able to stop by the house pick,up a change of clothes and all that but,uh I flew I I landed like 8 P.M ish uh,and then I was I stopped by my,grandparents house,and then I stopped by my uh parents,house they were having a party my,grandparents didn't know I was coming my,mom did,and um,my parents did so my grandma actually it,was really weird because my grandma was,like I had a feeling I had a feeling,that you're going to be in town and I'm,like how on Earth did you get that,feeling,uh and she's like I don't know I just,felt and I'm like Grandma you have,really good instincts and she's like,well I've been on the planet long enough,I kind of uh,have a knack for it and I was like,that's really cool that's really,impressive and so that's why I haven't,gone live I know I told you guys I was,going to go live on Saturday the 31st,yeah two days ago and obviously I,haven't had the time I've been with my,family celebrating Happy New Year,American dreamer thank you for the Dono,um,yeah it's been it's been absolutely,phenomenal,um I had so much fun I'm so glad I did,it they were all so happy my grandma was,absolutely not expecting it uh my mom,even though she already knew but she was,still like very very happy to see me and,all her friends we uh we spent,almost rang in the New Year together,uh and then I I went home and and uh,rang in the new year,so it was nice and then yesterday was,just an absolute lazy day did absolutely,nothing,um it was great it's been a while I,haven't I haven't done nothing for like,a full day before in a very long time in,a very long time so it was absolutely,uh a good a good disconnect so thank you,all for all the wishes happy New Year,everybody I love every single one of you,thank you so much I can't believe it's,2023 already,um,damn 2022 just flew by,who would have known like that the,second half of 2022 was going to bring,in as much stuff as it did,so very exciting,um now,so now I'm at the airport my flight,leaves in about an hour,uh so we're probably going to start,boarding here in about 20 30 minutes,um yeah a trip within a trip and then,I'm going to Vegas on Friday so it's,just crazy literally like I've flown,I've flown on Sunday then,um I flew out,back home on Friday Saturday,and then I'm flying back to LA right now,and then I'm flying to Vegas on Friday,and then I'm flying back to,uh back home on next Sunday or this,Sunday I guess it's crazy it's,absolutely crazy,so Vegas is gonna be lit oh my God you,guys I wish I could tell you what I have,planned but I can't at this juncture,some of you may know,um but I have craziness planned,um,plus I saw some comedians live it was,really fun uh,Jeff Garland made a special appearance I, saw Jeff Garland live at,yamashiro's it was absolutely lit uh,Russell Peters was there uh Alonzo,Bowden killed it oh my God he,just literally destroyed the room,I like how people in the chat are like,don't get married yeah you won't be able,to do like half of this stuff right I,need to shave I have like a little,scruff going on I'll probably shave when,I land,um,but yeah no it's it's gonna be it's,gonna be amazing,um,um I'm doing some stuff I already have,stuff planned Tuesday Wednesday and,Thursday so like tomorrow Wednesday and,Thursday that I'm flying out to Vegas,Friday and I have like already stuff,scheduled Friday and Saturday and then I,fly back Sunday so I literally have like,no moment of of time to myself and I'm,very excited I love to be busy so uh,very very fun stuff lots of content,coming your way,um I have so the second part of th

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Meghan Markle Is Part Of the AH #MeToo Machine

Meghan Markle Is Part Of the AH #MeToo Machine

in raw law unfiltered,I just wanted to make this quick video,um,so,I'll be honest I was not ready for this,personally,um,it actually came as a bit of a shock,but at the same time initially,but at the same time I started to,realize that it's not uh unheard of,and or impossible,for the dots to start connecting and to,start pointing towards Meghan Markle as,being part of the,um,this whole ordeal,with me too and uh time's up and,everything so the timing is based on my,research is very,non-coincidental like it makes complete,sense as to how it played out,so first and foremost you know Meghan,Markle has been marinating,Prince Harry,for years right there's all of these if,you look it up,you can see Meghan Markle trying to,dress like Princess Diana trying to,emulate Princess Diana and who's,Princess Diana to Harry she's his mother,so if you all are familiar with the,um Oedipus complex and Alexa complex,uh go dating back to Freud,it she used the basic precept that men,tend to seek out women in their life,that are like their mothers like the,partners like their mothers that act,like their mothers look like their,mothers Etc and same vice versa women,tend to look for men that are more like,their fathers more like the way that,they were raised than the fathers that,they've had growing up,well Meghan Markle being the narcissist,that she is as we now know for certain,that she is,uh use that as a weapon,to attract,poor Harry I I do think he is a victim,in all of this I'm I'm of that camp feel,free to disagree I know some people have,very strong feelings one way or the,other and either one is fine you know,that's there's no there's no right,answer here,um some people think he's a victim some,people think something else I'm of the,belief that he's uh he's a victim,and uh she basically marinated him for,years and,um she had one goal in mind I'm going to,marry this man at all costs and um,it happened but before we get there,uh there's an interview while she was,still dating Prince Harry,where she was in London,and I I tweeted about it uh earlier,today if you haven't seen it go check it,out read the article listen to her,there's a snippet from the interview,it's like a 40-second clip,um,that's the proof you know people ask for,receipts and I was like they're all,there you know it's not it's not a,secret she openly talked about being a,supporter of me too,which is fine again this this was like,the height of the metoo movement this,was like pre-epstein oh I'm sorry well,maybe it was pre Epstein I actually,don't remember but it was a pretty,Harvey Weinstein is what I meant to say,pre-weinstein trials and all of that,this was just when it was all coming to,light like all these scumbags being uh,Unearthed,so me too was very clean at least on the,surface back then right we didn't know,what was going on underground or at,least it appeared to be we didn't,realize that the metoo movement has been,dragging under its force it was dragging,all these innocent people along with it,being accused because as Claire best,mentioned so aptly the other day it was,popular to be a victim it was it was,Chic it was cool it was in you know it's, up to think about but that's,exactly what it was it was like it was,popular to at least if you are not a,victim well at least you have to,advocate for it you know and at the time,it worked out and Meghan Markle jumped,on this train,uh in February of 2018 okay so February,2018 this is the second month of 2018.,if y'all remember the op-ed Amber Heard,Road came out 10 months later,why is that important,so in the clip if you watch it,um Meghan Markle talks about,uh you know how women she says women,have voices it's not that women don't,have a voice women have voices they just,need to use it they need to feel,empowered to use it,so she jumped on the bandwagon she,jumped on the bandwagon me too uh,movement even though she was not a,Survivor she was supporting survivors,she jumped on that train she was part of,that whole Clique that group with,Michelle dauber Amber Heard,um,the the doe letter Emily doe letter all,of that was connected,now three months later,May of 2018.,she marries Prince Harry May 19th so now,she's part of the Royal Family,now she no longer has to worry about,using me to as a platform as a conduit,for popularity,so she abandons ship basically I don't,think ever talks about it again why,because she's got the Royal ,family in England to back her ass up the,entire country of England is watching,her in half of the United States,so why on Earth would she need something,as lowly and useless metoo served its,purpose you know I've utilized it for,what it I needed to utilize it for it,gave me an opportunity says Meghan,Markle to uh to have a voice and now you,know throw it to the wolves,throw it to the Wolves does that remind,you of any,of anything Amber Heard coming,it's disgusting it is absolutely,disgusting,um,there's more to come this is we are just,scratching the surface but I wanted to,make sure that yo

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Watch a Military Captain's DUI DISMISSED: CHIEF of Police didn't have "Time" for a Blood Test??

Watch a Military Captain's DUI DISMISSED: CHIEF of Police didn't have "Time" for a Blood Test??

after to the gym after dipping Styles,has given him after you arrived at HMH,that you arrived,because that's the way we go in we take,him to the emergency room we went to the,nurse and then they prefer us to the,receptionist to get signed in he send,himself in after he assigned himself in,where where did you go what was your,next step they never left that part of,it he never left what why is there,because he didn't have the money to pay,for blood tests that's who he has to pay,he went because somebody was gonna be,timely to get there timely to get there,do you recall what he said he wanted,costs 24 to burn money,after he asked for we don't have time,for him to call somebody that's gonna be,45 minutes away who he was calling to,bring money,did you give them opportunity,pardon kind of Dale,right,or the woman told me my husband carries,then I saw the officer is my husband is,exposed in the police car,so he gave me the form the wallet the,kids hinter me has to my husband card I,asking him where he ain't gonna take my,husband this game is he is gonna be in,26 miles away I'm plus I was gonna see,my husband for at least another day,that's what the police know I pick up my,another sister in love so I go to the,detention center I want to know what's,going on he's the first time he's having,so I ride over there,not sure least 50 minutes,so when you arrived at the Hardin County,Jail that's here my,like I've been doing this a lot lately,I'm not sure why but I think I'm gonna,take this one under submission I think,this is a relatively close call I think,there's some in some cases since long,that I want to review as well kind of,give me a different kinds of,circumstances that this has occurred in,seems like there's a case that talks,about Patel telephone calls well that,was in 2010 or 2011 but I don't recall,right offhand so I'm gonna take this,case under submission I'm gonna get you,written ruling out,you

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are we ready for jury instructions all,right jury instructions under the,evidence presented to you in this case,you made the find the defending not,guilty or you made to find the defendant,guilty and operating a motor vehicle,under the influence of intoxicants,instruction one operating a motor,vehicle under the influence of,intoxicants you will find the defendant,guilty under this instruction if and,only if you believe from the evidence,beyond the reasonable doubt that in Bell,County Kentucky honor about the 20th day,of February 2018 within 12 months of the,defendants arrest the defendant was,operating or invisible control of a,motor vehicle and that while doing so,the defendant was under the influence of,any substance which impairs one's,driving ability verdict form one,operating a motor vehicle under the,influence of alcohol or of intoxicants,this gives you a page where you could,you could either choose we the jury find,the defendant not guilty of operating a,motor vehicle into the influence of,sockets intoxicants or we the jury find,the defendant guilty of operating and,motor vehicle under the influence of,intoxicants and it's got a signature,place for the poor person instruction,too you'll find the defendant guilty,under this instruction if and only if,from the evidence beyond a reasonable,doubt that in Bell County Kentucky honor,about the 20th day of February 2018 and,within 12 months of the defendants,arrest the defendant failed to operate,her vehicle a careful manner with regard,to the safety and convenience of,pedestrians and other vehicles upon the,highway and you lose you to areas where,you can choose to say we the jury find,the defendant not guilty of reckless,driving or we the jury find the,defendant guilty of reckless driving and,that will be signed by the foreperson,instruction three failure where seatbelt,your father defended guilty under this,instruction if and only if you believe,from the evidence beyond a reasonable,doubt they in Bell County Kentucky honor,about the 20th day of February 2018 and,within 12 months of the,it's arrest the defendant was operating,a motor vehicle and that while doing so,the defendant was not wearing a seatbelt,and it also gives you an area where you,can find whether the defendant is guilty,or not guilty and to be signed by the,foreperson counsel approach,what if we decide on the penalty phase,all right penalty phase instructions,instruction one that verdict of the jury,must be unanimous will be signed by one,of you as a foreperson as you you may,use on the forms provided at the end of,these instructions for your verdict the,burden rests entirely upon the,prosecution the burden does not shift to,the defense at any point instruction to,operating a motor vehicle under the,influence of intoxicants you shall fix,her fix her punishment from one of the,following for the first offense within,ten years from the date of offense you,shall fix her punishment at a fine of,not less than 200 not more than 500 in,confinement in the county jail for a,period of not more than 30 days at your,discretion instruction three reckless,driving you shall fix her punishment and,define not less than twenty nor more,than 100 instruction three failure to,wear a seatbelt you shall fix our,punishment at a fine not to exceed 25,dollars 34 to operating a motor vehicle,under the influence of intoxicants a,having found the defendant guilty of,operating a motor vehicle under the,influence of substances which may impair,one's driving ability first offense we,the jury find the defendant and you can,place the fine and the sum or the,confinement in jail but not more than,thirty days and that will be signed by,the four minutes jury on reckless,driving the verdict form is also saying,if you have found this person guilty,that you would have fixed the fine of,the son,not more than 20 to be signed or not,less than 20 no more than a hundred,signed by the core person and federal to,wear seatbelt if you find her guilty,it's not to exceed the sum of 225,dollars mr. Dedalus are you ready I'm,sorry yes it is are you ready sir,good afternoon looks like we are almost,done I get to close that mr. Douglas,gets to close and then you all go back,to the livery that's it so what have we,heard here today we have an officer who,during the arrest of Miss Kendall as she,testified has felt her up which the,policies that they have in place require,female officer only female officers are,permitted to do so we have a male,officer regarding of what he did he was,not allowed to do so,my statement is not evidence your honor,I'm simply talking about common sense it,doesn't even have to go to the policies,Stage II was that you did state policy,that is correct,my apologies you're right after I,understand ladies gentlemen jury elected,Muncie at this point that policy for,state police is not to have a female,officer so that will be stricken from,the record,thank you judge it is common sense she,testified to the fact that he never,placed

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