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How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone? - Download Videos from Twitter 😱 (2023)First of all open T


Updated on Jan 28,2023

How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone? - Download Videos from Twitter 😱 (2023)

First of all open Twitter app on your iPhone and search for the video, image, or Gifs whatever,you want to download.,First, try with this image.,If you tap the three horizontal dots icon here, you’ll get various sharing options.,Slide right until you find Save Photo icon. Once you find it, tap on that to save,photo to Camera Roll.,That’s how you can download images from Twitter.,But if you try downloading Twitter videos using the same method, you can’t do that.,Because if you tap the share button, you don’t get those sharing options that you usually,get when downloading Twitter Photos.,So how will you download Twitter videos on an iPhone?,Hey everyone!,I’m Rahul from and in this video, you’ll learn how to download,Twitter videos on iPhone.,But before that, don’t forget to check out the description below,for more information about the giveaway running,on this channel and how you can participate to win free gifts.,Now without wasting any more time, let get started.,First of all, open the Twitter video that you want to download and play this in the,full screen.,Now tap this share icon and then select to Share Tweet via option.,Now slide right and from the various sharing options, choose Copy link.,And once the link has been copied, minimize it and open App Store.,We are going to download a file manager app, so we’ll search for Documents by Readdle,and install it.,Now, yo u might be wondering why do we need to download a third party file manager app,when iPhone already comes with the official Files app by Apple, right?,The reason is, the official Files app is very basic and lacks lots of important functionalities.,You’ll come to know in a moment.,Alright, now the app is downloaded, so open the app and tap this Safari like icon, which,denotes browser.,Now go to - I’ll leave the link in the description below.,Now, once it loads, simply paste the tweet URL that you copied earlier, in this box and,then tap download.,Obviously, you’ll encounter some ads which you may ignore.,And here you get various download options.,Chose the size that you prefer.,I’ll download this one.,Now you may rename the file and choose the location as well.,Finally, tap done and it’ll start downloading the Twitter video, as you can see in the downloads,section.,Wait for the video download to complete and once it is downloaded, you can open this video,to play offline.,But as you can see this is currently in the files and not in your camera roll.,So in order to save this to camera roll, tap this to view in folder, then tap three dot,icon which will open various options.,Now tap share, and this opens up various sharing options.,Now slide right and you’ll see Save Video option.,Tap on that and now the Twitter video is saved to your camera roll in the Photos app on your,iPhone.,So that’s how you can download Twitter videos on iPhone.,It’s completely free solution for downloading Twitter videos.,Hope you found this video helpful. If you enjoyed watching this video,,please hit the like button and share with your friends.,And don’t forget to subscribe to TechReviewPro channel as we regularly bring cool tips, tricks,,tutorials, and review videos.,Thanks for watching!,This is Rahul signing off and I’ll see you in the next video.

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How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone (2021)

How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone (2021)

in this video I'm going to be showing,you how you can download Twitter videos,right to your gallery from the Twitter,app on iPhone you've probably heard,about the iOS shortcut which is supposed,to do it for you but there are multiple,ways how you can use it and multiple,shortcuts that do the same thing and not,all of them work the most popular,website is the shortcuts gallery of,course and here you can see the Twitter,downloader the video download for,Twitter shortcut and this one is,actually used or many people try to use,it but it does not work anymore instead,what you have to do is to click on the,link which is down below in the,description of this video the link will,in fact get you to this website this is,the official one from the developers,that created the shortcut shout out to,them because the service works well so,here is how you can actually go ahead,and use it at first you have to make,sure that the iOS shortcuts app is,installed on the iPhone that you are,using so make sure you have that one,installed,if you are sure about that just come to,this website and just install the,shortcut like that,and get shortcut of course and just wait,for the instruction I mean scroll all,the way to the bottom and add the,untrusted shortcut if this isn't working,what you also have to make sure is that,in the settings you also have everything,enabled just like it should be that,means that here in the shortcuts of the,iOS in the settings you have to make,sure that the allow untrusted shortcut,is green and that it is enabled if it's,not even possible to enable it you have,to run at least one shortcut in the iOS,shortcuts app no matter what it does and,then this option will be available so,this is how you can actually use it now,you are pretty much done the way you,download Twitter videos is you simply,open up the Twitter app and open up,random video for example this one right,here you don't really hold down to it,and access the shortcut it this way,because is this isn't going to work if,you perform it this way it's just not,going to work and it's not going to,allow you to do it so again just click,on this share icon click on share again,and hit this shortcut which we just,added and if this thing pops up it means,that some sort of permission hasn't been,granted or whatever just tap on it it's,going to redirect you to this and go to,shortcut details and make sure to Simply,allow this to work make sure you allow,the access to the internet and come,ahead the done and come back,so what you have to do now is click on,it this try it out again scroll to this,shortcut and it should actually work now,so now you can choose and pick the,quality of the video that is supposed to,be saved right to your gallery to the,camera roll so whatever you decided to,be and let's click on hi,and make sure to click on OK,and it could for example even ask you,just like this to have access to the,photos which is apparently necessary so,click on OK and as you can see it's done,if you come back and open up the photos,you will be able to notice that it works,and we have the video saved right there,from the Twitter I mean it wouldn't be,that difficult or complicated if Twitter,allowed you to actually download the,videos right there but it doesn't work,that way you have to install the,shortcut for this to work but once you,once you do this once you do it once you,actually can perform and download the,video anytime you want and you don't,have to go through this whole process,again so that is the great thing about,it now I want to say thank you very much,for watching in your support I really do,hope that you enjoyed it and found it,helpful if you want to stay updated and,know what's going on with iPhones in the,future and have all the latest,information about it make sure to,subscribe to the Apple Fox channel and,see you guys later in the next video,peace out

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How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android

How to download videos from twitter to your iPhone/android

hey guys it's queen tech and welcome,back to my channel,so today i'm going to be giving you a,tutorial on how to download videos from,twitter,directly to your iphone okay guys so for,this,tutorial we're going to be using the,document app if you guys are not,familiar with this app i have used it,multiple times in my previous videos,and honestly it's i recommend this app,for anybody anywhere,it works for both iphone and android and,it's a hundred percent free,this app can work on any site any,platform and anywhere just to download,any software,and it's also good for writing typing so,honestly i do recommend this app,so first of all we are going to need a,video to download so i'm just going to,go into twitter,once i'm in twitter i'm just going to um,look for a video,okay okay i choose this one so next,we're just going to click on,it and then right beside the dislike,button,okay i'm going to like it right beside,this like button there's this share icon,where it looks like a,arrow is coming out of the box all you,have to do is click on it,and then this should pop up then,immediately click on copy link to the,suite,once you click on that it should,automatically copy to the,click clipboard i'm sorry copy to the,clipboard and then you leave the app,so next you go to your documents app and,once you are here you're going to click,on the bottom,right this safari looking icon on the,bottom right,and then once you do that it should,bring you here to a default page,so next all you have to do is type in,twitter,to why can't i type,to talk to mp4 and then click on go once,you are here,click on this,is a 100 free website,that you can download videos from,twitter to your phone i recommend it,i've used it a lot of times that is the,best out there,so then now you're going to paste the,link which you just copied,and then click on download immediately,the video should pop up,and then it should come out in format in,which the video can be downloaded,it would make combating more in my,comments and less based on the video,quality,of the uploader so once you do this i'm,just going to click on,download video and then our famous,pop-up icon should come up,so you can edit it choose where to save,it to your itunes folders,to like to anywhere and then even edit,the name but i do not want to enter the,name so i'm just going to click on done,now we should automatically start,downloading and here it is,it is downloading very very fast based,on your internet connection,so now i'm just going to go back to my,home page and then i should look for the,video,which should be right there just click,on downloads,and then look for your video which you,have just downloaded,okay here it is the video is up here so,now all you have to do is right click,okay see the video right here guys,so all you have to do to save this video,is to right click on these three bottom,dots at the bottom of the video section,and then click on share right under the,share,folder and then once you click on share,you should come up here again and then,you're supposed to click on save,video so click on save video,your video should automatically save to,your phone so next you should go to your,phone,and then the video should be right here,the video will receive successfully,using volume and you should,video should work properly so guys i,hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you,did,please subscribe give this video a,thumbs up and i'll see you guys in my,next video,bye

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How To Download Twitter Videos from iPhone & Android🔥🔥🔥 2022 Latest 🔥🔥

How To Download Twitter Videos from iPhone & Android🔥🔥🔥 2022 Latest 🔥🔥

hey guys welcome to tech addicts channel,today i'm gonna show you guys how you,can actually download twitter videos in,your smartphone even though twitter,allows us to download pics from its app,but it doesn't allow us to download any,videos so just follow the video and you,will be able to actually download,twitter videos on your smartphone,whether it's android or iphone this,trick is going to work on both okay so,we are wasting any more time let's get,started with the trick,so first of all find the twitter app and,open it in your smartphone,now i'm gonna scroll a bit to find a,video on twitter remember this trick not,going to work on ads but i'm pretty sure,you won't download any ads right,so after finding a video,now pause it and find the share button,click on it,from here we need to click on this copy,link option,now close the twitter app,now find any browser you can use chrome,browser but i'm gonna use firefox,because i think it's better browser okay,you can use any browser,now in the search option,search for,twitter,video,again twitter,you can pause the video to copy the link,of the website okay,you will find some ads in this page,so make sure to only paste the link that,you have copied in this section,just like i am doing paste the copy link,in this section,now click on the download option,it will take some time so have some,patience,you can see the thumbnail and verify,that it's the right video that you want,to download okay,you will find different download links,for different quality here i'm gonna,select the highest quality download,option,after clicking on this,if your download does not start,and you see something like this,then don't worry let it load a bit,and then click on these three dots,here you will find the download option,click on it,after clicking on it in a few seconds,your download will start automatically,as you can see in my screen,i'm gonna cancel it because i don't need,this video right now okay,so this is how you can download twitter,video from your iphone or android,devices this trick is going to work on,both of them,if you like this video then subscribe to,the channel and hit that like button for,youtube algorithm you can also follow me,on instagram and twitter links will be,in the description,if you got any problem with the video,then comment on the video and i will try,my best to solve your problem,now i will see you in the next video,till then take care and bye

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How to download any video on Twitter on to iPhone or iPad

How to download any video on Twitter on to iPhone or iPad

hello guy and welcome back to retron,channel on youtube so in the previous,video we were talking about how you,could actually simply download any video,from facebook directly into your ios,device so in this video we again will,teach you on how you could download any,video direct into your ios device as,well but not from facebook from twitter,so uh we see a lot of photo a lot of,video posting on twitter and especially,uh,about some,uh current situation between russia and,uh ukraine and probably uh some people,would thinking of exporting those widows,and send to their family the member who,don't play who don't use twitter or,actually play like messenger instagram i,mean instagram or uh telegram or,something like that and we think they,might find a really hard time to,download or export those videos from,twitter so here we are,having a solution to solve this problem,again it is the same process as we're,doing the downloaded video from facebook,but this is just another correction in a,website that we are going to use for as,a tool for downloading the video so,let's continue to the process okay so,first of all the same process you all,you have to do is to download the total,file uh,application that enable you to,save any video that is downloaded from,the internet so if you don't have the,application so this is the application,and if you don't have the application,just simply go to app store search for,total,total file total file,search,okay,so tall,file,all right it's okay,sometimes located in the third position,sometimes looking at the fourth position,but make sure you recognize the logo and,the name is enough so this is the total,file download it and once you have,finished download it just get out there,and open twitter i'm going to twitter,right now okay and we're going to look,for ukraine situation,uh and we're going in the video tab,so in here for yeah this one uh,yes i'm gonna so this is the video that,uh you'll see in twitter and i would,like to choose this video,so first thing is to click on that,and you will see the share button at the,bottom uh right corner click on that one,yep and then you will see the word copy,link just click on that copy link and,now the link has been copied so you're,going to switch out to the total total,file application that you have just,downloaded click on it and then at the,bottom right corner again you will see,the uh internet browser logo just click,on that yeah and then go to google,google,or maybe not just directly go into the,uh website step just type in tw saver,is it twc i guess,yes so here we are uh landing,on the tv saver main page and you see,there's a box inside that allow you to,paste the link address that you have,just copy a moment ago inside twitter so,go ahead and paste that,link so i'm gonna paste it paste and,then click on the,right side the downloaded logo i'm gonna,click on it yep and it will run for a,few seconds and load up so here we are,when you uh we are in another page where,you are,allowed to download the video so there's,a three type of the uh reader quality,you got a 320p 540 40p 720p right based,on the wheel whether the original video,was allowing any quality that would be,shown in here so here i would choose the,best one the 720p mp4 i'm going to click,on it and then it pops up in another,page and asks you whether you want to,download and click on download save the,name,like,twitter video,done so now the video is downloaded and,just don't care about yet pretty much,too much app this day too much to stay,so,now again the video that you download,won't save into your photo gallery,directly it will only save into file so,go into file,switch on to all uh,into browse and you will see the total,application file tab right there click,on that go into local archive,and it's not yet save it here,why is it not just saving done close,okay close close,so again when you finish down go into,total file inside here file application,and then go into a total file tab click,on local archive there's a window right,there click on it and at the bottom left,corner you'll see the share,button again click on it and choose the,word save video so once you have clicked,on that it will automatically save into,your photo gallery so click on photo,gallery uh you go into video,and there you go you got your video,right here,so this is actually a very very simple,way to download any video on twitter,into your iphone or ipad directly so,thank you for watching guys don't forget,to like and subscribe and see you in the,next video bye for now,you

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Cara Download Video Twitter iPhone 2021

Cara Download Video Twitter iPhone 2021

halo halo semua Kali ini Gua akan share,Bagaimana cara mendownload video dari,Twitter hingga menyimpannya kedalam,galeri foto bagi teman-teman penggunaan,USS ataupun iPhone langsung aja to the,point teman-teman bisa buka App Store,kemudian cari di Kolom pencarian di sini,dokumen atau dokumen-dokumen disini,kemudian pilih aplikasi yang ini ya yang,logonya huruf d tolong bisa download,dulu tapi karena di sini gua sudah,download lagu langsung bisa membuka,aplikasinya Aswaja buka nanti dia akan,muncul tampilan seperti ini untuk ketika,teman-teman sudah sampai ke tampilan,dokumen ST ini teman-teman bisa pergi ke,tombol pojok kanan bawah yang berlogo,seperti Kompas yang warna birunya bukan,yang berwarna ungu tapi dibawahnya yaitu,yang berlogo,Hai menurut pergi ke sana eh di Kolom,pencarian Google ketik saja,Hai Twitter video downloader bagian Oke,nanti gue juga akan bagi share untuk,membuka link ini di deskripsi di,deskripsi video untuk lebih memudahkan,teman-teman untuk mencarinya kemudian,pilih eh ke website yang paling atas,twittervideodownloader jadi website ini,nanti akan membantu teman-teman untuk,mendownload video Twitter yang ingin,tempat men-download jadi semisal,teman-teman menggunakan Safari biasa,tidak menggunakan aplikasi ini,teman-teman walaupun menggunakan website,ada yang sudah dibuka itu tidak bisa,mendownload videonya hanya bisa,memutarnya di sana tapi ketika tahun,menggunakan aplikasi dokumen ini,temen-temen bisa juga untuk,mendownloadnya kemudian menyimpannya ke,galeri video jadi setelah teman-teman,buka ini sekarang temanan pergi ke,Twitter dan pilih video apa yang ingin,didownload asalkan gue,cara mendownload video ini troton bisa,pilih ke tombol share yaitu tombol di,sebelah icon like disini disediakan Raya,paling sebelah kanan kemudian pilih copy,link di pojok kiri bawah kopling setelah,link-nya tercopy teman-teman bisa,membuka website tadi yang berada di,document.get setelah terbuka websitenya,twittervideodownloader Ton bisa mempaste,atau menempelkan link-nya di kolom,mencari and yang ada di sini dipaste,Earth with url Ya ditahan kemudian,dipaste telah sudah tertempel Ton bisa,langsung mendownloadnya Tunggu sebentar,ya kemudian teman-teman bisa pilih,discroll bawah ya di bawah iklan ini Ton,bisa pilih kualitas video mana yang,temen ingin untuk menyimpannya di sini,tahun bisa,wuih 320 atau 320 ataupun bisa 480 kali,480 untuk khasnya sendiri akan bermacam,setiap video memiliki kualitas yang,berbeda-beda tergantung dari kualitas,video yang ingin tempat mendownload,untuk lebih mendapatkan kualitas yang,lebih bagus tolong bisa pilih ke pilihan,opsi yang paling bawah ya jadi ketika,disini adopsi Pilih Saja opsi yang,paling bawah terutama bisa download,disini kalau 10 kemudian eh dia akan,muncul tampilan seperti ini juga disini,agak sedikit tricky di tulisan named,Dian ada crusher yang berkedip-kedip,Thailand tekan saja itu di belakang eh,tulisan MP4 sehingga kursornya berubah,di belakang tulisan 4 jika teman sudah,memastikan itu atau konon bisa langsung,tekan tombol dan di pojok kanan atas,jadi jangan lupa ya tadi ketika,Hai kawan pertama kali buka dia akan,muncul tampilan kursornya di yang ada,yang kedip-kedip itu di sebelum tulisan,MP4 atau MP4 tapi ketika teman-teman,download-nya jangan lupa teman-teman,untuk menekannya sehingga tampilan,cursor yaitu berada di sebelah angka 4,Ya seperti ini kemudian tekan saja,tombol dan dia akan otomatis terdownload,lebih sometani Masnya di bawah ya,Setelah selesai dia akan muncul,notifikasi di pojok kanan dipojok bawah,ya teman bisa tekan tombol download eh,di sini tonton sudah berhasil,mendownload filmnya a video nya temen,bisa mengclose kemudian teman-teman,pergi ke file dokumen yang berada di,pojok kiri bawah yang ada tombol atau,icon foldernya itu teman-teman tekan,saja Kemudian,Hai dan diedit file download Disini di,sebelah kanan sini teman-teman tekan,saja ya di sini teman-teman bisa,mendapati video yang tadi teman-teman,turun tapi sampai sini belum selesai,ingat temen-temen ketika disini file,videonya hanya sebatas berada di,aplikasi ini ketika teman-teman ingin,menyimpannya kedalam folder galeri ton,penuh melakukan 11 cara ini lagi yaitu,tekan tombol tiga yang disebelah bawah,video ini tekan kemudian PZ move atau,pindahkan kemudian pilih foto kemudian,tekan tombol move jadi akan otomatis,hilang di sini dan dipindahkan ke dalam,folder galeri foto kita terlalu bisa,lihat di folder galeri ya di sini dia,akan muncul di tampilan paling bawah,tekan ha,erat dengan ini videonya sudah berhasil,tertolong ya Jadi tadi ingat teman-teman,menggunakan aplikasi dokumen kemudian,ikuti step yang sudah gue share tadi,Semoga ini membantu jika mungkin ada,lebih pertanyaan bisa ditanyakan di,kolom komentar juga bagi penonton yang,belum subscribe bisa tekan tombol,subscribe untuk terus mendapatkan,video-video menarik lainnya pokejungle,lagi di video-video selanjutnya bye

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How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitter

How To Download Twitter Videos (Mobile + Desktop) | Download Videos On Twitter

in this video i show you how to download,twitter videos if you're new to the,channel please go down below and hit,that subscribe button and once you have,subscribed please go and leave a like as,well i really do appreciate it so please,do make sure to watch this video right,until the end you know all the steps to,properly download the video and that any,further ado let's go and jump straight,into this as you can see i'm now on my,phone but this tutorial is going to work,on any device regardless if it's an,iphone an android desktop it's all going,to work and this tutorial is going to,apply to all of them and in my opinion,it's super super simple and one of the,best ways out there uh you don't need to,go and download their apps you can all,do it within the twitter app or the,twitter web application so the first,thing of course is what you want to do,is go onto twitter make sure you're,logged onto your account and go and find,a video you want to go and download so,in this case i'm going to go and,download the one i posted several,minutes ago and i want to go and,download this back onto my phone but in,your case it may just be a video useful,on twitter which you'd like to have in,your own phone in your own camera roll,to go and use and do make sure you have,the permission of the original copyright,holder before going and downloading,other people's videos so yeah once,you've gone and found the video then all,you want to do is go and click on it and,you need to go and type a reply so click,here and basically what we're going to,do is we're going to go and tag a bot,which is going to allow us to go and,download it it creates basically a,download for us and it's really simple,so all you want to do is press the add,button and all you need to do is go and,type send,vid,bot now do keep watching those doing the,full steps then go and get it from this,bot onto your phone in a few tips and,tricks then all you need to do is go and,click tweets,and he's going to go and send it,if i just go and reload this as you can,see it's now sent it now what you have,to do is wait a few minutes okay it's,going to take a few minutes because,there's demand for this service,basically so i'll wait a minute or two,and then catch up with you guys then and,then guys after about four to five,minutes you're gonna go and get this,reply as you can see it says you've got,this link however if you don't get a,reply do not worry give it around five,minutes we want to do is go to your,search browser and all you need to do is,come to,and you need to go and enter your,twitter username just like so so i'll,type mine in but you may not need to do,this if you get sent the link but if you,don't get the link this is the way to do,it so then go and click check and it's,going to go and send a list of all the,videos i've requested a download for so,as you can see this was four minutes ago,and i did another one which is 23,minutes ago,so then i'm going to go and click,download and i'm going to click download,and i may go and get taken to an ad if,you do scroll to click back and it'll,take a minute to load and as you can see,it says do you want to download the file,name dot mp4 i'm going to click download,and then as you can see in the top right,side of download but this will vary on,each device of course so i'm going to,click on it and here we go i can now go,and open up and play it just like so but,as i previously said you can also just,go and click on the link in the tweets,but if you haven't got that tweet you,can go and do it manually as i just,showed you if you found this guide,useful please go down below and hit the,subscribe button leave a like for more,i'll catch you in the next one peace

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How to Download Twitter Videos without any App - No Jailbreak

How to Download Twitter Videos without any App - No Jailbreak

hey guys welcome to tech pub and today's,video is going to be very special,because i know you guys use twitter a,lot and many times you when you're,surfing you like the video and you want,to send this video to someone,who can be on twitter or cannot be so if,you want to send that video to anyone,out of twitter you cannot do that,because,ios and twitter simply doesn't allow,downloading their videos,so how do you do that now with this,trick you can do that with just a single,click,and you don't have to download any,third-party application and of course,you don't have to be even jailbroken,so you have to just download a shortcut,and that's all so i'll tell you guys,step by step how you can do that so just,follow the instructions and let's get,started so first of all what you have to,do is just open the safari and go to a,website called tvdl dot app,i'll put this link in the description,box below just go ahead and,click on that and you will land on the,safari page and once you do that just,click on the get the shortcut so once,you do that it will just download the,shortcut and open the,shortcuts app the next step is you just,have to click on add shortcut now,because i already have that shortcut,installed on my system it is asking me,to keep both or replace so i'll just,cancel it because i already have that,but you just have to install it,now to show you that i have that,shortcut already installed on my iphone,let me go to shortcuts application,so this is something like you will see,on your shortcuts application once you,do that installation,now that's all now let's head over to,the twitter,now this is a funnyman page which i like,very much i like the content which this,page post,on daily basis almost and i like many,videos from this page which i like to,send to my friends,who definitely are not on twitter so for,example let's say i like this video and,i want to send it to someone i just have,to start playing it and just down here,you will see a share button you just,have to click on that now you want to,tap on share wire,and once you do that you will see,edit actions here and if you're doing it,first time you will not see this option,right on the top what you have to do is,just click on this edit actions and you,will see this uh tv dl version 3.0 under,this other actions you just want to save,it under your twitter actions and once,you do that click on done and you will,see this option from next time onward,you don't have to do this every time,just,now once you've done that just click on,this,option and it will show us a small,shortcut here and next step it will ask,you to the quality in which you want to,download the video,mostly it will show three options uh the,best,the medium and the low,usually i select medium so let me tap on,medium and it will start downloading the,video in the media mode,and once it's done it'll just say okay,that's done,now,now let me go to the,photos application and go to videos,and you will see a video we just,downloaded is right here,before doing this demo i did the same,operation with this video and i was,successfully able to do that so i,thought of sharing this trick with you,guys so that you guys can also enjoy,this trick and the best part about this,is that it also saves the video as well,as audio of this file,so it's a very nice trick you don't have,to download any application or you don't,have to jailbreak your device it's just,a simple instruction in the shortcuts,application and it works perfectly fine,every time,so i hope you guys will definitely like,this video so if you do you know what to,do just hit that like button share this,video with your friends and definitely,subscribe this channel,and goodbye until next time

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