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How to Download GIF From Twitterhello everyone welcome back to cane finder  channel always be kind b

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

How to Download GIF From Twitter

hello everyone welcome back to cane finder  channel always be kind be safe and stay positive  ,in today's video we're going to show you  how to download gif on your twitter but  ,before we get started please support us  subscribe to our channel can't find her  ,and don't forget to turn on notifications  so you can keep getting updates from us  ,thank you and for our other videos and  playlists please check on our description  ,box below original let's get  started open your twitter app,and from here i have saved  some gifs on my profile here,all right these are the gif that i have got on  twitter uh it's funny and you know i just like  ,these gifs so if you try to open this it's able  to be played but there is no option for us to  ,download this you have two options here i'm gonna  give you two ways first you can use your screen  ,recorder just like i did now right because i'm  using screen recorder i'm not able to uh screen  ,record more it's going to record more so you can  just record your screen and play the gif like this  ,and you can save your recorded gif here or  you can also the second one you can download a  ,app you can find it if you are using  android there will be a an app this app is,this one tweet to gif tweet to div  you can install this application,all right it's still installing a little bit  information about this app so you can download  ,videos from twitter in either animated g4 mod  or standard mp4 so not only gif but also you can  ,download video on this using this app all right  installation has finished now we can tap on open,so you can enter the url of this uh of the  video or you that you want to download so  ,now let's go back to twitter and as you see this  is the gif you can tap on this icon share icon,and you can copy link and you can go back  to the app to the app let's paste your,link here and then you can tap on download gif  ,alright as you see the download has started  let's wait all right now let's open this,all right so now you have  saved your gif from twitter  ,on your gallery let's try it with another gif,maybe i'm gonna try this one tap on share,copy link go back to the app,and paste the link that you  have just copied and downloaded  ,all right sec these are the gif that  you have downloaded using this app,right so it was easy right the first  way is you can use your screen recorder  ,to record the gif you need to play that and  you can record that the second one you can use  ,the app that i have just told you to  gif all right don't worry i will put the  ,download link for this application on the  description box so guys thanks for watching  ,this video if you found this very helpful for all  of you don't forget to hit the thumbs up button  ,and share it to your friends once  again thank you and good luck you

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How to Save GIFs on Twitter!

How to Save GIFs on Twitter!

oh one of the best uses of Twitter is to,view gifts and videos shared by your,friends but if you've ever tried to save,one of those gifts you've probably,realized it's harder than unlocks,there's no option to save a gift or to,open it in a new tab to download it to,your computer for later use let's take a,look at how to actually save your,favorite gifts and Twitter the first,thing to know about gifts on Twitter is,that in reality any gift uploaded or,shared on Twitter isn't a gif at all,Twitter converts all gifts into a video,file saved in a proprietary format,created by the company this locks these,gifts into Twitter's ecosystem making it,impossible to save your favorite gifts,on your computer at least without the,help of an outside service if you're on,your computer saving a gift from Twitter,is pretty easy to begin right-click on,the gift you want to save and select,copy video address will need that link,to convert the file into something you,can download there's plenty of gift,saving sites on the web today but we,recommend easy gift head to the URL here,to convert a gif on Twitter to something,you can save to your PC in the URL box,paste the link you copied in the,previous step and hit upload video,on this display you'll be able to,preview your gift you can make,adjustments as needed but most of the,time you'll be ready to download your,gift hit convert to gif and the display,will load with a gif file ready to be,downloaded right click on the file and,select save image as to save it to your,desktop after you've downloaded the file,you can post and share the gift to any,site that allows for the format if,you're on mobile you have a few options,to download gifts from Twitter apps that,allow you to download or save gifts,exist on both platforms with tweet to,gif on Android and gift-wrapped on iOS,both offering great ways to download,gifts using native apps however we,actually recommend using easy gifts and,mobile website to download your gifts,on-the-go as the mobile site works well,and is largely platform agnostic the,steps are the same as on your PC start,by copying the gift to your mobile,devices clipboard Android and iOS both,allow you to use the share menu to copy,the video link then head to easy gifts,website in your mobile browser of choice,paste the video link hit the upload,button then convert to gif on Android,it's important to make sure you erase,the share option Twitter automatically,includes when copying a link,on the output gif both iOS and Android,allow you to press and hold on the image,to save the file to your device on,Android the file is automatically saved,to your downloads folder on iOS you'll,find it saved in your Photos app,downloading gifts from Twitter seems,impossible at first glance but once you,know you'll need an outside web source,to download your images it's easy to,manage and save all your favorite gifts,to your phone or computer,if this guide helped you give this video,a like and make sure to subscribe to,tech junkie for new tips tricks and,guides every day,you

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How To Save GIFs On Twitter

How To Save GIFs On Twitter

To save GIFs on Twitter,,you'll need to use a third-party app.,For those with an iPhone,,GIFwrapped is an app,that can allow you to save GIFs on Twitter.,Once you've downloaded GIFwrapped,,here's how to use it.,Press the up arrow in the bottom right corner,of the tweet and click "Copy Link.",Open GIFwrapped and navigate to the search tab if necessary.,Paste the tweet URL into the search bar,and press "search.",Save the GIF that appears to your library,or to photos by tapping the icon,that looks like an arrow coming out of a box,in the bottom left of the screen.,Select "Share Image," then tap "Save to Photos.",If you are on Android,,you can download Tweet2gif.,It's a free app that's available,in the Google Play store.,Once you have that installed on your Android,,here's how to save GIFs on Twitter.,Go to the tweet that contains the GIF you want to save.,Then click the share button.,Select Tweet2gif.,Then click "Download GIF.",Also, you can change the save location,by going into your settings.,On desktop, you can download GIFs,in a MP4 format by using a site,like,Once you are on this site,,here's how to save GIFs in a MP4 format on Twitter.,Go to the Twitter GIF you want to save,,press the up arrow in the bottom right corner,of the tweet,,and click "Copy Link to Tweet.",Go to and paste the link,in the box that says "Paste the URL link here.",Left-click the download button,,then right-click the "Download Link" button.,Click "Save link as" and save the GIF,in any folder that you'd like.,If you would like to convert it back to a GIF format,,you can use a site like,Once you are on this site,,here's how to save those MP4s back into GIFs.,In the upper left-hand side of the screen,,click on "Video to GIF.",Under "Select video from your computer,",click on "Choose File.",Choose the file,,click "Open,",then press "Upload video.",Edit the GIF however you see fit,using some of the many options presented to you,,then click "Convert to GIF.",Once converted, scroll down a bit,,make your final edits, then click "Save."

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How To Download Gif On Twitter

How To Download Gif On Twitter

Hai selamat datang di channel wilayah,tutorial di video kali ini saya akan,bagikan kepada anda cara mendownload gif,di akun Twitter atau di postingan,Twitter maksud saya rambut Anda ingin,mendownloadnya dan tersimpan di Galeri,anda Simak video ini untuk mendapatkan,tutorialnya namun sebelum lanjut jangan,lupa subscribe dan tekan tombol lonceng,agar anda tidak ketinggalan dari setiap,video yang akan diupload di channel,wilayah tutorial yang lupa juga bagikan,video yang ada di channel wilayah,tutorial ke sosial media yang anda punya,agar teman atau siapapun itu tahu apa,yang kalian tahu langsung aja ke,tutorialnya Oke langkah yang pertama,langsung aja kita buka pada aplikasi,Twitter kemudian kita login terlebih,dahulu pada akun Twitter pilih masuk,dibawah ini kemudian siapkan nomor,telepon atau username atau email yang,kalian gunakan untuk mendaftar akun,Twitter sebelumnya Oke disini saya,menggunakan alamat email ya dan kemudian,kalian masuk,atasan di nah apabila anda mengalami,masalah lupa kata sandi akun Twitter,Anda bisa tonton video saya sebelumnya,link di atas kanan ini yah Nanti kalian,klik aja sesuai tanda panah yang sudah,saya tunjuk Oke Langsung aja disini saya,masukkan seandainya kemudian kita pilih,masuk di bawah kanan ini lalu kita,tunggu ini sedang proses nah berikutnya,Kalau sudah login seperti ini kita coba,apos tinggi via dan Sebelumnya saya juga,sudah posting beberapa gif di sini Oke,selanjutnya akan coba posting lagi,caranya klik aja tanda sayap di bawah,kanan ini atau buruk saya mau saya kita,klik dan kemudian kita pilih aja gif ya,di sini ada banyak pilihan kita langsung,pilih gif kemudian saya akan coba pilih,give ini kita cari sembarang saja karena,ini hanya bahan percobaan Oke saya coba,yang eh ini aja ya kemudian kita,langsung pilih tweet untuk mempostingnya,kemudian kita tunggu sampai postingannya,terkirim di twit ya kita lihat nah,Disini,kirim Nah Bagaimana caranya untuk,mengambil atau mendownload gif ini ke,galeri kita caranya sangat mudah di sini,kalian tinggal klik saja pada gifnya,kemudian klik icon share di bawah kanan,ini Selanjutnya kita tunggu Oke,selanjutnya kalian tinggal klik saja,disini yaitu eh download ya,download-twitter-video ini kita klik,kemudian disini kalian bisa langsung,klik unduh nah disini traumatis ya,diatur otomatis mengunduh pada video,tweet-nya tadi Nah kita bisa lihat,disini hasilnya kita lihat di galery,kemudian kita bisa lihat di sini ya,diunduh and Twitter Nani Twitter,download ini adalah gif yang barusan,kita ambil tadi Nah aplikasinya kalian,cukup mendownload aplikasi yang ada di,playstore ini yaitu,download-twitter-video Shadow Master ini,ya nantikan download aplikasi ini ketika,Nanti kalian mengeser link di Twitter,maka dia,akan muncul opsi aplikasi ini dan kalian,pilih aja aplikasi tersebut seperti itu,nah tapi formatnya ini dia video ya Jadi,anda perlu mengubah menjadi format GIF,seperti yang Anda lihat yang sudah,tersimpan di Galeri ini ini formatnya,masih dalam bentuk video seperti ini,jadi kita klik play dulu baru dia jalan,kalau given seharusnya tidak di klik,play yah alias jalan sendiri Nah untuk,mengubahnya ke format GIF Anda bisa,tonton video saya sebelumnya link-nya di,atas kanan ini nah silahkan diklik saja,disitu saya sudah buatkan tutorial cara,meng-convert video menjadi file gif Ya,silahkan kalian ikuti saja Kemudian,syarat dari melakukan cara ini akun,Twitter Anda harus dalam keadaan tidak,private ya artinya tidak pribadi Jadi,kalau misalkan kalian memberikan,pengaturan di akun Twitter Anda dalam,keadaan pribadi maka kalian harus buka,terlebih dahulu Nah kalau dalam keadaan,seperti ini ya Coba anda,di sini ada icon gembok di sebelah,profilnya disk dibawah profilnya seperti,ini kita lihat nah seperti ini kalau,akun kalian masih dalam keadaan seperti,ini kalian buka terlebih dahulu barulah,kalian bisa mendownload beberapa give,atau beberapa video yang ada di Twitter,kalau kalian ingin mendownload dari,postingan akun Twitter Anda sendiri,seperti itu oke Mungkin itu saja untuk,video kali ini cara mendownload gif di,Twitter semoga video ini dapat memberi,manfaat Sekian dan terimakasih cukup

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How to download GIF from Twitter on computer

How to download GIF from Twitter on computer

hello friends welcome to this new video,tutorial in this quick video I will show,you how to download gifs from Twitter on,your computer so first of all you need,to go to the website on your,computer and choose the twit which has,Jeff in it so in this case I will choose,this particular tweet,now I will click on this tweet and once,I get this particular page I will go to,the address bar of the browser and,before this I will write,mobile Mobile dot now hit,enter so it will open the mobile website,of Twitter with that particular twit so,now to download this jiff there is a,simple quick from here you cannot really,download the jiff from here,so once you click on this particular,jiff it will show the mp4 file the video,mp4 file so now right-click on this,video and save it on your computer so,once you have saved this particular,video on your computer open a new tab,and go to this website called jiffy,calms les create / jiff maker so once,you are on this page,click on browse and choose that,particular video which you have,downloaded so you will get an option to,create a jiff here so just hit this,particular option called create jiff and,within a few minutes it will create a,jiff which you can download on your,computer back so you can see it has,created this particular jiff,so now go to this add one step and from,the jiff download option you can,download this jiff on your computer now,you can put this jiff anywhere back,that's it friends that's it for this,video for more tips and tricks you can,subscribe to my youtube channel and also,please don't forget to visit my blog,technology window comm don't forget to,like and share this video with your,friends see you in next video and bye,bye,where it's been 700 degrees in here,since you came in I could swear that,this room has been running out of air,and now it's starting to spin

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Cara Download Gif di Twitter

Cara Download Gif di Twitter

halo halo semuanya Selamat datang di,channel solusi tv,di video kali ini kita akan membahas,Bagaimana cara mendownload gif di,Twitter,sebelum lanjut ke videonya jangan lupa,di subscribe,dan juga Nyalakan tombol loncengnya,langkah si Agar kalian tidak tertinggal,Aleh video-video terupdate dari solusi,tv,Oke deh kalau gitu kita langsung aja ke,videonya,teman-teman juga bisa tonton video saya,tentang bagaimana cara menghilangkan,iklan di Twitter di handphone videonya,bisa teman-teman cek di pojok kanan atas,sini Oke teman-teman jadi kita lanjut,lagi pertama-tama pastinya kita buka,aplikasi Twitter kita kita akan memilih,gif yang akan kita download sebagai,contoh Misalnya ini teman-teman inikan,gif ya kita akan coba untuk,mendownloadnya Gimana caranya nah disini,tidak ada pilihan untuk mendownloadnya,jadi teman-teman Klik tombol share yang,di pojok kanan bawah itu lalu,teman-teman bisa langsung copy link lalu,teman-teman bisa keluar dan teman-teman,bisa pergi ke Google atau Chrome,temen-temen cari disitu gif downloader,seperti ini teman-teman ketikannya gif,downloader,kita langsung cari aja,Nah kita pilih yang paling atas ini ya,teman-teman jika teman-teman tidak,menemukannya Saya akan taruh Link nya di,deskripsi ya langsung kita paste kan aja,Atau kita tempelkan Ning tadi sudah kita,copy Setelah itu kita klik download nah,teman-teman pilih yang paling atas ini,temen-temen yang video atau MP4 download,link kita klik situ,nah ini dia Jadi dia berbentuk MP4 ya,teman-teman kita pilih di titik tiga di,bagian videonya itu lalu dawload,ini kan sudah terdownload ya teman-teman,tapi dia Bentuknya itu MP4 bukan gif,kita akan mengkonversi menjadi gif jadi,kita cari di browser atau pencarian kita,yaitu convert MP4 to gif,lalu kita pilih yang paling atas ini,nanti juga saya akan Letakkan linknya di,deskripsi ya langsung kita pilih select,file,kita pilihan dari from my computer,kita pilih itu lalu kita pilih file,Nah teman-teman langsung pilih aja,video.gif yang tadi sudah kita download,langsung kita convert,kita tunggu sebentar di sedang memproses,Nah ini Udah ya temen-temen kita,langsung tinggal download aja,kita download YouTube,Hai kalau sudah terdownload kita coba,langsung cek aja di Galeri Kita apakah,sudah ada,nah dia tersimpan di album download ya,temen-temen di dia ada dua file-file,yang pertama yaitu berbentuk MP4 atau,video dan yang satunya yaitu berbentuk,gif yang tadi sudah kita convert ini dia,teman-teman ya ini adalah yang mp4nya,atau videonya dan ini adalah yang gifnya,gampang banget kan temen-temen caranya,teman-teman bisa langsung coba aja,oke semuanya itu dia video kali ini,bagaimana cara mendownload gif di,Twitter semoga membantu,selain video ini saya juga membuat video,tentang bagaimana cara mengembalikan,akun Twitter yang ditangguhkan Videonya,bisa teman-teman cek di link deskripsi,di bawah sini,jangan lupa like and subscribe untuk,terus dukung channel solusi tv agar bisa,terus berkembang dan memberikan,solusi-solusi menari pinnya Kak,Hai Terima kasih sudah menonton dan,sampai jumpa lagi

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Add your OWN GIFS to the TWITTER gif library

Add your OWN GIFS to the TWITTER gif library

hey guys guy level here and as a content,creator in the live streamer,i'm always trying to establish my,presence online i'm trying to get my,face,everywhere so that it's impossible for,you to not know who i am which is also,what i advise,people watching me to do now since most,of my subscribers are live streamers we,have kind of this general understanding,that twitter,is one of the best platforms to be,because it really,it doesn't really restrain you that much,when it comes to growing a following and,communicating with people who follow you,something that we use a lot in uh when,it comes to twitter when we're tweeting,is gifs reaction gifs most of the time,so you would,click on something well i should,probably show you for example,if you're about to respond to your tweet,or if you're gonna tweet something,you're gonna click on that gif thing,here and,there's already like a bunch of,categories but if i wanted to put,shocked for example,now i have a list of shocked gifts okay,some of them are really popular because,people don't scroll down to too much,basically so,you've probably seen those if you've,been on twitter you've seen those and i,was wondering,how do i get my face in there how do i,become one of those,reaction gifts basically i'm tired of,using other people's faces to express,my my emotions my reactions so i want my,face so i looked it up,and when i looked it up i realized that,you have to go to a website and upload,your gifts,and then by using correct keywords and,stuff like that you can pull up those,gifts,on twitter so the website we're talking,about here is,tenor tenor t tinor,if you go here you'll see all those gifs,and just like click upload,and then find some gif of course you,have to create gifs you know just google,how to make a gif,in my case i took some old clips from my,twitch stream,put them into adobe premiere and then,made gifs out of them but in the future,what i will do is probably sit down and,you know,act those reactions so that i have a,library of gifts that i can use i don't,know if we can upload multiple at the,same time yes we can let's just click,open and let's upload all of them okay,oh that's great so the first one is me,kissing a a is me kissing a a bubble a,what is it a soap bubble because i had a,bubble machine and here you have to,add your tags so when it comes to your,tags you want to add your name because,it's the easiest thing it's the most how,do i put this it's the most particular,word,that people are going to type if they,want to find your gifts right,and then of course you have to kind of,describe what's going on in there,and then here you can click add to all,that's amazing so it can really bulk,upload that's,amazing,okay so at the bottom here you can add,more content but this is this is,all i need uh add description,descriptive,tags that can be found and shared okay,click the edit uh icon to trim,crop and caption let me try doing that,just to see what it's like,okay so you can trim the length of it,and,here you can crop top right basically,and then you can add some text,that's great let me i'm not gonna modify,it,okay that's good and now we can click,upload to tenor it's it's amazing that,we don't need to create an account i,guess oh it's gonna ask us to create an,account okay so i'm gonna,create an account i'm gonna sign in with,google okay knowing my internet,connection this is probably gonna take a,while so,i'll fast forward it,wait what file must be less than 20,megabytes oh i,wish i knew that before i started,uploading stuff it's not letting me,cancel,okay that's kind of dumb because you,actually have to sit through it,uploading the full file,and then telling you it's too big like i,can't cancel this,um if anyone from tenor is watching this,hey uh,would be cool for you to scan the file,before uploading it so it can,immediately tell us hey this file is,bigger than what you should have,but at least the cool thing we didn't,write the tags for for nothing we can,actually trim it down and hopefully that,that makes it,smaller and we can still upload it we'll,see okay so here it says,there was an issue uploading three of,your files please edit your uploads and,try again,okay let's do that i'll just make them,short,okay so i cropped them and trimmed them,it's weird because i have to play around,with the tags in order for it to let me,in order to get rid of that,now i can upload again,okay so they're uh uploaded how did i,mess up my own name,you saw me write that you didn't say,anything okay so,i'm gonna fix my name but yeah now they,are uploaded and supposedly,now they should be available on twitter,of course like tags like laugh will,probably uh be hard like you will have,to scroll a lot to find me but if you,type get level,hopefully i type the tag correctly and,uh you should be able to find me there,wait i can't change my name so i'm,getting levelled,oh no okay oh no,anyways let me check out twitter and see,if if the gifts uh,show up or if it's gonna t

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How to get YOUR GIFs to show up in Twitter's GIF search

How to get YOUR GIFs to show up in Twitter's GIF search

so that's it I uploaded my gifts into,tenor and about a day later they sharp,sharp sharded oh my god do you love,gifts,I love caps if you're like gifts are the,lifeblood of the internet sometimes or,maybe it just runs off gifts I don't,know,shower thoughts but have you ever,wondered where the gifts on Twitter come,from Twitter added a really easy way to,add gifts right within the app a little,while back while you're composing your,tweet you just click on the little gift,button and magic bunch of gifts appear,in different categories and you can even,search for that just that perfect,perfect gift for your shitpost,in the last week or so I noticed a few,streamers on Twitter posting about,having their own gifts within Twitter,and I thought yeah I really want to do,that so I saw some people mentioning,tenner tenner calm it is a gift website,like giffy and I thought could it be as,easy as just uploading my own gifts to,tenner and then they they just show up,in Twitter,yep it's it's pretty much it's pretty,much as easy as that,so let me give you a really quick,walkthrough of the process so login to,your account at tenor or create one if,you don't have one already and you can,see I already have a bunch of gifts,uploaded so in this case you want to,upload a new one so go to the top and,click on upload you can choose your gift,from your files and there you go and,right here you'll want to add tabs this,is one of the most important parts add,tags with your username may be things,like twitch streamer anything relevant,to the gifts tater tots tater tots,the emotions are expressing the,reactions sayings anything you think,people would search for on Twitter for a,gift you want it to show up in the,search results for them then go ahead,and upload you can only upload ten at a,time so keep that in mind when you're,going through the process it doesn't,take long to process the uploads you,should see it pretty quickly and the,nifty thing about the site is you can,see notifications when your gifts are,used and when they're featured and you,can check out in your individual gifts,what your tags are and you can share,them straight from the page as well so,you can see here I'm typing an afk which,is one of my tags on the gifts and there,are all my gifts some of my newest ones,haven't synced up to Twitter yet but,they'll show up within a day or so and I,already have quite a few and I started,this process just yesterday that's why,it's so important to tag these gifts,with your username with relevant,emotions so when people type in your,username or when they type in dance or,heart or something like that your gift,will show up so that's it I uploaded my,gifts to tenor and they started showing,up in the Twitter search about a day,later I think it just really depends on,how often tenner updates their newest,uploads,because I uploaded some today and they,showed up in the Twitter search within,30 minutes so I think it just depends on,when they're scraping the site or,whatever to update the data I don't know,how it works but expect them to show up,a within a day or so so again all I,would say is make sure you're tagging,your gifts really well and really,specific to the reaction the emotion,your username may be an alternate of,your username so I tagged mine like I,said with Kate and AAF Kate and then,whatever other tags might be relevant so,they can show up in searches for anybody,not only people who follow you that's it,easy peasy lemon squeezy if you found,this video helpful be sure to smash that,smash that subscribe button like it turn,on the bell for all of the millions of,YouTube videos I upload be sure to also,catch me on Twitter I'm AF Kate there as,well I do also stream at twitch at, slash AF Kate nice stream on,Sundays Mondays at 8 p.m. Pacific time,and when day wins and Wednesdays and,Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. Pacific I do a,lot of body painting makeup I sing and I,do play games as well so catch me there,catch me on Twitter catch me all over,the place I'm a fk'd everywhere thanks,for watching

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