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Elon Musk suspends Kanye West from Twitter, unveils plan to incentivize advertisers to returnand Twi

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Elon Musk suspends Kanye West from Twitter, unveils plan to incentivize advertisers to return

and Twitter has suspended the rapper yay,formerly known as Kanye West after he,posted an image of a swastika inside a,star of David according to Twitter CEO,Elon Musk the Tweet quote violated our,rule against incitement to violence this,comes nearly two months after Twitter,lock yay out of his account following an,anti-semitic post so for more on this I,want to bring in Rick Newman he is a,senior columnist for Yahoo finance Rick,it's good to see you again so another,chapter in this like Twitter drama,um I want to get your take on the,suspension of yay's account because it,just seems not random but literally,somebody tweeted Elon Musk and said can,you do something about Kanye and he said,I tried and you know he suspended his,account within an hour,it feels like Elon Musk is learning all,the lessons that Twitter already learned,before he bought the company uh just,just a few weeks back I mean this is,what Twitter used to do so Elon Musk,bought the company saying he was going,to restore Free Speech his phrase not,mine and uh and he was going to unban,all these controversial uh people,including president Trump who has not,yet rejoined former president Trump I,should say uh and um it's as if he,thought that these people would all,behave better just because he suddenly,bought the company which is which is not,happening so,um it's like this is like Twitter Circa,2017 when they were first starting to,deal with all these uh problems he just,seems to be relearning all the lessons,that Twitter has already learned yeah it,certainly feels like that and you know,they're all all these all this reporting,that indicates or suggests that you know,the people that were originally hired to,do all this content moderation they're,no longer there so I guess it's gonna be,Elon Musk he's your guy,um so in the meantime you're trying to,figure out how to get Twitter to make,money he says he's rolling out a new,plan to incentivize advertisers to come,back to the platform,um it's kind of like a you spend some,money and I'll match it kind of planned,you know what can you tell us about the,plan and and you know is this likely to,work,yeah no it's not likely to work um yes,he's offering these sort of like,incentives uh like when you go to the,car dealership you know if you buy the,car you can get three thousand dollars,off,um for advertisers to come back,advertisers and we're talking about you,know the biggest companies in the,consumer Marketplace they don't want an,incentive they they want I mean I'm,sorry to laugh but this is this is all,sort of silly they want to be able to,advertise in a place where they're not,going to be surprised or they're not,going to have difficulty managing their,brand images,um so all advertisers want is just a,stable place where they know they're not,going to be advertising right next to a,swastika right for example,um it's not that complicated and there's,a there's a disparity here because Elon,Musk seems to think that Twitter is just,this it's like it's the most important,advertising platform in the world and,it's not Twitter is really pretty small,all if you're a big company such as,Apple I mean he's had he's been having,this running battle with apple which is,uh which is considering whether to,suspend its advertising there Twitter is,I mean look at look at everything on the,internet which accounts for you know all,the places you can do digital,advertising most Americans don't even,use Twitter,um you know they use email and they use,websites but they big companies don't,need Twitter and Elon Musk has not,seemingly not figured that out yet so,they can just say see you later with no,damage to their own Brands but with a,lot of damage to Twitter Rick I'm so,glad you said that I mean you're,comparing Twitter to other companies,compared to other social media platforms,it's not even that big it's not the,biggest one so I'm so glad you put it in,perspective So speaking of Apple uh Elon,Musk met with Apple CEO Tim Cook about,Twitter possibly removing uh or about,Apple possibly removing Twitter from the,App Store you know he tweeted out this,stuff and then it seemed like it was a,miss understanding and they're all good,now but do we know anything more about,this meeting and I did think to myself,you know if there's anyone that can,manage Twitter it's ironically it's,probably Apple yep uh so Apple CEO Tim,Cook is a Jedi master and Elon Musk is,an overgrown teenager and uh Tim Cook,has dealt with many controversies in the,past he is Mr Cool he always he he knows,how to smooth everything out and keep,everything easy going for apple and um I,it my guess is that when this whole,kerfuffle blew up and let's remember,Apple never said anything this was Apple,never said we're considering uh Banning,Elon Musk said that who knows if it's,even true,um Apple never did take uh take Twitter,out of its App Store,um but you know it sounds as if um Tim,Cook the Apple CEO said hey Elon come on,down uh he went down to Apple,headquarters

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Future - KEEP IT BURNIN (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

Future - KEEP IT BURNIN (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

Shit, we gon’ do this shit right,Get in first-line, let it take off,You made it brine then I take off,Cross me so much, I got nails in my hand,City on fire,City on fire (Last time, yeah, yeah),City on fire (I got ya) (ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob),Coming from the ‘Raq,The home of the drillers,I’ma buy a home, then see you’re home if I miss you,Rubbin’ on your ass but your mouth is the issue,When you run for ’24, I bet your spouse gon’ be with you,Who put this together? Me, that’s who,We did it, Joe, but what they really do?,Save the pep talk, and the TED Talk (Ye),I’m ’bout to send it off (Ye), I’m ’bout send it off (Ye),Somebody set it off, (Ye), well let me get this off (Ye),Visionary thoughts (Ye), ‘fore I could barely talk (Ye),Mind runnin’ laps (Ye), ‘fore I could barely walk (Ye),They say we never make it (Ye), that’s what you thought (Ye),Cross me so much I got nails in my hand,City on fire (Yeah, Pluto),City on fire (Yeah),City on fire,Cookin’ out the Pyrex,City on fire (Never had a doubt on the shit but I told you),City on fire (Nigga, I’ma bring it, I’ma, ah, ah),City on fire,Cookin’ out the bowl, tryna scrape out the paint,One day I was high, had to pour the whole pint,Woke up in the sky, same money from the bank,I’ll take it wrapped in plastic, accept anything,Cut up the dark with the fetti, nine times,Doped up today like I got ninety-nine lives,Blood on my money, see the blood in my eyes,LaFerrari, bando, two at a time,Every time I fuck, you gotta tell me it’s mine,Sinnin’ again, I’ve been winnin’ again,Tray done got shot, he back spinnin’ again,Ridin’ with the fire, bitch ain’t never gon’ see,Walkin’ in the day one in the head is a must,Dark in my flesh, say it run in my cup,Rose gold like a band-aid over my cut,Tailored in plush and covered up all this kush,Cross me so much, I got nails in my hand,City on fire, like Bethlehem,Testin’ my faith when I fell in the trench,Blessings on blessings, they fell in my hand,Comin’ from the ‘Raq, we the home of the drillers,Comin’ from the hundreds, you got change for a billion?,Comin’ for the house, real change in a minute,When I run for ’24, I know my spouse better be with me,Hundred feet tall when I stand on the business,Look at how we did, everything we intended,You don’t want no tension, boy, you just want attention,I’ma pop up at your house if you pop up in my mentions,The bando, count money with a MAC,Seen too much violence, done seen too much death,Bodies on bodies, got a gang full of them,Raised by gangsters, prostitutes and pimps,Visit my grandmother in prison on Sunday,Talk in third person, won’t admit it if I done it,Money like Sage in my house, keep it burnin’,Money like Sage in my house, keep it burnin’,City on fire,Money like Sage in my house keep it burnin’,City on fire,Money like Sage in my house keep it burnin’,City on fire,City on fire,City on fire,Money like Sage in my house keep it burnin’,Shit, we gon’ do this shit right, I got ya,First-line, let it take off,Cross me so much I got nails on my hands

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Jamie Lee Curtis Responds To Kanye's Tweets: 'I Hope He Gets Help'

Jamie Lee Curtis Responds To Kanye's Tweets: 'I Hope He Gets Help'

foreign,I got three words for you Jamie Lee,Curtis Hollywood Legend America's first,scream Queen her role as Lori Strode and,the Halloween franchise has been,terrifying and delighting fans for 44,years Jamie Lee's back for one final,thrill or kill take a look ooh mommy you,see the same thing in him that I saw in,Michael,Michael Myers is who you are you're not,listening to me Allison I am trying to,protect you I don't want your protection,a good life,a good life just not with him,I can't believe this is the last is it,really the last or is it maybe the last,they've come up with a very good way to,end this Trilogy we've made three films,um I think it it completes the story in,a sad interesting way,um but I was just listening to your,previous segment yeah okay yeah with,Kate and you know Lori Strode at 17 yeah,went back to school right November 2nd,okay like that happened October 31st,1978 she went right back she went back,to school November 2nd and no one ever,talked about it that's the kind of,mental health support she got then and,then the woman in 2018 yeah,the woman behind barricades emotionally,physically spiritually is the result of,somebody not getting mental health,support and so that story you just did,was so beautiful because if Lori Strode,had gotten mental health support,maybe her whole life would have been,different and then 20 the new movie,takes place four years after the last,one and Lori Strode has had mental,health support grief counseling trauma,therapy and because of that there's a,moment of Hope at the beginning wow what,an interesting through line yeah what,about in your life when you went through,real trauma were you just taught to head,down get through it and let's bury over,with bury it bury it you just people,just didn't talk about hard things it,was that old thing you're fine move on,move on and and and I just love that,that there are ways now I mean these,devices that we all have which are both,portals for incredible good like that,and in portals for incredible haters yes,and and bile and and vile people well um,when you do talk about hatred this,actually is very timely for what's,happening right now because,Kanye West tweeted on just recently and,I I'll read it it was yesterday,yesterday morning he woke up to this,yeah this is what he said in case people,don't know I'm a bit sleepy tonight but,when I wake up I'm going Defcon 3 on,Jewish people and then he goes on to say,the funny thing is I can't be,anti-semitic because black people,actually do also you guys have anyway he,goes on you saw that tweet and you,responded immediately saying this also,on October 9th the holiest day in,Judaism was last week words matter a,threat to Jewish people ended once in,genocide your words hurt and incite,violence you are a father please stop,I burst into tears I woke up and burst,into tears Defcon 3 on Jewish people,what are you doing,this is it's it's I mean it's bad enough,that fascism is on the rise around the,world but,on Twitter on a portal to pour that in,as if Jewish people haven't had it hard,enough as if Asian people I mean,everything everywhere all at once is a,movie about an immigrant Asian family I,mean if Asian people haven't had enough,I mean it was just abhorrent it's,abhorrent and you know I miss selling a,horror movie yeah I mean it's a movie,people love them horror lets you,confront what you can't control and,people use that as a way to sort of,exorcise their own anxiety I get it you,don't have to go if you don't want to,right I I don't like them never have,never will,but they've given me my life so of,course enjoy it if you like it but but I,I I'm I'm uh and our new movie is as,much about what happens about victim,shaming about what happens when a,community gets poisoned and the victim,is actually the one who the community,piles on I've interviewed you a number,of times I have never seen your eyes,well up in Anger like that I literally,yeah I woke up and was I thought,my grandparents yeah,yeah it just it's it's it's just,abhorrent yeah it's abhorrent Behavior I,hope he gets help I hope his children,get help from him wow it's terrible yeah,it's been a it's it's caused a lot a ton,and ton of reaction and so and if we,aren't reacting who are we yeah what,does it say about people who aren't,reacting who woke up and read that and,thought Oh what are you having for,breakfast it's just it's it's a big,concern you know these tools of,communication are beautiful and they can,connect us and then they can just wedge,us and you people can pour their bile,through these portals into our lives and,teenagers yeah they're on the receiving,end a lot teenagers who are so,vulnerable,um I feel like I've also watched your,kind of I've watched you over the years,and I've interviewed you over the years,and I also feel at this moment in your,life,I feel like you're just getting started,is too big of too strong of a statement,but you are on a mission in life like,you you when I look at you I'm like yes,t

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Why I Thought DONDA Would Never Drop..

Why I Thought DONDA Would Never Drop..

kanye,we need the album fans around the world,just can't take another listening party,we cannot simply watch you ascend to the,heavens only for you to reach the top,and not bless us with that glorious body,of art and if you clicked on this video,you want answers well,i just might have them my name is,patrick cc make sure you're drinking,water while you're watching this video,okay but before i start i just want to,clarify that a lot of this is sort of,speculation and it's not necessarily,backed by fact but by information i,gathered on the internet and maybe it's,even a bit of a conspiracy theory i,guess if you want to call that might be,a bit extreme but just consider that,kanye west is undoubtedly one of the,greatest if not the greatest artists our,generation has seen develop not just as,a rapper not just as a producer but an,artist obviously music is his biggest,influence but let's not even pretend,like his fashion hasn't directly,impacted the way the cool kids have,dressed for the past 15 years in 2020,kanye struck a 10-year clothing deal,with gap which is basically what my,previous video was about this deal with,gap ignited the most successful clothing,drop kanye has ever done selling 35 000,jackets for seven million dollars in one,night that jacket look familiar oh yeah,well he was wearing that on the night of,his first listening party and it,conveniently went on pre-sale that same,exact night which is the night he made,seven million dollars so you see where,i'm going with this genius level,marketing for sure but am i suggesting,that kanye made a,listening party in front of 42 000,people and 3.3 million watching online,for an album that wasn't ready,just to sell some jackets,no but kind of yes,kanye was a designer before a rapper in,2006 he designed his first pair of nikes,in 2007 he released his first shoe with,bathing ape 2008 he didn't design the,shutter shades but 100 made them,globally recognizable getting knocked,off at every walmart and boardwalk,around the world in 2009 he got an,internship at gap where he spent all of,his free time working trying to learn,the fashion industry quietly on the side,after that he moved to europe and,interned at fendi also in the same year,he released his first nike shoe which,created a sneaker craze that we haven't,seen in a long time in 2011 he got his,first catwalk runway show in which,critics eviscerated him 2012 we got the,nike air yeezy 2 release which again,broke the internet and sneaker stores,around the world had people camping out,waiting for the release but kanye was,fed up with nike he was bringing them so,much value yet they refused to give him,royalties on his shoes it was in 2013,when yay showed us his obsession with,fashion through various interviews he,talked about it more than music he told,us how he was going to be the first,hip-hop designer and that he belongs in,this space i asked them me kanye west,asked nike when did it come out they,told they said we're not sure yet so,they told me they ain't sure mark parker,i'm gonna put mark parker all on that,summer jam screen and by the way mark,parker yes i will still accept an,investment in donda taking 1 000,meetings attempting to get like backing,to do clothing it was just that level of,frustration and that's what you know,this is what frustration sounds,like,we all called him crazy because we just,knew him for his music but in 2013 he,struck a deal with adidas a good one one,where he earns a percentage of every,shoe sold the deal he worked five years,on getting and in my opinion this is,where music took a back seat and kanye,finally had the resources to achieve his,real dream to save time that was an,extremely brief rundown of kanye's,fashion history i know there's so much,else there that i didn't talk about we,could make a 10-hour video on just his,influence and his history and fashion,but now that we got that out of the way,let's move forward to more of the dondo,related conversation because kanye,leaked his record label contract in 2020,we know that his partnership with umg is,quite terrible detailed financial,reports related to his album yeezus were,among the leaked information and it,showed us that he was given an 8 million,advance for the project 4 million,dollars in production costs and he asked,for an additional 1.5 million this is a,total of 13 million 523 000,not a bad payday however all of this is,a loan that needs to be paid back to the,label we also found out that he gets a,22 royalty on his music and the label,gets 78 so just this one album needs to,generate 62 million 478,thousand dollars for kanye just to break,even with the label this album as of,today is two times platinum even if,these were all pure album sales so no,streams just people buying the album and,we know that's not the case but even if,they were that would generate 20 million,dollars still 40 million dollars shy of,him breaking even with the record label,so basically kanye's music isn't,profitable anymore i say it isn't

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Dunkey Predicts Donda

Dunkey Predicts Donda

wait wait there's a new there's a new,donkey video there's a new donkey video,he released it an hour ago we have to,watch it oh man here we go,donkey links donda as you know donkey is,a well-renowned music critic let's go,ahead and see donkey's take on donda see,uh see donkey's leak and then and what's,it all about all right august 10th 2021,donkey leaks donda,i was at the stadium,oh i'll dude i know the stadium,it's one of the big ones and i snuck,back into kanye's uh secret,mixing room uh-huh,and i saw a hard drive label what's the,donda dondas the donda driver,i've heard i've heard kanye say that put,it under the football,you know you can really appreciate,the work uh and and and the the research,that dunkey does,because this,this,this this stadium,right here,this stadium does in fact,look like this,and so you can really appreciate the,amount of research um that that dunkey,is putting into his videos uh because,that that is correct that is correct and,uh and i appreciate that as a content,creator you know track number one is,called on the god site featuring dr dre,and snoop dogg oh man they look so,different now one,dawn time,okay,i i know i said kanye was a little,overrated,this might make me change my mind that's,revolution this is going to change up,the whole game that's what i'm saying,this is going to change the whole that's,what i'm saying,holy they're not going to be able,to make albums in the same way after,this yeah they're going to have to put,them all all the albums that were coming,out they're going to have to go back and,redo them all now with the new,technology this album feels like it's,from like 10 years in the future you,know what i'm saying it's like 10 years,10 years in the future,shows daft punk who broke up is daft,punk getting back together 10 years in,the future does donkey know something we,don't,okay let's play this,jesus versus jesus featuring little,bingo,i'm nervous,oh where's the bingo feature,is that little bingo trombone solo,that's and that must be little bing,that's little bingo that's what i said,okay this is one of the greats that's,pretty good that one was actually really,good okay so far two out of two,two out of two little bingo,pops off let's run that back really,think about what he's saying wow he's,saying jesus is over here jesus is over,here,they have to do battle in the mortal,realm yeah and the trumpet is what,brings them together because ultimately,you know good versus evil always needs a,solid trumpet solo,we all know that right chat like you,know there is there's good there's evil,but you can't get that to happen if,there's not a trumpet solo in between,and i think i think uh i think kanye,does a really good job of really,encapsulating what it means the good and,the evil um so yeah let's just see let's,see how far this goes track three called,got the new iphone silo green featuring,silo green holy finally bringing,out ceelo green into an album people,have been prophesizing this the forget,you guy,all right i'm about to i'm about to,start it for real huh here we go okay,silo sounds different,okay yeah,oh okay did you hear that ah i came into,the place,oh shh,he came into the place okay okay okay,all right sorry i got so excited there,wait wait no way he just dropped that,bar okay all right wait wait okay wait,wait wait wait wait,we're going for real,okay here we go here we go here it is oh,that wasn't for real yet oh my god this,is about to go crazy that wasn't even,the serious one,here yet okay it's coming up,no i'm shot no,holy oh my that's gas dude that's, gas that's only track three dude,w,huge w's in chat,all right donda slap so far you may i'll,change my opinion let's keep let's let's,keep it up track four,golden money all the money people's,known for his golden money,okay,that flow,this is the best album ever recorded,cancel every album i couldn't even keep,up with that flow you only need to,listen to donda for every single genre,of music that you really want that's,actually crazy 69 out of 10 i ,agree,track five is called orange tesla okay,oh that's nasty,oh man that's that's speaking volumes,dude the is this wait donkey,doesn't like it,wait donkey doesn't like this one,yeah you just don't get it donkey,doesn't get i don't think dunky,understands this one,i don't think donkey understands i hate,kid diablo he went over the line there,he got what too experimental he got too,cocky on that one that's the type of,music that in 10 years everyone will be,listening to and be like wow he was,before his time literally literally no,no no give it 10 years everyone's going,to be bumping this they're going to be,like damn this was we should have known,we should have known we should have,known but it's fine if donkey doesn't,get it that means it's trash now it,grows on you no that son no that song,does not go down he says there's trash,it's trash never mind forget everything,i said sicko mode featuring the sicko,mode ram no way,they got the sicko mode wrapper on thi

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everybody welcome to fourth dimension my,name's remy and i'm benedict and today,ben we are finally listening to donda2,it is finally here i mean we listen to,this on the stem player of course uh you,know,in my hand right here i have no idea,what to expect this is completely raw,for me i didn't even listen to the,listening parties yeah i mean i i heard,it i heard it but i think i've erased my,brain because of,yeah it was it was rough,but it's here it's here on the stem,player yeah we're rocking on it um yeah,let's um let's just let's just get,straight into it it's kanye west fourth,dimension let's uh let's get this,it's a,yeah man this is definitely packing a,bit more of an emotional punch than jail,that's for sure,it's chilling to hear that vocal it is,it feels really haunting your intro,track being a tribute to x i mean fair,play man like genuinely,that's bold,oh,the bass,yeah i love that ,okay okay sweet um i mean,pretty pretty good track definitely a,little rough around the edges i feel,that's what we're gonna get uh yeah,consistently throughout the record,obviously but that was nice and,definitely as i was saying a definite um,tone um what's the word sorry,time setter yeah it's quite it's quite,on the nose but i feel like that's kind,of like what makes it feel so emotional,and then having ex-voice on top of that,just makes it even more chilling,again,the only thing is right it feels like,he's featuring on the song it's like,he's giving these features a platform,and like kind of taking like you know,taking the approach of just sort of,letting like laying back and letting,them do their thing you know which i'm,i'm not against i like that i think i,think,i think it can sometimes help and hinder,i think don toller's voice is like,like a really very compliment yeah yeah,yeah definitely definitely for the kind,of tony's going for i don't think you,know kanye's singing on it wouldn't,would be the most maybe the best way to,do whatever so being able to maybe like,you know utilize people like don oliver,just to have that extra bit of punch in,the track i like that a lot,how are you feeling about his distortion,i feel like he kind of on this track,he's being very vulnerable but like he's,got all these layers of distortion on it,it's almost like he doesn't,want to finally embrace it yeah he wants,to mask it in some way how do you feel,about it yeah i don't know i think it's,a it's a creative way of doing it and i,have to i completely agree of what,you're saying um,but i don't know man like is this the,whole track,damn okay,definitely some beauty to it it's a,strange one don't get me wrong it's a,strand i'm definitely not gonna be you,know bumping that in my car, busted right now,it's kanye man it's kanye it's a unique,way of him showing you know it's,obviously about his marriage talking,about the good memories and you know how,everything's haunting him and do i still,cross your mind at the end you know it's,it's haunting in its own way it's,different um it's innovative but again,it's a little strange if i do feel like,the start of this album has started you,know it's set the tone but it feels like,it's lacking something around it to sort,of reinforce what it's going for,lyrically,okay,oh they're,bro sorry to pause but just like does,heartbreak just bring out like kanye's,creative fruitions because like,obviously we had this with 808 and like,it just feels like he's attempting,something new again like this is a,strange sound,when something sets him off he seems to,go in he seems good,yeah he goes away from the safe,direction which i mean i think is what,we need from kanye a little bit more,anyway,crazy,he's pissed,okay,now we're talking oh damn what is this,this is this is good i like this,okay crazy,i don't know like this seems like a,really weird cross between yeezus and,808 it's like yeah,yeah like it's a lot it's a very well,this track in particular was very like,more post-industrial 808s,100 that's that's a perfect analogy yeah,yeah yeah literally yeah again it's a,bit finished it was a bit rough around,the edges but i think out of this the,first few songs this was the one that,felt the most realized conceptually yeah,for sure for sure yeah then build up the,instrumental break yeah sounded really,good they know something,you excite me,good time now,okay,cardi is a type of guy to sense the,swear words but then make a clay,animation of him,what is wrong with this guy,so he christ's like it's very,christ-like it's christ you know,this one's a bit all over the place,yeah it sounds like i've got like three,tabs open right now,it was all right it was okay um but,again it's just rough,yeah um,i wasn't huge on that one i don't think,but yeah and i know like i feel like it,is just kind of like rough around the,edges i just i feel like with like i've,enjoyed experimentation up until this,point but i feel like on that one it,just sounds like,different worlds clashing that just,doesn't come together,security at risk,i put

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CLB vs DONDA twitter

CLB vs DONDA twitter

hey there insomniacs my name is a,warning i'm the kid who is not a,certified leopard boy and today i'm,going to be talking about the twitter,war going on between kanye fans,drake fans and the people in the middle,who don't give a and i'm personally,relatively in the middle,um,yeah ever since both these guys have,released their albums i have seen,a ton of on my uh twitter feed,instagram feed everything,where it's like oh which is better,c-l-b,or d-o-n-d-a,i mean,at the end of the day the posters,records but in the topic of the debate,there's a lot to consider now before we,even dive slightly deep into this let's,let's just get,let's get one thing out of the way,read this out loud with me twitter,sucks,let's just be off here twitter ,sucks twitter sucks,like just just repeat that to yourself,if you use twitter i use twitter i,repeated that to myself definitely got a,lot off my chest definitely helped me a,lot because twitter sucks there,is barely anything redeemable about,twitter half the time but we all stay on,it because it's the only social media,where you can actually just,basically talk and not much else to do,on there a lot of people don't realize,twitter is basically just talking but,you know it's about random ,or trying to you know get somebody to,platforms,like,twitter is a show,but some of the stuff i have been seeing,on my timeline it's just plain old,stupid i have seen,kanye fans not put any drake on their,playlist,no drake on my playlist i listen to,kanye i listen to kanye you know,drake on my playlist and then the master,said you have drake fans why listen well,it isn't right no no no kanye on my, playlist i only listen to drake,drake is the goat certified,level it's just stupid it is stupid on,both sides,we are not the artists we're not beefing,with each other what we have on our,playlist shouldn't matter i'm,pretty sure hell pusher t might even,have a drake song on his,playlist and we all know the story,behind pusha t and drake,there is,literally,no reason why you as a listener should,feel obligated to listen to one artist,and not listen to the authors,now i'm myself from guiltyness but the,reason i don't really like my son's,music anymore is because it all just,sounds the same to me,after uh good news i just feel like,she's not been doing much and stuff,she's been doing just doesn't interest,me i mean i like your verse number roon,five song of all things but at the same,time one of the most memorable parts of,it was actually kind of just a funny,line and then i've already kind of,forgotten about that song up until now,i'm guilty of myself and i've been a,hypocrite i'll be honest here i'm only,human,but why the do you care so much,about what artists you listen to and who,they're beefing with that you're willing,to just not listen to good music because,oh well one of my other favorite artists,is beefing with them,i listen to postdonda and clb i actually,have yet to fully finish donda in a full,track run,but what i've heard so far,is really good,the issue,is with clb i have made it through the,entire record i've listened to a few,songs multiple times and all i want to,do after listening to it is listen to,something else or do something else,because i have now lost my soul,look i am admittedly on the side of the,you know this is don't do this on,twitter,there's like a couple sentences on one,side you have the people who are going,way too over the edge and they're like,oh i'm kind of,no drake on my playlist,but,then on the other side you have people,who just talk about a record and,don't give actual criticism which i'm,guilty of myself you can follow my,twitter at a warning uh,i honestly think cop was trash,not going to lie and i tweeted that,certified level boy is trash,because it's,trash i okay,look i respect the fact that drake has,gotten big as he has gotten but why is,he the biggest artist out there i i,never understood that why he of all,artists was the biggest and i'm not,saying he didn't earned majority of his,fame all i'm saying is though is that,why yes i understand the thing that's,like oh well the popular most popular,artist isn't always going to produce the,best music yes i get that but it still,baffles me how drank especially newer,drake has stayed this relevant,i mean,little baby did better than drake on one,of drake's songs,i mean he already little baby,automatically did better than drink on,girls one girls was drake's girl you're,a lesbian me too lying which,congratulations to drake for coming out,as lesbian somehow it's a stupid ass bar,it is it is a stupid s bar almost as,stupid as twitter,and um,yeah,drake just never really had that appeal,to me i've only listened to a few tracks,from each of these artists beforehand,and the ones i have heard have mostly,just been because they constantly,appeared in pop culture or something for,example kanye west's power i love that,song because it,brings me back to memories of playing,saints 403,um drinks in my feelings that one i,really like

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Hidden Meanings Behind Kanye's "Donda" Listening Parties Explained

Hidden Meanings Behind Kanye's "Donda" Listening Parties Explained

i woke up this morning to a million,texts that dondo was finally out i,didn't believe it at first but i opened,apple music and there it was and it's,full 26 track hour and 45 minute long,glory kanye's newest studio album i'll,be working on a track by track breakdown,of the project for later this week but i,thought i'd take this video to analyze,the rollout that brought us here kanye's,three-part listening party theatrical,experience that took us from atlanta to,chicago kane put these shows on not just,to introduce his music but to tell us a,story a story about his career and his,journey and his growth as a person but,putting a mask on and being like a,silhouette of a person until the final,moments as well as legally changing his,name to yay in the middle of all this,the most used word in the bible used to,mean you are his ways to relate his path,from heartbreak and darkness to,salvation and faith to everybody,watching and listening he went from,kanye which means only one to being ea,all of us so i want to talk about two,different ways of seeing the rollout,that go hand in hand before going into,the specifics of each listening party,and its symbolism the first one is a,journey through kanye's career i'm,thematically seeing similarities between,them and different eras of his music,over the past decade the first reminds,me of his bounce back from what was once,his lowest low coming back to the vmas,after losing his mother his lover and,his reputation after interrupting taylor,swift presenting his response to the,backlash runaway in an all red outfit on,an empty white stage in front of a crowd,that hated him next is his dark jesus,era of anger and frustration that,politicians paparazzi the music and,fashion industries at a listening party,where he introduced songs with disses,and themes of fear and paranoia and then,finally to his pablo era a reconnection,with his faith and his decision to,choose family and love over his ego,despite all the darkness around him,marrying kim kardashian and finally,letting go of donda and his childhood,taking her lessons about faith with him,and starting a family of his own but the,structure of these parties and his,journey also happens to fall into place,as a modern retelling of dante's inferno,an epic poem where dante 2 narrates a,story about himself taking a journey,made by all of us through hell purgatory,and then finally to heaven to delve into,how this plays out i'll be taking a,closer look at each of the parties and,the symbols and messages that you may,have missed throughout them in his first,show in atlanta yay presented a raw,unfinished album to us alone on a wide,stage the stage and his performance was,a look into the blank slate of his mind,at the start of this decade the unstable,mind he was battling with which must,have felt like a hell after the years of,destruction of his reputation and,identity the tracks were raw to the,point where the show was like listening,to his own thoughts and emotions even,playing back entire monologues by donda,as of remembering her words and advice,in his head when he was at his lowest,and needed them the most he shows the,most raw pain in this listening party,falling to the ground crying that he's,losing his family in this moment yea,recognizes the circular nature of where,he is in his life right now losing kim,and where he was at that point losing,his mother and while in that era he,dealt with it with the extravagance and,embrace of fame the pursuit of,perfection that dark fantasy embodied,here he deals with it by recognizing his,imperfections laying them all out in his,mumbling and shouting onto the tracks,and searching for answers in the lessons,of his mother and his faith in inferno,hell is a crater made by the fall of,lucifer so here yay is laying in the,crater of his own fall his own,shortcomings and mistakes grappling with,it all facing the full wrath of the pain,it brought him but ready to move forward,and atone this is the only listening,party that has jail as the last song a,track where he details owning up to his,mistakes preparing to go to jail or face,the consequences for them but confident,that god will post his bill or allow him,to move forward and not be stuck paying,for it forever transitioning perfectly,to the atlanta party that followed,before that second party even happened,kanye made a small room in the,mercedes-benz stadium into his own,personal studio memes that circulated,calling it a jail cell called kanye's,point exactly this was kanye doing his,time putting in the work and personal,growth needed to atone in inferno,purgatory is the place of suffering,where sinners purge themselves with,their sins and we got to see it all,happen on a live stream that kept,running even overnight yay was visited,by friends went to sleep worked out and,even shaved some people bawled on some,monastery vibes all part of his personal,process of atonement a process similar,to the one he went through when he,escaped to wyoming to deal

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