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DOJA CAT FUNNIEST MOMENTS!i got a cheeseburger, vegans i don't hate vegans i,just don't give a that

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Updated on Jan 13,2023


i got a cheeseburger, vegans i don't hate vegans i,just don't give a that you're vegan,stop shoving it down my throat i,don't get great what you're doing thank,you for helping the cows and the stuff,and the ants and the fruit flies,and that's great do that and i'm,really happy for you,keep doing it because i like animals,but i also eat them um so i'm kind of,conflicted,oh it's supposed to be a picture, not again,oh my god dude i'm just trying to be,cute ,i'ma go without my friends for a day,because i don't have any friends,you must have at least one friend,nope,okay ah dolly oh my goodness she looks,bomb all the time,i don't listen to her music but,i definitely listen to her boobs,so oh,oh this is exciting so i'm not trying to,delay listening to this song but start,taking your sweet last time,this is on 7 20 p right now,yeah this looks like this looks like a,sega genesis this looks like the worst,graphics of any video game ever that's,what that looks like so please,they kind of like trying to save save me,from it,yeah,i ain't in the city because they ain't,got lawns sucking dick or,something me i oh i don't know what song,still don't know what song that's from i,just know that i saw a vine the other,day and some like indian girl was with,her mom she was like a second look at,this song and her mom was like,and then she was like second they could,take us out and her mom was like sucka,what gonna get this right,no i know no you're not,because i just took it really back,she's not gonna get this,this game,it's a dick,hey guys uh i said,that i would yell hold on,that i would yell if i won a vma so i'm,just gonna do that now because i feel,like i i'm missing out and do all my,homework,so uh,ah,ah,i keep it juicy juicy i eat that lunch,to keep my figure looking the way it,does i have a diet of,two two pound lobsters chick-fil-a,chicken kale caesar salads oreos and,capri sun i don't eat fruit so as fruity,as the video was i like don't,eat fruit their bag and express,themselves but i picked them because i,like them i think they're very talented,and i think they deserve it because of,their talent,um can i say the girl can i say big ,on tv,i think you just did it,yes,hey guys it's just me again uh,i'm so excited i'm gonna be,working on some things i can't really,specify,but,as far as,you know,songs and videos you guys have been,asking for,you know a couple things and i am just,here to guarantee you,all of those things are coming and i'm,super,are any of these best birds looking,great to you right now i know what a,blue jay is i i don't know but spirit,wise i'm thinking that maybe this rose,breasted uh gospik could be this is a,very very um why because they got the,name breast in it uh i don't know what,that refers to i was more thinking the,red matches your outfit oh okay i see,you should listen to juicy juicy yeah,juicy yeah it's about butts,oh,yeah that's what it's about yeah it's,about butts and what sort of and what,sort of um in like a like,it's just about butts,just like not even like not even like,you know like the gross part of butts,but like the beautiful part about butts,but also like thighs and like,but so this is so the full spectrum,of what a butt could be yeah okay like,why they're so great,okay,okay,okay but this if he only did he a,d-bag i don't know if enemas work like,this because i don't think i've ever,done one before,but like i think you put it in your,in your beep and then you kind of like,squirt squirt and then i don't know if,it goes back into the bag hey guys so,today's funny video clip that i post is,gonna be about how,if you take uh the word egg and make it,into two syllables you get egg,bunny,egg,egg,oh it looks like you take 45 minutes to,put your pants on girl damn,damn girl,damn you look good you look,uncomfortable girl i like that jd you,really think i look like pinocchio,i'm a real boy,i'm a real boy not the buttons,not the gun drop buttons,no,what are we doing today what is your,vibe how are you feeling all right so,what's gonna happen i'm apart and then,you sample that and you make all the,percussion all the melodies,out of my fart into,okay but i can use my own drums to do,some percussion with your farts yeah,whatever will i do now,if you could see it from the front wait,till you see it from the back i always,had a big butt i can see mine from the,front like at certain moments like i'll,be in the mirror i'll be like,it's pretty cute in my opinion,can you hear me,wait talking the mic i can't hear you,no the mic,yeah oh hey there she is,hey,here we are,you know what i mean,it's just the two of us,sitting here,experiencing,now,right,all right,you have a good one,good night,well thanks so much joshua cat keep on,rocking in the free world and,almost dose your cat doo doo doo doo,doo doo,you guys i have a secret,yeah you just gotta be careful just be,just be nice how many times do you think,you've been canceled let's play higher,lower,one,starting from age,five six,to age 25 maybe 350 time

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doja being doja | doja cat funny moments

doja being doja | doja cat funny moments

so i was like i'm gay and then i went oh,oops,sorry happy birthday i meant to say,happy birthday,i may be a princess yes,but i'm the queen of my business,i'm the manager who the you,exactly sit down stinky ass,it's a scarf i like the word tits tits,are nice tits are great,tits are,necessary listen,stop i'm gonna you,no it's not it's hair wait,wait,it's a weapon,no it's not it's a bow tie,that she just can't go this say,that again,say it again,what i give my kids weed and that's,that's just how i do it so i get about,my day,i do what i gotta do i'll this ,up,you think that's funny let me tell you,something,it's not my titties are wet,you got lemon juice on your titties,my titties are covered in lemon get off,of me,oh my god,oh my god jesus christ,oh my god,i like like our lives to be just between,you and,you and me me and us,yous and me's,you wanna know why,because i got the fish shoes blue blue,yes i got the fish shoes,bloop bloop i am horny i mean,hi,my single juicy and,megatron by nicki minaj and brush,by cardi b shut the up,i have my goddamn wig perfectly laid at,all times,if i want to wear it like it's a hat,then that's that's high fashion,do you see this,get into it you're just,horny you're horny you guys are horny,you're way too horny,alex you can lick,the cheez-it but you cannot wear it as a,hat,cause that's frowned upon in america,you

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Doja Cat– F*ck Twitter song [Doja bashes Twitter on Instagram live]

Doja Cat– F*ck Twitter song [Doja bashes Twitter on Instagram live]

twitter,twitter's,all trash the same,they have their own language,there are 13 year olds,they all don't,waiting to cancel somebody, twitter,twitter is trash,that's why i should post every day,if you don't post on twitter,you ain't doing you a loser,why are you talking about things that,people,wouldn't give a about in first,place,twitter is a says poor,and regular porn,twitter is a mess twitter is a stress,to my life,twitter sucks dick twitter's for the,kids,twitter and yeah yeah,i'm not a politician so stop,expecting me to do things that aren't,normal twitter was,ass yeah i'll say it again,i gotta make my own social,media act because twitter is unbearable,everybody talks about what they,ate or who they hate or who they don't, with,and they say crazy offensive ,crazy ,that i don't wanna retweet but they,follow me,so who am i,to judge i attract crazy people,i attract crazy people,yes i do and so do you,oh baby you,it's taxing,instagram is gradually becoming twitter,every day it's okay cause it's happening,slowly,twitter is the bottom of the barrel,so be careful of what you do,on there because,it is hell if hell wasn't,there it would be twitter,i swear to god,if hell wasn't that it would be,twitter but wait till instagram,gets more,twitter,i have never tweeted something serious,other than i love you guys on twitter,because i know that everything,i say will be taken out of context,and twisted into ,into in a ,bug twitter it is a mess,everyone knows trying to impress,themselves and no one else,is and it's ,everybody needs to wake up because,twitter,is a cesspool and it's ,daddy,this is all i care about because,everything,sucks,look at this lamp

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Doja Cat - Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) (Official Video)

Doja Cat - Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) (Official Video)

Aw, get it!,Aw, get it!,Aw, get it!,Aw, get it!,Aw, get it!,You ain't nuthin' but a,Dog, player, aw get it!,Fraud, player, aw get it!,I understand, I understand,You ain't the man, you ain’t a man,You ain't nuthin' but a,Hound dog, hound dog, hound dog,You ain't nuthin' but a,Player getting valeted around in that ho whip,Two fingers, set one down on my toes ten,Fueled out, with my boobs out, put a cork in it,Love it when you be cryin' out when I'm corseted,I don't think you gon' make it,Do not let me start ragin',I'm losing my patience,This ain't stayin' in Vegas You ain't nuthin' but a-,There's more sides to the story, I'ma tell everybody,Had your ass sittin' courtside with your arm around me,Had your ass sittin' first class with your burnt ass out in Abu Dhabi,Could've been what we should've been but you lost a bet, now you gotta find me,Find a seat,,I ain't playin this hide and seek,,High school when you finally peaked,,Hound dog, come find a treat,,I'm a bad bitch but... You ain't nuthin' but a-,Dog, player, aw get it!,Fraud, player, aw get it!,I understand, I understand,You ain't the man, you ain’t a man,You ain't nuthin' but a-,Hound dog, hound dog, hound dog,Yeah,I get it, I know you got some other you wanted,I get it, you needed someone that could prove you wrong,So I reckon, you leave all your problems at the door to my city,You gon' need to tell my brothers where you from,And I admit, I still got an empathy,And you gon' feel it for two weeks,When I release you in them sheets,And keep my meaning discrete,Keep the cleaning (my gym?),And put that Yeezy in your teeth,Let my demons off their leashes,If you even think to speak,I'ma give a whole new meaning,When you said you live in a dream,We can keep that asleep,And you gon' laugh with all your g's,Countin them sheep, sheep, sheep,Talkin' bout z, z ,z, z, z, z, z-aw-i-p,You ain't nuthin' but a-,Dog, player, aw get it!,Fraud, player, aw get it!,I understand, I understand,You ain't the man, you ain’t a man,You ain't nuthin' but a-,Hound dog, hound dog, hound dog,You ain't nuthin' but a-,Dog, player, aw get it!,Fraud, player, aw get it!,I understand, I understand,You ain't the man, you ain’t a man,You ain't nuthin' but a-,Hound dog, hound dog, hound dog,You ain't nuthin' but a-,Aw get it!,Aw get it!,Aw get it!,Aw get it!,Aw get it!,You ain't nuthin but a-

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Doja Cat Faces Major BACKLASH With Return To Twitter!

Doja Cat Faces Major BACKLASH With Return To Twitter!

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad with Clevver News, and Doja Cat made her return,to Twitter after facing major backlash for her racist past, but the Internet didn’t,quite welcome her back with open arms.,It’s been weeks since fans have seen any trace of Doja Cat on Twitter. She made it,a point to take a step back from social media following a wave of backlash following resurfaced,racist receipts from her past and early participation in alt-right chat rooms.,In a series of confusing tweets, Doja Cat posted her first message since May 28th that,read, “this f***in world sucks,” which led fans to swarm her account asking why she,even decided to come back, especially now.,She began responding to fans who came at her with questions like, “Why are you back?”,to which she responded, “Because I like to write stuff.”,And in a fan’s deleted tweet, Doja responded by saying, “Shut up nerd,” to which a,fan wrote, “Do what he said cause you ain’t apologize.”,This one clearly rubbed Doja the wrong way, as she fired back a much more vulgar tweet,that read, “FINE.... I'm...... I'm........ sorry that I couldn't see sooner that you're,a f***ing loser pleb with micro c*** f*** off chump.”,The backlash by fans continued as Doja then responded by saying, “Oh if only you knew,”,to a fan who thought she seemed ‘upset’ and shortly after, tweeted, “It doesn’t,matter how much time you devote to something because it will eventually be destroyed.”,For those of you who are confused as to what is actually going on with Doja Cat, let’s,backtrack for a second.,Just last month, fans began digging up some controversial racist receipts from Doja’s,past. They also discovered her consistent participation in what appeared to be alt-right,racist chat rooms and seemingly hating on her Black culture from years ago.,In an attempt to shut down the #DojaCatIsOverParty that began trending on Twitter at the time,,she then came forward to issue an apology in late May after being exposed, sharing a,lengthy response via social media.,In her apology, Doja wrote, “I’ve used public chat rooms to socialize since I was,a child. I shouldn’t have been on some of those chat room sites, but I personally have,never been involved in any racist conversations. I’m sorry to everyone that I offended. I’m,a black woman. Half of my family is black from South Africa and I’m very proud of,where I come from.”,She went on to add, “I understand my influence and impact and I’m taking this all very,seriously. I love you all and I’m sorry for upsetting or hurting any of you. That’s,not my character, and I’m determined to show that to everybody moving forward.”,Doja also shared a 30-minute video to Instagram Live, addressing issues like why she dislikes,her hair so much as well as statements about her skin, while attempting to explain herself,to fans.,To nobody’s surprise, any kind of sympathy from fans following Doja’s apology was lackluster,to say the least.,And in light of what people had witnessed Doja saying in these chat rooms, her apology,and explanations were not believed by many fans, and also not enough. Especially given,the fact that Black lives are literally being taken at the hands of authorities with too,much power every single day.,This caused her to take a step back from social media until recently when just a few days,prior to last night’s tweet spree, she shared strange videos to Instagram.,In one, she appeared to troll her haters by sharing a TikTok video, with the caption,,“Reading all my negative comments knowing I have string cheese in the pantry.”,In another video while wearing a pair of cat ears, she wrote, “Reading all the nice comments.”,And then last night, the hashtag WeLoveYouDojaCat began to trend, buuuuut not quite for the,reasons you’d think…,Although some fans were quick to come to Doja’s defense, sharing tweets of support, many others,made reference to the hashtag only to question who the “WE” was that was being referred,to.,One user wrote, “Doja cat gave minimal support after being down on her own people and y’all,want her back? That bitch better donate her entire net worth before y’all forgive her.”,Another user tweeted, “#weloveyoudojacat is trending and all I can do is laugh. Y’all,don’t know what y’all want.”,And another didn’t seem to hold back when tweeting, “#weloveyoudojacat who tf is ‘we’,man f*** that b****.”,We, here at Clevver want to make it clear that we do not condone any form of racist,behaviour, racial slurs or remarks, and continue to make our stance in support of the Black,community very clear.,The only way to combat racial injustice throughout our country and the world, is to continue,to learn, educate and lead with an open heart and an open mind.,If you’re looking for more ways to educate yourselves and get involved with the Black,Lives Matter movement, we’ve linked resources down in the description below.,And to see why celebs are facing backlash for calling for action amid the BLM movement,,you can click right over here to

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Twitter Thinks The Doja Cat Noah Schnapp Drama Is FAKE

Twitter Thinks The Doja Cat Noah Schnapp Drama Is FAKE

stranger things volume 2 came out and as,per usual when stranger things drops,social media is all over it discussing,theories posting thirst traps of their,favorite characters and talking about,their controversial opinions one of the,most popular characters of this season,was eddie munson an 80s rocker and,falsely accused criminal played by the,actor joseph quinn a lot of people,really liked eddie picking him as their,white boy of the season and devoting,themselves to making tick-tock edits and,buying tickets to get pictures with him,at conventions but the fans weren't the,only people who found themselves,enamored by the character and actor,rapper dojikat was actually interested,in getting a piece of him too because,she couldn't find joseph quinn's own,social media she took to messaging noah,schnapp who starred alongside quinn as,will byers in the series she said noah,can you tell joseph to hit me up wait no,does he have a girlfriend in the 17 year,old boy's instagram direct messages he,replied with lmao slide into his dms and,sent her his instagram profile instead,of keeping the private messages private,though he posted them on his own social,media and well let's just say dojicat,wasn't very happy about that and felt,like it was a breach of privacy she went,on tick tock live to call out the young,actor for his actions dosa sang the fact,that noah did that like went and posted,a private conversation between me and,him is so unbelievably socially unaware,and whack that's like borderline snake,that's like weasel,and i'm not saying that encapsulates his,entire personality like i don't imagine,noah that way well i'm sure she has a,bit of a point about it being rude to,share private messages a lot of people,weren't fans about how she chose to,handle the situation and they took to,the social media app twitter to share,their thoughts about it many people felt,that she had been rude and that it was,inappropriate for someone of her age 26,to go around saying things like that,about someone around a decade younger,people online said things like you could,also say dojicat is unbelievably,socially aware by asking noah he's 17,she's 26 to set her up with a guy who,she could have easily found on instagram,in five seconds and why is dogecat 26,going on live and calling noah schnapp,17 a snake weasel for a 20-second,tick-tock he made embarrassed for her,dogicat did not stay silent about the,backlash and tweeted her own response,saying y'all are so cringe and lame and,nobody wants to hang with you that's why,y'all be on here unironically writing,replies to that makes you mad and she,even changed her twitter name to i'm,better than you while a lot of people,were shocked by doge's actions and,called her out online and some people,even supported her some people thought,that the celebrity beef was fake simply,engineered to stir up conversation as,has been done in the past for publicity,for other shows movies albums etc,publicity stunts like this have taken,place before fooling many people into,thinking that they're real so here's,what some people had to say about the,potentially fake drama one user said um,there is a huge chance that doja cat,noah schnapp thing is a pr stunt and,y'all feeding on this fake beef another,said the noah schnapp doshikat drama has,to be like a fake feud that's like promo,for an upcoming album because i refuse,to believe it's actually real it's,literally just so silly and ridiculous,on all fronts and the whole doji cat and,noah schnapp situation feels so effing,fake lmao one person brings up a good,point though because what exactly would,this be a publicity stunt for some,people were saying that stranger things,volume 2 was lacking in publicity and,advertisement so maybe they're trying to,stir up more viewers but why would they,have chosen doja cat for that so then,maybe it is an advertisement for an,upcoming album of dojos but i personally,don't think that's very likely because,the whole thing just feels like noah,schnapp being a kid and dosha,overreacting but that's just my opinion,let me know if you think it's real or,not i've been your host woody join us,next time for more,so

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Doja Cat Talks Nicki Minaj "Influence" - Twitter Debates Doja Cat Comparisons to Nicki | Reaction

Doja Cat Talks Nicki Minaj "Influence" - Twitter Debates Doja Cat Comparisons to Nicki | Reaction

how's it going i was popping this d by,track to this video about black tea blog,this is dozia cat talks nicki minaj,influence twitter debates doji cat,comparisons to nicki minaj oh lord here,we go,here we go um i don't think they're,anything alike actually like not even a,little bit,i get i get no similarities um i think,people should just let people have their,own lane and leave it at that um i don't,understand why there needs to be a,comparison between the two they cannot,even out right now doing anything she's,taking care of her little baby um but,let's see what they have to say let's,watch,and you guys already know that i am here,with another video so i wanted to speak,about doji cat's recent interview with,odyssey where she mentioned nicki minaj,and also how dogecat could be the next,nicki minaj as far as star power check,this out,and an artist like,mino and like,nicki minaj it's like it's ridiculous i,i look up to these people so it's,it's um,i know that i i know what i want and to,make that happen is like insane for me,and i feel like we're doing that with,this with this album so,um yeah so as you guys heard in the,interview dojo was very humble and she,also said it was an honor to work with,artists like nicki minaj and smino,because she has looked up to nikki for,so long now don't,and alluded to the fact that nicki minaj,could be on her new album planet her but,this is nothing new just a week ago,dosia posted a twitter name change where,she had many different artists enlisted,into one there was beyonce rihanna nikki,and sizza you guys know that dojicat,just released her song kiss me more with,sizza that actually debuted in my second,i reckon,the video was really cute opinion i do,believe that dojika could be alluding to,possible features on planet her popular,commentator ebro also sparked,conversation today when he applauded,doji cat in her stylistic abilities,you can argue that you don't like what,doji cat has to say when rapping but her,rapping abilities are top-notch,stylistically speaking she can do almost,any style now a lot of people agreed,with this comment one twitter user,saying this had this debate not too long,ago she would be my pick from the slew,of mainstream female rappers she's the,whole package azalea banks is the best,all around though but anyway to give her,her props dosha has been a serious whole,thing and you know what i kind of agree,don't you cat is the whole package and,she reminds me a lot of nicki minaj i,believe that dogia has the potential to,surpass the other mainstream girls like,megan the stallion and cardi b dosia is,flexible and diverse she can mold into a,sound and switch her foot margarita,lyrics remind me so much of nicki minaj,and roman nicki minaj came through and,took over an industry dominated by men,nikki was not only hungry but also,tenacious and her razor-sharp lyrical,abilities made her a threat no female,rapper mind you before nicki minaj was,able to wash jay-z and kanye west on,their own song and no female rapper not,even little kim reached the masses as,ninky did and all the little kim did,contribute to female rap her star power,never reached the level of nicki minaj,and i do believe that even though these,new girls are using the nicki minaj,paint print i think you have to be an,artist like dog,to actually benefit because doji cat is,not only like a little nicki but she's,also her own person and she's so diverse,and that's what makes her so interesting,another similarity that i've actually,seen with dosia and nikki is recognition,in industry politics for example,according to hot new hip hop the 2021,granny awards many people believed that,parallels have started to arise between,nikki and doge's career much like nikki,she did numerous times in her career,doshikat had the charts on lock in 2020,and while she was recognized by the,reporting academy she left the grammys,with no awards and a lot of people felt,that she was given the nicki minaj,treatment because of her possible,longevity in the music industry and how,much people are reminded of nikki when,they see dogecat you guys know that doji,cat did do a little tweet and delete,where she said that nicki minaj was the,queen of rap and i think herself in that,moment she was starting to realize her,star power and how people were going to,treat her now that there was those,similarities also fans chimed in one fan,saying this the industry is starting to,treat dosia how they treated nicki minaj,and i don't like it like come on,doshikat nearly dominated all of 2020,and what did these people pay her,nothing now look i do agree with that,but i also want to be clear there will,never be the next nikki nikki is her own,person she is a unicorn she is her own,star but i do think that doji cat may be,the artist to experience the longevity,that nicki minaj has let's talk about it,nicki minaj has not released any music,yet she is trending on social media,every other day she's still in the,conversation and she is a staple

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Doja Cat Responds To Allegations, Hilary Duff Addresses 'Disgusting' Twitter Accusations.

Doja Cat Responds To Allegations, Hilary Duff Addresses 'Disgusting' Twitter Accusations.

hey I'm Shannon and welcome to the,filter we got a lot of stories to get,into today that are pretty steamy so,let's get into it the hashtag doja cat,is over party was trending over the,weekend because people were saying that,doja cat likes to hang out with members,of the alt-right and insel community on,chat rooms online there's actually,videos that surfaced of doja cat hanging,out in tiny chat rooms which is a,website that you can go to where you're,on camera with a bunch of other people,chatting with them online but it's,saying that doja cat actually prefers to,hang out with men who are part of the,alt-right and insel community though you,can actually did an interview with paper,magazine back in December where she was,talking about her almost obsession with,chat rooms online and says that it's,something that she's been partaking in,over the last couple of years but she,actually did say she didn't want to,specify on what kind of chat rooms that,she hangs out in and explained the,banter between her and the other people,in the group as light-hearted,play-fighting that other people may find,offensive so since then videos have,surfaced online of doja cat hanging out,in these rooms with these types of men,and on top of that there's also been a,song that's resurfaced from douji cat of,a song that she called didn't do nothing,but actually a racial slur that's used,to make fun of and discriminate against,people who have been victims of police,brutality so deja cat has responded to,all of this on her Instagram she said I,want to address what's been happening on,Twitter I've used public chat rooms to,socialize since I was a child I,shouldn't have been on some of those,chatroom sites but I personally have,never been involved in any racist,conversations I'm sorry to everyone I,offended I'm a black woman half of my,family is black from South Africa and,I'm very proud of where I come from as,for the old song that's resurfaced it,was no way tied to anything that's out,of my own personal experience it was,written in response to people who often,use that term to hurt me I made an,attempt to flip its meaning but,recognize that it was a bad decision to,use the term in my music I understand my,influence and impact and I'm taking this,all very seriously I love you all and,I'm sorry for upsetting or hurting any,of you that's not my character and I'm,determined to show that to everyone,moving forward thank you so what are,your thoughts on this I'd love to know,in the comments do you feel like she,should be canceled,for all of this do you think that's,enough proof to show that she's a racist,or is supporting the insel community let,me know we have to break down this,Hilary Duff situation because it is just,bizarre there are people online who seem,to believe that Hilary Duff is trying to,sex traffic her own eight-year-old son,at Lucca which is just how do you even,begin to believe something like this so,it all started because Hilary shared a,video on her Instagram of her showing,off a bunch of different photos and one,fan was quick to point out that one of,the photos featured her eight-year-old,son Luca in the nude Hilary was quick to,correct it she put a sticker over the,photo but there are people online who,think that she did this purposely in,order to sell her own son on the,Internet Hilary Duff did address the,situation on Twitter saying everyone,bored AF right now I know but this is,actually disgusting who ever dreamt this,one up and put this garbage into the,universe to take a break from their damn,phone maybe get a hobby this does seem,like a very far-fetched conspiracy,theory and phan seem to agree for every,post there is online of somebody,thinking that this is true there are so,many more from fans who are coming to,the defense of Hilary Duff does seem,like a little bit of a stretch if you,ask me sugar from BTS got fans so,excited by releasing his own solo,mixtape that he's calling d2 he's,actually going under the artist name,August II and he released ten different,tracks as well as a music video for a,song that I am now going to try and,pronounce but I already know that I'm,gonna get it wrong but I'm feeling a,little brave today,the song is called dish witih and that's,where second thought so if you could,correct me on the pronunciation of that,name that would be that would be really,great the fans are really excited that,he has come out with his own solo,mixtape so that he can express himself,creatively outside of BTS we have been,blessed with new music from Lady Gaga,and ariana grande with their song rain,on me they released the song on Friday,as well as a music video for it,featuring them dancing in the rain with,a bunch of other dancers very creative,very great and it's actually probably,one of the last pre-pandemic shot videos,that we'll see for a while you might see,a lot of artists coming up with their,own type of homemade videos because of,being stuck in isolate,lady gaga was supposed to come out with,her sixth a

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