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The REAL Story Behind Dog the Bounty Hunterso as some of you are keenly aware I,grew up in the south


Updated on Jan 22,2023

The REAL Story Behind Dog the Bounty Hunter

so as some of you are keenly aware I,grew up in the southern United States,specifically this state of Tennessee,professional wrestling NASCAR cops and,Jerry Springer were high up there on the,list as far as shows I was looking out,for it and I think a lot of other,southerners were too I mentioned this,because I want to put into context why,Dog the Bounty Hunter and his TV show,holds a special party in my heart that,show was basically a combination of,those four shows that I just mentioned,Dog the Bounty Hunter was a show that,had backyard brawls people getting,pepper sprayed car chases and tons of,family drama and it goes without saying,that me and my family specifically my,dad spent a lot of time watching Dog the,Bounty Hunter around the time when it,was released in 2004 but today I want to,talk about the man behind the show I,want to talk about the story of dog,during the research about dog in his,story I found it to be quite captivating,and I felt like it was worth sharing,with you all so today we're just gonna,talk about the real story behind Dog the,Bounty Hunter from start to finish,Dwayne Lee Chapman aka dog was born,February 2nd 1953 in Denver Colorado dog,would drop out of school at the age of,13 and we're going to have several,run-ins with the law in his teenage and,early adulthood years dog hasn't always,been this chaotic good figure that he's,portrayed as in his television show as a,teenager he was associated with the,controversial biking gang called The,Devil's disciples and he had been,arrested several times during his,teenage years for robbery in 1977 dog,had actually been convicted of first,degree murder charges and was sentenced,to five years in prison for the killing,of a drug dealer named Jerry Oliver now,dog wasn't the one who actually killed,this guy it was sort of a guilt by,association type situation and I'm gonna,play the clip of dog explaining exactly,what happened on that day crying I went,to prison in the state of Texas for,first-degree murder I did 18 months of a,five-year sentence mm-hmm my my brothers,motorcycle gang members and I pulled up,to a house mm-hmm,one of my brothers went in to score some,pot there was a confrontation with my,friend inside I,two shots the four of us being out in,the car bum bum he came outside he had,been shot on the way to the hospital he,said I hit him in the shoulder we,dropped him off the hospital I went back,over saw my friend Jerry laying on a,stretcher talking drove off to Amarillo,Texas which was 50 miles from where I,was 6:00 in the morning the radio alarm,went off for my work and it said dog,disciple was my name Devil's disciples,being sought for the shotgun slang,massacre of Jerry Oliver last night in,Pampa two died and he died overnight,yeah in those days in Texas there was no,such thing as accessory during before or,after the fact so everybody if you your,father used to tell you the story if,you're there when he steals a candy bar,you're just as guilty that was the law,it was in his mid-20s while dog was,locked up in this prison that he was,given the inspiration to become a bounty,hunter that inspiration coming from a,rather peculiar situation where dog had,stopped an inmate escape the story goes,that dog and tackled an inmate,attempting to escape stopping the,inmates just moments before correctional,officers were gonna shoot the escapee,dog had not only prevented an inmate,escape but it inadvertently saved the,prisoners life dog has eluded several,times that congratulatory remarks and,praise from correctional officers that,day inspired dog to become a bounty,hunter after serving just 18 months of,his five-year sentence dog was released,on parole in 1979 he would then,transition into a job as a bail bondsman,and eventually would take up bounty,hunting as a side hustle but at this,time the thought of him turning bounty,hunting into a television series was,nowhere on the radar that wouldn't occur,until much later for the time being dog,was just focused on turning his life,around staying out of prison earning,some money and supporting his kids after,having multiple children and multiple,divorces in 1986 dog would go on to meet,the love of his life Beth while they,weren't married until 2006,Beth would be involved in dog's life as,a partner for years and the two would,join forces to build their own Vale,bonding and bounty hunting venture in,1995 which was based in Honolulu Hawaii,now this sounds like a rather cliche,story you know the ex,gets out of prison gets him a job he's,turning his life around he's raising,kids and doing everything right staying,on the good side of the law but when he,comes to Dog the Bounty Hunter there's,really nothing cliche about this man,this story begins to get wild in 2003 in,2003 dog made international news by,capturing a man named Andrew luster who,had fled the United States in the middle,of his trial on charges of drugging and,raping a number of women luster had been,convicted on 86 counts including,multiple ra

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Dog Bounty Hunter's Racist Rant

Dog Bounty Hunter's Racist Rant

هذا,ونحن ومنطقة لا يسمح أن يكون جيدا حقا سوف,منفذ الهجينة٪ إيه وأنا دون نادرة,هو أن في كثير من الأحيان على أنها,بسبب التماس الحزبية مثل مجنون الآن كازي,ثمل ببرود حتى,٪ إيه كان القبض عليهم في الشريط قائلا٪ إيه,وكانت,ست مرات,وعود على الدين,اه٪ إلى الداخل كل ما يمكننا معرفة ما الذي على ما يرام,ما هو أعضاء تذهب,يتوهم الإنسان البدائي ولكن اه٪,في انتظار أن نسمع بين الحين والآخر بزيارة ثانية إلى الطبيب وقال له لم تفعل تم,في أخرى لا تزال على,على خلفية هذا هو مربك في الأساس على براعة هو,من فتاة سوداء وانه يستخدم على ما يبدو بالفعل,هذا النظام,جيدة هنا في الثانية في,المحادثة السابقة,وأنه قلق القضايا في هذا الحديث عن أن,بحيث يغلق عند ست مرات في هذه المحادثة,سوف تحصل على بنات القبض عليه باستخدام الخارج,له ضمير,أيا كان موقع,نحن نفعل استخدام كلمة زنجي المحاضرة متعكز أنا لن جعل دردشة اصطدمت أي وقت مضى,إشارة كل شيء من صورة عمل لجنة مكافحة الإرهاب افتراضات ثلاثين عاما صانع بتدبير,عملية تطهير وتسعى الكنيسة من طرف واحد مجلة عملنا الوظيفي استشاري لست أخذت العازبة,جميع الشبكات مثل,وإيما,شبكة,على الأقل كان هناك حرص سيكون مع توسان بولا أتكلم معك,والواقع أن جميع,اكتمال بوفيه وكأنني سوف خروج من الصبار الأسود كوب الطبيب انها ليست نسخة احتياطية,فهو أن نصل الى العمل هناك سوف نأخذ شركة جيوب عميقة السجل الذي كان حتى,كل ما لا تحتاج أمريكا اضافية مع اجتماع السريعة التي,الناس فعلا قبض المطلقة وكل شيء لنذهب إلى البيت من خلال وافتراء العنصري,لأنه لا يمكن جانبنا وغوبلز مع مجموعة إلكترونية أن تفعل ذلك اه٪ كيرك يمكنك,يتقوس نتوقع الرد شاستري junkets أوكلاند,انهارت بسبب وبدون صور بائسة شخص تحدثت مرة أخرى,لذلك أنا آمل أن يعرف بالموضوع لا يمكنك العمل وأنت تسير لتفريق مهما الستينات,بطل من أبالاشيا البقان,النوع الأول من السجل في المسار موقف للسيارات كما حصلت على تلك الفتاة تجلس أينما المطلوبة,فترة,هذا لم يكن,ما هو,لم يكن لديهم كبير في الواقع أن استخدام كلمة زنجي,إلا,ما أقول انها ست مرات حتى الآن من التودد,لم يحدث أبدا,لا دوت حياتي,العمل على الصعب جدا,لذلك لأننا استخدام كلمة ميد,السحلية عدد اثنين,ليس على تلك المذكرة عن صناع تلك النفوس مدوخ ماغادان,يمكن للالثاني الذي جعل من أي وقت مضى ما لم كان يقول أن,يمكنه أن الفوضى اذا استسلمنا يجعل قطع كبيرة شيئين مختلفين,عدم الموافقة على سبيل المثال كيف,انها نفس الشيء مثل الألغام,اسمحوا أنيكا هذه المسابقة الكبرى,سوبيل المنحرف لقوله عليه,ما أرى,لا تزال دون حتى إذا كنت أعرف ما كان في الأسعار,naahi,أن يكون الخطأ نوع و,انها نوع من الاسبوع الخاص بك على وجود,وكما قلت في حق المحادثة وهذا هو السبب هو أنني لا تحصل عليه، بل على,الرجل المكسيكي الذي حصلت المشاهدات الجمهوري لا استطيع ان اقول ما هو السبب في أنها على غير ما كنت,الحصول على هذا وأنا أعلم جيدا هو,كنت تكون ممتعة جدا لذلك,تتطلب على,هنا لا لأنها تذهب,القاضي جاكسون,ملكية لأي غرض مشتعلا,كنت أعلم أن هذا هو العالم توجد وسيلة للبقاء على,المال قيمة هو أن هناك أي دليل ما في وسعهم,ولكن نعم هو على الأرجح سوف السرية,وتلتزم,كل المشاهير هو gonna تكون اشتعلت قائلا المنطقة شيئا العنصري أطلقت,أو الاتصال نهر موبايل على حد سواء بأن حيال ذلك,وأذكر من أي وقت مضى هذا الوسيط,الناس يعتقدون,حتى أدركنا الجميع يفعل,تعرف تبدو,الشيء الوحيد الذي أحب عن ذلك,هو كيف انه واثق من انه لم يكن يفعل ذلك أي متعة,وبالطبع تبين أنه كان مخطئا,وبالمناسبة,بعض من الإدارة,واعتقد انه هناك,وهكذا أعتقد أنه شخص سيء ولا تعي عن الرجل هو,وهذا هو السبب في أن إحياء,الأطباء المناطق,كبير,طفل

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LYSSA CHAPMAN (Dog the Bounty Hunters daughter) Twitter was HACKED!?

LYSSA CHAPMAN (Dog the Bounty Hunters daughter) Twitter was HACKED!?

if you're familiar with dog the bounty,hunter dwayne chapman you are familiar,with his daughter lisa chapman aka baby,lisa,now look we have done discuss this when,dog the bounty hunter,was involved with the brian laundry,search a lot of people were critical of,dog,and that kind of uh trickled along over,there at his daughter lisa because she,was posting updates and things like that,supporting her father and his search,efforts and y'all it was a lot she was,catching a lot of hate,she even blocked without a crystal ball,for talking mess about her daddy and her,yes child,but i mean hey,are we really surprised,now i do want to note and a few of you,might remember this,baby lisa,posted she tweeted out,this was just a few days ago she had,tweeted out that somebody,tried to hack her twitter account,yes she posted that now all of a sudden,her,twitter can't be reached,it's unavailable,this is all you see when you go over,there,now i found an article regarding this,so we're going to read that and then,we're going to talk about it,dog the bounty hunter's daughter lisa,chapman deletes her twitter account,after brian laundry search,dwayne chapman better known as dog the,bounty hunter has taken some critical,hits following his involvement,with the now concluded brian laundry,manhunt however,throughout his involvement prior to the,discovery of laundry's remains his,daughter lisa chapman remained,supportive of her father's endeavors,she expressed pride in chapman following,the manhunt's conclusion,she previously updated followers on the,bounty hunter's progress prior to ending,of the search,now authorities have officially,concluded the search and work to,identify brian laundry's cause of death,meanwhile,it appears the famous bounty hunter's,daughter has suddenly deleted her,twitter account,you can check out her page here however,a message stating the account doesn't,exist will pop up this means she's,deleted the account and any post recent,or otherwise will be undiscoverable,dog the bounty hunter surely received,some intense criticism through his,search many even suggested his own,investigations simply hindered that of,the fbi and northport florida law,enforcement perhaps that criticism,flooded over to his daughter lisa,considering her involvement with the,investigation,regardless,the sudden decision is interesting and,we promise to update as information,comes forth,well,child i got some tea to spelling we got,some info to uh discuss,considering she tweeted out,that she was being hacked or somebody,was trying to hack her twitter,days before,her twitter becomes,unavailable,i think maybe her twitter was hacked now,i reached out to her on facebook because,she is still active and posting on,facebook so if she responds then y'all,know y'all be the first to know and look,if she don't respond that's not gonna,surprise me because you know why,because my accounts have been hacked,like three times and i have a suspicion,that somebody is done hacked into all of,my social media email and phone,i mean you don't think it's funny that,everybody i reach out to via email or,social media,like regarding things like media outlets,uh instagram facebook,youtube,literal people like big corporations,companies businesses i reach out to,do not respond to me,anymore,so i find that kind of odd that this was,happening after i was hacked but anyway,i'm just saying i reached out to her on,this device,through my facebook,which i have a suspicion as hacked so if,she don't respond,hey,that don't surprise me,but look i don't think she deleted her,twitter,because she hasn't deleted her facebook,i don't think she deleted twitter,because she was getting heat from her,daddy or being you know people being,critical of her dad,because,if you didn't know her daddy and her,whole family has been in the spotlight,and they have been catching fugitives,and chasing fugitives for quite some,time now this ain't her first rodeo so i,mean she's used to the critics and the,people talking smack,now look she had just posted this on,halloween love this i love baby lisa,baby lisa has always held a place in my,heart,child i have loved baby lisa,since her and beth and dog and leland,and all them was out there chasing the,fugitives child that's just yes yes yes,yes so look her daddy been doing this,they've been used to being in the,spotlight and used to critics so i do,not believe she deleted,her twitter i absolutely believe her,twitter was hacked and whether you want,to believe it or not,it's a coincidence,that the people who have an issue with,one person,all end up having their accounts messed,with,somebody trying to hack them now who's,the common denominator here i'm not,pointing any fingers child but i'm,pointing my finger i'm pointing my,finger,loudly,can you point your finger loudly well i,sure am,y'all hear it,so what do y'all think,y'all gotta let me know what y'all think,in the comments and i'm gonna go ahead,and say it i've been saying it and i'm,gonna say it again i think

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Gives BIZARRE SERMON - Predicts Joe Biden's Suicide, "Just Like Hitler!"

Dog the Bounty Hunter Gives BIZARRE SERMON - Predicts Joe Biden's Suicide, "Just Like Hitler!"

this is the dollar more daily,and i'm jesse,there is a gross strain of political,grifter that has come out of the donald,trump universe,it's not just one it's a type of person,you you've got your your lauren boberts,who are on the circuit giving sermons,before churches,you've got mike,flynn disgraced traitor to the uniform,that he wore for many years and a,traitor to the united states advocating,for for a myanmar style coup here in,america,uh,he's he's now a prophet talking about,what god does or doesn't want,waxing bizarre conspiracy theory there's,all these characters who have come out,of politics or,notoriety,in in in popular culture who are now,grifting the church,and i don't so much mind when someone,who is,a member of some hate denomination being,grifted and taken advantage of you know,there's other concerns i have there's,enough bit i only have so much bandwidth,of concern for so many things so that's,not on my plate,but when they start to chip away,at the confidence in democracy,and they start to promote fascistic,ideas,it's another story,and in this case we're talking about dog,the bounty hunter what's his real name,dwayne chapman,the,grizzled-faced freak show who had a,reality tv show about tracking down,people who skipped bail in hawaii,there's famously audio of him telling,his son he would be disgraced or not,associate with him or something to the,effect if he married a black girl or had,a black girlfriend except he didn't use,the word black,he openly on a voicemail use the n-word,he's a racist piece of garbage,and because his star has faded,he's now taking to a church circuit he's,at a at an opening the heavens,conference,and i have two clips here i'm going to,play bizarre,that he's now some kind of a prophetic,voice,in evangelical q anon conspiracy theory,theology,calling joe biden hitler,saying joe biden after the democrats,destroy wipe out is the quote after the,republicans wipe out the democrats in,the midterms,joe biden just might commit suicide,like hitler did,it is,bizarre,to say the least but it is dangerous,because,unfortunately we live in a culture where,these people become celebrities and,looked up to they they're trusted,because they're well known,you know i'm not as well known as even,dog the the goofy ass,bounty,hunter but i wouldn't expect you to take,my word because you like me,i wouldn't expect you to not take my,word because you don't like me,test,the veracity of my statements,look up the things that i say if you,don't,if i say something that's wrong,often times i'll come back and say hey,this is something that was serious it,needs to be corrected i apologize it,doesn't happen very often because i,really do my due diligence to make,certain i'm not a grifter like dog the,bounty hunter let's get to this first,clip,of him,saying that joe biden will,kill himself,like hitler did after the republicans,wipe out pay attention to that language,wipe out the democrats,wait till november,when the republican party i think i met,one christian democrat of you,when the republican party,wipes,them out,wait till november,wait till november i don't care how many,ballot boxes there are i don't care how,they try to cheat,wait till you see what happens,i told you this morning little hitler,and if you'll remember hitler committed,suicide,hitler you know why,because he was caught,and you know what's going to happen,they're going to catch these cheaters,and i'm not saying with my mouth or my,tongue that he's going to commit suicide,but you never know,now let's set aside that dog the bounty,hunter looks like a melting wax candle,with his moron mullet let's let's set,that aside that's,concerning,but maybe not our primary focus,the same party that is practicing the,same principles of the fascist party the,nazi party is now,projecting,and acting as though the other side is,the tyranny that the other side is the,the,disrespecter of human rights,in this language of wiping out,eviscerating,this language is concerning because it,sparks in people who are ready for,violence,it pushes them to,violence and it's not a theory that i,have it's not a theory that we believe,we see that we have seen mass shooters,uh glorify,ben shapiro and tucker carlson in their,manifestos after having committed,heinous acts against their fellow humans,it is dangerous there are real world,consequences,to this type,of dangerous rhetoric,apparently it was a two-day event or,there was a costume change,because here he is and another,bizarre outfit,he's a cross between crocodile dundee,and dog the dipshit,here he is referring to president biden,an ostensibly loving caring human being,as little hitler,so i prayed lord why have you led us in,this way,why did you let that freak steal the,election,why did you do this,and once i tell you why you're going to,agree with me,the lord took me to the bible and jesus,disciples came up to him and said god,jesus,why was this man born blind,was it the sins of his father and his,mother that made him blind

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Dog The Bounty Hunter: Hidden Details | ⭐OSSA

Dog The Bounty Hunter: Hidden Details | ⭐OSSA

Duane got nothing for free, owing all his success to hard work alone,He started at the very bottom.,Having not finished 7th grade, Dog worked his way up to the top of the A&E channel,Why does he look so odd?,Did he commit a crime?,How did Duane become the Bounty Hunter?,What's he doing now?,Find out all the answers to these questions in our video!,Duane Chapman's childhood wasn't an easy one,His father often abused him and his siblings Soon, there was not room enough for all four kids,So it's no wonder that 13-year-old Duane left,school even before finishing 7th grade,We often question Duane's controversial looks It was his great aunt Ludmilla who inspired his style,She arrived in America from Ukraine,,making money by selling native hand-rolled cigarettes.,Ludmilla often dressed in Native American clothing,,leading people to think she had some Seminole or Cherokee roots,This misconception lasted for years, even impacting on her nieces and nephews,,echoing the Native fashion,In 1976, a fatal drug purchase resulted in,a murder Dog was in his friend's car when the incident,took place.,He was condemned to 5 years in prison for first-degree murder,Despite the fact that he was innocent, the conviction follows him to this day,He is prohibited from legally carrying a firearm and is banned from traveling to certain countries,,including the U.K.,Duane once witnessed a prisoner trying to escape,According to the report and Duane himself,,he ran up to the prisoner and seized him before the officers could pull,the trigger on him The jail wardens rewarded Duane for his swiftness,by alleviating his hard labor duties and making him a prison barber,That's where the wardens talked him into becoming a bounty hunter.,It is hard to imagine someone else except Beth,On the TV show, Beth is all Dog cares about,but in fact, he was married and divorced 4 times before he finally settled down with her,They had an extremely bustling on-and-off,relationship that overlaps several decades and several,marriages to other people,Many wonder how many children Duane actually has,By the time he married Beth, he already had 10,Two more babies were born during their marriage But it is not going all that well,Duane is close to most of his children but some of them caused him great sorrow,,especially since two of them passed away,In Touch exclusively stated that the famous duo abandoned the reality TV show,in an effort to save the bail industry, which is under a lot of pressure internationally,Beth is currently the president of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States(PBUS),and works alongside her husband as an advocate Dog is a unique man with an extraordinary,profession Duane is not just a successful bounty hunter,but also a famous public and TV personality Who could expect that from a boy who did not,even finish the 7th grade?,Thanks for watching.,Click on the Ossa icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter Shows Up At Far Right Convention | Dog Saga | Part 1

Dog The Bounty Hunter Shows Up At Far Right Convention | Dog Saga | Part 1

for those of you who are unfamiliar this,is flashpoint it's a tv show on the,victory network owned and operated by,kenneth copeland guy on the left here's,gene bailey the fine trumpian looking,gentleman in the middle is dog the,bounty hunter i'm not sure who the guy,on the right is yet but we'll figure,that out in a second,they are a far right extremist christian,show that airs on like directv spectrum,verizon dish all of it,a lot of old people scared by what these,people have to say so i wanted to go,through it because it's honestly,entertaining as hell to watch some of,these flashpoint episodes let's just see,what dog the bounty hunter has to say,for himself here,welcome everybody welcome to flashpoint,i'm gene bailey glad you're here we're,on location they're in there in fort,worth texas i guess interesting occasion,here in fort worth at the southwest,believers convention been here all week,i want,southwest believers convention by the by,is kenneth copeland's like convention or,whatever he's been advertising this,convention for who knows how long matter,of fact i actually have an ad from it,that i was going to show at one point,but i never did get around to it look at,this,copeland advertisement for the southwest,believers convention this is from,mid-june 2022 it's bizarre,really,like is this a car commercial or is this,is some believers convention commercial,i don't understand why are we watching a,guy get in a car,release the cruise control,that's kenneth copeland speaking by the,way full throttle with your face,southwest believers convention get there,anyway just a weird commercial honestly,so that's what we're watching right now,we're watching all of that play out,let's keep watching,we've got a special program for you but,you know what you need to do you need to,go share this on all your social media,outlets share flashpoint,if you're watching on youtube live,that's great,but we're not going to be on youtube if,you want to go back and watch it so you,need to go on rumble you need to yeah,these companies tend to,boycott youtube probably not,intentionally i think they would,love to use youtube if they could but,the some of the things that they say are,so extreme,you can't say that on youtube seriously,it's really bad some of it,so anyway that's why they're on rumble,rather than like,youtube or whatever else,you go to,flashpoint to get all our programs but,especially what you need to go do is,sign up to be a part of the flashpoint,army are you guys signed up for the,flashpoint army,all right good,all right so how you do that is you go,,fpsignup and when you do that you'll be,part of the flashpoint army you'll get,special uh videos that we don't show,like stuff behind the scenes with my,guests as well as,as well as all kinds of stuff that,you'll get links to stuff we have so,much video that we don't get a chance to,put on the tv program but you'll be able,to get so much more updates special,merchandise release you're the first one,to know about it so go sign up at go,,fp sign up all right let me introduce,let me get right into the program today,i want to introduce my guest,dog the bounty hunter give him a hand,i'll pass on the giving dog the bounty,hunter a hand part not not a fan of old,dog personally and mike barber mike,barber ministries yeah,i don't know mike barber or his ministry,but this is bound to be entertaining,so all right mike i want to start with,you,let's get a quick update on what god's,doing in the prisons well finally all,the prisoners are back open,and uh which is wonderful news amen,prisons are back open what what is he,talking about where prison's ever closed,maybe i'm just missing contacts that's,possible and uh we're going inside i,just came off of death row again here a,week ago here in texas,and uh what a joy what a privilege,uh that,they call it death row but if you're in,christ we call it life row right amen,and uh just one in why would you call it,life row when people die there i don't,understand,that that's nonsense made after the,other they got a great program there and,the wonderful thing gene about going,into prison,is people will immediately admit that,they got a problem,really and that's more than half the,battle and to go in and share christ,the prison officials,they make the door wide open for us and,other prison ministries that do a great,great job and so,it's a privilege and an honor,to live my life in prison i was just,interviewed here doing a documentary on,my old coach bum phillips right,you know i feel like it's absolutely,disgusting that people,basically take advantage of the prison,population like pastors take advantage,of them to weasel their way into,gaining more converts,when they're at a low point in their,lives,they go there and,take advantage of their vulnerability,it's disgusting honestly,but,something to make note of something,particularly interesting is,the fact that,atheists are such a tiny percentage of,the prison

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Dog 🐕 the bounty hunter's daughter deletes her whole Twitter account

Dog 🐕 the bounty hunter's daughter deletes her whole Twitter account

hello everybody it's keishaku here,welcome to my channel if you're new here,and you like this kind of content please,hit that subscribe button and or the,like or share thank you so much my,babies uh we got a good report this,morning i've been waiting for some new,news to come out it's just been the same,old stuff,um dog the bounty hunter's daughter,lisa chapman deletes her twitter account,after brian lodge research y'all um,i wonder what's up with that anyways,let's just get keep recording uh duhon,chapman better known as dog the bounty,hunter has taken some critical hits,following the involvement of the now,concluded brine laundry manhunt however,throughout the involvement prior to the,discovery of laundry's remains his,daughter lisa chapman remained,supportive of her father's endeavors,she expressed pride in chapman following,the manhunt's conclusion,she previously,updated followers on the bounty hunters,progress prior to his ending they,searched now authorities have officially,concluded the search and work to,identify brian laundry's cause of death,meanwhile it appears the famous bounty,hunter's daughter has,suddenly,deleted her twitter account,you can check out the page here however,y'all don't have the page but you know,go to twitter and look her up if you,want to check it out i i haven't looked,her up but uh,i i don't see it on there,however a message stating this count,doesn't exist will pop up this means she,delete this account and any posters,recent or otherwise will be,undiscoverable,down donald honey hunter surely received,some intense criticism throughout his,search many even suggested his own,investigation simply hindered that of,the fbi and north point florida law,enforcement perhaps the criticism,flooded over his daughter lisa,considering her own involvement with the,investigation regardless,the sudden decision is interesting and,we,promise to update as information comes,forth so we know you will son,look the sun we know you'll be updating,y'all what do y'all think about that hmm,i love dogs though i love thousand,pounds,well now hey i'm not picking i do loves,dog but y'all that is kind of odd isn't,it his daughter went in there and,deleted the whole twitter account i,thought he was hard on the trail,that's what he,i thought i thought he was hard on that,trail that trailer brian launcher you,know regardless of of who who uh doll,catches or don't catch i just love them,they say that's just me though i know,that they probably did you know hinder,but what investigation what was i doing,that's what i want to know what was i,doing for so long i mean my god y'all uh,the parents are the ones that went out,there and discovered the backpack and,everything like that,those people had been out there you know,the uh i like to call them the crooked,the crooked the crooked cops or whatever,you call them out there for uh for how,long for at least you know five to six,weeks i think about five weeks and they,they couldn't find it they that you know,they didn't do anything and then brian,laundry's mom and dad goes out there you,know elderly people it finds more,evidence that that everybody else has,been looking for in almost uh,in about a five week span and that was,out there with dogs and uh land rovers,and uh you know airplanes and drones and,all this other stuff and then you got mr,mr saunders that could walk out there,find everything about and about you know,that the first 30 minutes they're there,but uh anyways you know the whole thing,just that whole other that's a whole,nother situation right there but my god,i don't think he handled it that's my,own my own personal opinion i think that,any help that they could get would uh,was greatly appreciated he put eyes on,the case and had everybody you know,looking uh looking he was he was just,trying to you know do his work that he,was doing but,but on the other hand you know i it puts,more,suspicion,on the family with the daughter deleting,her whole twitter maybe that's some what,she was advised to do maybe she couldn't,mentally you know take the uh,the harassment you know how some people,are that comes up there and they have,uh nothing but you know negative things,to say so i don't think that had nothing,to do with the,the uh her father or anything like that,well it did because you know,i'm talking about in general you know,his reputation but i think this case was,so big,that,you know that everyone that was going up,there and commenting and everything like,that maybe she mentally couldn't handle,it i know i couldn't you know if i i was,uh having to do something that big and,had the uh,the backlash from it i would just have,to say baby i'm out of here for a little,bit delete my camp for a little bit too,but anyways y'all put in y'all's,opinions i love y'all so much please,like and subscribe if you like this kind,of content,and share this if you if you want to,uh thank you so much god bless y'all,much love love from kishiku i love y'all,and uh kishiku signing out

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God Sent Dog The Bounty Hunter To Collect His Bounty?

God Sent Dog The Bounty Hunter To Collect His Bounty?

a while back i talked about our old,buddy kenneth copeland remember him,well apparently he lost his tv show to a,younger cooler televangelist,it was only a matter of time so he,started his own network and on his,network there's a show called flashpoint,and on that show,none other than dog the bounty hunter,made an appearance remember this guy,i'm known for you know taking the bad,guy the devil's heard putting him in the,back of my car,while in custody and pouring jesus down,their throat,why are all these ultra right-wing jesus,freaks orange,i don't understand is it intentional is,it a spray tan type of situation,they certainly have enough money to,afford a real tan from a beach,why go the spray tan route anyways dog,the bounty hunter had some odd to,say to us so let's give it a look,let's get into it,so what is a bounty hunter let me,explain for the people who don't live in,the us,or the people who've never been involved,in the court system before bear in mind,this is information coming from somebody,who lived in west virginia for a good,portion of my life,so it might be slightly different in,other states but this should give you,good enough context to understand what,dog the bounty hunter is talking about,basically when you're accused of a crime,cops pick you up and bring you to jail,they file charges against you and they,schedule something called a preliminary,hearing,how serious the crime is will determine,how long you have to wait if it's a,felony the highest possible crime the,prelim has to be within 10 days of being,charged,legally if it's a misdemeanor they can,basically wait as long as they want,before scheduling the preliminary,hearing usually it's within a couple of,weeks sometimes it's within a day or two,and sometimes it takes six months to a,year,and people do fall through the cracks it,is a problem usually they'll let you out,of jail to await trial on the outside,under certain conditions,this all depends on how serious the,accusations are whether or not they,think you're a flight risk,i.e if the judge believes you'll flee,the state and go off radar or leave the,country or something but usually they'll,set a bail amount for really serious,stuff like murder or something,usually they'll force you to stay in,jail no matter what but in almost every,case,they give you something called a bail,amount so let's say you have somebody,who's been charged with embezzlement,that's a felony one to ten year sentence,the judge will set a bail amount for you,the amount they set,is completely and totally up to the,judge they'll usually set it to,something they think you could make but,just barely so for that charge you can,expect a bale amount of twenty thousand,cash or bond,that means you have to come up with ten,percent of twenty thousand dollars in,cash or,you can provide the deed to a piece of,property that's worth the whole amount,20 000. so in some cases if an addict,gets himself into trouble his parents,will bail him out by putting the deed to,their house up as bond they'll let him,out of jail and if he doesn't show up,for his trial the court system gets to,take ownership of their house,it acts as incentive for the parents to,ensure the person makes it to their,court date,if they don't have parents or friends,who are willing to risk their house then,they have to pay ten percent of that up,front to get out so ten percent of,twenty thousand,is two thousand dollars most people,don't have that kind of money lying,around so they'll call a bail bondsman,in the area the bondsman will put up the,two thousand dollars and get you out so,why would a bondsman even do it what did,they get out of it the bail bondsman,gets two thousand from you,usually on a payment plan over the,course of six months or something and,they get the two thousand dollars back,that they gave to the court to ensure,you'd make it to your court date a,bounty hunter is just a bail bondsman,who's returning fugitives who never made,their court date that's what dog the,bounty hunter is he gets a list of,people from the courts that didn't make,their court date picks out the ones he,thinks would be easiest to track down,finds them and brings him in then the,court system gives him the money they,paid to get out of jail,problem is bounty hunters like this,aren't officers of the court they aren't,police,that means they don't have to respect,your human rights they aren't barred,from entering your house without,permission they don't give a ,they'll bust right in and toss the place,and you can't say a thing about it,because you signed your rights away when,you got bailed out it's a pretty ,up system and it's a system that extreme,right-wing republicans refuse to give up,it allows the richest of the rich to,never spend a day in jail and the poor,to never be able to find a way out of,the system and for the record,dog the bounty hunter got in a lot of,trouble a while back for false,imprisonment and some other big charges,he got the wrong guy and detained him,ag

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