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Celebrities React To DMX Passing Away...dmx passed away a week after suffering,an overdose,r.i.p to

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Celebrities React To DMX Passing Away...

dmx passed away a week after suffering,an overdose,r.i.p to the legend in today's video,i will show you guys some celebrities,reactions to this situation,this is a very sad situation it's crazy,to think that he was only 50 years old,many people in ex's family were at the,hospital over the last week,including his mom fiance and many of his,kids,this is what the family said we,appreciate all the love and support,during this incredibly difficult time,please respect our privacy as we grieve,the loss of our brother,father uncle and the man the world knew,as,dmx we will share information about his,memorial service once details are,finalized,now let's take a look at some of the,celebrities reactions,two chains posted this picture on,instagram with the caption,just woke up to the terrible news this,chick from nyc,moved to my apartment like 9th maybe,10th grade,and put me on x i remember hanging out,with him with luda and how he enjoyed,playing with remote control cars and,airplanes,long live x this is what tory lanez,posted on his instagram,x to think i just saw you bro,we was just in front of jamaica house,laughing and chilling,and what's crazy is i made sure to tell,you how much i appreciated you,and what you mean to us all the flowers,i gave to you that night can never,compare to the impact you have had on so,many lives,including mine we love you ex forever,and it will always be the year of the,dog then a bunch of emojis,the next celebrity that reacted to this,tragic situation was justin bieber,this is what he wrote on an instagram,post rest in paradise my brother,your gift was so obvious to us all thank,you for sharing your gift with,the world you will be missed,the next celebrity that reacted to this,was snoop dogg,let's take a look at what he said what,they thought was a battle,ended up being a family reunion of two,dogs who loved everything about each,other,thank you x for loving me back see you,when i get there,beanie man posted this on his instagram,let me read you guys the caption,my brother this one is hefty,but we are going to stay strong,blessings for the impact,the hard work the friendship and great,music,rest up at dmx now i want to share some,more reactions,with some background music,you

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DMX Dead Rumors On Twitter No Official Announcement

DMX Dead Rumors On Twitter No Official Announcement

it's your boy mr sorry back here with,another video,and now this quick video right now this,is uh,trending on twitter,uh make sure you guys subscribe to my,channel very quick,um this is trending,that's going on right now it's for the,same rp,dmx but there's no official,at all no official hearing no official,reports have been released,at all but this is a trend,right you see me typing in,this is trending right now on twitter,there's no official statement,it's on facebook also no,confirmation by the family at all so,i'm taking this with a grain of salt,right now,you see everybody saying rp right,but there's no official statement at all,you can type it in right now on the,google it says still in the hospital,uh unchanged family facing difficult,decisions,brand activity test reported,no improvement,and,there's no official statement at all,so please please wait to official,statement,it's true you go on cng,no statement,it's all over twitter facebook,right now i can go to uh,everything come up,no confirmation by the family,please please wait until the official,results even one of those right here,town one life even says social media is,mostly trash are here,saying,our pdmx when nothing happened first,year announced,so please remember that do not,believe at the moment,just wait till the family come out,um let me see i'll go to uh,go into the news on google right,because all the instances just from,today,brain function remains unchanged family,faces do uh tough decisions,seven four eight hours ago,and there's no statement at all from the,end,and uh this is crazy as hell if,it's true,it's up on so many levels but you,cannot,officially say at all,and uh also go to the uh,now,the actress this brand name,wrong,type of dmx myself um,there is no official report so please,wait until the first report come out and,if it is,um i'll make another video but at the,moment,i'm taking everything for grain assault,so uh,just wait for the official announcement,please don't read everything you see on,twitter right now,facebook uh,not even no official uh,website uh like,cnn fox or,um high 91 or whatever,no one had not announced,oh the news,so until one of those official uh,news outlets abc while we announce it,then yeah take more of a,heat to announcement but now,um just,then you know what's going on and it's,friendly,let me i'll take you to my uh,let me see,right here training four thousand,three hundred and forty one tweets,that's in rpg damage but there's no,official statement i repeat,no official statement um,until i come back with some more,information,um i'll let y'all know,you're not live support mr sarah signing,out,if it's true rp but we really can't say,because there's no official thing been,out uh your boy i'm so sorry now please,just wait until the lawyer,the family member or anyone,in that account that's the only,statement and where i'm relying on,i'm not believing everything that's on,twitter right now,or um social media,facebook,i'm out peacefully watching be back for,another video

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Patch and Control Fixtures

Patch and Control Fixtures

welcome back to the capture 2019,tutorial series in this episode we're,going to take a look at patching,fixtures and how to control them using,live DMX output from a lighting console,for the purpose i've prepared a small,show file where I have three profiles,rigged on a trust front of house focused,on a piano on the apron of a stage the,first thing we're going to look at is,how to patch the fixtures I have two,methods I want to show you and the first,one is based on drag and drop the first,thing I want to do then is go to the,universes tab and select the DMX,universe that I want to patch the,fixtures to now I can simply select the,fixtures and use the drag and drop,button with a small arrow inside to drag,the fixture onto a DMX channel of choice,as you can see the fixture is now,patched on channel 1 now I can also,select multiple fixtures either by,dragging around the fixtures I want to,patch which means they will be patched,in a left-to-right order or I can select,them manually using shift and clicking,on the fixtures in the order I want to,patch them and then drag them all,together onto the start channel I want,to use now because I selected more than,one fixture at a time here I get some,patch options I would encourage you to,try them out you can create overlapping,patch you can create patch with spacing,between the fixtures but for this,example I'll simply hit patch which,patches them consecutively in the most,common way you would expect now the,other way of patching I wanted to show,you is called sequential patching so,before I do that I'm going to unpatch,the fixtures so I select them,I go to the cogwheel button and I use,the unpatch command which has unpatched,them from the DMX universe now I will,use the sequential patch command now the,same patch options dialog that we saw,before pops up because capture means us,to specify the start address that we,wanted to patch to I'm going to be,patching them on DMX channel one I press,patch and the fixtures are patched,starting on channel 1 onwards on,universe a the next thing I want to show,you is how to control the fixtures using,live DMX output from a lighting console,now you could use virtually any lighting,console for this and most of the,lighting consoles on the market have,offline programmers that you can use and,I will be using LSCs,clarity software as an example in this,tutorial so the first thing I need to,make sure is that in the console I have,a patch that matches the patch in,capture this ensures the DMX values end,up on the right channels and we're,controlling the lights as we're,expecting them to behave my second step,is choosing a method of transferring the,DMX to capture clarity offers two,options artnet and streaming a cm we,tend to recommend streaming AC on over,our net so I will select streaming a cm,go with the default options and now we,can actually see in capture and the,external universe column that it reads,si si n universe 1 so this shows that,capture is now receiving DMX from,clarity so if I go into the programmer,here and move the dimmer levels we can,see the DMX values coming in to capture,and of course if I switch one of the,views,into live mode,the beams visualize as I would expect,when I move the intensity sliders here I,would also like to point out that by,double-clicking on the external universe,property it is possible to override the,default one-to-one patching of universes,so if for whatever reason you have,universe is coming out of the console in,another order then you have in the,capture project this is where you would,go in and adjust that situation but by,default that's not something you need to,to pay any attention to actually so,thanks for watching and see you soon in,the next episode

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Product Spotlight: DMX-AN

Product Spotlight: DMX-AN

hey everybody its Jeff short with,Chauvet DJ and I'm here with Chauvet DJ,product manager Ragland Jones record,how're you doing I'm doing good good,well we're here to talk about the new,DMX a n that's a and as in Nancy which,stands for art net and this is a,converter that's going to make your life,so much easier if you're using lighting,out of larger events and we're going to,explain to you why that is but first,let's talk a little bit about art net,what is art net where the art net is a,ethernet-based protocol it allows you to,transfer a large amount of DMX 512,universe over things that eaten a table,so unlike DMX it's actually a protocol,that carries large amounts of DMX over a,single Ethernet can exactly with one,Ethernet cable you can carry up to 256,DMX universes so essentially this is a,converter right I'm gonna take DMX,signal and converts it to a n artnet,over Ethernet and then can do the,opposite thing as well right exactly so,this is a multi-purpose no Jeff it can,convert artnet and stream in sa CN into,two DMX universes in reverse also you,can take two DMX universe can convert it,into artnet so what kind of controls,will this thing actually work with I,mean if I'm already using something like,an obey 70 or show Express will just,work with those or do I suddenly all of,a sudden have to go and buy new gear to,make this work not at all Jeff so this,will work with any DMX based controller,whether it's an obey or shorts press or,a high-end council it will work with,everything so again the ultimate,inconvenience exactly if I'm using a lot,of lighting on a larger event and I have,multiple universes or even just two,University looks anything wasn't what,right why can't I do what I've been,doing which is go from my computer to,climb using show Express to my show,Express interface and then out to my,first light with DMX or from my,controller to my first light DMX and,daisy-chain from there why why do I need,this now just if you using show Express,one show Express in the state,enables to artnet universes so now,instead of running multiple cables to,your rig all you would need is one,Ethernet cable coming out of your,computer going into your DMX and which,is key for anybody so it's a matter of,keeping things clean easy convenient and,having a lot of power at your fingertips,with the muezzin that K exactly that can,carry a lot of data right now I notice,that this thing has a power in adapter,does it come with the adapter or there,are other ways to power these things,it's battery-powered how does it work,well it does come with a 9 volt power,adapter but it also supports p OE and p,OE basically stands for power over,ethernet which means if you're mounting,your fixture in the Riggin you can you,don't have access to your 911 that way,you can power the unit from the Ethernet,connection excellent so even more,convenient exactly now I know that the,DMX a.n comes with a really cool unique,and helpful feature and that is a,dedicated website a webpage that,connects to the unit when the unit is,connected to your computer where you can,put in your settings how does that work,so the webpage is very simple and easy,to set up and we make sure we did it,that way because people that's going to,be using it it's going to be first-time,users apartment so with the web page as,you can see here it's very,straightforward everything fits on one,page and it gives you access to set your,ports where there's going to be an inn,or an out it gives you access to check,your protocol you want to use artnet or,do you want to use stream in sa CN and,it also gives you the option to choose,what universe you want to set your your,ports on so if I connect this to my,computer those settings that I put into,this webpage will communicate with the,unit and make those settings within the,unit through a dedicated IP address,exactly ok and we see that the unit's,ship with a unique IP address on them,but you would enter into the web page,that they can communicate exactly,excellent so there's one more thing I,want you to know about the webpage,different when it comes to setting your,universes with most artnet based,software you have to calculate your net,and your subnet to get your desired,universe,with our webpage we made that very,simple all that calculation is done in,the background so if you want to set,your universe to 100 all you have to do,is type in 100 and all the calculation,is done for you in the background so no,math necessary on old madness much like,show Express does a lot of work in terms,of figuring out the channel modes and,the addressing options kind of does it,for you automatically so you can take,that guesswork out in the same sense you,so it's it's all about convenience and,power the new DMX a.n from chauvet DJ,Raglan thanks so much for taking us,through this I know that we're going to,be talking more about this unit talking,more about artnet in future videos but,for now thank you sir and thank you for,watching and we'll see you right h

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The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see

The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see

The Illuminati’s that shadowy cabal that controls the entire world and ensures free,will is an illusion. They’ve got a big Facebook page,,Celebrities like Jay-Z are accused of being members,,and there are weird YouTubers like this guy.,"They had weirdos standing up everywhere, and then Beyonce--show a document of this if you can. She does the Illuminati symbol.",But what about the real history of the Illuminati and how it became what it is today?,This is Bavaria, and in 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a law professor,,founded the Illuminati. It’s real. He wanted to spread enlightenment ideals around,the world. The goal was to infiltrate the monarchy and,make them more enlightened by entering their ranks.,Even though they were so high-minded, they had weird rituals.,See these owls? The Illuminati really loved them.,And they had invented hierarchies like Novice, Minerval, and Illuminated.,Even though they were weird, they did have some success around the world.,Anywhere from 650 to 2800 members infiltrated Freemason chapters,,may have had influential members like the writer Goethe,,and even might have influenced the Jacobins, the political club that spurred the French,revolution to its most radical heights.,But they were destroyed in 1785. This is Karl Theodor — the Duke of Bavaria,— and that year he banned secret societies. That included the Illuminati.,Most historians think that it worked and the Illuminati disappeared.,But if that’s true, then why do we still think that Drake’s Illuminati today just,because he wears owl sweaters?,Since the beginning, conspiracy theories have been part of the Illuminati.,This guy, Xavier von Zwack, actually did have plans to take over the world that were found,after the Illuminati was banned. American historians and preachers thought,the Illuminati planted some seeds for the French Revolution and,George Washington even wrote a letter that claimed the Illuminati had once been,a threat. But the Illuminati lost the limelight thanks,to the Freemasons. This is George Washington as a Freemason,,and a lot of founding fathers really were Freemasons. That inspired the anti-Masonic,party. It was a legitimate movement with big names,like John Quincy Adams, and the Illuminati paranoia faded around the world.,So how did the myth stay alive?,There were always random books, like this one from 1918, or book reviews,that mentioned the Illuminati. But most people think the Illuminatus book,trilogy of the 1970s deserves credit for bringing the Illuminati,back. It might also be why weird secret symbols like these pyramids and triangles are associated,with the Illuminati. It was a funny series and gave new life to,the conspiracy for an ironic, connected age. They were an evil organization bent on ruling,the world, sure, but they were also kind of funny.,The Illuminati was vague enough to be refit to any purpose, from,the new world order to religious paranoia,,to pop culture curio like Angels & Demons. It became a joke.,But you might believe that's what the Illuminati wants you to think,if you noticed the 14 evil yellow triangles of power hidden inside this video.,The Illuminati only really endures because it’s disappeared and can look like anything.,There’s nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.,Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati.,So this is my humble little crazy wall and one of the disadvantages of a crazy wall is,that things aren’t as legible as you’d like them to be. That includes this letter,by George Washington. However, the Library of Congress does tell us what it says, and,it says, “It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrines of the Illuminati and principles,of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States.” So he thought the Illuminati didn’t,make it in the United States, so you can rest assured, but, they were a threat.

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R I PP DMX Takes Over Trending Twitter List!! #Blazyn #Podcast #DMX #TRENDING #ruffryders #eve

R I PP DMX Takes Over Trending Twitter List!! #Blazyn #Podcast #DMX #TRENDING #ruffryders #eve

anything,that you might need,what's up,smelling ,is,know what to yeah,all right welcome back everybody so,right now,it is trending and the last time i,checked it was actually trending,in eight different spots rest in peace,dmx,dmx damn dmx things of that effect,so they're saying that dmx is um no,longer with us,let me go back to tmz and,see if anything is updated because,i wasn't going to go live until like,tmz had posted something,but it's trending so much on twitter,right now it's like,what's going on does someone have some,inside information,there's someone at the hospital talk,like there's dmx here is he not here,all right so let's see,so now the people um,the source deleted the original when,you're speaking,when you're so i can't confirm that so,let me not,so we don't take a over to twitter,because,like there's some action on twitter,let's take this over to twitter right,now,so jesse will say did tmz confirm it,um i've been on tmz i'm gonna refresh,again for you guys,so let's say just posted something as,far as i see,they posted about dmx at 11 44 am,let me um maybe go to the home page i,don't know,so,okay let's go to tmz on twitter let's do,that,so 42 seconds ago patrick mahomes,50 minutes ago tiger came 25 minutes ago,cs madison demi lovato,i don't see,where tmz confirmed this at,besides a retweet of their previous,posts,i'm not seeing where tmz confirmed this,but let's see here,the source was lunelle and she has sent,deleted posts,hmm,miss says so it's only true,if tmz confirms it,no but tmz has been very very credible,and they know are more reliable than not,so yeah,people tend to um you know,rely on tmz,which,so yeah no one's actually has confirmed,that,no dmx isn't here they said that lunell,made a tweet,or something our close family friend,made his,opposed about you know him being,not unresponsive and in a better state,of state and,organ failure but no one has actually,confirmed,so,let me go back to tmz,still no updates on tmz,let's go to,our trending list,so you can see trending number one,in the united states is rest in peace,dmx,um trending at number five,damn dmx,at number seven not dmx,number 11 rest in power dmx,uh number 13 damn x,damn damn damn once again this has not,been confirmed by anyone,14 rough writers,so i said he has taken over the trending,list,on twitter,um we are dark in hell is hot at 18.,rest in paradise dmx at 19. i mean it,just goes on and on and on,let's see if we got any updates,so,so still no update from tmz,i mean i mean who else would have this,who else would be able to break the,story like who would the family go to,um i just don't know,this is a mess,this is just a mess,so someone else is saying that lunell,was one was the one who posted about,dmx being gone on on instagram,and this is the post,so,um,so,i mean i'm gonna go ahead and check tmz,again i just don't see anyone confirming,that he has actually passed away,okay hold on we got dj vlad hold on,hey chocolate drop what's up redfield,so it says dmx i said this earlier,already but yeah,suffering organ failure um but still on,life support and whatnot,so,huh what we got here,hey brittany what's going on here,hey y'all's wife,let's see,all right but so that wasn't really,anything because i already said that,earlier that you know,he had organ failure,you know mr marcus,this is why y'all can't y'all can't,speak so fast sometimes because,these um these situations haven't always,played out completely,chat,what was it doing hold on,what's saint page,um people are saying that lunell is the,one that,started it on instagram,but i don't know all i know is that i,got on twitter,and i saw all these trending hashtags,about dmx being dead,now no one no i don't want anyone to be,triggered,however my title does not say that dmx,is dead,it says rip dmx takes over trending,twitter list,i never said he was dead so i don't want,anyone to be triggered or anything,like that,because i even before i went live i told,her i said well tmz hasn't confirmed,this i don't want to go live just yet,but he was like taking over the whole,trending list i thought well let me say,something about it at least,let me go back to tmz,still nothing,right that's rude that's suspicious,how you gonna say recipes when they say,brain dead that doesn't mean he's dead,i mean i don't know who like because no,somebody goes gonna go,call tmz up and be like yeah,he's gone on i mean i don't want to say,that but like if that was to happen,someone's going to somebody's going to,call tmz,someone's going to call harvey,we're going to ring them up it's going,to be a,one decent y'all know it's always a,messy a messy,hospital staff member nurse or something,doctor,will have the phone to snap a picture,it always happens it always happens,but besides that i don't know who the,family will go to,to release the information maybe they,can go through their lawyer,just put out um a general statement,no dolly dolly no no,hey monitor dolly no,britney not at the hospital not at the,hosp

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Disturbing Details Found In Kobe Bryant's Autopsy

Disturbing Details Found In Kobe Bryant's Autopsy

Kobe Bryant's death shocked the world, leaving fans confused and crushed.,Have we learned anything new about the circumstances since that tragic day?,Here's what we know.,When people think of the legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant, they think of an incredible,competitor on the basketball court who gave his all in every game.,There was no such thing as a game being out of reach for his team.,He was known for being able to will the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom he played his entire,career, to heart-stopping, come-from-behind wins, and his single-minded competitiveness,earned him the nickname, "Black Mamba.",He won five NBA titles with the Lakers.,"We're going to get another one next year, again!,Back to back to back!",He retired in 2016, and it looked like he was content to spend time with his wife Vanessa,and their four children.,For all the other things that could be said about a complicated man, there has never been,any doubt that Bryant loved his family very much.,Then, life, as it often does, changed in an unexpected way.,When Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020,,it became one of those "Where were you when you heard" moments.,According to USA Today, Bryant, who was 41, was taking Gianna, 13, to her youth basketball,game at his Mamba Sports Academy.,Like her father, Gianna had been a standout player.,The sudden loss of the basketball icon and his young teen daughter was hard for many,to process.,Then the public had to anxiously wait for the autopsy results.,According to The Sporting News, the salient point that was highlighted in the coroner's,report offers some small comfort: Everyone on the helicopter most likely died instantly,upon impact.,There were disturbing things about what happened to them post-impact, but that was to be expected,in a crash that saw the vehicle traveling at 184 mph when it hit the ground, according,to AP News.,Officially, per the coroner's office, all nine aboard died of blunt force trauma.,There were severe burns that delayed identification, but those mercifully occurred after those,passengers had died.,Kobe's tattoos were instrumental in making that official identification.,The pilot, Ara Zobayan, was experienced.,Nevertheless, he made a grievous error in judgment in foggy conditions, and the result,was fatal for all involved.,The National Transportation Safety Board said that the probable cause was:," the pilot's decision to continue flight under visual flight rules into instrumental,meteorological conditions, which resulted in the pilot's spatial disorientation and,loss of control.",They said there was nothing that went wrong with the helicopter itself.,There were no illegal drugs found in the pilot’s system.,The event is simply a cruel reminder of how drastic an impact small choices can have for,any of us.,Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa, settled a lawsuit with the pilot’s estate and the company,that owned the helicopter in June 2021, according to AP News.,She also filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County over the decision by some officials,present at the crash site to take photos of the victims and later leak them online.,That lawsuit is still pending as of the making of this video.,Kobe Bryant was far from the only athlete to tragically die in a helicopter or plane,crash.,The list, which spans decades, includes boxing legend Rocky Marciano, baseball Hall of Famers,Roberto Clemente and Roy Halladay, New York Yankee captain Thurman Munson and pitcher,Cory Lidle, and golfer Payne Stewart.,All of them joined a group of people whose lives were cut way too short.,While air travel is generally safe in the hands of experienced people, there is always,the risk that something could happen, whether with the weather or machine malfunction and,,unfortunately, Bryant and his daughter were in the wrong place at the wrong time.,Constant travel is both a perk and a pain to professional athletes.,And though Bryant had retired, he nevertheless had the means to make a cross-county trip,that would have otherwise been arduous in Los Angeles' notoriously bad traffic a little,easier on himself, his daughter, and their guests.,In the days following the crash, some offered pushback on the star's decision to fly that,day, but the reality is that Bryant could simply afford to do it.,His autopsy revealed nothing more in his system than Ritalin, a common medication typically,prescribed for ADHD, according to ABC News.,His judgment wasn't clouded.,For an athlete of his stature, taking a short flight that day was a logical decision — even,if we can never make sense of the tragedy.,Instead, we mourn the lives cut short — Kobe's, Gianna's, and those of the seven others who,perished alongside them — and wonder what they would have been able to accomplish going,forward.,No autopsy report can change that.

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