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Setup Automatic Twitter Feed on Discord.. (2022!)by the end of this video you'll know how,to add an


Updated on Jan 14,2023

Setup Automatic Twitter Feed on Discord.. (2022!)

by the end of this video you'll know how,to add an automatic Twitter feed into,your Discord server to either post yours,or someone else's tweets and not have to,pay a single dime and on top of that you,pretty much get free custom branding but,I'll explain that a little later so,firstly you want to go to,or click the link in the description and,it should take you to a page like this,you want to click invite to server on,the top right and then make sure you're,signed into the right Discord account,you then want to click the drop down and,then select the server you want to add,this Twitter feed to ensure all of these,permissions are ticked and then click,authorize and obviously do the Bots,verification and you should then have,the bot in your Discord server the next,step is creating the channel and setting,up the permissions so to do that you,want to hop over to your Discord you,want to click the plus by the category,here you want to select text Channel and,then you want to type it and give it a,name so either Twitter Twitter feed or,social feed whatever you want to call it,you then want to click create channel at,the bottom there and once you've created,it you want to right click edit the,channel go to permissions and make it so,that everyone cannot send messages in,the channel but they should be able to,view the channel and read the message,history so once you've done that,obviously click save changes we then,want to hop back over to tweet shift and,click the dashboard on the top right you,may be asked to authorize your Discord,account it's nothing major just click,authorize and you should then see a list,of all the servers that you're in the,servers highlighted in blue are the ones,with the bot already in so you find the,server you want to add this Twitter feed,to and once you do that you should have,a list of four different options,overview Twitter feed statistics and,premium click Twitter feeds and sign,into your Twitter account by clicking,login and then authorizing the app and,once you click that you'll see it's like,a whole little list of steps which we,have to complete to be able to add this,Twitter feed in but first a quick,mention of today's sponsor whop whop is,a platform which allows anyone to,generate revenue from their Discord,community and it's a really simple,process you can sell full access to a,server or specific roles and memberships,to gatekeep channels and list it using,their Online Marketplace so users can,discover your community not lots of,people are willing to pay for exclusive,access and support relating to the topic,of your Discord server so it's really a,no-brainer one thing I love about warp,is that they only take a three percent,cut and like other services which take,eight to twelve percent meaning you can,keep a lot more of what you earn so sign,up using the link in the description,below to join the thousands already,earning from their community so the,first one is the Twitter handle if you,aren't familiar with what that is if you,go to Twitter you can see it on any,person's profile with the at symbol next,to it or if you're on the web version if,you have the profile open you should see,it in the URL you want to copy that and,put it into that box and the second one,is selecting the channel you click the,drop down select Twitter or whatever you,call this channel we made previously and,for what type of tweet should be posted,it's really up to you I tend to just do,the retweets and quote tweets but you,might have all three of these selected,it just depends how active the account,is then you want to select how the Tweet,should be displayed personally I always,have it as show embed and hyperlink and,use tweet shift powered embeds you can,obviously display play it however you,want and you can click examples here and,you can see a list of different ones,that you can present it but I just think,that looks the best so that's the one,I'm going to be using and finally you,can choose whether or not you want users,to be pinged every time a tweet is,posted personally I don't have a ping,but it depends on the amount you ping,along with the importance of the tweets,being posted by the accounts once you're,happy with all of that click Start and,you should notice it appear underneath,the your feeds section at the bottom,finally some important details to take,notes it does take a couple of hours,before the account is connected to the,bot so give it two hours then just try,it and it should automatically post and,it takes normally about 60 seconds with,the free plan obviously you can upgrade,using the premium version and you can,obviously add more than 40 accounts if,you're that crazy I don't know how many,different Twitter accounts you want to,have added to this thing but for the,custom branding it pretty much does look,like a custom bot the only difference is,you've got tweet shift in the name it,looks a lot better than rather than,using like Sapphire or me 6 which sense,from their

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How to Automatically Post Tweets to Your Discord Server! 2021 Updated

How to Automatically Post Tweets to Your Discord Server! 2021 Updated

if you've been on my server or any other server  you probably might have come across these things  ,these channels that automatically post tweets from  a twitter account this is really handy for those  ,who might not have a twitter account or just don't  bother themselves opening twitter and today i'll  ,show you exactly how you can make this amazing  webhook that automatically posts the latest  ,tweets from any twitter account in existence  it doesn't have to be yours before we get into  ,that make sure to join my discord server that  is linked down in the description also if this  ,video ends up being helpful i highly recommend  subscribing it's free and you'll always be greeted  ,with amazing discord videos every week with that  out of the way let's get straight into the video,alright so i have my test server right here with a  fresh channel called tweets i want the tweets from  ,my twitter account to be posted on this channel  automatically how do i do that well let me show  ,you first you have to make a web hook it's really  simple i'll go into channel settings of hashtag  ,tweets channel and click on integrations next  thing you want to do is click on create webhook  ,now you can set the name and profile picture  of this webhook however you like it's totally  ,up to you i'm just going to use this copy your  webhook url because you're gonna need it later,now the next part you have to come to this  website called create an account  ,you can do so by typing your email here or just  logging in with google which is what i'm gonna do,then you want to come to the home page  you might not see any applets here  ,right now this one is for my server I'm gonna  create another one by the way IFTTT stands for  ,if this then that pretty cool right click on add and search for twitter,click on the twitter icon,then you want to find this card where  it says new tweet by specific user  ,click on that card and you should see this here  you want to type the username of the account that  ,you want the webhook to send the tweets of for  me it's rooney2021 please follow next click on  ,create now click on then that this time you want  to search webhooks and click on the webhook card,then click make a web request,now paste the webhook url that you copied  previously by the way don't even try using  ,this webhook link for spamming i'm going to  delete this as soon as the video goes live  ,for the method click on post and for the  content type select application json and  ,for this body part i have something for you  in the description of this video paste this  ,on the body field here you want to change rooney  2021 to your username after that you can click  ,create action it should take you here as you can  see it's saying if need to read by specific user  ,make a webhook request now you can click continue  and click finish and that's pretty much it keep  ,in mind that it's not instant meaning if you're  using the free version it can take minutes or  ,even hours sometimes very rarely though to post  it on the channel which isn't a deal breaker  ,because come on this thing is beautiful  and it really makes your server more pretty,alright guys that's pretty much it for today if  this was helpful leave a like and make sure to  ,tell me what videos should i make in the comments  below with that i'll see you on my next video you

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Post Tweets to Discord Automatically (Better than IFTTT)

Post Tweets to Discord Automatically (Better than IFTTT)

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can run a twitter feed on your,discord server this setup that we're,going to do is going to allow you to,have all the tweets from all the,accounts you want to follow posted on,your discord server automatically and,yeah this one will allow you to ping a,role whenever your tweets are posted not,only ping a role but your members can,also like and retweet them without,leaving your discord server this this,bot is dope for this we're gonna be,using this bot called tweet shift and,keep watching so that you can see all it,does and thank you very much to tweet,shift for sponsoring this video i really,appreciate you guys let's start with the,tutorial the first thing that we need to,do is actually have the bot in the,server of course so let's go to,,once we're on the site we have this,button right here so you just click,invite to server we're gonna get this,little screen we click here select a,server then we select our server and,then we click continue then we're gonna,have all this stuff which is totally,fine we click authorize,i guess i'm a human,and voila server added you may now,return to discord all right i'll do as,you say so as you can see we have the,tweet shift bot in a server the next,thing that we're going to do is create a,channel where we're going to have all,the tweets tweets,all right so yeah so we have this,channel called tweets and that's where,all our tweets are gonna come to and,just so you know all the steps are the,same on your phone if you're doing it on,mobile so now the one thing that we're,missing right now are the tweets so as,you can see it's empty let's go ahead,and get some tweets in here what we need,to do now is follow some twitter,accounts so that we can get those tweets,rolling there are two ways of following,an account we can do it through slash,commands and we can do it through the,dashboard but i would like to show you,through the dashboard first because it's,easier to explain the different settings,so let's go back to the dashboard here,we have dashboard server added right,authorize that's like to log in with,your discord account and here we have,the list of servers that we have with,the bot so tell me about server i'm,going to click on that and here's where,we're going to set up the twitter feeds,so we can go straight to twitter feeds,right here on the left and here's where,we're gonna type in the accounts for us,to follow let me find an account real,quick so i'm gonna do this account that,i own so that we can test i'm gonna copy,the username and i'm gonna go back to,tweet shift right here i'm going to,paste the username and we're going to,select the channel where we want the,tweets to be posted so i want it on,tweets and i'm going to leave these,blank because i'm going to come back to,them in a second so i'm going to click,start and basically that is it that's,all we need to follow an account let's,go to the discord channel disco channel,is empty now let's go to twitter and i'm,gonna post something,now let's go back to discord and wait,for it to happen nice there we have it,it took around 10 seconds but just,notice that i followed the account on,the dashboard and then i went and posted,a tweet like 15 seconds right after so,it didn't send the tweet right away,apparently just like didn't recognize it,because it takes some time for these,settings to take place in their servers,so i send it to it a second time and,when i did then it took like around 10,seconds for it to arrive so then we have,the tweet we have the text included in,the tweet the name of the account and,the tweet shift um name on it so let's,go back and tweak these settings let's,go to the dashboard and now we have the,accounts right here we go on twitter,feeds and then we scroll down and we,have all the accounts that we're,following so let's go ahead and click,this edit flags so that we can change,some settings here include retweets if,the account retweets a tweet then that,is sent to the discord server as well so,i'm gonna include it so i can show you,later this one include a link slash,embed the tweet,i feel like i have to show you this one,because when i first started using,discord it took me some time to learn,what it was so i'm going to turn it on,and let me show you how it looks,so this is what it does instead of,sending actually the text of the tweet,it just makes it in this little square,you see that square that's called,embedding and that is generated,automatically by the link of the tweet,like if i were to copy the link right if,i just copy and then paste,another one of those is going to be,generated you see so this is the,embedding of the link when a tweet has,like an image or a video it looks pretty,cool so i recommend you to always turn,that on so that's what the embed of the,tweet looks like so include the tweet,text followed by a link is basically,include the text and then also include,the tweet so by default all the tweets,that are sent to your

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DISCORD SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS Feed BOT Tutorial (Twitter, YouTube, ...)

DISCORD SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS Feed BOT Tutorial (Twitter, YouTube, ...)

im heutigen video zeige ich euch wie ihr  vollautomatische social media verknüpfungen  ,für euren diskurs über erstellen könnt damit  wir in euren neuesten aktivitäten in von  ,youtube twitter in sandwich und auch viel anderen  plattformen automatisch in disco gesendet und ihr  ,müsst euch um rein gar nichts mehr selbst kümmern  schickt unbedingt meinen beenden und das können  ,wir aus erster link in der beschreibung weitere  coole video den in die kommentare let's go damit  ,wir die neuesten neuigkeiten von unserem social  media kanälen wie zum beispiel von twitter oder  ,youtube retten können wirst du zum nächsten mal  dahin gehen wo wir das ganze machen wollen ich  ,bin jetzt zum beispiel auf einem kleinen test  server drauf und hier seht ihr dann habe ich  ,ihren youtube twitter tweet als erstes mal mich  sagen connecten wir einen youtube hit dafür gehen  ,wir mit einem rechtsklick innkanal bearbeiten  und kreieren auf integrationen und hier auf  ,web erstellen das ganze ist der account der uns  neuesten 43 cent wird und dem gehen jetzt einfach  ,namens einfach mal youtube news dem ganzen kerner  um profil geben ich empfehle ich immer dass ich  ,einfach immer das logo von dem platz vorm nehmen  wir beispielsweise nämlich einfach manche dieses  ,youtube logo ganze jetzt hier hochgeladen habe  natürlich hier facebook url kopieren denn das ist  ,ganz wichtig in dem brauchen wir nachher im netz  schritt gehen wir sind unseren internet browser  ,und gehen auf die webseite wenn jetzt hier  an gelangen zeit noch keine kontakte von nicht mal  ,jetzt stark ausgehe dann sage ich hier auf dieser  website und hier müsst euch jetzt einen account  ,erstellen das ganze wirklich kostenlos und es  von euch werden nicht viele daten gesammelt  ,dann klicken hier auf get started und hier könnte  rein theoretisch wenn google konto habe ich ein  ,google-konto anmelden das habe ich auch getan denn  es spart durch das ganze mit account erstellen und  ,e mail verifizieren es geht einfach auf google  und melde ich hier euer google-konto aus das  ,getan habe bis hier noch ziemlich leer aus dem ich  habe jetzt hier schon ein paar sachen gemacht was  ,wir für jedes tier machen müssen ist wegklicken  auf creates und jetzt kommen ja auch schon zur  ,funktionsweise einer ftt und zwar heißt das ganze  ist es denn dafür stehen die 3ds im namen und das  ,ef bedeutet wir dringend eine aktion und auf  die folge eine reaktion was muss passieren ganz  ,einfach jemand muss ein youtube-video posten  dass wir weitermachen wollen dass er klickt  ,hier auf add und suchen nach youtube denn damit  die aktion getriggert werden soll soll ja ein  ,youtube hochgeladen werden jetzt hier auf dem  jupiter bildern ein bestimmter nutzer soll ja  ,ein neues video post wird sich hier noch mal  mit eurem google bzw youtube account anmelden  ,und jetzt müssen wir jede channel angeben und zu  muss jetzt hier ganz wichtig keinen namen angeben  ,sollen die channel id wir wollen wir uns das  ganze ganz einfach wir gehen jetzt hier erstmal  ,auf und sony nach irgendeinem kanal  wo wir das ganze machen wollen 14 main kanal ein  ,zum beispiel treffer danke ich hier auf meinen  kanal drauf und wollen jetzt hier zum beispiel  ,unserem eigenen kanal sind wir einfach auf kanal  anpassen klicken und sie jetzt hier diesen url  ,und in diesem url hier was hier steht ist eure  kanal id ihr müsst euch kopieren wenn er jetzt  ,aus stattdessen eine id von einem x-beliebigen  anderen stellen haben wollte die nicht kennt da  ,geht einfach auf die seite des kanals und habt  hier oben auch wie er den url und wen kopiert  ,euch jetzt hier einfach raus und dann könnte ich  hier einfach jetzt in diesem fall hier die er  ,die anfügen um den trigger zu der application  mit immer dann ausgelöst wenn ein neues video  ,von dem kanal spray hochgeladen wird bei den  wettkämpfen ist eine reaktion hinzufügen und  ,wir wollen ja auf ein web book auf einen disco  weblog zu greifen dass wir wollen erstellt haben  ,also gehen wir hierbei kein kommt ihr glück  dass hier das klingt mir hier auf make web  ,requests amerika andere möglichkeit und hier  ist es dieses feld url und hier müssen wieder  ,zurück es gehört uns diesen web gl kopieren  und den hier einfügen beim tode klicken wir  ,auf posten wir wollen dass der board also dass  wir probiert das poster und jetzt gehen wir hier  ,runter gehen das feld hier mit dischl hackers das  könnt ihr euch so gut wie ignorieren die funktion  ,gibt es auch noch gar nicht so lang in fdt weiß  jetzt macht sich geht in die video bestellungen  ,von diesem video damit dieser text sein könnte  hier raus kopieren den kopiert euch jetzt hier  ,einfach raus und fügt den hier ein das passiert  hier sitzen so genannte variablen die wird dann  ,quasi ftd automatisch für uns ausfüllen ihr  könnt hier mit dem format das er dem ganzen  ,gibt ein bisschen herum experimentieren wenn ihr  wollt könnt ihr also quasi wie auf dem server hier  ,ein custom text d

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How to Automatically Post Tweets to Discord - UPDATED

How to Automatically Post Tweets to Discord - UPDATED

yo what's up guys Andy here back another,video and today I'm going to show you,how to automatically post tweets from,any account into your discord server ok,so here we are on my discord server you,guys can join this if you want I'll link,it down in the description a lot of,people ask about my previous video on,how to do this exact thing some people,say that it's not working but for me,it's the exact same you can see I just,set up this one for brawl stars and it's,printing tweets,you know whenever brawl stars makes a,tweet it will automatically post here in,the discord server I have the same thing,set up for fortnight as well you can see,that one is working too so what we're,gonna do is I'm going to start fresh and,I will show you exactly how to set this,up so it automatically posts tweets from,any account into your discord server,okay so the first thing that you want to,do is come to,and then you can go to my applet that is,going to show your applets right here so,you can see I have the one from,four-night set up we're gonna go ahead,and go to create so if you want to click,right here then you can go to Twitter,you want new tweet by specific user then,you want to type in the username so I'm,gonna do Brawl stars then you tap create,trigger and you want to click on that,and you want to do web hooks,you can click this now we need the URL,so you want to come to the specific,channel that you want this posted in so,I want mine in Brawl stars I don't want,to click the Settings icon right here,you want to come to web hooks then we,want to click create web hook you can,name this whatever you want I'm gonna,name it brawl tweets you can upload an,image if you want you can also select,the channel here but we're already on,brawl stars never want to copy this so,copy this webhook URL right there and,come back to this I'm gonna paste that,for method we want post then we want,application JSON for content type then,for the body I'm gonna post this down in,the description you just want to copy,and paste this right here then you can,switch this at to whatever game you want,so we can do for all stars I think you,can make this portion say whatever you,want I'm not sure about that then we,just click create an action it's gonna,give us this then we just click finish,we made a new connection so we can go to,my applets again,you can see that I now have two of these,set up one for all stars one for for,night game so now it should be working,you guys gonna join the discord server,if you have any questions basically now,it's just gonna auto post all new tweets,from brawl stars you can see that the,brawls are sweet at 9:03 a.m. and it,posted it at 909 a.m. so there's a,little bit of delay I'm guessing that's,because just not like pinging constantly,to see if there's new updates does it,like once every 10 minutes or so but,that's how you set it up all you need is,a discord server and an IFTTT account,you're just gonna create an applet that,automatically does it hope you guys,found this video helpful be sure to drop,a comment down below if you have any,questions I'll try and answer those like,and subscribe if you want to see more,videos like this one thank you guys for,watching I'll catch you in the next one,okay,Oh

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How to Connect Twitter with Discord - Easy Integration Tutorial

How to Connect Twitter with Discord - Easy Integration Tutorial

what I want to do today is connect our,Twitter and Discord apps so that,whenever a specific user tweets on,Twitter it'll automatically be posted,onto our selected Discord Channel,zapier is a no code tool making it,easier for anyone to automate workflows,across 5000 plus apps if you don't have,an account there's a link in the,description for a free two-week trial so,you can try it risk Freight let's dive,in in order to get started with this,workflow I'll need to create a zap by,clicking the button on the left hand,side of the screen,because I want a specific user's tweet,to trigger a message in Discord I'll,need to use Twitter as my trigger I can,find the app by typing it into the,search bar and clicking below,the trigger screen will then pop up I,should click user tweet as my event and,then click continue,setting this as a trigger means that,anytime Twitter sees a new uploaded,tweet from our chosen User it's going to,run this workflow,the first time we set up a trigger we'll,need to authenticate it with zapier,a link will pop up for you to log into,your Twitter account,don't worry it's totally safe because,zapier uses bank level encryption,I'll put a link to zapier's security and,Trust page in the description as well,in order to finish setting up this,trigger we'll need to pull in some,example data,we should pick the username of the,person's tweet that we want to show up,in the Discord before we test this,trigger,I want everyone in my Discord channel to,see whenever zapier sends a tweet so,I'll type that into the username bar,before clicking continue and then,pressing test trigger,you're all set with the first step,click continue and we can start creating,our action,type in Discord into the search bar and,select it on the drop down menu next,click Send Channel message and click,continue,from there I can select our account and,authenticate Discord with zapier just,like I did with my Twitter account click,continue and it's time to assign our,trigger apps data into the action apps,field,first pick the Discord Channel you want,your Instagram post to be uploaded to,I'm going to put mine in the channel,labeled General next under the message,text I'm going to put a custom message,I'll click username from the drop down,menu then type just posted a tweet check,it out,then I'll click Text under the drop down,menu I don't want to Ping any one,Discord when a post appears so I'm going,to click false under the Ping username,role and everyone mentions I also don't,want text to speech enabled so I'll,click false,lastly I'm going to name my bot tweetbot,then click continue,next click test and review and I should,be all set,yep there it is,this is ready to turn on,now anytime a tweet is posted from,whichever Twitter account we have,selected a channel message will be sent,out in Discord,I hope this was a helpful demo,zapier can do so much more with these,two apps and thousands of others,check zapier out there's a free trial,click the link in the description

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Creating A Discord Twitter V2 Streaming Bot In Node.js

Creating A Discord Twitter V2 Streaming Bot In Node.js

recording started what up everyone it's,your boy jerome parker aka master shake,and today finally upgrading the discord,twitter,bot using,the upgraded version of discord js and,uh the twitter v2 api,so,uh i know that since twitter has updated,its stuff that the bot has broke a lot,of you all have been blowing me up and i,finally got around to doing it so this,is going to be real quick if you um if,you have followed the old code you're,only making a couple updates to make it,compliant so let's go ahead and get into,it,before we get started like to remind,everyone to please hit that like button,hit that subscribe button and if you are,not a patron on patreon please consider,being one not only do you help fund,coding classes for youth here in the,louisville kentucky area but you also,get behind the scenes,uh videos and insights into this co-life,brand that i have,um and of course this video is being,recorded on the j compsolute screen,recorder app uh j computer solutions is,my company that i own and you can go to, and use,the screen recorder pro for yourself,all right so,first thing we're going to do we got the,discord twitter bite,if you do not have the source code i'll,put a link to the github in the,description,so first thing we're going to do is,we're going to open up the package.json,and then we're going to change our,dependencies we're going to uh upgrade,discord.js to use 13.8.1,we're going to get rid of the twit,dependency and replace it with the,twitter v2,dependency and then we'll keep enb the,same,so then we'll head over to main.js,and we switched some things around so,you know,got rid of the twit uh required twit and,use twitter v2,and then discord now you have to give,intense when you um,when you start a twitter client,so using 10 20 48,um,when we initialize the twitter we're,only going to use the bearer token so i,went ahead and commented out all the,consumer key and all that good stuff,made a function called uh,send message,and what this is going to do is it's,going to handle the,it's going to handle sending the,messages and,honestly if you've seen the o code i,just i just took,the function out and put it into a uh,into a into a method,um,we grab the url from the tweet get tweet,id,and send it out on the discord,and then i have a listener method called,listen forever,which takes the stream factory which is,going to be the uh twitter stream and,it's going to take a data consumer which,is a a callback function that we give to,it,so,uh for all the data in the factory we're,going to call the the callback,and then,if it's been closed then we reconnect,that's essentially it,we also have a function called setup and,it's going to do all of the uh setup,code for for twitter,so you see we have these endpoint,parameters and it's basically saying,that when we get the tweet object back,we want it to show,the author id the conversation id um,the reference tweets in any media url,fields,i really just for this i'm just gonna,grab the idea of the tweet but it's,showing you that you know with uh with,twitter rules and stuff you can,um tell it what you want to grab back,so you see we make a post to tweet,search stream rules so with the new,twitter api before you can get a stream,you have to give it a set of rules that,is going to return in that stream,so,we only want,uh,tweets that come from,whatever username you give it so in this,case i'm gonna have it come all tweets,from jerome parker,once we get those rules then we can call,the,uh,the stream tweet search stream endpoint,pass in our endpoint parameters,and then um,and then we're calling all this in the,listen forever function then we pass in,the data call back so we get the data,we're gonna pass in we're gonna send a,message to the client,finally,we log in using discord,and then when the discord client is,ready we call our setup,and uh that's pretty much it so,two things you have to be running node,uh 16 npm 7 7 for this to work otherwise,it's going to crash,let's head over cd,programs,we're going to discord twitter by,go ahead and open up discord,let's go to,twitter,all right let's run it,node,main.js,mvmu16,no,there we go so i'm using nvm make sure,you use version 16. see we got set up,twitter i've already created that rule,so it's going to say duplicate rule but,that's fine so let's head over to,twitter,how is,everyone doing today,we're gonna send this tweet boom,let's hop over,to discord and we're gonna see here in a,second,boom,pop how's everyone doing today and,the added benefit is that it's not going,to show replies and retweets like how,the old version was doing,and that's it we we out here,it's simple,so um if you all have not been over to,the,repo,it is um,it is over here,are here on the,discord twitter bot you can see,everything is updated and uh yeah please,please feel free to,use it fork it if you want to add any,functionality please make a pull request,and i appreciate every one of you who,have been using this throughout the u

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Social Media's to Discord Automation | Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, + Facebook | IFTTT

Social Media's to Discord Automation | Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, + Facebook | IFTTT

yo what's going on guys my name is,cypress and today we are looking at how,to link your youtube,twitter instagram facebook and also your,reddit,to uh your discord server in a certain,channel to send messages make sure to,like and subscribe and i'll see you guys,in there,so as usual we're going to go ahead and,start off in our discord webpage,and we're just going to go ahead and go,to server settings in whatever server,that you want to send it in,and then we can go to integrations and,click on web hooks,and then create a new web hook and from,here you could see that there is a name,channel uh and then avatar so you can,change the avatar,and then change the name i'm going to,have this send into my facebook,posts thing so we can just name this,facebook and then,from here we can go ahead and copy this,webhook url,and then now we can search up ifttt,dot com it'll be that exact link being,the description,uh and then most of you will probably,have to create an account,usually you can link this to your google,account,and then once you do that we can go to,my applets and then,create uh so you can see that there's if,this,then that so we're gonna say if this,so facebook or whatever you're using um,if facebook and then we can say a new,photo post by you,um and then we can from here we could,say web hooks,uh it'll just be this right here and,then,this is where that link right here comes,in so copy web click url,paste that and then right here,we could see that there is a method that,we need to do so we're just going to say,post,and then content is going to be,application json,uh body is really just anything that you,wanted to say,so if we want to say that this was,from uh like a user or something like,that,you could say that um you can really,just say any of these,uh also right here you could say see,what it'll look like basically,uh once you do that we can create the,action and then say,continue from here you can actually see,that if you want to create something,else,you need the uh pro version but we could,just continue from there,uh and then right here you could just,say oh it doesn't really matter right,there and then we could finish,uh right here we could see that it is,connected,uh you will probably be asked to log,into your facebook as well,uh through that process so right when,you click that you wanna,link your facebook it's gonna ask now,we're to go ahead and do,instagram so we can search up instagram,right here,and then click on right there and right,here you can see a bunch of options so,i'm just going to say any new photo by,you,and then we could say then and then,search apple web hooks,click that and then click that uh and,then again we can see that there,is another web hook so i'm just gonna,create one pretty quickly,and then copy that webhook url paste it,there,um and then for the method we're going,to say post again,and then application json for the,content type,and body is the same thing so caption,url source url created,or embed code whichever you want uh and,then create action and we can go ahead,and,hit continue and then finish,and we can see that it is connected here,you will also want,uh to sign in it will ask you before to,sign into your account,and now we're going to go ahead and link,our reddit so,we could say reddit and then here you,have actually a pretty good amount of,choices i'm just going to say,any new post in a subreddit uh here i,actually do need to connect my account,and then you can see that it'll ask you,for what subreddit so as before,in my last video i'm going to say thank,meme think memes right there,and then create the trigger and then,we are going to have to look up web,hooks again,and then make a robocrust and here we,can create another web hook,and then copy and paste it into that,and then say post application json body,whatever you want,right there uh create action,and continue and finish,and then you can see that it is,connected and it should start posting,in whatever channel you have,automatically,uh from here i'm gonna just gonna show,how to do the twitter one,as well so twitter right here you can,see,12 uh things right here and then,i'm just gonna say new tweet uh include,retweets for me at least,uh and then we could say then that web,hooks,you could see a recurring theme you're,gonna just need web hooks for whatever,you use basically,paste it into that and then hit hit,post and then application slash json,create action,continue finish,and then we can see it's connected as,well i'm just going to archive it so,that,i can create the other one and then for,this one,we're gonna go ahead and say youtube,and right here we also have a lot right,here so i'm just gonna say,a new video by channel,so i'm going to connect my channel real,quick and then right here we can see,that you,actually need to put the channel id uh,so to do that we can go to,go to whatever channel it is i'm just,gonna go to mine and then this is your,id right,here so that's okay uh,right here is the

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