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Can the President Block You on Twitter? [POLICYbrief]With President Trump, there's a tweet for every

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Can the President Block You on Twitter? [POLICYbrief]

With President Trump, there's a tweet for everything.,For the last seven or eight years, he has been tweeting on every conceivable issue that,confronts us.,This was not much of an issue before he was a politician.,As a private citizen, he could say whatever he wants on Twitter and he can block whomever,he wants, and it really creates no problems.,However, if official capacity Trump, the president of the United States on a government account,,blocks people, that does implicate the First Amendment and that's the basis of the lawsuit,being litigated now in New York.,The seven plaintiffs in the litigation claim that they were blocked by President Trump,on Twitter.,These are everyday people.,They're lawyers, activists, thinkers, writers.,They come from different walks of life and they all share one thing in common: They said,something that President Trump didn't like and President Trump retaliated by blocking,them on Twitter.,These people filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan and they argued that the president,was violating their First Amendment rights by blocking them on Twitter.,Our First Amendment case law teaches the government can't pick winners and losers.,They can't say, "A-ha!,Speech we agree with, we'll let you in.,But speech we disagree with, you guys have to be quiet.",We have to let everyone speak and only the best ideas will prevail.,That's the basis of how our free speech system operates.,A public forum is a place where the government allows people to generally speak.,The classic example is a sidewalk.,If I want to walk down a sidewalk and I want to hand out pamphlets complaining about some,government policy, or I want to walk down the sidewalk and hold up a sign saying stop,this or stop that, I don't need a permit.,I don't need to ask the government's permission, and the government can't tell me not to do it.,So, sidewalk's easy.,The big question that's considered here is, what kind of forum is Twitter?,The federal district court in Manhattan ruled against President Trump and the court of New,York held that this was something of a public forum.,The court reasoned that President Trump used his Twitter account as a conduit of government,information, used it to announce government business, his staffer had access to it.,It wasn't just a private account, it was an official account, and once you have this sort,of public forum, the president can't exclude people on the basis of their viewpoint.,I think the best arguments in favor of the plaintiff is that they were blocked from this,public forum, uh, because of their viewpoints, and that constitutes viewpoint discrimination.,Trump's best argument is that district courts can't tell the president how to do their job,,that it's up to the president to decide how best to manage his administration, and that,district courts should not be micromanaging these things about how he manages his Twitter account.,I think the ruling has fairly widespread implications.,All government actors -not just politicians- but mayors, sheriffs, universities, public,state universities, uh, will now have to keep their social media policies open.,This is the first time a president has been sued for his use of social media in any capacity,whatsoever.,This is fairly novel ground we're breaking.

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Twitter bans Trump's personal account permanently

Twitter bans Trump's personal account permanently

president trump fighting for his,political legacy as new questions,surface over his fitness for office in,the final 11 days of his presidency,mr trump lost his primary megaphone,overnight when twitter permanently shut,down his personal account,breaking off his connection to nearly 90,million followers,they also suspended one used by his,campaign this is calls from both,democrats and some republicans intensify,for the president to resign or face a,potential,second impeachment for inciting,wednesday's deadly storming of the u.s,capitol paula reed begins our coverage,at the white house this morning paula,good morning,good morning jeff multiple sources tell,cbs news president trump,will not resign and as momentum builds,on the hill to impeach him for a second,time,he's been banned from twitter the,platform he used to attack his political,enemies,often defend himself and he is even,credited with helping him win the white,house,in 2016. at real donald trump has,tweeted for the last time,late friday the president's preferred,social media platform,banned him in a statement the company,said the decision,was due to the risk of further,incitement of violence,the move came as extremist groups are,calling for,another round of attacks on washington,and,state capitals on january 17th,the president responded using an,official at potus account,tweeting a lengthy statement where he,declared we will not be silenced,twitter swiftly deleted those tweets and,said further use of that account,will be limited with just 11 days left,of his presidency,house speaker nancy pelosi called for,president trump to immediately,resign otherwise she said she is,prepared to move forward,with 25th amendment legislation and,a motion for impeachment the draft,article of impeachment,incitement of insurrection alleges that,president trump's conduct on wednesday,gravely endangered the security of the,united states,he would be the first president to be,impeached twice,but some republicans believe there just,isn't enough time,i've got enough decisions to make about,things that can happen rather than to,spend,time on things that can't happen the,final decision about whether to hold an,impeachment vote next week,will come from speaker pelosi who spoke,to 60 minutes as leslie stahl,on friday is anybody running the,executive branch,of the government who is running the,executive sadly the person who's running,executive branch,is a deranged unhinged dangerous,president of the united states and only,a number of days,until we can be protected from him,but he has done something so serious,that there should be prosecution against,him,cbs news has learned that republicans,are increasingly under pressure,to support this impeachment effort and,defend their institution against this,unprecedented attack cbs news has,obtained,this memo from the office of senate,majority leader mitch mcconnell,it lays out a timeline for a possible,senate impeachment trial,but because the senate does not resume,substantive business until january 19th,the first day this trial could even,potentially begin will be the day before,the inauguration,of president-elect joe biden dana all,right paula we will all be watching,thank you

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Twitter permanently suspends President Trump

Twitter permanently suspends President Trump

breaking tonight,just in the past minute twitter has,announced it is cutting off president,trump's ability,to post on the social media site,permanently,suspending the president's account at,realdonaldtrump,twitter saying after close review of,recent tweets from the president's,account,and the context around them we have,permanently suspended the account due to,the risk,of further incitement and violence in,context,of the horrific events this week we've,made it clear on wednesday that,additional violations of the twitter,rules would,potentially result in this very course,of action joining us again,from the north lawn of the white house,john roberts john obviously this,president has used twitter,throughout his presidency he has some 89,million followers and now,twitter permanently suspending his,account,yeah you know they cut it off for about,a day and a half bretton now they've cut,it off permanently and just to give you,a little more context as to,what's behind all of this twitter put,out a blog,detailing its decision and in that blog,twitter says the president trump's,statement,that he will not be attending the,inauguration is being received,by a number of his supporters is further,confirmation that the election was not,legitimate and is being seen as him,disavowing his previous claim via two,tweets,for an orderly transition on the 20th,the second tweet may also serve it says,here as encouragement,to those potentially considering violent,acts that the inauguration would be a,quote,safe target as he will not be attending,further the use of the words american,patriots,in earlier tweets to describe some of,his supporters is also being,interpreted as support for those,committing violent acts at the u.s,capitol and a tweet that he put out,earlier today,about his supporters having a giant,voice long into the future,and that they will not be disrespected,or treated unfairly in any way shape or,form,is being interpreted as further,indication that president trump,does not plan to facilitate an orderly,transition and instead that he plans to,continue,to support empower and shield those who,believe that he,won the election according to twitter,plans for future,armed protests have already begun,proliferating,on and off twitter including a proposed,secondary attack on the u.s capitol,and state capitol buildings on january,the 17th,so twitter is looking at all of this and,its calculation is that what the,president is saying,even by just saying that i'm not,attending uh the inauguration,is is is being seen as,code language to the president's,supporters that it's a safe target there,at the capitol,that that the election was not,legitimate despite the fact that the,president has called for an,orderly transition so because of this,incitement,to violence as twitter is is perceiving,it,uh they are permanently suspending the,president's account now he can still get,the message out through his digital,media director dan scavino,his facebook and instagram accounts have,also been blocked,this was the way that the president was,reaching out past the press,to get straight to his constituents so,we'll have to see how the president,reacts to all of this,uh brett it seemed that he reacted all,right,to the first suspension because he knew,it was only going to be temporary but,this permanent suspension now this may,draw something out of the president,we haven't seen so it is something to,see a company and they are a company,divine from those statements uh,what they divine in that blog readout,of what it truly means i mean we should,point out the president also,put out uh a video in which he denounced,the violence,pretty specifically in that speech which,came out,on twitter yeah and the president has,long railed against,big tech facebook twitter other other um,social media platforms uh which is why,he has been looking to repeal section,230,uh to that protects them from actions,regarding things that are either posted,or actions that they take,it protects them from legal action so,the president will probably,uh yell even louder and longer about,that whole thing but but you're right,brett that,you know the tweet about for those of,you who have been asking i'm not going,to go to the inauguration on the 20th,would seem to be innocent,on the surface but twitter was saying,when you look at the reaction to it and,the conversation that it's fomenting on,on twitter uh it they're perceiving it,as being,dangerous talk i'm not sure that that's,the interpretation,that you would draw from it but but,again they're taking all of this as a,whole,uh they've long had a problem with,president trump and what he puts on,twitter and it looks like that problem,has now come to a head,in a way that twitter which is a private,company can take unilateral action here,yeah and i think this is going to be a,major story not just from what happened,this week but,going forward about what it means about,the interaction of,government officials and social media,what divining

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Donald Trump: Facebook and Twitter restrict the president’s accounts - BBC Newsnight

Donald Trump: Facebook and Twitter restrict the president’s accounts - BBC Newsnight

he can't hold his rallies anymore,and his convention plans are in tatters,even the once reliable fox news is now,often critical,and he had to abandon his daily white,house coveted press conferences,when his sometimes bizarre remarks saw,his approval ratings plummet,supposing we hit the body with a,tremendous,uh whether it's ultraviolet or just very,powerful light,which left this social media as the,president's last remaining means of,getting his message,unmediated into american homes,if the twitter president can't tweet,what he wants,if his campaign can't post freely on,facebook well,it could put a huge dent in his chances,last night both twitter and facebook,took action against a posting from the,trump campaign,that contained this excerpt from a trump,interview,if you look at children children are,almost and i would almost say,definitely but almost immune from this,disease,and now one of the more well-known,washington national,fans this,directly contradicts official medical,advice from america's top immunologist,do children get infected yes they do,have hundreds of thousands of children,been,infected,twitter put a hold on the trump,campaign's account saying they could not,tweet again,until they removed the video the man who,introduced donald trump to twitter 11,years ago,is not surprised that the campaign very,quickly complied,they're not going to want to lose that,communication which has been very,effective for them obviously,uh so i think they'll figure it out,they'll figure out a way to,comply and work around it it's just to,become too powerful of a tool,for him personally and for his campaign,and and,a way for him to really communicate,directly to his face,this is the first time facebook has,taken such action against the president,in a statement they said this video,includes false claims that a group of,people,is immune from covid19 which is a,violation of our policies,around harmful covid misinformation the,trump campaign has accused the social,media companies,of becoming political activists mark,zuckerberg the ceo of facebook has,talked about this,he doesn't want to be the arbiter of,truth he doesn't think you know social,media companies should be playing that,role but like it or not they,are playing that role they have this,enormous amount of power in terms of,what the rules of the road are what they,allow politicians to say what people get,to hear,and it puts them in a really difficult,place thank you very much we're here,today to defend free speech from one of,the gravest dangers,it is faced in american history frankly,the president has previously promised to,hit back at the social media companies,even signing,an executive order the truth is he lacks,the power to do much on his own,before the election,now i'm joined by jeff flake who was the,republican senator for arizona until,2019 and was one of the few vocal,critics,of the president within the republican,party good evening,thanks for having me on what do you make,of the decision by,facebook and twitter,well i'm frankly pretty sympathetic to,mark zuckerberg's uh,statement months ago that he didn't want,to be didn't want facebook to be the,arbiter of truth once you go down that,road it's it's really difficult to get,back,so i'm not exactly sure how they'll go,forward with this,but you know when there are issues of,public safety,as as with the coronavirus and,statements by the president,might induce people to do things that,simply aren't good,i can see why they feel they have to go,that direction but,it's going to be a tough policy to,maintain or to or to get right,frankly it just seems also quite odd,because the clip was from,a news outlet it was from fox news and,in a sense that's gone out on on,television already and if the challenge,was going to be made it should have been,made by one of the journalists there but,now it's being,effectively edited by facebook i mean,who is really keeping donald trump,held to account as far as you're,concerned well frankly,if the trump campaign believes that,facebook is,doing them harm by not promoting this,i think they're wrong frankly facebook,is probably doing,the trump campaign a favor by keeping,this off the air,it does excite his base but it moves,independence and moderates further away,from it,so i in terms of what it does,electorally,i'm not sure that it really hurts the,president that much,i just don't know how do you maintain,this once we have a new president,uh i mean how do you go on and become,the arbiter,of truth as a social media platform it's,just,too difficult to do at a time where you,talk about an election coming up and,also,public safety i wonder how embarrassed,are you that republicans including in,your own home state,are politicizing covid19 for instance,encouraging people to break,lockdown rules well it's not good for,the republican party,it's not good for the population uh,voters uh citizens,or anything but just in terms of what,it's doing to the party,it's killing us as republicans we ju

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CAN'T BLOCK: President Trump Told He CAN'T Block Critics on Twitter

CAN'T BLOCK: President Trump Told He CAN'T Block Critics on Twitter

you're taking a look at well president,Trump's Twitter feed every time he,tweets it sometimes makes the news in a,big way and right now the federal,appeals court has a decision on well,they have their own words on what the,president has to say and what he can't,do sometimes when it comes to blocking,got attorney mark Lambert here thank you,so much for coming on thanks for having,me all right so what did the federal,appeals court say so in a nutshell what,the court said is President Trump,because he's using his Twitter account,publicly can't ban critics so someone,has a different point of view than the,president,he can't block them from his Twitter,handle because that violates the First,Amendment right and so how does this,will this go across the board now for,for others in Congress or is it just,like on a one-person basis right now for,the president so the court was really,careful to say this applies to the,president's Twitter account what they,did is they analyzed his account there,were arguments made by the president's,legal team that he was using his account,as a private citizen and the court,rejected that and said no in this case,with respect to the president he's,clearly using his Twitter account as a,public forum where there is an exchange,of ideas people are responding by,Twitter and that's generating thousands,if not hundreds of thousands of,responses he has over 60 million Twitter,followers so this is a public forum,according to the court and so it applies,to the president in this case with,respect to other public officials I,think it's gonna come down to how are,they using social media are they using,it publicly are they using it privately,is it just a private Facebook account,that has nothing to do with their,political office and I think that will,affect what the outcome is and the court,said as much now walk want this get if,they're going to do it on a,person-by-person basis can't this get,taxing as far as a lot of a lot of work,as far as going basis by basis so just,by saying it's on a case by case basis,doesn't mean you have to go through,every case so the court is setting down,some general principles so one of the,general principles that the Second,Circuit Court of Appeals set forth is,that the,an account is being used as a public,forum then it is subject to the First,Amendment so I would say that according,to the second Second Circuit Court of,Appeals at least that if you have,another public official who was using,their social media for entirely public,purposes then it is going to be subject,to the First Amendment free of free,speech protections okay and then for the,president he also has that official,POTUS account but that never really gets,the big news because he uses that real,Donald Trump as the one to really make,is a big basis and big claims so if he,was just going to do like hey I'm having,a great day,then if he didn't put no policy out,there that would have been fine then he,could start blocking people or so I,think if he has a private Facebook,account that he shares with just friends,and family members and and it really is,I went on vacation these are how my this,how my grandchildren are doing something,of that nature that purely was private I,think then you can blog people but but,again we'd have to see what the court,says the court went made very clear that,with a public official with respect to,public officials and their private,accounts we're not ruling on that so to,me I would think the more we get into,the world of private use I think then,the First Amendment protections are less,strong that's my opinion but we'd have,to see what the courts do and for the,courts now though also looking at AOC,the Democrat that's getting always a lot,of publicity as well right so it,shouldn't be this is not a Democrat,Republican issue this is not the,president but it doesn't apply to a,senator or to our mayor I think this is,about public officials and using social,media for public purposes to have an,exchange of ideas to have a public forum,and then I think what the court is,saying is it applies to you if you're,that person so it's not specific to the,president it's not specific to the,office it's not specific to the party,mm-hmm sure now what about this one if,there is somebody that is tweeting them,harassing them can he just block that,person and say you know I don't want to,see that or do you just put them on mute,so I think there are differences and so,we're talking right now in this case,about people who are,critical of the president from a policy,standard so in that area clearly that's,subject to the First Amendment if you,have someone who is is expressing,violent conduct or foul conduct on a,social media account then I question is,that really free speech is that subject,to the First Amendment protections I,think that's a different situation than,we're dealing with here,there was never an argument at least to,my understanding advanced in the case,involving the president that the people,a

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Bill Burr: Nothing Will Change With Trump As President | CONAN on TBS

Bill Burr: Nothing Will Change With Trump As President | CONAN on TBS

you always have an interesting take on,what's happening in the world the first,question everyone talking about voter,turnout did you vote yesterday yes I did,you did good for you yes like they got a,vote excited I can't quite remember who,I voted for the president,uh-huh it wasn't Trump or Hillary though,yeah like either one of them really you,didn't like either one no I didn't I,couldn't stand her she dresses like a,real estate agent like girthy it's doing,this thing with a head yeah the other,guys saying take people's coats yeah,they just didn't offer anything for me,yeah so they weren't they didn't appeal,to you no they didn't I I don't,understand why everybody's so upset yeah,you know like what's gonna happen to you,do you like the Obama did he call you at,all in the last eight years,did he ever put a sandwich on your table,you do that you're gonna keep doing that,you're gonna be fine right dude I have,to say though him winning is the most,astounding thing I've ever seen it was a,surprise with me surprise dude like,you're talking like like Lake Placid the,Olympics when we beat the Russian berry,set Kirk Gibson's home run is a joke,right,the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots,that's all a joke though the star of a,reality show is gonna run the country,like I've decided if Bret Michaels or,Cindy Lauper would make a better CEO for,a company that doesn't exist,it's unbelievable yeah he was the,though he was like he just reminded me,like when I didn't read the book and I'm,just like just winging it you know how,you gonna do that you'll see you'll see,did it worked,dude he is the greatest talker of,all time he's said it like $100,000,breakfast well the president trashed him,because you familia tis a couple of,years ago yeah jumping around House,Correspondents Dinner yeah thank you,thanks for giving structure yeah,humiliated the guy right my wife would,love you yeah next to me during brunch,she never knows what I'm saying yeah,yeah the guy totally trashes him he's,absolutely humiliated and within like,two three years he had that guy's jump,right so you could never talk you could,never talk to him gonna say darling,you know one time I was in a bar and,this guy came in yeah take me oh really,one time I was sitting I paid a hundred,grand for breakfast the president Trump,president the hell's his name Barack,Obama yeah yeah I'm giving you structure,now Obama he trashed me two years later,and jump,out of his house well how did you think,the night would go did not Hillary was,gonna kill ya I totally did I was,sitting there going like yeah you know,that I mean I thought he was gonna do,okay but then it was unbelievable it's,like one of those things like you're,watching a game and you don't care who,wins you know what I mean you know I I'm,just hoping it's gonna be a good game,and then all of a sudden you know the if,one team's up by like 30 you're thinking,and then he just came in any I don't,know the Statue of Liberty I don't know,it's astounding are you worried about,him at all being in office so you think,you mean is it does it concern you I,don't know I feel like the president you,only see him like once every three weeks,you know if you like me with dating a,chicken she was a jerk but you only saw,her once every three weeks there's like,no way she could break your heart you,know what people date and they'd like,their day to day yeah well what do you,think his presidency is gonna be like,you know a forecast for us what's it,gonna be like I I have no idea I have no,idea all I know is the other one used to,go to those Bilderberg meetings you know,where they'll dress up like yaks and,have those Eyes Wide Shut parties so I,didn't know what she was gonna do wait,Hillary Clinton oh yeah what are you,talking about that meaning they have,underneath the mountain what are you - I,got you out here to bring perspective,and now and yeah this is madness I don't,know if she dresses like it's under a,mountain what do you want me to say like,this whole thing the whole thing none of,it none of it makes sense like this guy,saying he's gonna build a wall from,California to like El Paso Texas like,dude I've done that drive that's like a,two-day drive 85 miles an hour like,you're gonna fill the wall you're really,gonna do this like how much is this,gonna cost how many times you're gonna,go to Home Depot,look how long it took to build the,Freedom Tower we wanted that that took,15 years dude by the time they build,that thing we're gonna be the ones going,over it,no I'm not I'm not like you know well,how could the poles be so wrong that's a,big question everyone's asking today's,the polls all said Oh Hillary 95% it's,85% chance how could that have done so,guys I don't think that they talk to,people I think they just hang out in,their conference room again you feel,without them 47% when did they do it no,one has ever asked me and I also think,if you're any sort of a normal person,it's just somebody came walking up to,you with a clipboard

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How Twitter Evolved From Startup To President Trump’s Megaphone

How Twitter Evolved From Startup To President Trump’s Megaphone

I am going to make history here as the first president to live tweet.,From politics.,Another day, another tweet storm here for Donald Trump.,To entertainment. You guys here on Twitter right.,To activism, Twitter has become a staple of our modern society.,I don't think that there's ever been a tool before in the history of,mankind where you can just so easily share what you got to say with so,many people so quickly.,I just wanted to see everything that was happening, not just where people,were, but what what they were doing, you know?,And I wanted to be able to see the world in real time.,But it's sheer volume of content disseminated in more than 40 languages.,Twitter has become an online running theme for recording our global,history. But a social platform success has not come without questions,around the company's profitability and growth and controversy around its,role in deciding what content should and should not be broadcast to its,166 million daily active users.,In 2006, Twitter was born out of the ashes of another San Francisco startup,called Odeo. The company was trying to do like Internet radio, but it,wasn't really panning out and they were running out of money.,But in 2005, it became clear that Odeo couldn't compete with Apple's,iTunes. So that's when they turned to all the employees.,And they said that if you have an idea.,Now is the time to try it.,And at the time, one of the engineers, Jack Dorsey, he spoke up about his,idea to essentially let users send out a broad text message to folks,through this thing called Twitter.,Twitter's 140 character limit was originally inspired by the length limit,of SMS messages.,This would later be expanded to 280 characters.,By March 2006, Dorsey had created a working prototype of the platform and,sent his first tweet out into the world.,Where the company really started to gain a foothold with the mainstream was,in 2007 at the South by Southwest event in Austin.,During the event, Twitter tripled its traffic from 20000 to 60000 tweets,per day. That same year, Dorsey was officially voted in as Twitter's CEO,,a title which he didn't hold onto for very long.,He was very young, very green, and he wasn't particularly polished as CEO.,This led to his ouster in 2008.,Twitter co-founder Evan Williams took the reins of the company after,Dorsey's departure. In 2010, he was succeeded by Dick Costolo, formerly,Twitter's chief operating officer.,Three years later, Costolo took the company public.,The stock had an astounding first day of trading, which pushed Twitter's,market capitalization above 32 billion dollars.,At the time, its market cap was larger than 337 companies and the S&P 500.,By then, Twitter had grown to a company of more than 2000 employees and,more than 200 million active users.,But the good times didn't last forever.,Twitter shares plunging on Tuesday as the company's first quarter earnings,leaked early and showed the weakest revenue growth since its IPO.,Feeling the pressure, Costolo made the decision to step down as CEO in June,of 2015.,He was succeeded by a familiar face at the company.,It wasn't until 2015 that Dorsey was finally brought back in, and during,that period he really had to prove his worth.,He did a very Steve Jobs move and that he went and founded another company,Square in this case that really took off and showed that Dorsey wasn't a,one hit wonder. That same year, Twitter would take on a new role as the,megaphone for the soon to be leader of the free world.,I am officially running for president of the United States.,During his campaign, Donald Trump used Twitter as a public square to,promote ideas that appeal to his base as a weapon to attack his opponents.,And as a tool to lash out at the media.,Then suddenly, his tweets became the mouthpiece for a sitting president.,The office of president of the United States, the office of president of,the United States.,When Trump was running for president, Trump had lots of ways to kind of go,into attack mode and in exercise his audience, he could do press,interviews. He could do rallies as soon as he became president, a lot of,those avenues of communicating directly to the public were closed off to,Trump. And so in some ways, Twitter was the only thing left for him.,As president Trump's Twitter use has not changed much.,According to New York, The New York Times, President Trump has insulted 459,people, places and things on Twitter.,Trump has often been criticized for his comments on Twitter.,Like when he told four minority Democratic congresswomen to go back to the,crime infested places from where they came, as well as promoting,conspiracy theories like the one about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough having,something to do with the death of a former staffer.,If you could come up with an ideal medium of communication for Donald,Trump, it would be Twitter.,It's really encourages people if they want to get noticed.,They want to get attention to say something outrageous, abrasive, very,partisan. Something tha

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Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

tonight California under a state of,emergency and the death toll is climbing,the state battered with a Relentless,string of deadly storms at least 15,people killed a monster sinkhole,swallowing cars hold near Los Angeles a,mother and daughter pulled to safety,tens of thousands forced to evacuate,including celebrities like Ellen,DeGeneres two First Responders will join,us live in just moments to take us,inside the heroine rescues by boat and,by plane pressure mounting on President,Biden after that stunning Revelation,late last night classified documents,from his time as Obama's vice president,found at one of his private offices the,discovery made just one week before the,midterms so the growing question tonight,why is this just coming to light now the,new investigation House Republicans are,preparing to launch border crisis the,president meeting with leaders of Mexico,and Canada to deal with the Staggering,surge of migrants arriving by land and,by sea both Texas and Florida facing a,humanitarian crisis the lawmaker,representing the Florida Keys where,hundreds have been arriving in makeshift,vessels joins top story tonight when,he's calling on President Biden to do,the dramatic video out of Utah's,snowboard were caught in an avalanche,how he lived to tell the tale you'll,hear from him tonight Plus in his own,words Prince Harry's Memoir finally,hitting the shelves the explosive new,details you have not heard including the,first time Harry heard about his family,calling him Williams spare and why Megan,was not allowed by the Queen's side in,her final days and the wild images from,a rock Royal Caribbean cruise ship a,waterfall raining down on the deck with,the cruise line says caused that,spectacle at Sea top story starts right,now,foreign,good evening we begin top story tonight,with that state of emergency in,California listen to this right now 90,percent of that state that's nearly 34,million people are under flash flood,watches at this hour and already 15,people have died because of these storms,the images coming in like something out,of a disaster movie Water rushing,towards and down roads turning them into,rivers and the loss of life and property,has been catastrophic I want to take,show you some of this video here rescue,teams across the state pulling off,dangerous Swift water rescues the Santa,Barbara County Fire Department able to,save the driver of this truck luckily an,overnight a massive sinkhole swallowing,two vehicles in Los Angeles pretty,incredible they are mother and daughter,though pulled from the bottom of the pit,safely and daylight revealing just how,enormous that sinkhole was nearly half,of the road was washed away into the,river and mudslides another huge concern,tonight this one trapping roughly 400,people at an RV Resort outside of Santa,Barbara Crews responding to 9-1-1 calls,around the the clock in a moment a,captain and pilot from the Sacramento,County fire department will join us live,to tell us how they are dealing with the,seemingly endless onslaught of dangerous,storms but we begin with Miguel almaguer,at the scene of that massive sinkhole we,just showed you in Los Angeles Miguel,it's quite a scene there just behind you,I understand emergency crews are still,on the scene,yeah they're still here Tom and the,pictures you have been showing are just,incredible and so is the scene behind me,the storm that slammed into Central and,Southern California was incredibly,violent the road behind me just buckled,open I want to show you some drone video,overhead of this sinkhole there is not,one but two separate cars that have,plummeted 35 feet down incredibly,everyone inside those cars somehow made,it out alive but this has been a very,violent storm and not everyone's been so,lucky,as a new monster storm barrels across,every major city in California again,we're seeing more water rescues flash,flooding and mudslides unfold these,disasters killing at least 17 also,shredding apart new sections of the,state it was like two feet of mud and,water coming down the street in and out,of the houses so it was pretty scary,this time California's historically,Sunny cities Los Angeles Santa Barbara,and Montecito were last with a Biblical,Deluge as mountains crumble toward the,sea,sinkholes opened up in L.A,firefighters lifting car passengers From,The Underground crater,the historic storms washing over cities,from San Francisco to San Diego are,literally redefining the state cracked,and crumbled California's battered,coastline is perhaps as dangerous as it,is beautiful some of the state's most,iconic properties are also some of the,most vulnerable Montecito an enclave to,the Rich and Famous like Ellen DeGeneres,this is crazy is still under Citywide,evacuations as authorities Fear The,Return of deadly mudslides notable,cities since the start of the new year,are all drenched in rainfall running,well over a hundred percent of average,it is right up there with some of the,most extensive rainfall we've seen,definite

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